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Manmarziyan 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini crying recalling Samrat. She holds the ring and looks on. Arjun comes and asks if she sheds tears, what will Samrat do. She says she did not know when these small hands grew up, he has always wiped her tears, but the tears never stop. She says will this pain go by Samrat’s breaking. He says we will know that time, there won’t be any happiness for him. She says I want to see Samrat on his knees, I want to ruin his company, Sam has 50% ownership in the company, once you marry her, you will get that ownership, I have seen my dreams and future in this ring, you have to show that to Samaira now.

Arjun takes the ring. She says now the story of Samrat ruining will begin, which I was waiting for. Radhika recalls Arjun’s words. Sam asks what to wear in dinner and

shows the dresses to Radhika. Radhika asks why is she nervous. Sam says I don’t have any idea what will happen, Arjun is going to propose today, so he wants to meet mum and dad. She asks is Arjun good, I mean you spent with him, is he good for me, if he proposes, I should say yes right. She asks her to get ready, I will make you ready, world will see new look of Radhika Mishra today, I want my both best friends to be with me, Neil is nowhere, his number is switched off too.

Neil is working alone in bird song. Aansoun me bighaati……………plays………. He recalls Sam’s words. Neil’s mum comes to him. His mum talks to him about his anger. She says she wants him to come alone in Piyali’s party. Neil says he won’t come. She insists. Jaldi na karna yara………….plays…….. he says he is planning to run. She asks how far will you run, Sam stays in your heart. He says he said he won’t move back if he sees love in her eyes, she did not see love and have to move back. She asks how will Sam feel. He says I have to think about myself. She says who said love is easy. She says Sam got her love, it does not mean she does not have right on your friendship, don’t leave her, come in party tonight. He refuses again.

Mala gets ready and asks Saral is he not ready. Saral says he won’t come, as no one invited him well, no one needs him, he is fine here. She asks why is he saying so. Saral says I think its fine without me. Mala says he is family. He agrees to come, as she is insisting. He sees Sam and compliments her. Sam says think how will Radhika look and calls Radhika. Saral gets shocked seeing Radhika in modern gown. Mala smiles and says they both look beautiful.

Saral asks will she wear this dress and go. He asks Mala to say something, what will people say. He asks did she forger her values staying in city; Sam asks whats wrong in this dress. Saral says its good, fine go, I will stay here. Sam gets angry. Radhika stops her. She says I will change dress and come. She goes and asks Sam to leave it, its just dress, she does not need to change herself. She asks Sam to go, she will come with everyone, she has to talk to her parents too.

Sam comes home and meets her dad and mum. Samrat asks her to say now. She says she loves Arjun a lot, I think Arjun will propose me again today. Samrat asks again, he proposed before too. She says this time serious one. Piyali smiles and says I did not have idea and is happy for Sam. Samrat asks is she sure about him, she knows him well right? Sam says you can’t know anyone well, I know that I love Arjun a lot and want to spend my life in knowing him. Arjun talks to Nandini and says everything is same. She says be careful, Samrat should not know about me. He says no one will know and ends call.

Radhika comes with Mala and Saral. She dresses in a saree. Arjun looks at her and gets mesmerized seeing her. Dastaan…………..plays………….. Saral gets down the taxi and holds Radhika. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah……….plays…………. Arjun greets Mala and says its good they came. Mala says Sam is like our daughter. Saral greets Arjun. Radhika looks on and thinks to ask Arjun about Nandini., why is he hiding, will he break Sam’s heart again.

Piyali asks Arjun to keep Sam happy, she is his boss, and asks whats his motive. Arjun says to take over your company and smiles. Piyali and Radhika get stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What u mean abhir?

  2. Chashni means sugar syrup.

    N apart from the id Abhir mentioned, i believe there’s a page as well on google called starplus complaints..if we write there i hope they can sort our grievances out and sp retelecasts the show more often or change the main telecast time as well.

    1. Thank u rashi…v all start messaging to them then only they vill change the timings. ..plc tell u r friends also….

    2. Thank u raashi.

    3. If we all request to starplus.they can change retelecast time of our show.

  3. U r welcome guys..n i have written a complaint on the starplus complaints page n i have also sent a mail as well on the id which Abhir mentioned. I hope more n more people do that probably then our issue can get addressed. Fingers crossed!!

    1. Mee too got written mail..hopes so finger crossed…✌

  4. I love samaira

  5. All u mmz fans please shoot a mail to the id [email protected] regarding a more convenient telecast timing for this show and more repeat telecasts. I did and got a response mail from the consumer response cell wid a case # assigned. I believe if they get loads of mails for this show they will definitely take some active steps towards addressing our concern.

    1. Has sent a mail rashi…hope t works out well

  6. 4 d 1st tym radhsws lukin vry gorgeos in both the black gown n d saree
    rads arjn pls unyt
    luv arjun
    kik the saral face n luv radhs

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