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Manmarziyan 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika asking Arjun about Nandini. He says there is no one by that name, does your fiancé know you are with me. Piyali asks Mala to have a drink. Mala refuses. Radhika asks Arjun what is he hiding, she has seen Nandini in hospital, she has heard her name and seen her too. Samrat comes there. Arjun says there is no one, you are making false stories. Radhika asks why is he lying, she is not making stories, there was someone there, she has seen her, her name is Nandini. Arjun gets angry. Radhika asks who is Nandini Di. Arjun recalls Nandini’s words and gets tensed seeing Samrat coming. Arjun hides with Radhika and shuts her mouth.

Samrat closes the door and goes. Radhika observes Arjun hiding her. Arjun leaves her and gets away. Saral says Radhika is nowhere. He asks Mala

is she drinking this. Mala says Piyali said its grape juice and Samrat said its good for heart, but I don’t have any heart illness. He asks where is Radhika. Radhika asks what was he hiding, why did he hide from Samrat. Arjun says shall I tell him that you can’t see Sam happy with me, and changes the topic. She says she met Nandini in hospital and is adamant to her words. He says I think you got a shock, meet any doctor. She says you are hiding anything. He says maybe you are hiding anything. She asks what will I hide.

He asks why is she coming in his way, when she said she will move off his way when Sam comes to him, does she not like to move, whats in her heart, why is she making stories, what does she want. He diverts her mind by asking question. He asks her not to come between him and Sam, be away from me for Sam’s happiness. He leaves from there. Saral sees Arjun coming and then Radhika coming after him. Arjun leaves. Saral gets angry and asks her whats happening.

Radhika says nothing. Saral says was she along in balcony with Arjun to do nothing, whats the affair. She says no affair, she had to talk imp. He taunts her and says you changed so much, I want to know whats the matter. She says come. He stops her holding her arm. He apologizes for being angry on her, he was worried on not finding her in party. She says come and they go in the party. Sam tells Samrat that Neil did not come, how can he leave me alone. Samrat says maybe he is stuck somewhere, its okay. She says no, I want my friend. He asks her to call him. She says I called, his phone is off, even Prerna does not know where is Neil.

Arjun comes and talks to Samrat. Samrat says he has to keep his answer on hold, as Sam is not in mood. Arjun asks what happened, did she change her decision. She says that idiot Neil did not come, I have no idea where he is. Arjun asks till when to wait for him. Samrat asks her to say. They smile. Sam says no waiting now, Neil thinks I will wait for him if he leaves me and runs midway, he is wrong, I will not wait now.

She says I have other friends here. The light goes. Neil sings yahan kaun hai tera……….. and she smiles saying idiot. She sings with him. . Arjun looks on and sings along, seeing Radhika. Neil brings Sam and Arjun together for dance. Jaldi na karna yara…………..plays………….. Sam dances with Arjun, as Neil gives her hand in Arjun’s hand. Arjun says till he does not get Sam, he did not see his destination, now he feels Sam will make him reach his destination, his every way goes through Sam. He says Samrat that he will not ask his daughter, but he would like to become his son, will he give some place to him in his heart.

Sam gets touched by his words. Samrat says after Jai died, he did not feel he will make anyone his son, he is giving his this right today, he has lost a son, he does not leave to lose another. Arjun says even if you want, I will not let you go away from me. Samrat hugs Arjun. Piyali gets teary eyed. Samrat says alright, Arjun has convinced me, so its yes from my side. He says he is leaving for London for imp meeting, can they keep engagement tomorrow if they don’t have any problem. They agree. Sam hugs Piyali happily. Radhika congratulates Arjun.

Arjun calls Nandini and says its engagement tomorrow. Nandini thanks him. Arjun asks her not to make him away by saying thanks, he will meet her after the party. Nandini cries and says Samrat broke her promise. Samrat dances with Sam. Nandini says now Samrat will know how it pains by heart break, by his daughter’s pain. She says she will see how will he not hear his daughter’s screams, she will ruin Sam, she will see who stops her. Radhika thinks Arjun is hiding something and she will find out.

Radhika sees Arjun and Nandini’s pic in his wallet and looks at Arjun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rads vry clevr but saral iriting as usul .
    Lyk ardhika not rjun sam pls sam wen wil u c neils love bichara kabse ro raha he pls sam thoda use bi dheko!!
    Lyk d sene of ardhika closer in tudes epi .cum mor closer in oter epis

  2. S archar ur rite I too wish I had a buddy lyk neil

  3. Put aside this nandini,samrat,sam for somedays….concentrate on arjun and radhika…pls writers…when trps are low,u have to put so much efforts.. but i think u r not thinking properly…get new ideas and make this show popular…most of the viewers are getting disappointment day by day… pls do something…

  4. Wow neil looks like fawadkhan. Am i right?

  5. superb episode you are looking very handsome in yesterday episode . and your eyes omg it’s mad me. what say guys…..

  6. aham you’r acting is excellent ,superb….

  7. anybody here

  8. The episode was reli hilarious!! Im scared dat due 2 arjun’s goal in destroying sam..sam will be broken again! She loved him by heart…n Neil goshh cant see him in such pain yaar at allll…first of all i just want Neil 2 get his happiness back at any cost..! N dis can nly be possible wen Sam gets out of Arjun’s trap…Radhika nw you nly have 2 do something to save ure friend Sam’s life..lovimg the show more dan ever..Especially the 2 hotties..arjun n neil! 😉 😀

  9. reminder-19 days to go for superhero aham sharma’s birth happy birthday aham in advanced . I think I am the first in the site who wishing you happy birthday .coz I am the biggest fan of you.

  10. Exactly wen is aham’s bday rani

  11. jenny aham’s 22july

  12. Thanx yaar rani

  13. I jst want rads to get out of the hold of that creep saral. He’s always forcing his wishes on her. Had hoti hei yaar. How dare he to push our radu on floor. I jst feel like punching him hard on his face.

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