Manmarziyan 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika hiding and hearing Nandini telling Rana to keep Radhika away from marriage. Rana says he will keep full security. She says just Samrat should now meet Radhika, else he will join her against us, things should happen before he comes. She sends Arjun. Rana asks when will they come from Kamatya Devi. She says Arjun and I will come back, not Sam, Sam will never come back to Mumbai, you do your work. Radhika hides and Nandini comes in the same room to check some papers. Her phone rings and she smiles. She talks to Samrat.

Samrat says I m back. She says glad to hear you. He says stop this nonsense, your game will not go long, I came to know everything. She asks can you imagine, Radhika can do this, it feels bad when someone breaks our trust. He asks did she say right,

did you get her shop burnt. She says you would believe so, if I had to burn something, I would have burnt birdsong, trust me. He says he will trust after meeting Radhika, once he knows the truth. She says years passes to know the truth, you can try, I have to get my brother married, so I will see you tonight at your daughter and my brother’s wedding. She ends the call. Radhika hides in washroom. Her phone rings and she turns. It falls in water bucket.

She comes out and sees Nandini gone. She thinks the door is locked from inside, where did Nandini go. She takes her phone and sees Nandini leaving from the room. She thinks she was not here, from where did she come. Nandini leaves with Rana. Radhika checks the room. She gets some secret passage in the cupboard and goes inside to see a room, decorated beautifully. She gets a diary and reads it. She gets shocked seeing Nandini and Samrat’s pic and reads their story. Nandini writes Samrat gave her the ring and this story started, her heart got shattered and just Arjun is her support. She sees Sam and Arjun’s pics. She moves the flowers off the bed and sees Sam’s pic. She gets shocked. Nandini comes there and Radhika gets tensed. Nandini says great Radhika, you are really a stone of the way, you followed me and came here. She shuts the door.

She says tell me how did you like my masterpiece. Radhika says you… Nandini says yes, I m infront of you, you are not dreaming. Radhika says Samaira… are you going to kill Sam. Nandini says yes, I will kill her, are you feeling bad. Radhika asks why are you doing this. Nandini asks her to see all this and think, use your mind. Radhika says you are doing this because of your and Samrat’s relation. Nandini says my detective, very good. Radhika asks does Arjun know this. Nandini asks he to think well, and tells her Arjun and Sam met, then he got job in birdsong, they fell in love and marrying soon, Arjun knows everything, this is his planning.

Radhika asks does Arjun want to kill Sam. Nandini says yes. Radhika says no, he is not such a bad man. Nandini says people are not bad, situation is bad, see you are so sweet, and bad will happen with you, think of the lonely room, if anyone leaves you in this secret room, no on will find you, what will happen then…..your Sam will also not be able to find or save you. She hits Radhika.

Mala cries and prays. Ankush asks her to come now. Mala says Radhika can’t support wrong, I trust my upbringing. Ankush says she has decided, its no use to stay here. Dilip says its our work to be with her, and comes to support Radhika. Ankush says Radhika took her decision. Dilip says we have to support her in all problems. Ankush says she made the problems for her. Dilip says you did not understand your sister, she can take other’s problems on her head, not let her father’s head bow down, she has some truth in her words.

Radhika faints. Rana calls Nandini and says Radhika won’t go anywhere. Radhika gets conscious. Rana says till she gets conscious, Arjun and Sam will be married. He leaves. She holds her head and gets up. She recalls Nandini’s words. She thinks to leave from here doing anything. Samrat welcomes the baraat. Piyali does Arjun’s tilak and aarti. Nandini talks to Samrat and asks did his doubts get cleared. He says till he talks to Radhika, no doubt will be cleared. She says then we have to wait for Radhika, its imp to clear his doubt. Radhika sees a window and thinks no one can stop her from making Nandini’s truth reach Sam.

Samrat shouts Arjun and asks whats this happening. Everyone see Arjun and Radhika in an odd situation and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ☆Twinkle05★

    MANMARZIYAN is really unique♥♥♥♥♥ i luv it bcoz in other all shows villians are very intelligent and win every time and herions are dumb and they win 1/10 rest 9 villians are win and draggggggggggging tooooo much but how gud show this is keep twist ♡♥♡♥♡
    Oh god i am w8ing for tomorrow epi ……….
    Nandini oh u jerk i really dont think u planning to kill sam wat the hell u such a cheap yukkkkk………

  2. happy

    guys…dnt know what to say about today episode…all r ok except precap…y Rad…dont u have any other method to stop this marriage….worst worst plan…both r good person…but idea….sam ll turn into next villian in this serial…there is no friendship….i dnt want love….hereafter i want trust and sam & rad friendship…birdsong….when i want love….those things r gone…i like these things more than that worst love…

  3. Aru

    Oh my!! Wats this radhika upto is really unbearable for me…..hey nandini y dont you beat her still more hardly…i jst dont wanted this track…vry annoying it is…radhika sabke samne:O:( chee…!!
    Dont she hve her own dignity..her father beleives that radhu ll never do any job which ll make him to bow his head..but does this radhika doing…..

  4. Pathanga

    Oh!! Radhu ur jst a brilliant detective…. Congo fr finding nandinis evil plans…. Uffo i dnt thnk nandini s plans to kil sam!!! Meine kabhi nahi socha tha ki vah itni giragi sry vah kab ka gir chuki thi ab to vah patal tak gir chuki he!! Ab toh yah dekhna baki he ki vah kab patal ki patal MEIN GIREGI…

  5. mitty

    Excellent episode. ….can’t wait till tomorrow. …guys please keep support our manmarzian…its in danger zone. ..Our supports r really needed this show. …

  6. happy

    Saw spoiler….rad tells to sam she loves arjun…and arjun also…samrat and nandhini truth ll come…samrat tells all things between him and nandhini infront of everyone…sam,piyali all r broken…marriage will halt…nandhini plans backfired…sam blames rad that rad keep away her love and her rad…last thing…mala slap rad hardly…

  7. Big Boss

    THis is absurd…Why Radhika has to sacrifice her life? She could have recorded all this stuff and shown as proof..
    Hello script writers , are you writing in 1990’s????

  8. Annie

    No comments for precap. .. arjun aur rads pehle bhi odd situation pe aye the par tab door locked tha.. par is baar.. chi.. its just ridiculous. ..

    Todays episode was not so good….

    Think rads is having a tough time.. getting slaps from everyone 😛

  9. happy

    I really want best method to expose truth….bt worst method…what cvs doing…cant u get good way….r u really mad…super pair…ardhika…nw arjun ll also against rad….good rad…bad things only happen to her…i want sam to know the truth in rad good style…i want sam ll slap arjun…and saying sorry to rad …again their frienship…all got flap…i hate last 2 weeks story line…

    • Annie

      I dont think arjun will go against rads. . But as far as that witch is there he might go… arjun loves rads.. so he will not do anything which will hurt her or may be he can do anything which will hurt her snd later he will only apply the ointment of love…. aaah.. I am yotally confused. ..

      But one thing is sure.. lot more Ardhika scenes are to come.. which I will be enjoying. .

      • happy

        I am also happy hereafter more ardhika scenes….its not a good idea to expose this way….where is her self respect….y she thinks sam is more than all thing…she doesnt trust her…there is no friendship….

  10. Ira afroz

    Guys what was the precap????
    Anyone would plzzzzz explain it properly with using Words…..i missed last 15 min.

  11. Big Boss

    let me tell you script writers…I was confused why this serial is struggling to get descent TRp’s..But I got my answer today.

    You are going to loose even existing small viewers with such bad track…

  12. renu


    i misssed 1 seg,…

    Saral ll try 2 force himself on radhika n arjun ll save her n beat saral black nblue,…then saral ll inform all tat ardhika s closer

    then sam n all ppl ll get ardhika caught up in tat awkward position,…tat’s it,…

    then dilip ll shout at radhika n mala ll slap her,…but due 2 arjun’s goodness nature in sving her 4m saral n dont wanna spoil sam’s family,..she ll hide the truth n confess she loves arjun 2 stop tat mrg but then any how truth ll come out n radhika reveals everything 2 sam n sam asks samrat 2 sy its not true but samrat accepts the truth which breaks down sam,nandhu n piyali,…

    afterall sam ll blame radhu 4 taking her love,her family her father 4m her,…

    • Annie

      Now I get it.. thnx dear..

      Yaah.. I read in spoiler that saral will be beaten badly.. arjun is not that bad that he will be doing all these …
      Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode….

  13. Ira afroz

    For ur explanation….i guess it’s not a that kind of bad situation… In Manmerziayan fb page i saw some pic of that scene.
    And guys Arjun and Radhika will get married…

  14. Ira afroz

    Abi… it’s english translation
    Radhika’s sari will drop from her shoulder and Arjun will pick it up.And that moments….Everybody i mean Sam’s barat has reached .And was shocked by seeing them very close.

  15. happy

    Guys tell me one thing…ardhika marriage happen or not…sam turn into nxt vamp…why sam blame rad for her dad bad relation…writers pls make some sense…

  16. Ireena

    I have stopped watching manmarzian since last 7 day.every 1 may like that new track, but I won’t. I used to like manmazian for rad sam friendships ,ardhikas cute chemistry. Where Sam will curse rad, no needs to watch it to me.

    • mitty

      Ireena plc don’t do that. ..keep supporting manmarziyan ..otherwise they vil close this show coz of low trp

      • Ireena

        I understand mitty. But what to do,watching vamps in sam I won’t be satisfied. Rather feel restless .otherwise does trp depends on outside of India too??

  17. Aru

    Oh!!shit…..saral ll force radhu….i dint knew this..thanks renu.
    Then so much drama to watch in future episodes…
    But i m still not happy as rads and sams friendship ll b spoiled..
    Plsssss sam dont become a vamp!

  18. shaki

    🙁 I need to see friendship more than love in manmarziyaan. And why would someone want to stop this drama? It’s a really different story than other dramas in star plus. And does this trp only count In India?? Because we watch this serial everyday in our country. Plz don’t let this drama to stop. I really like this drama. Its about friendship

  19. Ireena

    Sorry,friends but soon I will start skipping the update even.sam and rad friend ship was the uniqueness here. I wish sam could stop the marriage knowing the truth!!!rad,plz do some miracle so that sam trust u.for me,sam-rad friendship ? more important than ardhika Jodi ?

    • Manu

      Yes ireena..i want sam to knw truth about arjun and nandhini not by this way.. this is so dramatic that no one will lose their self respect tat too for a gal like sam ..i want pure love between ardhika.. not like tis ..this is so annoyin.

  20. Why after knowing samrat and nandhini fact sam is still blaming radhu I thunk bec of jealousy that radhu said she loves arjun but why she said u have also takenvmy family ,father bulldhit nd all .in interview arjun that radhu revealed only one side of the coin and but he will reveal the other side I didn’t understand that part…see in youtube there is a link

    • renu

      me too confused dear,…

      btw i like tat cute ahamica segment,…

      ahem s naughty,…

      lets wait n watch,….

  21. renu

    Dont skip it yaar,…i dont know but i saw On location video,…in which sam said,..’u ve taken my love,my family,my father 4m me,…n heart broken.

    i thot it was sam’s statement 2 arjun but Tb article says tat sam still blame radz n hate her ,….

    n in her hatred,she includes her father too,…

    i wa snot justified with the fact tat wat radz did,..she said samrat 2 ve affair with nandhu r she tried her level best 2 save sam’s life n even lost her self reputation in this,…so disgusting,…n i hope tat article bcom false n sam ll patch up with radz,…

    But arjun ll hate Radz n in this segment they said after revealing nandhu’s truth,…wat arjun n nandhu ll do against radz 4 her action,….so confused

    But arjun ll hate Radhika as she ruined her nandhu’s so called revenge,…

    • happy

      As per renu said i thought Another revenge ll happen on rad for ding his sisters main revenge fail…oh god…again story start from first…i want rad & sam friendship…

      • renu

        happy,…another thing ahem said tat still arjun s not in love (but v know about his love very well n yday without love he went 2 radz house 2 see last glimpse of her 4 time pass) n radhika ll find another side of the coin now n abhi serial bakki hai,…

  22. Ireena

    I understand ur concern renu. But what to do, watching vamps in it,i will be heart patient or my bp will be high.we watch serial to be entertained. not to become tensed, and agitated. ???

  23. renu

    Ahem aka arjun in interview said tat he saved radhika 4m being raped,…,precap s just miisleading

  24. neha

    So much confusion!! Rad hating arjun. sam hating rad n her dad.. Whr is it goin?? radhika is smtimes so stupid!! wts the need of telling evry1 tht she loves arjun? guess rad is gonna get her a** kicked frm evrywhr…n we won’t b seeing dosti yaariyan for quite sm time 🙁

  25. Sia

    too many cooks spoil the broth…that is how manmarziyaan is starting to look…today’s episode was the most brainless episode i ever saw of this show…either the directors are losing it or they think the viewers have lost it…one just cant understand why direction cannot be straightforward without all those histrionics…radhika could have recorded the whole thing, but she didnt, she left the phone in water and went back to get it, how stupid one can be…and she lingers on in that room as if waiting for Nandu to come back…basically the direction is going awry…i just hope the directors dont end up making the actors looking like fools like NAUC in the end…wake up directors and make a sensible show…people are not so senseless!!!

  26. Ahh episode was nt good but precap luv it if nandhni was nt there than everything wold have been good but twist is good y neil is quite? I can’t wait 4 nxt episode:-[

  27. Pathanga

    Thank u renu fr ua information… Bt guys i read tat neil wl also try to help radu.. Bt nw no nfrmatn regrdng dis r provided… Do u knw nythng abt dis? F so dn share t pls…

  28. Sam mumbai ayae thee uska maksat and kwahish pure karne ke leye .mumbai anae ke bad uska kaymab usko dosti me jada hota jarahai o to tek hai serial title ke anusar per usk kwab ko kya hogaya these writers r only focusing on payar aur dosti .mae radhu ka shabdho ko jadhu miss kar rahe ho especially purnae eps mae jab uska pappa radhu ko pucha kyo radhu ne gar se bag nahe,radhu ka jawab wah uska shabdo me nasha hai uske papanebe manaliya aur majubur kar diya mumbai anae ke uske ke bad radhu ka creativity and writing skills r suppresed woh me sahamat nahe hu please writers focus on that also kuch dere ke liye he chakra wakra ke chod tho radhika ka dreams purae huhae me focis karo…

  29. vinu

    I hate the precap.I was liking radhika’s character.but if she is defaming herself then what’s the use of all morals and values she was following. Precap is horrible.its better getting hurted instead of spoiling her own respect.disgusting precap

  30. abi

    hello guys…
    dont shaken by this current situation…
    i think,”sam ll hate radhu…for the misunderstanding,but she wont do any problem for radhu…instead of revenge she ll avoid radhu but she wont giveup radhu infront of everyone……….and the same way nandhu again brainwash..our arjun to irritate radhu…..but he ll reach d depth of love with radhu unknowingly……..coming to neil..who can understand radhus situation …supports sam in her hard time…..radhu ll try to prove nandinis vamp part…nd hide n seek plan(which arjun doesnt now abt it) to arjun after her marriage with arjun….who also feel sad for radhu in his heart because of radhus family avoid her……

    neil ll help our radhu to find out full truth to arjun nd sam…….after that sam nd radhu ll reunite…..”
    this s my imagination……i think dis only happen but anyway manmarziyan always famous for twists……so …????………

  31. abi

    guys watever happens it doesnt a matter…….sam should not turn into vamp/witch……because she s really good at heart
    she s d person who belives radhu in that mabelinne project time(trap done by arjun nd bonnie) that timme also proof s available against our radhu …….but she didnt giveup her…..and also wwithout knowing reason she left arjun because of radhus words………

    because one situation wwe cant blame sam only….but the writters did a big mistake that sam belives sarals word….actually sam hate saral ….in that area they spoilt our sams nature……..

    if my imagination means…this show doesnt have an uniqeness…..its like othher story only…..pls do something unimaginable

  32. Pathanga

    Abi wat a fabulous imagination… Yeah i 2 dnt want sam to tak revnge against abi said hope she avoid her nd finaly realize tat she cant able to break radhus frndship nd she cum to realize d worth of radhu n hr life… In al these aspects neil supports sam nd helps hr to undrstnd wat a gem radhu s….in d course of time sam too understands d feelings of neil fr hr nd also grdadually falls fr neil nd proposes hm…
    N d othr side radhu wl cum to knw tat nandini s evil nd nandu emotionaly blackmails arj nd made hs mind to seek revenge where as arj s gold at heart… She tries to open up hs eyes nd collects al d proofs to shw arj tat t ws al nandinis fault..samrat s jst inocnt…arj throws nandu away frm hs hme…She also wins sams heart by hr wndrful parents 2 cum to knw d truth.. So al frnds reunite… Hence s our DOSTI YAARIYAN MANMARZIYAN…

  33. ☆Twinkle05★

    Hey plz ya dont blame radhu bcoz they have some twist so plz wait and watch epi and radhu dont do anything wrong some spoilers are just imagination i think so dont trust that guys today epi really clear u r confusions 🙂

  34. mitty

    Guys happy news for manmarzian fans…I got a reply from star plus saying that dosti yaariyan going off air is completely speculative. ….just a rumour. …keep watching manmarzian

  35. renu

    friends,…lot of confusion

    so many articles n spoilers in last 2 days 4 this big upcomming twist,….

    dont threw me chappals,2matos,…

    another article says tat ardhika gonna marry n sam takes a revenge on radhika 4 taking her love n her father n her family

    she takes a oath 2 destroy Mrs.Arjun,…(m confused) link 4 tat spoiler,…

    dunno it ll come true r not,….btw i posted here,…

  36. raashi

    These cvs have completely lost it…ridiculous episode..n the way Radhika was roaming about in the room after dropping her phone in the bucket of water..horrible acting…n d way she keeps thinking oh where did Nandini go?? I’ve got to find it…uff spare us the horror…plz remove this revenge track..its just going on n on in circles…show some dosti n office n career track instead…m just watching this show coz i don’t want it to get axed bcoz of low trps but this show is giving me headache now..

  37. raashi

    N plz sudharofy the characters of the four leads…why r the cvs diluting them..they were so good to begin with but have undergone tremendous changes since then n most of it is negative:-(

    Sam was this free spirited, fiery, independent girl but now has been turned into a complete fool.

    Arjun started out as a intriguing, manipulative, suave guy but now seems to have turned blind n also seems to have lost the ability to think and take decisions for himself.

    Neil has turned a crybaby from being a charming, humorous n fun loving guy. He’s been crying on n off since ages now n can successfully start his own “Devdas Coaching Classes”.

    N now Radhika..her detective giri is torturing. Everytime i watch her in MMZ, it feels like m watching CID..uff..n her acting has started to annoy me now. Cvs we can accept a flawed character..she doesn’t necessarily have to b Miss goody two shoes n mahaan n sacrifice ki murat n all those things.

    Cvs plz work on ur plots..don’t give us the impression that u were smoking weed while writing.
    The actors are brilliant..plz give them plots which does justice to their talents..n plz bring the other character actors into play as well..don’t just discard them!!

  38. diya

    Oh just stop tmr episode…. This s not d right way to expose bad people….. And rad I must say this ur friends(Sam,Neil,zubin,kriti,tech) r not worth for our friendship… They don’t deserve you…. In saral problem also arjun only help her…. What’s all D’s ya….. Now its turning like other serials…. Gud one get suffered….bad one will enjoy…. Rad at least think abt her family….. Worst ya……

  39. raashi

    Uff…what’s with this forum??The saaf suthra comments also don’t get updated…now plz don’t delete this one…

    The cvs have completely lost it..ridiculous episode..radhika roming about freely in the room..not even botheing at first to pick up her ph from the bucket…and i hated her acting in the scene..horrible and unconvincing.

    N her dimaag ki Nandini di kahaan gayab ho gayi..mujhe pata lagana hi padega…ohh plz spare us…sabkuch detective-giri tumhi ko kyun karna hai??

    Cvs plz end this hopeless revenge track..its just going on and on in circles…better show some dosti..yaariyan n tracks…n plz bring back d old characters…turn Arjun positive but baaki sabko pehle jaise kar do!! Don’t make the characters look so dumb and annoying fools…

  40. raashi

    Ohh..forgot to mention one other thing…i don’t want the show to get axed bcoz of low trps hence watching the show regularly…but this show is definitely giving me headache now..plz change the current track..

  41. renu


    confirmed saral ll try 2 rapr radz n Arjun saves her n beat him black nblue

    And i dunno,..but as per article ardhika ll marry

    SAm breaks her relation with radhika cox of this as she thinks she intentionally marry arjun n cooks up some truth r story,….

    Arjun ll hate radhika 2 the core ass she ruined his plans even after he saved her,…..

    dunno about radhika state ,….no1 2 support her n she bcame Mrs.Mehra,…

  42. renu


    good news,…hip hip hurrah,…

    Ardhika get married in the same mandap,….i posted the link too,….

    WU:nandhini doing gadbandhan(her face s worth watching,…hehehe)arjun n radhika taking peras n radhika same saree,..SAM n her family n RAdz parents r watching with worried face,…

    The reporter said,…radhika in saving her friend,..she got married 2 arjun,… arjun hates her,…but saved her 4m saral who trying 2 rape radhika,…

    he said radhika started loving arjun n arjun hates her,…

    but as per another seg,…radhika confess she loves arjun n wants 2 marry him,…Arjun was happy hearing that,…but his happiness vanishes as mala salps her n asked her 2 reveal the truth r else she ll cut all the ties with her,…SO,radhika reveals samrat n nandhini’s truth 2 sam,…n arjun hates her 4 lieing n ruining his plans,..

    but dont know wat makes radz 2 accept 4 this marriage with arjun,…4 that we ve 2 wait n watch,…

    • renu

      aradhika,…no dear,…

      m waiting 4 their tashan scenes like old episodes,…

      radhika ll never give up so easily 2 arjun,….

      so,hope she ll not cry all the tym after marriage,….

      i love their tashan scenes more than romantic scenes dear,….

      n i hope her family ll support her,…

  43. Abi

    Anyway….watever may happen…….but dont spoil sam character by turning her into vamp/villain…..pls…pls…….pls…..
    Don’t insult sam…..i really like sam….nowadays they Upsets me a lot…..pls i want sam back like before

  44. neha

    renu.. i was thinking the same thing. wt made her marry arjun..? its jst nt convincing. atleast we ll see sm good lov hate scenes of Arjun Radhika. Fingers crossed :O best is yet to come <3

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