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Manmarziyan 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika asking Mala and Dada ji to what will she disagree. Dada ji makes excuses and tells about her earpain, asking her to clean his ear. Radhika asks Mala to say. Mala says someone is coming to meet you today. Radhika says she does not want to meet anyone, she will not marry. Mala asks her to settle down. Radhika says she won’t marry. Mala asks her to tell that person herself. The door bell rings. Mala asks Radhika to come. Radhika says she can’t love anyone else and recalls Arjun.

Arjun come to her while she picks the papers blown by air. She says she won’t come and asks Mala to go. He looks at her. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays………………. He smiles and comes close to her. He holds her. He says your life is like blank paper Radhika, you are

incomplete without ink of love. She turns and looks at Arjun. He asks why did she not marry. She says I m willing to marry, someone is coming to see me today. He asks such will with someone else’s signs. She sees mangalsutra and says I was removing it. He asks her to remove and give him. She turns and asks why did he come here.

He says I have to come to take whats mine. She says he can get other mangalsutra in Mumbai and asks him to go. He says he will go after taking his things. She says she has got her everything here. He holds her face and says you can’t lie well even today, if you got your everything, why do you make me feel your presence all the time……………… he asks why is her name in all his talk, why does his every moment wish to have her, I love you Radhika.

He says you left me and came here, but I could not leave you. She says Sam loves you. He says Sam does not love me. She asks then…. He smiles and says where there’s Samandar Singh, there is her idiot too. Sam eats food and Neil enters Radhika’s home. He says wife is resting when husband is working. Sam tells Dada ji about her choice, asking if he is good. Dada ji asks Neil does he know to clean ears. Neil asks what. They all laugh. Dada ji says love is great when there is friendship intact in it. Mala says she will get Radhika. Sam says let them be, even Lord should not come between husband and wife.

Radhika asks Neil? Arjun says Neil… no one knows how love happens, look at me, I fell in love with my way’s stones, I have my heart to my problem. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays……………… He holds her close and kisses her. She says Sir… He says Arjun…. Just Arjun. She says Arjun and he hugs her.

After two years, scene shifts in Mumbai, Radhika wakes up Arjun romantically. He hugs her and she reminds him the schedule. He says he is getting best copywriter award today. He says you never used to take my name, and now whenever you call, you scold me and call. She says Arjun… and combs her hair. He says just name will not work now, and holds her close. Sam is sleeping. Neil wakes her up and she greets him good morning. He says now this is yours, and handsover the puppy….. They think what to name it, and suggest like Nesam, or Apple.

Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil come to Birdsong and greet Piyali. They all work together. Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale……………….plays…………. Arjun puts sugar in his coffee and they laugh seeing him. Some light moments while working are shown. Sam and Neil fight. Arjun and Radhika stop them. They discuss about work, while the title song plays in BG. They all hug and smile.

The show ended with a cheerful scene in Birdsong depicting their happy lives.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    @thena- ua epz r mndblwng…i feel manmarziyaan z cntinung still
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    Love is fire, love ice, Love is everything….dedicatin the song ‘Don’t Fall Away’…its the song which comes at the end of the ‘I’m Number Four’ movie…

    Suggestion book- The one classic novel which changed my life is ‘Little Women’…I know many of u hv read the book but read again in this rainy weather…

    I should just shut up per say..

    Drawn Together

    Radhika was going in and out of sleep, she did though feel his arm around her, but now she couldn’t possibly move away. She felt secure and warm and he was the only source of her bed, pillow and covers right now.

    Moments later she heard a deep husky voice in the clouds of her sleep.

    “Hey, we are home.” It said, and she felt a pressure on her cheek.

    Oh, god, he wasn’t leaving her alone in her dreams too.

    But, a second later her eyes flew open and she stared at the most glittering brown eyes staring back at her in amusement, his arm was still around her almost plastering her to his chest.

    “We are home.” He whispered again, and Radhika scrambled out of his arms letting him to frown back at her.

    “Oh, I didn’t know when I fell asleep.” She explained, avoiding his gaze and looking anywhere but him.

    He gave an uncertain, preparing to ask something, but he nodded his head and got out of the car. Radhika followed cue, both of them walked in silence to the door, her feeling awkward and him being ever silent.

    So, this was it, now she would see him when? months later again? if this thing goes on the two year contract was going to end soon and for some reason Radhika did not at all feel good thinking about it.

    She climbed up the stairs and heard his door go in lock, she sighed heavily feeling winded, exhausted and tired altogether in one.

    She removed the ruby necklace from around her neck, she glided her gaze to her tresses and was surprised to see it down, in wild abandon. She remembered him removing the bun during the dance. The earring followed down on the table next.

    She tried to reach zipper of the dress but her hands shortened on her back. Frustration bubbled in her throat. The door clicked open just then.

    “You forgot your purse…”She heard his voice trail off mid sentence.

    Her heart stuttered mid beat, she heard footsteps getting closer and there he stood behind her. His eyes clashed with hers looking down all over at her.

    She immediately felt his heat hit at her back reminding of the same instant of the evening he first saw her in the dress. His eyes strayed to her back and Radhika felt the heaviness of his gaze all over raising goosebumps over her skin.

    His fingers removed her hands of the zipper, his touch cool on her heated skin. They fell to the sides her hands, his eyes came back to hers in the mirror, his face almost hidden in her hair over her shoulders. He towered her mostly all the time but he did lean into her all the time.

    His fingers rested there for a baited breath, then he removed the hook and her breathing constricted, he looked into her eyes, his breath falling on her shoulder, heavens he was affected too like her. She could feel him taking in a broken breath. The zipper down slow and smooth. He never looked down but stared right into her eyes.
    The moment seem to stretch and freeze in a lock down. The world again melted away from around like falling of white snow.

    His fingers trailed down too on her skin along with the zipper. Radhika closed her eyes unable look into his burning gaze anymore. She felt his lips on her neck burning trail on her skin.

    Just as it happened, it was gone altogether, she opened her eyes and saw the door closing with a click. Radhika came back from the high several beats later, she blinked and turned around to see he wasn’t there.

    She fell back on a chair her legs unable to contain standing.

    What just happened her mind vibrated a question.

    Why was he pulling back always? What’s going on in his mind? She hurriedly got up, trying to wear off the affect he had on her she took a long hot shower, that lead to her completing waking up from the lethargy. She got into her red pajama’s and top.

    Her fingers started to itch and she needed to do something about it.
    Radhika took out a canvas from her working bag, she slid down on the floor, she arranged the the canvas on the four footed wooden small holder.

    She took out few charcoal pieces and started shading the paper, her eyes formed an image printed in her brain. Within minutes, brows formed, eyes gleamed out, nose flared, mouth spread out a smile, hair blackened away and few more crucial and lower lip biting minutes later, the hard work and the blacknened fingers of hers took shape on the canvas. She stared and stared. Her breath caught and held looking at the potrait she drew with the charcoal.

    Heart beating faster, a smile stole at her lips and she leaned back on the bed. She drew her knees together and put her chin staring at him, and at his eyes, at his lips, at his face.

    It was him smiling, free of any frown, of any darkness, of any hesitation, free of any mask, free and happy. Would she be successful in bringing that out of him or will her time be up from here, from his life? The countless questions made her worry more but she put that away and burried deep in the closet of her mind.

    A breeze from the open window flew into the room, caressing her with its cool breath.


    Everything went back to the things before they were as since the night. Nothing changed. He went back to his usual recluse self coming home god knows when in the death of the night. She got up late and came into her workshop late. She once did indeed stay up late waiting for him downstairs, but the next morning she found herself in bed. He must have seen her on the couch, and must have put her in bed, that’s the only explanation she could think off.

    With heavy heart she got into het workshop, but stuttered to a stop when she saw a packet lay on the floor.

    She bent down and retrieved it from the floor. Tearing off the paper, she saw with surprise filling her eyes she removed the new stock of paints, brushes, canvases and whole new set of lovely water colour bottles. It was a half a year stock.

    She gasped out and searched for a tag who sent it. Her mouth hung open when saw the initials on the paper.

    ‘A.M’ written on the edge of it. and a sharp and short ‘For You’ was written with her husband’s intials.
    She pouted at the absence of any endearing words, like, ‘dear’ at the start and ‘Yours’ at the end with the beginning of his initials but sigh what more could she expect from him.

    The stock was more than a thoughtful gift for her. It was sweet and lovely surprise. She had not expected flowers but this, it was beyond surprising. How did he know she had gone out of stock? Oh, how thoughtful of him, she smiled.

    She needed to do something in return for him.

    Yes, cook dinner, she brightened up.


    On the way home in her excitement she picked up a month long of groceries, she knew Mrs. Martha, would have had the kitchen in order but Radhika was going to make dinner at any cost.

    She got home but was surprised to see the house in all darkness. Oh, damn, she forgot that the staff was at leave.

    With glee she twirled around and ran towards the kitchen.
    What should she make she thought and searched several cook books.

    What does he eat? what did he like? What should she make? Oh, heavens it was exhausting to think.

    Indian, Italian, Chinese, what? It left her head hot.

    But, she made a decision, Biryani, yes, she knew to make it best.

    She pulled her hair in a messy ponytail and went about cooking. It was already ten by the time she cut pieces of meat and veggies and all.

    In two hours of time she cooked up Biryani, fried rice, vegetable soup, chicken fry..everything that looked like family pack menu.

    Her face became oily, she felt sweaty and her hair greased with flour as she made flat breads. Her eyes rounded looking at the abundant food.

    She hurried upstairs, taking a shower which wore off the kitchen smell. She got down in her blue night dress, feeling refreshed.

    She waited at the dinning with a hot coffee mug in hand.

    The waiting lead to minutes. Minutes lead to another hour, it was 12 and there was still no sign of him. Another hour passed. She put her hand under her chin and waited pouting. Enough was enough, when was he getting home.

    Her eyes drooped almost when a sound at the door jerked her up. She hurriedly sat right and saw her husband’s figure walking towards the kitchen in a lazy prowl.

    He seem to not notice her presence when he walked towards the refrigerator.

    She got up from the chair, and moved forward but just then his back stiffened and he turned around towards her.

    He was wearing a grey suit and his face looked tired and his hair gleamed in every direction. His tie came out loose and he was looking at her sharply and he justly handsome.

    “What are doing here, awake this late?” He asked, mostly bit out.

    Radhika folded and unfolded her hands uncertainly.

    He looked at her up and down and removed his coat and put it on the back of the chair.He removed the wrist pins of his shirt.

    All these small movements were smooth and short.

    He took a cool water bottle from the fridge and took a long gulp.

    His adam’s apple moved with the effort of the pull and Radhika looked on mesmerised.

    She shook her head.

    “I..I was…I made dinner.” She said stuttering, her eyes again went back to his flexing arms under the white shirt.

    He moved towards her and sat down on the chair, he quizzed an eyebrow at her and she sat down on the chair opposite to him.

    “You made dinner?” He asked her in a drawly voice.

    She smiled wide at him, and his tired eyes blinked back at her. His gaze sharpened at her lips and snapped back to her eyes. His shoulders stiffened but he didn’t smile back. Radhika’s smile faltered and she gulped hard.

    His gaze slid down on the table, looking over at all the plates and cups.

    “Why did you make dinner? He asked her, his voice sharp as razor.

    Radhika winced and her cheeks heated up.

    “I…I..just.” She stammered.
    She made dinner because to thank for the gift. It was thoughtful and she wanted to do something for him, but he looked like he walked on a worst smelling restuarant.

    “I got the package…so I thought..” She tried again but he cut off rudely.

    “You got what package?” He snapped, his voice low and irritated, his face a smooth brutal angles.

    Radhika drew back several steps with that tone.

    “The paints, the canvases and the brushes.” She said in a small, feeling already humiliation creep into her body.

    “Oh, that, my secretary picked it up from somehere I guess.” He said nonchalantly.

    Her gut twisted, his secretary picked it up and he guessed?

    Oh why did it hurt so much. God, it hurg ten times worse.

    God, she was a fool to believe he would care? or anybody would care.
    He was looking at her now as if she was a pest he wanted to get rid off.

    “I had dinner already so…” He said breaking the silence, his eyes looked anywhere but her.

    “Right..” She scrambed up from the chair, her eyes filling up, she turned around to go.

    “I hope you remember this is a contract, Radhika, I don’t want this to repeat again. You won’t get more than what you signed up for or neither I.” His voice went on brutally.

    Radhika swallowed back a tremor.

    “Of course.” She flung back the words over her shoulder and walked away faster with tears streaming down her face.

    She cried sliently thinking why would he go for someone like her so plain. He would go out every week with much more beautiful women on his arm but he wouldn’t sit down at home to have dinner with her.
    She was an awkward hinderance in his life. A hinderance he would get rid of soon in twenty months.


    Arjun body vibrated with voilence, his hand clenched on his thigh. He wanted to go and drag her down here. He wanted to rip her off the bed and get her down to his bed. He wanted to wipe out that stricken look he managed to marr her pearly skin with, when he said so brutally told her about his secretary picking up the gift.

    He did have dinner but it was hours ago, the aroma coming out from the dishes watered his mouth.

    He flipped the plated and picked a spoon to taste the rice. It was heaven. He closed his eyes and savoured the food. He three the spoon away, slid the sleeves of his shirt and gorged on the rice heartily.


    His mind reverted to the past while thinking..

    Five months back..

    He was a VIP guest at a party. It was gruelling one, he turned around a soft wooly body collided with his. His shirt inside his suit covered in a mushy wet punch.

    His eyes clashed with light brown widening one’s. The girl looked down.

    “Oh, my god. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…” She started to apologize profusely.

    But Arjun glared down at his shirt then at the girl. The girl took several steps back, spun around and ran away.

    Arjun stared at the running figure of the wide eyed, scared girl. The shimmery gold and pink disappeared in the crowd gathering around. He looked down at his suit. The cold punch absorbed into the white shirt dampening his skin in the sticky mess. Damn. It was an expensive Armani suit. The orange glob destroyed the delicate fabric. Extreme annoyance prickled his already blackened mood.

    He signaled with his eyes to Amal, his body guard, for change of clothes. The reliable man was already on the move talking over the blue tooth.

    He glanced around bored out of his mind already, but keeping up appearances to such events was very much important for the public image. The people around him moved out of his way. Scared rats. His adverseries were looking at him with a scowl from across the hall.

    He liked that they feared him. It fueled fire and zeal in to him to hold tighter the reins of control he had over them in market. He could pull any string of cord with his fingers and down fells their precious companies one by one without preamble. Almost every businessman here had a compulsary base with his companies and firms across the country, such that, their shares were stagnated out of reach and half of the money goes into his account. They could hate him as much as they like and also plaster his repute with countless demeaning titles, it doesn’t matter until the grabby filthy paws didn’t cross his path. He was ruthless and harsh when it came to business……


    alrighty…I’m takn a break I wil continue wit Arjun’s pov soon….I might have made spel erors n missed out words in a hurry…pls excuse it all n read….

    So How do u like it?!?! plsss telll

    1. Y r u so perfect, cool,incredible,superb, fantastic,fantastic,n beatiful yaar !!! Love u !!!! Will miss u a lot !! ★★★★★

    2. Am just loving your story

    3. jst mindblwng…kfar u pen dwn ua thoughts so perfctly…nd ua imaginations r suprb…

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    @kfar awsome story dear pls ipdate soon i want to knw more n more
    @ mandy mahol poem dear…u too hav great talent!!
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  15. Epi 12
    starts with arjun lips s nearing radhikas neck….radhika closes her eyes….arjuns lips s touching her neck….arjun cant able to control his burning emotions….he turns radhika towards him….radhika still has her eyes closed….he cups her face and bring her lip close to his….suddenly there s knock on door….ajun and radhika looks ateachother shockingly…..arjun goes to open the door and its neil there….neil ask still ur practicing huh…dude?
    Arjun blushes and looks at radhika….

    Neil sees both of them staring at each other…and gives cunnin smile
    he says…. I came here at wrong time i think soo….

    Arjun understands wat neil upto and says its not like that v were practicing

    Arjun says to radhika todys practice s over….cme 2mrw,i vll b waiting for u….

    Radhika din utter a word and start to leave….neil smiles seeing radhika and start to tease arjun again and runs….arjun too runs behind him…..


    Radhika in classroom….thinking abt past scenes.her heart beats faster,reclling the scenes and she sweat more….her lips r shivering…

    Tittu comes and see,radhika lost somewhere…she calls her,,,bt she din respond,tittu somes and stand in front of her,radhika is fully lost with arjuns closeness

    tittu shakes up radhika just then radhika gasped frm her thoughts and ask…wen did u come?
    Tittu:am here shouting like anything for 10min,ur asking me wen i cme…hmmm
    radhika: oh….i din notice you
    tittu: hey…wt happened buddy…ru alright na?…did arjun say anything
    radhika…nothing leave me alone…
    Tittu watches radhika confused.


    its ni8,radhika din get sleep,she feels restless.oh….my god wt happened to me 2dy….y i seem to lost somewhere….y some kind of feeling cropping inside me,and she again starts to think arjun

    at the same time…arjun also thinks of radhika y i cant go away from tis girl….when she s with me,y i cant able to control my feelings,,,,

    both of them thinking abt eachother,without realising they are falling in love with each other crazily


    radhika tried to avoid arjun

    1. Deepa ur jus amazin yaar I have no words yaar !! Jus cntinu dear !!!

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    How’s it guys?? 🙂

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    1. Hey thena wil niss u alot n also story !!!

      Bye dear !! Feeling to cry !! A huge hug dear !!!

  25. @ kfar hey is true dr? omg!! nw wht will happn? plz mujhe puri story read krni hai…plz guys suggest sumthing…clara’s n shub’s suggest is too good.. wht say guys

  26. @deepa-amazing episodes dear. don’t have words to describe it… 🙂 🙂
    when I read your story feels like that I’m watching it on tv yaarrr 🙂 🙂
    keep going on dear waiting for next episode

  27. Farha first things first. Where you going to update your stories after today? Do you write anywhere else? Please reply! I can’t miss your stories. I am dying to read them. For 3 days I am travelling. So data on and off… Didn’t realize today is last day!!

  28. savera,sanju,anaya,saji,anju,tanya,bushra,zara,natasha,nakshatra,ireena,Riya,dil,daisy,geeth,reeda,silent readers,evry mmz fan………..oops names got deleted in previous post…..veryyyy sorrryyyyy….luv u loads….wish u al a bright future…thank u soooo much 4 such luv & support…..may God bless u all my dearies….

    1. Me too!

  29. 2000 crossed. ..We all r true fans of mmz. …All the imaginative writers u guys done an excellent job. ..keep going. … nd all my friends miss u guys. …wish u all good luck. …tight hugs to u all….luve u all friends. …feel lyk crying. …really donno Wat to write gonna miss u all badly nd terribly. …bye

  30. @ thena don’t say good bye yarr plz…we will miss u n ur story..plz aisa aadha adhura mat chodo na dr….cum n join the page plzzz

  31. @thena api r u 4get me…mis u a lot dear n we all pray 4 u dear…may god bless u my dear api…u r xtremly vry nice… Pray 4 me…

  32. Hey buddies,,,v can stay connected in manmarziyan fanpage na….wat say dudes

  33. all my friends????I have become successful in completing my tusk in time.for talking to u guys for the last tme.though I said good bye to u,I can’t but coming here.I thought this page had closed yesterday,thank God,it didn’t.otherwise I won’t be able to meet u guys for the last time.

  34. where I may get ur story after today,deepa??

  35. natasha,nakshatra,ireena,Riya,dil,daisy,geeth,reeda,silent readers,evry mmz fan…..

    again these names got deleted…pls understand our emotion…its our bond…don del pls….

    @farha…its ur thena’s request….pls post ny link soon dear….hw can i cnnct wid u further…1 thing i ll b thr 2 buy ur novel at 1st dear….bt don change the name drawn together cos i don know ur name sweety…oh! feelin emotional…..means a lot tat u said me a slick writer….actu tat’s a word 4 u dear…

    my paasion is writin actu & u guys guided me really well….grateful 2 u all…know i ve 2 improve a lot bt u wer the guys 2 set me a platform 1st…..luv u looooooot deariiieeessss….

    again gud bye….wish tis shudnt b the last day buddies……

    wish u gud luck buddies…..biddin gudbye,urs thena…luv always deariiieesss….

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