Manmarziyan 29th August 2015 Written *Last Episode* Update

Manmarziyan 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika asking Mala and Dada ji to what will she disagree. Dada ji makes excuses and tells about her earpain, asking her to clean his ear. Radhika asks Mala to say. Mala says someone is coming to meet you today. Radhika says she does not want to meet anyone, she will not marry. Mala asks her to settle down. Radhika says she won’t marry. Mala asks her to tell that person herself. The door bell rings. Mala asks Radhika to come. Radhika says she can’t love anyone else and recalls Arjun.

Arjun come to her while she picks the papers blown by air. She says she won’t come and asks Mala to go. He looks at her. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays………………. He smiles and comes close to her. He holds her. He says your life is like blank paper Radhika, you are

incomplete without ink of love. She turns and looks at Arjun. He asks why did she not marry. She says I m willing to marry, someone is coming to see me today. He asks such will with someone else’s signs. She sees mangalsutra and says I was removing it. He asks her to remove and give him. She turns and asks why did he come here.

He says I have to come to take whats mine. She says he can get other mangalsutra in Mumbai and asks him to go. He says he will go after taking his things. She says she has got her everything here. He holds her face and says you can’t lie well even today, if you got your everything, why do you make me feel your presence all the time……………… he asks why is her name in all his talk, why does his every moment wish to have her, I love you Radhika.

He says you left me and came here, but I could not leave you. She says Sam loves you. He says Sam does not love me. She asks then…. He smiles and says where there’s Samandar Singh, there is her idiot too. Sam eats food and Neil enters Radhika’s home. He says wife is resting when husband is working. Sam tells Dada ji about her choice, asking if he is good. Dada ji asks Neil does he know to clean ears. Neil asks what. They all laugh. Dada ji says love is great when there is friendship intact in it. Mala says she will get Radhika. Sam says let them be, even Lord should not come between husband and wife.

Radhika asks Neil? Arjun says Neil… no one knows how love happens, look at me, I fell in love with my way’s stones, I have my heart to my problem. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays……………… He holds her close and kisses her. She says Sir… He says Arjun…. Just Arjun. She says Arjun and he hugs her.

After two years, scene shifts in Mumbai, Radhika wakes up Arjun romantically. He hugs her and she reminds him the schedule. He says he is getting best copywriter award today. He says you never used to take my name, and now whenever you call, you scold me and call. She says Arjun… and combs her hair. He says just name will not work now, and holds her close. Sam is sleeping. Neil wakes her up and she greets him good morning. He says now this is yours, and handsover the puppy….. They think what to name it, and suggest like Nesam, or Apple.

Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil come to Birdsong and greet Piyali. They all work together. Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale……………….plays…………. Arjun puts sugar in his coffee and they laugh seeing him. Some light moments while working are shown. Sam and Neil fight. Arjun and Radhika stop them. They discuss about work, while the title song plays in BG. They all hug and smile.

The show ended with a cheerful scene in Birdsong depicting their happy lives.

Update Credit to: Amena


      • Annie

        I will not forget u.. u r the khabri (journalist) afterall.. who updated us at all moment with sp s move.. thank u for being such a sweetheart!! Will miss u 🙂

      • Nakshatra

        Wish u d happy always.. this is d first time that I’ve connected so much to some people who I don’t know u so much…miss uuuuuuuuu……

  1. The serial started well. The story could have been carried for more episodes.Anyway it was wonderful & radhika’s character i like the most. Postivity,brevity & paddionate are rare in yhe society.

  2. Annie

    What a mind blowing end!!
    I cried I laudhed I said aww I got surprized I felt every emotion in this episode. . The wah we wanted it ended in that way!! I am having loss of words.. I thought that I will be criyng today.. but no.. I felt very happy and proud to b cnncted with such an amazing show!!

    Thnk u star plus for gifting us mmz.. that doesnt mean that I will forgive u sp…

    Manmarziyan rocks!! Love it and eill alwayz love ut!!!

  3. The serial started well. The story could have been carried for more episodes.Anyway it was wonderful & radhika’s character i like the most. Postivity,brevity & paddionate are rare in the

  4. keerthi

    Miss u all guys. Manmarzian is a wonderful show. I never forget Arjun, radhika, Sam, Neil. Love u ahem. Miss u. There is no words to explain.

  5. Twinkle

    How super romantic. Gonna miss u veryyyy much manmarziyan.
    I have a confusion that it is such a good serial then how come it got such less trps

  6. Samiha

    I missed today’s episode!! Gonna download it tomorrow and watch. Till then, I’ll just enjoy your comments.
    @kfar: the story you are updating currntly is great…but what about the one with Sam-Aarav, Neil-Ruby and ArDhika? Hope you’ll update that too. That too was awesome.
    @all my friends, wishing you a very good bye. Hope to keep in touch with you…

  7. Ruth rodrigues

    Liked today’s episode of manmarziya. Can’t believe that today was d last episode. Will miss manmarziya specially Ardhika.

  8. Rads

    Miss u manmarziyan…come back soon with season two….hopefully not on sp….stupid channel to axe such a wonderful show……

  9. Deven

    I miss to manmarjiyan seriel and miss too arjun’s character miss u radhika

  10. Annie

    Will miss all of you guys here! Hope we get in tch soon… wish luck to each and every one…!!

    Want to see the leads again together in same od some other show!! These 4nd a half months was awesome with mmz .. got to learn a lot!! Hope I wil b able to apply it in my lyf 🙂

  11. kaira

    I miss u a lot
    Luv u manmarziya
    My day starts with reading manmarziya spoiler.
    I misssssssss u arjun radhika Neil and Sam.
    Luv u bahut saara

  12. rose

    aradhika <3 nesam <3 *_*
    can anyone give me the video of full episode /just aradhika moment… plz plz plz plz 🙁 i'm not sure if i can see this episode in Monday so plz help 🙁

  13. Swapna

    Miss you arjun and radhika soooooooo much was loving the show so much but it ended so soon it’s sad but was a short and awsum show

  14. sugan

    till the last second my heart is hoping fr a miracle that manmarzian doesnt end
    this show has made me crazy n nw thinking that it has ended is literally hurting have never felt this much fr a show ending
    manmarzian had always rockd n will cntnu to do so evn aftr gng off air
    manmarzian will always stand fr its name n will b our heart’s desire
    lots of love n wishes fr the whole manmarzian cast n crew fr gvng us a wonderful journey with a beautiful story
    usually television serials end due to poor script, direction, trp etc bt the reason fr ending of manmarzian is the foolishness of the star plus officials
    coming to today’s epi arjun stole the show. absolutely perfecto acting n dialouges . hats off to the cast n crew
    gonna miss u all
    manmarzian rockzzz frevr

  15. Can you tell me guys , in what time manmarzian will be shown . Please someone tell me till morning in this page. Where I have written comment. Please.


    come on guys we will not give up join everyone in fb page dym telly friends we want manmarzian 2 or in a new show as monica aham in lead pair

  17. happy

    super episode………………………….wow….ardhika confession………………………oh god………………..after 2 yrs…………….morning moment of ardhika………………………amazing……………in last scene nesam fight…..i cant express my feeling…………………..thanks….thanks………..thanks cvs………..100…1000…..1c…………….1 billion thanks………………… showed all whatever we wanted……………………..thanks…………thanks……………..

  18. rupali

    please firse chalu karo manmarjiya serial. muze ajib lag raha he manmarjiya k bina. ap please serial chalu karo ya to koi nayi story leke arjun or radhika ki serial chalu karo. please or ye to koi baat he k april to august itna chota period ka serial banaya kam se kam ek sal tak to rakhte. please i request u mene jo bola he wo karo plz.

  19. Nakshatra

    Will miss u frnds..Will miss ur comments..Will miss ur stories..
    Mitty,renu,abi,any,Annie,happy,ireena,kfar,Mandy,nish,devga,sonamohan,araadhika, natasha & all of u..each & everyone..all mmz fans..I read ur comments everyday.. but now I’ll miss u guys…wish u all d best for ur lives..stay blessed & be happy guys..

  20. Ira afroz

    Oh God…Manmerziayan is end.
    The worst part of today’s episode is No Precap…..Manmerziayan is just Rock…No idea…In future will we get opportunity to watch this kind of Rocking TV Show with Unique Story Line…Fantastic Actors….Mindblowing Location….Awesome Dialogues…..And it’s Amazing Title Song….

    Hats off to our All Manmerziayan casts and whole team……a great journey they made for us.

  21. fouzarshi

    omg I can’t believe that dym not any more on sreen.miss u badly aradhika nd nesam . tears rolling more words just wanna say love u the entire crew story especially the actors aham monika

  22. vinu

    Wow… The episode can’t end more beautiful than this.its just awesome….awesome..i just dont have words to express my excitement.I just love it to core.every scene is beautiful. This is the best.atlast arjun confess and radhika too called him arjun.hope u guys enjoyed it as well.I loved every frame of today’s it.@all i wish you all to get best in your life and have your manmarziyan fulfilled in your real life.wish you all good health and wealth.

  23. Praiselin Kanaga


  24. pakhi

    the lovely pairs and the lovely show . . the show which touch the heart . . . feeling very bad after reading the last episode . .its the last . hard to believe . . its painful. . . lost the best show . . . ;(

  25. Lavanya

    No words to describe the way cvs showed the last episode…..only pyaaar pyaar pyaar nd dosti dosti dosti….
    Finally, wen arjun made his biwi tell his name….amazing ;only love it was…..
    nesam ka bachu dog wala scene so cuteeeeee…….ardhika wake up scene…mashallah it was over all another level…
    birdsong khatta-meeta funny asli dosti part…kya bolun mein
    fallen in love wid this cast..
    Gonna miss mmz,ardhika nd nesam a lot
    a happy climax….mmz stars deserves applauds for their talent.

  26. happy

    star plus………………….hate you…………….go to hell… 11 switched off tv………….today your death day…………………very happy for u…………………..never want to see u again……………………..

  27. tasnim

    of hw cute al d scens vryvry nice lots of luv i l mis it n rmbr it in my whole life like iss payar ko kya nam du.ek hasina thi, nisa aur.,.desh ki beti nandini of i mis u a lot [email protected] am also 4rm bangladesh which dstrit u 4rm again manmarziyo pe hum chale

  28. I haven’t seen much, but what have seen is enough.
    I haven’t felt much
    what have felt enough for me.

    I haven’t laughed much how much i laughed is enough for me.

    I haven’t watched much ,

    what i did watch means alot for me.
    Thanks star plus for making us angry,happy,shy,loved.i am feeling blessed being a fan of mmz.thanks swastik was a wonderful journey.every moment gave us the new taste of life, new hope, new passion.
    I am feeling like losing a better part of my life.

  29. Nakshatra

    I would like to keep in touch with u guys..all mmz fb profile name is *Akhila Nakshatra*…

  30. Wow what an episode but miss u radu and Arjuna I hope to see same cast in another show but feeling v sad for ending of the show missing dym so o o o o o o o o o o o o o much hate u sp

  31. abi

    I REALLY ENJOYED TODAYS EPISODE,BUT i cant beleive that my fav show….endED,,,……….OMG…….i never fet like this b44 (SO MANY SERIALS WERE FINISHED OR ENDED BUT!!!!!!!) …….wwhy am feel like this……i luv mmz…ardhika…nesam….eventhough there s incompletion…..this show won my heart………..


  32. rita

    hi frnds im not a regular commenter but i do read all ur comments like comments of mitty Ireena,Riya,Mandy,Renu and others i too comment some time.and iam a great manmarziyan fan i love the show so much even though i dont know the language its very close to my heart. love all cast of the show and im gonna miss the show terribly 🙁 and miss ur comments and 2days episode was the best enjoyed each and every second of the show 2day cannot believe its over miss u

  33. deepthiram

    i love u so much manmarziyan team . each and every one of mmz team giving wonderfukl show we will miss u lot we hope mmz 2 will coming soon love u monica and aham u both of them r best on screen couple in serial industry . and also i hope in ur future projects u both of them again pair with best show in best channel

  34. riya

    I will mid manmarziyan and radar and nesam loves I hope fr next season 2 day last epi I burst into tears happy ending…… too I want this serial 2 continued but all romances r stopped anyway create another lover story serial like this plz I love radar so much I m happy by Sam Neil marriage
    bye 2 everyone comments I m going 2 mis u all guys
    bye love u alll

  35. happy

    ardhika ardhika ardhika……………………thanks………………..thanks ahem and monika…………… u so so much……………………thanks for giving wonderful pair…………………..i cant forget u…………… u so much……………………

  36. Please someone tell me i want to watch the last episd of manmarzian. Please someone tell me In what time manmarzian will be shown.

  37. daisy

    love u ardhika n nesam…. gonna miss u all… esp arjun…. all d best n hope u cum back with season2… pls i want to say this on behalf f all youth dat watever b d trp’s , manmarziyan has achieved its goal- TO REACH OUT TO YOUTH N LEAVE AN AMAZING MESSAGE ABT FRNDSP N LOVE….. U HAV CREATED A BENCHMARK MANMARZIYAN…. u may not hav those, i dnt know wat, needed fr trp but u hav reached us… the audience u actually targeted for… will remember u always….HUM H RAHI PYAAR K, PHIR MILENGE CHALTE CHALTE:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Annie

      Well said!! They have truely achieved their motto of of spreading essence of dosti yaariyan and manmarziyan. ..

  38. kubi

    Aweesommme episode..manmarziyan d best show till now..cant belive it ended…

    Such a beautiful ending..all d scenes were jus perfct..i hve strted manmarziyan frm now itslf

  39. kubi

    Aweesommme episode..manmarziyan d best show till now..cant belive it ended…

    Such a beautiful ending..all d scenes were jus perfct..i hve strted missing manmarziyan frm now itslf

  40. tasnim

    twinkle n’t 2 wory dis trp r radiculus our heart has a trp n thats d real in in this trp dym in the 1position….i think u al guys r agre with me

  41. rizwan

    miss u radhika arjun sam piyali samrat neil nandini di dadaji mala all cast of manmarziya u all give us best tv show and prove that indian tv show also has the potetial to do something new and great miss u lot manmarzia I wish u to see u all in next tv show
    aur ek bat kahena chunga star plus per mat aana
    they have old brains of ladae ghagda wala mind they only play stuppid seriels as every one knows they runnig from yr and yr
    best wishes especially to monica and shravan they have too much potentiol they will go on top of telly world
    keep it up

    good night

  42. Annie

    I am having a mixed feeling.. ryt now tears r oozing out of my eyes and at thr same time I am having a bigg smile on my face reading your comments!! Manmarziyan has made me crazy! Love u mmz. And will miss u lyk anything!! The best show I have seen evr (no offence I too lyk eht ipkknd1) but thus one is best among best.. loved the way radz called arjun by his name.. loved when neil gave that puppy to sam( thought it was their baby..the way it was coverd and brought) seriously last epi too had xcytmnt .. but wanted to know sam arjun cnvo.. nvr mynd!! Loved arjuns lover boy look.. loved yge way he was putting sugar in his coffee.. loved the way rads blushed!! I one word LOVE MANMARZIYAN

    (I know I am talking lyk a pagli but could stop myself writing this.. sorry if felt bad )

  43. kanthi

    Miss you a lot manmarziyaan!!!!!!!!!!!really!!!!! Such a good serial!!!! I sincerely hope that you come up with season two! Really miss a good plot and brilliant actors !!! Want to see ardhika and nesam once again!!!!!!

  44. OMG…..! Its ending.. This was the best serial ever, there was everything here friendship love sacrifice enjoyment and mainly understanding loved it…love the whole cast mainly NEEEEL AND ARJUUUN…..

    Ameena thanks for your updates as i live in PG I always imagined manmarziyan through ur writing…. Thanks again……
    Bye manmarziyan come back with colourful story we all will be waiting…….!

  45. Tamanna

    Sneha its repeat telecast is at 8 am …………misssssssssssss u manmarziyan………..miss u ardhika………really we all miss u……..please come with the 2nd season…..we all will be waiting……. nd todays episode was outstanding….luv u Ahem sharma

  46. Sooeaj

    Nice story plotted well. I wish all the actors for there further endurance .I am happy they didn’t drag like other serials. The story is short and sweet .

  47. I like manmarziyan serial sooooo much ,i like arjun radhika pair so much,but now this serial is over today .i feel so bad and sad as this was the last episode.and i loved a dialouge in todays episode that arjun saying i have my heart to my problem ,and i like neil sams pair too,i hope for the season 2of dosti yaariyan manmarziyan soooooooooooooooonnnn,,,,

  48. ramya

    frnds I cnt sleep I m dying becoz of ending I always wish that plz make season 2 with same actors and bye frnds I wish we all cmnt in season 2 love u all and this story will never get end in our heart 🙂 🙁

  49. Thanks all the frnds.i am going to miss u too.kfar u…juzt …grt.renu u are also included in grt bracket.thank to all unknown frndz.overall we are here always for appreciating new story,new script ,new zeal of life.thanks again

  50. Bhavu (bhavani)

    Hmmm lov u mmz nd ardhika neesam d most ♡♥♡ gonna miss u infinitely the rocking shocking loving show fr evr

  51. ☆Twinkle05★

    Super …………….. wonderful…………. Romantic…………. Lovely ………….. Happy…………… Episode i will miss u lot DEARS i am really happy to watch today epi but after epi i am crying ;( ;( ;( no more manmarziyan plzzzzzzzzzzz ya come again i am praying 🙂

  52. wow such beutiful gift today i got by mmz..superb,mindblowing,amazing, awsome epi it was….great job cvs…loved the way arjun came n hug radhu….n how romatic moments… love ardhika…mrg moments r so mch lovely… want nesam confession too…n how beautifully arjun makes radhu to call his name… finally radhu call’s mch love fill in it…

    Now m nt tht mch sad… like the ending…bt definitely miss the aradhika nesam..
    love u Ahamica great actors….wish u guys a successful lyf ahead. wish wiill see u both again together..
    n my manmarziyan Ira,ireena,renu,kfar ardhika,Mandy, mitty,najshtra n all the friends hete i got will miss u guys badly..big hug for u all…loads of love…hav a happy lyf..n hope we will remain in contact…Good bye..muhhh..

  53. barathi

    Feeling so so so sad for my manmarzian…. i ll miss ths show so much… greedy starplus….. i hate sp for this…. i love aradhika and nesam…. nandu acting…

  54. Samiha

    I am very happy to know that it had a good ending. So I am finally bidding all of you a very happy and good bye and a good night. I hope your life fills with all the colours… Thank you…

  55. Nesla

    Misssssssssss u so much mmz……….great epi. Ahem monica u two r wonderful jodies and my favourite. luv u sooo much and miss u as well.

  56. Samiha

    I am very happy to know that it had a good ending. So I am finally bidding all of you a very happy and good bye and a good night. I hope your life fills with all the colours… Thank you…
    @farha:hope u post ur story tmrrw mrnng.
    @mandy,renu,riya,anu,thena:waiting for your comments.
    But for now, GOOD NIGHT GUYZ….

  57. rosy

    Hats off to the cast nd writter to gift us such an wonderful story of friendshp love nd life leading….bt we expectd a little more…
    Sp ditchd me so nw im going to ditch Sp…

  58. I like aham sharma more ,i want to see him as a pair acting with monica shegal in a same story line like this manmarziyan serial ……and i am in a very bad mood today as this serial is over.i can’t believe this ….i like this serial very much.please can you soon make another. Love hindi serial with aham ,monica as a pair.i want to see that story next month itself …..its just a request ,and it needs to be like manmarziyan season2. I like arjun morrre in this serial and radika is the best pair for arjun….about that no doubt..i like u arjun(aham sharma) plllllzzzzzz act again in a serial like this that too with monica shegal.

  59. Deepa

    I cant believe tat tis show ended……i cant control my tears……love u ardhika and nesam….hope u 4 come in another show eagerly waiting for ur arrivals alll……hope u come very soon with another project…..till them i will b waiting…….and all my friends,,,renu, nakshatra,sugan,devga,ria,ira.mitty.anu and all manmarziyan family misss u and love u all…….bye tc all

  60. And THANK YOU to you telly updates for updating Hindi serial in english written updates…its very useful to understand the story .thanks

  61. Lovely super episode
    Still cant believe this beautiful unqiue show is ending today i wanted to see more romances n love between them especially with arjun n radhika tear rolling down how can the writer end something so beautiful n lovley like this
    Really going to miss u guys radhika?,arjun,???neil?n sam???u guyz will always n forever be deep down in my heart??
    Miss u guys already good good bye?????

  62. Manu

    Tears :'(:'(:'(.. i dono wat i ll do frm monday.. i have been addicted to this show for past 4months.. Aham (a) Arjun, you r the only reason y i started watchin tis serial.. and ur the oly reason y i started commentin here. I am gonna mis you to the core to c you soon wuth monica sehgal you ahem..

    Next Neil(a)Shravan, you r god’s gifted actor yaar.. you presence will always brings smile on our faces.. such an entertainer of the show. . Gonna mis tat character “neil”… long way to go man..

    Next both beautiful gals of the team..radhika(a) monica, never exlected clear cut performance from a new comer.. your smiles is ll reach heights for sure.. and sam(a) sammy(a)saminder singh(a)kashmira, lits of name and lots of carried out beautifully kashmira.. no doubt u r an amazing performer.. wish to c you back in a diff avatar….

    Mis u 4 a lotttt♡♥ we wish to c u all inthesame show. I dont think it is possible fingera crossed.. love u guys .you all deserve best channel than sp..

    Thanks for teleupdates and all updaters who gave us a visual impact through writing.. specialy ameena for manmarzian♥..

    And finally star plus, go to hell.. yoyr trp will drop down for all the saas bahu bakwass dramas.. mark our words.. you have broken many hearts you ll be paid.. good bye star plus..

  63. Can u reply for my question……that will u guys take another hindi serial with aham ,monica as a pair…….pllllllzzz reply

  64. I really miss this serial very much .and arjun and radhika wht a perfect pair .I love u both .Sam and Neil I love u too I am really miss it

  65. ff

    Bluddy hell!!!!y they ended it!!!they would have ended that bluddy sathiya,ye rishta…..
    Plz star plus recommence the show n make viewed happy….

  66. janaki

    I miss arjun radika sam i am getting tears and smile also. Starplus wouldhave given atleast 200 more episode to complete but they proved they can end the serial in decent

  67. RANITA


  68. Ira afroz

    This massage For you….
    Thanks a lot yaar.It’ll not be enough to thanks to u.Becoz of u ….we always got Super Fast updates.
    And u r such a sweetheart.No idea u read our comments or not.
    But U help us to make a good Telly Friends here…..

    [Annie…anu….renu…mandy…happy…mitty…dipika…abi….kfar…Samiha…Natasha…Samiha…and Readers of telly updates ]
    Miss you all….always Stay in my heart….

    And About show……Best TV Show in my entire life.
    DOSTI YAARIYAN Manmerziayan…..

  69. Luv u arjunradhika ……..i want another hindi serial like this manmarziyan…

    I want aham and minica to be a pair in another hindi love serial …..i am completely mad about this dosti manmarziyan serial .

  70. dumi

    Wow what a episode. Why are u ending it men. Really they should end sath nibhana sathiya. Not manmarziyan.
    But I must say this show will remain in my heart forever.
    And radhu arjun samunder idiot I’ll never be able to forget all of u. Hope to see u again.
    Really going to miss manmarziyan so badly. Love it soooo much its the best.

  71. Natasha

    Happy,raashi,abi,ireena,mitty,samiha,mandy,farah,anu,kubi,devga,sonamohan,nakshatra and u all ()pls forgive me if I have not write anyone’s name) going to miss u so much. Pls visit this page till next 2 weeks.

  72. Why did u guys end this manmarziyan serial so quick,there could have been some episodes after arjunradikas mrg and after their love,and after nesam mariage also .then this serial would have become a great hit

  73. Awww.. Oh ma gosh.. Am soo heartbroken.. Am gonna miss samandar and ovcos luvely neil… One different story aside ek hasina thi and Everest.. Love manmarziyan nd its casts..???

  74. Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
    Hum manchale hain mann ki kare:)
    Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
    Hum titliyaan hain udti phire:)

    I was irked with d cvs for butchering all d 4 leads n screwing up d basic storyline but now m super impressed coz of d treat dey presented dis entire week n redeemed themselves….if Manmarziyan had to end….this is d best possible way!

    Omg what an episode!! Dis entire week was lyk a piece of cake for me n this episode became a cherry on d top….d passionate Ardhika scene…Arjun saying jo mera hai use lene aaya hoon…wow…..that hug…….someone plz put on d ac…..Arjun kissing Radhika’s forehead…her eyes n chanting Arjun…Arjun…..n Radhika simultaneously chanting Sir…Sir…n den finally saying Arjun…….

    Ardhika morning bedroom scene….they took my breath away….n Arjun again impressed me wid his” waking up from sleep act” he’s so natural….d hug on d bed…uff…dey r gonna kill me now….n den when Arjun said pehle toh mujhe naam se bulaati hi nhi thi..ab hamesha daant k bulati ho….ohh my baby….he looked such a cutiepie and said that dialogue sooooo cutely like a kid:):-*

    N now Nesam….ohh my goodness these two cutiepies are still kids…loved d opening when Neil comes in calling Sam…n I was actually patting myself on d back for guessing it was a pup…n den their cute argument over its naam karan…aww!!

    Office scene… I loved to see d four of dem together n glad to see Radhika pursuing her Manmarziyan…n she looked very pretty…so did everyone else…their dosti, masti n yaariyaan in d office was tooooo good…Neil n Sam r still fighting lyk kids…good they’ve got Arjun n Radhika as referee….n Arjun seems to have come a long way from main meetha nhi khaat hoon se ab main sirf cheeni hi khata hoon…I loved dat scene:)

    I know I’ve written a novel by now but it feels I’ve no control over my fingers today n they r working of their own accord….I was smiling while reminiscizing some of these things however didn’t realise when that smile gave way to tears….its only now dat m almost done with my typing dat I realise my whole face is wet with tears…however dat lump in d throat still searing painfully, choking me and refusing to get washed away by those tears:(

    Manmarziyaan…I’m gonna miss it badly…it came…it won over my heart…made me fall in love…but once I fell in love…it left me lonely…but m not gonna hold dat grudge against u…I know u didn’t want to leave….n however much I didn’t want u to abandon me…I’m happy that u bid goodbye on a positive note…love u loads…:)

    Awesome show…awesome star cast…awesome team…soulful bgm:)

    But i hated how there was no precap after today’s episode…can’t help these tears rolling down my cheeks:(:'(:'(:'(:'(

    Manmarziyon pe kaise chalein:'(
    Dil ki hum kaise karein:'(:'(

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    Almost crying guys, no, I’m literally cryin….warm hug to all of you all…love u miss u miss da show. Miss u lots. Miss ur love.

    @Mandy @Ireena @thena@ [email protected]@ira afroz @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected](wil update dat story soon ya)@ [email protected]@dipika-love all ur comments,views,reviews everything..may all ur dreamz come true 😀
    wil mizzzzzzzda showww lots 😀

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    impressive wonderful happy ending they shown…
    miss u a lot MANMARZIYAN here on sp n other no one serial could compete you.
    Manmarziyan always superb all casts are act sincerely along with their heart .
    Ahem Monica you both are mindblowing love you ♡♡♡
    Sharavan karishma maan gaye aap ko..!!!!
    bemisaal manmarziyan chapter gonna end today but best thoughts, moments will close in our heart….♡♡♡

    • Samiha

      Can I ask you something frankly, hope you don’t mind…How old are you??Please tell me, I am trying to assess myself…

    • Riya

      Don’t worry kfar we all are friends like sam,nill,arjun,radhika, we stay in heart of each other
      Bye …….

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  81. kfar

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    i was shamelessly wondering where he kissed her hehehehe sorry i hv a drain mind. And dear u cleared my confusion. Nicely written(sory if im making any typos here, im typin fast and excited)

    woh cute lagrahatha? Arey yaar miss kardiya sab 🙁 anyways beautiful description raashi.

    • Samiha

      OMG!!!Once again I just wrote the same thinf to Rashi about my nasty thought and even you…What a co-incidence!!

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    Dastan ek nayi khwabo pe saji
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    Got to know the real inner meaning now!! This serial has the best soundtrack ,best cast ,best crew and WORST CHANNEL!!!

    Manmarziyan will alwayz remain closr to my heart do u all friends!@ goid bye all!! Take care and have a great future ahed!! May all ur dreams come to as life is nothing but living your dreams and fulfilling it!!!

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    ;( n my aradhika n nesam……;( ;(
    Y sp?!! Y u broke our heart without a second thought after our sincere attempts to save our DYM

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    miss u mmz n,whole cast n crew of mmz…for givng us sch a quality soap…it was really a treat for us…

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    I will surely miss aham sharma n monica…Ouch loved their chemistry..
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    Mostly i will miss telly update friends n the person who writes the updates gosh i never knew the name!!
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  90. lreena

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  91. @ Farha….do watvh d episode…its damn good!! Shamelessly wondering where he kissed her..haha…..but thank u so much for liking it:)

  92. Samiha

    @Mandy: Is it possible that they pair up the same couple of previous show on another? Then I would definitely want Ahem and Monica to be given a chance together…

  93. lreena

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  94. @ Annie…@ Samiha….thank u guys for loving it….@ Mitty…gonna miss u too..Goodbye to all…

    But den m also planning to visit dis page for d coming two weeks..i.e. as long as its there…want to read Farha’s remaining story n would love to catch up wid all u guys n wanna abuse starplus some more…I don’t want to do d abusing bit now instead just wanna focus on dis beautiful show n its review.

  95. sneha

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  96. aish

    Ohhhh no this is last episode. But I luv this story. Misss u alllllll. But I feel sad because today onwards I feel borning. Because this is the only sereal which I only watch.

  97. my day ends with watching mmz episode. another day starts with reading its comments. first thing nd last thing of day both r mmz. i miss every thing in the show i dont know how i can get my sleep wit out watching mmz. how i can smile in the morning which i can get only because of comments of mmz. i will miss all of them in and out of mmz team and comments sections. i wish all the best for all ur future guys. this is eshwar a passing cloud of mmz comment section signing off with lots of love. miss u…….

  98. kfar

    @all- I’m risking it all for you guys. I’m sitting here in the dark, trying to update my story, Hope nobody comes in the hall or else it will be the scolding of my life. I’m afraid someone might wake up and scream terror of seeing a ghost but frankly I can’t come in the morning. It’s sunday n family time so Im typin out now…


    Chapter-2 (Radhika gets a surprise looking at Arjun’s house- pls read from previous page guys)

    Radhika frowned in cofusion, he knew about her all these years but still pretended he didn’t know her, why?

    Weird wasn’t it.

    “And don’t you want to know about who might be the mysterious topper of our class?” He asked lazily.

    She frowned. Of course, she knew who it was, Kabeer, a stout weird guy with big round glasses perched on his nose. It covers half of his face. He has shoulder length hair that he wears as a ponytail. He sticks his hair in a style. Not one hair strand moves aside till the evening. She herself sets right her crow nest hair before speaking to him. He has this blank expression on his face whenever she asks him a question or a doubt on any subject. Radhika cursed his stubborn perch on the number one positioned chair since two years. She was always second. She asks him an account question and he answers in a loopy kind of way about farming and animal habitats. He took microbilogy as bachelors degree for God’s sake and now he was doing MBA. How did he top each semester? she can only wonder.

    “Of course, I’m aware, it’s Kabeer, The weirdo, I hooe he fails next semester and next after that….well, the while next year and then he would realize it’s pointless to take up management science and decide it was better to grow vegetable marrows in the countryside he always talks about and bores people to death during power point presentation.” She scowled.

    Arjun stared at her without any expression for a full minute and then he dropped his head on her shoulder. He removed his seat belt and pulled closer to her.

    His body was shaking. Oh heavens, was he having a dizzly spell?

    “Arjun? Are you alright? What’s wrong?” She shook his shoulder.

    He nuzzled his face into her neck and he seemed to be laughing pretty hard, silently that too.

    His laughter vibrated into her skin. Seriously?

    Radhika didn’t know what was funny.

    “God, you’re funny.” He croaked out.

    His breath was hot on her neck. She felt weird sensations course through her body from where he was touching her.

    His laughter stopped altogether. She guessed, he felt it too, but, he didn’t let go or push her away.

    He was being sweet, warm and something else. His hand slid to her waist.

    They stayed there like that for a while. Radhika couldn’t move.

    Arjun pulled away but only a little. He took hold of her face and kissed on the lwft cheek on the corner of her lips, then at the right cheek, her nose.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t talk you before, but now that you got in, there is no going back, sweet heart.” He murmured looking intently at her flushed face.

    Radhika snorted, he didn’t talk to her? More like he behaved as if she didn’t exist.

    He laughed lightly at that.

    “Yeah, well, get used to it.” His lips got closer to hers.

    Oh, god, he was going to kiss her. Radhika closed her eyes.

    It was feathery light touch. His lips were soft and tasted as apples.

    “Open your eyes.” His voice turned husky.

    She obeyed and opened her eyes slowly and looked straight into his swirling depths of brown eyes.

    Just when he moved closer a car honk propelled her away from him. Crap? What was that again?

    She was breathing heavy and so was he.

    What was that? What was she doing?

    Crap, she needs to run. It was getting way more complicated and…

    “That was your second kiss.” Arjun’s flat tone floated through the fog of her thoughts.

    “What?” She turned her head to the side and gave him a what the hell look.

    “You are so inexperienced, my sweet.” He said amused.

    His eyes gleamed as his lips lifted up in the corners. He pushed back his hair from over his forehead with his fingers.

    Blood pooled in her cheeks.

    “And how did you conclude that?” She asked him hotly, annoyed that he dare he call her naive. Men are all the same. Chauvinist idiots.

    Oh hell.

    She closed her eyes immediately regretted blurting that one out of her mouth.

    “I know naive one, when I kiss one, and also, I know you very well. You don’t go out much. You work in the library after college hours. You have a nill social life and I don’t think you even have time for doing….” He tried to go on more.

    Radhika covered his mouth with her right hand before he could say anything further. She had been throughly embarrased. It was enough for one night.


    Arjun paeked his car far away from the mansion. There were trees lined up in a row on either side of the road. It was quite dark and cold. She should be at home right now. It was well past twelve. What was she doing here? Frankly, she didnt have any idea.

    Arjun came out his parked car.

    “Arjun, I think, I will take a taxi and I shoudln’t have…

    He put his forefinger on her lips.

    “Shh…relax, just stay for a while alright.” He turned her around and lead her up the stairs of the porch.

    She stopped at the top step and stared at the window. She can make out the silhoutte of lot of people. She narrowed her eyes to observe more closely.

    What was happening?

    There were loud soubds coming from behind the wide mahogany door. It blasted open and four or five guys bursted out. Radhika jerked back and hit Arjun’s front. He put his hand on her waist to steady her. The guys. They were their college studsnts. They looked absolutely wasted but still were drinking up from the red plastic glasses they were holding to their mouths.

    Radhika looked at Arjun shocked. He pushed aside a guy who grabbed her shoulder. The guys were dead drunk.

    He was having a party? Like seriously?

    “Arjun, you are going to party in this state?” She asked him loudly through the music. She put her hands on her ears.

    “What?” He asked.

    Radhika cannot believe this guy. He was injured and bleeding and looked totally wiped out but still he wanted to party? Unbelievable. But what could she expect from a rich college brat. Alright he was not a brat but still.
    Before she coukd ask him again, she pushed inside from behind. She was pushed and pulled by hnds. Lots of girls were dancing about in circles. They were drinking and smoking in the large hall……..

    Hey, PuTTing a StOP to It before i get caught..

    Soooooo, HoW wAs IT?!?

    Plssss do tel 🙂

    Til den, guys keeeep rockin

    • Samiha

      As always, just great. I wonder how he was injured and what was his real intention of bringing Radhika to his house…

    • Samiha

      @Farha: As always, just great. I wonder how he was injured and what was his real intention of bringing Radhika to his house…

  99. kfar

    Sorry lot of missed out words and spell errors 🙁
    I make them often dont i. Its only my stupid phone again pls oversee the mistakes in it.

  100. Feeling like to kill the writer yaarrr….how can they end such a nice serial with d best cast….only d problem was show timings…..they should should have xchanged yrkkh n mmz…
    I ill miss u Arjun n Radhika..
    Neil n sam….love u guys…

  101. Nice ending to the show. I always read the written update in the morning. But sadly it’s over. All the best to the four leads.Eagerly waiting for Aham n Monica’s come back.

  102. Dil

    Dym is my favorite serial in sp..feel soo sad and miss lot cant believe its already end.. Hats off to your mind blowing acting my favorite couples ardhika and nesam.. U will b in our heart’s forevr… Pls com back in season 2..lov the chemistry of ahem and monica.. Also i lov ur comments guys.. Renu u r Amazing…i nvr misd to read yr comments.. i really appreciate the bond between all the guys of this loop..mis u evryone.. Mis u. Manmarziya..lov u lot..

  103. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…

    Renu s crying,…please help me friends,…2n8 i ve 2 attend my friend’s bday party but still m not get over the thot i gonna miss u all n this s my last post,…..actually m happy that my show sorry our show ends with happy note n it makes me 2 feel pleased but the thot of missing u all n 4m 2morrow i ll never ve a chance 2 wake up at 3.00 am n started writing my long review in a hurry n after posting it,..i again used 2 sleep till 8.30 n getting ready hurriedly 2 attend my class,…n top of all,i gonna miss u all badly,…

    friends,…is there any possible 2 comment or post my pov after show ends here cox i dinn post my pov 4 earlier ardhika scenes,…wenever,i watch ardhika scenes,i ll get new thots yaar,…such a magical couple,….n i ve 2 admit 1 fact here,…i got appreciation 4 writing sth ly 4 this show 4m all my friends here,…i never ever write sth b4 in my life except formal letters like leave letter,…ur encouraging words makes me 2 write n post my pov without any hesitation,…even sometimes i cant reply 2 ur loving comments but never missed reading ur comments,…infact i loved every1’s comments,….especially kfar’s story,anu’s imaginary predictions,theena’s pov,raashi’s pov,riya’s poem,mitty’s,afroz’s,ireena’s future updates,…n so many,…which i cant express fully in this comment,…..

    m literally crying friends,,i cant post my pov 4 my last epi yaar,..cox it ll b my last post na,…i wanna post my last pov after watching it 4 atleast 2-3 times that’s the honor i must give 4 tis amazing show,…it sounds like a movie 2 me,…so,m not posting my pov 2day yaar,….it scares me while typing n so,i need a break,..first i ve 2 come 2 reality n i must attend my friend’s bday party without any distress,….

    • Samiha

      Hi Renu. Don’t cry, we all are feeling bad. But thanks to the cvs that the show ended smoothly,much completely. I always read your comments and just loved them. Your POV turns out to be exact every time. Good news is that we can still stay connected at the fb pg Anu prescribed yesterday. And we can also communicate in some other pg of telly updates. Finally, Thank you a lot for your writings. I loved how you had tightly answered ‘gufe’ earlier even though he/she was talking much ill. I even like your long comments. Lots of love and a tight hug from me….

    • Thena

      @its k dear…njoy ur bud’s brthdy party…thank u so much 4 luvin my pov..ll wait here 2 urs dear…

  104. mira

    I loved this show so much that I used to dream abt this show day n night
    Nice ending…
    Hoping 2 see the 2nd season. The chemistry betwn the actors was awesome
    As always mmzn rocked….
    I am always a fan of mmzn……….

  105. anu

    sorry guys, i couldnt make time to write my pov as my data ended yesterday.. a very good morning to everyone..
    i was shocked to see the comments count 237 in just few hours… ufffuuuu.. i just finished reading all the comments just now..

    First i wanna thanq everyone for the unconditional love and support that u gave me..thanx would be a very small word that cant show my gratitude.. i am blessed to have such a huge number of frens here..

    BTW guys we can stay connected on fb page.. those do not have fb,dont worry guys we can try to chat on someother pages here… But dont forget that fb page will be waiting for you forever.. love you loads…

    coming to todays episode, i am gonna write my pov…

    arjun-radhika : when arjun came into the room we all know radhu thought it was her mother.. few moments later she realised it was arjun,not her mom.. she didnt turn to him as to hide her love for him.. she knows arjun can easily know that she loves him if he turns..

    arjun holding her from her back.. ufffuuuuuu, that passionate touch has showed much more than what arjun has spoke..


    Radhika- arjuns eye lock :

    when arjun askd her to call him arjun he was deeply wishing to hear it..radhu closed her eyes, but arjun was watching tooo close to her lips…He was saying like,


    after few times calling him sir,radhu called him arjun, a passionate hug showed you are my love, my life, my evrything..

    coming to after 2 yrs part :

    arjun-radhu waking up scene :




  106. mitty

    Oh god I really donno how vil I stay without mmz. ..more than mmz my going to miss u guys. ..Thank u so much for all the love and friendship. …I vil neve forget u guys…. its really hard to say goodbye but……I vil neve watch ny shows nymore . ..I don’t want to cry ….. Annie. ..deva. ..nakshatra…thena…..natasha….twinkle. …arjuni. ..ira afroz. …ireena….happy. …abi. …anu. ….raashi. ..renu….kfar. …samiha. …dipika. .riya. …rita. ..dipika. …devi. ..kubi. ..Manisha …hippi nd all my friends … u alllllllllllllllll…….definitely m gonna miss u …allllll….gonna miss ardhika love lyf also. …..Thank u so much guys 4 an amazing 4 months bye urs mitty ???????????????????

  107. sowmiyasakthivel

    Cute ending of the serial but I hve one problem what means I can’t watch the serial fully because this serial time will not suit for me but any how I love ths serial very much nd once again sweat ending…………

  108. jasmin

    Happy ending…….but missing the most amazing show on sp. Hope they will make manmarzian 2 with Ahem,Monica,Sam&Neil.Bye all the friends who posted their comments and who read those… Love you all….,…..,..

  109. kfar

    I have got a little time, I have come straight here to the comment section, to write a little I hope without any mistakes..


    They were all drinking and smoking in the large hall.

    Radhika put both of her hands over her nose and glanced around.

    The antique pieces on the walls and the interior decor of the hall was fabulous. She saw a girl throw up in the concave shaped wall corner vase that she was admiring a second ago.

    Radhika made a face, shuddered and looked away.
    Bodies moved around her dancing in sync with the beat of the music. Smoke clouded around, it entered into her lungs and she started to cough pretty badly.

    She cursed Arjun for bringing her here. Her eyes watered because of the poisonous fumes.

    Heavy alcohol smell hit her nostrils. Someone caught her waist from behind and lifted her up in circles.

    Radhika screamed.

    “Let go!”

    “Come on baby, you’ll like it.” A gruff drunk voice whispered in her ear.

    He put his nose of her neck and smelled deeply. He moved his body on her back.

    “Ah, you smell delicious.” He groaned.

    Shit, crap, creepster alert!!!

    She caught his hand at her waist and struggled hard to get out of his hold.

    “Arjun!” She screamed with all her might. The music was too loud. Nobody seemed to care. They were dancing pretty crazily around now. Goodness, it was a full blown party hard club scene.

    Almost immediately the sleezy creep let her go and Radhika fell on the floor.

    “You touch her again and I’m going to break your neck, you heard me man?”

    She heard Arjun’s very angry voice.

    Radhika scrambled up and saw him holding the guy by the neck. The sleaze guy looked like he was about to die of strangulation. His face was all red. He was wearing black leather, Tshirt jeans and jacket with piercings on his lips and eyebrows. He had a buzz cut hair style. He really was very thin and pasty looking. His eyes were unfocussed. Goodness, he was stoned.

    Oh,my god, Arjun was killing him.

    “Arjun, let him go.” She caught his arm.

    Arjun’s fingers tightened on the guy’s neck. She chanced a glance at his face. He looked murderous.

    Radhika gulped hard.

    “Arjun, please, you’re killing him.” I pleaded him to let go.

    “Yeah, you’re killing me, man.” The guy choked out.

    Arjun then looked at her face and down her body. His eyes settled on her baffled stare. His nostrils flared as he loosened his death hold on the guy’s neck……

  110. saji

    Hi renu

    u can write ur pov on earlier ardhika scenes also
    as dis space s available fot nxt two weeks…i think so…

    waitng for ur pov on yesterdays n previous ardhika moments…

    waitng dr…

    n thanx others for their pov…its really nice to read..

  111. Thena

    hi my dearies………..want 2 start here wid a positive mood…….

    wow wat an epi it ws…cant xpect anythn more 4m creators….thank u so much cvs 4 havin gvn us such beatiful memories……

    cumin 2 2dy’s epi…evr1 rocked it…very much deligted 4 arjun as he finally won in achievin hs princess & made hs own…

    oh wat an intense scene it ws… wen arjun ws puttin hs face on radz neck 4m behind,hs stillness,hs calmness,hs tranquility wer lik as if al hs lyf tim burden rushed out in the very moment… seemed lik he cudnt take hmself off 4m hr cos in an instance he felt the worldly peace in hr arm wich he nvr evr xperiencd…then he ws damn passionate & went on in2 hr firmly…he ws obstinate as if he ws in a battle of snatchin hs princess…he ws obstinate tat the battle ws ly meant 4 winnin… hs evry move ws intended 2 make hs doll confess hr feelin…evn in tis state he tricked hr askin hr mangalsutra…wen she said sir,he bcame more stubborn & in all of a sudden said”I LUV U RADHIKA” oh God! hs voice ws trembling(i ws completely broken here & cried yaar)… it showd hw desperate he ws.. hw pure hs luv ws…hw hard he ws strugglin 2 survive withou hr & al above hw badly he neede hr 2 make hold of hs lyf.hs breath.hs soul…poor radz struggled hard 2 escape hs feather touch bt cudnt get rid of hm…wen she ws clarified about nesam, oh!thr won our prince hero…

    he won the battle…he owned hr..kissed hr 2 assure tat she ws hs…hugged hr so tight 2 assure tat no1 shud dare claim hs doll,2 asuure hr tat she ll b al hs 4evr…oh!i luvd tis scene..such a passionate 1…ufffffff…radz melted & lost tis battle…she surrendered hrself 2 hm…hugged hm back so tight…pierced hr face in hs bosom lik diggin it deep…lik sayin tis is my sheltr,my support,my strength,my protection,my safety,my happiness,my WORLD…her hug ws so intense as if she ws tellin taht thr is no place 4 hr in tis world othr than hmself,hs clutch,hs cuddle…called hm ARJUN 2 assure he ws hrs..touchin & emotinal yaar…

    atlast it ended lik a fairytale wer the prince carried away hs princess 2 liv a lyf of own…truly,madly,deeply,really i felt a very big relief in me aftr witnessing arjun regained hs ladyluv,hs dearest,hs doll,hs baby,hs LIGHT 2 mange evry dark…cudnt b happier more…

    hey guys our NESAM(name we gave) has reached its far…in tis epi neil used it 2 name a puppy…luvd tat office scenes…ARJUN & NEIL HUG..Oh!luvd it 2 the core of my heart..craved 4 tis scene since long back…gonna miss tis cute neil..badly impressed by hm yaar…grievin bt don want 2 b lik tat as the creators hav gvn our mmz a very gud ENDING…

    it hurts badly 2 see the pink line in WU but cant b more happier than tis tat i ws supposed 2 watch tis wonderful epic series..littl tim it ws though….let us give a good FAREWELL 2 our DYM guys…

  112. Natasha

    I think u all are fond of youth shows. I’m giving u a suggestion to watch a youth show named miley jab hum tum which once telecasted on star one & it ended on 2011. Starring by sanaya irani,mohit sehgal,arjun bijlani & rati pandey. It’s a show based on college life,friendship & love. You can watch it on youtube. It was a hit show & I remember that everyone was fan of it. I am still now its fan & often watch its episodes on youtube.

    U also can watch nisha aur uske cousins which ended in this year due to low trp.

    My favorite shows are miley jab hum tum,nisha aur uske cousins,manmarziyan. Which are your favorite show?

  113. Natasha

    We no more will able to keep in touch. We are talking since long but we don’t know each other well. So can you tell me your real name,occupation,age,home town etc (if you have no problem). Reply me quickly I’m eagerly waiting.

  114. Riya

    The passionate romance between Arnun & Radika really amazing. …………
    I love you both a lot & whole cast of mmz
    It’s a heart touching story
    ( friendship+love+romance+sadness) a combo pack entertainment.
    It’s make a history in telly world
    M-madness for friendship
    A-addicted with love
    N-naughty in life
    M-mesmerizing character
    Z-zigzag way of life..
    I- I love you ( 3 magical words)
    Y- yaariyan
    A-aim of life
    N- Nill & sam. Ha ha ha
    bye bye mmz ,wish a bright future all the cast of manmarziyan….
    Also I miss my most favorite TU friends
    @ mandy………

  115. @ Riya @ Nakshatra…thank u for liking my view dearies….n Nakshatra, I started watching MMZ from Ardhika’s first lift…when Radhika smears vermilion all over Arjun’s white shirt!! I read d wu for all d previous episodes but now m planning to watch it in hotstar..

    @ Renu..thanks a lot yaar dat u like my pov..feels good:)

    @ Farha d story is as usual he got Radhika to his house to give her a taste of social life?:-\ n how did he get injured…fill in d jigsaws dear…excited to read more!!

  116. Hey all do you know that in bangladesh manmarziyan will happen today for one hour……. Because Bangladesh is one day late… But it will happen for one hour.. I am not able to understand this… Pls help me

    • Samiha

      Really, are you sure? I don’t think so. Bangladesh is just half an hour late. What do you mean by today? Sunday? When?

    • ArShi

      Esha, thn plz tell us wht is hpening in tday’s epi in Bangladesh???? plz….plz…plz tell us. I’m also a Bangladeshi. Bt I liv in a hstle & thrs no tv. I hve to see DYM in Hotstar. So plz tell us abt tday’s epi.

  117. @ Farha u know my dirty mind was going haywire with all kinds of wild imagination when Arjun brought Radhika home….but then d party thing entered lyk a kabaab me haddi n kicked all my wild imaginations to I don’t know where….hmmm….I need to get my mushy n wild thoughts straight..hehe..

    @ Anu…u know I love d verses that u write..interpreting d thoughts of each character….I get touched whenever I read them!!:)

  118. Meena

    Hi everyone !when I have to say” bye” Iam saying “Hi”!!! Iam not only going to miss the show but also all of you!!! Like most of you mentioned this was one of the best shows,even though lots of loose ends and unbelievable incidents!then,as I was watching the show,I became addicted to it and being the great fan of Aham (only because he was there,I started watching).Then I thought why go deep into the mistakes,just enjoy the show.I never missed one episode as I have the recording facility,and that made me watch Aham and Monica’s scenes over,and over and over again!!!!!!I can’t tell you how much Iam going to miss the show.Hope to see anther show with Aham and Monica.As someone suggested,Colors should consider Aham for chakravarthy Ashoka.he will be the ideal person as he has rugged look that Shaeer sheik lacks.

  119. Sana

    A die hard fan of manmarziyan I am, and visit this site regularly even after seeing the episode I read about it I even download the videos of it and watch Arjun Radhika moments again and again…. Love you both your chemistry is just out of this world,wish the makers come out with its second season once again and we get to see these lovely on screen couples once again ….. Miss you love you come back soon manmarziyan as your fan list is long and they wish to see you rocking once again on screen….. Mmmuuuuuaaahhhh ??

  120. kfar

    @raashi- hahaha trust me itz gonna get der.eventually befr the night wears off 😀

    Samiha-thanx a lot ya for all the nice comments and yes im gonna clear da confusion about his injury,

    there will be fight, few curses and punches n *clears throat* much more dan dat…

    Guess who fights who, hehhe

    i dont wanna left u hanging but busy day sunday 🙁

  121. Nakshatra

    Did anyone create a Facebook page?Pls tell fb profile name is *Akhila Nakshatra*….

  122. Samiha

    The abbreviation is just awesome. I like most the Z: zigzag way of life(’cause it actually decribes all the others)… Will miss you too dear. And how did you set your profile pic? Please tell me, I don’t like mine much…

  123. Thena

    @mandy,raashi,samiha,farha,renu,mitty,zara,natasha,devga,nakshatra,anu,abi,ireena.ira afroz,riya,dipika,happy,evr mmz fan & evr1 cmmntng here…i made a strong bond wid u all…gonna miss u all…5ting hard 2 digest tis fact bt nothin can b done & hav 2 move on…i read evry cmmnt in tis section & luvd each of has bcum a part of me…thank u evr1 who read my cmmnts & 4 ur appreciatin words my dearies…wish u all 4 a happy & successful lyf ahead…chase ur dreams & wish u al gud luck buddies….will b in touch until tis page is alive…

  124. kfar

    @Thena @Renu and Anu as usual you kill me with ur comments. Love ur deep thoughts n poems, amazin amazin 😀
    Raashi@ samiha- love ur views and how you described the words of show

    @ireena- sory i didn’t ask u befr? Are u wel now. U said dat u were sick.

    @Mandy and Mitty dipika natasha and all gonna mis ur povs n guys u all dont leave here ya der is a futire waitin for u all. Hope all of u get ur fairy tale in lyf dearies.

    @all- Dedicating something which came from my heart.

    Though we part,

    it’s not like we’re apart,

    stay u miles away,

    Gonna never miss without a pray,

    Hope ur hearts stay beating,

    Without a miss and greetin,

    There is a someday,

    Hope to cross paths,

    Wen it comes again,

    With da same breezy story hath,
    Till den, a warm hug to start,
    For a new life of tearless lark….

  125. Natasha

    Pls forgive me if I have hurt ur feelings by my comments. Just watch the last episode I just love the scences after two years. Full of friendship. Specially when arjun said to radhika jaha sarmindar singh bhaha uska idiot. Last scences when they all were sleeping and neil wake up them and finally when all hug.
    Going to miss u guys. Feeling the same as when my last day of school.

  126. riya

    Love ❤ u my dear MANMARZIYAN
    I will always follow ur message’apni manmarziyon pe hi chalo’
    TSM will never be able to take the place of our dear MNMRZN

  127. Samiha


  128. @ Nakshtra,Thena Kfar thanks for mentioning me..badly miss u guys…plz join fb page DYM telly friends page so we can syay connected..
    @ Renu missing ur pov. plz u too join the page dear so that can read ur povs more n more….
    @ kfar nice poetry u made…awesome. ..
    tears in my eyes…unble to concetrate on other thing…missing mmz badly….
    love u all.

  129. hey friends m not able to watch mmz epi form any website for eg deshitashan, source not found this msg is getting…pls tell me wht to do…should i have to dwnld any vedio plyer?

  130. deepthiram

    i really miss u team of manmarziyan aham and monica u both of them doing fablous job and u both of them best on screen couple in 2015. i am from south side i really dont know hindi and i dont watch any hindi serials but in my life i watch starplus because of aham . aham doing karna character very well and also i continue to watch aham another show manmarziyan i watch each and every episode of manmarziyan and also i fall in arjun and radhika pair. now i am really crying lot because of my favourate show ending i hope same couples with manmarziyan season 2 coming soon with valuable channel. miss u lotttttttttttttttttttttttt aham and monica love u lottttttttttttttttt

  131. Hiiiiiiiii guys pls don’t feel bad n sad kyon ki when a gud serial finishes a new mazedaar serial cums liking for us so guys want to thank ;;

    @ Farha @anu @ renu @ samiha @thena @ireena @natasha @nakshatra @dipika @riya @mitty @raashi n all yaar sorry agar Maine name nahi Lika toh bcoz der r lot of ppl !!??????

    Hey guys wish u a great happy future ahead !!! ?????????

    Hey guys will u like cum d bdt dil cmnts place if u r free plssssssszsss OR is der any Oder place wr we can be still frends if der is pls let me yaar don’t want to live my first internet frends!!!!!?????

  132. Ireena

    @farha,so sweet of u.but i m nt well even today[looks like the side effects of manmarzian ending].so i didnt come earlier.but now i came and read all of my friends comments.feeling frustated

  133. Samiha

    Finally watched the episode and just loved it. I liked everybody’s performance. Seemed so much real!!
    Firstly liked dada ji making, did he think his Choti will believe it? Then liked Mala-Radhu convo too.
    When Radhika was picking the papers, Arjun’s looks and smile had much words in it. It expressed how much he missed her LIGHT!!
    Then when Arjun was hugging her from the back, his vibes reached Radhika, she was feeling it too, very much. And when Arjun confessed his love, the expressions were so real, tears fell from my eyes. Radhika kept calling him Sir and finally Arjun, after the long wait Arjun’s wish fulfilled…
    Also liked Sam and Dada ji’s jokes and Neil’s entry. I laughed my heart out on that part. Ha ha, still gives me a laugh.
    The leap was very nice. Radhika was looking so good in that dress… I just loved Radhika repeating Arjun’s dream and waking him up with her wet hair… That part was too good..
    The office scene was just awesome… I never mentioned it earlier but every time they show Birdsong, it looks like a real office. Hats off to the crew. Well Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil seem to be handling the office pretty well, as well as themselves…
    Finally, the group hug. Whoa ho ho, just awesommmme. I was smiling and crying together at that part. The Happpy End…….
    But somethings are unsolved which I mentioned earlier like Riddhima’s relation with her in-laws after the ‘Saral Mishap’ and Manya’ crush for Neil. Else than this, the show ended perfectly and I am very happy for it.
    Bad news for me. Exam is incoming and my mom restricted my phone-tapping. My PC, laptop and phone–all are gonna be seized tomorrow. So from now on, I will have my phone only in Friday nights. So please guys don’t miss friday nights in Badtameez dil telly updates. Again, a warm hug and a very good bye………Hope you guys tolerate me every friday and my comments…

  134. lreena

    @farha,I m not well even today(seems like the side effect oh manmarzian ending. Having a headache,eyes are heavy…..oh!disgusting!!so I didn’t come earlier.but coming here,reading comments, really feeling much frustration.everyone is saying goodbye.
    Anyway, guys can u guys come tonight ???I will try to come if feel good.

  135. lea

    I lovd tdays epi soooooooooooo mch.
    I simply lovd every part f it.Renu as usual ur expl s wndrful.I lovd anu’s poem & also kfars story.kfar where ‘ll u write the remaining part f it?????????u write very good.

  136. lreena

    Sorry for double comments guys. @Natasha, u asked for our personal introduction. Though it’s okay, feeling little uneasy….u guys plz carry on first

  137. Thena

    @samiha…hi my friend..luvd ur opinion on bs lukd like a real office…so tru…me too ve felt the same yaar…AL the best 4 ur xam

  138. Samiha

    Excuse me Shah, choice varies from one person to another. So, you might dislike the show wheras we all are liking it. Can’t blame you for that, but I’m explaining the show.
    The show was about Youth, Frienship, Love , Sacrifices and Life. The concept was ver good and the filming was also better than many others. The actors were much experienced and the debuts did very good too. That’s why I like it and that’s why we all like it sooo much that we are crying at it’s conclusion. Hope you understand it…

    And about the TRP- as much as I know, the TRPs depend on the viewers at 10:30. But most of us are busy or unable to watch at that time. So, the main reason of low TRP is the time slot. And about fans, you can definitely see that in this page. In other pages, there are not even a hundred comments or responses in 20-24 hours. But here, it’ been about 17-18 hours and the number is already above 300.
    I hope I haven’t hurt you, I didn’t mean to. But I could not stand the blame against my favourite show. Sorry.

    • Don’t worry I m sure nobody is hurt I too can’t stand if smone says anithin abt mmz so ur rite from ur point of view n loved d cute mmz story !!LOL as possible!!????????

  139. Ruhi

    @mandy are you the same Mandy whom I know ? Coz ur pattern is changed!! Don’t mind if I’m mistaken!!!!!

  140. Ruhi

    Hi Mandy!!! 🙂 😀 how are you?? Missed you too!!! Actually I was fed up with matsh track tats y was not commenting for few days!!!

    This is ur fav show right!! I’m to feeling sad for you!! As manmarziya ended!!!!

  141. Ruhi

    U know wat, it’s little boring to comment!! As our comments are being posted little late… This way we can’t even chat.. It’s like slow motion chatting 😉 😛

    • Xatly me too I m not even cmnting on matsh bcoz of dis track !!
      Lyk s we cant even chat well n d bad thing is stimes some cmnts get deletd !! I also don lik dis n u want to chat come on hinditvadda manmarxiyan n select d first thing n wen u select some more topics will cum so select a topic cald drawn togther n read n cmnt in dat place we can chat hope u understand !!!

      Hey Ruhi aka shabbu r u wachin swargini if ur not den pls start wachin it bcoz its very nice a new chemistry is starting btw swara sanskaar into swasan !!!!

  142. kfar

    As usual I had come straight back here to the comment box, but today I donno why I feel so down, letz just forget it. I’m always so resentful about myself, why I donno but man i shouldn’t. Again letz just forget it. Im being an idiot..

    Updating from where I left off..
    Originally the story had revolvd around Jason, Sarah, Dustin and Jen…i totally inspired Viren from Dustin because of his flying temper. Jason as Arjun, Sarsh is Radhika and Jen as Ruby..other characters I thought about them. All are my own. I changed a little as wanted to write a fanfic on Ardhika. Hope u hv read my story since wen I started…I’m talking idiotic again..ignore me.

    Chapter-3 (Party on mind)

    Arjun’s nostrils flared as he loosened his death hold on the guy’s neck.

    Thank god.

    “Get out of my house.” Jason grabbed his jacket and pushed him away.

    Radhika saw the poor guy stumble on the bean bag.

    My god, Arjun’s anger was worse than Viren’s. Remind her to never mess with him. The girls moved away from his side. They seem to feel his temper too. The music which had stopped for a while started yet again, and the party will not stop come whatever may.

    Well, seems like the people here had experinced such events very often.

    Radhika heard some muted whispers.

    “Who is she? A girl whispered.

    “Maybe some tramp, he picked up to make his girlfriend jealous. Whatever comes and goes…he always goes back to her.” Another girl snickered.

    Radhika stiffened, her body went hot with anger.

    Damn, Of course, they were famous for make ups and break ups.

    Arjun very unware to the whispers grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her away from the frantic dancing and pushing of hands and legs.

    “Come on.” He muttered under his breath.

    He pulled her on the steps of the staircase.

    “Arjun, where are we going?” She asked him.

    “To my room.” He replied flatly.

    Oh, no, no, I’m not going anywhere near his room.

  143. Sabrina

    Guys,write on google just search up man,arziyan and then it shows the first day date but not the last! Whats going on?

  144. anu

    hey frens i just saw an update regarding “KAISI YEH YAARIYAN” ….
    sorry , it is not related to our show but i want to tell you it has ended on thurday and SEASON 2 of it is starting from 2moro on same channel(MTV)…

    within few days they are airing season2…

    why this stupid sp is not reacting to our requests???

  145. good evening friends …
    yesterday I forgot express my felling abou you people guys… so I decided this last comment I want to share my felling about our comment viewers , amazing writers, master piece story writer, mindblowing explanation, heart wining future predictors, giving information about spoilers. …etc

    ♡♡ Afroz ,abi,anu, ireena, happy, mandy, metty, natasha, nakshatra, thena, riya, samiha, ruhi, raashi, dipika, annei, saji, mona, divya, honey, saji , kubi, devi, tasnim, tamanna, daisy, sware, sneha, sre, rita, arohi, manu, anjali, saima, asha, manisha …..all the manmarziyans fan, ardhikas fan, nesam fan even silent readers. .
    Renu, kfar ♥♥ thnx for joining here, older friends you have give a special thanks for your such a excellent comments no doubt that you have great calibred … here on this page Awsome comment I read daily.
    renu you explanation was amazed . I really miss you and your comments.
    kfar you and your story ……. actually I don’t have word to express …. addicts… keep it up .. you are master piece of story writing !!!!
    Afroz, ireena, Natasha- your’s future prediction story awesome like it coz its your opinion. .. don’t mine if not happened. … atleast you tried 🙂 :-)..
    other people sry if I forget anyone.
    Goodbye friends may god bless you all .I hope you have great future as sunshine. .. make every day joyful… an every step success in your feet
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    spacial thanks to
    @Amena ji- thanks for this whole four moths you give written telly episode update an exact time …I don’t know how could you do it mean its very fastly …. just accept my thanx I don’t want anything els ..if you read comment.

    with heavy heart- manmarziyan’s fan # zara #

  146. suvi

    Hi friends,
    this is the first time I am commenting here.but I regularly read all ur comments here.I will really miss u all.KFAR u really love ur story so much.I want ur story to be telecast as mmz 2.RENU I really admire u .ur comments r simply superb.and some other frnds THENA, MITTY ,IREENA, NAKSHATRA, NATASHA,DEVGA,ANU, MANDY, RIYA.none of u know me. But u know u all .bcs u never miss reading ur comments .MISS U ALL. PRAYING FOR MMZ 2

  147. kfar

    Radhika pulled at her hand. He stopped mid step.

    He looked back at her in question.

    “What?” He asked.

    “Look, I only accompanied with you in the car because I don’t know why. It had been a bad day and I wasn’t thinking proper. I don’t want to be here. I’m not a tramp you can string along. This is your party. This is your life….this…”She looked around. “Isn’t my standard, and I better be get going now.”

    His eyes flashed when she finished, Radhika didn’t know what to make of such look. He dropped her hand and nodded his head.

    Radhika felt a little dissapointed that he let go so easily. But, it was for good, she didn’t want to be a means of some use, between his girlfriend and him, she didn’t want to be plaything and become a laughing stock.

    This partying. His reckless behavior and his brutal point of view of people those beneath his social status was way too much to take in for me. He was someone whom she looked at from distance and that’s about it. She didn’t want him to enter into her life and change it forever. She can’t take it if he was good now, but scorned her later. His lifestyle and hers were very different. Way miles apart.

    Radhika moved past the crowd of the dancers, but before she could reach the door, she was spun around. Arjun. He looked really very tired now.

    Great, her life just sucks big time tonight.

    “What’s wrong? You were fine before. What happened now?” His eyes gleamed in curiosity He pushed aside the hair and slid the locks over the shoulders.

    Why was he touching always? All rational thoughts evaporate from her mind when he does that.

    “It’s nothing, it’s pretty late and…”

    “Stay the night.” He cut her words and put his hand on her waist and came closer.

    Radhika gave him an ‘are you for real’ look.

    “No, Arjun, I don’t think so.” She stepped back and opened the door.

    “Radhika, dammit, listen…” He muttered frustrated.

    She turned around and got into the porch, Wow, the party spread here too. She walked faster to avoid Arjun.

    She was looking over her shoulder, she saw a girl attach herself to Arjun’a chest. God, girls never seem to stop getting attracted to him, she scowled.

    She stopped dead and abruptly hit hard with a wall. Hell, her arm.

    “Whoa, careful there, babe.” The wall spoke.

    What? Oh, good grief. Her eyes widened.

    • Thena

      @farah…my dear bud…as usual awesome…cud visualise every scene yaar…but confused with last convo in the above update dear…liked both of ur stories so much..can’t stop reading bud…pls provide a link wer u ll post story in future….here is a mad fan reading it without missin any chap..hehehe…& thank u so much 4 such great words 4 my POV buddy…warm hug..

  148. Ruhi

    S Mandy I watch swaragini.. I really miss swalak… I hate ragini to the core.. I can’t tolerate her face on screen.. Just feel like hitting her.. U know she is same like ritika… Both should be tortured yaar…. But ragini should b tortured more… How innocent she was before n now really hating her to the core.. How smartly she confessed her truth but stupid laksh dint even gave a thought !! But still hoping for her tRuth to come out.. But it will not happen so soon.. May b next year they will expose her.. Till then draaaaaaaaggggggiiiiinnnnngggg..

  149. Janu

    Really sad to see manmariziyan last episode. Gonna miss the crew for sure. Great acting and it was a great serial. Love this show.

  150. kfar

    “You have to see where you walk, not look behind.” The voice said amused.

    The night couldn’t end better than this.

    Why don’t you earth open up and swallow me inside tonight. She grumbled inside her head.

    She pushed aside her half curled hair which annoyingly fell over her face again. With guilt written all over her features, she looked up very reluctantly.

    Viren’s grin faded as he looked at her shocked.

    She gave him an uncertain smile.

    He opened his mouth and closed it again. She frowned and looked him uo and down. When did he change? The evening he had on something different.

    He was wearing a square boxed green buttoned down shirt over a white T-shirt and hems. He was a casual king. His black hair gleamed in all directions like someone slid their fingers and pulled at the locks. Well.

    He seemed to come out of the shock as he shook his head.

    “What the f**k?” He whispered brazenly.

    “Radhika, what the hell are you doing here?” He asked, his voice filled with surprise.

    She just shrugged her shoulders and looked anywhere but him.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me right now.” He muttered.

    “How did you get here? You were at home, right?” His stern mouth didn’t soften.

    She got annoyed.

    “What? I shouldn’t attend parties now?”

    He still looked like he didn’t believe that she was here.

    “It’s all night party, Radhika, and I don’t think you ever stepped out of the house after nine.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

    Awesome, Now he too was deducing facts about her.

    What is her life, an open book for everyone to read? It’s like they are dissecting, remarking and noting down points in a book the aspects of her not so exciting social mingling.

    Well, there is nothing here but her an ever dispassionate living, guys.

    Seriously, geez. Give her a break.

  151. Thanks you verryyy much zara….love u dear..n i will miss u too…if possible then join the fb page made by anu to our friendshp

  152. lreena

    Guys,heard the news of opening kyy,but as of we know, star plus is completely a disgusting channel what never allows any good serials to reach its I m watching no hope…….
    Bye,friends.not feeling good.missing u all….???

  153. kfar

    And, what the hell was he doing here? He doesn’t like Arjun or his parties and stuff.

    Radhika put her right hand on her hip.

    “Yeah. Leave it about me, but the main question is what are you doing here?”

    Viren looked at her amused and a little patronising.

    “Oh, right, change of topic, hmm, not going to happen, darling.” He replied to her dryly.

    Well, she tried.

    Oh, now, she understood.

    Viren can gate crash any party. He was ever enigmatic. He stayed most of the time at the Uni hostel. It was only few miles from the girls hostel. Rumour has it that, he tried to sneak in into that block but the warden caught him and it was hilarious to see how she taught him a lesson the other day in the college. He was a big mischief maker. She heard Misha talking on and on during the evenings about gatecrashing parties along with Viren. It was a bet or sorts between them.

    “You shouldn’t be here. It not safe for you.” Viren broke into her thoughts with a firm voice.

    Since when did he care about her?

    “I’m not a child, Vir, you know that right and I should go out….more.” She said the last five words a little unsurely.

    Viren stared at her, then he put his hand over her forehead.

    “Radhika, I don’t think you’re fine, lets go the hospital.” He joked and grinned.

    She didn’t know how to react to this version of his again.

    “Haha, very funny, Vir, I just wanted to….” Right in the middle of the sentence her hand was pulled and she was falling aside.

    She was turned around unceremoniously. How rude. What the hell…


    “Shit! You scared the hell out of me. I thought you had left. It really is pretty late and I don’t think you’ll find any taxi out there.” Arjun’s worried face came into view.

    He caught hold of her arm.

    “Look, I didn’t invite these guys over here let alone plan a party.” He said in explanation.

    He looked genuinely worried and she felt bad about it all that happened.

    “It’s okay, I didn’t mean to be rude about it.” She smiled at him.

    He didn’t smile back but seemed a little wary.

    “Yeah, well…” He looked over her shoulder and his body straightened.

    Damn. She tends to forget everything when he was around her.

    Arjun looked back at her curiously.

    What do I do now? Her mind went blank.

    Radhika turned around and glanced up at Viren. His arms were folded on his chest and he looked back at them placidly.

    He was staring at Arjun. Arjun was an inch taller than Viren, but she could see the difference now that they stood opposite to each other.

    “Hey, man, what’s up.” Arjun nodded his head towards Viren and broke the tensed atmosphere.

    “Radhika, can I talk to you for a minute.” Viren didn’t look at her but stared daggers at Arjun.

    He kept his icy stare at Arjun. The latter only held his gaze nonchalantly.

    “But, Vir…” She began to explain.

    “Now, Radhika.” He looked at her and took hold of her hand.

    Arjun stiffened beside her. His face was a close stutter. It was scary though. Like a calm sea before a storm.

    Viren looked no good. He wouldn’t even let her explain. He was an action kind before a thinking one.

    Dammit, he was angry. His fingers tightened on her wrist and she winced in pain.

    “Hey, easy there, mate.” Arjun intervened.

    He came closer to Viren, shielding her from him. He put his hand on the side of her waist.

    Crap, what was happenning here?

    “Let go of her hand. You are hurting her.” His voice full of warning.

    Viren looked down at her wrist then at Arjun’s hand on her waist. His stance got more dangerous as he glanced up at her eyes.

    His searing accusing gaze made her really very guilty. She opened her mouth to explain the situation, but closed it.

    Viren stood more straighter and he pushed his chest out. His face really closer to Arjun’s.

    “What I do with her is none of your business.” He levelled his eyes at Arjun’s.

    Arjun didn’t look like he was intimidated by Viren’s body. Vir was being brutal. His biceps flexed tight within his shirt, like he was getting ready for a fight. Arjun was too lean and Radhika didn’t him to be hit by Viren.

  154. kfar

    Even though Arjun looked harmless, his demeanor was like a stealth predator. Almost everyone including her could sense a vibe when he walked past. She sees girls fluster up and move around him like butterflies gets attracted to a flower.

    His gaze now was like silk. He glanced down into her eyes and back at Viren’s black eyes.

    “It is my business as she is with me.” He drawled.

    Radhika’s eyes widened.


    She couldn’t possibly breath now, could she?

    Viren’s jaw ticked. His glare was full of fire and hate.

    “I’ll rip your arm off if you ever touch her.” He growled.

    Arjun grinned abruptly.

    “Oh, I did more than touching her, trust me.” He nodded his head in her direction.

    Radhika’s mouth gaped open in shock. The idiot was deliberatly baiting for a fight with Viren.

    It happened really fast. Viren’s hand raised up and he punched Arjun right in the jaw.

    Arjun’s head flew to the side as his body propelled backwards. He only took a few seconds to steady himself as he put his hand over his jaw. His reaction was instant. He aimed his fist at Viren’s nose.

    Viren moved back an inch. He shook his head and his nose started to bleed ing instantly. He chuckled and wiped out the blood.

    “Stop it both of you!” Radhika shouted and looked around helplessly.

    The music stopped but nobody seem to care or make them stop, instead the guys around only shouted ‘fight!’ over and over and laughed aming themselves. Crazy drunk losers.

    “Viren! Please stop it.” She cried out and caught his arm as he got ready to hit Arjun again.

    He just pushed her away. She fell down on the floor with an impact.

    Arjun was breathing heavy and his body locked tight as he saw her lying on the floor. His eyes hardened.

    “Dammit, I said don’t touch her.” Arjun punched Viren in the stomach.

    Oh, no, no, She scrambled up.

    Viren grunted in pain as he bent forward. His eyes watered. His face all red, he straightened and flexed his arm.

    Radhika with widened eyes got to know where he was going hit Arjun. She remembered seeing blood on his tshirt and if Viren hit him there, then Arjun would go straight to the hospital and she couldn’t let that hapoen. She reacted fast.

    “Oh, no, please, Vir, don’t.” She put her body before Arjun’s right when Viren’s fist took a hit.

    Her body reeled back and she felt immense pain shoot in hwr stomach to all over her body from the middle. Her eyes popped out and she gasped for air. It felt like she was dying.

    “Shit! Radhika….” She heard Viren’s shocked voice before everything went black…….


    whoooooo, cliffhanger…hahah tht’s it for today guys…

    NeXT paet WOuld be Very Veryyyyyy interestingggg…

    How do u like it?

    Tell me plsssssss..

    Til den, kEeP Rocking Guys.

    • lea

      Ur story s superb! im waiting 4 the rest f it……….i should also add tat ur r write vry well……….where ‘ll u cimplete it???????here???????……..anyway wautng 4 the rest.

  155. anu

    I have been a silent reader at wu of dym and have been reading all the comments since the last few weeks……
    @kfar I have to say that ur writing skills are marvelous and at the same time ur story too is wonderful… I wish you continue writing such stories…… and I really wanna read on and on……

    @renu. u really write gud review and one gets to know about the episode in detail. u precisely describe every detail of the episode in your review

    @mandy. @rashi. @thena. @Annie. @anu.
    guys I’m gonna miss you all and ur reviews really

  156. kfar

    Ireena- hey get well soon dear!!! Cm here n cmnt often.
    Mandy- Yaar thanx for publicising my story to others means alot.
    Samiha- Sorry, i didnt much comment. I have been writing the story. And kudos to u for defending the show, dats great ! Nice view about the story.

    Thena- heyyyy thanx for bein the story fan. Made my day. Hugs tight.

    And about that convo- rads feels arjun was using her as aplaything to make his girlfriend jealous as he is always patching up with her and breaking up so she though he was a rich brat using her for his benifit. Hehe i hope it made sense.

    Zara- Heeeyyyyy wowwww it wud be dream come true if such a thing happens. Sigh. Haha thanx soo much for likin the story.

  157. kfar

    Suvi- thanx soo much for sayin that and yes i wil try to complete it soon but i hv les time in da day to do it. I’m sure I wil soon complete it. I hv the whole storu im gonna post it somewhere soon.

    Thena- i lv ur comments i read dem always 😀

  158. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,……..


    i dunno how 2 express my gratitude 2wards cvs of this show,…they gave us a happy ending 4 this awesome story within this short span yaar,….A big salute 4 u CVs,…

    Actually friends,…i gonna discuss wat they showed us n what we have 2 imagine simultaneously,…again cvs understood us so much yaar,,they skipped revenge revealing drama n radz sam patch up drama,….instead they satisfied us with blushing n breathtaking ardhika moments & joyful n cute nesam scenes,,again hats off 2 u cvs,….atleast they understood v ve brains 2 predict wat ll happen next r8 unlike other SP shows,….


    Nesam got married without radz,…oh my gosh how its possible yaar,..s radz dinn attend sam’s marriage as she thinks her hubby s sam’s groom,….so,she decided 2 live with arjun’s memories all her life,..wat an idea madamji,….oh its nesam topic ryt,..i 4got,…So,NESAM married cox of arjun n sam s feeling 4 her lost friendship in birdsong n neil teases arjun that he still ve doubt on him,…

    they dinn showed nesam confession cox they exchanged this ‘i lov u ‘ many times n so,i think its not necessary but loved neil’s encounter with dadaji,…he teases my neil badly,…dadaji, its too bad,..u r asking my neil 2 clean ur ear,….so,neil too came 2 rishikesh with all baggage just 2 go 4 a holiday vacation with all the 4 ,..they r sure about arjun that ardhika ll b joined,..neil came late as he s more concentrated in BS,…

    Btw,…Friends,…cvs tried 2 show SAM-ARJun Friendship like Ra-Neil Freindship yaar,…tat’s the reason they focused more scenes on sam in previous suspense wale epi,..Arjun came inside sam’s room n sam taking arjun’s hand like a parental figure as she felt she s responsible 2 join ardhika forever as arjun s afraid 2 meet radz,..(i ll explain arjun’s IMO in ardhika part),..She planned 2 arrange a meeting with these 2,,she joined hands with dadaji n got answer that radz s lost in her love 4 arjun,…tat’s the reason dadaji constantly asked her y she dinn remove her nuptial chain n y she stuck in life without moving n he some how success in finding radz love 4 arjun which makes her live like a heart broken soul,…tat’s make sam 2 give arjun some confidence 2 meet radz n she depicted it in the car scene,..Still Radz loves u n she ll cry as she s stupid,…wen arjun asked her whether she ll 4give them,..she assured him tat s she ll as she s her friend n knew her that she has big heart,…so,cvs proved 3 friendship n 2 love btw 4 leads yaar,…if this story dinn end they might ve shown these developing gradually but now its jet speed,..i ve no complaints friends cox v can imagine watever cvs wanna show ,..hei na,…..

    After leap,…

    OMG,…how many of u thought that nesam ve child,..i doubted at first but gave up wen the argument started btw these 2,…loved how neil came in with the baby(puppy),..loved how they still argue with each other like friends yaar,..they r the best friendship wala love couple,…i was pretty shocked wen neil says NESAM as their child (puppy) name,…(r cvs reading our fans comments) n sam again named it as apple,..wat sam its too bad, how can u name ur child as apple n how ll u call the child( puppy )with neil’s petname,…its not fair dear,…i couldnt stop myself in laughing louder wen the camera showed wat it s,…cox its not child renu,..its puppy,…i said 2 myself n chided my gutter mind 4 thinking like that,….hehehe,…

    LAst BGm part:

    Loved nesam so much yaar,..loved how they watching b grade bojpuri film in laptop tat too in office n loved how arjun sneaked in often 2 ve a glance at the film while talking in phone (business convo),..Arjun,…v know u dear,…dont act as a gentleman,…but u ve 2 b cox of ur biwi r8,….N loved how neil makes radz 2 watch the film in laptop n loved how radz blushes away ,..she s still naive yaar,….

    btw Nesam,…doing romance in office,flirting with each other,….tooooooooo bad,..where s ur professionalism babies,….See my ardhika babies who acting as nothing happened n behaving as a gentle couple,..(cox arjun ll bcom wild ly in their room privately),…jokes apart,..loved how neil wore scarf coming out of the bathroom like b4,…its reminded me the earlier epi,…where he wore it b4 samrat 2 scare sam n now he s doing truely cox of sam,…sam u r too fast yaar,….even loved how u too fight 4 silly reasons again n loved how arjun n radz tires 2 compromise by holding u both on each side,…i knew neil,..its samendar singh ka mistake,…but no need 2 mention r8,…loved that scene too,….

    N thank god they dinn show baby 4 nesam n ardhika cox it was too early 4 both the couple 2 get married as they ve 2 achieve in their career first then babies next,…this s apt 4 real life n cvs showed this without making any flaws like other shows,…such a realistic ending in such a short span of time,…its highly commendable move 4m u cvs,…

    2.ARDHIKA(this s my last review on this heavenly made couple):

    lemme start with previous epi first,….loved how arjun searched 4 radz after their emotional bonding previous n8 in their bedroom n shouted her name after waking up 4m his bed n loved how radz hear his shouting b4 arjun could find her,…the letter which radz wrote 2 arjun,…friends,…do u remember wat she wrote apart 4m asking his n sam’s happiness,…its all his words 2 her which affects her badly n ve got a solid proof 2 this in this letter,… friends,please try 2 remember the store room scene of ardhika,..wat arjun told s happened acc 2 her,..A STORY OF A GIRL,…So,she felt guilty n tat makes her 2 write those words exactly,..his every words panouti,raaste ka pattar,(badluck,stone in his path) really affects her very much,…She took that seriously in2 her heart,…So,she decides 2 execute her decision of leaving him,……

    Loved how arjun read the letter with angst n teary eyes,….he started 2 run behind her 2 stop her 4m leaving him then he stopped in the midway after seeing sam,,…Now comes a big question,..wat makes him 2 stop chasing his love 4m leaving him n y he dinn tried 2 meet her b4 sam’s arrangement,…wat makes him 2 stop ???? Answer s very simple,..wen he found sam,he felt guilty 4 not trusting radz wen she spoke truth n tried 2 reveal the fake relation b4 him n so,he wanna bring back sam’s lost happiness 2 her by making Nesam marry n revealing her sacrifice 2 khanna’s family n he wanna make everything clear in sam’s life which he created b4 4 his meaningless revenge,….

    Further he was afraid of a big thing,..REJECTION 4m Radz,..He can even live without radz by walking dead but he cant stand 2 face her rejection of his love,..the very thot which hitches his mind s wat if she dinn ve such feelings over him,..this fear stops him 2 meet radz but after sam’s assurance that radz too love him gives him some courage 2 meet her,….

    Even i doubt,he revealed nandhu’s drama cox some secrets should b kept as secrets 4 life long 2 save many lives,…that’s y radz dinn disclose this truth 2 every1 even after knowing it n so,arjun who s in synchronization with radz ll do the same yaar,..He might ve disclosed by putting all the blame on himself,..cox if the truth came out means,..piyali ll never say that Samrat n herself make arjun as BS partner just 4 radz sacrifice without any hatred 4 samrat 4 his extra marital affair,…r it may b he revealed it n samrat accept his mistake,..may b its one sided 4m nandhu’s side n so,he made arjun as partner 4 his genuine move after revealing this truth n flew 2 australia with manya,…

    k enof of my imaginary revenge drama revealization which s not at all necessary now,…V ve 2 discuss more about EPIC LOVE CONFESSION EVER in TV of our magic couple,…

    Radz telling her mom tat she dinn wanna meet any 1 n she cant love any 1,..please leave me like this,…r8 then Arjun entering the room,..i swear u all guys that radz ve some radar 4 arjun yaar,..She sense his presence n loved how wind blows n makes empty papers 2 flew all over the room,..its not a wind,..its a love breeze,..m i r8 guys???, coming breath taking moments of our ardhika,…

    loved how Arjun caressing radz arm n back hugging her with all passion n loved how radz closed her eyes after feeling arjun’s touch n loved how arjun too closed his eyes 4 a moment n leaned his head over her neck, these both dont wanna end this moment as radz thot she s dreaming about arjun until arjun uttered his words,…’ur life s incomplete like these empty papers without ink of love’ brought radz back 2 real sense n she turned back 2 find her hubby,…

    Again loved their light tom n jerry fyt yaar,..arjun found that she s in love with him ,…

    Arjun,…’y u dinn marry till now’
    Radz,…’2day a proposal coming 4 me 2 see’
    Arjun,…’oh then u go like this wearing some1’s nuptial chain n sindoor’
    Radz,…’i gonna remove it’
    arjun,…’then remove it r8 now n give it 2 me’
    shocked Radz turned her back 2 hide her feelings 4 him,…
    Radz,…y u came here
    Arjun,…2 take wat’s mine,…
    Radz,…u can get many nuptial chain in mumbai n go away 4m here,…

    omg,…omg,…she s still naive yaar,…wen i heard this dialogue 4m radz,..i dunno how 2 express my feelings 4 her,…arjun understood that she ll never understand his feeling unless n untill he confess,..Nice move CVs,…this leads arjun 2 confess his feelings 2 his wife n the way he holds her cheek n stating how he feels 4 her n how her presence haunting him ceaselessly,…N finally confessed ‘I LOVE U RADHIKA’ without taking breath in his husky voice,…omg m literally dead by tis confession man,…

    then, chasni thinks about her sam’s love n arjun cleared sam (real Raste ka pattar)btw them by revealing Nesam love,..radz surprised 2 hear this,..n finally loved how arjun explained sam’s love like himself being fallen in love with his panauti,moongfali,raste ka pattar,…loved it man,…Next Radz has 2 confess,…now there s no1 btw them,…so,Arjun wants her 2 confess her love,…Radz calling him ARJUN = I LOVE U,…all ardhiak fans n arjun knew this r8,…Another breath taking moment,…

    friends,…how many of u felt diff btw radz kiss n arjun’s kiss on forehead,…There radz kissed him 2 assure him the support he needed as a child n Here arjun’s feather kiss on her forehead,eyes n leaning 2wards her lips s 2 make her confess her love n kill her hesitation, they ve their life time 2 get intimate but confession s much needed now,…i loved it a lot,…call me ARJUN,…Sir,..ARJUN,…Sir,,…Arjun,….ARJUN,…Radz arjun makes my lover boy 2 fly in cloud n he hugged her tightly with full passion yaar,…HAts off 2 Aham n Monica 4 this epic scene,…

    After Leap,…

    Friends,..i ve 2 admit 1 fact that i got all the scenes which i expected 2 see btw ardhika,…thank u cvs,…K,…Arjun’s dream came true yaar,…Radz waking him with her wet hair n Arjun pulling her closer n Radz calling him ARJUN,Arjun,ARjun, in her each line,…M really loved hearing arjun,..k my lover boy wants 2 take leave n spend all his time with his wife, cute arjun,…but ur career oriented biwi scolding u n btw,..ly1 dialogue showed us that Radz achieved her dream by getting best copywriter award,…

    then loved arjun’s dialogue,..he s complaining like a kid yaar,….’b4 u even dinn call my name,…n now u r always scolding me by calling ARjun’,…even loved radz replying him ARJUN,…hmmm now i understood who’s hand s high,…chasni,..arjun,..u ve no way that u already lost with her in ring finding rasam,,…so,chasni’s hand ll b always high dear,…but u know how 2 lose her,… n 1 sec my heart stopped wen u closed the door cox i thot whether nandhu re-entered,… i thot she went 2 london with Rana…but later found that its ur way of making her nervous,…

    N they both kissed,…Even radz was expecting this as she left her hair brush,….BTw Arjun,..u kissed Radz without brushing n bathing yaar,..very bad dear,…my chasni s clean always so,better kiss her after taking bath man,…so,she ll not get ur bad smell,..n u ll get a long lasting romance dear,…hehhehe,….

    LASt BGM,…

    Friends,..i felt radhika a bit shy in last part yaar,…btw loved how arjun continuously adding chasni in his tea,…nesam noticed it n they teased arjun,..n loved my chasni blushing all over,..

    Loved sam-radz hug n ARjun neil Hug n last but not least Group hug,..i felt that hug as not character hug but it sounds like all 4 lead actor’s hug,…with this my amazing show comes 2 an end,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote n sry 4 many grammatical errors here n there,…n i hope u never mind like always….

    • Nakshatra

      What to say?u r amazing renu…nice description…AHAM SHARMA is fabulous in romantic scenes…good to see him in such scenes..

    • Meena

      Renu,that was a superb write up of the last episode,(inch by inch,I would say)really, really good!You have done a great job for the producers of the show,who hurried to end the show abruptly for the reasons known only to them!I think they have to pay you for this wonderful job!(ha,ha,ha!)It was very,very nice to read and felt good as what we missed was told beautifully by you !!Iam sure the director himself wouldn’t have been able to make us feel what you have made us feel!

    • Renu…..loved ur explanation….of what happened in d show….& what d cvs left for us to decipher…fantastic!! N I felt d same dat d last group hug was more of a actors’ hug than that of characters.

    • @Renu I luv all ur comments… One last request from me
      All manmarziyan fans vl b very happy if u cn recall nd update all the ardhika moments once v cn bid a farewell to our favourite show by refreshing our memory abt our most loved couple..
      I knw it vl b difficult BT I luv the way hw u explain each nd every moment.
      So plz update it if u cn….itz my request yaar

  159. kfar

    Suvi- sorry i mistook comments must be my sleepy eyes and hey wil be dream come true if such a thing happens. Thax sooo much for sayin dat 😀
    seems like im the only owl here readin comments hehe i think everybody izz asleeep.

    Wondering only till yesterday diz comment zone was buzzing wid loads of comnts til now, coz of serial update but now i really feel like itz over. The show ends. Da curtain falls…sad sad sad..cant see ardhika nesam frm tmrw:(

  160. kfar

    @all- Oh, hell whatever I tried and I didn’t get any sleep.

    Updating since where I left off…

    Chapter-4 ( He and I)

    First thing Radhika heard before she opened her eyes was an argument and it was going on in whipers. She slowly opened her eyes. A wide ceiling of a room came into view. It was all dark and she squinted her eyes to look around as she tried to get up. She winced, shit her stomach was really very sour. She looked down at herself, she was still wearing the same white tank top and blue denim shorts of the morning. Ugh! She needed a shower. Like badly. Like immediately right now.

    She was in a bed and it wasn’t her small one. That bed was narrow and this was king size, with soft comforter and silky sheets.

    Radhika got up difficulty. Her head spun around and she felt immensely dizzy and extremely nauseous. She put her legs on the floor and got up with the support of the bed.

    Where was she? She switched on the bedside lamp. The room flooded with light yellow new colour. She blinked and looked around in wonder. Wow! If was huge and strangely it was all black.

    The sheets. The bed covers. The recliner. The floor was smooth shiny marble black except the ceiling and the small library racks at one corner. They were deep red in colour.

    It was male and edgy with none soft hues and shades. The large glass windows opened wide. The thin red see through curtains moved as the cool breeze pulled and pushed them with its invisible strings.

    Radhika walked towards the window.

    The whispered conversation can be clearly heard now.

    There were two voices. One was Arjun’s and other was….Saina? His girlfriend.

    She was here? Radhika moved closer to the window.

    “I don’t know why you’re making it as such a big deal, I mean, you always have parties here like every night except you didn’t have one since three months. You had a fight with Rahul, I don’t know what he said made you two roll on the floor and punch each other to death….God, with all the temper fits, I needed a break. We didn’t have time for each other and….” Her annoyed voice travelled in the room.

    “And I thought what could better be to cheet you up than a all night party.” Her voice now turned seducing.

    “I didn’t tell you to, Saina, and there is something called personal space.” Arjun replied to her sugary outburst.

    His voice was quite different with her than he used with Radhika. Very familiar and friendly.

    She then heard a movement.

    “Since when do you need space from me. You had always come back for more.” Her previously seductive voics turned smoky.

    Radhika drew back. Her face burnt hot.

    How did she get here? She frowned in confusion. Her forehead cleared of the crinkle.

    Oh, sweet god, The fight, dammit, how did she forget? Well, you just got punched in the stomach and blacked out completely, how will you remember it, her mind mocked her. Yeah, yeah whatever.

    Her eyes widened, Oh crap, Vir. He must be really very guilty for punching her, though accidently. The guy had temper yes, but he was not a bad guy. He was just too protective. His parents gave him the responsibility of both hers and Misha’s safety, so he had to feel obligated to duty.

    Where was he? She needed to explain the situation or else he would go blurt out to his parents.

    Where is her bag? She looked around but she couldn’t find it. Did she even bring one? The room was slick and there was no chance of anything feminine, that too being related to hers.

    Heck with it, she will just leave like this. She hoped Viren was here still.

    Radhika walked up to the door of the room hurriedly. She opened it and rammed her straight into someone’s chest.

    “Whoa! Where is the fire?” Arjun’s chest rumbled under her ears.

    Radhika could hear his heartbeat. He was warm and he smelled delicious. Both of her hands were on his waist on either sides. Saina was around, her mind reminded her. Crap. She pushed herself apart from his body.

    “I need fo leave. Is Viren here still?” She asked him.

    She looked up at his face. He seemed wryly amused. So much has happened in one night. It was like a casette going fast forward.

  161. kfar

    Radhika didn’t want to create a scene here and she really want Saina to haggle her about ‘making use of the situation. She was a big bully in college and whoever touches Arjun is a big enemy. Radhika has seen girls being the victim of the humiliation she pours evilly. Radhika didn’t want that. Her hateful ire. Nope.

    Arjun was truly way out of her league. Saina has got big blue eyes, pretty face, lady long legs and all. Hers were boring brown eyes and black curly hair and she was minion campared to her. But Radhika in appearance was just like her mom and she wasn’t boring, Oh, no, hsr mother had been far from it. The resemblance between them had been quite uncanny. People used to get confused if her mother was her sister and stuff.

    She shook her head and put her arms protectively around her waist.

    She tried to walk past him, but he caught her bicep before she could take a step any further.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked her with raised eyebrow.

    She tried to remove his hand with hers but he wouldn’t budge.

    “To find Viren, is he still here?”

    Arjun’s eyes turned steely.

    “No, he is not here and I don’t think you’re meeting him anytime soon.” He said firmly.

    Excuse me? Did he just order her?

    “And you look pale.” He narrowed his eyes and slid them all over her face.

    If he observed the sadness that settled in her eyes, then he didn’t comment on it. He only pushed her into the room and closed the door shut.

    Abruptly, the pain came back of the punch, her stomach hurt and she felt extreme nausea hit her. Oh, god, she was going to be sick.

    “Arjun…” Radhika fisted some of the soft fabric of his tshirt. ” Bathroom.” She coughed.

    She was going to puke on his beautiful looking brown hued carpet if he wasn’t going to do anything but stare at her wide eyed.

    “Arjun!” She urged him again. He muttered out a curse under his breath.

    First the dry heaves attacked clenching her intestines painfully tight and Oh, god, here it comes, the morning breakfast and afternoon lunch.

    Just as immediately Dustin caught her up in his arms and Radhika squeaked surprised. Fast paced he dropped her into the bathroom and she instantly puked her guts out in the pearly white wash stand.

    “Get out. Get out. Get out!” Radhika shouted.

    She didn’t want him to see her like this. But he didn’t move away. Her hair was lifted off her flushed face.

    Arjun rubbed her neck and back gently. She washed her face with the cool water and the soap Arjun handed her. She rinsed her mouth with the cleanser. He gave her a towel which she dabbed all ovsr her face.

    “You came here with me in the car just so that I don’t black out and now it’s my turn of concern.” He whispered softly in her ear.

    He wants to see her puke? Well, be my guest, she thought as she didn’t even have the strength to argue with him let alone protest him being here.

    He held her to his body as support and she felt a little better after a while.

    Radhika stood there in his arms. Her back to his front. He slid his arm around the front of her waist. He hesitated but let his fingers inside her tank top, and put them over her stomach and touched his cool fingers lightly all over where it hurt like hell.

    “It’s going to be fine.” He whispered, his soft lips over her right ear.

    “Hmm.” She mumbled sleepily.

    “Are you going to nod off?” He whispered again, his fingers rubbed gently in circles all over the hurt spot.

    She only mumbled inaudibly, sleepily as his touch felt good. She didn’t feel any pain now accept a few twinges. He chuckled into her neck.

    He moved his lips along her ear shell.

    “Feeling better?” He asked huskily.

    She didn’t reply but turned around into his arms and laid her head on his chest. He put his arms around again and held her tight.

    Her hands were around his waist. They stood tightly held in poignant silence, very familiar with each others touch and without any barrier of tensed up muscles. His body offered strength and comfort to hers. It felt nice to be dependent on him. Well, only once because she felt bone tired and if he did let go of her now, she was bound to fall flat on her face.

    “Why did you do it?” He asked her moment later.

    His chin rested on her head.

    “What?” She whisper asked.

    “You know, take a hit for me.” His voice sounded with husky curiosity and something like wonder.

  162. kfar

    Radhika’s eyes flew open and the haze of peace and quite cleared from her fogged up brain.

    Why did she take a hit for him? Well, that’s a good question. Why did she?

    Because she can’t see him hurt, as simple as that. That is the reason she took a punch from Viren. The force of such realization jerked her back.

    Radhika let her hands fall from around his waist. He didn’t let go and but held her body tight.

    “I have got to go.” She said and and tried to move away.

    “You aren’t going anywhere tonight.” He stated, his face serious.

    Radhika ignored it.

    “I know Dustin will be here still. He will take me home. You don’t need to worry about it.” She pushed away and got into the room.

    “I sent him away.” He announced, following her out of the bathroom.

    She snorted, as if he could sent away big buff Viren. The thought was ridiculous.

    Arjun put his hand over the small of her back and turned her around to the way of the plush looking bed.

    “Come on, let’s get you to bed, you need rest.” He said in a gentle tone and pushed down her body forward.

    He removed the covers aside and sat her down on the bed.

    He then put two square pills on her hand and offered her a glass of water from besie the wooden table of the bed.

    Radhika frowned.

    “What are these for?” She asked.

    Arjun sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

    “Painkiller for the hurt and Vomikind for the nausea.” He explained.

    Radhika meekly took those and emptied the glass thirstily.

    He was looking at her smiling.

    She couldn’t believe he lead her here. It was his gentle voice and his comforting touch. She felt like a whining child being scolded.

    “Don’t patronize me, I don’t want to ne here. I will walk if Viren isn’t here to take me home.” She grumbled.

    “Not in a million years, Sweety.” His eyes and voice flat without humour.

    Radhika sighed, giving up.

    “I…I want to shower first.” She conceded and wrapped her arms around her waist again.

    And he needs one too. He looked wary and tired. His jaw has the fresh punch mark. He slid his hand over his dishevelled silky black hair. it fell back over his forehead messily. And he needs a hair cut too. But, his jaw still looked smooth and soft. She wanted plant kisses all over it. Ohhhkay, where did that come from? did she hit her head too…she blushed and looked away.

    “Good.” He said, and took hold of her hand in his.

    She got up as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

    “Where are you going? She asked him confused.

    “To shower.” He replied with wry humour.

    His eyes twinkled mischievously as his lips twitched into a smirk.

    Radhika narrowed her gaze.

    “Not funny.” She bristled.

    “Why not? We both need to shower.” He said amused, and kissed her nose.

    He slowly moved away. Her eyes widened. He looked into her eyes with the smirk still playing over his lips.

    He removed his tshirt over from his head. His lean body and abs flexed, but she saw a fading gash mark around his ribcage. it looked angry red.

    Radhika stared mesmerised. The tshirt flew over the room and landed on her face. She removed it and clutched it over her chest.

    He smiled boyishly at her and She was at that instant became hook, line and sinker. The charm in his smile blinded her eyes with its thousand volt bulb brightness. His jeans hungs low over his hips.

    His hands opened the button of his jeans as he looked straight into her eyes hotly.

    Radhika felt feverish rush of feelings run all over her body. Goosebumps rose on her skin. The zipper went down smoothly slowly next and she let out a muffled whimper. Radhika grabbed the Tshirt, covered her eyes and ran hard towards the bathroom.

    She heard a booming laughter behind her before she locked the bathroom door. Her heart rate spiked up and she was breathing quite heavily. Jerk, he was playing with her………


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    3, And frankly Natasha, I would have killed for Arjun and dadaji’s, Rads brother and her father scene together . The cvs would have written nice scene im sure but time ran out man. I hate it that sp couldn’t have extended it more for a week so that we could have seen all nice long ending.

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    Both the people , Sam and Arjun very dear to Rads travel bocz they both insulted and hated rads da most. They need to apologize to her big time….Neil didnt accompany and came later becoz he never doubted Rads and he knows rads will always feel his friendship no matter the distance, time and silence….

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      @Tasnim: I am sure it’s not Aneri Vajani. Riya said it’s priyal. I read in class 8. Where do you live in Sirajganj? Please tell me….

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    What do u think about my age? Thanks everyone that u gave ur information only because of my request.

  221. Mandy its jst like sum left me whom i loved the fullest…All day m on my phn jst watching previous epi n commenting on this page…my friends asking me y m nt talking to them frm last two days n whr is the cheerful n smiling dipika…y r u so whn i told them the reason they were lsughing on me….can’t understand my situation.. vo mujhe pagali bol rahe hai n consoling me that it jst a serial y r u so upset bla bla bla…so feeling like crying…

    • Riya

      Same problem here dr
      Saturday night at 11.15 I’m lonely in my room,at that time my mom & bro also come here & saw I’m crying,then my mom tell me what happen ,I told her my favorite show just now ended my bro laughing on me & mom tell it’s just a serial don’t worry
      But they don’t know it’s not a serial it’s a super heart touching story…..

  222. Manu

    Its 10.30.. Manmarzian time.. hereaft no ardhika nesam moments, no updates, no comments, no sp… manmarzian has been moved to finished serial..feel like crying.. gonna be hell at 10.30..

  223. Clara

    @kfar Hey!! 🙂
    I’m an avid reader of your writings . You are just amazing. And the formation of your words is such that it grips the reader and mesmerizes his mind. Eagerly waiting for you to update your story further.

  224. tasnim

    [email protected] guys am going to post my last cmnt i cn’t mention al d name bcz the space is n’t too much abroad to hold my al frnds name…it was a vry nice time with dym n with u al guys….hope almighty bles u guys n be happy with ur frnds n famliy n …plz pray 4 me @all…keep smiling ….good bye all frnds n waiting 4 d dym 2….take care…gd ni8 have a sound sleep with sweet dream..:-)

  225. anu

    The Episode starts with AR & NS having light moments in BIRD SONG. Piyali comes to them to remind about party timings(arjun winning award ceremony). The duo couples leave for their home and gets ready for the party.. Arjun infront of the mirror wearing a dark blue shirt and a black blazer, combs his hair. meanwhile radhu comes to his back and he sees her in the mirror..He gets stunned by the mesmerising look of radhika in a beautiful black saree,looking hot… 😉 😛 … He turns to her and utters ufff… and holds her close, but she calls arjun in anger,he says call ARJUN with love,then ill leave.. she doesnt and he holds her even closer& kisses on her forehead..they start to leave..

    Neil in white tshirt with a black blazer and a black scraf around his neck.. as usual looks naughty and handsome. he waits for sam,and she comes in a cute white dress looking like a barbie doll…. ♥♥♥

    All the 4 along with piyali and samrat join the party and arjun gives credit to his team for the award and dedicates it to them.

    Its morning a lady wakes up and sees the nature from balcony shown from her back.. scene shifts to AR’s room. They wake up and both argue having a sweet nok-jhok..
    While in office, radhu’s phones beeps up with a mail,she checks it &is from an unknown sender saying “hope u both are fit and fine,its been a long time and i’ll be praying for you both. bye take care” ..

    Radhu sits thinking and Neil comes to her to call for presentation… he sees her worried and asks is evrything fine? she tells about the mail and he says O MY DETECTIVE CHASINI, lets go for presentation now, we can sort/find it out later…

    PRECAP : samaira gives presnetation. radhika sits worried and dull. Arjun notices her and a lady was shown from her back..

    heheheheheh tried my best to cheer up you all… love u loads…

  226. Wow! Manmarziyan Fans! I am amazed that you are all writing still about this serial! Many of you have stood out with your comments on this page!

    I did post a tweet to StarPlus about activity here .. Pl check it out

    Analysis, appreciation and take-off stories .. and best of all to see that some of you have become friends just by chatting on this Tellyupdates comments!

    Let us see if a second season of Manmarziyan happens with the same cast!

    Thanks all! You have been another source of entertainment too!

  227. anu

    @anu. u r doing a great job buddy…… thanks for the hypothetical wu of mmz hope you continue writing such wu’s. and sorry that i also share the same username as u do

  228. anu

    I am so happy that there are many people like me who write imaginary episodes by themselves ….😍😍😍

  229. anu

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    I had never been such crazy after any tv show like manmarziyan…..i used to complete all my stuff before 10.30 and sit in front of tv.i would nt miss the show for even single minute…
    and after 11.00 i eagerly wait for next episode….the whole day i wud spend imagining for the further story..i luv ardhika a lot…i hav gone crazy for aham sharma……..don’t know how will i liv without manmarziyan…..someone plzz kill me…..i m dying for ardhika……

    And all this is happening bcoz of that stupid,idiot starplus…i hate u a lottttt.i hope i future sp will beg for youth shows but will not get any1..from today i have stopped watching all the shows on star plus…..i they wanted to end such a beautiful show then why did they started it and made us love it so madly……why dont they end stupid saas bahu sagas like sns,yrkkh,dabh. it’s my humble request to all manmarziyan fans that plzz plzz stop watching star plus…..if u want to see any of it’s show then watch it online…once the sp trp’s go down then only it will realize our feelings………

    A big thankzzzz to swastik productions and all the cast which gave us such a beautiful story……
    plzz it’s a request come up with a season 2 with the same cast…and don’t give it sp find sum other channel for ur show.we want it back….

    All we can now do is to pray that we get manmarziyan season 2…….guys plzz send an email to [email protected] or call at 022 – 42226555 and request them for season 2.i hope they listen to us……i m eagerly waiting to see aradhika onscreen again……

    Lastly i dinn knw wat i wrote…i just wanted to share my feelings….i knw many of u might be feeling like me after manmarziyan end… good bye guys …..I’ll miss u all….

  231. Daisy

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  232. anaya

    @anu. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Everyone of mmz is alive in our heart that we can visualise the show switch your help. N the mysterious lady is probably nandini di, who learned what her bro’s lv meant to her nw only…

  233. anaya

    @latha. Thankyou latha for the effort. Sp …..pls hear our cries. We need them. Each n every cast of mmz together. N same pairing.plsssssssss

  234. anu

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    since 2days i saw all frens commenting we r sad, crying and worried… frankly speaking i too was literally crying..

    gave a thought to imitate ameena and wrote the wu, so that a little smile can be seen on my DYM TELLY friends faces… love u laods…

  235. anu

    The Episode starts with AR & NS having light moments in BIRD SONG. Piyali comes to them to remind about party timings(arjun winning award ceremony). The duo couples leave for their home and gets ready for the party.. Arjun infront of the mirror wearing a dark blue shirt and a black blazer, combs his hair. meanwhile radhu comes to his back and he sees her in the mirror..He gets stunned by the mesmerising look of radhika in a beautiful black saree,looking hot… 😉 😛 … He turns to her and utters ufff… and holds her close, but she calls arjun in anger,he says call ARJUN with love,then ill leave.. she doesnt and he holds her even closer& kisses on her forehead..they start to leave..

    Neil in white tshirt with a black blazer and a black scraf around his neck.. as usual looks naughty and handsome. he waits for sam,and she comes in a cute white dress looking like a barbie doll…. ♥♥♥

    All the 4 along with piyali and samrat join the party and arjun gives credit to his team for the award and dedicates it to them.

    Its morning a lady wakes up and sees the nature from balcony shown from her back.. scene shifts to AR’s room. They wake up and both argue having a sweet nok-jhok..
    While in office, radhu’s phones beeps up with a mail,she checks it &is from an unknown sender saying “hope u both are fit and fine,its been a long time and i’ll be praying for you both. bye take care” ..

    Radhu sits thinking and Neil comes to her to call for presentation… he sees her worried and asks is evrything fine? she tells about the mail and he says O MY DETECTIVE CHASINI, lets go for presentation now, we can sort/find it out later…

    PRECAP : samaira gives presnetation. radhika sits worried and dull. Arjun notices her and a lady was shown from her back..

    heheheheheh tried my best to cheer up you all… love u loads…… ♥♥♥♥

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    actually i wanted to watch the Last episode of mmz but I can’t.
    I tried searching at hotstar. com and at YouTube as well but they end up showing useless videos…..
    @all : can u please solve my problem
    it may sound hilarious or ridiculous but really trust me I am not able to watch the episode

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    @Raashi yaar me too. I really dont know, when & how the vacuum of Manmarziyan ll fill.
    I am feeling like someone has snatched a very dear part of my life. But…..
    really thanks to all of you, for for posting your comment,it is a relief..
    tera ghum mera ghum ek jaisa sanam,
    hum dono ki ek kahani,
    aa jaa lag jaa gale dil jaani.
    A biiiiiiiig hug……… to all of you my friends.
    @ Anu yaar really thanks. You r taking story further in a nice way. while reading I was visualising each n every scene. So please…… keep writing .
    @Renu what an explanation…. wow its really wonderful. After reading d last part I am still smiling. Very true Arjun should kiss OUR Chasani after brushing n bathing.
    @ Kfar I am really happy for the story. post the next chapter soon. All the very best for your coming book. I ll buy it definitely.

  239. Thena

    hi all my dearies…..want 2 get out of tis mess…so hav cum here wid a new idea of imaginin the vry anticipated “AFTER LOVE CONFESSION” scenes & gonna giv it a try here…thos who liks 2 read, here it is….so my dear buddies just 4giv me if u don lik tis & pls pls pls bear wid tis post..k am gng nw

    aftr confessin their luv 4 each othr ARDHIKA came out of their room…arjuns arm around radz shoulder & hrs around hs waist wid hr head rested on hs arm….both immersed in2 each othrs eyes…suddenly they gave a lil jerk & ripped apart by a bashin sound made by NESAM….total embarrassment there…arjun ws lukin in2 hs watch as if he ws learnin hw 2 read time…radz turned hr face & busy in collectin hair strands 2 the back of hr ear…nesam shared a teasin glances on ardhika wid our naughty dadaji….malaji wid head down made an xcuse 2 bring snacks 4 al…

    its NIGHT….

    evr1 ws sittin in dinin table…nesam sat adjacent 2 each othr…in oppo it ws arjun & dadaji in adjacent…dadaji wid al hs wittiness spoke 2 arjun…arjun found it difficult 2 manage hm & ws dumbfounded wen dadaji askd hm if he knew hw 2 clean ear…he ws totally clueless thn & placed a glance on nesam 4 help bt 2 hs dissapoinmnt,they also were njoyin the counter gvn by dadaji…oh God! 2 hs relief radz came thr wid a plate ful of poories prepared by mala…dadaji askd radz 2 serve hr hubby 1st wen she ws about 2 serve hr ddaji….arjun,wid ful glee cudnt tak off hs gaze 4m hr wen she ws al busy in servin…again she ws interrupted by dadaji askin hr 2 feed hr hubby…radz ws totally blushin & pleaded hs dadaji by hr eyes…bt she cudnt escape as thr ws nesam too…she pinchd a lil piece of delicate poori & fed arjun….hr face has gone scarlet wich ws turnin away 4m hs wereas hs gaze were totally on hrs….”ouch”,radz uttered…oh! arjun bit hr…she saw hm wid eyebrows raised….she told tat the poori ws so hot wen dadaji enquird on hr rattlin…”ah ah ah..oh yes tis is vry hot”,it ws sam winkin at neil…

    now it ws bedtim…arjun cudnt control hs dreamy mind & waited 4 hs doll 2 cum…but malaji came there & hesitantly told hm tat it wsnt an auspicious day 4 hubby & wife 2 start their new lyf(she meant consummation…bt cudnt tell hm straight)…arjun understood it wel & assured hr,”no problem mummyji…you carry on….i don mind & i respect ur rituals”,wid a respectful grin on hs face…ajun & neil in 1 room…sam & radhika in othr room…

    sam ws restless… waitin 4 radz wid hr mind ful of guilt…sam jumpd out hr bed wen heard footsteps of radz & huggd hr tight….. gvng radz no time 2 manipulate wat ws happenin,she sobbed in hr arms vry badly lik a kg babe…radz huggd hr back tight aftr tryin hard 2 make a talk…radz gave sam hr own tim 2 console hrself…..she stood still until sam hrself releasd her clutch on radz…sams face ws all red wid runnin nose…radz ws removin sams tears whil weepin hrself & nodded in nope lukin deep in2 sams eyes….both people cud manage 2 c a blur image of one anothr….again a tight hug…nw both cryin badly as if they were conveyin their heart 2 each othr witou utterin a single word…tru it ws…they smashed all their bitter past moments in tat hug…..”Oh! my chasni..i wont giv u up anymore evn 2 God”,said sam in a childish slang still weepin…” i wont leave evn if u wish 2″,radz ws intended 2 console sam…both huggd each othr again…sam planted an impetuous kiss on hr chasni’s cheek wid a broad smile….havin flushed out their bitter memories, they slept toghether lik soul sisters…

    still thr is a part remainin…ll continue it later…happy noon buddies..

    • anu

      @thena : it was awesome buddy… i was stuck when u said arjun waiting for consummation… 😉 😉 😛 😛 ….. very good imagination… love u loads… miss the show… 🙁
      many fans have been writing imaginary stories,but i dont know why the production& direction crew of manmarziyan were not responding… feeling lost in the imaginary scenes… making us much more depressed… 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • renu

        thena,,….loved it dear,….n u r too good sweat heart n please continue dear n m eagerly waiting 4 ur comments,…

      • Thena

        anu thank u so much yaar…luvd it tat u likd my imagination…me tooo missin the show yaar..tat ws y came here wid the thot of tis… atleast it ll giv sum pleasure…loads of luv dear..

    • Hey thena I ws feelin ly ki ws really watching d epi on d TV n I was just imagining a single single sentence n was feelin so gud after crying so much in d nite nnywas THANKS A LOT N LOL ????☺️☺️?????

      • Thena

        @mandy…hey surprised aftr knowin ur age…thank u so much 4 always ncouragin tis di…u r nt allowd 2 read evry line..kid u r..hehehe…thanks tat u can imagine sentence by sentence…warm hug dear….

    • Shub

      I hv been a silent reader all along. Awesome writing. Thank you so much. Was feeling like watching the next episode. Could imagine each and every line you wrote. Keep going! Look forward!!!

      • Thena

        @shub…heyaa..vry much glad tat u came here 2 appreciate me as u wer a silent reader al these days….means a lot tat u cud actually imagine….loads of luv buddy..

  240. saji

    Hi thena

    awesome yaar…dnt stop ….pls continue with ur story…gives a feelng dat v are watching mmz…its nt off air..

    continue dr thena…waitng for upcomng episodes..

    • Thena

      hey SAJI…u wer the 1st 1 tellin me 2 cont tis…thank u so much tat u feel tat mmz is still airin…actually tis was my intention yaar…cant b happy mor than tis dear…

  241. saji

    Forgot one [email protected]…great thought n start on mmz 2 story…u too continue with ur story dr…

    waitng for ur upcoming episodes…eagerly..

    • anu

      thanq so much saji… if u r in fb try to follow our page… we will continue DYM2 with ur support guys… we will start there when this comment page shuts down.. miss u lot.. 🙁

      • renu

        anu,….i read urs too,…i already said na that i loved ur imaginary thots n please continue ur writing dear,…i too loved 2 scribble sth but i cant swear cox of my studies n so ur’s n theena’s comment ll please me after mmz,….

  242. sara

    I miss this show badly!!! I love ardhika …nesam….rip sp forever!!! Long live dym…expecting your rebirth!!! Missing all my telly friends…renu mitty anu nakshatra riya ireena and many

  243. mitty

    @thena superb superb superb awesome dear. …spectacular imagination my dear buddy. ..plz continue we want more ☺

    • renu

      mitty,..ill try 2 b active her dear,…but busy in studies now,…

      ll always b in touch with u all friends,…

      mitty,..please read my comment below 4 tb, this a good idea 4 us 2 remain in contact 4ever dear,….

    • Thena

      @mitty….heyaa such ncouragin words dear…glad tat u likd it yaar…n s i ll continue it my dear buddy..

  244. hey thena imagination is mindblowing dea..superbbb
    ..waiting for further progress…
    sp u ignore our referendum abt hw mch v like mmz…
    Renu missing u dear..where are u? plz post the story of ardhika frm starting by ur pov

    • renu

      dipika,…sweat heart,…miss u too dear, of friend’s name too dipika,…

      n ill try 2 post my pov starting 4m their first meeting dear,…n i hope u like it n now m busy in my studies so,i cant comment here often dear,…but ll read all ur comments dear,…

  245. BUSHRA

    oh Thena u have done such a greeeaaaat job.wishing u a very bright future.btw i wanna read the next……………………….°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°…………………

    • Thena

      @bushra…oh words 4 u..thank u so much 4 wishin me a bright future…thank u soooooo much tat u likd mine…s am continuin,,,hope u lik it buddy

  246. Awesome Thena!! U r giving us what d cvs couldn’t coz of time constraints….loved it all…Dadaji n Arjun………Sam n Rads moments….Ardhika together….Nesam wid their teasing………I’ll b waiting to read ur remaining part….n m sorry for giving unasked opinion..but can’t resist hehe…I’d love to read about some Neil n Arjun moments too n ofcourse about both d cutiepie couples!

    • Thena

      oh oh oh…tis is my raashi…tellin me scene by scene…oh dear..u made my day buddy….s i too ve planned 4 neil-arjun scenes dear…no sorry pls yaar…warm hug…

  247. Hey Farha where r u?? M waiting for ur next update!!

    There’s no end to my demands!! haha..

    N bud how can it b that I don’t give my viewpoint on ur updates….I posted my comment as reply to ur last update:) U can’t get rid of me so soon:D

  248. saji

    Hey anu,

    im nt,so,active in fb…bt iv joind our dymtelly fb page…il try to login to get all d updates regardng mmz n our frnds…thanx

  249. From last 4 days I was not commenting I felt very sad on ending the show so I tried to resist for few days so I could come out of mmz but our mmz fans comments made me to reply and mmz remains best forever ..but in these days I was reading ur comments esp theena, annie ,anu ,renu ,kfar ,rasshi u r amazing people who will cheer up the fans even the show ends great job people

  250. lreena

    Till when we will comment here without manmarzian episode,friends?I always feel empty without it.we r nt ??regular,actually that passion is nt coming from inner.we may comment till twelve days,but there is no passionate feelings without manmarzian.all wishes have finished with the ending of MANMARZIAN.⁉❔❓❕♦〰〰

  251. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…

    i already typed my pov aboout previous ardhika scenes here but accidently i pressed back button in my lap,..n my long comment got deleted,…now m not in a mood 2 retype the same but ll try 2 scribble their first meeting alone,…

    MY MAYBELLINE GIRL Is,…i dunno but i still love this dialogue yaar….Arjun saw his soul partner 4 the first time n he felt attracted in their very first encounter,…this makes him 2 stop his presentation 2 ve a long stare at radz that he even 4got every1 s looking at him n his long staring,…Neil understood arjun’s stare n so he made a comment 2 cool the hot situation prevailing there,…’wat an entry chasniji’,..i love this too yaar,…

    Still arjun s not out of his glance,…v knew arjun,..ur heart’s screaming yaar,..n ur eyes requesting ur mind 2 not end this stare as it gives immense pleasure 2 them,…

    But this makes every1 2 look wat makes him 2 stop his presentation including piyali n sam 2ve a look at chasni,….Arjun,clever man understood the situation n makes himself as a rude boss b4 all n he chided radz 4 his mistake,…but i liked his dialogue,…’Either come n sit inside r go out,…n its better if u decide it by 2day itself’

    Radz entered inside with coffee with some glances at her rude boss n also loved how he distanced himself 2 give way 4 her 2 sit,…i felt arjun’s spark in his eyes 4 her in their first meet itself,…He wanna introduce sam as his maybelline girl but irony s his heart wants radhika as his maybelline girl n he succeeded in attaining his goal yaar,…

    @ all,….I ll write old scenes wenever i get tym yaar,..cox i made my self busy by engaging myself in studies yaar n no more daily soap now so,if i get bored i ll come here 2 share my thots n read all ur comments,…


    • mitty

      Anu has created a fb page for telly update friends. ..If u r intrested I ll ask her to send a link okay Wat u say

    • mitty

      Renu mind blowing. …my maybelline gurl is ……. meri maybeline gurl hai….. dat was the best part of the show dear….ny way renu waiting for more. ….do well in ur studies. …god bless

    • Thena

      my dear RENU…thank u so much tat u likd 2 read mine…means a lot my buddy…visit here at times…al the best 4 ur studies yaar…i lik ur idea of stayin in tis page dear…

  252. kfar

    @All, Heyyya, it’s me again, I’m so sorry for the delayed update of the story. It had been a busy day and I have come straight here to my dear comment section.

    Yesterday night I had tried to write here, but due to the frantic typing my dear old friend gave it’s last breath. Yes, it’s my three year old mobile battery. So, I gave it a proper burial by putting it deep in one of the drawers of my cupboard and baught a new one.

    I’m talking idiot again.

    Well about the story, hmmm, it’s going to get just a little steamy. I wonder If you guys are ready for steamy. Well, I have told that, now please don’t ready further If u like such u kbow what.

    So, shutting up and updating from where I left off…here we go…

    Chapter-3( He and I)

    The hot shower was a balm to her very haggard and tired body. She turned down the knob of the shower and looked around for a towel. She put on the same bra and panties but she couldn’t wear the jeans and tank top. She needed something lighter.

    Well, she wouldn’t get any PJ’s now, would She? She looked around and saw that Arjun’s bathroom was bigger than her own room, It elongated horizontally with tiles and deep red walls. What’s with the colour combination?

    It had a large see through glass shower corner. She wondered what was the smaller circular holes were for on the glassed walled corner when she entered it. As she turned the knob up, the hot water sprayed from everywhere. It made her shriek and giggle continously.

    She bit her lower lip and saw Arjun’s T-shirt hanging by the shower wall. Well, better than this small towel. She smelled it. It was musky and sweaty and mix of spicy Arjun related cologne. Immediately, his s*xy smirk pictured in her mind.

    She took it off from the wall hanger and slid it down her body. The blue looked too colourful on her pale skin as she observed herself into the large clear mirror. It was too large, the tshirt on her small frame, just about reaching down to mid thigh. It repeatedly slipped down her left shoulder. Radhika tugged it up. Her heart shape face looked tired with light dark circles under the eyes. Her brown eyes looked huge on her small face. Her waist length, long half ringlets looked lifeless.

    She looked like a homless person. Her shoulders shrugged. Whatever. Hmm, She was wrong. Arjun’s tshirt reached till to the knees. She was almost covered full. God, how tall was he?

    Opening the bathroom door slowly she stuck out her head first. The room seemed empty. Thank god, Arjun left her alone.

    Radhika sighed in relief and opened it completely, she walked out smiling.

    Her legs slipped on the smooth floor and she was about to fall hard when her flailing hand caught an arm for support.

    Thank heavens!

    “Are you always this clumsy?” Jason’s voice reached her panicked thoughts.

    Of, course, who else but him before who she makes a fool of herself. First she was a blubbering fool and now she was a clumsy blind idiot.

    She stood straight and let go of his arm.

    “I’m so sorry I’m being a pest and a burden to you, I already said that I will walk but you wouldn’t listen, But I can call Viren. He will pick me…”

    Arjun wasn’t paying attention to her nervous talk, his body stood frozen and so were his eyes. He was looking down at her waist or something. What? Something wrong? She glanced down.

    His tshirt rid up on her thighs. She pulled it down immediately. The shoulder sleeve slid down and she tried to pull it up but unsuccessfully.

    Flustered she stared down on the didn’t look up. She peaked a glance up. He was naked up from the waist with grey track pants. He seemed to have showered too. The red scar mark over his ribs stood out from his tanned toned body. It looked a little healed, but just only.

    He cleared his throat and she looked up and her gaze settled on his head. His hair was damp as it stick to his forehead. If she could only slid the locks out of the view of his eyes.

    He moved away abruptly. Her eyes blinked at the empty space. God, she was mooning over his and he didn’t even look at her.

    Well, he did but looked away interested.

    “Soo, uh, where is Saina? Is gone?” She asked hesitantly, trying to break the tensed atmosphere.

    He visibly stiffened at her question, his expression still blank. His back muscles bunched up. Crap. Did she make him angry?

    Why, oh why did she open her mouth and ask him something she shouldn’t. Glueing her lips with instant sticking gum would do a lot good to her safety and sanity. But, that would hurt, right? So, she should just keep her mouth and mind shut.

    “It’s really late.” He said placidly, avoiding her question.

    He didn’t turn around to the side, where she stood. He only told the unemotional words over his shoulder.

    Right. It hurt a teeny weeny bit. Didn’t expect a reply, but still.

    “I’ll take the recliner.” She mumbled to herself.

    “No, you aren’t.” He sighed, his voice strained, and he turned around fully.

    “I’m not?” She frowned.

    But where was she going to sleep? He seemed to be really very agitated about something. His hands were folded over his chest. She followed his broody gaze to the clsed door. Outside? He is sending her outside? Oh, how humiliating.

    “Okay, Fine.” She said in a low tone.

    She was thinking, he didn’t like her questionibg about his girlfriend, but she didn’t say a word against her. She only asked if Saina was here. God, she didn’t know he that sensitive bout her.. Well, it wasn’t her position or her business, was it.

    Walking uo to the door, she opened it and took a step outside.

    Damn. It was dark. The party packed up and there wasn’t any music or ear bleed blaring sound in high pitch from the speakers. She walked straight into a wall. Her forehead hit the cool smoothness pretty hard.
    She rubbed the spot wincing, she put her hand in a strech to feel where she was going. Where was she going by the way? She didn’t even know wherw this room was. Upstairs? Downstairs? Where? She tried to remember.

    If there were any stairs near by here, She didn’t think she will be surviving walking down on them.

    The lights of the corridor were switched on abruptly. Oh, thank god. Her eyes blinked due to the immense brightness of the light.

    Radhika looked down. She gulpled audibly, and the stairs started right on her next step.

    “What are you doing here, Radhika?” Arjun asked in the silence.

  253. srju

    hello every 1 me srju .i hve been silent reader of this site since 2 months i lov ardhika so so much &now missing them so much u guyz r amzg @renu ilov r reviews @anu ur predictions @,kfar ur story so great
    i wis i cod folo u all in fb after tis site stops
    pls provde me fb adress someone

  254. kfar

    Radhika looked sideways at him. She had no idea what she was doing? He proposed her to leave, didn’t he?

    Well, guess, what, she will sleep in this corridor. It looks fine. She just needed some sheets and pillows.

    “I’ll sleep here.” She said in decision.

    Arjun came closer to where she stood.

    “Where?” He asked a little annoyed.

    “Here.” She looked down at the floor in indication.

    He sighed and shook his head.

    “Are you this crazy always? or it is just your humour? because if it’s the latter, then I don’t think I have the energy to laugh right now.” He said wryly, smiled wryly, his eyes too dancing in wry amusement.

    Radhika narrowed her eyes and folded her arms under her chest.

    “Are you making fun of me?” She asked.

    “Wow.” He shook his head. “Was I that apparent?” He asked sarcastically, teasingly, and rubbed the back of his neck.

    Fine, she was a piece of an amusement to him. She bristled inside in exasperation.

    He smiled suddenly and put his hands on her waist. She was pulled closer to his body.

    “You look really very s*xy in my tshirt and I was praying for some self control, but I don’t think it’s working.” He expelled a deep breath. His breath was minty and warm as she took it in as her breath. “And you’re obviously uncomfortable with me still.” His voice took a several notch down husky.

    Please lose control. Please lose control, her mind kept chanting breathily.

    “So, will you stop being incredibly cute with your expressions. It hard not to kiss this frown line away on your forehead.” He took hold of her face in his hands.

    The kiss he planted on her forehead was sweet and hot at the same time.

    “Or these expressive lovely brown eyes.” He put a kiss both of her eyes.

    “Or the pink tinged dimpled cheeks.” His hot breath was making her crazy.

    “Or this independent lift of your chin which tells me to back off and this small nose which flares up in anger.” He laughed low in his throat. His lips lightly touched hers.

    “Or these red berry lips which invites me in.” He slid his hand behind her head. He fisted his paetly wet hair.

    Radhika closed her eyes. Her stomach grumbled loudly in protest at the same time.

    Oh, my god.

    She froze with eyes closed and with pouted lips. Arjun’s body stiffened, then it shook and vibrated. Radhika opened her eyes a little ashamed. Her face was all red. Arjun threw her head back and laughed hard.

    She bet, he is going to take back all those hot and heavy words he just said to her, except the one about her nose. Well, it’s not small nor it’s not long for that matter, Oh whatever, it was normal sized.

    Arjun wiped his eyes.

    “I was wrong about you earlier.” He smiled wide, his voice pleased.

    “You’re way adorable than incredibly cute and I find that really very hot.”

    His eyes burned into hers.

    He put his forefinger over her lower lip and popped it free from the nibbling on of her teeth.

    He kissed her hard then. She put her arms on his naked shoulders and drew nearer to his body.

    The kiss went from deep to very wet one. His hands slid down her hips and lifted her up. Her legs went around his wasit as she held on tight.

    Radhika’s stupid, traitorous stomach grumbled again. Arjun pushed away his head and put his forehead on hers.

    “Alright, you’re hungry.” He grinned, his voice low, affected, husky, breathless.

    Oh, god, he was really hot as she looked at his lips. Sliding her hands in his soft hair, she pulled his head back to hers again.

    “Oh, no, I’ll be unable to stop myself, Radhika.” He groaned and chuckled at her eagerness.

    She pouted. Who is telling him to stop.

    His eyes seemed to read hers.

    “I’m hungry too, so, let’s go eat something, before….” He drawled ad dropped her on the floor.

    “Before I take you to bed.” He declared in a husky whisper and stared straight into her eyes with intensely smouldering look.

    Radhika’s body turned to stone when he said the word ‘bed’.

    Arjun laughed shortly again seeing her wide eyed look.

    “Don’t worry your naievity status will be safe with me…..well, only tonight…there are other ways to….”

    Radhika’s ears burned and her cheeks heated super hot.
    “Oh, my god. Shut up.” She put her hands over her ears.

    Her brearhing got laboured and her body flustered up in agitation. He sure knows how to push her buttons. He held her tight and warm, his body strong and safe.

    She scowled at his handsome face and he looked amused as he guffawed loudly. His body vibrated with it…….


    Dinner break..

    How do u like it, guys? I typed hurriedly so ignore typos plsss

    • Thena

      hey farha…really njoyd buddy…laughed out thr wen radz said”here”,showin the very floor tat she stood on tat time…luvd it wen she ws just a step above the stairs wen lights wer on…hats off 2 u dear…

    • Shub

      Wonderful. You made my day. Loved the lines about her worry about nose comment in that critical juncture. Great writing. Thank god ur phone is back with u. Was refreshing this page throughout the day to read ur stories.

  255. Thena

    @saji,anu,mandy,shub,deepa,mitty,dipika,bushra,raashi,aradhika,anju,annie,renu,all silent readers…thank u so much..i know tis isnt enough…actually i thot 2 giv it a try 2 make me feel better & am very much glad tat many of my dearies feel better raedin tis imaginary part…soooooo happy buddies…..

    let my last post b epi 119 n tis post b epi 120 my dearies…

    it ws mornin…radz woke up 2 find sam ws missin aside hr…thr ws a chocolate kept in the bed…radz took tat & she ws sure tat sam placed it…an uncontrollable rays of grin were seen on radz face as she ws reminiscin hr past moments wid sam …the moments of sharin chocolate in office,sharin single house 2gether,spent 1 whole n8 sleepless…evrthin flashed back in hr mind which left radz 2 cherish the moment…clutchin the bedsheet,radz laid hr head on hr lap wid hands foldin hr legs & a face wid grin 4m ear 2 ear…

    neil woke up 4m hs sleep abruptly as if a loud rumblin passed straight in2 hs head….it ws the knock of a door….he opened the door wid eyes half open 2 see sam standin out thr…he squeezd hs eyes 2 get a clear image of hr….sam said tat she came 2 meet hm as she felt lik eatin an apple,winkin at hm wid a broad smile…she clutchd hs shirt,slid hr fingers inside & pushed hm in2 the room….he movd 2 steps back & balancd hmself 2 stand firm…she went in2 the room & locked the door…she askd hm tat if he didn wish 2 taste orange & went on 2 kiss hm…”oh sammy!….arjunnnnnnn”,neil whispered in hurry….she tugged back in sudden, closed hr eyes wid hr hands….she saw neil in a gap btw hr forefinger & middlefinger wereas neil stood wid a ? on hs face…he ws facin 2 the corner of a bed were arjun slept the previous n8….he ws wonderin wr arjun wud ve gone….”ohhhh!!!!! pineapple has went 4 chasni 2 get a delicious drink”,they said in unison & gave themselves a tight hug….clutchin hs shirt,sam laid hr head in neils bosom…neil had a long gaze on hr,hs eyes filled wid tears of contentment….

    radz made hr out 4m the warmth of bedsheet….stretchd hr arms high wid a lil bent on hr body….in al of a sudden she felt a tight grasp on hr waist…really tight….she said ARJUN in a warnin tone withou turnin hr face..”yeah its arjun baby”,he uttered at hr neck…hr hands wer tryin hard 2 release hs grip bt in vain…he lifted hr up n spun hr around…hr hair strands hit hs eye wich made hm 2 fall on bed wid an impact….nw radz on arjun wid still hs hands not leavin hr waist…again she tried hard…but arjun wsnt redy 2 leave hr instead switchd hs side on bed….nw radz ws under arjun,al stuck in hs clutch wich ws never meant 2 giv an escape….thr ws a firm hold on radz wrists,leavin hr fist rotatin ….he went on 2 kiss hr….”arjun pls,arjun,arjun,no pls”,radz murmured wid eyes closed…..”oh!dadajiiiii”,said radz wid hr head up….sudden thr arjun yanked down the bed & slid hmslf under it….he cud see radz peepin under the bed wid a winnin smile on hr face…she greetd hm gm & stretchd hr hand still wid the same smile….arjun came out of hs own wid a grimmd face…she ran out of the room b4 he came out….

    arjun came out of the room ly 2 end up wid neil….neil stood thr wid hands folded,seein arjun 4m top 2 bottom….”wat r u dng here man?”,neil gestured wid hs eyes….

    thr is remainin part…ll continue later sweethearts…

    • Thena

      hi ARADHIKA…but tat ws al b4 luv confession dear.. tat ws y i said “after luv confession” scenes yaar….now let us njoy romantic avatar of arjun buddy…

  256. @ Farha…..awesome…n I don’t mind d steamy scenes at all…bring it on!! Buy I don’t understand Arjun’s equation with Saina…..if he doesn’t want to go out with her anymore….why doesn’t he tell her that…..n also agar chaar saal se Arjun Radhika k bare me info rakha hua hai…then why did he make Saina his gf in d 1st place? He also doesn’t sit with her in classes…if he doesn’t feel for her..toh gf kyun banaya??

  257. Hey guys !!

    Hi Farha nice story yaar what should I say u r so like indescribable I mean in a gud way !!!???????

    Hey Anu u were very imaginative!!?

    Hey renu u too were like mesmerisingly deeply into d pov wich is great !!?????

    Hey thena dat was a joke wannet to c ur cmnts on my joke coz I m 23yrs studin medical !!! ????
    Ur lov confession is very like I m watching it in d TV but unfortunately it’s ended but I m sure u guys will never end !!??❤️❤️??☺️

    Hey will miss all !!!???

  258. kfar

    @raashi- Heyyy i went on the page n read ur comments. First of all big hug. I feel real good dat ur reading it much enthusism. Luv ur wuestions very much dearrrr. Hmm, radhika toothinks da same like u. why if he knw hr from before den why didnt make a move nwhy n on off gf? well itz arjun to clear da confusion. u’ll see his another shadeand also da answers. filhal toh radhika bohot confused hai aur woh ageh jake use maloom hoga….avhise bol diya toh mystery gone…haha hapoy happy happy dat we are discussibg my story buddy. 😀 means a lot.

    Thena- Yyar thanx abd i read da story parts….thats realllly nice deary 😀 liked it. Very cooool all characters are loved dadajis interruption everywhere wen ardhika are romancing haha.

    and heyyy tumhe bhi amusing laga i too felt da same while wrting. lv dat u observe small things 😀

    @Mitty- yaar thanx so much for commenting.@Savera- Oh my god, u’ll buy da book wen it comes out…oh so sweeeet of u 😀 thanx so much.

    @Clara- thanx for describing my wrting so well. means a lot 😀

    • Clara

      Well..talent should be appreciated!! 🙂
      I think you should pursue a career in writing. You’re damn too good at writing skills.

  259. @renu u r great yarr beutifully u notice ech n evry part of our lovely couple ardhika…meri Maybellen girl hai….still in tht moment….n nice suggestion too dear…will rqst tb….
    @Thena u rocked it buddy…tooooo gooood….imaginig our romantic arjun…. wooooo loves is in the air….waiting for nxt epi dear..

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    Riya- Hey so cute smileys…hw can u hv so many? my stupid only has limited.

    Dipika- bank job? amazing yaar main toh utni hard wrking bhi nahi hoon aur utni talented bhi nahi 😀 same age as u aur mba.

    and guys our comment section is sky rocketing wit comments….CONGRATULATIONS ALL FOR CROSSING 500@@@

    serial kyun band hua yaar 🙁 koi spwale yahan ake dekhetoh sahi

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    Mandy n Samiha- hiw was ur day?s. Mandy, my day was hectic. it was filed with headache and my mobi battery dead made me verrry irkful all day :/

    ireena- hey hw ru nw? i tired to comment yestsrday but i couldnt.

    • Samiha

      Thanks dear for remembering me. I saved the whole 20 mins just for you. I read the story. Now i have just 5 mins. Please update it fast, it’s at an interisting turn in the story. But everywhere Arjun is the MYSTERY…

  263. Riya

    There was a Boy ‘n a Girl,They were best friends for years ‘n years,They could Talk for hours on the Phone ‘n text each other for days,

    When They were Together;
    Not a single Sad Thought could cross their Minds, everything was Great, But One Day;

    The Boy did not Answer any Call or Reply to any Text for a Day,

    The Girl was worried that something was Wrong..:(

    At night She couldn’t Sleep.., She was sitting in her Room Crying, ‘n It was then that She Realized how much He Means to Her..?

    The next Morning;
    She woke Up from a Phone call.., It was the Boy..:)

    Boy: Hey..,
    Girl: I’m so glad that you Called Me, What happened to you yesterday ??
    Boy: I was Busy
    [ The GIRL Understood that;
    Something was Wrong but could not Ask]

    Boy: You know..; We should Stop talking..!
    Girl: What??.., But Why ??
    Boy: I am Sorry, Bye..!
    [He Disconnected the call, ‘n She Felt as If Somebody
    had Slammed the door on Her face]

    Everything else Flashed in Her Mind,
    Tears :’(
    Cars running by Her..
    Roof of some building..’n Sunset..
    She couldn’t understand anything..
    She started Feeling Lonely, Dejected, ‘n broken..:’(
    That was the answer to everything! His words were pouncing on her..
    Her heart wanted to jump out!
    He was the One..! “Why..??”
    She Screamed at the Top of her Voice;

    Then She made up Her Mind to make a last Try to get Him Back..!
    [She called Him Up]

    Girl: hi…
    Boy: Why are you calling Me?
    Girl: I need to tell you Something..
    Boy: Go Ahead.
    Girl: I Just Wanted You to know one thing before we stopped talking!
    Boy: Tell me..!
    Girl: Are you All right?

    [She broke off..!

    She tried but may be he doesn’t really Care about Her,
    She Thought!
    She wasn’t His friend in the first Place…

    Tears were slowly running Worst :'(
    She left the House with a Note..!

    [5 hours later]

    Phone Rang in the Boy’s Room,
    It was the Girl’s Mum,
    The girl was lying in the hospital, Got hit by a Car, :’(

    The Boy rushed to the Hospital where She was.

    She Opened Her Eyes with the Boy’s name..,

    He took her Hand..
    Boy: Im so Sorry Its all my fault..! But;
    I promise when U get better I’ll make It up to You..:(

    Girl: I wont get Better..

    Boy: No..! No Don’t say that..:(

    Girl: just tell me one thing Why did you do it?

    Boy told her that He had a Heart problem ‘n he did not want her to be worried;
    ‘n there was a risk that he could have Died..!

    Boy: I did that because I…..I…..I Love you..

    Girl: I LOVE YOU TOO..‘n After That her heart Stopped Beating…:O
    She Died..! :’(

    The Boy died 10 mins later from a Heart Attack..:’(

    He could not live with the thought that;
    She died Because of Him.. :’(

  264. anu

    The episode starts with radhika and neil leaving to presentation hall and sam starts her presentation. radhika sits worried and couldnt concentrate.. arjun noticies her and gets restless. sam completes the presentation & evry1 gives an applause. Radhika leaves the hall congratulating sam followed by arjun. sam asks neil i feel they are worried.. neil tells her about the mail. arjun asks radhika whats the matter, what is making u worried?

    radhika tells about the mail and arjun says its just a mail dont worry about that. neil and sam join them and says the same..they have a talk and NS teases arjun about his care for radhika. Meanwhile radhika’s phone again bangs with a beep. she feels tensed and reads the mail congratulating arjun for the award. arjun & nesam say that sender might be his fan.. radhika stares at them and they tease her saying the sender might be girl. they have a light moments of laugh and they enjoy with their coffee..

    In Hrishikesh, dadaji asks mala to know whereabouts of ankush and dilip comes saying i called him & he is fine there. Ankush leaves for abroad for further studies and scene shifts to ankush in london. He & his frens plan to visit an orphanage to offer fund, clothing and neccessary accessories as it is one of his fren’s birthday.. so, they leave for orphanage. Receptionist calls a lady on phone & tells her thar some people has come to meet Mam. The peon goes and calls Mam, and a lady turns back and it is none other than nandini. She comes and meets Ankush & his frens. ankush was shocked to and he couldnt utter a word.

    Ankush and his frens play with the kids and gifts them with the things what they bought.They have a happy day with the kids. Nandini from far observes ankush and moves forward to meet ankush. Ankush notices this and gets tensed.

    Precap : nandini moving forward to ankush to speak and ankush feels tensed.. both the duo couples chat at birdsong.

  265. kfar

    @savera- weny back n read ur comment again, haha tumhara gum toh hamare dil me bas gaya,abhitoh isse samjha lenge filhaal dilse tumhe lagalenge aur mmz ko yaad karenge ( im a bekaar shayaribaaz,pls dont mind me)

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    hello guys…….i m really happpy nd proud abt u an me……becoz i goy u ppl as frnds… wonderfull imagination,,,……..seriously…….

    now i feel really better becoz of ANU nd THENA,,,…..u guys rocking yaa….pls continue ur immagination pls….pls….pls……..pls……pls……..its a medicine for my broken heart…….now i really feel gud….pls…..update ur(ANU nd THENA) imaginary story….I M WAITING FOR THIS nd wll waiting for this…….if the page not active…means,,,then come to ourr FB page to update ur story fnds,,,,,,,by the way,,…how r u my sweeties MITTY,HAPPY.AFROZ,NATASHA,RENU,NAKSHATRA,DEVGA,IREENA,KFAR,RAASHI, AND VERY ONE………….:-))))))))))))))))))))))After read this comments only i smiled……

  267. anu

    The episode starts with radhika and neil leaving to presentation hall and sam starts her presentation. radhika sits worried and couldnt concentrate.. arjun noticies her and gets restless. sam completes the presentation & evry1 gives an applause. Radhika leaves the hall congratulating sam followed by arjun. sam asks neil i feel they are worried.. neil tells her about the mail. arjun asks radhika whats the matter, what is making u worried?

    radhika tells about the mail and arjun says its just a mail dont worry about that. neil and sam join them and says the same..they have a talk and NS teases arjun about his care for radhika. Meanwhile radhika’s phone again bangs with a beep. she feels tensed and reads the mail congratulating arjun for the award. arjun & nesam say that sender might be his fan.. radhika stares at them and they tease her saying the sender might be girl. they have a light moments of laugh and they enjoy with their coffee..

    In Hrishikesh, dadaji asks mala to know whereabouts of ankush and dilip comes saying i called him & he is fine there. Ankush leaves for abroad for further studies and scene shifts to ankush in london. He & his frens plan to visit an orphanage to offer fund, clothing and neccessary accessories as it is one of his fren’s birthday.. so, they leave for orphanage. Receptionist calls a lady on phone & tells her thar some people has come to meet Mam. The peon goes and calls Mam, and a lady turns back and it is none other than nandini. She comes and meets Ankush & his frens. ankush was shocked to and he couldnt utter a word.

    Ankush and his frens play with the kids and gifts them with the things what they bought.They have a happy day with the kids. Nandini from far observes ankush and moves forward to meet ankush. Ankush notices this and gets tensed.

    Precap : nandini moving forward to ankush to speak and ankush feels tensed.. both the duo couples chat at birdsong.

    guys it was just my imagination of DYM2.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. cheer up guys…

  268. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…

    M really impressed by all ur comments yaar,…such a talented fan ship of this amazing serial,…no words 2 describe all urs participation yaar,…

    Writing a Story -Kfar,…
    Writing an imaginary prediction – Anu
    Writing an imaginary episode – theena
    Writing n posting poems n simile – Riya
    Writing appreciation n encouraging all our crew – My all friends here including me,…..

    I love you all & i Decided 2 watch old epi just 2 write sth deeply about our magic couple which we have missed while the episode aired,..n i too ll try 2 join u all in this witty ship sooner with my pov hoping that i may entertain u all by remembering such wonderful scenes here,…

    Thank u guys 4 all ur love & i dont want this site 2 b closed n please tellybytes open a fan page here in this site like,…

  269. kfar

    Yeah, so readers updating since where I left off…

    (Still in the same chappy guys i;e 3- He and I)

    “Hell, I haven’t laughed this hard since ages.” Arjun said, while pulling in deep breaths.

    “Awesome.” She muttered annoyed.

    He took her hand in his and started to walk.

    “Come on now, don’t be annoyed.” He said in a conciliatory tone.

    “Where are we going?” She frowned at his back.

    “We have to eat something when we get hungry, right, So, towards the kitchen.” His tone mockingly sweet.

    Radhika made a face on his back. He is always making fun of her.

    They walked hand in hand past a few corridors. Then they reached a large space. The kitchen was spectacular. It had all the modern equipments an amatuer cook would die to have and work comfortably in.

    Arjun let go of herwalked and went behind the kitchen counter. It had a attached oven, steamer, boiler, cabinets for spices. cabinets for pots abd pans. A small hand sized potted fresh green herbs.The pans werehung from the ceiled kitchen. It was indeed spectualar. And it also has a dishwasher. Amazing.

    Radhika sat on counter chair. Arjun was in the kitchen cooking up them a meal. The counter seperated them.

    Radhika put her hand under her chin over the silver gleaming counter, she observed him in fascination and aldo bewilderment. Arjun seemed to be veru laid back and happy. He wasn’t like the brooding guy from college. He wasn’t anything like she him. A rich stuck up guy. But, he wasn’t. He was a nice guy , that she knew from deep within. He wasn’t a jerk. Not exactly., but he was irritating and quite smug with his ‘I know better than you’ attitude.

    He was still in his track pants. It hung low over his hips. Minus the shirt. She didn’t mind though. He was realky very toned and also a little tanned. Too handsome for his own good.

    He opened a cabinet and took out some bread. He took out a knife from the wooden board from beside his right hand. He cut the bread into diagonal slices.

    “What are making?” She asked him.

    He was baffling her with his smoothness here. He seemed like he had done it a million times. The clean smooth slicing of bread. He thinly sliced the dill pickles and cooked turkey.

    He spread some yellow mustard on the bread cuts. Then layered turkey, swiss cheese, dill pickle, and he put it all in the sandwich presser.

    “My own take on the traditional Medianoche, meaning midnight. Hence, becomes the best meal to have now. A Cuban sandwich, also famously known as.” He smiled at her, and cleaned the counter with a small cloth. He put all the ingredients back in the cabinets.

    It started to snell very tasty. He took out the sabdwiches and put them on the hot burner counrer of the other side.

    The sandwich cooked and sizzled, Arjun slid out the done pieces on a round white plate.

    The cheese seemed to have melted and the aroma of the turkey and dill slices were making her mouth water.

    Arjun came around the counter and sat on the counter chair beside to hers.

    “Are you going to gawk at the plate forever?” He asked her dryly.

    Radhika ignored that remark.

    “You can cook.” She asked, still staring at the plate.

    “And you can’t.” He countered, and picked up a sandwich.

  270. renu

    friends,…i ll not type long comments yaar,…

    Since i bcame addicted 2 this show,…

    wenever i remembered sth about ardhika,..i ll come online 2 share that with u all as u all know i love sharing with my friends n my loved ones,…so,please bear with my one liners too,….

  271. kfar

    (crap, forgive the typos)

    Radhika turned into the chair and saw him taking a huge bite. He closed his eyes and shook his head in pleasure.

    “Amazing.” He said. His jaw working to chew on it already.

    She gulped and hurriedly picked up a sandwich too. Taking a huge bite she groaned in appreciation.

    “It’s soo good.” She gobbled half of it already.

    It was so tasty and delicious. That bread was melt in the mouth. She loved the cheese and turkey.

    He grinned at her compliment.

    “How do you know I can’t cook?” She asked through the bites.

    “The sandwich is just putting together the ingredients and that’s it. There are limited skills invovled like cutting, boiling and braising or baking. Real cooking is different than that, baby.” He smiled and ate the rest of his sandwich. “With that, I conclude, you can’t dice and cut a thing or boil egg for that matter.” He smirked, his voice smug.

    Radhika glared at him with her mouth full.

    His lips twisted more up in the corners. She knew a good Cuban sandwich to make needs a good hand, it wouldn’t that tasty if it’s just putting together ingredients and she also got to know, he wasn’t that well with praise. He had a talent. He doesn’t like to be noticed. Hmm, strange.

    She bristled and fumed too at his comment on her not so great cooking skills, but her bristling thoughts evaporated when he said the word ‘baby’ so intimately. So, she just mock glared.
    Arjun pushed his four legged wooden chair closer to hers.

    She gupled down a glass of water and frowned at him. What was he doing?

    He took the empty glass of water out of her hand and put that o