Manmarziyan 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika and Dada ji going to Birdsong in the taxi, as he says he can’t travel in local trains, being scared if the crowd. Radhika smiels coming in birdsong and imagines working in there. Hum khushbuon se……………manmarziyon pe ab hum chale…………….plays…………….. Dada ji and Dilip come inside. The man says no one comes before 11am. Radhika says Samaira said she will meet in office, we will wait. The man asks them to sit, he will get tea. Samaira asks Neil to go, she won’t come, she has left home and Birdsong. Neil insists and she refuses.

He says birdsong needs you. She says no, your boss will manage and recalls her words. She says I m responsible and he asks about her missing at night. She smiles and he asks her to come office. She says no. He

says for my sake. She says no work and no going home. He asks her to join work or find some other place to live, and then says sorry. She says its ok. Samaira starts and sees Samrat out of the door.

Samrat hugs her and says I did not come to take you, I know Neil and Prerna will keep you fine here, I came to meet you and know your plan, how far you want to talk, do you have a place for me. She says some ways have to crossed alone. He says no need to prove anyone, Samaira Khanna is not just Piyali’s daughter, its my contribution too in this. She smiles and asks is he fine. He says I m fine if you are fine.

She says don’t come between me and mum, I will handle. He asks what next. She says she will get a new job, very far from birdsong. Dilip hears the lady saying she does not know when will Samaira come. Dilip says we are waiting since morning, call her once, she said HR department will have all info. The lady asks him to wait, and Neil is at the shoot.

Dilip says make me meet the boss, we did not have food since morning, and gets angry. The lady says he can’t meet Piyali without appointment. Mrs. Dsouza comes there and says the meetings. The lady says they want to meet Piyali. She misunderstands them to be someone else and asks them to wait, as Piyali is coming.

Radhika says maybe they got late in the ad shoot. Dada ji gets tensed. Radhika asks what happened. Dada ji says he is feeling sleepy. A modern girl comes and Radhika sees her clothes. Dilip turns and Dada ji smiles seeing her. Radhika tells her that she is waiting for Samaira. The girl says Samaira….. and sees Piyali. She greets Piyali and Mrs. Dsouza thinks they came for charity and asks Piyali to meet them. Radhika smiles.

Samaira thinks about Arjun. A lady meets her and asks she heard she left birdsong and is finding a new job she can hire her, birdsong had the loss when she left them, she offers her creative head job, she is very talented. Samaira says there are many talented people there. The lady says but not Samaira Khanna, who can get many ad clients, she will get more commission and asks her to give it a thought. Samaira shakes hands. Arjun says you should not think so much in life. Samaira sees him. Arjun smiles meeting her,

Piyali talks to Radhika and thinks she came for charity. She asks how can she help them. Dilip says about Radhika and asks about money Piyali says she will help them in every way, and will give 1 lakh, as she deserves it, we keep budget every year, many people come like them, she will increase the amount next year, I know its small amount. They are stunned, and smile.

Dada ji asks Radhika to take out the sweets, else they will know we thought about 10000rs. He offers the laddoo to Piyali. Piyali asks are they happy and keeps the laddoo on the tissue. Dilip says no one got such 1 lakh rs in first job in Rishikesh, birdsong is good for Radhika’s work, thanks. Piyali asks what are they saying. Dilip says Radhika’s job, we came to drop her from Rishikesh, now we will leave. She ass who gave her the job. Radhika says you. Piyali says I gave charity money, did they not come for taking donation. Dilip says you said 1 lakh per month for job. Piyali says sit here, and calls Mrs. Chadda. Radhika worries.

Radhika says Samaira called me for job. Bonnie says Sam is gone, she left the job. Sam tells Neil that she has to go Samudra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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