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Manmarziyan 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam calling Radhika a cheater. She asks her to leave, and think her friend is dead. Mala asks Radhika to come with her, and takes her. Nandini and Bonnie smile. Mala, Ankush and Radhika come home. Mala asks Radhika did she send her to Mumbai for this day. Radhika asks her to trust her. Mala says I trust my upbringing and values, one day your friends became your family to stop me from calling you, where did their trust go, they proved you a cheater, they pointed on my upbringing, why, I don’t know the truth, I know you are not wrong, they did not understand you.

Radhika says I tried to explain. Mala asks her not to say them anything, as she does not want them to hurt their sentiments, and they are going back to Rishikesh now. Radhika says but Maa. Ankush stops her…

They leave. Radhika gets sad. Manmarziyon pe……..plays………Sam cries seeing the pics and recalling Radhika’s words. She pulls off the pics from the wall. Neil stops her and Sam asks why did she do this Neil.

She says she can do this, did you see her hand, all proof was there, you say she can’t do this, prove it then. She says she has back stabbed me, I chose friendship between love and friendship, and she has climbed on my shoulder to get my love, she lied to everyone, why…. Neil consoles and hugs her.
Arjun comes to Nandini and asks is she involved in burning Radhika’s shop. She is stunned. She says she was making our hardwork go waste, why do you just see her tears, why can’t you see we are not alone in this fight, Lord is with us, else Samrat would have been here and broken this marriage, knowing you don’t love Sam, but his flight was delayed, my Lord is with me, my brother is not, the one I love the most is doubting on me today, questioning me…..

She gets the knife and asks him to promise that either he has to give her revenge or her death, giving the knife in his hand. He hugs her after throwing the knife. She smiles. Radhika packs her bag and Arjun is on the way.

He stands on the road and gets thinking. He leaves. Radhika gets restless and feels something. She goes out to see and Arjun is outside her house. He looks at her. Dastaan……….. plays………….. She looks around and does not see him. She goes back and he sees her leaving. He gets teary eyed.

Radhika recalls Sam’s words and cries. She goes to Lord’s idol and prays for support. She gets some file and sees Rana’s name, and thinks is it same Rana who has sent video in Arjun’s phone. Mala comes to her. She says she has to go and stop something wrong. Mala stops her and says come with us, you won’t go there, as they raise question on my upbringing.

Its morning, Nandini talks to Arjun, and says she will get peace after his marriage, once he goes on honeymoon, their work will be done, once marriage is done, Radhika can’t do anything, Samrat can create any problem, so we have to do our work before he comes. Sam looks at her mehendi and cries. Piyali comes to her. Sam asks did Radhika think about me, did she recall my friendship. Piyali asks her to forget everything and focus on her coming life, Samrat has landed, he is disturbed knowing about Radhika, leave all this now, its your marriage today. She hugs Sam.

Mala asks Radhika to think this time no one will support her. Radhika says sorry Maa, I have to go, for Sam’s happiness. Radhika comes somewhere and hears Rana talking to Arjun. She follows him and sees some kids. She gets an idea and rings the bell. Rana comes out and she hides. He scolds the kids and she gets inside the house. She hides behind the sofa, and he comes back. Nandini and Arjun come to meet Rana.

Radhika hears Nandini talking to Arjun, that once they go out of Mumbai, Sam will never come back. Radhika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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