Manmarziyan 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika thinking to go away from Arjun today. She gets her bag and the papers. She keeps the papers there and recalls Nandini’s words. She holds the mangalsutra and thinks of Arjun’s words. She cries and leaves from there. Arjun wakes up and does not see Radhika. He looks for her and calls out Radhika. She hears him calling her. He gets the papers and letter. He reads it that whatever happened between them was wrong, he belongs to Sam, she can’t break Sam’s heart, she wants him and Sam to be happy, and asks him to fulfill her dream of Sam’s happiness, she is leaving, their ways are different now, she is returning his happiness and freedom with these divorce papers, now his life’s problem is away forever. Sam comes to Arjun.

After few days in Rishikesh, Radhika

gives tea to Dada ji. Radhika still wears mangalsutra and has sindoor. He asks till when will she do this, there is limit of everything. She says you say every pain is accepted in love. Dada ji says Arjun and Sam would have got married till now. Sam looks at mangalsutra and smiles seeing herself in mirror. She talks to Piyali. Piyali says this mangalsutra does not suit your personality. Sam says personality changed a lot after marriage. Piyali says Samrat and she will miss her. Sam says I will miss you too, I m just going on holiday and will come back soon. Piyali says I love your smile, its because of Radhika’s sacrifice. Sam says I know, if Radhika was not there, I would have not got my love. Arjun comes and asks Sam to come.

Radhika says she is not taking anyone’s rights, this is just a memory with which she has to spend life. Dada ji asks does she love Arjun so much. She recalls Arjun and says a lot. He asks why to dream what she can’t get. She says my dream was to return happiness to Sam, I got it, why did Lord give me big dreams and courage to go the way I shouldn’t have. He wipes her tears.

Sam tells Arjun that Radhika told us to be happy, I got my happiness, but if you are not happy, Radhika’s dream won’t be completed, fulfill Radhika’s dream please. He holds her hand and they smile. They come to birdsong. She recalls Neil. Arjun and Sam have a talk there, about their memories. He recalls Radhika. She says forgetting memories is not easy. Neil says and forgetting friendship is not easy either. Sam says I agree, anyways Arjun is partner in birdsong, congrats. Arjun thanks her. Neil says I don’t trust him even now. Sam says your trust is not needed, and asks Arjun to come. Neil says I don’t feel this right, Radhika is already in pain, and you both…

Sam says everyone has to pay for their deeds, Radhika can’t change her fate, lets go. They leave. Neil looks on. Dadaji asks Radhika to read out her poetry. She says its not completed. He takes the diary and asks her to make Arjun’s pic in it, and punch it. She says Dada ji.. and gets sad. He says forget Arjun, don’t write pain for yourself. She says you only said life should have struggle, if I forget, my struggle will end and life will end too.

He says that’s why I keep trying to make you smile. He explains her. She cries recalling Arjun and says she does not understand, she sees Arjun’s face when she closes eyes. He says that’s the problem with love.

Sam and Arjun are on the way. She asks did he book holiday tickets. He says no. She says Radhika sacrificed her love to keep us together, can’t we do this for her, she said her happiness is in our happiness, can’t we give her happiness. He says yes, but going infront of her… She says its imp, I know her, she would be crying in your love, she is mad, she still loves me, trust me. He says you think she will forgive us. She says you don’t know her, she is expert in forgiving, whats happened in past is over, now no one can change it. He recalls marrying Radhika and their moments.

He says you are right Sam, somethings we change and few things change us forever. She says true and smiles. Dada ji talks to someone and says yes, come in evening, we will be glad, Radhika will run from home if she knows, don’t worry, fine come. He ends call. Mala asks what did they say. Dada ji says they are coming in evening, get snacks and sweets. Mala says its about Radhika’s life. He says problems solve by sweets. She says you did not tell Radhika and called them, don’t know will Radhika agree or not. Radhika asks to what will I disagree? They look at her.

Radhika says she does not want to meet anyone and asks Arjun to go. Arjun asks Radhika why did she give her smile to him, and took away his tears. He says I love you Radhika and holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yes natasha very true dear.. sp hamare dil se mmz ko nahi mita payega…lst 20 min waiting for mmz…frm tomorrow no more waiting for mmz…

  2. @kfar….yaar.Don’t say good-bye.

    Seriously….in those days i was living a Dream World with all guys.
    Such a amazing moments we enjoyed….Remember it forever…

    Dosti yaariyan Manmerziayan…

  3. @ireena- hahaha we are all ladies i guess lol i dont bud. But why would i forget u 😀
    @Mandy- warm hug yaar itni tareef karnekeliye thanx very much 😀

    Zara-love the lines very nice view 😀
    n thanx @[email protected] i made too many typos n spl error thanx a lot though for liking it. Love lots.
    Ure- wil update that story soon dear im hvng trouble deciding a scene. Its kinda blocking my thoughts. Wil promise update in the morning for sure.

  4. guys being a boy i watch this serial..its a tremendous serial never i thnk….plz sir plz i m requesting u from the core of my heart plz back with this serial plz……if there is a prblm with the tym the change the slot…..but plz sir bring this serial bck sir plz……without mmz…..the starplus is nothng….sir plz remove all those fake serial n bring this serial again plz sir….

  5. Ohhhhh amazing. Really we want manmarziya part 2.

  6. Kriti Singhal

    i am very much confused about this episode…

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