Manmarziyan 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika thinking to go away from Arjun today. She gets her bag and the papers. She keeps the papers there and recalls Nandini’s words. She holds the mangalsutra and thinks of Arjun’s words. She cries and leaves from there. Arjun wakes up and does not see Radhika. He looks for her and calls out Radhika. She hears him calling her. He gets the papers and letter. He reads it that whatever happened between them was wrong, he belongs to Sam, she can’t break Sam’s heart, she wants him and Sam to be happy, and asks him to fulfill her dream of Sam’s happiness, she is leaving, their ways are different now, she is returning his happiness and freedom with these divorce papers, now his life’s problem is away forever. Sam comes to Arjun.

After few days in Rishikesh, Radhika

gives tea to Dada ji. Radhika still wears mangalsutra and has sindoor. He asks till when will she do this, there is limit of everything. She says you say every pain is accepted in love. Dada ji says Arjun and Sam would have got married till now. Sam looks at mangalsutra and smiles seeing herself in mirror. She talks to Piyali. Piyali says this mangalsutra does not suit your personality. Sam says personality changed a lot after marriage. Piyali says Samrat and she will miss her. Sam says I will miss you too, I m just going on holiday and will come back soon. Piyali says I love your smile, its because of Radhika’s sacrifice. Sam says I know, if Radhika was not there, I would have not got my love. Arjun comes and asks Sam to come.

Radhika says she is not taking anyone’s rights, this is just a memory with which she has to spend life. Dada ji asks does she love Arjun so much. She recalls Arjun and says a lot. He asks why to dream what she can’t get. She says my dream was to return happiness to Sam, I got it, why did Lord give me big dreams and courage to go the way I shouldn’t have. He wipes her tears.

Sam tells Arjun that Radhika told us to be happy, I got my happiness, but if you are not happy, Radhika’s dream won’t be completed, fulfill Radhika’s dream please. He holds her hand and they smile. They come to birdsong. She recalls Neil. Arjun and Sam have a talk there, about their memories. He recalls Radhika. She says forgetting memories is not easy. Neil says and forgetting friendship is not easy either. Sam says I agree, anyways Arjun is partner in birdsong, congrats. Arjun thanks her. Neil says I don’t trust him even now. Sam says your trust is not needed, and asks Arjun to come. Neil says I don’t feel this right, Radhika is already in pain, and you both…

Sam says everyone has to pay for their deeds, Radhika can’t change her fate, lets go. They leave. Neil looks on. Dadaji asks Radhika to read out her poetry. She says its not completed. He takes the diary and asks her to make Arjun’s pic in it, and punch it. She says Dada ji.. and gets sad. He says forget Arjun, don’t write pain for yourself. She says you only said life should have struggle, if I forget, my struggle will end and life will end too.

He says that’s why I keep trying to make you smile. He explains her. She cries recalling Arjun and says she does not understand, she sees Arjun’s face when she closes eyes. He says that’s the problem with love.

Sam and Arjun are on the way. She asks did he book holiday tickets. He says no. She says Radhika sacrificed her love to keep us together, can’t we do this for her, she said her happiness is in our happiness, can’t we give her happiness. He says yes, but going infront of her… She says its imp, I know her, she would be crying in your love, she is mad, she still loves me, trust me. He says you think she will forgive us. She says you don’t know her, she is expert in forgiving, whats happened in past is over, now no one can change it. He recalls marrying Radhika and their moments.

He says you are right Sam, somethings we change and few things change us forever. She says true and smiles. Dada ji talks to someone and says yes, come in evening, we will be glad, Radhika will run from home if she knows, don’t worry, fine come. He ends call. Mala asks what did they say. Dada ji says they are coming in evening, get snacks and sweets. Mala says its about Radhika’s life. He says problems solve by sweets. She says you did not tell Radhika and called them, don’t know will Radhika agree or not. Radhika asks to what will I disagree? They look at her.

Radhika says she does not want to meet anyone and asks Arjun to go. Arjun asks Radhika why did she give her smile to him, and took away his tears. He says I love you Radhika and holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annie

    I dont know why tears automatically rolled down mg eyes!! I loved the episode. ..dadaji rads convo.. arjuns changed look… I loved each and every bit of the episode!!

    Now I will cry seriously only 1 episode left!! Precap was awesome!! Love mmz :*

  2. Annie

    After tomorrow no mmz no sharing view no nothing. . Sp have ruined everything hate u sp!! Will miss u all

  3. chinna

    Mmz rocks…even on the last but one day they are making story so intresting….and the precap is awesome..eagerly waiting 4 2mrw and feeling so sad that 2mrw is last day of mmz…will miss u mmz alot….?? but am so happy that i have seen the best serial so far….

      • Totally agree going to miss this awesome n unique show this show is the best show ever i really going to miss reading the updates and u guyz comments n reviews

  4. Ruth rodrigues

    Just loved today’s manmarziya. Very touching it was. Loved radhika and arjun. Will miss them a lot. Hope the serial would be extended for more days.

  5. Ira afroz

    Oh God…..I m dying to watch tmrw episode.Our most precious moments are gonna happened tmrw.Don’t know how to sleep tonight and have to wait for next 24×7 hour???

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    I know our show have 1 more epi …………………….but really it will end?????????? i cant think like that i am sadly agree to say bye to manmarziyan but really today epi tommorrow percape make me crazy again i dont want end this show how can star plus to do this ;( ……………….
    i am crying i cant even sleep ;( 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. ohhhhhh our fav dadaji is back…Rishikesh where tge story started….. nice epi….now our chashni is bearing pain of love…. love aradhija frm core…still hoping for some miracle to happen n our mmz would save….loads of love aradhika…..
    Renu plz comment yar…wants ur pov….

  8. Manu

    Gonna mis u arjun and radhika :-(..such a awesome chemistry you both have♥♥..gonna mis u too neil 🙁

  9. happy

    today episode…..cant say anything……whats this…..we know everything… it doesnt want it to understand….1st scene super…..sam and arjun continues smile….nice…..sam married neil or not….not understand… looks…..sam didnt confess to neil….they r going to meet rad….its really nice……rad so sad….she is crying continuesly….feeling bad….tmr only climax…..

    i expect so much today…..not happy with this…..tmr….by thinking itself…smile comes on my face….bt on another side…..feeling bad………………….tmr death day of sp….and tv also….dont want to see anything…..

    whenever i see tv….ardhika scenes only comes……i cant tolerate this pain…….

    dadaji and rad scenes….superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………..

    precap amazing,nice,super,wow,good,best….if any other words…fill it here………………………

    arjun arjun arjun……………………..

  10. haya

    Thank you amena for your super fast and wonderful update…..
    Bidding bye to dym….
    All cast and crews…..
    Sorry for the low trip which affected such a wonderful serial….you have done your part very well… all deserve great appreciation…

    This was an awesome serial…
    Thanks to hotstar ….I can watch any episodes I want at any time…..
    I will watch it for sure…..
    This serial had so many moments where we could laugh think and also so many romantic moments too…..

    And the background scores and the songs were beautiful…..
    I always have the tone and lines in my lips….
    What to say

  11. Kiara

    Umm, this is weird, but today is 28th Aug, right? But in our country, the episode from 27th Aug just aired, I mean, wow. This episode here, is gonna air tomorrow, so it’s like I’m reading a spoiler! ? This only happens to Manmarzian. though. I don;t know whyy…

  12. Riya

    Omg omg omg
    I can’t wait for tomorrow ep…..
    Arjun gets restless not seeing Radhika in the house and is broken down to know she has left him forever.

    Furthermore, Sam is struggling with her feelings between Neil and Arjun.

    Sam finally finds out her true feelings and goes to Arjun’s house.

    Arjun is shocked to see Sam and asks her as if she knows about Radhika.

    Sam tells Arjun that Radhika has left him forever as she (Radhika) belives that he loves only Sam.

    Neil and Sam’s passionate hug in Manmarziyan ending

    Arjun gets nervos when Sam asks Arjun as if he really loves her.

    Sam then tells Arjun that she found her true love is only Neil

    Arjun is happy to hear this and stops Radhika by confessing his love to him.

    Radhika also confesses her love to Arjun.

    On the other hand, Neil is broken down on thinking Sam still loves only Arjun but Sam confesses to him that she loved only her idot (Neil) always but realizes it now.

    Neil and Sam hug to each other in passionate way.

  13. alley

    Very sad manmarziyan only 1 day feeling very sad miss ardhika a lot….omg literally feel like crying no commenting. From tomorrow no reading updates after seeing the epi no seeing manmarziyan Facebook dunno wat to do.cute arjun love him a lot…..todays epi nice…..loved arjun and radhu…..tom last epi…..atlast arjun confessed……hopeless yaar star plus didn’t stop it from gng off air..very bad….miss manmarziyan don’t end it after gaining such a huge response from fans yaar………love manmarziyan the besttttttttt <3<3

  14. Waiting for the last epi. Even though the end was too soon it’s going to be nice ending with happiness. Manmarziyan will always remain in my heart. I feel so sad when i think that there is only 1 epi more. Aradhika will always be my favourite couple forever. Love you manmarziyan.

    • Samiha

      Vaisa kuch khas nahi, idhar ardhika ke end ke liye aur udhar manya ki situation pending rakhne ke liye aisa kar rahi hain.
      Tried writing Hindi after a long time. Feels good…:p

  15. Ira m too in that phase…thinkin whn tommaro will come n i watch mmz…donno wat will do aftr tomorrow….literally cried so much my nom is console me….today is my heart broken…. want ardhika n mmz…

  16. Ireena

    Don’t know guys something’s happening with me.manmarzian’s ending news reached to me almost a month ago.but I was hopeful till the last moment. Don’t know why.I thought even at the last moment star plus will change their decision. manmarzian will get a new slot,or will get a short plus will give us a surprise(which would never happen).but watching today episode my all hope,dream gets I have got to know that completely manmarzian is leaving us forever. Seems like some favourites friendships is gonna leave us.which will never return. what else we could do??nothing. and though we want, manmarzian will nmanmarzian ever get season 2.we all virtual friends r being separated.

  17. happy

    guys….tmr….rad going to call arjun by his name…..more than confession….i want ” arjun” from rad’s mouth…..eagerly waiting……whats arjun’s reaction…..want to see……

  18. Riya

    Wow such a great story……
    I can’t wait for tomorrow ep…………..
    The waiting was so painful…

  19. Intriguing episode…I’m guessing Sam n Neil r married but den why was Neil behaving a bit formal wid Sam today:-\ n Arjun hmmm gadha could have gone to Rishikesh a bit earlier to get his wife….but den he didn’t do what his wife wanted in dat letter so probably didn’t want to face her n thought dat she would b disappointed wid him…n also why didn’t Neil accompany Sam n Arjun to Rishikesh:-\:-\:-\:-\ N also where’s d Sam- Arjun convo when she comes to his house?? R dey planning to show it tomorrow in flashback:-\:-\:-\:-\

    Though dis episode had its share of emotions yet it never lost d lightness….it was a refreshing change from all d intense stuff dats happened this entire week……n d story is ending:'( exactly the way we wanted n some of d friends over here predicted……….loved Dadaji…finally we get to see him…n I loved everyone’s flashbacks today…brought all d previous memories rushing:)

    M tooooooo excited for d precap n also disappointed n sad thinking tomorrow’s episode is gonna b d last one of dis wonderful show:(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

  20. abi

    guys……i m really upset yaa….becoz i felt that story s incomplete……..they didn’t show full story….becoz of time…….really disappointed….i need more scenes with completion………i don’t know…how ll they end d story within 40 mints…….that means….i ll be incomplete…..

    last time i m asking ,is it going off???????????????i cant accept it….atleast give 1 hr epi … complete plssssssssss………………………………………………((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  21. Samiha

    @kfar:Thank you soooo much dear…It means a lot to me…And I also hope that your writing skills enhance and you get your deserving place.May your life be blissfull…

  22. abi

    today i didnt find ny intresting scenes………………..its disgusting nd frustrating yaa…….becoz i luv dis soap….so only i m geetting angry……….

    • mitty

      I too agree wid u. …actually I dint understand nything yaar. .I think 2morrow some twist gonna happen

      • abi

        yeah mitty…..tomorrow… many twists….they ll show…becoz its not possible to finish d serial within 20 mints,,,,,i want ardhika scenes for 20 mints nd nesam sceans for another 20 mints…actually that s not enough also……..

        but how can they end d show…….again nd again i m asking this to myself….i makes me crazy……….

    • mitty

      Till now none of the actors of mmz shown their wrap up party’s photos. .They all r hiding in a shell. ..I donno y….

    • Malaika

      I sooooooooooo wish this dosent end becoz this is the best serial and my first emotionally attached serial.I wish some better chanel such as colors take it and start a Manmarziyan season 2 where NeSam are married and have kids and Ardhika also.And their life problems and Rad fulfilling her wish.

      And Nandani is Back with Saral in order to take revenge.Manya joins their team to get Neil.

  23. abi

    today i didnt find ny intresting scenes………………..its disgusting nd frustrating yaa…….becoz i luv dis soap….so only i m geting angry……….

  24. kanthi

    Love manmarziyaan!!!!!!!! Miss you a lot!!!!! Sam ,Neil,arjun,Radhika….. You all rock!!!!! I am really feeling sad as such a good serial is coming to an end!!!!!! It would be nice if it gets an extension. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi.but feeling too bad as tomorrow’s epi will be the last one!!!!!!!

  25. Samiha

    Missed today’s episode. Pracap seems interesting. Hope to see everything sorts out in tomorrow’s episode and doesn’t get spoiled.

  26. sonamohan

    friends..we all are in facebook….my tag is marysherly..,,follow me and foerever we can follow with our discussions…

  27. happy

    guys…pls explain one thing…..dnt know hindi… written update…after 1st scene they said some days left…..then rad and dadaji dialogue….is it true…..dont understand that part…..

  28. tabu

    Plzeee star plus n manmarziyan
    Really we all need season 2 with same characters……….
    Love u Radhika,Arjuna,Sam&Neil……
    Come back sooonñnnnnnnnn……

  29. Ireena

    something is stuck in my throat.don’t know whether it is cry or not.but all that I can tell our friendship is gonna finish.remembering some old u remember friends sometimes quarrels were happened here?a unknown guy named gufe disturbed us at night?we chatted with each other before reviewing the comments?so màny memories…will come to an end tomorrow. ….

    • Ira afroz

      @Ireena…..Ha ha ha ha ha
      yeah i call remember that Weirdo guy Gufe.
      He was so irritating…yaar.Even we also fight with him.
      Strange…..nah!In few months we r get so closed eachother.we laugh,get emotional,get shocked,get surprised,get funny even get angry with our Acting characters.

      Damn it……everything is just going to be memories for us.Whenever i watch Manmerziayan i’ll remaining all of comments…..

  30. mitty

    I dint understand nything in todays episode where is renu?come fast nd please explain yaar. ..only 1 day left still hoping for the last mint miracle. .plz god save manmarziyan. …..I don’t want to cry

  31. ishika

    I dnt get it.. to whom is Sam married to….. my heart is literally beating fast .. why didn’t arjun go to hrishikesh till now, many days had passed r8..still. . N why is he asking Sam dat should they go…. I got little peace wen I saw the precap … I was crying but exited 4 2mmrw epi

  32. Ireena

    I never commented long.but u guys always appropriated me which I never got from any site.I think our family is being snatched by star plus.A SMALL FAMILY OF MANMARZIAN FANS!!!A HAPPY FAMILY!!!!!FULL OF FRIENDSHIPS!!♡♡☆☆????

    • Annie

      Will miss u all!!! Sp just go to hell!! Hope u never get good trp and 1 day this chanbrl gets off.. that day I will laugh peacefully!@ hate u sp and 1 mre thng sp shld chnge their so called tag lyn.. rishta wahi soch nayi… they dnt deserve this tag line!!

  33. Samiha

    I think that Sam at last got her brain boosted: She dejected arjun and married Neil (by removing the curtain of friendship to see the light of LOVE). Arjun also confessed about his deeds and intentions to Sam and Neil and even told them about his true love for Radhika. Seeing his realisation, Sam and Neil forgave him and set up mind to help him in confessing his love to Radhika. That’s how they end up in today’s episode…

    It’s just a mere imagination of mine, but it explains things…Hope you guys don’t mind…

  34. arohi

    Sam is married to Neil. Its just they are not clarifying it now so as to mention it in front of radz after making her see then together first n avoid repetition

  35. happy

    guys….did u understand onething…..till now…..for the past one week…we dont have any confusion… before last day….we got confusion….its really interesting…….

  36. I did nt watch today’s episode but thanks to ameen she updateded us v fast nice nice nice episode I think same is going to marry Neil after her holidays or may be she booked tickets for our couple but feeling v v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv saaaaaad for the ending of dym hate u star plus and good bye for ever after 29

  37. Samiha

    @Lima: I am a bangladeshi but i can speak and write Hindi a little, so i tried translating..Dosti means Friendship, Yariaan also means something like that(boss*mness) and Manmraziyan means Wishes,Dreams.
    The title of the show describes the whole story. It also held it’s quality and no episode disappointed us…Soo sad such a good show is ending…

  38. kfar

    Read the update guys my god seems the precap killed it. Arjun said ‘I love You’. Ay hai mardalaaaaaaa arjun tumne.
    @raashi – ur comment made me laugh sayin arjun gadha hahhaha

    @Annie @ireena @happy felt emotional reading the comment. Only a day left, really guys. I was too hopeful dat till last moment. Hate it that itz ending dis early.

    @samiha- thankx for that comment.made my day.bless u too.hope u achieve everything dat u want in life too.

    @Mandy- thanx bud means a lot and only a day is left. Feel bad and sad.may ur dreams com true.

    @all- feels good dat sam’s pov over radhika has changed

  39. Ira afroz


    C’mon…i give a hug.Don’t cry….Even it’s make me more upset that Manmerziayan is gonna end and we all friends r also gonna disappear.Becoz of Manmerziayan, we r become good friends.
    Ufff…..such a painful moments to say good-bye to Manmerziayan and my all

    Friends (Dipika….Ireena…renu…
    happy…anu….abi…Natasha…Annie…samiha…..kfar…Riya….and everyone who r always being here to comment and even who r silent reader )

  40. Samiha

    Even i feel the story will remain incomplete. Firstly, the show is leading that Sam married Neil. But what about Manya, Sam’s crazy li’l sis, who was mad about Neil??? Secondly, what about Riddhima?Will her marriage life smoothly continue even after the incident by his bro-in-law Saral?? I can’t recall much right now but there are many other pending situations too. Hope they don’t spoil it in the haste…

  41. Hiiiiiiiìïiiiiiii guys !!!
    Hi anu will miss u after 1 mor epi !!

    Hey samiha ur really a gud frend n lyk ur cmnt sweethart will miss u a lot !!

    Hey Farha wer r u dear I m waitin 4 ur story yaar n u also cant imagine dat ly 1 epi to go yaar bcoz ur my 1st frend in dis place so I ll miss u d most !!!

    N I will miss evry1 sorry dinn mention evry1s name bcos gonna cook now so talk to u guys laters !!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

  42. Annie

    I dont think sam have married neil… after knowing all truth how could shr get married without radhika??!!! May b she will get married after she reunites Ardhika.. shr was just checking her look after marriage wearing mangalsutra. …. offo.. so much confusion!! I will not b abld to sleep properly today.. cnt wait to see tomorrow’s episode. . But at the same tym feeling dejected coz of the ending!! But thnks to hotstar as any tym i can get to watch dym… love mmz…

  43. fouz arshi

    hai guys for d first tym am cmndng here
    am a keralite ( from god’s own country)

    more than 10 yrs am a follower of sp shows. as am got bored with all d sas bahu drama I almost stopped watching sp. one day whike plying with remote I saw a jalak of DYM. and i loved it from there I used to watch all d epies my frnds also loved the show.

    but unfortunately sp decided to end the show . they have time slot for yhm, dbh, nd yrkk why the want to end such a beautiful story its all about frndship love passion etc.and the actors are too good . especially arjun and radhikka I think neil also we can feel the love frndship in their every looks every blink.
    why sp is doing this with v youngsters
    they can give one more chance to the show which have tickling throbbing heart story of new gen. I wrote this behalf of all my frnd who r dead fan of the show and arradhika. aftr 29th I will not follow sp .hate d channel

  44. Natasha

    Guys I don’t understand 1thing. If sam is married to neil then why sam said that arjun is partner of birdsong. I mean how is that possible? Because whom gets married to sam will be the partner.
    Another thing why neil did not go along with arjun and sam? I think we will not able to see neil in last scences.
    Only one day to go. We will never be able to keep in touch. I will miss u guys.
    I don’t know abt u all but I really consider u all as my friend. I will really miss u.

  45. fouz arshi

    hai guys for d first tym am cmndng here
    am a keralite ( from god’s own country)

    more than 10 yrs am a follower of sp shows. as am got bored with all d sas bahu drama I almost stopped watching sp. one day while plying with remote I saw a jalak of DYM. and i loved it from there I used to watch all d epies my frnds also loved the show.

    but unfortunately sp decided to end the show . they have time slot for yhm, dbh, nd yrkk why the want to end such a beautiful story its all about frndship love passion etc.and the actors are too good . especially arjun and radhikka I think neil also . we can feel the love frndship in their every looks every blink.
    why sp is doing this with v youngsters
    they can give one more chance to the show which have tickling throbbing heart story of new gen. I wrote this behalf of all my frnds who r dead fan of the show and arradhika. aftr 29th I will not follow sp .hate d channel miss u dym nd entire crew nd want aradhika as a pair soon on screen with a heart throbbing story
    wish u all the best to the entire crew
    sp plz keep in mind w want new stories than sas bhahu stories. w don’t have tym dump dramas we just hate it .we need good stories not trp

  46. Tamanna

    Hi guys lots of Bangladeshi here.I am also a Bangladeshi and a huge fan of Star Plus and this searial,’s really a very nice searial.unlike the other searials Manmarziyaan brought to us some very uniqe and fabulous storyline with the whole cast & crew.but unfortunately this show is gonna off air soon.i mean why?inspite of having so much potential this show is going to end soon.i think star plus should have given some more chances to the show.i wish it could have comeback with 2nd season.gonna missing Manmarziyaan very much.

  47. kfar

    @Natasha @Annie -Im confused too, why arjun partner of birdsong and man why Neil didnt accompany them to rishikesh. Yes im confused if dey got married but sam ke “shadi sab badal deta hai”. It means?!?!?

    She is married but how can she get married witout rads.

    Dey showed few days later? How many days ltr?

    @Mandy -Aww big huggg. Wil mizz u too. Ur my first friend too 😀 wil update sooooon

    mitty- hahahahaha yeah waiting for itz funeral bcoz itz endn good shows man seriously hate it

  48. honey

    I desipointed today episode expected inthe last two episode see the radhika arjun love pain and there felt for each other but i don’t like this suspence drama i think tommaro is i saw best episode love ardhika I bad ly miss manmarziyan

  49. saji

    Frnds.. I got confused in many placed in todays episode
    someone anu,…renu…cud u pls explain actually wat was der in todays epi..

    if sam got married to Neil den how come Arjun b a partner of birdsong nw…n neils behaviour…d way sam-Arjun holdng hands n,walkng…y Neil ddn accompany dem to,hrishikesh..
    confused guys..

  50. Hi guyz….. I just loved today episode tears were like coming out of my eyes i couldn’t stop them….i loved the precap w8ing for tomorrow episode….i liked dada ji and radhu convo……
    I hate u SP i don’t know what they gain from saas bhau serials they as re sooo eewwwwwwww but stilll running and like manmarziyan serials they just end up them within months…i just can’t myself believe that the serial is going to end tomorrow…..
    And i would like to say that u r great commenter guyz….i daily w8 for ur comment renu and ofcourse farah ur story is really nice
    And cvs done a great work till the last epi there is the same suspense that have been from the start….
    Mitty,renu,mandy and natasha… u guyzzz and will miss u a lot

  51. shamim kasim

    This was a lovely show n as they say..all good things have to come to end.. no matter how much we try no one is going to listen to us so serial was short n sweet n good luck to the actors for the future

  52. anu


    forgive me for any flaws.. but hope you will njoy reading..

    radhika u meant a lot with your convo with dadaji and your face and eyes showed more than what you spoke…. ♥♥ After leaving arjun you are saying you love him a lot…

    Your love for him has been conveyed in a different style buddy… your heart cried out more vigorously for ARJUN conveying

    SAM : personality got changed after marriage,it means she got married.. to whom.. obviously we can say its NEIL by the precap… 😉
    sam-neil’s marriage and love will be revealed tomorrow i think..
    SAM’s realization :

    NEIL : looked so happy telling forgetting friendship is not easier either.. HE tried to leave their bond of friendship and to start a new chapter called LOVE.. all the time when neil expressed his love is different from today’s lokoks of his..


    coming to our lover boy arjun : mixed feelings of love, pine, sorrow,memories have been conveyed..
    His eyes and his expressions,memories have spoken a lotttt more than what he could say..

    I NEED YOU..

    ♥♥♥♥♥ …..
    guys miss u all a lot 🙁 🙁 🙁 …couldnt control my emotions, so wrote a very lengthy description.. sorry guys… love u loads…
    Mann…Marziyan ♥♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  53. devga

    FRNDS FRNDS my dear and dearest friends forever ….. I too had tht lil hope till today’s episode but now I started to believe though it’s hard tht MANMARZIYAN is no more onscreen aftr tomo … But instead of crying thought of something different y don’t V accept this bitter truth and bid a happy goodbye to manmarziyan and a bad bye to SP ….

    And ya instead of just typing hate u SP hate u SP … V must show them our impact by not watching…. If ANYONE HERE ARE REALLY AFFECTED BY THIS DECISION OF SP ….. THEN DO IT WITH ME “” STOP WATCHING SP”” FORGET A CHANNEL CALLED SP ….

    and who am I to tell others to not watch ( sorry for tht ) its ur wish FRNDS I just showed my anger this way ….

    And ya I am definitely going to miss my family of friends
    MISS U ALL” patanga ,ireena, Mitty , sonamohan ,nish ,Priya ,varshini ” sukriti, ( U ALL SUPPORTED MY VIEWS AND ENCOURAGED ME TO EXPRESS MY VIEWS THANK U SOO MUCH DEARS ) abi ,happy and my FRNDS who I did not mention sorry and all silent readers who liked my comments …..

  54. Hey anu darling loved d emotions n thoughts n will miss u so much bcoz ur my 2nd frend n dat to from AP thanx for bein my frend??

  55. It’s a shame this story is ending tomorrow. Star plus should sit up seriously. Even some of my favorite shows may experience bad twists(yhm,and tsm)i love this show cos it’s fresh but…..sad .shows like tmh is not ending. Yrkkh has been running for years,sns and dabh has lost its appeal. I wonder what will be my new hobby after this show

  56. kfar

    I love every line that you wrote. I really felt the lines. Clean.Good.simply beautiful. It really came from your heart and touched my heart. Thankx for sharing it-@ Anu

  57. vinu

    I don’t know what to write guys.this show is too unique. Sp doesn’t deserve to telecast these type of shows.@anu,ur wish is gonna be true.@renu waiting for ur pov ya.I wanna enjoy last episode of mmz without any expectations. And today I felt I could have learnt Hindi perfectly.and I just love these cast and atlast I love our nandhu too.CVs are giving a perfect end inspite of all the pressures. They are really great.

  58. kfar

    @all- guys the really memorable moment of ardhika is hand down the scene,
    When Radhika apologises to Arjun at his engagement, when she says that every tension line disappeared from his face line, and he goes into teasing mode. He says dat your dadji did not make u learn how to apologize, i cant hear u…and she smiles wide and says ‘sorry, sir’

    She den asks him to help her get unstuck her dori from the mesh partition…dats wen the song plays ‘Saajna…”

    he goes to her, looking at her differentl suddenly romantically..n da line comes ‘jude joh tere khwabse toh tute hum neend’..(guess wat guys it stopped my breath listening to the song and looking at the scene)

    He goes and helps to remove the bead wich stuck in the mesh…den he moves around…sees her trying hard to tie the strings, without her askin his help he parts the long silky hair towards over a shoulder, takes the string and ties it, all the while breathless and rads uncomfortable, slightly affected, nervous..

    He den goes to the bed takes the chunni n radhika is too shy to turn around and get it, again witout askin he gives her the chunni, she swungs it up in da air and it falls over his head. He is frozen, he is affected thorougly.

    When she turns around, blinds him with her bright smile and holds her hand out for him to shake it….arjun just stares at her. He takes several steps back slowly, realizing something, afraid for the intense feelings she was raking from his heart and arousing his desire for her…he is so shocked…

    He is shocked that he was falling for her. Totally for her. Totally falling for a wrong girl.

    The moment was so deeply mind reeling that he had to open da door, lean on the wall, close his eyes, to steady his breath, his heart, his mind and his shaking limbs. It disturbed him no end since den…..

  59. anu

    guys many asked y radhika didnt attend sam’s marriage, if it was done?? y wil arjun become partner of birdsong??

    i dont have the answers for these as im not cv, but ill tell my pov…

    RADHIKA LEFT A LETTER TO ARJUN THAT HE IS FREE FROM ALL PROBLEMS & HAS FREEDOM, FOR ARJUN’S & SAM’S HAPPINESS SHE WIL BE LEAVING FOREVER (moving too far from them)… when she woke up she said i’ll part from you and will move away too far.. so may be she would have left for other place where they cant reach her, or she didnt disclose any details of her whereabouts..SO, SHE MIGHT HAVE NOT ATTENDED SAM’S MARRIAGE..

    ARJUN, Partner of birdsong : i feel like samrat sir has made him a partner, as he was regretting that he left nandini for the sake of birdsong.. he left them when arjun was too young… for all his deeds and as he was the cause of their broken futures, he might have felt guitly & had made arjun as an official partner..

  60. kfar

    @vinu- (im updating the parts n soon putting in a continous story. Wil soon put it something-thnx for askin dear)

    And yes i agree, it doesnt deserve such beautiful serial. Totally sucked out my enthusiasm to watch any other show aftr it. I donno wat to do latr. Hate the feeling. Possibly, i wil watch all da epi onlin, listen to its music continously.

  61. kfar

    Forgot and updated da story in da before epi’s page. Gonna sleep now but wil update in da mornin..gdnite

  62. I luv tody episode really hate starplusss but I wish Manmarziyan 2 comes it is the best serial ever its chemistry superrrr??????

  63. rukhi

    I am a Pakistani and like to watch Indian dramas especially starplus dramas
    This is one of my favorite dramas

  64. saji

    Thanx anu for dat pov…u r rgt mgt b samrat made Arjun partner of birdsong for his deeds…

    hare u sp…all dese things cud hav been,shown in detail instead of rushng…most of d things r incomplete..i,feel,like dat

    Il miss u,all,guys…will,miss u,all,badly:(:(:'(:'(

  65. anu


    I hope nandini di turns positive and patches up with arjun on this very special day….fingers crossed…. 🙂

  66. @Ira loads of thanks for such warm hug dear…mch needed it…m still in dilemma of ending mmz…unable njoy the moment of life…i knw its an addiction bt cant hlp coz loved mmz frm core….
    @ Devga agreed to ur pt frm nw i will never ever watch this stupid n hopless channel further….
    hey pls friends can any one tell me abt samrat n nandini affair cos i miss sum part of mmz?y samrat left nandini n whn did she adopted arjun n all…plz…..
    n really guys story is incomplete.they skip the manya’s part n nw reunion of ardhika n nesam is so fast…want ardhika moment more atleast at their reunion…Jst 20 min epi left……m feeling dejected….. love AhaMica….
    N love u all fans of manmarjiyan…
    @ kfar hey dear i want to read ur story again n in continue manner… Love u writting..pls make sum page where u could post it…

    • Ira afroz

      @Dipika…..Me too yaar.I m also Too much Addicted to Manmerziayan.
      It’s was the only source of entertainment now it’s also ending.
      Can’t describes my feeling…It’s like there is important thing gonna missing from life.

  67. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,………….

    sry 4 late guys,…n 2day i cant post my long review cox yday my friend was not feeling well,, i was with her n dinn watched the epi,…i watched it now ly,….so,not long review,….

    Its a good epi as cvs ve proved that if tym permits they might ve shown these scenes with good note but now due 2 time constraints they make it as a small leap n sorted out everything by the dialogues of leads,…

    yippie,….my dadaji came back,….i got radz-dadaji,…..friends m in cloud 9 that m satisfied with mmz that i got what i wanted,..i missed radz-dadaji bonding,…dadaji s a most imp person in radz life,..its really a warming scene,…loved how daji tried 2 make radz 2 come out of this mess n v knew dadaji,…u ly ve informed sam 2 come r8,..again playing like b4,..u used 2 play prank with radz,..that landed her in mumbai n now u want ur choti 2 live happily with her arjun sir,..omg still arjun sir,…please radz get rid of this arjun sir dear,…u r loving him deeply n u r calling him sir,…it looks like u r calling a teacher,…btw,its difficult 2 change na,..but i expect that u ll call him arjun after confession,….


    friends,…y u all confused yaar,…radz wrote in that letter that watever happened btw them s wrong n she cant betray her friend so,pls fulfill my dreams make sam happy n u too b happy,….so,arjun decided 2 return sam’s happiness back 2 her,…at the same time sam revealed that she loves neil n so,its arjun’s move that he revealed the entire truth 2 khannas n join neil n sam’s hand in mrg n no doubt in it,…Radz knew about sam’s mrg but she dinn go n she dinn know that groom s neil n not her hubby,..tat’s y dadaji said no need of wearing nuptial chain cox by now arjun n sam got married, they dunno whom sam married,….

    btw neil not accompanying him as he felt that radz s still in pain as she dinn attend their mrg too,,going b4 her s not a wise idea n he dont wanna see his friend in distress even arjun was not willing 2 do so as he felt that he hurt her enof n now by making his presence b4 her ll hurt her more,…but dadji’s plan with sam 2 bring these 2 love birds 2gether 4ever as they love each other more but due 2 their uncertainty they r separated,….so,its quite interesting n much needed small leap of few days,…nice move cvs,…i expected this,…

    sam pushed arjun 2 meet radz as she said she was happy fulfilled radz wish n u ve 2 b happy now,…n she too said she knew radz still crying with memories as she guessed that she love arjun n so,she said she ll not 4get her love 4 u, car scene,…so,no doubt that they gave hints that sam n arjun r going 2 ask 4giveness after nesam mrg n they 4 ve planned 4 honey moon r vacation too with radz,…n sam s confident that radz ll 4give them n she even said that v ve 2 return her happiness,,no doubt 4m my side,….but wen i read wu,…i was quite confused,…after watching the epi, was crystal clear 2 me,…

    & arjun bcame bs partner may b cox of his honesty nature n his redemption 4 his n his sis deeds,samrat n piyali may decided 2 honor him cox of radhika’s sacrifice n his effort in getting nesam married,….may b they ll reveal this by dialogues r some short scenes 2morrow,…

    & m eagerly waiting 4 the last epi,..precap,…ardhika confession,…wow,…omg,…wat an epic confession yaar,…n also m happy that i watched an amazing show which s finite but loved it a lot, obsession 4 this show never ends,…but irony s i ve 2 watch my fav epi in hotstar app,…m not at all sad now,…as this soap ends with good note but felt disappointed that i missed ardhika scenes after confession,..may b cvs ll show it 4 a min n end this amazing show with 4 leads working in bs,…

    have a nice day ahead guys,….

  68. keerthi

    Love u arjun, rathika and Neil. What an episode. Love u all. Miss u all. I hate star plus. Precap was nice.

  69. anu

    after their confession, ithink they will show a happy holiday ending(sam asked arjun has he booked tkts)…
    so the last scene could be that they were moving to holiday to have a best life ahead..

  70. Silambu S

    Very confused episode.. how arjun could stay without radhika for few days and how can he stay with sam totally non-sense

  71. Nivu

    yesterdays episode was goood. only one days more for manmarziyan.I cant imagine that it was ending today.I feel very sad .bcz i cant see it after today.I hope todays episode will be quite interesting. ardhikas romance will be end today.

  72. Samiha

    I might not be able to visit the page tonight, so bidding the farewell now…

    @all:I had been a silent reader of this site since the show cast and always admired talking to you guys and sharing my own feelings and thoughts. But never managed the time or courage. But 2 days ago, I couldn’t stop myself because the show was ending and I thought to give it a try. Then I posted my first comment and got surprised with the warmrh you welcomed me(specially Natasha,kfar,Mandy,Anu). I enjoyed sharing my views.
    I’d like to tell you guys that all of you are great writers. So i hope your talents get the best use and you become successful in life. I will miss you all a lot…
    Finally, I would like to tell @Renu,kfar,Mandy,Thena,Natasha,Anu: Please I want to keep in touch with you guys. So could you guys please come to a site atleast weekly to talk(like Badtameez Dil page, it’s also a good one)..I hope you do. Please let me know till evening. Pllleeeaaaassseeee:|…. Will miss you a lot. Love from the depth of my heart….

  73. Samiha

    I might not be able to visit the page tonight, so bidding the farewell now…

    @all:I had been a silent reader of this site since the show cast and always admired talking to you guys and sharing my own feelings and thoughts. But never managed the time or courage. But 2 days ago, I couldn’t stop myself because the show was ending and I thought to give it a try. Then I posted my first comment and got surprised with the warmrh you welcomed me(specially Natasha,kfar,Mandy,Anu). I enjoyed sharing my views.
    I’d like to tell you guys that all of you are great writers. So i hope your talents get the best use and you become successful in life. I will miss you all a lot…
    Finally, I would like to tell @Renu,kfar,Mandy,Thena,Natasha,Riya,Anu: Please I want to keep in touch with you guys. So could you guys please come to a site atleast weekly to talk(like Badtameez Dil page, it’s also a good one)..I hope you do. Please let me know till evening. Pllleeeaaaassseeee:|…. Will miss you a lot. Love from the depth of my heart….

  74. kfar

    @Samiha- Hey thats nice you felt the warmth from everyone here coz i was new too only days back i guess. Warm hug friend and thnx for such beautiful comments and im game to come on dat page aftr this page wraps up in two weeks?!? They say we get updated dis page til a week or so i dont know guys…im stayin here til dis page is available…im kinda busy today walkin n typin but i feel sad dat today wil be the last epi…

  75. guyzz I jst lvd the starplus plzz u can continue the shw na pls.we all luv manmarziyan plzzz starplus..ardhika neisam u guyzz jst absolutely rockss I luv both.eagerly waiting for todays epi

  76. kfar

    The ironic thing iz al da othr shows couldn’t garner as many comments as we’re writing in dis page, all the othrs hv cls to twenty n ours is crossing 200, if it is goin for popularity den sadly dat is not da case for shutting down da show…it has apparently odr reasons..

  77. Ira afroz

    Good Morning….guys

    Renu….i m also get surprised when Radhika said Arjun Sir.She still calling him.sir……Oh god.
    Desperately waiting for tonight…
    I wish this waiting will never end.I wish i could Stop the time and once again go back in the past…

    From the staring of Manmerziayan i couldn’t realise how i m gonna miss this show.but now i m totally shattered.

    Now just being busy with Downloading all Manmerziayan episode.

  78. Savera

    A very big hiiiiiiiiiii to all my Manmaziyan friends…..
    The day has come 4 d last episode, it is ending on a happy note. Like Arjun said to Radhika…. Saarei muskurahte chhod ker aur saare aansoo le ker tum chali aai…
    Radhika our darling n epitome of sacrifice, came back to Dadaji (sweetest person) with d memories of Arjun. Want 2 spent her entire life with this golden memories.
    Friends after today, there ii b no Manmarziyan ,but only the memories…….a fascinating
    memories of Arjun,Radhik,Niel &Sam,,,, their friendship,their love but not only this, their ll b memories of OUR FRIENDSHIP…. Which grew with episode by episode.It is a treasure for me which I ll always cherish. Guys all d very best to all of you,always b happy. May you all get d friends like Radhika , Sam n Niel and love like Arjun, Niel n Radhika, ALL of u b always
    surrounded by true happiness n love.
    hey Kfar I want to see ur book at every book stall. may u be a successful author. Renu u write so well ,express every emotion in a perfect way, keep writing. all my Manmarziyan friends keep writing. bye bye…………… at last,I m dedicating my composition to ALL OF YOU.

    ……….. WHICH I RESPECT,
    ……………….WITH MY BEST,
    I KNOW
    ………….I LOVE YOU MOST
    BECAUSE,YET ………………….


  79. lreena

    Nothing will happen with out request guys. Because star plus is a bullshit channel. We requested a lot to reopen eht 2,but nothing worked. We cried, request ,begged to star plus not to stop manmarzian. They never paid heed to us.NOW I M REQUESTING TO FRIENDS PLS STOP WATCHING STAR PLUS. LET THEIR TRP DOWN.AND CURSE THEM A LOT AS MUCH AS U CAN.

  80. anu

    hi to evryone who are active and silent readers of these updates..

    I Am back with an idea that makes us stay connected in future tooo….

    Mandy,kfar,annie,mitty,saji,samiha, ireena, ira afroz, riya, arohi,abhi,savera,aram,manisha, renu, natasha,nakshatra,ruki and many more friends here (sorry if i forgot any name)…


    let us stay connected…. love u loads… ♥♥♥♥

    • Ireena

      So sweet of u…..anu.u thouht of continuing our friendship on fb….but i m not active on i wont be connect with u guys anymore.feeling so sad…..

    • Natasha

      Thank u so much. But I won’t able to active as I am not on facebook. Still I will try to visit it.

    • Samiha

      Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot dear…. But still I would like to communicate in some other pg of telly updates too….Thanks again…

  81. ramya

    I m tamilian . yesterday is my birthday bt i m unable to celebrate it becoz of mmz……. I m still nw crying fr it ;-( I hate star plus I love each and every scene I m gng to miss a loooooooootttt

    • anu

      BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMYA… dont worry… we will wait for DYM2 on other channel… star plus gave second season of IPKKND… so lets hope for DYM2 🙂

    • Samiha

      Belated Happy birthday Ramaya….Hope your life fills with joy. Don’t be too upset, hope for the best my friend…

  82. Thena

    oh DADAJI! luv u, luv u, luv u,…..u understand chasni evrytim & always encouragin hr 2 chase hr happiness…tis tim 2 chase hr prince arjun…cos of u we cud c hr luv 4 arjun…thank u so much & i personally want a dadaji lik u…such an optimistic charactr..luv u sir…

    oh my dolly radz u cant hide ur heart aymore baby…u were reminiscin ur hero arjun wenevr u close eyes…tat too u nvr miss 2 think of the moment tat he carried u in hs arms on bringin u home aftr mrg….so nw u want ur prince 2 cum 2 u & tak u forcibly huh?(whoa whoa whoa… i got it dear) …….. cos u know he isnt married 2 sam yet…cos u know sam(r atleast neil) wud ve called u 4 mrg then…cos u know atleast u wud ve been informed of mrg ….but beware baby…i assure u 1 thin…tis tim ur hubby is very passionate & stubborn in gettin hs wifey…he ll cum 2 u lik a heavy storm hittin the tender tree 2 mak it fall…

    dear radz i suggest u 1 thing..don try 2 avoid hm by tellin thos sammy thins again..cos he isnt ready 2leave u at any cost unlik b4 instead he ll make u melt b4 hm by stimulatin al ur senses physically,…sure he ll make u confess ur feelins 4 hm…so don try doin any drama b4 hm else i swear u ll b caught red handed b4 hm as u ll not hold hs intense luks 4 long & u ll b left embarrased as anyhw u r badly gonna fall in hs arms baby….

    i sarted 2 watch mmz ly 4 sam-radz bond.. got impressed seein such intense frienship track 4 1st time in tv(atleast 2 me)..aftr long tim i witnessed the same wem sam sayin 2 arjun,” u don know hr…i know hr very well & she is expert in 4givin”…luvd it sam referrin radz as chasni again…kudos 2 cvs..cant xpect anythin more 4m them…they ve carried the essence of each charater all these days witou changin anythin 4 their own sake…actually tis makes mmz unique..big salute 2 them…

    i don ve any confusion wid 2dy’s epi guys..actually sams happiness is neil & arjuns happiness is radz…tats it…


    hi friends hw many of u slept well aftr witnessin such a PRECAP?uffffffffffffff…i cudnt yaar…..i stayed in room 4 5mins aftr tis & had 2 make my face (happiness overloaded)….

  83. Thena

    @kfar..heyaa i think u r havin ur hands wid the creators….seems tat the scenes u prdicted r comin..hehehe

    @samiha…oh dear…luv u buddy..def will b in touch dear..

  84. Savera

    Hi, Anu
    really thanks… for giving this idea n this site. definitely I ll b connected to all of u.
    Hey Ramya, please don,t cry. See d beauty of Manmarziyan it has given us such a beautiful experience, so B happy. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU dear. Miss Manmarziyan but don,t cry.

  85. Hey Anu I wud love to join but my FB isn’t wokin so it ll tak som time to join !!

    Hey Samiha I will visit dat badtameez dil wat u r satin but ly if u com so wat do u say ???

    Farah is der any way we can still stay in touch after dos serial finishes bcoz I want to stay in touch with u n all of my friends?????

    • Samiha

      Thanks Mandy for agreeing. If we connent in fb, then we’ll have to log in or sign in. It’ll take much time. Many of us don’t even have an account in fb. But if we connect in some pg of telly update, we don’t even need a password. So that’s easier. I will try to connenct in fb later but currently try to stick to the easy plan. @anu:Hope you didn’t mind, I am not disrespecting tour suggestion at all. Thanks again…

  86. I wanted to mention one other thing yesterday but missed writing about it……I loved Aham each time when he did d “waking up after sleeping” scene….I’ve never seen anyone do it with dat much conviction……if feels as if he slept through d entire night den woke up in d morning n gave d shot…..feels so natural n real!!

  87. Saran

    After tonight i never watch sp…….. i miss this serial and ur comments….. miss u manmarzian a lot…….

  88. @ Anu..I loved ur interpretation of d feelings of each character….beautifully expressed n made me fall in love with it…felt so connected..

    @ Thena that was too good:)

    @ Farha…instead of writing on today’s page I mistakenly wrote my view on yesterday episode’s page…n m waiting with bated breath for u to continue d story..

  89. kfar

    @anu- dear its very thought but i cant be on fb i can only be here
    @thena- i lv ur view deaf of what u wrote about dadaji hehehehe 😀

    hey i think so right hehehe

    @Mandy- deary i wil be on btmzdil page ya wil be here in dizpage pestering u all hehehe

    • Samiha

      Many thanks farha for wantin to stay in touch… I hope to find you in the pg of Badtameez dil next monday…

  90. anu

    THANQ so much everyone… few likes for the page… guys, plzzz mention in your TellyUpdate name while you post anything on fb..

    • Samiha

      Ha ha! Autocorrect fails and typing errors are the worst. Was wondering,’Why did Farha write DEAF!!’ then o had guessed it…

  91. kfar

    @raashi- haha i too felt the same. He looks so hot with all that dishevelled hair in the morning. Sigh.

  92. Hey Anu a big big big hug for u dear for making fb page…love u…..
    @ Ira frm whr u downloadng the full epi of mmz coz cant able to dwnlod on mobile frm…plz tell which site is best…

    @ renu u make superb explanation… really it makes crystal clear to me nw….thanks buddy….lets see u all in fb page made by anu….

  93. Natasha

    Will miss u so much guys. I have many sweet memories with all. I still remember how u all welcomed me and wish me on my bday. U all become my very dear friend through I didnot see u. From the begaining abi, happy,raashi,sonamohan,devga were my friends but now look there is many friends. Guys can we all talk to each other after ending without facebook? I am really very sad. Mmz is not only a serial it is like a family.

  94. kfar

    Thanx to all and lv n miss u all @Renu(loveeeee ur views)@[email protected](hey bud wer ru)@[email protected]@[email protected]@ira [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected](thnax for updating and bringing us together)@Ramya(Happy Birthday)@Samiha(wil be here on odr page)@alllllllllllllllll beautifullllllll ladies, may ur dreamzzz come true and all be happppyyy in futureee,…lv alzzz dearies lovelies… 😀

    • Ireena

      I made here,@farha.u always remember sweet of u♡today I m little sick.nt feeling like well as feeling very sad for u guys and manmarzian.
      anyway,how do u know that we all r ladies??I mean r u sure???

  95. Natasha

    As we will not able to keep in touch again so can u give ur introduction,occupation(only if u have no problem)

  96. Dis is the frst evr whch i hav cried hard…..dnt clse dis shw..plllzzzzzzzzz…..hoping fr a nxt seasn…..<3 u ardhika….ll misss uu a lotttt….nw sp ll surely hav low trp…nd i hpe it ll…plzzz dnt wrap up dis shw….plzzzz :'( :'( <3 DYM…gonna miss u a lot..

  97. kfar

    Hey evryone, It’s me again, actually I’m cutting down all stories short here and thinkn of putting up a different. A preview kind of my story ‘Drawn Together’. I’m putting up a short part of the story. Hope you like n give me ur point of view, as I hv submitted it to plublication process, so here we go….


    Radhika was sitting on the centre of the bed, wondering how she has gone from a single young girl to a married woman in matter of only days. How the mehendi design on her hands told her that she is indeed married. The wedding dress, the eloberatedly designed lehenga and the long chunni over her head mocked her. Every jewelery cut into her skin, the sindoor burned her forehead, mocking her. Sneering and laughing over her now existence, chaining it with iron holders to an unknown man. A stranger. A man as cold hearted as her father.

    Arjun Raquel Mehra, The business head and CEO of the leading RRS advertising company in India and overseas. Rumour has it that, he was the most cruel and cut throat business. With not even a little flinch and twitch in the conscience, he buys a dying company and liquidates the assets one by one brutally giving none whatsover a second chance for it to redeem itself in the market. ‘The Black Hearted Tycoon’. That’s what he was called. Cold. Calculating. Heartless. He looked like one, in the numerous business magazine covers pages she had seen often in her father’s office library at home.

    Arjun Mehra was much younger compared to the older millionaire counterparts of men, say in late twenties or so, but still he managed to rake shivers down the spine of his adverseries. Radhika has seen him around in social gatherings. Her father was rich, yes. But he was not as powerful as him.

    Radhika found him frightening, he was more like rough, tall, broad shoulders, athletic body, defined toned arms and legs, hard planed face, harsh angles like a sculpted cut of marble and a sqaure jaw with little to no emotion going over the dark expression that seems to be the only mask he wears. Totally poker faced. It was kind of intimidating how one can wipe out all kinds of emotions. Showing less of oneself. She could feel undercurrents of deep rooted iciness around his demeanor when he shows up in the formal suits he wears. Like every where, She had seen him in black. He really did fit the title of the brooding prince just as perfectly.

    Radhika shuddered. He sure resembled her father in character. Stone cold through and through.

    Now she was married to him. Married to a stranger. Married to someone she didn’t even like.

    She felt tears form in her eyes. It was her father. He forced her, he beat her mother so brutally right in front of her when Radhika refused to marry. She was forced, if she didn’t have agreed, then her father would have killed her mother.

    It was all business, her father was to be the father-in-law to a much much richer tycoon. Why would he refuse. He was greedy. Radhika hated men and their opinion, that work is for a man and looking beautiful and staying back at home is only for a woman as an option.

    The fierce feminism in her wanted to make a difference. She had dreams, she wanted become an aritist. An international painter. She had saved money, to travel to New York, for an art exhibit workshop, it was a five year course, she had tricked her father into signing the papers, saying that it was for cooking classes. But now her freedom has lost. She was being gone dependent from her father to now her husband. Dominated by them one to another.

    Years of docility learned and inbred since her childhood made Radhika less self confident abd restricted her thoughts to only her thoughts.

    Radhika looked around the room, no it was a suite, with a hall, kitchen, a wide spread game room. The house was rich and lavish. Containing five floors, all well floored and furnished. But, curiously there were bot a soul around. Radhika knew he was orphan, but a wedding house is always this marooned.

    She heard footsteps. Her heart thudded in her chest. Would he beat her too just like his father if she refused to stay married to him. With broken breath she drew her legs together and eyes wide with fear, she looked at the door…

  98. Hey Farha here I m !! How r u ??
    Hi Anu I lov u a lot yaar ( srimanthudu cinema chuseva ???)
    Hey renu whr r u ???
    Hey thena ,Ireena hws d day goin ??
    Samiha, Riya Ira afroz Raashi Natasha nakshatra Mitty Devga Dipika Ramya Zara rose ure Kiran Saran happy Annie anukshya n all yaar will miss a lot n feelin to hug evry1 n cry loud bcoz only 1 epi yaar ???????

    Hey Farha dinn get d cmnt u said about badtameez dil ??


    can we get as many fans as we can and request aham n monica as lead in new show i truly want aham should play the role of grown up samrat ashok in colors show chakravarti ashok samrat which is now played by siddharth nigam n if we request colors n by the by we can also request them to make monica the female lead i mean karvaki ka role k liye wouldn’t that be amaznggg think guys ? ? m a silent reader over here i read the updates n comments daily n that’s my POV

  100. Mashallah Farah u writing was very graceful aur jis tarah tumne sentence joda woh toh itna like words hi nahi mil rahe tume Kaise describe karu bas I want ki tu aur bi ache stories like n I want to say LO KARLO BAAT ISE KEHETE HAI STORY yaar ab Maza agaya muuuuuuuuah !!?????????????
    Yaar tume toh God ne stories brain diya hai !!

    • Samiha

      @mandy:don’t mind yaar, but aren’t u frm AP, how cm u say Hindi? Wht is the lang. of AP?(juz out of curiosity). And r u muslim?

  101. kfar

    The foot steps neared, Radhika’s dread increased to thousand fold. Sweating in the heavy wear clothes she the saw the door, she closed her eyes for fear that he would drag her down the floor and hit.

    Nothing happened for a while, she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Her round fearful eyes rounded more.

    She looked at him from head to toe and blinked several times. Radhika has sure the strange man formal suits but she did not expect to see him in grey tshirt and sweat pants.

    His hair dishevelled, like he just had a shower. He had changed from his wedding clothes. How convinient, her mind commented dryly.

    He was not looking at her in blazing anger or blistering annoyance. No, he had no expression whatsoever. He looked more like charcoal sketched potrait and Radhika’s fearful beating heart turned into bewildered steadiness.

    He was looking at her, as if she were some kind of lost puppy, which had strayed into his house, now perched on his bed.

    All thoughts broke when he advanced towards her slowly. Her heart again starting beating with a pace faster than a zooming bike relentless on a road.

    He kept walking towards the bed, he sat down beside to her, Radhika scooted far away from him.

    He gave an eyebrow scrunch up at that and streched his hand out. Radhika looked at his hand and then to his eyes frowning. He slid his gaze to his hand and signalled for her to take it.

    Was he crazy? She thought.

    Seconds passed, minutes passed with her frozen and her stare on his outstreched hand and him looking at her still poker faced.

    But something finally made her outstrech her right hand a little hesitanty, she had surprised herself at such move, she didn’t know what made it happen. It was because of his compelling presence she guessed but she finally put her hand on his. His habd tightened over hers in a hold. Radhika blinked, hers was pale, puny and totally weird, his were long fingerd, a little tanned, strong and secure. Their held hands were an odd pair.

    Radhika saw him pull at her hand, he got out the bed and pulled her out of it.

    What on the god’s name?

    He held her hand and took her out of the room.

    Where was he taking her? Her heart stuttered. Was he throwing her out of the house? In the middle of the night? Out in the cold?

    She blinked again at his tall broad shoulders, flexing in that tshirt. His back to her face, he dragged her down the stairs leisurely. Radhika’s long heavy lehenga rustled on the floor.

    He dragged her down the stairs and into the wide, plush, hall. It has a large fire place. Arjun lead her their near the hearth of large warm burning fire place.

    He made her sat on a big, soft, sofa chair near the fire place. He again then sat across to her on the similar looking chair. They sat facing each other. A wooden glass teapoy seperated them. Radhika sat confused thorougly.

    He then whipped out a document typed written paper. He put that on the teapoy, throwing a pen on it.

    Radhika stared at it then looked up at him in question.

    What the hell was happenning?

    “These are our two year contract papers.” His voice deep, drawly, unemotional, his attitude as if handling a business proposition.

    He then whipped out another typed out paper document.

    “This is a legal document for your art workshop. Also a two year contract. You can then leave to New York. Do whatever you want after the marraige contract expires. You are your own person. Your own international art exhibition. Free from your father. I will see to it that he won’t interfere in your work. It’s freedom on a plate.” His voice still drawly, still deep, still unemotional just as his face and eyes.

    He then whipped a third document and put it on the glass teapoy.

    “All you have to do is sign on this documents, which says that, the land on your name, that you’re getting from your father because of this marraige, will now be transferred into my possession. All that it takes is a sign and you will be free of any relationship with me….”

    He then gazed at the fire, the hues of the orange flames playing over his features.

    “We will be married yes, in name only. In public we are man and wife but personally I don’t care what you do, with who you’ll be and where you’ll go, not my concern. The same will be applied to you. No interfering in my space. No questions about what I do and with whom I stay…in short we are single in every sense of word…” He stared at her passively, giving her a minute to make her understand.

    He leaned back and put his finger tips together of both of his hand.

  102. Hiiii friends ,
    wow superb epi…..but so much confusion is there…first why did sam wear mangalsotra ? whom did she marry ??? neil or not….why neil told sam n arjun that they don’t let go to rshikhes, radhika is already in Pain …
    also why did arjun be a part of birdsong agency. … coz of contract ?? Radhu goes back to rshikhes leave arjun n free of her marriage relationship so that it mean she sign. the divorce paper or not ???? if the already leave arjun then why she wear mangalsutra n put sindoor in her maang ???? only for emotions ….. hope today’s episode will clears all the confusion. …

    Finally the moment will come tomorrow’s episode when arjun confess his love yiippeeee 🙂 🙂 :-* :-* my epinephrine hormones release very fastly , I don’t have words when I saw this awesome precap.
    ….luv many more more times you ardhika. .. I miss badly you both pairs plzzzzz don’t go anywhere. .. ..
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    today is the last day m wishing fot mmz season 2 should come soon …coz i cant live without mmz….happy that our ardhika will unite bt they r going far frm us too….still crying…
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    love u aham n monica…Neil n sam u too r gem yarr…u 4 r superb talented actor…Best wishes for ur future project..c u soon ahamica….

  104. Riya

    Sam finally goes away from Arjun’s life and decides to unite Arjun and Radhika forever as they deserve to be together.

    Sam makes Arjun believe that Radhika loves him only.

    On the other hand, Radhika is restless after leaving Arjun but decides to forget him as he is now Sam’s.

    Sam and Arjun reach to Rishikesh and Radihka refuses to meet anyone.

    Love confession with romance between Radhika and Arjun

    Arjun asks Radhika why did she give her smile to him, and took away his tears.

    Arjun gets closer to Radhika and says I love you Radhika.

    Radhika tries to avoid Arjun but his true love and closeness melt her and she also confesses her love to him.

    Arjun and Radhika share passionate hug and romance.

    On the other hand, Sam also comes back to Neil and confess her love to him too.

  105. yaa agree with you mandy. …
    kfar- you have good imagination skill . I impressed your beautiful story…. I read your story its interesting ….perfect pair yaarrr…. wow such an amazing way you describe their getup top head to toes …. especially arjun’s , luv u soooo much farah …. may good bless u and deserves ri8 place with u r skill …《finger crossed》

  106. Ira afroz


    I just watch a video from set of Manmerziayan.

    It’s damn hot yaar.
    It’s like that….
    @Arjun and Radhika’s hot romance from set of Manmerziayan@
    u can watch now in Youtube.

    It’ll telecast today’s episode.

    Oh god ….the part of it is—-

    Radhika calling Arjun by his name to wake up from sleep….sorry sorry guys.
    I don’t tell u anything…..don’t want to spoil your excitement.

  107. Ira afroz


    I just watch a video from set of Manmerziayan.

    It’s damn hot yaar.
    It’s like that….
    @Arjun and Radhika’s hot romance from set of Manmerziayan@
    u can watch now in Youtube.

    It’ll telecast today’s episode.

    Oh god ….the best part of it is—-

    Radhika calling Arjun by his name to wake up from sleep….sorry sorry guys.
    I don’t tell u anything…..don’t want to spoil your excitement.

  108. Natasha

    Shayad mmz ko sp end kar sattey hai par hum hamari dosti ko khabhi nahi toreng ge.
    Ye dosti hum nahi torrenge tera sath bhi na chorreng ge….

    • Hey Natasha Meru dil ki bat boldi ya mein yeh kahun ki tumne dil ki bat lik di !! Hey sweethart I ll miss u a lot bcoz of dis song n ur cmnt love u can never forget !!!??

  109. Annie

    Only few minutes r left !! And now butterflies r flying in my stomach coz today there is most waited Ardhika cnfession at the same tym I am feeling very low coz mz gonna end!!!
    Feeling very restless abd upset!! Will miss mmz worstly!!
    Agreeing to what devga said.. I am leaving sp from today itself after 11 pm… so RIP starplus!! -_-

  110. yes natasha very true dear.. sp hamare dil se mmz ko nahi mita payega…lst 20 min waiting for mmz…frm tomorrow no more waiting for mmz…

  111. Ira afroz

    @kfar….yaar.Don’t say good-bye.

    Seriously….in those days i was living a Dream World with all guys.
    Such a amazing moments we enjoyed….Remember it forever…

    Dosti yaariyan Manmerziayan…

  112. kfar

    @ireena- hahaha we are all ladies i guess lol i dont bud. But why would i forget u 😀
    @Mandy- warm hug yaar itni tareef karnekeliye thanx very much 😀

    Zara-love the lines very nice view 😀
    n thanx @dipiki@ i made too many typos n spl error thanx a lot though for liking it. Love lots.
    Ure- wil update that story soon dear im hvng trouble deciding a scene. Its kinda blocking my thoughts. Wil promise update in the morning for sure.

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