Manmarziyan 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun taking Sam to talk to her. Sam thanks him for saving Radhika and says she was mistaken to know him. Nandini looks on. Sam says I m really sorry, forgive me. Arjun says I think I should apologize. He says many things changed in last two days and looks at Radhika. He says maybe I was walking on wrong path and I don’t want to walk ahead, I want to change my way now. Nandini gets shocked. She crushes the flowers in her hand. Radhika looks at Saral’s shagun bangles and holds it. Sam and Arjun come to her.

Sam says I told you Radhika to keep Arjun away from me, but you have… as usual did everything fine. She smiles and hugs her. She says everything is fine between me and Arjun. Radhika says I knew Arjun will do the right thing. Sam says I will tell Neil. Radhika

smiles. She recalls seeing Arjun meeting a lady. She stops Arjun and asks who was that lady. He gets stunned and looks at her. She says the one whom you called Didi. He recalls Nandini. She says she was here, what was her name.

He asks who Didi. She says she was right here. He says you underwent an operation, maybe its effect on mind, there was no one and makes her wear Saral’s bangles. He asks her to focus on herself and stop interfering in other’s lives and their problems. He holds her hand right and asks her to take care of her health. She leaves her hand and goes from her ward.

Its morning, Sam talks to Samrat and says we are leaving in some time, Arjun is here with us. Radhika recalls his words. Sam asks Radhika whast the matter and is she feeling cold. She covers her and asks is she fine, does she not wish to go back to Mumbai. Radhika says she is not feeling well, something is weird. Sam says it happens after operation, you will be fine soon. Sam takes her.

Arjun comes to Nandini and smiles seeing her happily talking to small kids. He says lets go. She says she recalls his childhood seeing them, he was so innocent and would believe anyone. He says his childhood has passed. She says I know but for me, you are still the cute Arjun. She says she was worried as she could not talk to him for days, is everything fine. He says till he takes revenge for her tears, he will not get fine. She says I know, and reminds him how he was determined since childhood. She says he is still adamant, he can move back if he wants. He refuses.

She says life does not change way for anyone, but people change. He says we changed, its time to make others feel the pain who have felt, till I don’t happiness in your eyes, I will not come back. She asks did he talk to that girl. He says Radhika is fine. She says I m not talking about Radhika, but Samaira, you know what you have to do now. He says I know, I will talk to Samaira. He asks her to go before anyone sees her. She says I will call you and leaves.

Arjun comes to Sam and Radhika. He says he wants to talk to Sam. Sam says yes say. He says I want to… The doctor comes and says about discharge formalities. Sam asks Arjun to take Radhika, she will do the formalities and come. Arjun holds Radhika. Sam asks is she fine, she will just come. She goes. Arjun looks at Radhika. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays……………. He recalls Nandini’s words and leaves her. He starts leaving. She gets hurt and asks why. She asks why is he behaving such with her, what did she do that he is bringing his anger out on her. He stops and looks at her.

She says everything was fine till yesterday. He says nothing was fine between us and can never be. He says nothing changed, I helped you and you felt we became friends, you are mistaken, throw this junk from your mind. She says she is not mistaken, she has seen yesterday, it was not lie, don’t know why and what is he hiding. He says nothing, I saved you being helpless, maybe accident made you go weird, stop finding good person in me, else my badness will not leave you. He leaves. Dastaan……………… plays………….. She sees Nandini and recalls seeing her with Arjun. She walks to her and sees she disappeared. Nandini bumps into her and Radhika sees her face.

Radhika stops Nandini and says she has seen her somewhere, is her name Nandini. Nandini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  12. renu June 29, 2015 at 6:09 amfriends,…2 good news,…i dunno 2nd ll b good,…1.As of now, we have seen how Nandini encourages Arjun to take revenge from Sam by spoiling her life. She is trying to keep Radhika away from Arjun as she strongly believes that she can change him for good and that would only mean the failure of Nandini’s plan.In the upcoming episodes of the show, the viewers will witness some more drama picking up as Radhika and Arjun will come close to one another.A source informs, “Arjun will soon start missing Radhika and will find it hard to function without her and soon the viewers will have a visual treat watching the duo fall in love with each other and romance too. Nandini on the other hand will notice this and will conspire against Radhika.”2.The accident sequence in Star Plus’ Manmarziyan (Swastik Productions) definitely has created a lot of drama with Radhika (Monica Sehgal) almost losing her life.
    Also it marked the entry of Nandini (Shilpa Agnihotri) back in Arjun’s (Aham Sharma) life and making viewers know about the truth of their vicious plans.
    But the comeback trend won’t stop here as soon Radhika’s parents will also move to Mumbai to be with their daughter.
    Shares a source, “When the family would be informed about Radhika’s accident, they would all panic and decide to fly down to Mumbai to be with her side.”
    And drama will spice up when they will get to know that Arjun was with Radhika when the accident happened. They will be shocked to know that their daughter was alone on a trip with a boy.
    They would go ahead and confront Arjun who would be shocked with such a treatment. These developments will shock him and a major misunderstanding will build up between him and Radhika.
    How will all this affect the relationship of Arjun, Sam (Kashmira Irani) and Radhika?
    We called Ushma Rathod who plays Radhika’s mother and she said, “Yes, we will be moving to Mumbai and that will soon follow up with a lot of interesting drama.”hope u all enjoy it,…

  13. TFS renu ….. I had a doubt of this chasni’s family …. wen informed abt accident will surly come to Mumbai … And gradually will understand tht ardhika was alone in trip and thought they will take her to rishikesh … But sad tht misunderstanding between ardhika …. OK let’s c wat happens …

  14. i also read it frm big twist is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. wat r new timigs of dis serial???its nt cmg at 4:30pm

    1. New timing s 8 am(mornin) n 1.30 am (midnight) n usual 10 .30

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