Manmarziyan 27th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saral telling Radhika about Nandini getting the shop burnt, and Arjun is also involved. Arjun keeps an eye on Bonnie. Bonnie asks Sam not to get trapped and says something. (Muted) Piyali says finally its time for Sam and Arjun’s performance. Arjun and Sam dance on the song Ishq wala love…………Radhika looks on and thinks of Saral’s words. Bonnie comes to Sam, and asks her to save Sam, Arjun will ruin her life, I tried to warn her, but she is not listening. She shows her and Arjun’s pics in her phone.

Bonnie says I don’t know what Arjun wants, please save Sam, only you can do this. Everyone clap for Arjun and Sam. Radhika goes there. Nandini comes to Radhika and takes her. Radhika asks her about Arjun and Bonnie’s affair and Nandini has instigated Saral

against her. Arjun comes there and hears them. Nandini sees him, and acts sweet. Radhika asks the truth. Nandini says Arjun always supported you, why did you do this, you got our shop burnt. Arjun says stop this nonsense.

Nandini says she is blaming me. Radhika says I m saying the truth, I got to know everything, and you Arjun, I regarded you as Lord, you became a devil, tell me what you and your sister want, why are you after Sam this way, why did you burn our shop.

She says fine, you say everything infront of Sam, I have saved you before and will save this time too. Nandini asks Radhika will sam agree without any proof. Radhika says Sam loves Arjun and trusts me, my trust will become her proof. She goes and Arjun goes after her. Nandini smiles. Radhika goes to Sam while she is dancing with the group. Radhika takes her and says Arjun and Nandini are lying to you, Arjun does not love you, he has some plan, they have some other plan, they are not good. Sam recalls Saral’s words. Radhika asks Sam to break her marriage. Sam slaps her. Everyone look on shocked. Neil says Sam. Sam stops Neil and says no one will speak between us today, its between our friendship, I have trusted Radhika and she cheated me.

Sam says this is cheat that I supported you and you did this. Radhika says you don’t know what they want to do. Sam says Nandini told me everything, she said you will do something today, you want to break my and Arjun’s relation, why are you after my happiness, are you after Arjun? Are you not ashamed to trap your friend’s love? Radhika gets shocked and says it’s a lie, what are you saying? Sam asks the truth. Radhika says truth is Arjun and Nandini are lying, Arjun is acting to show love. Sam asks what about all this? Radhika says you will believe if anyone else say, and asks Saral to tell Sam.

Saral asks what truth? Your and Arjun’s truth? Radhika says you just said Nandini has got our shop burnt. Nandini says why will I burn your shop, Arjun I did not do this. Arjun asks Radhika to stop making stories. Radhika says I m saying the truth. She asks Ankush. Ankush says Dilip got inquiry report, it was short circuit in neighbor shop and our shop caught fire too. Saral says when did I say about fire, I came to warn Sam. Sam says Radhika could not see my and Arjun’s love, she wants to keep Arjun away from me, she can’t see my happiness.

Radhika says it’s a lie, I said there was something between Bonnie and Arjun, ask her. She asks Bonnie to tell the truth, she has shown the pics in her phone, don’t worry. Bonnie says I just said you stay away from Arjun. FB shows Bonnie saying Arjun is nice guy and loves Sam, Radhika told something else, she wants to make you and Arjun break up, she wants to snatch your love. Bonnie tells Radhika that Sam is a true friend, and a very nice girl, don’t do this. Radhika asks such a big lie? Sam says or a big truth….

Radhika says they all are lying, I have seen the shop burning video, trust me. Saral says you are the only one to speak truth, did you fall so low, see mummy ji, your Radhika’s truth is out. Mala cries. Saral says I was ready to marry Radhika for your respect, even after seeing her inclination towards Arjun, and you misunderstood me. Radhika tells Sam that they are lying. Sam asks about the A in her mehendi, and shows her. Arjun looks at the A. Radhika says I don’t know. Nandini says tell I have done this too. She says Arjun I m seeing she is crying and making Arjun emotional, and making everyone against me. She asks Sam to ask her friends, does Radhika not try to stay with Arjun always. Radhika says its nothing like this. Nandini is proving me wrong. Sam says why will she do this? Radhika says I don’t know, but its true. Sam says its not true, the truth is you wanted to get Arjun….

Arjun asks Nandini is she involved in getting Radhika’s shop burnt. He goes to meet Radhika and sees her standing in the balcony.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    Worst worst worst episode…helpless rad…no one for her….i really really hate today episode….if i was in that place i would slap nandhini,saral,sam,arjun,neil….i hated all people today….what a trust….

  2. Annie

    Just dont know what to say about the episode.. I did not like it.. worst episode ever seen.. is this calked friendship??.. both sm and rads r trapped badly!! Nandini Saral and bonny r the most kamina … all r jerks…. saw a ray of hope in the precap. . Read the spoiler. .. lets hope for the best now…

    • happy

      Dnt trust spoiler….they said neil and rad ll expose arjun and nandhini….bt today they said neil likes sams bridal makeup…sam waits for arjun…and ardhika marriage ll happen….whats the link between these lines….and 2 days before arjun thinks to call off his marriage….nothing ll happen untill it shows in serial….

    • happy

      i hate this system of comment….i wrote rply to u….all spoiler i mentioned….bt they not showed….all r bad today…dnt trust spoiler annie….nothing ll happen untill it happens in serial….marriage wnt happen…bt today they said ardhika marriage ll happen…i dnt understand precap also…i hated all people in today episode….i not sure…they ll post this rply or not…

  3. shaki

    Ohh poor radhu 🙁 how can they do this to her.. I’m sure Neil will trust her and he will help her. Because he is the only one who knows the value of true friendship. This idiot Sam don’t know any difference about fake or real.

  4. gsam is the biggest idiot in the world she dnt deserve anyone’s love and frndship And i pray to god whether i wil get a frnd lik chasni or nt i dnt knw bt dnt want frnd lik sam

  5. upset …… 🙁 🙁
    our respective A.P.J .Abdul kalam sir passed away today….
    god bless such a huge personality. . .

  6. Ira afroz

    Lots of drama in today’s episode.
    Seriously Radhika is fully framed by nandini’s trap.But i was surprised by Arjun attitude.He loves Radhika,ri8?Shame on him…yaar
    He show his ”so called” love for Rads when nobody is not around.
    Hope in tmrw epi i think Radhika should slap him…

  7. Deepa

    Guys sadly manmarziyan go off air because of there lowest trp rating news from starplus Facebook page they give one month for rising trp

  8. devga

    Just wanted to share …


  9. devga

    Just wanted to share …


  10. nish

    Trapped completely this was sams friendship. This was neils dostii and finally this was arjuns love disgusted. Now again mala will take side of saral. Stupid ankush just shut up. Bonnie our witch is back with saral devil and nandini witch’s head. With all foolish ppl standing their piyali neil sam ankush mala n biggest one Arjun.

  11. happy

    Most disappointed day in my life….my hero passed away today…my role model,my happyness all gone today…i am proudly say he is from my state Tamilnadu….i really miss u sir…

  12. happy

    2 days before music director M S VISHWANATHAN sir passed away…now APJ sir….feeling bad for these two people…

    • Devga

      s happy truely v r proud to b born in a state wer this magnificent legend was born ……
      and our inspirational king passed away not able to bbelieve… 🙁
      really shocked tht in 2015 many legends have left their eternal body but their works are ever green …. MISS U SIR DR.APJ ABDUL KALAM …….. 🙁

  13. rosy

    As i undrstood b4 also dat sam wud misundrstnd rads n she nw deserves to get hurt…i realy wana see her cryng….nd dis nandini she is totally da grt grt grandmum of da devil….

  14. Annie

    I just felt like slapping arjun and sam… all r jerks!!!
    In precap it is shown that he wil come to see whether rads is fine.. nautanki…. he love rads right?? Then why did he not understand that she was saying truth…
    literally feeling pity on sam… sam dont deserve anyone. .. neither rads frndshp nor neils love

    • happy

      I am also thinking the same….todat itself my bp level high…if i conti for next 6 daya,something ll happen to my health…

      • mitty

        Please don’t do dat. ….show is going off air coz of low trp. …They have given one month time to increase the trp. …plc watch the show regularly

  15. Big Boss

    Cool down people…Truth always wins….We need such an excitement then only serial becomes interesting. I am loving it…

  16. Annie

    All this happened bcoz of that shit sp.. thay did not want the show to run … so they conspired and gave only one repeat telecast to this show thatvtoo at 8 am… how will the trp rise then?? So only want those shitty saas bahu mello drama…. and after 12 am thet show that nonsense nachbaliye which has already finished… why ekta kapoor still want trp… all this is a conspiracy… hate sp for this!!!

    • Diz

      Yes, because of bad timing nobody is able to watch twice, if they want to… Please change the SNS timing to this one… God that SNS is killing me….

  17. Ireena

    I think those people who watch manmarzian Will have a heart failure. So under 8 and above 80 people should nt watch my opinion, people having any types of diseases Will be more sick watching it.and those who r nt sick, will get an attack.

  18. aradhika

    I hate arjun,he is coming to see rad and convince rad don’t believe even that arjun he is like chameleon and he don’t deserve ur love of course afterall this what happened u will never trust anyone again rad and do ut own work radhu ,truth never dies and sam even if u realize,u can’t face radhu from next time and u r not worth of her frnd ship. radhu is such truthful and brave and appreciate her guts hats off radhu nd neil this time also don’t make sam to realize what is wrong r right ,even if she realize there is no point…neil u deserve better girl than sam ,at least mannya who is frank enough to say her feelings towards u..

  19. Ireena

    So dont want to watch manmarzian this week. But what will happen if manmarzian goes off???I can do 1 thing.starting tv on its time slot.Really star plus has become greedy. Tell us,which show is worth of replacing manmazian? ?????????

  20. Worst episode ever I have seen in manmarziyan. Can’t wait for 2morrows episode I feel there’s gonna be a love scene wid arjun and radz. Url make da best tall short couple eva

  21. Poor radhika no is backing her so sad how dare she slap rads the day she find out the truth and goes to apologized to rads she shld never forgive her n Sam don’t deserve rads friendship in fact she don’t deserve no1 friendship love or trust cuz she don’t understand the meaning of friendship or she values people love or appreciation

  22. angel

    Ho..noooo…becharayii radhikaa….every1 is against here….WORST episode….but precap nyc…

  23. Sameerh

    I knew this day will come, hw can rad be stupid? Why will she trust saral’s words? Bonnie nd nandini. Back off rad, leave Sam to her fate, ur friend will alws trust u, no matter wat the circumstance maybe.

  24. durba

    neils charactr is so weak dese days..poor radhika..i hate d timeslot.plz dnt go offair.dnt want 2 see anthr saas bahu drama

  25. aradhika

    There should be new competator other than that cheap saral ,he should be handsome than arjun who will support radhu whatsm say guys do u agree for this… then we will see how will be arjun reaction

  26. Poor radhika…….Neil was helpless…..Sam is manuplated by all idiots….and poor radhu believed all psychs…..who betrayed her and the worst part…..her own mother wasn’t ready to believe radhika…..that’s embarrassing

    • renu

      yday, sbs segment reporters said Radhika ne bane Arjun ka dulhania,…

      but in 2days segment,..its quite confusing,…

      WU of 2day’s Abp segment,…

      First they show bride samaira coming for the marriage accompanied by Neil and her mother.Then they show Arjun on ghodi.Then a sequence is shown were saral comes who is badly beaten and he is bashing nandini in front of everyone.Then they show interview of Monica say tat when she told truth no one believed her now she is going to accept all the accusations tat she is in love with Arjun and it was Arjun only who asked her to keep this a secret.Then they show interview of aham where he say tat a big twist coing tat is check mate.Then the vo says tat nandini is tensed coz Arjun and radz is missing from the wedding and they also show a tensed Arjun sleuthing away from wedding.I think first Arjun comes on his ghodi and may be after tat he goes somewhere May be to bash saral.After tat may be saral will be entering marriage venue with bruises to bash nandini coz his plans backfired.Sequences of the scenes were not in order.

      • ☆Twinkle05★

        Oh god so ardhika will marry thats why that stupid saral shouting hey tnx ya for u r news

  27. ardhu**###**

    Worst episode…, sam dont deserv radhika ,neil……. Rad s going 2 marry arjun t save Sam…… Now a days neil character s nothing…. If its going like ds defntly d show wll go off

  28. tyba

    What time is manmarziya coming on now sincing there is 1 hour for mere angne mein plz tell me !!!

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