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Manmarziyan 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika coming home. She sees Nandini with her bag. Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day. Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. Radhika asks what does she mean.

Nandini says its painful to see your love with someone else, it has no cure, you want to give your love to someone else. Radhika says I don’t love Arjun. Nandini asks really? Fine, then wipe this sindoor and tries to wipe it. Radhika holds her hand and stops her. Nandini smiles and asks what happened, you could not do it, you fell in true love with Arjun while keeping the fake relation,

you will never be able to leave Arjun.

Radhika says you are wrong. Nandini says fine, do one thing, close your eyes and the first face that comes infront of you, tell me who is it, I m sure it will be Arjun’s face, because you love Arjun, god luck. Nandini says its strange, you took the revenge I wanted to get, Samrat will feel the pain seeing you and Arjun, Sam will feel the pain knowing Arjun was never hers, I won at the end Radhika, you made me win, thanks, take care of my brother. She leaves. Radhika recalls Nandini’s words and cries. She says she is lying and recalls Arjun and her moments. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. She feels apologetic for Sam.

Sam comes to Neil teary eyed. Neil asks Sam what happened. Sam says Radhika married Arjun to keep me and Arjun away, Radhika is giving divorce to Arjun, you asked me to walk ahead with you, or stop pulling you behind, maybe our friendship was stopping me. She says she can’t go ahead with her idiot, I m sorry, we have to end this friendship. Ansoun me bighaati………….plays…………… He moves back.

Arjun sits sad in his room. Radhika comes there with her bag. She sees Arjun and says Sir…. He says today my darkness needs your light, if you leave me and go, I will get broken. She says you are not alone. He says you will catch my badness, and asks her to go away from him, where his shadow can’t reach him. He holds her face and wipes her tears. He asks why is she crying, for whom is she crying, for what could have happened… She says for what would have never happened. He says I know I don’t deserve your love, go, leave me in my darkness. She gets up and he holds her hand, asking her not to leave him, he is afraid to be alone.

He asks does he not deserve her pity. She says no, you deserve all the love possible. He says who will give me love, I m broken and shattered, is there anyone, will you give me a place in your heart, tell me….. She cries and says I have to go. He hugs her and asks her not to go leaving him today, he needs her. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. They cry.

She wipes his tears and kisses his forehead. She holds his hand and takes her. She makes him rest and sits by his side, pacifying him. Sam rests on Neil’s shoulder. Neil cries and says he won’t let her come back after she takes the step, he will go away from his life. She says our friendship became our biggest enemy, now I have to take this step and break friendship. Neil cries. Sam says she can’t love him if he remains a friend. She says you did a lot for me, listen to me. Neil says no. She hugs him and they cry. She says she will miss him a lot.

He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today. She gets up to leave. He asks where is she going. She says to say her decision to Arjun. She leaves. Its morning, Radhika wakes up and smiles seeing Arjun. She moves his hand off and gets Sam’s call. She recalls Nandini’s words, and thinks of Sam. She thinks she is sorry to Arjun, but she can’t snatch Sam’s love, she can’t break Sam’s dreams, she will go forever.

Arjun wakes up and looks for Radhika. He gets her note and goes to the door. Sam comes there…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @mandy:Thanks buddy…

  2. Please mail to [email protected] nd convince ph for mmz 2

  3. Guys there only 2 days to go. Our manmarziyan will be end then. I am really feeling like to cryT_T. But I am also happy that this serial gave me good friends like u all:-D.
    By the way my favorite serials are- miley jab hum tum,nisha aur uske cousins, manmarziyan.

    1. hi natasha…..hw r u…..i miss u and other friends also……dont forget us… fav show NAUC and all time fav is manmarziyan…..i stopped watching all shows….nw ly watching manmarziyan… after 29….i dont want to watch tv also…..miss u all too much…..

  4. its okay mandy… dont worry. we will keep in touch for the next coming days…

    I CHECKED STAR PLUS’S SUNDAY’S SCHEDULE… BUT I DIDNT SEE ANY “DYM MAHA EPISODE” … U can check on its official webaite or


  5. Heya, it’s me again,

    Sorry for being late. It has been a very busy day. You al knw I can’t live a day without writing. So, here I’m. Guys, from this part on i hv takn up frm my othr story. It is undr publishng scanner n i thougt why not put it here fr u n knw ur view. Hope da stry wil cm out soon n u al wl nt forgt me n go n read it in futr.

    So, shuttn up and updating….

    Chapter 2 (Radhika finds herself falling in love wit Arjun- pls read from prvs page)

    The subconscious part of hers still looked aroubd for any remnent pieces of her heart lying around, then her feet kicked the pieces from up the cliff and free flew them into the darkened valley of love with Arjun.

    She came out of that trance with a jerk, and said something altogether too bland.

    “But..but I’m wearing shorts.” She croaked out dumbly, her hand clutched tightly within his, him still turned to her with that soul shattering look.

    Uh, oh, wrong thing to say, because his already hot look turned smouldering which also an amused quirk to his lips.

    “I can see that.” He said huskily, looking at her from tip toes to up her body in a liesure upward glide of gaze.
    Radhika flustered up hot. She could feel the weight of his drilling stare at her thighs,arms, chest and neck.

    And Oh, my my she need to distract him fast or she was sure of falling down on the floor in a puddle.

  6. Waoo Renu superb again?.The show is going to end in two days?.they should have given its last episode on Sunday as mahaepisode but again pathetic sp.I will miss this show’s episode was superb,fantastic,mindboggling,excellent and heartwarming loved it yaar.can’t wait for both couple’s love confession ?

  7. Hlw Guys….

    How r u all?I know everybody is upset as Manmerziayan is going end.Here i got some amazing people whom r very friendly.I miss u all guys.

    @Ireena….u r right.Radhika went to Rishikesh.

    @Renu….ur fav moment is coming.
    U always want to see Dada ji will bless here ur wishes coming to fulfilled.I just check
    There i saw some pic…where Radhika and Dada ji having a conversation.And i guess Arjun will be there also.

    I m sorry….yaar.U don’t want to read spoiler news but i get excited to share it.

    1. Where u saw the pictures? Pls send me the link.

  8. @ Mandy….thank u so much…@ Thena @ Jasmin….same here….even m gonna miss MMZ…Ardhika….Nesam…..the entire team of d show…d heart touching bgm….n all u guys like crazy:(:'(


  10. and she didn’t want to embarrass herself like that.
    She with all her might ignored the look and took a step to distract him.

    “ are injured, how can you drive in such state.” She worried.

    The amused look still attached to his face, he moved closer and caught a strayed lock of hair, curled it around his forefinger and pulled.

    “I can manage pretty well.” He whispered into her ear.

    Radhika flushed more when he kissed her cheek softly, pulled away and lead her out of the park. It was too cold now as the night progressed.

    They walked hand in hand together to where his car was parked. Radhika stopped dead but Arjun let go off her hand, he went and walked up to it.

    Her stare locked to the car.

    Black shiny Rolls Royce.

    Yeah. Wow.

    She gave him a look of disbelief. He was drving this car while he was bleeding. And where did he want ram it while he blacked out of pain.

    He only grinned and shrugged his shoulders at her.

    He leaned on it and tilted his head to the side.

    “Come on.” He smiled at her.

    Oh heavens, his smile was dangerous.

    Radhika shook her head. Boys and their toys. She did not understand the pride in owning a vehicle which kills. She reluctantly nodded her head.

    Arjun was already behind the wheels. It was well past ten and Radhika had loads of pending work and assigments to complete. She was only going with Arjun because he was injured and she didn’t want him risking his life driving on the road blacking out. She shuddered thinking about it.

  11. Arjun honked the car thrice. She jerked back and rolled her eyes at the tinted glass window.
    She opened the door and got in without much thinking. It was pointless thinking.
    Arjun started the car. It roared up and she was fascinated by how smooth it rode.

    The interior of the car was all leather, and the seats were covered in some soft wool.

    “You like it?”He asked, while managing pretty well with one hand.

    “Yeah.” Radhika mumbled, looking at his shoulder muscle.

    She had seen him coming out of the college gym too many times. He was always sweaty, lean, panting and…

    Where the hell are her thoughts going?
    She shook her head and snapped out of it.

    Arjun gave her a knowing side glance and she looked away instantly. His smile was way hot and she didn’t think her mind was working right now.

    Nervouness took over her body. Crap, how was she going to reach home from his place?

    In the anxiety of his well being, she forgot about that.
    Taxi, she guessed, but at this hour would there be one? She chewed ob her lower lip.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll drop you, when you feel like going home.” Arjun’s deep vpice penetrated her scrambled thoughts, then he pulled her gaze to his.

    “I hope that you’ll never feel like going home.” His voice turned low, and intimate, his eyes locked in a stare with hers.

    Radhika’s breath turned painful to draw in. His gaze fell on her lips for a minute then the brown eyes turned a shade dark on her eyes.

    “Not tonight. Not tomorrow morning. Not ever.” His voice turned more intimate and more lower in whisper.

    His eyes now a coffee shade desire. Radhika’s heart almost into her mouth stared at him with wonderment filling her eyes. His words travelled through her being…..

  12. Hey Farah as usual ur story is minds blowing ?? yaar keep it up but d spellings u know it but very well done!!

    Hey Ira afroz saw pics thanx yaar will miss u !!??

    Hey Anu whr r u ????

    1. @yaar…Mandy.

      I miss u too.In last few months i enjoyed all our accompany.Read comments and replying our opinion everything.Gonna miss a lot.

  13. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,…

    mitty,mandy,theena,afroz,ireena,nakshatra,natasha,kfar,anu,raashi,jasmine,dipika,meena,sara,sanju,niki,samiha,happy,…..n all my friends here

    thanks a lot 4 reading my comments n also 4 ur love friends,….

    @afroz,…hmmmmmmmmmm see renu bcomes angry 4 disclosing the surprise,…. but felt happy by ur news,…m in cloud 9 now dear,…finally i got wat i want dadaji n radz n my arjun,….wow,..super excited,….

    thank u cvs,…

    friends,…2day i dinn feel upset 4 mmz end cox cvs made my day by giving all the mixtures which i want with in short span of time,…i hope vll see the same crew in another channel as mmz season 2,…atleast this should happen 2 please us 4m this heart break yaar,….

  14. [email protected] all

    I’m cutting short this story and attempting a short one when Arjun goes in search of Radhika in Rishikesh (Hope it’s not bad a attempt)


    Radhika’s brother was staring daggers at Arjun and her Dadaji was looking at him thoughtfully.

    He was sitting in the hall, his eyes straying everywhere to for her. Where was she? He asked himself desperately.

    “You know I’ll rip your heart out and feed the carcasses to the vultures before you even see her, don’t you.” Radhika’s brother warned him calmly sipping at his tea.

    Arjun eyes narrowed at that.

    “I’ll take the risk.” He replied too in a more calmer voice.
    He was an epitome of cool, calm, composed and collected while sitting there sipping tea, but his insides were creating up a storm, waiting for only a little glimpse of her. He was devasted, desparate for her light. To observe his senses and wash away his pain.

    His body went high alert, his gaze zeroed in on a moving figure far across the hallway. His heart thundering loud. The figure in red salwar kameez. His breath shortened. He had been back and forth to hell, since he read her letter, since he saw her belongings gobe from his room, since her absence, since her bright smile left his colourless life.

    He had been simpering all his life in revenge for her sister’s pain, now he was dying inside every minute without her. She had brought a light of beautiful illumination, of love, of friendship, of the meaning of relationship, of meaning happiness that he lacked all his life.

    Radhika’s dadaji was silently observing the man’s facial expression. He also observed the look pure pain cross his features and he understood, that Radhika had married an honest man and he was proud of his grand daughter that she could bring life to everything and anyone she touches the souls with only merely a smile.

    He smiled that to himself and went back to his sipping of evening tea while giving a warning to his blistering grandson to stay put and not make any move.

    Arjun followed the figure out of the hallway.

    Radhika walked inside her room and went near the large mirror case of the room. Sadness welling deep within her she stood frozen looking herself at the mirror.

    The image of her very different than four months ago looked across at her forlonly. Her face had drastically changed. Gone was the girl with a curious light in her eyes. Gone was herself who had big dreams and enthusiasm.

    It was now a broken sad girl, with the light and heart gone. The both part of hers belonging to someone else. That dear someone else. But, his light and heart were not of her possession. They were never his and he was never hers. But, Radhika will only be his. Now and forever.

    She sighed and clutched the removed mangalsutra in her hand, heart heavy in despair sobs rose in her throat, but when she looked at the mirror again, the sobs faded away in a shocked gasp.

    Were her eyes acting up, has she finally gone crazy. Was it…she spun around, her head reeled at what she was looking or whom she was looking at with her mouth half hung open. Her eyes rounded.

    Arjun Sir, was standing there near the entrence of her room. Her room. In her house. In Rishikesh. Looking at her, no glaring at her with locked up muscles. He wearing a red sweater with blue jeans. He was looking more hotter than he looked usually, but bizzarely he looked strange in her small room. In the small encased room, he looked odd, like an expensive wall paiting or a well defined potrait of a prince.

    But what was he doing here?

    Her bewildering thoughts shattered when he took a slow step towards her.

  15. I just dont get this bullshit channel sp..can’t they any chance to mmz by changing slot or doing pramotion? They ahow ye hai mohabbate 24×7 bt cant shw mmz at prime time..they didn’t shw mmz betn 1 pm to 4 pm…n most heartbreaking thing is that they don’t listen to viewers..after doing so mch efforts to save mmz still they ignor it..m nt fan of colors liked the one thing abt them they didn’t end any shw in less 1 yr time….think of mmz ending my blood is boiling…Hate u Starplus frm core….u don’t deserve dedicated viewers like us….Hate u Sp…

  16. as usual guys made many typos in excitement,pls pls overlook)

    Arjun Sir, was advancing towards her slowly, and Radhika took a slow step back. He looked dangerous. He looked very angry.

    “Every hour, every minute of my life, you made it hell.” He drawled slowly, calmly.

    He took a step forward again and she took a step back, struck dumb at his presence in her room.

    “Pestering and grating my nerves with irritating words and promises.” He went on.

    His eyes blazing.

    With each and each sentence his temper rose high.

    “With those stupid doe eyed looks and gleaming postivity, damn to hell Radhika made my blood boil.” He growled.

    He took a step forward again cornering her without a scope of escape.

    “You made my life hell, with your tripping, falling, foiling my plans, messing up the ordered life I was living. Making me question myself with your words. Making me realise and think. I hated it. I hated it all…” His eyes flashed.

    Then he shook his head.

    “But, dammit, I loved it all. I don’t know when it started, getting used to you, your smile, your presence.” He cornered her to the wall.

    1. @farha….wow wow wow… don’t ve words 2 xpress my excitement buddy…u made my day happy..thank u so much bud & continue am waitin

  17. @kfar: your story line is awesome. If u can’t finish it in these last days, please post it somewhere and give the link.
    @Ira afroz: thanks for the news, the pics surely suggests that there will be some FAMILY TIME…

    1. @Samiha….Yeah Ardhika’s quality time with Radhika’s Family.
      And Specially Arjun first time to go Rishikash.Love to see his 1st meet with Dada ji.

      As Radhika always used to say,
      Sir…Mere dadi ji boltehe…..

  18. But right then his words were cut short when he slid his gaze all over her face and down her neck. He flinched and moved back.

    He caught her shoulders and moved her towards the mirror.
    Radhika’s heart was thuddering hard in her chest, she was sure he could hear it in the silence.

    He was standing behind her, her back to his front plastered. His eyes looking in the mirro at her with smouldering intensity.

    His arms around her, he lifted the sindoor box with left hand, her body froze at the movement.

    “When I put this over your forehead. It made you mine.” He whispered in her ear, looking straight into her eyes he took a pinchful and carefully spread it in a light smear over the middle of her parted hair.

    Her eyes shimmered, a sheen of wetness forming looking at his expressive eyes with blurring tears.

    “And when put this around your neck, it made you my better half.” He whispered again, his voice shaking a little, he took the mangalsutra from her hands and stringed it around her neck.

    The light weight of the jewelery bought ample tears into her already flowing eyes.

    He then turned her around towards him. He took her face in his hands and whispered.

    “And when I’m putting all this on you, it’s me making you my wife…mind, body and soul. You are mine and I’m never letting you go. Even you run away from me, I’ll hunt you down and chain to my bed forever…” He whispered possesively, embracing her tight to his heart.

  19. @Natasha….becoz of network problem i couldn’t find the link.
    Would u plz visit…..Telly

  20. @Dipika…..i m also fed up on SP.
    U have no idea how many Abuse words i used on them???This channel ruined our Fav show….

  21. @mandy…heartful thanks 2 u fr always mentioning my name…thank u so much tat u liked my comment very much yaar…really gonna miss u buddy…

    @jasmin…hey bud…thanks a lot tat u liked my cmmnt & enjoying it….glad tat u read it yaar…sad tis mmz is gonna end…

    @renu….thanks a lot 4 Sharin ur views & luvin my comments yaar…tat day I didn’t see tat u read my cmmnt dear..thank u so much tat u likd it dear..

    @[email protected]….thank u AL 4 reading mine & mentioning my name here…luv u AL dearies

  22. @Renu….

    Absolutely….dear.Manmerziayan deserve to come with Season 2.
    It’s just tbe Beginning of the story.
    A long ahead to go on…

    The story still incomplete…Ardhika’s full wedding with all functions,There material life, Their honeymoon ,And Their adorable kids…junior Arjun or Junior Radhika…
    And most important **Radhika’s dream as a Writer***still hang on.

    So season2 must be come with a dhamaka style……Gonna say SRK dialogue……
    @@@@ Picture to abi baki hai mere dost @@@

  23. @Mandy- thanx i knw bud about spel erors hate it too. The cmnt box is smal i cant see go trh wat i write most of the time heheehe n my phone is irritating hack ups every word of i write. Thax though n hey only two days saaaaaaaaddd.

    @thena- thanx bud means a lot im gathering parts and rewriting it without errors 😀 only 2 days wating excitedly for Arjun to go to Rhishkesh.

    @ireena – Heyyyyyyyyy thanxxxx wil cmplete da story tmrw.loved ur writng about Arjun and Radhika. N telng dat starpls is gong dwn..hehe

    @raashi and @tia- thax for bearing up wit my story n mistakes in it and raashi i like ur writing i read ur view 😀

    @renu- came straight here to read ur review. Ur amazinggggggggg in analysis everthing 😀

    @Samihi- thanx sooooo much for readin my story. We all ur friends always wil be n exicted about the serial moving to rishikesh. No dont have to watch online sadly. Net here in my mobile is sooo pure it keeps buffering all the time..very annoyin..cant watch serials.

    @ure- Heyyyyyy thanx for reading my story. Wil for sure compelte the plot tomwr. My net is slow and im making mistakes bud.

    @anu- loveeeeeee it ur reviews lines and everythung u write is from the heart i knw..wil mis u..

    @Annie- i luv wat u write. Itzz great. I read every comment.

    @mitty @happy @Riya @ira afroz @rose @thena @devga(missed u al diz days. Were are u) @allllllllll mis u veryyyyy much aftr the show.

    Excited about sunday mahaepisode (is der one guys)

    Excited about the show stars going to rishikesh. Excited about arjun talking to rads family. About both Neil and Sam too 😀

    1. @kfar…

      Me too super excited for Rishikesh moments where Manmerziayan has been started….And want to see how Arjun confess Radhika with using those 3 Magical Words.
      And Radhika is calling Arjun’s name.

      I m so desperate…yaar.

    2. Where is ur review abt me? Don’t worry I am not angry. I am just joking. Don’t I have the right to do fun with my buddy?

  24. @thena- love ur comments just went through all 😀

  25. Hello ,friends.I came again. Anyway,just tell me star plus forbid us from enjoying the family moment of episode will be official sam realizing, going to rishikesh.tomorrow will be of meeting family and confronting love.that’s it. We will hardly get any family moment. Disgusting ¿¿¿¤¤¤¤!!!!!

  26. @kfar… smply enjyng ur story..

  27. Arjun then let go, grabbed Radhika’s right had and put it over his heart.

    Radhika’s hand grabbed and felt his heart beat under it.

    His eyes looked deep into hers. Talking to her things. Things which were making her aware of him all through her heart.

    “Feel it how it beats. Don’t you see how steady it’s going. Before it had raced with veangenance. Destroying everything in it’s wake, but now feel how….” His voice broke.

    “Feel how it’s beating a new. Don’t you see it in my eyes, my heart. It’s all you here. My mornings, my nights, my evenings, my day, my everything, it’s you that I feel. Your smile, your eyes, your innocence, your trust, your heart…..God, Radhika…I Love you. I love you so much that it hurts. It hurts….” His eyes shimmered, his voice broke.

    “I’m a broken man without you.” He whispered….

  28. Link for songs plzzzz 🙁

  29. Arjun gets restless not seeing Radhika in the house and is broken down to know she has left him forever.

    Furthermore, Sam is struggling with her feelings between Neil and Arjun.

    Sam finally finds out her true feelings and goes to Arjun’s house.

    Arjun is shocked to see Sam and asks her as if she knows about Radhika.

    Sam tells Arjun that Radhika has left him forever as she (Radhika) belives that he loves only Sam.

    Neil and Sam’s passionate hug in Manmarziyan ending

    Arjun gets nervos when Sam asks Arjun as if he really loves her.

    Sam then tells Arjun that she found her true love is only Neil

    Arjun is happy to hear this and stops Radhika by confessing his love to him.

    Radhika also confesses her love to Arjun.

    On the other hand, Neil is broken down on thinking Sam still loves only Arjun but Sam confesses to him that she loved only her idot (Neil) always but realizes it now.

    Neil and Sam hug to each other in passionate way.

  30. superb superb superb !!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 episode. ….
    Just enjoyed ardhika’s scene, wow very emotional scene between arjun n radhu. …most like scene when arjun says radhu that who will give me love ??? will you give me place in your heart? ??
    nesam scene too emotional. … my tears rolling down when neil says sam that our friendship will not be there its end today…. x-( x-( x-( …..
    todays episode is very inspiring for me…now finally sam’s eye open for her true love n she would be going say her decision to arjun … hope she will say she choose neils love . arjun baba now u r ready for going radhu’s town. dada ji and all family waiting for you …
    It’s very shameful decision to sp ….they only wants profit not audience love. … really shame on you sp …now you should change your theme from rishta wahi soch naii to saas bahu saga jahan profit waha …. aahhh disgusting. …
    anyways friends this harshy words not for you but seriously I can’t tolerate my anger … sorry if any one hurt …
    I really miss your beautiful’s too late to comment but I really enjoying your expression about mnm. I spend my one n half hour with your comments which is more interesting than the mnm ( farha’s story especially) …. I don’t want to mention all names but appreciate you guys…. 1000000000 time mindblowing
    . ….hope in future we will meet with another youthful show…♡♡♡

    1. Hi Zara ur asom yaar I ll also miss u dear n thanx ????

  31. Farha tumne to agge ki kahani batha dee yaar n I loved it !!
    Bcoz I don’t want to live such amazing frends !!! N ly 2 more epes yaar what to do feelin to cry very loudly ?????????????

  32. @kfar:Thank you soooo much dear…It means a lot to me…And I also hope your writing skills enhance and you get your deserving place.May your life be blissfull…

  33. @Zara- i knw right, dey keep on dragging unwanted serial but just are not positive about a refreshing one. Hate it. Absolutely hate the decision. I really didn’t believe thst the show was ending wen i saw the news in sbs, vut wen i came to this site to read the comments. It was true and my heart broke. Gonna miss it badly…

    Whoosh, feels like exploding in anger but dats what happens wenever i enjoy a show :/

    And thanx for liking my story 😀 u al are good friends here and ecouraging.

  34. @Hey all, it’s I, relentless and irking u all with mg story update again…

    (Contains few curses, words and intense romance-hv told already, so ignore if i dont wanna such story line)

    Shutting up right now n updatin—


    Chapter-3(Prev- Radhika and Arjun in the latters car)

    Radhika again something really out of the topic. Something mundane which lead to a flare of amusement.

    “They’re gonna come look for me if I’m gone forever.” She whispered.

    Arjun just stared at her, shook his head and carried on driving with a slight crook of grin attached to his lips.

    “You agree then, to be with me forever.” He stated.

    Radhika looked at him annoyed, he is too smart and arrogant.

    “Uh..Um..I didn’t say that.” She denied , but her voice told otherwise.

    And she cursed herself for being too affected.

    He chuckled lightly.

    “You can say that to yourself.” He said passively.

    Radhika rolled her eyes at his confidence. Men and their smugness, she thought and looked outside the glass window.

    They were going on and on, past the big houses and Villas, but they didn’t reach Arjun’s house.

    Each time she guessed, this was his house, now, that should be Arjun’s, but Radhika was left disappointed.

    Where were they going? There seems to be endless grass cut trees and a long streched road.

    Each tree has a gas lantern on it.

    The bushy tree path cleared and a huge mansion came into view.

    It lay gigantic, like a classic novel one. It was kind of far away from near the iron gate, but it was cleary visible. Radhika glanced at Arjun in wonder.
    He seemed ticked off as heglared at his house not mansion or whatever it was. When he said ‘my place’ so casually, she did not imagine this. This gleaming spectacular view.

    Almost all the lights of the mansion were on.

    Radhika was mesmerised by it. How many windows does it have?

    It was ancient looking and streched horizontally than vertically. It looked bigger than their business management block of the University.

    She gulped hard. Arjun’s silence was making her uncomfortable.

    The cameras at the gate zoomed in on the car. The iron gate cringed and made a loud sound of scracthing and it parted open slowly.

    “I think, I can manage from here. You seem alright and…” She fumbled with words.

    “Don’t be ridiculous, Radhika.” Arjun cut off her words firmly.

    She blinked at him.

  35. “You know my name?” She asked surprised.

    He leaned towards her, his eyes drilling deep into hers.

    “Four years, Radhika Anam Mishra, I have known you four years. You are the second topper of our batch. You have a small space in the college journal called ‘Know Yourself. It leaves me to stitches reading articles like ‘Human Resource Dying’ and ‘Financial accounting Paralysis’ and such. You don’t party. You don’t get in trouble and you’re all a Ms-goodie-two-shoes.” He drawled.

    Radhiked gaped. He looked at her mouth and closed it with his forefinger.

    She avoided his remark about her life.

    “Th…those were pretty serious topics. How could you laugh at them.” She breath out after several silent seconds.

    “Your melodramtic views.” He chuckled.

    Alright, she agreed, she let out all her feelings and frustrations and this and that. Ruby would laugh pretty hard after her articles comes out in print in the college magazine every month.

  36. I live manmarziyan. I am so sad it has to end .
    But can’t u think of some ways to keep this continuing.
    I wud really appropriate it
    I luv the ctors and athe story line
    Plzzz restrt it soon☺☺

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    N thanks bud for saying that u read my views n love my writing….means a lot coming from u:)

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