Manmarziyan 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Saral that she will be away for 6 months. Saral says he will do all marriage arrangements in 6 months and asks her to fulfill all her wishes, as she will fulfill his wishes after marriage. He says the bangle should always be in her hand. She nods. He says he gave her 6 months, and asks her to say I love you to him. Ankush looks on trying to pick the paper. Radhika gets the paper and says after 6 months. Dada ji gets tensed and signs Ankush. Ankush stops her from seeing the paper and takes it. Dada ji is relieved.

Sam asks Bonzo to sit in the car as she can’t come now. Arjun says I said situation traps, now Bonzo will not leave without you, and I can’t go without him, I think you have to come. She says sorry, I can’t. He asks her to take Bonzo. He

says I will drop you, as your home is on the way to my home, I mean my way will be wherever you live, trust me or atleast trust Bonzo. She thinks.

Radhika starts leaving and hugs her family. O re manva tu to bawara hai……………plays……….. Dilip goes to drop her. Arjun asks Sam to come fast and she brings Bonzo. Arjun gets inside the boat and she asks him to go. Arjun says no fear and lifts Bonzo. He asks do I need to lift you too. Samrat asks Piyali where is my daughter. She says she will come. He asks where is Sam, who could not sleep without her mum, who always wanted to hug her mum, who wanted to become like her mum. She says I know her, she will come. He says you knew earlier, not now, you lost her along Jai in accident, but my daughter is alive, I want her, you will bring her back and give her chance to stay happy, else I will ruin your work.

Sam tells Arjun that she always gets trapped in all problems, even is she jumps in river, she will not sink, as she is swimming champ. Arjun says fail the problem, don’t run from it. He asks from where is she running. She says from you, why does he always interfere in other’s life. She slips and he holds her. He says only those who interfere in my life. Radhika reaches Mumbai and smiles. Dilip and Dada ji come along her. Dada ji asks her did she get Sam’s message. Radhika says why will she message, she has called and said she will meet directly in office.

Dilip says its stinking here. Radhika says its good essence of dreams. Dilip finds the people ill mannered there. He says its my bad and scolds. Radhika goes to stop that man and stops him. Dilip says Radhika wants to stay alone in such city. Radhika smiles and shows his bag beside him. She says its similar bags. She asks him to broaden his mindset. Dada ji laughs.

Sam says its 3 hours now and asks Arjun where is his friend. Arjun looks at the farmhouse and he is not here. Sam says caretaker will be there and says hello.. She asks for water. He looks for something and she jokes on what he is finding. He starts digging the soil and she asks is he making a grave. He says I said its bad to go with strange guys, you will be trapped. She smiles and says I got a chance now that a good looking guy trapped me. She says you are not intense as the looks you give. He gets a wine bottle and says when a dog traps a girl in his life. She is stunned.

Radhika smiles seeing Mumbai and thanks Sam. Sam is with Arjun, and he says if she has anger in her, then just be a spark to burn everything. Sam looks at his pain and thinks tomorrow she won’t be in Birdsong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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