Manmarziyan 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun telling Radhika that his medicine lies in Sam’s pain. She reacts hearing him and moves her hand. He gets glad and cups her face, asking her to open her eyes. He turns and sees a lady coming in the ward. Radhika opens her eyes. Arjun gets shocked and says Nandini Di. He goes to her and asks you. Radhika partly sees them. Arjun goes with Nandini. Arjun asks how did Nandini come here. He asks her again. FB shows Arjun seeing Samrat and Nandini’s past and Nandini’s state getting worse. She says I m living by trust in you, I know you will make things fine. Arjun sees Sam and she asks about Radhika. He sees Nandini went and shows Sam the room.

Sam goes to meet Radhika. Arjun sees Nandini standing far. Sam cries seeing Radhika and goes to her. She controls her emotions

and comes with a smiling face. Radhika sees her. Sam talks to Neil and tries acting norm. She says Neil does not wish to talk to you, as he was dying in tension. She says now he knows that you are fine, he will sit at a corner crying, guys are not tough like this, right. Radhika says they are different than they are seen.

Sam says its just small wound and gave you so much attention. Radhika says I told I can do my operation myself and they did not listen to me. Sam smiles crying and says if they heard you, they would have stitched your mouth instead wounds. She asks her to lie. She asks how did this happen. Radhika says because of Arjun. Sam gets stunned. Radhika says I would have not got saved if Arjun was not there, he is a very good man, maybe I did mistake in knowing him. She says maybe he is not understanding himself.

Nandini does aarti and Arjun smiles seeing her. FB shows Nandini praying to Lord and saying she needs courage to not take Arjun along. She hugs Arjun and apologizes to him. She says Samrat has left him, and she can’t take him with her. She says don’t worry, trust Lord, everything will be fine. He says the Lord which made me and Nandu away, I will never trust him. She says humans break trust, not Lord, the man who broke my trust, never forgive him Arjun. Kaka looks on. She sees Samrat’s pic. She asks him to promise her that he will show pain in Samrat’s eyes like he made her live in pain. She asks Arjun to promise he will never forget her pain, sorry I have to go and hugs him. Arjun sees Samrat’s pic and gets angry. FB ends.

Arjun sees Nandini. Nandini says that girl’s wounds will heal, the pain lies in the unseen wounds. She smiles seeing him. She does his tilak and says you forgot, leave it, take this. She asks him is he still annoyed with Lord. He recalls praying to Lord for Radhika. She says he has held everyone’s pain on his shoulders, either leave world or else break anyone’s heart. She says I know you have locked my tears in your heart till now, my screams still echoes in your ears. Arjun recalls Radhika’s painful screams. Nandini asks him to leave the path if he does not wish to walk, he has to do what his heart wants, nothing else. He holds her hand.

Radhika talks to Mala and Sam feeds her soup. Radhika says I m fine, Sam is here, we will leave for Mumbai soon. Sam talks to Mala and says she will be with Radhika always. Arjun looks at Radhika from the door glass and smiles. He sees Sam and recalls Nandini’s words. Arjun comes inside and Radhika smiles seeing him. Sam turns and sees him. He asks Radhika to choose any other car if she wants to come under the car, she spoiled the car seat. She says she will keep towel on the seat next time and promises him. He smiles and says I think wound has affected your mind too. Sam says Arjun…. He recalls Nandini’s words and tells Sam that he needs to talk to her.

Arjun says everything changed in few days, he was wrong earlier and want to change his way now. Nandini is shocked. Arjun looks at Radhika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Pathanga

    Todays epi ws as usual gd… I thought rads s gng to blame arj.. Bt waw she jst praisd hm… And wat a suspense to shw nandini’s face… Nandini seems vry much cunning to me… She indirectly drcts arj to seek revenge wit her butter words.. Wat a cute smile n arj face cng rads smile… I lyk t..he s cntrlng hs heart frm falng fr chasni bt everythng wud b n vain arj…bcos u already hd faln fr hr.. Rajun rockzz.. Mnmz rockzz…

  2. teejay

    hi………….. i’m teejay .i have discovered this site recently
    and for manmarziyaan it just rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  3. Pathanga

    Day by day dis shw s making me crazy.. Exactly 10.30 N my hand remote cumes nd jst makes me 2 switch n d tv..

  4. mira

    I thought nandini will take Arjun in the correct path but she herself is bad…..
    Radhika will surely make them realize

  5. Annie

    Arjuns smile was super cute while he was looking at rads from the door.. nandu seems very cunning and selfish. .. She dont really love arjun coz when arjun said in the precap thag hr has changed his mind then shd torn yhe flower in angr… not liking this character. .. anywayz now Ardhikas ishq wala frndshp will start…wwaiting for the upcoming episode. . 🙂

  6. Annie

    I have gone crazy for this show!! After ipkknd I saw such a good show on star plus. Manmarziyan rocks!!

  7. Still this nandini’s chakar is too much … and she came to provoke arjun and wonderful part is tht wen she was saying about her screams arjun was visualising chasni’s screams …. Arjun please don’t hurt Sam ….. Nandini is wrong and u I think arjun is being told only some part of samrat ditching her … Like vasu Ramesh in nauc ….. May b after sometime he will.come to knw this …..
    Wat so evr may b I love chasni and arjun
    And Neil and Sam …

    Yaar missing Neil’s cute and naughty acting and his importance is lost now a days ….

    Guys did anyone got jaldi name karna yara song link ???
    Nafraton mein mili thu mujhe iss ??

    • Annie

      Devga u r ryt.. it was really an eyetreat to watch arjuns feelings about rads in that portion… I told u na all the songs are available in star pkus section 🙂

  8. Dhaanimallik

    Shilpa nt luk gud in negativ role. Abhi lovestory shuru bhe nahe hue and villain aa gayee.

  9. Dhaanimallik

    And over acting ki dukan he sam she just dnt hv brains ,if she would hv braing then she could hv seen neils luv ,big dumb sam and acting nahe over acting

  10. harsha

    Now again Arjun has to back to his revenge track,due to nandhini y she’s trying to destroy arjun’s life.

  11. amy

    Wow….. so good episode…… first of all the part where sam trying not to cry and radika and sam talking……. really good……… and then arjun’s smile seeing radika fine………… ♡♡♡♡

  12. ar

    Nice pairing!! Nice story! But rating very slow!!! Couldnt understand it?? Sns is geting trps a big bakwas but this serial!! What happened to the viewers??

    • lulu

      heyy.. this showw is not gettin tht much rating bcs no repeated episodes.. star plus always use to retelecast sns and yeh rishta kya kehlatha hein.. even sundayss..

  13. Annie

    Arjuns killer smile makes me fall for him.. he too looks good in his rugged look.. I have a cursh on arjun.. 🙂 :*

  14. happy

    I dnt want to see again sam falling for arjun…i want ly ardhika love track….why this nandhini came…i dnt like her….i love ardhika ly….

  15. sevens

    @Devga i don’t think it same like ramesh nd vasu in nauc it must b different track
    bcoz samrat took away d engagement ring from nandini

      • amy

        I agree with u devga..all the flashbacks of samrat-nandini history are shown in arjun’s perspective maybe there is something that arjun don’t know.. something that nandini cunningly kept to herself….

      • sevens

        whatever must b d reason but it is affecting arjun
        rads will dere for arjun to bring him on right track

    • Annie

      On goggle write songs of serials.. then u can see the site in the top.. click star plus and then manmarziyan. . Yesterday only I downloaded the songs..

  16. charu

    Wt happens next? Will arjun hears radhikas words r will he take revenge on nandhinis pain.? Unexpecdable twists..eager to see wts nxt..keep watching…manmarziyan…

  17. siniha

    Superb scene when Arjun had a smile looking Radhika through the glass of door. Totally a nice episode. I hate Nandini’s entry in the story. She is a cunning idiot spoiling Arjun. And Arjun you are looking tooo cute while smiling. Keep on smiling with Radhika. I love you a lot Aham Sharma……….

  18. Abi

    Guys…i’m totally confused…..
    Is nandini misleads arjun or giving him right way??
    Whatever…arjun’s smile…i’m falling for his smile….wat ll happen….next..eagerly waiting….arjun confess his love to rads or sam????

    • Annie

      Obviously arjun will confess his true love to rads… nandini is misleading arjun and spoiling his life

    • sevens

      nandini is misleading arjun
      no one gets medicine or happy by seeing or hurting other people feelings

  19. Waiting to see arjun and radhika love track…….
    And stupid Sam, can’t she realize Neil’s love……..
    Realize fast naaaaa…….love today’s episode..

  20. kp

    hey hi this show is good but alot of things in this show is similar to kaise yeh yaarian in mtv …. pls watch it :-):-):-)its amazing show

    • amy

      I hav heard a lot of good things abt that show….. want to watch it also…. but no mtv!!!! :-(:-(

    • amy

      I too think so… sam’s love for radika was clear…. reminds me of my best friend!!!! :-)♡♥

      • amy

        I think this is the only show worth watching in starplus after ipkknd and ek hasina thi……….. this show is making me go crazyyyyy……. waiting for 10.30pm…

  21. kp

    amy watch in the youtube it has full episodes .. in kaisi yeh yaarian leadpair chemistry is awesome and its all about frndsship and relationships also …. especialy the love potrayed in it very well, at begining its little boring but it goes like heaven seriously

  22. Ireena

    Actually…star plus show without villain!!Writer has bought nandini as they thought villain is d key of good trp

  23. amy

    I think nandini will try to remove radika from arjun’s life as radika can be the only person to stand before arjun’s need for revenge….

    • Annie

      I think u r ryt.. nandinis main motve is to take rvnge and she can go to any xtnt to fulfill her motive. … I just hate hr.. she is not at all a well wisher of arjun… she just wants to destroy arjuns life

  24. kp

    thanx amy .. aftr watching kaisi yeh yaarian pls review me i will wait for ur reply 🙂 im saying all this bcoz im diehard fan of that show so u can understand me

  25. Ireena

    Nandini is clever.perhaps she wanted 2 marry samrat 2 get his wealth,so samrat left her.maybe even now she desires it…i guess

  26. Ireena

    She is just using arjun against samrat.where is priya and manya?Have they conection with nandini?

  27. amy

    Bye and gud nite all……….. i’m going to my sweet manmarziyan dreamland………. ♡♡♥♥♡

  28. raashi

    I had missed the show @ 10:30 so stayed awake to catch it @ 1:30. I loved Sam today. Sam n Rads scenes were very sweet. N our hot Arjun lukd sooo cute while he was smiling at Rads. Love him n love this show.

  29. zahwa

    i thought i was de only 1 going crazy for dis seriel manmarzia but am happy seeing so many comment from u guys truly dis show rocks,am loving it like reading fifty shades grey.

  30. arjun

    I really liked the show. I like radhika so much. I recently found this site. Anyone here to make frnds with me?

  31. Nakshatra

    Iam so happy for u aham…….u got a good show….and u made it rockkkkkkkkk…U r the only reason that Iam watching this show…and that bgm and songs….awww……beautifull……… My best wishes for u aham….

    • Nakshatra

      Me too yaar..I just don’t undersrand onething…Why this serial is not getting high trps… and that saas bahu serials running from years and getting high trps..without good stories…chewing gum type serials…why?bcoz of timings or what?

    • harsha

      Please mind ur language,I like the four characters in this serial,if U don’t like then don’t command who told U that they are not acting well they are awesome.

  32. supriya

    don’t worry nakshatra after some times this show will be boring sathiya will loose trp

  33. rani

    why raashi you are missed tomorrow ep its superb ep plz c the repeated ep. I want this serial defeat all the serials .

  34. rani

    hey harsha calm nobody tell me they are bad actress . its my think and I am always right.these acting are bored me

  35. rani

    hey bl**dy and boring arati what’s wrong with you. I think you irritate your frnds for the dirty language . tell me sorry

  36. rani

    hey bl**dy and boring arati what’s wrong with you. I think you are irritate your frnds for the dirty language . tell me sorry

  37. raashi

    @ Rani..i missed d show at 10:30 slot but i did catch it later at 1:30 in the morning. I haven’t been this crazy for any show lately barring Mahabharat at times but i just love Aham Sharma n i loved his smile today n the scene where Nandini is talking about her tears and screams and Arjun is recalling Rads tears n screams n pain. I love d show..d bgm.. all d actors specially d 4 leads but Aham is the main reason dat m hooked to dis show:-)

  38. supriya

    go to the hell arati. I am not interested to talk to you I am just fan of arjun. loser artttttttttaaaaiiii

  39. rani

    go to the hell arati. I am not interested to talk to you I am just fan of arjun. losser artttttttttaaaaiiii

  40. raashi

    Guys chill!!! Calm down please! We can all have different opinions and preferences but that doesn’t mean we will bash other actors or each other for that matter.

  41. poor raashi i think u should not interfaire in others matters. plz stay out of dis. i m warning u both raashi and idiot shipra

    • Aparajitha

      the spelling is actually “interfere”. pls take note of your spellings and ur common fights.

  42. hi aparajitha, yr my teacher who will teach me! actually my spelling mistake is juz by typing d msg. and u r d god of english. juz mind u okay.

  43. chaya

    Aai haai.. Kya sml h yr arjun ka.. Whn arjun sml, i also strt smlng.. No wrds to say jst 2 lines fr arjun
    kya khub lgte ho,
    jb 2m haste ho..

  44. rani

    sorry arati all of this. I know you are nice gril . bye chudel. I think this is commonsense. you loose your commonsense. and next time I will c you.l am only fan of manmarziyan and nothing

  45. rani

    oho chudel you will be back. this site not for you . this is the good site. and you are language are very irritating. who are you?god . you are not god. you are big loser. I think its my mistake to say you sorry . I think you do not the know the means of sorry.

  46. rani

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  47. Anu

    Nice epd mind blowing yaa….. arjun you are so cute i think manmarziya better in day by day i am so happy and radhu superb i don’t know how i impress my feeling…..such a beautiful show………

  48. my dear rani i m feeling bad 4 u. so i want to give u sumthing spical. yr name is rani na! so i think i should give u a crown. “d crown of ugly peopples”.itz ok na raniiiiii….

  49. rani

    hye loser arati I am not c your face but i am sure your face are very ugly. bcoz your language are to bad .I wish I never face you. poor bldy loser. your parents same on you

  50. mitty

    I think because of the timings the trp of this seriel is low…..They should change the timings. ….manmarziyan rocks

  51. rani

    I think you are jealous my name .I know your name are too boring. its not a classic name. I think you are not understand that I am not talk to you loser
    . I am this site only for manmarziyan not for you stay away from me. and no argument . plz do not comments again and again jus leave me. iam not interested you.

  52. rani i dont wana arrgue wid u. coz i think u ve lost it. u r totaly mad. so u r not belong here. itz d group of gentelmen. n u r d………..
    so go in d hospital of mad persons where r u belong. n never never ………cum here again to post yr bad comments juz like u. gudbye.. sry badbye.


  53. rani

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    • Nishi

      Rani this arati is totally a syco she never ever talks properly she is jus here to spoil pgs she thinks she is great and jus a attention seeker…. a complete moron im with u rani….

    • Nishi

      HEy u copy cat u r using the same dialogue which prads uses …..u r such a copy cat loser use ur own line….

  54. Nishi

    Whats ur problem arati saying that u won’t spare rani…. nor u r popular on tu that u r flying so much huh?? Don’t u dare use abuse here…. use that in front of ur parents and m sure u will reply to my comment…. and that will show what kind of girl us r….

    • Nishi

      ANytime…..this arati accused my frnd also without any reason that time i was not there to help her…. so I wanted to repent and I was successful by helping u a bit… don’t pay attention to these barkers I saw how first she bad mouthed about ur parents which was really cheap…..

  55. Susi

    Nandhini has so beautiful eyes..?..I like her eyes so .much….nd nice episode…. I luv arjun……?

    • Nishi

      Ha daar gayi loser…. vaise bhi usko baat karna aata nahi especially on social sites…. coward arati

    • Nishi

      U better don’t mess with me…. loser… cuz u don’t kno who I am and m not scared of losers cuz u r not popular nor a person to give respect f**k u and ur got damm shameless parents…. and y r u behaving like anu prads sara…. they r popular and they have respect on tu…. and those who want to make their grave they mess with them and they r NICE people who stands for right thing and u don’t kno if I call them na they will surely show u ur class…. keep ur melo drama at ur small home…. got that up loser

    • renu

      s mitty,..m also worried,…expecting tis ll b aired 2day r monday,…

      but still arjun ll not move closer 2 sam like b4 cox radz thought ll disturb him evwn he s with sam,…i hope cv ll give good story 2 us,…

  56. amy

    I saw that spoiler its told that radika reunites sam and arjun……. and arjun radika becomes best friends….:-(:-(:-(

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