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Manmarziyan 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Radhika’s dance. Sam tells Neil that its her first dance with him always. She dances with Neil. Tumhe pyaar hai……………Neil asks Sam what is she doing with him. Sam says dance, this girl is not right for you. Neil says are you right for me. She says not at all, I don’t love you. He says no problem, why are you ruining my love life. She says I m your friend, I care for you, that’s it. He asks why is she jealous, I don’t love you, but I promise if you love me, I m ready to compromise, you have to accept it that you love me. She says no, I don’t love you, I just love Arjun. He says that’s why you left your true love for your friend. Nandini sees Arjun and Radhika dancing and gets irked.

She sees Sam with Neil, and leaves. Sam moves back. Neil

holds her and asks her to think, if she does not want to accept, then let me go, if you don’t want to walk ahead with me, then stop leaving me behind. He moves away and goes to Sharon. Sam sees Arjun and Radhika dancing. Radhika sees Sam and says Sir.. Arjun sees Sam and leaves Radhika. Radhika leaves from there. She goes to Nandini and stops her.

She thanks Nandini and says you proved Arjun is a very nice man, you lost and I won, you wanted to insult me, and Arjun made my respect his respect, now you can’t break our marriage. Nandini says you are so innocent, Arjun did just one good work so you feel he is a nice man, when will you understand, Arjun will do what I say. Radhika says no, if he was bad, you would have told him about killing Sam and he would be with you, you know the day he knows the truth, he will leave supporting you. Nandini says whatever I do, Arjun will not leave me, even I kill Sam, you could not understand our relation.

Radhika says fake relations are not understood, but broken, like yours and Samrat, and like yours and Arjun which I will break, I told you I won’t go anywhere, you will go away from our lives, very far from Arjun, Sam and her family. Nandini says you give good speech, why don’t you understand, you can’t win doing anything, as Arjun is under my favors, I told him what all sacrifices I made for him, you say he is a good man, how will he deny anyone’s favors, I m Lord for Arjun, he will do what I tell him, what do you think, I can kill Sam and not you, I can kill you and anyone who comes in my way, whether its Arjun, you can’t win over me, you can’t fail me, I will never lose.

Radhika says I don’t have to make you lose, you have failed yourself today and smiles. Nandini turns and sees Arjun. Arjun looks on shocked. Nandini gets tensed. Radhika recalls talking to Samrat. She asks him to keep a party for her and Arjun’s marriage celebrations and she will return all happiness to Sam. Nandini asks Arjun not to listen Radhika, she is lying. Arjun says you have told all the truth today and leaves. Radhika thinks now she can move off Sam and Arjun’s truth. Sam asks Neil not to marry Sharon as he does not love her. He says right, as if you about love well, why do you talk in between my love. She says you are my friend, stop it, don’t spoil our friendship.

He says maybe this is the problem, which is stopping you from seeing the truth. He leaves. Sam says stop this nonsense and sees Radhika there. She asks what do you want now. Radhika says nothing, I came to return something, Arjun… Sam asks was he yours that you returning. Radhika says I m breaking some limitations, you always had right on Arjun and will always be. Sam asks how did her heart change. Radhika says love has explained me everything and also the pain not to get love, I can’t see your pain, you love Arjun, its true right, to get smile seeing his face, and to get tears seeing his pain… and describes true love. She says you have full right to get your love, I will go very far from Arjun’s life tonight. She goes.

Arjun comes home and sees his and Nandini’s pics. He sits crying recalling Nandini’s words. Nandini comes to him and he asks her to be away. She asks him to listen to her. He says I have heard everything, not anything more now, I regarded you Lord. She says I just said that to make Radhika go away. Arjun says Radhika made me identify you, you held my hand and made me your brother when I had no one, I did not know I m just toy for you. She says you are my life, I love you a lot, you are my brother.

He says enough, if you really loved me and regarded me brother, then please go from here, old memories are enough for me, if you stay here, those memories will also be snatched from me, just go. She says she loves him the most and cries. He says enough, either you go or tell me to go. She apologizes to him. He asks her to get away from his life.

Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Updating from where I left off, I’m sleepless, hungry, bleary eyed yet my finger don’t stop tyin. Wht is it about wrtin that makes me go crazy. Any way shutting up and updatin…So, here we go….

    Chapter- 2( Read the before story in dis page guys to get an idea)

    Radhika sat there fuming in distaste at his amused constant chuckles. Glad that her situation can be found spectacularly amusing for somebody.

    A minute late the came to a halt. The ride amazingly good and smooth. Radhika turned to thank him. She opened her mouth to say the words.

    “Get out.” Viren said harshly.

    Radhika closed her mouth flushing hot. Great, he was back to his angry self. She sat there still unable to move or speak.

    “Out of the car. Now.” His voice raised a pitch irritated high.

    Alright, alright, jeez, calm down angry daisy, she thought and hurried out of the car.

    She stood by the side, looking at the car, which zoomed fast on the road, raising a little dust in it’s wake. Radhika sighed at walked inside the house.

    She got in and looked around to see not a soul in the hallway. It was already 8PM, and she hungry as hell. Viren and Misha’s were still at work as usual, she didn’t know where Nisha was. Sighing more heavily than before, she walked up the stairs slowly.

    She missed walking with Arjun today. Looking at him follow through short peers would have made her day, but if not for Viren. She fumed, unlocked her door and threw her bag in the corner of the room.

    She moved around and opened the glass window, to look outside into the road. Nope. Not a soul. Perhaps, he saw her get in a car. It was strange having the silent prince of her fanstasy to stalk her through the darkness. He was as mesmering in reality than from in her dream.

    Radhika shook her head, removed free her hair from the tight held up ponytail over her head. Sliding her hands in the tresses, she groaned tiredly.

    Opening the cupboard, she got out a pair of blue denim short and a pink tank top. She got into the shower.

    Ah, the shower really drained all the tension accumulated in her body. The hot drizzle over her head calmed the senses and she felt incredibly sleepy.

    Radhika decided to take a nap, it would refresh her a little. So, she got into the warm covers and moaned in sweet relief, within minutes she out as aif dead battery. Falling in deep sleep………


    (Yawnnn, guys, I feel sleeeeeeeepy too hehehe)

    So, how did you find the story parts?!?

  2. Radhika (Monica Sehgal) – Sam (Kashmira Irani) complete Arjun (Ahem Sharma) -Neil’s (Shravan Reddy) wish confessing their love to them in Manmarziyan

    Nandini plans get spoiled to break Arjun and Radhika’s marriage but she herself gets exposed to Arjun.

    Arjun throws Nandini out from his house.

    Radhika also decided to leave Arjun and unite Sam and Arjun as Sam loves Arjun.

    Radhika believes that Arjun will keep Sam happy now.

    On the other hand, Sam is upset knowing Neil is leaving Birdsong and then Radhika tells her about Neil loves Sam a lot but he never told her.

    Radhika makes Sam realizes her love for Neil

    Sam realizes Neil is really good for her and she stops Neil leaving Birdsong.

    Neil tells Sam that he will stop only after she accepts her love for him.

    Sam tells Neil that she always loved him but could not realizes her concern for him is actually her love.

    Sam finally says I Love You to Neil.

    Furthermore, Arjun is broken down to know that Radhika is leaving him and stops Radhika.

    Radhika is happy to see that Sam got her true life partner and she confesses her love to Arjun.

    Radhika tells Arjun that she loveshim while Arjun also exprsees his feelings for Rdhika.

    Lovely pair Nisam and Aradhika finally have union and make happy ending of Dostii Yaariyan Manmarziyan.

  3. @Anu- good one yaar i loved it 🙂

    @Natasha- Oh dats great news. Wil mis u too.
    @Riya- dats great endin.

  4. @Renu- loved it your deep coverage on characters 😀

  5. guys frm where would i dwnld the mmz full epi pls tekl me…cos didn’t find any option on hotstar for download

  6. hey guys………….

    i don’t know……why i m feeling like crying…….after all it s a serial only know….i really feel like dejected……why they end this show……

    always hearing…..khwahishon song……in repeat mode…….it s the most played song in my playlist……..i ll miss u my frnds….:-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  7. Renu amazing describe radhu’ s state if mind…really ab tak u was thinking that radhu lost her mind so she cant see arjuns feeling…bt u made it crystal clr to me renu….Radz confussed hai arjun k feelings baare me…so arjun u hav to take part n confess ur feeling….

  8. Hot news! hot news! Hot news!
    Just saw a promo of mmz on tv. Star plus is going to arrage a hour special final episode 4 mmz on next sunday 30august 2015. This is according to singapore’s star plus and I don’t know wherther it will also telecast in other countries too.

    1. The episode will be shown 4 one hour.

  9. hey anu….ur imagination s superb… words to award u…………i want more luv sceans……i luv mmz……..

  10. Really Renu you are amazing
    Your explanation really superb……

  11. Anu,,,Renu…huge applause for d way u imagine…connect n convey things thru words….great talent…keep going…

    1. thanq so much saji… 🙂

  12. thanq so much dipika, riya, annie, abhi, me 🙂 , arohi, renu, mandy, kfar……

    sorry if i missed anyone.. miss you all frens…

  13. Hi all hws it goin ??
    Anu ur really awesome !!?

    Renu u were cool in dat cmnt like??

    Riya loved d what can I say ws??

    Hi Farha I m really like thinking dat 3 days to go ????

    N Farah n Anu Ela vunnaru ???

    1. mandy dull ga unnam.. show miss avuthunnam.. since mng kwashishein pe likhi song vintunna continuous ga.. how r u? by the way where r u from? 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Nenu kuda bagunannu !?
        I m from Nellore in AP as u no !!

  14. Khwaaishon Pe Likhi
    Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan
    Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan
    Daastaan Ek Nayi
    Khwaabon Pe Saji
    Bekaid Manmarziyaan


    Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

    Nafraton Mein Mili
    Tu Muhje Iss Tarah
    Dil Yeh Sambhal Na Sakha
    Teri Baaton Mein Hai
    Ajab Sa Nasha
    Badli Yeh Manmarziyan

    Daastaan..Ek Nayi……..

    1. It’s really nice. Cute lines
      I love this.

  15. ☺️☺️☺️ Riya thanx a lot dear for d song !!

    1. Not mentioned dr
      I know we all are like tha song ,really it’s a heartwarming song…….

    Sam message for fans…..

  17. @Hey,

    Updating from where I had left off. Read if interested, if not even then read coz now ardhika chemistry going to be sizzling 🙂


    Chapter2 (Radhika had slept- read the upper part of this page)

    Radhika woke up with a jerk, she got up and blinked several. What made her surprised was the commotion going on downstairs. Loud shouts. She looked around and glanced at the bedside table watch. It was 10 PM, god, she had slept two hours.

    Her mind cleared of the foggy tiredness it had, she got off the covers and got out of the covers. Who was shouting as such. She put on a sweater coater, deep blue over the tank top. Radhika then walked down the stairs, feeling dread creep into her body.

    She froze mid step down the stairs, her heart grabbed a black grip.

    “Why the heck is she still staying at our house?” Misha shouted.

    She heard Misha’s mother hiss down her voice.

    “Misha, I need you to lower voice, I have just come from work and I don’t need your theatrics right now.”

    Radhika heard a restless to and fro walking. Was Misha drunk? Again?

    “Oh, you don’t have time? Why is it always like that, that you have time for that orphane b*t*h, but not have time for your own daughter.” She shouted again.

    The ugly words screamed by Misha went and hit straight at Radhika’s heart like a piercing arrow.
    Radhika’s heart bled, her hands clenched into fists, and her eyes watered.

    “Misha, tone down your voice and don’t talk in such way.” Her mother warned.

    “Why should I tone it down, I want her to listen how I hate her. How Viren hates and how we all hate her.” Misha’s voice held lots of poison and malice.

    “Is it true that you gave her the money when I your daughter wanted it so urgently?”

    “Misha…listen.” But the pacifying worsds were cut off.

    “We don’t where she is from? A gutter perhaps, and her parents, some kind of….” Misha went on ugly, but Radhika had enough.

    She ran walked down the stairs, uncaring if they saw her. Uncaring if they saw her hear everything. Every heart bleeding word.

    She didn’t care as she burst the doors open and ran out into the porch, outside into the open air in slippers, she ran hard the darkened lane. She ran with all her might all the way and well past the well lit house. Crossing an intersected road she ran into a new lane altogether. Her feet took her to a large open area. The central park. That was the only place she found peace. It was the only place she found solace.

    With heaving breaths and exertion she paced her run walking in a slow glide of steps, but that’s when she froze over the entrance of the park gates.

    A slow, sweet, gentle, soothing play of cords lead her inside. The music somewhat calmed her senses and gathered her scrambled brain. She followed the guitar string play.

    Deep inside she walked curious to know who was playing it, and that so heart feelingly.

    Near to the large old sycamore tree, under the shadow of it, turned to the white wooden bench, a figure huddled up.

    Radhika eyes forward and walked slowly towards the figure. It was a guy. He was playing guitar. All alone in the park.

    Her heart lurched forward, breath froze, emotions filled out, a deep sense of familiarity passed over her body when she recognised the back with the help of the various multicoloured small lamps attached to the tree branches.

    The black hoodied guy was still playing at the guitar, but Radhika stood good twenty distance from him.

    The playing of soothing music lulled her into a state peace.

    That”s when the guy seem to sense he wasn’t alone, as his back straightened erect and a minute later the music stopped and he removed the straps of the guitar from off of his shoulder through over his head.

    Radhika waited, the guy turned around, and there he stood his body now turned towards her fully. His eyes now focussed straight at Radhika. His brown gaze connected deep into her light brown eyes. He stood there as if he knew she was coming. Leaves rustled under their feet and when he removed his hoodie over off from his head, Radhika ran, she ran with eyes misting over in her eyes. She ran for him. To him. To feel him again.

    Arjun’s eyes seem to flare up as he braced for the hit. And Radhika hit hard to his body that he was pulled back a couple of steps but he managed well as his arms went around her and held her tight.

    That’s when Radhika lost it and she bawled her heart out over his chest. Clutching tight to feel his warmth to pass into her cold body. To feel his warmth spread into her heart and to feel it dissipate the years of sadness, immense hurt, bitter loneliness, and heart clear out of the poison and resent. She cried a healing one all the while he was whispering words of assurance and safety into her ears. His breath hot on her neck, heating her blood coursing into her veins as she became……..

    1. today part was so good…will u complete ur story within 3days?nor will u continue till two weeks?anyway, I won’t be able come tonight.enjoy today’s epi.AND BYE TILL THEN ALL OF MY FRIENDS ??

  18. I’m a tamilan.I regularly watch manmarzian.i love this a lot. I request the god not to end this yar.I like radhika so much.pls don’t stop this.

  19. Riya thanx for dat song…heart touching

    by d way any idea who sung dat sng daastan…superb song…

    frm nxt week jst hear dat song with mmz memories…so sad

  20. Guys……..

    Breaking News…..Manmerziayan final episode is gonna telecast On SUNDAY 1 hour episode.

    1. Thanx for d breaking news dear I m very happy dat can’t xpress!!???

      1. U welcome….Dear.
        Even i m also super excited.Just want Ardhika’s moments in that 1 hour episode but i guess still it’ll not be Enough for us…..

    2. IS it for indian star plus or other countries????

      1. I don’t know. I only know that in singapore it will be 1hour final episode on sunday at 5:30pm

  21. I had written this essay n its been almost 5 hours n my comment is still not pasted…grrrr……seems like my stupid mobile played its magic again n d comment got deleted somehow:-(:-[ n m too exasperated to type d entire thing out again…I’ll save it for sometime later..

    Neways @ Anu that was too good….hope it happens in d show…would also like to see Dadaji, Teji, Kritika n Zubin.

    @ Farha the updates were really good…loved d car scene….n was really enjoying d Arjun-Radhika was emotional but then why did u stop at d wrong moment..plz complete it.

  22. As she became aware his steady beating of heart. Her feet were an inch up fdim the ground as she holding onto his body tight.

    “Why is that you’re always crying bitterly whenever we meet, am I that frightening looking that you dissolve into tears each time.” He mumbled a teasing drawl into her hair.

    Radhika chuckled through the tears. She reluctantly moved an inch away, only just an inch she didn’t let go off his chest, but that’s when her gaze went down to his hard chest.

    Her eyes widened and she gasped, the hoodie zipper down and she saw a dark smudge over his waist. It was blood. That is why he groaned in pain when she propelled her body on his.

    “You’re injured.” She gasped.

    He didn’t reply but put his forefinger under her chin and lifted up her face to his. His piercing brown gaze slid all across her face then settling his soft gaze on her flowing one.

    His eyes seem to understand her sadness, he didn’t enquire anything.

    “it’s just blood.” He said her softly looking at her lips.

    She frowned.

    She touched the smudged and he flinched a little and she worried in anxiety.

    “It’s just not blood, it’s your blood.” She fussed over him.

    His pinched lips turned up into an alluring smile and Radhika was sure her heart skip a beat that. His tightened hands around her told her something. That is, his right on her body.

    He again didn’t reply, he tilted her sad eyes towards his again by lifting her chin with his forefinger. His eyes though said something, a pleased look came over them making his brown eyes swirl a deep brewing coffee hue.

    His breath was falling on her forehead and she was plastered into a locked embrace with his body.

    “Don’t want to go home?” He whispered enquired.

    A pained look came over her features which he seemed to read well.

    “Come.” He said, and entwined his long strong fingers within his, and he turned pulling her along.

    Radhika frowned.

    “Where?” She enquired bewildered.

    He smiled down at revealing the even white row of teeth and Radhika swore that her heart skipped several more beats.

    “My place.” He drawled s*xily, and startef dragging her towards his car.

    Radhika’s frown then turned into a bewildered enquiry.

    “But, your place is just a minutes away, why do we need….”

    Arjun’s smile then turned into a full blown grin which blew Radhika’s heart into a trolley of skip beat skip and beat continually.

    “Cute.” He mumbled sliding his finger over her heated cheek, which left a warm fiery path over her skin.

    She gave him a dumb look, then she understood. Oh, his place, as his own place, as in not his parents place. Of course, he was super duper rich.

    Radhika flushed hot and blushed a deep crimson which made him chuckle and tighten his arms around her more, then his smile vanished and turned a shade intense his eyes.

    “Come.” He whispered huskily, just a tiny inch from her lips, held her hand pushed away and turned around to lead her out of the park gate.

    Radhika hesitated, she was never aware of him much and it all was turning too fast and the untrusty gene in her hesitated more.

    “But…” She pulled at her entwined hand within his, but that’s when her world stopped, completely halted.

    He turned around slowly, hands entwined still and gave her a look so intense that the hairs on her body raised all over attacking her goosebumps.

    She took in the look, all breath expelled out.

    The look held such force, it was physical, it was chemical, it was organic, it was soul wrenching, soul connecting, it was blending his soul with hers with that look. Binding his core of heart onto hers. His eyes went far past her deepest darkest secrets. Connecting and mirroring her stricken image as clear crystal in his brown ones.

    And right then Radhika knew. She was falling hard, free falling in slow motion painfully, pleasingly, romantically, physically, mentally, chemically, organically, deeply, heart warmingly, soulfully, deeper harder in love with him.

    The force of that moment of realization shook her back a second later. Her heart, mind, body died and took a rebirth into a altogether a new person……..


    Oooooooh, took it’s tine to type 🙂

    My hands are literally shaking typin the scene and im not lying guys…

    How did u LIKE IT

    please commmment, I’m waiting plsssssssssssdsss:)

  23. @anu @Mandy- nen bagunna but koncham sad n hey na story chadavandi yaar (beggin) ela undo chepara)heheh bgn again.

  24. great going.dont stop eagerly waiting for ur next updates,hope its quick

  25. Hey Ieera is true that 1hr epi on Sunday ? coz i cant find any ad on sp…please post the timing of shw on Sunday..

  26. Hey Farha I m sorry I m satin dos but I kinda lik d other multimillionaire Arjun story more dan dis story seriously satin dis story is also very good but is jus dat I got confused so dats y I ??? ???? Hey Farha I jus hope ur not hurt yaar !!! SORRY ??

    Hey yaar where r u from in AP ??

    Did u read d news dat DYM is also gonna cum on Sunday 1 hour special!!
    Lyk I m very very happy ! ??

  27. Please don’t end the episode I loved it please
    You are really fabulous Annu

    read this guys…this post is slap for sp…sp will regret by closing mmz..

    1. Thanks, dipika.u r New here but does extremely good things.but I don’t get the main news. Where’s it??

  29. @Mandy- Hey it’s fine you liked both my stories right then fine coz the other is also mine 😀 I’m gonaa start dat real soon dont worry nt hurt at all 😀
    Yeah i heard it im so excited too!!!!!!!!

  30. Thanks a lot @ireena @raashi @Eish @tia @ure for liking the story 😀

  31. Hey farms dinn answer d Oder question???

  32. @Dipika
    i just can suggest u to visit a Facebook page where u got All Ardhika’s Moments to get download
    here it is…..

    Arjun & Radhika – Dosti yaariyan Manmerziayan
    There u just check their 2015 timeline top to bottom.

    Hopefully u got all video’s.And let me know later if u got it.okay…

  33. – The Best source of Television (TV) Gossip

  34. Ireena hey sorry yar i copied it right bt donno hw i missed the post…i will find it n post it again..sorry for inconvenience dear…
    Hey Ira thank u verrrrrry muchhhhh dear….so mch thank u dear js
    t got the page….happppyyyyyy nw….

  35. @ireena @dipika is it true about final epi on sunday ya?

  36. Okay…………Dipika.That’s Great.yaar
    Now upload ur all Ardhika’s Moments…..u can also download those video via ur cell phone and Enjoy Anyway time whenever u miss Manmerziayan.

  37. @ Farha…I loved this last part of ur story…..continue soon buddy:)

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