Manmarziyan 25th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam going to call Arjun. Radhika gives the jacket to Arjun. He thanks her and asks whats the matter. She signs no. He says you did so last time and I had to save you from marriage, whats the problem this time. She recalls the video and cries. Nandini sees Zubin and Kritika stopping Sam. Arjun wipes Radhika’s tears and says if problems went with crying, the world would have been crying, tell me, whats the matter. Sam says she is going to Sam. Zubin says this can’t happen, you can’t go. Sam says I have to bring Arjun. Kritika says Arjun will come, you are not allowed to meet him before marriage, else give us nek. Nandini pays them and says its fun to meet before marriage, and takes Sam.

Arjun asks Radhika whats the matter. Radhika says she has seen her dad’s shop

burning video in his phone and its not there now, someone said Nandini work is done, I think Nandini has done this. He asks what nonsense. She asks how did the video come in his phone. He says just shut up. She holds his hand asking him to listen. Sam and Nandini come there. Nandini stops Sam saying don’t go, you know Arjun, he flows in anyone’s tears, let marriage happen, then keep Radhika away from him.

Sam goes to them. Radhika says please Sir. Nandini goes. Sam says Arjun, no need to hear anyone, come. She takes his jacket and leaves with him. Nandini smiles. Piyali thanks everyone for coming in Arjun and Sam’s sangeet, Samrat’s flight is delayed. She asks Mala to start, as Radhika said she is a good singer. Radhika goes to Mala. Mala says we will talk later, and starts it with a bhajan. Sam recalls Saral’s words.

Neil is in the room and drinks. Manya asks him to come for dance. Neil says our dances are over, Sam is gone, my dancing partner is gone, she will dance with someone else. The choreographer calls them, and Manya refuses to dance with him. She leaves. Manya dances on the song Ang lagade re…………… She performs alone.

Radhika asks Ankush how did shop caught fire. He says I don’t know, dad said we will get inquiry report today, so he went to Rishikesh, I don’t know how it happened. She asks does he know Rana. He says no, what happened. Sam asks Zubin about Neil. Zubin says I don’t know about him. Everyone clap for Manya. Piyali says its Sam and…. Sam says its turn for Samandar and her idiot, where is he. She calls him. Neil hears her calling him, and sits at a corner crying.

Sam says I did not forget that my every first dance is his. She dances on the same song Tip tip barsa pani……… Arjun and everyone smile. Sam waits for Neil. Neil comes there and dances with her. Radhika looks at Nandini. Sam takes Arjun along. Aansuon me bighaati…………..plays………… Neil cries seeing Sam and Arjun and moves back. Neil leaves. Radhika sees Nandini getting a call. She follows Nandini. Sam sees Bonnie there and looks at her. Bonnie comes to Sam. Arjun gets tensed seeing Bonnie.

Bonnie greets Arjun, and says you are marrying and did not invite me. Radhika looks for Nandini, and sees her. She hides and hears her. Nandini says you don’t have any proof, get lost from here. She goes and Nandini does not see her. Radhika goes to see and asks what are you doing here. Arjun asks what is she doing here. Bonnie says I came to say the truth, and asks Sam does she want to hear the truth. Arjun says she won’t. Bonnie says let Sam decide.

Saral tells Radhika that Arjun and Nandini has made him do all this, she regarded Arjun as Lord, he is a devil. She asks what nonsense. He says nonsense is happening with Sam. Sam asks Bonnie what she wants to say. Bonnie says she will talk in private. Arjun says Bonnie… Sam says its okay Arjun, she can’t tell anything that can lessen love for you in my heart. Bonnie asks Arjun did he get tense. Arjun goes. Radhika asks whats happening with Sam, what do you mean. Saral says Nandini has burnt Papa ji’s shop. He says even Arjun is involved, they both are trapping everyone. She gets shocked.

Radhika tells Sam that Arjun does not love her, he has some plan, break this marriage. Sam slaps Radhika. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Pathanga

    Oh nandini!! Day by day hr plans r becuming dangerous, wicked nd dey r really disgusting!!! I cant understand why radu mst blv tat saral!! Nd sam u!!trust s mst n frndshp bt u dnt trust chasni nd u wl repent fr dis 1 r otr day!!

  2. daisy

    how dare u sam ???? how cud u slap radhu…. this shows u r one f dose cheapsters jo ehsaan faramosh kehlate h!!! hate u idiot

  3. happy

    Dnt want to say hw is this episode…sorry for neil….i cried while his crying scene…sam dnt have brain…hw dare u to slap rad…what u have right on her…arjun scene also worst…when ll truth come out…i want ardhika moment…my most hated scene in this episode is sam holding arjun’s hand….

    • valli

      Arjun and nandini truth will come out by rada and Neil…..Sam will break marriage…. Arjun will go against nandini…..

  4. Aru

    Radhu is totally trapped!!!! This show hve uniqueness even here…apne aap ko expose karthe huye nandini ne radhu ko pasaya hi!!
    I think dey hve used even Bonnie for their sake….hate the precap..samaira,hatred is developing towards her..but its true even she had got trapped…bt wen it comes to neil,she is unfit to b called a bst friend…a besti shuld understand ones feeling by jst cing eyes,the pain is vry clear in neils eyes even manya is getting it but not sam!!!

  5. Pathanga

    Oh neil!! Cnt c u n dis situatn!!! Hpe u wl cum out of dis mood soon!! We al want to c u n ur idiot mood nd nt depressed!!! Nd 1 thng we cnt expect mre frm sam!! Sam who cnt undrstand hr bst buddy feelngs d one who always sacrifices hs feelngs nd put a mask f happiness nd mak hr happy…d ne who roams arnd without lyf n hs body bt nly love n hs eyes.. Hw cud she ever understnd radhu r neil??

  6. Dais

    Sam ne sahi nahi kiya chasni should never forgive her chasni is such a true friend And Sam u r really blind in LOVE

  7. happy

    Guys saw spoiler…arjun ll know truth…sam slap rad…neil is schocked…rad and neil ll bring the truth…sam call off marriage…

  8. happy

    today i really liked bonnies entry…super…i think she ll tell the truth of arjun to rad and arjun…

    • happy

      S mitty…if bonnie also speaks against rad, rad must go to her home town…this ly thing not happen in this serial i am saying bonnie tells against rad…for current track it ll also happen…for last one week many things changed…

  9. happy

    Sry guys its neil…i always think about rad and arjun…automatically my hand wright their name ly…

    • Manu

      I’m really feeling frustrated coz of tis sam.. y cant she understand neil.. Tis show s affecting me so much tat i cant c sam and arjum together… i want oly radhika and arjun..

  10. Pathanga

    I thought ther ws jst nandini in villian part initialy bt nw ek thi villian gt changed into theen hai villian(sardini, maral, doggy)

  11. shaki

    I’m really sad. How can a friend doubt her best friend this much? I thought this serial is all about friendship. And i was happy at first because someone gave some importance to friendship. But now this serial also going the same track are going. Please writers don’t do this to manmarziayan.please make people believe in to true friendship. Plzzz

  12. Annie

    Worst episode!!! Hated each and every scene. Specially that bimbo sam..felt really very bad for neil. . Bechara devdas ban gaya.. actually sam doesn’t deserve anyone.. neither radhika nor neil… nowadays sam is also getting on my nerves.. hated the precap too..
    hoping for a good episode

  13. ☆Twinkle05★

    Oh neil i feel very sad for u no more tears neil ♡
    sam really i cant see u like this bcoz i like u r friendship but today how can u do this u dont trust or understand u r friend but wait and watch radhu will proof u 🙁

  14. Pathanga

    Thanks happy fr d news!! I am vry much eager to c rad nd neil exposing d truth!! Hpe tat cums soon!!

  15. sha

    I hate that saral and wat happen to Sam y he was believing that nonsense y he didn’t trust radhu and today y u slap radhu I hate u Sam .I just want to see more scenes on aradhika love u both….

  16. abi

    such a irritating sam….how can she doubted on radhu becoz of tht saral words…..i thought radhu s a inteligent heroin….but now i think that he s also like otherr seriel heroins…….

    but i always feel badfor my neil…he is so…..”paavam”….that sam doesnt deserve neils love…..

    writters did a big mistake….through sam….who alwayss blindly trust friendsship…..but today,,,,,,but bonnies entry s an unepected one….anyway i know d manmarziyan writters ll do d best thing only…..but pls dont drag d story…..i donnt know who r all vamp group now ecept nandini di…

  17. raashi

    Neil’s crybaby act is getting on my nerves these days but i must say today for a change i really liked one of his rondu scenes…the scene where he was crying his heart out when Sam started dancing to “tip tip barsa pani”- that was touching. N i wish Arjun would have danced some more..he’s a good dancer n i was kind of enjoying it.
    N stupid me!! I really thought for a mmeo

  18. raashi

    Stupid me!!! I thought for a moment that Saral has had a change of heart but after watching the precap it turns out to be more of a well planned move by the two jerks.

    N what is this Bonnie up to?? Sach me Sam ko help karna chahti hai yai koi aur intention hai jaise she can’t see Arjun getting married to someone else n she herself wants to hook him up??:-\

    Sam toh i’ve got no words for her..m trying to b a good n mute spectator watching her progress graph- the depths of dumbness which her character can achieve.

  19. rubin

    Wat just happeing in dis serial ..scriptwritter sud gave up this track .. Hate u sam .. U wil regret for slapping radu

  20. mira

    Sam! U chepo!! hate u more than Nandini. How dare u slap chasni.turn. zaroor pachtaogi.
    U were always selfish.u hurt Neil n now its rads . why the hell were u calling her ur best friend????.
    Arjun is another fool. Ur sister is not a human being btut a vampire ,sucking everyones blood including urs.
    Nandini u used saral . now when work is over u r shooing him like a dog.
    Mmzyn is interesting.

  21. riya

    sam can dance, laugh n talk with neil b4 her so called marriage but radhika cant do it ha??!!!!
    …….bonnie welcome back!! I wish atleast u make sam understand…….
    and sam ……….
    is she blind??? if Arjun didn’t have any problem then he should have sent sam to bonnie!!!!!!
    sam u r worse than sardini…..
    are sardini se yaad aaya…..
    saral ullu bana ….nandini usse use karke phek di……

  22. Sam u just showed that us friendship was so weak it took u 1 day to judge ur friend.want to see wants Arjuna reaction wen radhu gets slapped by Sam

  23. Ira afroz

    Sam slaps Rads.This is too much.she is so insecure abt her and Arjun relationship.
    And abt Neil…oh god !
    He is became Devdas….i mean c’mon man…Director should change his Devdas type avatar.It’s getting damn pathetic.

  24. Nakshu

    Day by day negatives only increasing, no more dosti here. Can’t believe Sam character is this much weak just hearing some stupids words she started to hate chasni that too very easily. Now radhu became alone, hope Neil to come out of this trauma soon. He deserve better gal, not brainless Sam. I m eager for the scene when nandini evils ll expose in front of Arjun but wanna wait long for this.

  25. Love Sam a lot.. U have 2 realise ur feelings 2wards sum1 b4 falling in luv wit dat person, u can’t just compromise bcos d person is ur friend.. Luv nd friendship are 2 diff thing. Anyweiz luv Neil more..but dats what her mind is giving her not her heart. I told radhika b4, allow people 2 fyt dere nightmares..what Eva d situation, dey will realise if its gud or bad.. If sam realises radhu luv 4 arjun how will she feel?.. She just wuldnt undrstnd.. Luv u Sam nd Neil?? sure u’ll luv him sumday

  26. rr

    hope all the plottings gets solved soon…..let arjun n radhika fall in love….n Sam with neil!

  27. I think wen Sam and arjun is getting married, arjun might leave sam and go away becoz arjun loves radz but just can’t say it and he can’t stand to see radz with anyone else;)

  28. What’s with Sam,that Neil, Arujun n everyone has to dance to her tune,..I hate her selfish b….
    I hate to see what she does to her mouth.

  29. dude

    Let sam do whtever she wants… if this marriage happens.. after a day she z going to realize dt rads was r8…

  30. mariya

    hate u sam how will u do dis to ur bst frnd morethan sam neil give give frndhip value to radhu

    i jut love ardhika

    i also feel bad fr manyyaa she is really like neil

  31. Devga

    DAM IT sam i thought i wil tolerate ur foolishness but not this precap …….. u idiot cant u go few days back in ur memory and think of radhu wat all she did for u ….. uffff my blood boiled seeing sam slaping our radhu …… 🙁 evn was not able to c neil crying ,,,…… i really changed the channel wen they show his cying…. 🙁

    • charu

      agree wid u devga….sam is not at all fit to be rads friend…how could she slap our radhu???disgusting sam…

  32. Devga

    and these daYS neil’s part is losing and now for this precap atleast make the spoiler true tht neil and radhu wil unite to expose abt nandini and saral ……

  33. shree

    wht a foolish drama. hw can sam slap radhika. so sad for radz. hw can sam nt belives radhika. i hate nadini and saral.

  34. sreelekshmishobi

    today’s episode i like only ardhika scene.precap is worst when sam slapped radhika pain seen in arjun’s face.i like it in the upcoming episodes the entire truth of nandini and arjun will be revealed

  35. I’m still think about tomorrow’s episode wheres the story going on n why did writers change sam character negative about her bestie radhu….. How would she believes saral and slap tomorrow’s epi…….AaHHHHH sarandini u both r 2much irritating again but always remember at the end truth will win.

    Now I’m waiting for the episode when arjun knows about Foolish Nandini’s truth n then what he will do makes me very curiouser….

    Luv u Dosati Yariyaan Manmarziyan. ..I wish next week manmarziyan enter in top 10…
    luv u Aradhika n Nesam :-* :-*
    “Keep Calm and Watch MANMARZIYAN”
    ………….. 🙂 🙂

  36. There is no doubt yesterday’s episode was awsm but I’m still think about tomorrow’s episode wheres the story going on n why did writers change sam character negative about her bestie radhu….. How would she believes saral and slap tomorrow’s epi…….AaHHHHH sarandini u both r 2much irritating again but always remember at the end truth will win.

    Now I’m waiting for the episode when arjun knows about Foolish Nandini’s truth n then what he will do makes me very curiouser….

    Luv u Dosati Yariyaan Manmarziyan. ..I wish next week manmarziyan enter in top 10…
    luv u Aradhika n Nesam :-* :-*
    “Keep Calm and Watch MANMARZIYAN”
    ………….. 🙂 🙂
    tomorrows epi…….. :-[ :-[ speechless. .

  37. aradhika

    I didnt like sam dancing with arjun instead I wanted to see radhika in sams place ,sam doesn’t suit for arjun ,she is like joyful and carefree but when arjun is with rad there is some spark between them which the viewers like and arjun in some corner he feels he is doing wrong bechara kya karaga u he plays like what his de says and I am in confused whether radhu will accept arjun prposal afterall this what happened and what will sam think if radhu says yes…

  38. manal

    Radhika or arjun ki jodi bout achi hai………………. i think sam or neil ki jodi hai……….. agar neil k lie doosri larki a jae , i’ll feel very happy………. sam deserve hi nai krti neil ko

  39. renu


    1 goodnews,…

    2day sbs segment me,…SAM was in bridal outfit

    And reporter said,..Sam was happy 2 marry Arjun but at the same time ARjun will marry Radhika

    Neil will support Sam after her marriage halt and Ardhika’s MArriage,…

    Now i need SP 2 promote this ardhika marriage yaar,…y they r so mean with no promos,…

  40. meher

    Worst episode ever…..hate u Sam and Arjun..feeling pity for Neil and rad …..i am with them guys….i hope things comes to normal… wishes to aradhika and sneil

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