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Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Arjun that she won’t sign the papers. Sam comes to Neil and sees him packing his stuff. Neil goes to her and asks will she turn eyes in party too. She asks why will I? He asks her to see in his eyes then. She looks at him and turns. He says love has happened. She says rubbish, it did not. He asks her to give pinky promise. She sees Arjun and says I don’t have time, I have to go to Arjun, I will see you. She leaves. Neil says she can’t give false promise, it means its right time for love, she needs a push for it, she will get it in party.

Radhika dresses in salwar suit and says she is ready. Nandini comes to her dressed in gown and says this is not Rishikesh jagran, wear this dress, its your husband’s love. Radhika refuses. Nandini says even I

want so, Arjun will go to Sam then, if you can dare, wear this and come in party. Nandini leaves.

Piyali talks to Sam. Sam says its Samrat’s good idea of party, I m happy, I will show everyone that I love Arjun. Piyali says to show everyone or yourself. Sam says to show Neil. Piyali says Neil loves you. Sam says he feels I love him. Piyali says maybe. Sam says no, we are just friends, I just love Arjun. Piyali asks does Arjun love you. Sam says yes, Arjun does not want to be with Radhika, I will prove this tonight. Piyali says fine, get rady and come. Sam recalls Neil.

The party begins. Piyali asks Sam whom is she looking for, Arjun is married, let him go, you will get any good guy, and fall in love too. Sam recalls Neil’s words and says no, I don’t love anyone, I just love Arjun. Neil comes. Sam calls him idiot…. He ignores her and is accompanied by someone. Sam gets jealous seeing Neil and that girl. Nandini comes and hugs Piyali. Piyali asks about Radhika and Arjun. Nandini says Arjun will come, Radhika was taking time to come, don’t know she will come or not, what does it matter, its weird why did Samrat give this party.

Radhika looks at the dress and recalls Nandini’s words. She throws it on the bed. Radhika thinks Arjun can’t send this dress for me, its Nandini’s plan to keep me away from party, I won’t let her succeed. Sam tells Neil that this party was for friends and family. Neil says I know, so I called Sharon, she is my to be family. He introduces Sam as his friend. Sam says we are best friends. Sharon says Neil did not tell me about you. Neil asks her to help mum and sends her. Sam gets angry and asks why did you not tell her I m your GF. Neil says what would I say, a girl loves me and does not accept it, how will that Pagli feel. She asks who Pagli. He says its her nickname I kept by love. She says that girl is not your type. He says yes, as you feel you are my type.

He says accept it, there is something, you are my best friend, accept that you love me, and I will leave this Pagli, I swear. Sam says no, I don’t love you, I just love Arjun. Neil says then come in my marriage, she is waiting for me, and goes. Nandini says Sam, no use to be angry, learn to accept whats yours, Arjun is just yours, accept him today. Sam says Radhika…. Nandini says if Radhika loves her respect, she won’t come in this party, think and understand, do what you have to do.

Radhika comes there in the short black mini dress given by Nandini. People look at her. She stumbles and a man holds her. She thanks him and the man touches her hand. Arjun looks on and gets angry. He holds the man’s hand. The man says I was just helping. Arjun says she is my wife, I will help and pushes him. He asks Radhika why did she wear this dress if she is not comfortable, did she come to get herself insulted. She says fine with this insult if it can keep you away from Sam.

Radhika asks Arjun why is he not going ahead now. He says you think I will go ahead by disrespecting any girl, these clothes won’t keep me close to you. She says I don’t have such intention, we will go in party. He says everyone is waiting for Mrs. Arjun Mehra in party, and this is not that. She says I know. He says you know nothing and covers her with a cloth kept there. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays…………… He gives it a look of a gown, and says you are my wife, my respect lies in your respect. He hands over her clutch to her. He holds her and takes her to the party.

Sam looks at Neil. Arjun and Radhika come in the party. Neil says the party is kept in their honor. Nandini looks at Radhika’s dress. Neil says a huge round of applause for them. He asks Radhika for a dance. She looks at Arjun. Neil says she is your wife, so you have first dance. They all clap for Arjun and Radhika. Sam recalls Nandini’s words.

Nandini tells Radhika that she can kill even Arjun if he comes in her way. Radhika says I don’t need to fail you, you have failed yourself today and smiles. Nandini turns and gets shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys, we r wasting are writing over here. We need to take serious step. I want that nonsense saath nibhana serial to end. Why are the viewers giving so much trp to that stupid and not manmarziyan. If star plus thinks saath nibhana saathiya is such a great serial then why don’t they swap manmarziyan and saathiy time slots. Guys go on star plus twitter and write non stop twitter and make them change their decision

  2. No Renu pls dont shorten ur review dear…whn i read ur pov i thnk it jst cant end…u have great writing skills so pls keep entertain us by ur amzing writing talent….
    Thanks Aarohi dear for mentioning me…..
    n farah ur story is really brilliant n like how describe ech n evry details of u all….
    one reqst frnds stop begging to that bullshit hopeless Chanel sp…it nt gonna listen to our jst njoy the last week of our manmarjiyaan n aradhika…

  3. @dipika – thanks hey means a lot 😀

  4. The Episode starts with Radhika telling Arjun that she won’t sign the papers. She asks why will I?

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