Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Arjun that she won’t sign the papers. Sam comes to Neil and sees him packing his stuff. Neil goes to her and asks will she turn eyes in party too. She asks why will I? He asks her to see in his eyes then. She looks at him and turns. He says love has happened. She says rubbish, it did not. He asks her to give pinky promise. She sees Arjun and says I don’t have time, I have to go to Arjun, I will see you. She leaves. Neil says she can’t give false promise, it means its right time for love, she needs a push for it, she will get it in party.

Radhika dresses in salwar suit and says she is ready. Nandini comes to her dressed in gown and says this is not Rishikesh jagran, wear this dress, its your husband’s love. Radhika refuses. Nandini says even I

want so, Arjun will go to Sam then, if you can dare, wear this and come in party. Nandini leaves.

Piyali talks to Sam. Sam says its Samrat’s good idea of party, I m happy, I will show everyone that I love Arjun. Piyali says to show everyone or yourself. Sam says to show Neil. Piyali says Neil loves you. Sam says he feels I love him. Piyali says maybe. Sam says no, we are just friends, I just love Arjun. Piyali asks does Arjun love you. Sam says yes, Arjun does not want to be with Radhika, I will prove this tonight. Piyali says fine, get rady and come. Sam recalls Neil.

The party begins. Piyali asks Sam whom is she looking for, Arjun is married, let him go, you will get any good guy, and fall in love too. Sam recalls Neil’s words and says no, I don’t love anyone, I just love Arjun. Neil comes. Sam calls him idiot…. He ignores her and is accompanied by someone. Sam gets jealous seeing Neil and that girl. Nandini comes and hugs Piyali. Piyali asks about Radhika and Arjun. Nandini says Arjun will come, Radhika was taking time to come, don’t know she will come or not, what does it matter, its weird why did Samrat give this party.

Radhika looks at the dress and recalls Nandini’s words. She throws it on the bed. Radhika thinks Arjun can’t send this dress for me, its Nandini’s plan to keep me away from party, I won’t let her succeed. Sam tells Neil that this party was for friends and family. Neil says I know, so I called Sharon, she is my to be family. He introduces Sam as his friend. Sam says we are best friends. Sharon says Neil did not tell me about you. Neil asks her to help mum and sends her. Sam gets angry and asks why did you not tell her I m your GF. Neil says what would I say, a girl loves me and does not accept it, how will that Pagli feel. She asks who Pagli. He says its her nickname I kept by love. She says that girl is not your type. He says yes, as you feel you are my type.

He says accept it, there is something, you are my best friend, accept that you love me, and I will leave this Pagli, I swear. Sam says no, I don’t love you, I just love Arjun. Neil says then come in my marriage, she is waiting for me, and goes. Nandini says Sam, no use to be angry, learn to accept whats yours, Arjun is just yours, accept him today. Sam says Radhika…. Nandini says if Radhika loves her respect, she won’t come in this party, think and understand, do what you have to do.

Radhika comes there in the short black mini dress given by Nandini. People look at her. She stumbles and a man holds her. She thanks him and the man touches her hand. Arjun looks on and gets angry. He holds the man’s hand. The man says I was just helping. Arjun says she is my wife, I will help and pushes him. He asks Radhika why did she wear this dress if she is not comfortable, did she come to get herself insulted. She says fine with this insult if it can keep you away from Sam.

Radhika asks Arjun why is he not going ahead now. He says you think I will go ahead by disrespecting any girl, these clothes won’t keep me close to you. She says I don’t have such intention, we will go in party. He says everyone is waiting for Mrs. Arjun Mehra in party, and this is not that. She says I know. He says you know nothing and covers her with a cloth kept there. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays…………… He gives it a look of a gown, and says you are my wife, my respect lies in your respect. He hands over her clutch to her. He holds her and takes her to the party.

Sam looks at Neil. Arjun and Radhika come in the party. Neil says the party is kept in their honor. Nandini looks at Radhika’s dress. Neil says a huge round of applause for them. He asks Radhika for a dance. She looks at Arjun. Neil says she is your wife, so you have first dance. They all clap for Arjun and Radhika. Sam recalls Nandini’s words.

Nandini tells Radhika that she can kill even Arjun if he comes in her way. Radhika says I don’t need to fail you, you have failed yourself today and smiles. Nandini turns and gets shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mitty

    Oh my god. …arjun nd Neil u both nailed it. ..nandini Di ur plan not gonna work. …In short amazing episode. …gonna miss ths show. …

  2. nish

    precap hay mar dala rads tune toh nandu ko kya truth revelation karvaya hay main marjavan lov u rads n smarat too intelligent dad. But fed up of sam repeatedly like one stupid toy that keeps on repeating I lov arjun I lov arjun I lov arjun ugh yuks blah blah I lov arjun. If mmz wasn’t going to end so soon then I could see another nandini in sam today smarat in arjun n piyali ban gayi hamari rads. Hufffffffff at sam.Neil hats off to ur patience aur ko boyfriend toh chod ke chala gayegha if u repeatedly tell I lov arjun arjun.

  3. happy

    oh god….arjun…..arjun…..arjun……i love u so so much………………………………………i cant control my smiling face………………………………super………………….super…………………..your look,caring,dialogue,etc,etc…. towards rad…………………i cant…………………today is yours…………………super…………….they way you said ” you r my wife “…………..super…………………..
    and another one ” you dont understand anything”………………..super…………..super…………….i love u arjun…………………………..

  4. juvi

    Super episode…………. Please star plus don’t end this show.njan manmarziyan te oru valiya fanan……………..pls………

  5. alley

    Cuteeeeee wow arjun wat a dialogue ss everyone will go crazy after such a strong dialogue cuteeeeee wow loved radhu in and not before the party….loved sam she looked nice… only 6 days left guys….all of us full support to manmarziyan it shud hit the trps these 6 days hope for the better…but a nice lovely epi..

  6. Charitha

    Hi amena thanks for the update I daily wait for it ,u r so quick I m really happy that u update so soon by 11:06 its really a great help for the people who are in pg’s eager to know wat is happening in the serial 🙂 🙂

  7. happy

    bt after all…..nandhini did too much… can a girl to do this to another girl…..i cant control my anger at that time….bt after arjun and rad scene amazing…………………

    • Annie

      Same here dear!! I too dnt know what will I do after 29th. Mmz had become a part if my life during these 4 montgs

  8. nish

    Bye devgha ireena happy renu n kafar n ol mmz fans . Man mst say kfar very sharp writing skills ur I read ur written story awesome.
    Get to go today guys coz yet two mid sem exams left thats y missed todays episode 🙁 🙁 will talk a lot on Thursday n curse together to star plus for sajda EHT N mmz ending. Gn ol

  9. Ira afroz

    Wow….love Ardhika moments.It’s Just awesome.And Neil’s flirting with other Gal and make jealous Sam that was too good.Eagerly waiting for tmrw episode.

    Guys My yearly final Exam is going to started and Manmerziayan is going to end.opps…can’t watching properly this Last Weeks episode.

  10. ☆Twinkle05★

    Oh god wat a epi superrrrrrrr………. superrrrrr…………superrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….superrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….. full episode are wonderfull i will misss u very much darlings ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
    oh god why star plus end this show they just money mind peoples really already i stop watching u r other shows sat day is last day for u star plus HATE U HATE U

  11. Riya

    Lovely episode…………..
    My dear Arjun & Radhika I can’t forget both of you……
    Only 4 episode left……..?????

  12. rose

    I am gonna cry when manmarziyan will end :'( why this always happens with me! :'( whenever I like something that never last long

  13. riya

    Interesting episode…
    Loved ardhika scenes……
    Waiting for tmrws epi n want to know who the person iz

  14. Annie

    I am really loss of words how to xpress how much I loved the eoisode!! It was just superb

    Coming to evil witch nandini first.. what kind of dress was it !! Her look was just like a mermrid.. yeaah.. an ugly mermaid. . But thankful to her.. she played cupid for Ardhika. When she said sam not to leave ones thing I literally thought that she is suggesting sam but the moment she said about arjun I again became irritated

    Neil u r such a sweetheart!! I loved u throughout the episode.. and yeah both arjun and neil r using same dialogue. Ek bar sach batado.. sab kuch chod dunga.. his idea to make sam jealous is really goid … but that stupid sam us not ready to understand that she loves neil not arjun… sam was lokn pretyy too.. forgot to mention the office scene.. it was cute

    And now its the turn if my fav ARDHIKA arjun u r stealing my heart again and again.. ur xpressions were notable when that man was teasing rads.. ur eyes said it clearly that u would kill that man the way u took rads yo that room and made her dress, was really a good one.. the dialogues u fave in tgat room was heart touching “tum meri biwi ho aur tumhari izzat mein hi meri izzat hai” I loved this one.. he is trying to say rads that he also will not sign the divorce papers as she is his wife!! Arjun is a perfect gentlemen. . I am falling for him!!

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episodr.. there is lot more tomorrow ardhiks dance and nandinis ttuth revelation. . The precap seemed very intersting!!

    It is a long one.. please overlook the follies

  15. Hi I m new here I always read ur comments and enjoying it dym is my most favourite serial but feeling sad it’s going to end plz sp dnt end this show plz plz plz

  16. mira

    well guys I have always had this in my mind
    when we all r so much crazzzzyyy abt mmzn, we should have watched it at least to increase its trp and not only comment…………
    I am feeling very guilty
    sorry if I have hurt u and sorry mmzn……..

    • Annie

      We watch it.. but evrydy its not possible to watch due to our respective works and there is no repttlcst also so that we can watch mmz and cntribute to increse the trp!! We all r sharing our views rgrdng mmz and we r not here with the intension “TOO INCREASE COMMENTS” so please dont say lyk this!!

  17. No words to express todays eps…I love the way neil making sam jealous and arjun poweful dialogue of the day my respect lies in ur respect mrs mehra..and radhu dialogue I dont have that intension to come closer to u and piyali making realize neil love and sam hide nd seek love for neil…nd precap I think it must be arjun but he might hear the truth of nan r not is mmz always

  18. Honana

    Neil I just luv ur cool attitude yaar… Ur superb man,.. So confident n chill types… Ur too gud n super yaa

  19. mitty

    Haha haha nandini Di dress was quiet funny m i rite my dear friends. ….arjun wat a dialogue? ????? Love you. ….

  20. lreena

    We all love Sam,but it’s nt fair that the story centres with sam only. If she says that she loves Neil.then others life will be settled. But if rad says she loves arjun nothing will happen .even with saying of Neil and arjun nothing will work.rather all will be shattered

  21. happy

    hi friends….i miss u so much…ly 5 days left…..our commenting section also go with this serial….i really kill u sp….u dont deserve anything….go to helll…….ur stupid serials….all r go to hell……i love this serial….i cant think after 5 days what ll i do…..

    friends….i miss u….

  22. anu

    thanx ameena for the update.. feeling very sad about the news mitty gave about show’s end..miss u all guys..

    coming to todays episode it was awesome….

    arjun and neil you both nailed it guys… love you both…

    so radhu was sure she is not going to give divorce, arjun i think ur heart jumped with overjoy internally 😉 …

    neil is finding love for him in sam’s eyes.. felt sad for him, when she said she has 2 go 2 arkun.. but neil u were suprerb man.. u guessed she needs a push up, to accept that love happened to her… thats great..

    nandu-radhu : nandini di u wanna make situations worst.. but u dont know you are making our ardhu realize their feelings of ♥♥♥ and they wil come together very soon… heheheheheh 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 ….

    sam-neil @ party : with lots of hope, with lots of love, with hiding his tears, with smile on his face, with his eyes filled with tears along with combination of ♥, sorrow,fear,anger he said to sam to come in his wedding.. sam’s ignorance to accept she loves neil is such a stupid thing.. all the time arjun,arjun… sam y u r killing neil again and again by this stupid talk.. come out of the cover which you tied to your heart.. see neil’s love… he is dying inside to get your love… 🙁

    BTW radhu, u looked stunning in black dress.. 😉 … when arjun cared for you and said your respect is his’ , you looked at him with eyes filled with love.. (at the moment im watching this scene i thought atlreast today you will give an YES sign to him for his hidden feeling of love to be expressed, but really missed it. atleast you could have tried saying thanx and a hug for such care.. but really felt disappointed)..

    BTW radhu you both guys were deeply in love with eachother.. it doesnt matter who expresses it first, just pourout your heart.. no turning back radhu…come on, express your feeling of ♥,care,DOSTI & MANMARZIYAN to saty with him throughout his life.. 😉

    Mann….Marziyan 😉 🙂

  23. abi

    hello guys………..i’m soooooooooooooo…………………..excited……felt like…….flying in d air……………….but today arjun s so…..handsome….of course neil toooo…….

    but…..all ladies not looking nice compare with other episodes………..don’t know wat ll happen tomorow……..

    because every time i thought … ll be arjun…..all that time…they fooled me………..again…..i can’t take this………..this time…..i think that someone is ….samrat……..wat abt ur thought frnds…….tell me i’m waiting for ur comments,,,,………………..

  24. roseboobi

    Juvi are u malayali?i am also &i am big fan of i request to SP dont stop this serial.

  25. Meena

    Fantastic episode! !!! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Want to watch Arjun and Radika again and again and again! He covering her with the black (material) is so wonderful, the dialogues are super!This episode has compensated for all our misgivings so far! And about Arjun, no words could describe his acting today .Once again thanks for this episode which gas stolen so many hearts!

  26. anu

    i think the one behind them in tomorrows episode could be SAM & SAMRAT… expecting it so… but donno… fingers crossed… 🙁

  27. mitty

    You r my wife, my respect lies in ur respect. …oh my god gone crazy for this dialogue. ..arjunnnnnnnnnnn n nnnn love u man. .u steal the entire show …….

  28. mitty

    Gonna miss Amena mam nd message review team. …u guys r doing an excellent job. …gonna miss this comment section. …last BT not the least all my friends love you allll ….miss me also okay

  29. mokshi

    Hi guys ilove thisserial somuch ilove ardhika so much todayepisode was supper arjun u r so cute i miss this serial oh God may kaykaru

  30. kfar

    @Heya all 🙂

    I missed today’s epi too. Wad busy. Always busy at 10:30 sadly but must say wit all ur comments i got an incling dat it was a good epi and I hope itz either Arjun or Sam. Because I want diz Sam to know. She will save three lives if she gets to knw…

    @Ireena @Mandy – Heyyyyaaa, I missed the epi, how was it guys? I hate dat I always mis epis…u know I found dis site only wen i got to knw the show was ending through sbs….my jaw dropped literally at dat, den I started surfing web if it was true or not. Dat is how I found u guys:) n sadly da show is really ending.

    @Nish- hahhahah, I like ur hindi and yes i too sam as next nadhini yaar. So true! N thanx for reading my da best for ur exam…

  31. kfar

    @Anu- Nice explantion ya, because i was thinking wat colour was Radhika’s mini. Thanks for clearing the confusion.

    @rose- Really i too feel da same wen i like something it goes away. I liked iss pyaar ko kya naam doon(1). It went away now dis one too is goin 🙁

  32. I love this show ilove ardhika so cute arjun u r rocking love radhika too idiot like Sam ilove Neill Sam does not deserve u r love and feelings

  33. kfar

    @Annie- I liked that u put the dialogue as it is..thanks i really felt dat one wen i read it in ur cmmt.

  34. anu

    Sam and Radhika are confused over their feelings for Neil and Arjun but Sam still thinks that Arjun loves her only and not Rahdika.
    Samrat assumes that Nandini is playing a big game and organizes party to celebrate Arjun and Radhika’s marriage.
    Arjun tells Radhika to divorce him but Radhika puts a condition in front Arjun as if he started to love Sam in real then she will leave him.
    Meanwhile, Nandini realizes that Arjun will not divorce Radhika so easily and makes a plan to humiliate Radhika in party.
    Nandini gives Radhika a dress and tells her that Arjun wants to see her in this dress in party.
    Radhika thinks that Nandini must be planning something and decides not to let Nandini successful so easily.
    Arjun tries to dance with Sam but Radhika stops him.
    Neil also brings some drama in the triangle story of Arjun, Sam and Radhika in the party.

  35. Nethri

    All are too good in performance. Especially arjun and Neil. I long to see some romantic moments after the respective pairs’ love confession. Plz don’t end the show. SP ! Plz do something but don’t stop this show

    • Hey farha here I m n hw cant I have a gud day I mean with u here makin my day with ur lovely story I can hav d bestest day as long as u write ur story my day will be d greatest n more entertenin !! So pls write more stories!!

    • lreena

      Hi ,farha.its u!!why so late dr!!anyway, today’s epi was fab.u missed it!! it tomorrow. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. WHAT about ur fabulous story??when r u gonna post it??

    • Thena

      hi here….waitin 4 ur story bud…ve 2 say u…ter ws gud twist in ur story..1st thot neil ws possessive…later realised it ws all 4 a bet…amzng twist yaar…keep gng…btw r u 4m AP(if u don mind)

  36. arohi

    I am so eager to watch todays episode tmrw morning after reading the aradhika moment and to see arjun express his care and possessiveness for radhu , anjane me hi sahi:)

  37. I will try to writes the climax of manmarziyan the truth Wi’ll reveils truth will come out of every body nandhini feel ashamed for her deeds she go to London arjun and every one looking for radhika she is missing in the party arjun search for radhika he reached home but radhika is not here he fIndus diverse papers on the bed and also find a letter. He read the letter and shutters he saw the sigh at devours papers arjun totally felt for radhika Sam realise her mistake. Arucportum comfort sam his love for radhika every one go to rushikesh arjun won radhika with alot of fell and emotions finnaly sam neill ardhika get married

  38. renu

    hiii friends,…

    first,please give me some medicine 2 come out of this heart break yaar,…i cant help myself just like arjun ,… on thinking about the last epi n the countdown reached 4 now,….please friends,…i dont wanna cry 4 a fictional show but this show hooked me like a magnet,…i started 2 engage myself in other things so that i can come out of this forthcoming heart break but still end up in loving this serial more n more as the same way arjun does,….Please,SP only 1 time,…hear our screams, ll not pay 4 all the things in this world yaar,..try 2 respect numerous fans feelings like me,…ur 1 wrong decision ll ruin ur status n our respect 4 u,….i know these screams ll b on deaf ears,…but i expressed my feelings though,…

    k friends,…What an episode yaar,..mind blowing,….,.outstanding,….awesome,…lovely,…n i dunno any words which suits more 2 describe this episode,…i madly fallen in love with this daily soap,…i dunno what is love like my chasni but i learnt
    what is friendship
    what is dream
    what is love
    what is care
    what is affection
    what is sacrifice
    what is possessiveness
    what is trust
    what is loyalty
    what is naivety
    what is betrayal
    what is manipulating
    what is seduction
    what is infatuation
    what is centering on
    what is married life with platonic love
    and finally what is REVENGE n how to analyse a character 4m their act,…
    within this four n half months, ll take me a life time 2 learn all this yaar but MMZ helped me 2 learn those things within this short span of time,…hence i stuck into this show ending news,…which makes me 2 hardly carry over other things in my life,….but i felt proud that i watched such an amazing show in my life time n i think,i ve 2 accept the reality n indulge myself on my manmarziyan,,…..

    K friends,…sorry 4 writing some of my personal feelings about this show as this epi makes me 2 write such n u also ll agree with me after reading this comment,…(note:sry 4 long essay again,..kindly bear with me)

    Omg i dunno 4m where 2 start cox i loved each n every bit of it,..


    Friends,…i just wanna give some personal advise 2 sam,..She wants 2 prove herself that she is not in love with neil n her only love s arjun (ly his name,..nothing else),…Sam,…What r u doing girle,..noticing ur BF packing things 2 leave u permanently r wooing glances at him stealthily,..ur neil knew ur every move darling n u r pretending as reading an empty book,..what stopping u from doing pinky promise,…ARJUN,…(no.1).oh by using arjun name,..u urself trying 2 escape 4m ur love confession,,that u can save ur ego by defending the fact that u considered ur best friend as just friend n there s nothing more btw u both,…But my neil knew u darling ur usage of arjun s just an escapism 4m doing a fake promise baby,….

    Btw,..ur mom said it r8 2day,..she too behave normally cox of ur dad n she got brain too 2day n every1 sensed that u r in love with neil except u,,sorry u ve some confusion,..if u accept this relation btw u n neil as love then it ll prove that u never loved arjun,..So,u r in a perplexed mind that u cant give a name 2 arjun’s relationship with u right,…darling,…its infatuation,one cannot live a life with a person being physically attractive with no love, is not physically bonding two gender dear,… i wonder when u ll get this….on last episode!!!

    Then u started 2 state,..’i love arjun’ reminiscing neil with u again 2 piyali (no.2),…here renu said k,..i know sam,…get over it n again said the same 2 piyali that u ll prove ‘i love arjun’ (no.3) 2day 2 every1,… i again calmed my nerves n said k sam,…i know it n get over it,…then,u saw neil with another girl,.. (btw neil,…this s really a smart move dear,… ),..u r burning with jealousy n v all can witness it n i warned u dont call my neil idiot already n u 4got,…actually u r the idiot n calling the ly sensible person in this show as idiot,…not fair darling,….n once again,…u wanna escape 4m neil,…2day he almost confessed like arjun,..he said he ll leave that girl n everything,..if she confess her love,…but ur ego came in2 picture again n u used ur weapon ‘i love arjun’ again,…here renu hitting her head on her lappy 4 watching this crappy,…

    Neil,..u did a good job n pressed the right button on her n she needs it ,.. ur way of inviting sam 4 ur marriage 2 tat pagli ll be a nice treatment 4 sam,…she s trying 2 sleep opening her eyes,..she cant pretend sleeping more dear,…well done boy,…


    omg,…omg,..omg,…what did i see 2day,….2day ardhika passion went a step ahead yaar,..a complete new level in their relationship,…wat’s happening btw these 2 friends,…they r planning 2 kill us by their chemistry,…v gonna miss them badly after this week,…

    k starting 4m nandhu’s stupid flop plan,…making radz 2 wear short black dress which slits her body,…btw friends,..i wanna give a credit 2 monica 4 making that scene without any awkward by her grace,…she really fits any modern wear r any other dress,..but cvs always did a big joke with her dress,..2day she looked stunning hot n beautiful in that dress,…k coming 2 that stranger(i saw him in offscreen pics of mmz,..may b a co-worker n moni shared a group pic with this guy in instagram,..i think so),..i hate wen u touched my chasni with gutter thots but now m thanking u 4 doing so,..cox i always love 2 see possessive n jealous n protective arjun,..n 2day i got everything 2 cherish my memories of ardhika ly with help of u,…btw radz s too naive in identifying the bad touch,…

    Arjun baba,…u r going 2 kill that stranger by ur killer looks,…i love ur possessive dialogue,..’she s my wife,…i ll help her’,…omg loved it man n the way u pushed the stranger away 4m ur wife na,..m dead man,…then u scolded ur wifey like a perfect husband,..’if u r not comfortable wearing such dress,…y r u wearing it n getting insulted ‘n my radz,..stupid girl replied that she can face any insult just 2 keep u away 4m sam,…here renu again hitting her head after hearing this non sense 4m radz,…

    Friends,…wenever radz engaged in full Save sam mission,..she ll 4got about her,…n she can marry arjun,..she ll face any public humiliation,…she even ready 2 wear short dress which she s not at all comfortable n ready 2 insult herself,.. on Hearing Save sam mission again n again 4m radz n ‘i love arjun’ 4m sam,…literally blood oozing out of my ears yaar,…..n Freinds,…i wanna remember some foolish acts of radz which arjun can ly tolerate,…
    1.putting her nylon saree on fire on her wedding n8 (DIARY scene),….
    2.Walking on the road aimlessly n said arjun that she s walking 2 die,…(after their mrg,.. 1st day morning in radz home)
    3.this s 3rd now she wore a short dress without thinking how it ll affect her dignity,…

    Arjun baba,..dont b over confident on ur good looks dear,…’2 keep me with u,…u no need 2 wear such short revealing dresses’,…but i can sense that u was really affected by ur wifey reply,…’i ll not keep things which s not mine’,…

    friends,..u know how much i love this scene,.. 2day i saw full n full platonic love 4m arjun with protectiveness in his eyes 4 his wife,..
    Arjun,…’this s not mrs.mehra,..
    Radz,…i know sir
    Arjun,…u dont know,…u dont know anything,….

    A big applause 2 u arjun,..u fianlly spoke my heart,..radz really dinn know anything,…she s too young 2 experience,..what is love,…what is physical intimacy,…what is good touch n bad touch,…n finally what is attraction,..she always confused but never tried 2 find answer 4 these qns,…instead she can find any hidden secrets by bcoming a good detective rather than finding a imp aspect in her life,…m not accusing u chasni,..but this very naive nature drawn ur king mehra 2wards u like iron n magnet,…

    Friends, arjun proves that he s a good designer of draping saree r cloth over girls,…u all remember it r not,…but there s a lot of diff in arjun draping saree over sam in earlier epi,..where he was fully concentrated in draping the saree n intends 2 seduce sam with focusing on his revenge, emotion 4m him,..though sam s ready 2 do anything with arjun then,..but 2day he does the same thing with his wife with hardly touching her physically as he knew she s his wife 4ever n there s no need of seduction,..hence his eyes filled with full of care n platonic love n stealing glance at her often while dressing her,..& Radz,..started feeling 4 arjun ly after witnessing his protectiveness in kandala dress shop,..2day she was speachless n lost herself in longing looks at her hubby n she dinn feel any awkward r nervous wen arjun dressed her n infact she loves his gentle protective touch 2day,…

    Friends,..2day i felt another level of ardhika romance,…they both crossed all the physical barriers btw them,…they started behaving as several years married couple with very good understanding btw them,,…& Arjun’s last dialogue,…’ur respect s my respect radhika’ loved it man,…then our lover boy hands started caressing his wife’s hair with full love asusual,..i found there s no need of confession btw them as they both behaved as such 2day,….

    Last but not least,…i loved Neil-Radz-Arjun convo a lot,…Neil admired radz as a friend n he wants 2 dance with his friend who looking dashing in the party n he even lend his hand 2 radz,..another interesting part s arjun looks happy wen neil asked his wife 4 dance as he felt somewat proud that his wife s looking dashing in the party n he trust her more than himself n so he has no pblm in radz dancing with neil but my chasni felt uncomfortable 2day tat she cant dance with any1 even with her friend n so she saw arjun 4 answer 4 neil’s request,…As a true friend,…my neil understood wat s running btw them n loved how he made the dance was Ardhika’s,..’arjun,..radz s ur wife r8 ,,first dance s ardhiks’s’loved it man,…

    & Friends,…how many of u like nandhu’s face worth watching radz in the party n how arjun dinn ve a look at sam n crossed her without having any glance at her holding his wife’s waist in full joy,…Sam realized 2day arjun loves whom,..i think so,..but dunno wen she ll realize that she loves whom,….that’s the end of our wonderful show,…

    I already swear u that i wont predict anything in these last week episodes,,no comment about precap,…Zip,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote n sorry 4 long essay n thanks 4 reading this ,…have a nice day guys,….

  39. kaikasha

    Plz Dnt stop dis show this is my fav show Eva ,arjun radhika chemistry is superb and awesome ,same for Neil n sam plz Dnt end dis show its great show I jay love watching dis show plzzz Plzzz Plzzz Plzzz plzzzz Plzzz plzzz Plzzz Dnt end dis show continue dis show wid more romance and story sply arjun and radhs n Fr Neil n.Sam too , love arjun superb as well as radhika n their chemistry superb , Dnt end dis show Plzzz its superb watching this guys plzz its a req continue the show.

  40. Nakshatra

    Please accept one request from us star plus…just one…immediately change ur caption…RISHTA WAHI SOCH NAYI… whenever I see this……go to hell & hate u star plus……just hate u…

  41. Nakshatra

    Going to miss this show..
    Going to miss ahem sharma..
    Going to miss this comment section…
    Going to miss it beautiful stories..
    Going to miss wonderful writers here…
    Going to miss u all………………………………..
    just few days left…feeling very bad…

  42. vinu

    I’m angry on this stupid girl radhika’s who never cared about her self respect .I dint understand what she’s trying to prove by humiliating herself.senseless girl.I felt really sorry for arjun can he bear it when his wife behaves like usual @renu I enjoyed ur comments.

  43. Sakshi

    I m speechless today.wat an episode. Arjun screamed his heart out. U r mine radhika. U r my wife. No stranger can touch u. i will nt let u harm ur dignity. Dont gt into cheap tactics.U don’t need to change urself. I luv d way u r. I accept u d way u r. Watelse a wife wants. Showing his full right on her he covers her up. She is nt affected by his gentle n gud touch. U hav d right arjun sir. She is filled wid luv n gratitude. Like a responsible n luving husband he tells her U R MY RESPECT RADHIKA. Ahhh dis was by far d most romantic scene fr me. U can feel so much luv. Y d show is ending ??

  44. wow again renu rocked it…i felt that i m watching it all over again…awesome… annie,kfar,ireena n all who explain the epi was a fab liked it…
    yes Renu u r right our aradhika goes one step further on their relationship.. ysterday epi is so marvlous…love is in air….
    U guys noticr one thing that nandini told piyali asking about aradhika that arjun will cum soon n radhika will nt cum wht makes it diff..
    Though our chashani takes so much tym to get ready( confused abt wearing blck short dress) Her arjun sir was waiting for her out side the party venue..he didn’t go without his lovely wife.
    n our radhu wear that dress for nadini’ s challenge bt i think indirectly she wants to show hr arjun sir that she is nt behanji as he always tease her…..
    superb epi .. radhu looks stunning….

    n Neil man yarr like your dhakka plan for sam…sach me nw sam get hit by ur dhakka that will help to wake her up frm infatuation abt arjun….
    eagely waiting for todays epi…bt also feeling sad only 4 epis r ther…my heart is crying…..God save frm ths heartbreak…

  45. eshwar

    guys zee tvs low trp show satrangi sasural(0.3). got few months extension y not manmarziya i wish for the down fall of all sp shows after manmarziya end….

  46. siddhi

    Hii al manmarzia fans..@renu..mitty..mira..anniee..anu…twinkle…..happy….natasha…..n al others
    Wanna to tel sumthng abt other saas bahu wic m nt interestd….bt wanna to share sum news abt dat bakwas serial
    Satrangi sasural ……dis show gets an extension itseems..d show wic was to get of air by 10 th sep bcz of low trp..has nw gt an extension of few months wid a new tym slot ….d channel z thinking over d show to get an evng tym slot at 6pm
    If dis types of bakwas saas bahu show getting extension frm channel den y dis star plus z nt trying to give 1chance 4our fav youth show manmarzia???????
    N y dis sp z nt thinking abt giving new tym slot 4 mmz such as at 5.30 or 6 pm………

    • happy

      this is stupid channel….they never understand us…..they dont have brain…..leave it….there is no use…..pls enjoy this last week of our fav show….i really miss my friends…..and this show….bt after all i dont want to see any other serial in hindi and tamil….i cant allow my heart to break once again…..this is my last serial……

  47. siddhi

    Hii al manmarzia fans @renu….mitty….anu….anniee….natasha….zara..mira….happy n al others …..wanna to tel u sumthg abt other bakwas saas bahu show ….in wic m nt interestd bt jst wanna to share sum news abt dis show….m
    Satrangi sasural….dis show gets an extension itseems….d show wic was to get off air by 10th sep bcz of low trp has nw gt an extension of few months wid new tym slot ….d channel z thinking over d show to get an evng tym slot at 6pm…..if dis types of bakwas show getting extension frm channel den y star plus z nt trying to give 1chance 4 our fav youth show manmarzia?????n y dis sp z nt thinking abt giving new tym slot 4 mmz such as 5.30 or6 pm…..

  48. anu

    @ sidhi… we tried our best possible ways to get extension.. in previous episodes (mitty, i think) has posted a link to sign a petition and send it to sp… we did that too… but donno y this sp is encouraging just saas bahu serials.. recently i saw an add regarding RAKSHA BANDHAN on star plus.. GIRL RISING.. WOH PADEGI, WOH UDEGI..
    okay its good…
    but what is the message you r giving thru serials.. same old dramatic typical saas bahu serials..

    DIYA AUR BAATI HUM : sandhya leaving husband and family for mission.. no women wil do this if she really has a true relation LET IT BE RAKSHA BANDHAN, LET IT BE MARRIED LIFE.. showing such a crap..
    YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN :recently i saw this serial.. ABHISHEK IS SARIKA’S BROTHER.. MIHIKA IS ISHITA’S SISTER..they showed love blossoming between these two.. by relation they become brother-sister relation.. (sarika becomes co-sister to ishita, abhishek is her bro and for mihika will also be the same na)… i donno whether ekta and their cvs have studied relations on not in their schooling… this is also such a stupid crap…

    SAATH NIBHANA SAATHIYA , TU MERA HERO, MERE ANGNE MEIN : I already told about these stupid serials long before in previous updates..

    SUHANI SI EK LADKI : i wonder without acceptance of divorce from other partner how can the court give only few days time to think?? without divorce how can suhani get married to rohan.. i saw this serial few days back while changing channels, frankly speaking while just playing with remote… 😉 😉 😉 …. this is also a stupid thing..

    BADTAMEEZ DIL : I never saw this serial.. so no comments..

    SUMIT SAMHAL LEGA : I saw promos, its also a typical saas bahu serial..

    MOHI : i didnt watch this serial atleast for one time.. so no comments..

    coming to other channels shows.. i saw ROSHINI for few episodes in LIFE OK, it has a very nice theme..
    zee telugu shows : i didnt follow any show regularly, so donno much about these..

    we heard many shows have been shutting down due to low trps.. like meri ashiqui tum se hi, kaise yeh yaariyan, dil ki baatein, shastri sisters, veera, razia sultan and jodha akbar.. all these will go off air in september and many i mentioned has been shut down..

    zee tv gave a chance for extension.. thats great..
    so finally i wanna ask this SP to better stay away from this field if you cant handle the situations or if u r unable to fulfill the wish of fans..

    we asked you to make MANMARZIYAN atleast a weekly show..u didnt consider that too…
    HATE YOU STUPID SP… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ….

  49. kfar

    @Mandy @ Ireena Yaar slept off holding my phone yesterday…waitin for ur commnets dat I didnt wen I closed my eyes hehehe

    @Anu I’m soooo gonna agree with you. Those are all bakwas. Hey u watch zee telugu(wer aru from, if u don’t mind)

    • anu

      i am from vijayawada, ANDHRA PRADESH.. i dont watch any serials in zee telugu… i dont prefer telugu serials as they are really horrible than these saas bahu serials… 😉 😉 😉 😉

  50. Thena

    again 2dy it ws neil..oh man!wat r u up2? ve u planned 2 kill ur viewers by ur stunnin luks & performance?….wat eyes u ve man…very intense luks yaar…i sugggest u 1 thin & seriously a true 1…don evr try 2 penetrate in2 sam’s eyes by urs…cos she ll run away instead admittin hr feelings 4 u…she cant hold its intensity 4 long yaar…wat r thos? a pair of sharpened arrows?ufffff…so try sum othr way man….

    but already u ve plotted othr plan man…clever..i know u cant c sams pain…tats y u told hr tat if she confesses, u ll leave ur pagle…but pleas don fall 4 hr pain man…she needs tis treatment nw… actually she badly needs u & wen she realises it, hrself ll run 2 u & 5nds peace in ur arms… all u ve 2 do is just hold 2 ur natak…wait a lil man…ur luv is on the way…

    cumin 2 our hero arjun…he stood a real hero 2dy…wen sam ws desperately searchin hm inside,he ws cooly standin outside fr hs ladyluv 2 cum…wen radz stumbled i wished 4 arjun 2 hold hr…bt kudos 2 cvs..they ve made the scene more intense…the man who didn cum & hold hr wen she slipped(actually arjun thot tat he ws still angry on hs babe) came out all of a sudden wen a stranger hold hr as if sum1 touched hs precious possession in tis world….actually ther came out the possessiveness of a husband which hmself couldnt resist…he couldn tolerate sum1 embracin hs doll wid bad inention…all hs so called anger melted ther..poor arjun…hs mind struggles 2 win ovr hs heart which beats 4 radz…bt evrytim it ends up in vain…2 say honestly hs heart cheated got used 2 see radz as hs dharmpatni…tats y he couldn feel any nervousness while drapin hr(btw i wondered wer did he learn 2 do all thes thins)…& @RENU here i totally agree wid u bud…me 2 felt the same yaar…wen he ws drapin sam, evry single move of hm ws intended 2 make sam fall 4 hm as he caressed all hr sensitive parts deliberately (ve 2 make it a point here…he did all thos withou any feelins in hm) mkin hr 2 tak stron breath & gulp hr heart in…but here in case of hs babe he passionately draped hr withou touchin hr bt wid all feelins in tis world..ironical here it is…2dy evrthin turned upside down…

    1.wen arjun made hr wear tat xtra attire,mrs.mehra coudn take off hr gaze 4m hr MISTER unlik arjun…
    2.Arjun wsnt evn tryin 2 mak radz feel 4 hm as i said hs heart stuck wid wifey thin bt hs mind hasnt interpreted it still…
    3.wen he caressed hr hair he ws cool enough unlik radz as she ws all nervous wen he adjusted hr hair…

    wen he took hr 2 the hall by holdin hr waist..oh! he just passed sam unnoticed…(am here shoutin…”hello MR.ARJUN MEHRA…u ve just passed sam..oh man suniye…else ur gonna lose ur revenge mission…. hello hellellello”…all in vain)…later i realised he ws out the world then…actually he ws at cloud9…busy in holdin hs babe’s waist & walkin wid hs doll proudly…

    hi friends @MANDY,@KFAR,@RENU,@NATASHA,@ANU…..thank u all so much 4 mentionin me & replyin genuinely….

    feelin lik sayin final goodbye….cos i behave lik a mad at times as my sis found sumthin in me & asked”y do u luk lik as if ur fav serial is gonna end?”..i swear i didn utter a word about tis 2 hr as i usually watch mmz all alone in my room & no1 knows anthin about tis…it clearly shows tat am totally mood off nwadys… i myself don lik tis me..want 2 get rid off tis…am more attached here wid friends than mmz nw…heartbreakin….

    goodbye 2 all mmz fans….gonna miss u all & evry1 commtng here…

  51. anu

    hey guys, someone(who often can check it & show be online atleast for sometime) create a page in facebook and post the link here… we will all join there and can chat after 29th…

  52. arohi

    Hbbadtameez dil is a nice love story of divorced hubby n wife who still love each other but not ready to accept. The flash back on y dey divorced is yet not revealed. Their mom’s want them 2 b back togthr. But way…. Both meher n abeer(our hero n heroine) love the other head over heals, but noy ready to accept it as they r hrt broke y d other one left. Bt they do care …

  53. arohi

    *badtameez dil is a nice love story of divorced hubby n wife who still love each other but not ready to accept. The flash back on y dey divorced is yet not revealed. Their mom’s want them 2 b back togthr. But way…. Both meher n abeer(our hero n heroine) love the other head over heals, but noy ready to accept it as they r hrt broke y d other one left. Bt they do care …

  54. arohi

    Renu n kfar, u r great! The way u write ur imaginations is just amazing. I always keep checking for ur new updates after reading the day to day episode

  55. Hi Farha….m back now…i wanted to comment yesterday itself but my stupid mobile network ditched me:(

    N now d episode….where to begin….enjoyed it thoroughly…it was mindblowing from start to end. The Nesam scene at d beginning was so cute…loved the two of dem…n Neil was rocking when he said d gaadi ko push karne wala dialogue.

    N now our Ardhika….omg…super…brilliant….awesome…m falling short of adjectives….their scenes just took me to a different world all together…passion, emotions n hotness overloaded…to begin with loved d possessive Arjun…d way he was staring daggers at that guy for touching Radhika…his dialoge ki main apne wife ki help kar lunga…n den dat push….marvellous….n den d next sizzling scene….Arjun can very well make do as a designer n stylist…first the sari draping scene with Sam n now this…loved…like really loved d scene n his emotions dat he cares about his wife’s reputation…n doesn’t
    want her humiliated…the way he was drapinh dat tablecloth on her…no seduction just pure, unadulterated love….Arjun is gonna b d death of me for sure…he was absolutely brilliant n d showstealer for me…n thank goodness Radhoka di

  56. kfar

    @all- Heya again, It’s Farha:)

    Again, love is I’m gonna update my story without so much ado:)

    Tis is to all Radhika and Arjun romance fans. It’s for you which all comes from my heart 🙂 (if u r reading it? Please do u might feel it too)

    Chapter-2( Sixth Part)

    Radhika strapped her bag over her right shoulder and walked out of the library. It was already 7 PM, the work had been hectic. She had to turn signatures for the students loaning books, and there were lot of books to sign as the librarian wasn’t present today.

    But Radhika did not mind, she was up floating in the air, along with the clouds. The smile attached to her lips turned giddy. She still has his paper, tucked safely in one of the notebooks of her bag. She turned around the dim lot corner of the campus. The night’s open breeze felt beautiful. It smelled of roses. Something felt amazingly different.

    It was drizzling slightly and also was a little cold outside, but it felt pure magic as she looked up at the foggy night. She pulled the coat tightly and still smiled in happiness. She wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore.

    She heard a message arrive in the inbox of her phone. Radhika took it out from her jean pocket.

    “Arav- Movie night cancelled, its tmrw:)”

    She smiled and typed out a reply.

    “Rads- thanx, ur the best :)”

    The phone tinged immediately.

    “For u anytime :)”

    Arav’s message arrived. Aww, he was a sweet guy. Radhika had told him that she could’nt make it for the movie night in the afternoon. He very sweetly cancelled their plans altogether. He knew that if one was absent the other would miss another badly. Arav was sweet, thoughtful and a gentle guy and too gorgeous, if only he understood Sam’s feelings towards him was more than a friend then Radhika was sure he would fall for her. Totally fall for her. Deeply in love.

    Sigh, if only life was that smooth. She walked along the lane of the campus road that would lead out of the large gate. But she walked liesurely because the long cemented lane had a garden flanked on either side of it. There were several small rose bushes. It had every colour. Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White and also black.

    Radhika loved black and red ones.The full blooms were a visible clebrations. They stretched out all over. The sweet, alluring, refreshing and lovely smell. She pulled deep breaths and bit her lower lips. The temptation to pluck the flowers was intense, but she already had to pay fine for plucking the flowers thrice and she didn’t want another fine on her head. radhika shook her head and walked on.

    She finally arrived at the campus gate. No sooner than that she took a step forward that she heard a familiar purr of car. She peered around and squinted over the help of the dimly lit street lift but the road was as marooned and empty as an island. The sound came closer and closer. With widening of eyes, with head bent and with mouth slightly hung open she saw a car charge at her with full speed. Heart in her throat she saw it screech stop only tiny inch away from her body……….

    WaTR BREAk….
    Till den- quick question: whose car is it?
    Who is da car?????? ( answer only if intwrested in the story 😀 hehe hope ever1 iszz interested???)

  57. siddhi

    After 29 god knws wat v wil du widout manmarzia (arjunradz)…..after geet dis z ma 1 of d mst fav show……i startd watching dis manmarzia bcz of our arjunradhika…..cnt imagine ma day widout dis manmarzia……feeeling dissapointd …..after 29 v wil gonna miss dis mmz very badly specialy arjun radz n also nail…….everyday jst waiting to watch dis mmz …….nt interestd in ani other saas bahu serial…….hate all serials frm al channels………..@happy @anu

  58. kfar

    @thena – yaar I’m ap yes 🙂
    N thanx for liking the neil had been genuinely possesive but ruby misunderstnds his motives bcoz of his reputation as a playboy..hehe

  59. Continuing from where my comment got cut off…………..remarkable acting n expressions by Arjun….n thank goodness Radhika didn’t wear that salwaar suit to d party….for she looked so beautiful in dat dress i.e. once it was turned into a gown so efficiently by Arjun….infact come to think of it…..I found everyone gorgeous in today’s episode…n I loved it when Radhika said to Arjun ki jo chiz meri hai hi nhi use apne paas rakhna kaisa( something lyk dat) …..also liked Neil n Sam’s interaction in d party n Radhika- Arjun-Neil’s conversation towards d end.

  60. Continuing from where my comment got cut off…………..remarkable acting n expressions by Arjun….n thank goodness Radhika didn’t wear that salwaar suit to d party….for she looked so beautiful in dat dress i.e. once it was turned into a gown so efficiently by Arjun….infact come to think of it…..I found everyone gorgeous in today’s episode…n I loved it when Radhika said to Arjun ki jo chiz meri hai hi nhi use apne paas rakhna kaisa( something lyk dat) n when Arjun said tumhaari izzat hi meri izzat hai..
    …..also liked Neil n Sam’s interaction
    in d party n Radhika- Arjun-Neil’s conversation towards d end…..the entire episode was such a treat to watch……….excited for d precap….n I thought Nandini can’t stoop any lower dan what she’s been already but then she proved me wrong…talking about killing Arjun….how can u??? He’s d one who always thought about u before himself….who has been sacrificing his happiness for ur sake.

  61. nemi

    plzzzz ‘ renu’ kfar i know u Gays love the mmz but plz do’t write very long comment . i do’t read your long comment. i also read short comment. god knows itana tym kaha se milta hai. next tym short comment karna

  62. @ Renu…I loved ur explanation…u write brilliantly!!

    @ Farha…i haven’t read ur story since yesterday….chalo i’m off to check ur further updates.

  63. riya

    Guys plz vote that mnmrzn shouldn’t end in WHATS YOUR REACTION OF MNMRZN ENDING
    Already 79% have voted sad
    It a humble request plz plz plz of u wish mnmrzn shouldn’t end

  64. Hey all !!!

    Hi Farha read ur story but confused but I appreciate ur writing ????

    Farha how many chaps r der in d story????

    Hi renu so ur cmnt n it was very fabulous ??

    Hi Anu ur rite I m also from andra Pradesh n hate those Telugu serials!!
    Glad dat der is someone of my cast ??
    N hi Ireena n thena red ur cmnt very cmnbl !!
    N others very nice to meet such lovely friends!!!??

  65. renu

    hiiiii friends,…

    sorry yaar,…i cant comment here often but as i said b4,…m reading all ur comments in my free time friends,…

    THANKS 2 u all 4 loving my comments n encouraging me 2 write more yaar,…

    happy,mitty,mandy,thena,deepika,ireena,afroz,kfar,nakshatra,natasha,abi,saina,vinu,anu, annie, arohi,saji,sanju,zara,….n all my friends here,…(sorry if i missed any1 n it doesnt means that i missed ur friendship here),…

    loved u all friends n i miss u all after 4days 4m 2day,…but m glad that i entertained u a bit by posting my pov on each epi,…n ur encouraging words makes me 2 write more n share everything running in my mind after each epi yaar,…i never get such appreciation b4 in my life 4 writing sth acc 2 me,…n i even never tried writing sth in a site like this b4,…i found this site ly a month ago but now my heart felt heavy on leaving this site after this sat,…

    i dunno whether ill write sth like this 4 any other daily soap in future but i think this s the last week 4 expressing my thots in this site yaar,….

    @nemi,…sorry 4 writting long essays n i too dinn like wasting my time on fictional serial n analysing the depth of characters by emphasizing myself with them,…but this s the first soap which hooks me 2 do so,….n i ve a habit of sharing which my mom taught r8 4m my childhood,,i cant stop myself in expressing my pov as the encouragement 4m my friends here overtook my hesitation n makes me 2 feel free 2 write,….

    & friends,…please feel free 2 share with me that if u felt irritated by my long comment then ill try 2 reduce it as short n ll avoid posting comts in depth yaar,…nothing wrong in it yaar,…please do reply guys,….

    • Thena

      Hi no no bud..pls don think lik tat..i entered tis cmmnt section 1st ly 2 reply 4 ur cmmnt…got highly impressed wen i saw urs tat pulled me here which i ve never done 4 anythin b4 thoughi knew tis site…already said b here r anywer try 2 write sumthin…way 2 go bud…”manamarntha vazhthukkal”…keep rockin..

    • happy

      hi renu….i like ur comment each and every line….bt i feel bad for this serial end…..i miss ur comment after that…..and miss my other friends also….so sad….what to do…..bacause of stupid channel…i miss all this…..dont want to see any other serial like this in my life time….feeling bad….

  66. kfar

    @all -As encouraged by u all I went to myeduniya and started a fanfic called ‘Drawn Together’. Another concept. Entirely new.Excited!!!!!

    I thanked u all der:)hope u al dont mind.

    @Mandy- yaar it’s all different parts of one chappy:)
    Heyyy me to Ap(neeku telvacha…naku kuda nachavu tel serisls:/inka ele unnav?

    @raashi- Cool yaar check out my story means a lot

    • lreena

      Hello, farha. I don’t get any word what u have written in unknown language. What’s that??anyway what have u written about ‘drawn together’???post ur story soon. As we won’t be able to connect anymore.???

  67. kfar


    One thing u can tel me toshorten my comments and I will not comment long butpls don’t [email protected] to shorten herreview(not a comment)n if u don’t just roll down and n read wat she writes u wil for sure find the review amazing:)

  68. kfar

    @renu- Yaaaaaaaar u forgot me:(
    I love wat u review:)

    n yeah as i too have asked before pls feel free to tel me 2get off from site n i wil sadly 🙁

    Gonna miss u guys though:(

  69. nemi

    10x renu u know i really do’t like long comment.i have no tym to read your long comment. when u post your short comment i will read. but your long comment i never read

  70. kfar

    Heya all, it’s me again,

    Updating the story where I left off. Some may find it irritating my long comment. I’m sorry for that, but I have nowhere to go but come here and post it.

    Chapter-2 ( When Radhika got out the campus to go home)

    The car zoomed up to her face, eyes went wide she froze, her heart lurched forward.

    Oh, god , she was going to die!!

    It halted with a jerk and for the first time in the day her heart had a mini heart attack.

    The car door clicked open and there stood Viren right in front of her. She didn’t even see when he got off the car and moved, it’s like her muscles froze in fear. Oh,man! Had she had paralysis attack or what.

    She never saw Viren up close and personal and he seems to shove his face in her vision. The fierce countenance jolted her back to reality with a gasp. He said something twice but her ears seem to ring.

    “Hey! You alright?” He asked again.

    “I’m good, it’s fine. It’s just shock.” She croaked out an assurance. She looked up a minute later.

    He most certainly was bristling with anger and annoyance. Huh? Should’nt she be the angry party?

    She was about to blurt out something about his driving skills, but he beat it to her.

    “What were you doing in the middle of the road?” He let out the words impatiently.

    She narrowed her eyes at his tone. It was gravelly and forbidding.

    “I was walking.” She replied blandly. Pointing at the signal she kept going.

    “And the signal is green and you obviously were breaking the rule.”

    Adjusting her bag, she observed that he seems to be in a hurry and Radhika was an annoyance he trying to get rid of. A deep assence of cologne wafted over her. It irked her that he could dress up and go out but not take her home. He was wearing an open white shirt, teamed with red sweater over it accompanied with blue jeans. He was looking at her too, sliding his narrowed gaze all over her features, her eyes, her nose, down her body and back up in a lazy drawl. She flushed up in discomfort.

    “Or maybe you should check the road before crossing it.” He said that in finality and turned to go.

    “Or maybe, it’s hard to digest the fact that you were breaking the traffic rules or maybe, you could have killed someone today, but what does it matter, right?”

    Radhika said that in finality and turned to go as well.

    “Arrogant swine.” She muttered under her breath in frustation, she was right about assuming his impeccable nature.

    She was sure now. Viren was certified bipolar…..


    So, dis part i wrote is from my oder story toth dat it wohld fit here….:)

    HoW WaS IT guysssss?

    Tel me plsssssdss:)

  71. Hey Farha dis ws well ajuztabl story u usd !!

    Hey wen r u updating d story on hinditvadda website cos I jus cheked it out so pls also write it der if ur ok wid it !!!

  72. Plz don’t delete this comment..
    @ Farha…my previous comment starting wid impressive was for u.but i missed typing ur name…i posted the clarification comment wid ur name but it was deleted:(

  73. kfar

    @ireena @Mandy guys sadly nor my phone nor my laptop is connectin to the site nor im able to write in dat story box..cant guys so no wrtng story der..
    (pls dont scold me fr sayin dis but me and my stry r flyin to Batazmz dil page in dis website im gonna post my story n cments n remembering our DYm der aftr dis show goes off air…jiz sayin dont scold me i may even start a new story dar)

    Hey n ireena its telugu i used heheh:)

  74. kfar

    @raashi -thanks bud dat u read my story and assess it so nicely and find it impressive 🙂

    N ys dat is Viren’s car. Guessed it right. Arjun wil be in next part. Sigh, i feel gd thinkn about their part which i may write aftr tonite…:)

    • Ireena

      not scolding but asking u post story here till manmarzian gets finish.and Telugu seems a completely unknown and strange language to do u know it

  75. kfar

    @ure- thank u for reading and likin my story very much 🙂
    Yeah, tryin hard but findin less time in the day to update wil do so n try hard 😀

  76. U r welcome Farha:) I love reading ur stories….n checked out ur story “Drawn Together” on myeduniya…interesting start!! N thank u so much for including my name..

  77. manmarziyan

    Guys, we r wasting are writing over here. We need to take serious step. I want that nonsense saath nibhana serial to end. Why are the viewers giving so much trp to that stupid and not manmarziyan. If star plus thinks saath nibhana saathiya is such a great serial then why don’t they swap manmarziyan and saathiy time slots. Guys go on star plus twitter and write non stop twitter and make them change their decision

  78. No Renu pls dont shorten ur review dear…whn i read ur pov i thnk it jst cant end…u have great writing skills so pls keep entertain us by ur amzing writing talent….
    Thanks Aarohi dear for mentioning me…..
    n farah ur story is really brilliant n like how describe ech n evry details of u all….
    one reqst frnds stop begging to that bullshit hopeless Chanel sp…it nt gonna listen to our jst njoy the last week of our manmarjiyaan n aradhika…

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