Manmarziyan 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun coming to Samaira. Radhika asks when will call come. Dada ji says in 30mins. Her mum brings tea and looks annoyed. Radhika says dad agreed by much difficulty and mum is still angry. She says if call does not come, it will all go wrong. Arjun gets angry on Bonzo. Sam asks him not to beat the dog just because its his. She asks him to take the dog with him. He says its not mine, I hate dogs, I got it on road and was going to drop it to my friend’s shelter, I think you are in love with it, keep it. She says listen and he goes.

Dada ji says he will miss this tea and asks Radhika to pack bags. Dilip says let the call come, else no use of packing. The call comes and Radhika says I will take the call. Dada ji stops her and Dilip takes the call. Dilip talks to Samaira

and says my daughter was trying to call you. Radhika smiles. Sam asks Arjun where is he going, he needs to drop Bonzo to shelter. He asks does she not have place at her home. She says simple rule, the one who save dog, will give shelter. He says his hand is hurt and he needs treatment, I don’t think he wants to go with me.

She says he wants to go, and makes him sit in the car, along with her. She comes out and Bonzo follows her. He says don’t worry, I have all day to say your game, take your time. She sits in the car with him and shuts the door. He sees her in mirror and she says drive. He says its not good habit to go in stranger’s car. She says yes, and bad habits should be changed, I m Samaira. He asks if I m using bonzo to trap you. She says trap him first, my number will come later. He says everyone’s number comes, Arjun… She says hi.

Dilip asks about salary and holidays. Ankush asks a girl to read and talk. The girl says she will give all details in Mumbai and asks him to come. Dilip asks her to keep appointment letter ready. Radhika says I want to talk. Radhika says hello Sam and Ankush asks the girl to say anything, else she will doubt. Radhika asks her about Neil, how did everyone like the ad. The girl asks her to come Mumbai and join Birdview. Radhika is stunned and looks at Dada ji. Dilip asks where is Ankush, make him book the tickets. The girl throws the papers on terrace and leaves.

Radhika tells Dada ji that Sam can’t her company name wrong, its birdsong. He asks did he do anything. She says if he did anything, she will not go and tell everything to dad, she will not lie to dad. Dada ji says it will be Sam’s call, why will I lie, and swears on his wife’s and does fingers crossed. Radhika says mum is still angry.

Sam asks Arjun does he have enmity with Bonzo. He says with situation. She asks why did he save him. He says then how would I meet you, sometimes me make situation and sometimes situation makes us, and everyone get trapped, and stares at her. Radhika hugs her mum and talks to her. Riddhima comes and says she will always support her. Her mum does the packing. Riddhima says mum’s pickle is going, it means its her love going. Her mum hug them. Riddhima asks Radhika to go and meet Saral.

Sam says yes, Bonzo loves me and runs to catch him. She gets tired and says I get it, you don’t like your situation, trust me, mine is same, I m also alone, please lets work together. Bonzo sits and she says good boy, tell me what to do, go back or not. Arjun says I wonder what will be his reply, bow or bow bow. She says dogs know people well and bonzo knows who is human here. Arjun smiles.

Radhika meets Saral and he shows his wound. She opens his wound and does not see anything. She says again acting, and asks him to join acting. Dada ji asks Ankush to give the paper and get it fast, else Radhika will understand everything. Radhika asks when will he change. Saral says when you change me. She says please., He says after 6 months, this please won’t work. Ankush tries to take the paper. Radhika passes by and sees the paper.

Radhika smiles arriving Mumbai. Samrat asks Piyali about Samaira. She says she will come, she knows her. Samrat says she knew her before, not now. Sam asks Arjun is he digging grave. He asks her does she like to go with strangers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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