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Manmarziyan 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam crying sitting somewhere. A dog comes there and she recalls Bonzo and Arjun. She gets angry and gets up to leave. Neil comes to her and asks her to stop running. He says you are running and coming back to same point, so its useless, stop running. She says she can’t live if she stops running, she can’t bear pain that Arjun’s love gave her, Arjun broke her heart, she can’t go back to him. She says I can’t. He says its heart’s work to break. He gives her phone in her hand and says its your nature to love him, and its his fate to understand it or not. He asks her to let her heart do as it wants. He says call Arjun.

She sees Arjun’s contact. Neil turns. Arjun asks Radhika not to follow her, else she can come under tyre instead her phone, and if anything happens

to her, he will not turn to see her. He gets Sam’s call and gets stunned. He turns and looks at Radhika. He recalls her words. He answers the call. Sam says I want to meet you Arjun. Arjun says even I want to meet you, where are you. He sees Radhika and talks on phone. Radhika sees the truck rushing towards Arjun. She runs to him and pushes him towards his car. She gets hit by the truck. The truck goes. Arjun gets shocked seeing her bleeding and deeply wounded. He holds hr. The man says she is dying. Arjun says no Radhika, you have to live. He asks about hospital. The man says its 20mins away. He makes her lie in the car and takes her.

Sam gets ready and does makeup. She comes to Neil. He smiles. She asks is she looking good. He says she is perfect anyway. He says will Arjun like her. He says anyone in the world would love seeing her and goes to get coffee. Arjun asks Radhika to talk to him, they will reach soon and tries to make her stay awake. He says we will reach soon. She screams and holds her waist. He asks what happened and holds her hand. Blood flows from her stomach and he gets stunned. She cries in pain. He gets teary eyed seeing her and asks her not to sleep, they will reach hospital.

He says people call you lucky in Rishikesh, it looks they did not see your Panauti side and says about Dada ji’s tips. Nafraton me mili …………..plays……………. Sam gets angry as Arjun did not come. She says should she beg him to come, her heart broke again. Neil looks at her. Arjun sees a procession going on road and blockage by it. He asks them to move and requests the people to clear the way. Arjun sees Radhika getting unconscious and laying her head still. He gets stunned and people are not listening to him. Dastaan……………plays………… He rushes to his car and tries to wake her up. He lifts her and brings her out of the car. The people are dancing and he looks on. He recalls Radhika and their moments. He asks them to move and walks between them to cross the procession. Nafraton me mili …………..plays…………….He recalls his bitter words to her. He runs taking her and a temple is shown. Kaisi ye manmarziyan…….. plays……….

Arjun comes to temple and prays for Radhika. He says don’t let my promise break, save Radhika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u Annie … And ireena I got it in some site but don’t remember it …. In today’s tellyupdate spoiler itself u can get this news and another one SPL news is ….. THE CHARACTER NANDINI IS BACK IN ARJUN’S LIFE SHE WAS NOT DEAD IT SEEMS.

  2. Stop scoldin sam….t s nt her fault at all…she truly luvd arjun…..her love fr arjun made her blind dat she can’t see neil luv towards her…..t takes tym to cme out f breakup…..ts arjun who made her feel spcl n cheatd her…..she ll soon realise her mistake and accept neil’s luv….

    1. Hey rads chill yar … Don’t get so emotional …. It happens with us (viewers ) tht by the change in the character v will b annoyed with tht character and later if something good done by tht character v praise him / her its human mentality …. And yar everyone has their right to say their opinion …. OK so chill

      1. Nt tensed n al devga…..lyk i felt ppl must understand d pain dat d character is undergoin….

  3. After Radhika won his trust and heart, will Arjun tell her Nandini’s tragic history?
    On the other hand, Sam gets angry as Arjun did not turn up to meet her and shares her outburst with Neil. With Neil’s calm and composed friendship and his goodness to let her heart free, will Sam value his virtues and realize Neil’s love. Neil does his work of loving her and leaves on her to understand his feeling some day. Neil and Sam get to know about Radhika’s accident and Arjun’s changed behavior.
    Actress Shilpa Agnihotri will be making an entry in the show as Nandini, and a big twist will follow. Nandini’s character was shown in tragic state and now the twist comes where she is not shown dead, and is back in Arjun’s life to push him more towards seeking revenge from Samrat Khanna. With Sam melting towards Arjun again, it will be interesting to see Arjun getting confused between his revenge and his inner goodness surfacing by Radhika’s presence.

  4. Ya tht way u r right rads ….

  5. y clinging to 99 …… i wil complete it to 100 🙂

  6. Radhika and Arjun make a perfect couple. They always need to stay together so nothing will happen to Radhika.

  7. Good so far. Hope this doesn’t become another revenge conspiracy drama like other star plus shows

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