Manmarziyan 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is No Episode Telecast today… Because of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai MahaEpisode and Tere Sheher Mein airing at 10.30 slot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. We need special episode of manmarziyan too….pls dont neglect this show!

    1. Yes….. We want 1hr show. ..

  2. emraan haasmi

    Show is disaster

    1. no one is forcing u to watch it.. if its a disaster then dnt watch it!

      1. Exactly.. I agree with you ..

  3. fan of manmarziyan

    In usa. The show timing is 9:30 and its telecasting there today..and yeh rishta kya kehlata comes at 10_30

    1. fan of manmarziyan

      Never mind all..yesterday episode was telecasted here today .:-/ .its okay guys sabar ka fal meetha hota hai.

  4. dis is not fare…. we want manmarziyan

  5. Totally unfair, when everyone wants to see manmarziyan n not stupid ye rishta

  6. I wait up till 12 midnight just to see mnz. So I can download n see before I sleep

  7. How can star plus give more importance to yrkkh than manmarziyan?! I literally wait for the update the whole evening 🙁

    1. Yes it right more importance is given to that old rubbish seriels…..but not new and fantastic seriels like manmarziya…….

  8. This is so not kewl…!!y cudnt they show Manmarziyan @ 11 instead of a repeat of yhm??this show isn’t given any importance…not a single promo.even in the eid adverts not one actor from Manmarziyan.yet its such a top show..sad ver sad…and frustrating..!!!#ugh

  9. Totally unfair

  10. Really Star plus, aren’t you concern on how your viewers feel like. And not showing Manmaziyan? Disappointed This is the best show with your channel and you are letting it down

  11. What the heck they can’t just have no telecast just Becoz of a mana movie.they really need to fix their timings.

  12. Really….how can u cut Manmarziyan…show …its a only show for youths ….but i can’t understand…y they done this…they won’t repeat in day time we all tolerate nd accept it….but today..they cross d limit…instead of showing yhm …u should telecat oyr Manmarziyan …..anyway u repeat d d show @ morning evening afternoon….:@:@:@really its a frustrating one…..if u want to telecast maha epi….u should cut a repeat show….not a regular show time………

    Anyway…forget it..we want Manmarziyan 1hr epi….that’s it…..pls consider youths also yaar…we were waiting for dis show in a fullday to reach 10:30….so pls don’t cheat us like dis hereafter…:@

  13. We all want to see manmarziya.. and plz repeat it 2times..

  14. It’s totally unfair what they r doing to Manmarziyan..first of all so doesn’t give it proper timing and importance not even adequate retelecasts n now this!! In order to fit in everyone useless xyz serial Manmarziyan always takes the brunt. Who wants to see that stupid YRKKH for 1 hr. For the Mahaepisode they should have axed TSM bcoz that comes @ 10 n should have telecasted MMZ as usual @ 10:30 but no it’s again MMZ which gets neglected. Sick of this attitude of star plus.

    1. Manmarziya, batzmeez dil are fantastic seriels…..please give these seriels importance….not old rubbish seriels like saath nibhana saathiya etc

      1. I too feel this .. Both manmarziyan and badtameez are amazing shows .. but not given importance by the channel!

  15. so doesn’t give ito- *sp doesn’t give it //// * everyother xyz serial

  16. We want manmarziyan??

    We want 1hr episode ??

  17. this is not fair.. 1st thng iz u retlcst it only once dat 2 at 8am.. nd now u guys skp d 1epi.. hw partl yaar.. m rllly disapnted..

  18. don’t know what’s d problem with.. why that stupid shows YRKKH till going on air…. please ese show ab band karo… we all people hate kitchen politics & saas bahu ka rona dhona…

    kitne saal ho gaye… YRKKH me kuchh bhi naya nahi h…wahi ghisi piti kahani ( family wale sab over acting karte rehte h… jese duniya me shadi aur ese rishto ke alawa koi or kaam h nahi h… and star plus ese show ko kese 1 hour maha episode ke liye permission de deta h.
    now please stop all this kitchen politics show..
    band karo ye bakwas shows like YRKKH & YHM..

  19. In Bangladesh , mmz air on 7 pm nd repeat it 11 pm . We were one episode shorter than d real episod. btw today its solved . Now we can keep peac up with telly upadate

  20. Gaye’s manmarziyan ka right time kya hai . i mean its real talecost time. i am very disppointed. iss serial ke sath itna unfair behave .why?

  21. Manmarjiya is a perfect love story. I like it .

  22. dont drag this wedding track like regular show make it soon.

  23. Why d hell you arnt telecasting todays mmz.. that yrkkh is getting mre importnce when no 1 wanna see it.. starplus serials like badtameez dil mmz and tere shehar m shd gt sme importnce.. but no evry1 wanna see that stupid saas bahu typ sns yrkkh.. sns.. yhm.. tmh..dbh stupid shows

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