Manmarziyan 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun recalling Radhika and their moments. He gets restless and recalls Nandini’s words. He comes out of the room and sees Radhika. Khwaishon pe likhi……….plays……….. He goes. Nandini sees Radhika crying and smiles. Its morning, Sam wakes up from sleep and asks Arjun to wake up. Neil asks who Arjun…. And smiles. She sees him and gets shocked. He says no Arjun, Neil…. I told you, you are in love with me….

Neil and Prerna have a talk. She sees him happy and asks did he say Sam. Neil says no, now Sam will tell me, you said if I see love in Sam’s eyes, I won’t move back, I did not see it yet, but I know I m in her heart, I have to get it to her tongue.

Arjun gets the divorce papers and looks for Radhika. Nandini says she has gone, did you take

her signs? She says its my mistake, you are not ready for divorce. He says no, I will take her signs. She says you said this yesterday too, I know you love the most and can do anything for me, you acted love with Sam, but you are really in love with Radhika, don’t deny this, I know you can fight with whole world, how will you win over yourself, I can’t see you in this state, I free you from my revenge motive today, no need to leave Radhika because of me, I m ready to sacrifice my revenge for your love.

He says no need, I will prove how much your tears are valuable to me, Radhika will sign on these papers today. He leaves. Radhika comes to meet Sam. Sam sees her at door and asks her to leave. Radhika says I need to talk to you, its imp, why did you not go with Arjun on dinner. Sam says I had imp work. Radhika asks if there was no imp work, would you go on date with my husband. Sam says he was my fiancé before becoming your husband. They ask each other to leave Arjun. Sam says you cheated me. Radhika says even Arjun cheated you. Radhika says I can’t move from his life till you leave him.

They have a talk and cry. Arjun asks Radhika does Arjun love you. She sees Radhika crying and is about to hold her hand. She asks Radhika to leave him, why is she with him, it won’t help anyhow. She says just go away somewhere far and leave me and Arjun away. Radhika asks her does she still love Arjun. Sam recalls Neil’s words. She says I don’t know, I just know if you did not come between us, then I would have not known my heart truth ever. Radhika leaves.

Piyali asks the team about their idea. Neil says ideas will come and asks everyone about their ideas seeing the pen. He asks Arjun. Arjun says to start love. Neil asks Radhika whats her first thought. Radhika recalls Arjun’s words to sign the divorce papers, and says to shut some ways. Neil asks Sam. Sam says to sign resignation letter, one sign can change whole life. Neil says its very positive and smart life. Sam asks him to say. Neil says pen has just one thing, especially for girls, and tucks the pen by tying her hair. Piyali says that’s why I kept Neil’s resignation letter on side.

Samrat joins them and says he is giving a party today, to celebrate Arjun and Radhika’s marriage. Sam looks on stunned. Radhika comes to Arjun’s cabin. He says this is not your home to come in your boss’ room like this, get out. She goes out and knocks to take permission. He recalls Nandini’s words and asks Radhika to come.

Radhika says Samrat kept party to celebrate our marriage. He says whats use to celebrate if there is no happiness, you have one chance, sign on these papers and go far, you will stay happy. She asks will you go to Sam, do you have courage to love her truly. He asks will you sign on these papers if I truly love her. She says yes, I will move off your way then. She holds his hand and keeps on her head, asking him to say will he be able to love Sam truly, and return her trust, will he give love to Sam as much as Sam loves him. Dastaan………….plays………

She says say me once, I will move away. He takes his hand away and says I don’t have time for this, you did not see my badness. She says I have seen your goodness, and argues with him, saying she will not sign on these papers.

Nandini asks Radhika to wear this dress and come in party. Radhika thinks its Nandini’s plan and she won’t let plan work out.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mitty

    Guys before commenting about today’s episode I just want to inform you all that our show manmarzian might get an extension. .final decision still pending. .There z lots of pressure from outside Indian fans. …They r getting lots f calls from us srilanka uae Bangladesh nd all…so guy’s don’t give up keep messaging tweeting irritate sp guys. …

      • mitty

        Yes dear. …but they dint get the final decision from sp. …so all r waiting for dat. .I got this information from twitter. …

    • Kanish

      Even I’m Sri Lankan and I follow MAnmarziaan everyday.. I wish they get an extension .. Be cause this is such a different telly from the other stuff.. I’m glad to know that they are atleast considering to get an extension .

  2. Nakshatra

    Wanted more intensive scenes of ardhika.. It is the last week..we expect so much from ardhika…just 6 episodes left..feeling very bad..hate u star plus…

  3. lincy

    very nice plssssssssssss don’t end this serial I love this show plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  4. tanmayee

    M upset as I can’t watch Manmarzian….bt m very thnkful to Amena for this updates……Vl miss this serial… episode……

  5. hey mitty really is it true??? its really good to hear that sum hope is still there for our aradhika n mamnarjiyaan….may god it comes tru…mitty tumhare muh me ghee chakkar….lets keep tweeting for our fav shw…being manmarjiyaain…

  6. alley

    Hope wat u said may come true….
    Nice epi nice ardhika moments…at last Neil is happy…Sam may realise sooon….and hope some confessions happen……mad nandini..but cute epi when telling abt their ideas holding the pen!!!….nice sam and chashni moment… cute epi

  7. Ireena

    lf manmarzian really doesn’t end,A PARTY IS A MUST.but at the same time we know that possibilities really star plus is a physco.they can do anything to fulfil their demand. ok guys then get the hope again. AND WE MUST CALL TO THAT PHYSCO CHANNEL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. ???☎☎?????✉??

  8. happy

    neil….neil….neil…….super ya…..i love him…..super acting…..after long time…neil mom came….nice to see her….again sam saying arjun….if she doesnt love arjun….then y she behave so rude to rad…i hate that…bt in the mean time…sam even feeling for rad….nice…..

    pen scene amazing……neil act superb…………………………………….arjun and rad face have same confusion………why sam behave again bad to rad….stupid…..arjun and rad dialogue super…..

    samrat planned something….truth revealation plan….k….pls end this nandhini track….hate her acting and even dialogue….dont want to her…..

    after all in the first part……….” RAD TURNING SCENE”…wow….and last scene rad and arjun part…..auperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………………..good episode………………

    but i want ardhika and nasam scene only…..pls……

  9. Maliha

    Will really feel bad if the serial finishes on 29th, the chemistry between Arjun and Radhika is so lovely ! So innocent and descent

  10. plssssss dont end this show as far as many serials had been arrived on star plus this is the best one soo pls…though I couldn’t watch due to its late timings still I love this serial plsss make both the frnds patch up soon

  11. Annie

    Liked the episode today.. but wanted more intensive scenes. . Starting scene was very cute.. arjun was awesome. Neils masti was also sweet. But I am feeling very bad.. only 6 days lft!!!

  12. Amena I’ve never thanked u earlier though i wanted to….so thank u so much for ur quick updates

    N about the episode…well though d cvs r again moving in circles with their revenge saga but I liked it mainly due to d actors….I loved them all…especially Arjun…i loved his acting…d portrayal of the rudeness n akroopan of d khadoos Arjun but he was shattered from within thinking of Rads’s indifference…convinced dat she doesn’t love him…n den in d ofice scene where he tries to feel for Sam..where he acts his jealous self seeing her n Neil together so dat he can take revenge for his sister…all d inner struggles were brought out so well by Aham…loved it..

    Neil was sweet…n Rads was looking so cute in d opening scene

  13. anu

    i missed todays episode as im out on work… will comment after watching this episode..

    mitty we are madly wishing for extension…. hope it happens soon.. thanq..

  14. divya

    i’ll miss this serial very much. this is very nice.. pls dont end this serial..pls…pls….pls….pls….pls….pls….pls…pls….pls…pls…pls..pls….pls…pls….pls…pls…

  15. Grrrrrr….my entire comment didn’t get pasted….so continuing from where it got cut off…Neil was good n sweet…both Rads n Arjun looked so cute in d opening scene n I found Sam very pretty in dat orange top during her n Rads’s convo.

    Loved d office scene…how dey all were taunting each other but wish Teji, Zubin n Kritika were also there..was missing dem:(

    Excited for d next episode…fingers crossed…hoping Samrat has thought of a good enough plan to outsmart Nandini.

  16. abi

    again an amazing epi……luv d track….if serial extended or not anyway….i want that nandhu
    truth should be revealed this week…i want an end fornandhu from arrjun ……….. becoz my mind s set for this………

    happy,annie,mitty,natasha,nakshatra,devga,ireena,renu,kfar,thena……..raashi……guys… i m waiting for ur comments….come on…………SHARE UR FEELINGS WITH ME……..

    • mitty

      Superb episode my dear. …I don’t think so they vil confess their love. Soon ..last mint they vil confess. .r u from chennai my dear

    • Nakshatra

      Hi abi…yes this is the best show in star plus..but they r not understanding it.. star plus doesn’t deserve this show..stupid channel..

  17. Annie

    this party is very important for both the couples.. hope everything gets sorted out!! Want dome more Ardhika and nesam scenes.. intense wala.. yes wants rads and sams friendship tooo..

    I just dunno how will stay without mmz and u all… hope mitty s saying bcmes true but there is least chance. ..I hve already started downloading the episodes bcz we cnt trust sp. They can remive mnz from hotstar too… waiting for the upcoming 5 episodes and the party… atlat noe sp should show mmz fir 1 hr.. already they have skipped 2 episodes

  18. Episode was good but nandhi scenes irritating pls change nandhini track i think change of timeings increase trp ilove only ardhika

  19. ishika

    Hii I’m a great fan of manmarziyan …. I’m in luv wid it… I’m really sad to know this show is going off air… I always used to read ur can’t but I nevr dared to comment. It’s the 1st time I’m commenting in a website…. @renu … hats off to u … ur explanations are amazing @kfar u too I luv ur story plz go on writing it’s amazing…. I want to read the full story I’m a south Indian, a keralite.. is there any hope for saving manmarziyan

  20. happy

    whats arjun evil plan for rad….so tensed…pls end this nandhini……dont want any hurt for rad hereafter…..she had so much pain and humiliated….never want to see her crying….i really like her….her dialogue…..act… for arjun….super….give some happiness for her…..

  21. lreena

    Haa… plus is trapped now.did manmarzian wrap up shooting? Anyway guys someone plzz tell me does trp depend on outside India too? ?I asked it some other days. Nobody replied me.

  22. happy

    sam’s one sentence ” i am in love with neil “….it will leave 3 persons life in happy mood…..

  23. I want see arjun felt for radhika he fights nandhini about his true fellings for radhika and also radhika gain respect before she loses it

  24. Annie

    Amena u r doing a really good job by updating the episode so fast.. 2-3 times I hvr missed the epi and ur update hve really been helpful to me.. so thank u…

    I also want to thank all the actors and team of mmz for putting up such an amazing show!! Ardhika chemistry and nesam bonding is such an eyetreat!!
    Such a unique concept should get appreciation!! And e hve appreciated it and accpted it from our heart!! Most of us want to have a a bestie like radhika who can go to any extent for her friend a best friend like neil who is always there by our syd and know us better than ourselves and a diligent brother lyk arjun.. a handsome and loving husband lyk arjun
    So in these four months mmz has given us a lot.. dp is vlising the show bcoz this trp.. which hardly matters to us
    By doing this kind of acitivity sp has lost a huge bunch of young viewers and they really gonna suffer gor this!!
    I wish all the actors and u friends a great lyf ahead. . Want to see the pairs together again in some other show and other channel

    It seems to b a farewell speech!! 😛 dont mynd for this as its very long and do overlook the follies… love u all guys!! :* :*

  25. I agree with happy nowadays radhu is crying alot we hardly get her to see happy and her powerful and intense dialogues the story becoming monotonous esp sam and arjun ka revenge and radhu for sam saving mission nd this irritating nandhini. ..please cvs come up with the new story for atleast these 5 days..I want radhu hereafter to be strong and her dialogues which would impress arjun more more to forget the revenge mode…nd want to reduce scenes btw arjun and nan and increase the scenes between nan and samrat nd nesam not arjun and sam I can’t see them together please by doing this arjun character loses importance. ..

  26. shine

    Please don’t end this show .manmarziyan serial is one of the best show on star plus.i really like to watch manmarziyan. ..Love u radhika……

  27. Ira afroz

    Hi mitty@

    is that really true ???Yaar….If Manmerziayan will still run.That will be a EID day for me.Seriously guys i m sooooo much Addicted to Manmerziayan.

    Don’t want to end this show like this…..Anyway come to the episode….In few days ago i was reading a SPOILER NEWS about this party where Arjun may be confess his feeling to Radhika but couldn’t finished as his got phone call.

    So don’t know what will happen???
    I wish one morning from sleep and get confirm news…..
    Manmerziayan is still running.

  28. Riya

    Nandini’s revelation is out in everyone’s eyes. Samrat exposes Nandini’s truth after doubting Radhika hiding something and hearing about the divorce matter. Radhika gets to know Arjun was not at all involved in Nandini’s plan to hurt Sam. Radhika falls in love with Arjun and holds her feelings to not answer Arjun’s questions about her love. She gets thinking that if Arjun is genuinely good, then Sam could go ahead in life holding Arjun’s hand. Radhika meets Sam and asks if she still loves Arjun. Sam thanks Radhika for coming in between Arjun and her, as she has realized her true love and soul partner Neil. Radhika tells Sam about Neil’s feeling for her since long time ago, and Sam gets glad to know about it. Sam hurriedly stops Neil from leaving birdsong and confesses love to him. Radhika gets happy that Sam has removed Arjun from her heart and thinks to express her love for Arjun, which Arjun is waiting for. Love confessions and unions after flopping Nandini’s schemes are ahead in the show.

  29. Asha mohammed

    wow am loving the this show …all the way frm kenya hopefull that they will consider an extension!!cnt belive its only 6 dayz remaining..!!
    Loved todays episode hope arjun will stop bugging radhu coz of the divorce pprs …its preity clear that he dosn’t want that..
    And for sam i hope she realises neil’s love for her…
    loved the pen scene …hats off neil♥♥

  30. masha sharma

    i think we still have little hope this serial still airing cus starplus does not take final decision .i hope this is just gimick from them.

  31. aish

    neil is so cute i luv him. make sam realize that she loves u. make her jealous, like dating with other girls.
    aradhika seans are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. love both of them.
    samrat u r so smart, keep it up.

  32. tania

    It ws quite gud.pls…………..dont end the show so……………soon. Day by day is becoming popular so pls think fr ur decision

  33. renu

    hiiiiii friends,…

    i dunno what 2 say,…2day epi s a rehearsal 4 a grand finale coming next,…so,mmz s ready 4 their march 2wards end,..2day all r crying out their heart in lonliness n here renu also literally crying cox of mmz funeral which s gonna set by sp on aug 29,…please some 1 save me 4m this addiction n m openly admitting the fact that m addicted 2 this show badly,..i learnt a lesson 4m mmz that i ll never watch any amazing serial like mmz in future 2 save myself 4m such heartbreaks,…

    k again stopping my bakwass,..coming 2 2day’s epi,…i like 2 parts,..sorry 3 parts, no 4 parts,…omg i liked all the parts yaar,..except bro-sis manipulating drama,…

    Friendship Re-entry:

    omg,…omg,,…omg,..thank u cvs 4 bringing back the waters hidden in my eyes 4 SAM-RADz friendship again n it reminded me their initial epi days where radz n sam’s cute friendship being portrayed beautifully,….i missed their hug n SAM’s kiss on radz cheek,…2day 4 the first time i saw sam’s friendship which s hidden in the deep of her heart built some courage 2 come outside like a new born bird coming out of its egg shell,….

    fianlly,radz wanna knew sam’s status 4 her arjun sir so that she can move forward by either accepting his love r leaving him completely,…she decided 2 get answer 4 her perplexed situation 4m already confused soul,…what a scene it s,,2day sam s not in a mood 2 slap radz who s standing right b4 her r humiliating her,…its k sam,v can understand u r dreaming neil with arjun’s name,..this s the fact sam,..u r loving neil n telling every1 that u loved arjun,…

    Friends,Sam’s dream speaks a lot about her confusion btw infatuation n love,…Right 4m beginning she loves neil but her infatuation,physical proximity n sweet manipulating words 4m arjun confused her n which she mistaken that confusion as a love,..2day,she realized 2 some extent that the confusion s with her understanding in love,…She loves neil in the name of arjun,,now ball s in her hand, may b 6 r wicket,…so,she should come out of htis mental trauma by this realization that she cant live without neil,…arjun s no person in her life,…she never loved him n arjun never did anything in favor 4 her 2 love him instead hurting her badly,…i think she tried using her lost brain 2 move on 4m 2day’s epi,…nice move cvs,…u clearly explained this simple fact by sam’s dream calling neil as arjun,…a big applause,..

    K now coming 2 my heart wrenching scene of attempting 2 mend the broken friendship of mmz girls,…oh chasni,2day ur enemy sam bcome ur friend after seeing ur cries darling,..even iron can b melted by ur tears,..its very powerful darling dont waste it but 2day ur weapon which always melt arjun baba now took a reverse turn n started its part time job in melting ur stone hearted friend SAM,..’please atleast bcom my friend 4 a few min’, renu cried hearing these words n started shouting that m here 4 u chasni as a bestie,..please come 2 me,…but wat 2 do,…i ve 2 face the reality,…k,..again ur weapon makes sam cry,…

    Friends….same dialogue sounds diff 4m diff mouth r8,….’was arjun loving u’,. radz no makes sam 2 cry n here this time it brings joyful tears in my eyes,…I loved this scene,..i dunno how 2 express but i watched this scene many times,…sam tried 2 console her friend,..she 4got her revenge 4 a min yaar n she even hide her tears n advised her bestie 2 leave arjun,…friends,…this s really a good advice 4 chasni 4m her bestie,…see,arjun dinn love her,..then wats there 2 live a loveless life with him n its better 2 leave him n lead a happy life without him acc 2 a friend’s pov,..on emphasizing myself in sam’s position,its no wonder i also suggest the same thing 2 radz,…hence i said,i loved this scene,….but her way of telling may confuse radz,….n final qn 4m radz,..still u love arjun,..friends,…i think radz s ready 2 leave arjun n she just wanna confirm that sam s no more over arjun,…but here sam’s answer makes sam clear n radz confused,…’dunno,but if u dinn come btw us,then i might never understand what my heart wants’


    i loved this pen concept yaar,..b4 going in2 it,…i loved my chocolate boy n loved 2 see the old jovial neil in march yaar,…btw 2day,the ly person who s not at ll confused n in a happy mood s my neil,…n 4got 2 say that i loved prema aunty’s re-entry,…i missed prema aunty too,….

    k,..Neil started the game 4m arjun,…

    ARjun-Beginning of love,…4 love letters,…betta,still u r in love n u cant think other than love,..oh my lover boy,..v know how much u love ur ladygirl sitting beside u,…

    Radz- ending some ways,….Divorce letter,…ur hubby s planning 2 write love letter n u r planning 2 end it by thinking about divorce letter,….wow,…how these 2 can always do r think contradictory but it sounds similar,…i really wonder how its possible yaar,…tat’s y i cant digest the fact that i gonna miss this couple after this week,…

    Sam – Resignation letter,..i expect this 4m sam n i felt if sam chooses neil over radz taunting dialogues,….then her heart starts moving in right path,…n my guess comes true,….

    Neil – u r dressing ur dream girl’s hair b4 all,…loved it man n friends,..arjun noticed sam’s nervousness n neil’s closeness,,he found sth s running btw them,…but asusual he ll not give any attention 2 it as his attention s already on his lady love,…

    Btw,…on the whole scene,..arjun s wooing glances at his wife,…nice na,..he s so much in love yaar,…he himself cant stop it man,…


    First Scene,…Arjun remembering his n his wife memories 4m his memory pocket,…n bcome restless seeing divorce paper on the bed,..(friends,..i think after signing that divorce paper,it ll bcome invalid in court due 2 its bad condition,..see how rugged it s yaar,,court may not consider 4 this very reason,…n m literally enjoying it in joy),,he came outside 2 ve a glance at his wife,…but finding her in hall again raised his heart beat,…Loved how radz sensed his presence n turned back 2 see him,…

    Now i ve some personal qns 2 arjun,..y arjun,y u cant see radz love yaar??? y u ve no doubt that without love how she can sense ur presence dear??? n y cant u find her teary eyes which s telling that she loves u???i knew answer 4 ur questions,…Her 1 dialogue,’I VE NO STATUS R NO COURAGE 2 DO SO’ yday makes u angry r8 n anger ll hide our eyes 2 see the truth b4 us,…
    So,this man s in full angry,that how can she say there s nothing btw them,…her words haunting him continuously,,friends,2day he was in full angry mood no pretending,…wen radz came inside his cabin he wanna hurt her n asked her 2 get out,…but it has least effect on RADZ arjun,..She faced many humiliations n now ur cold behavior ll not affect her darling,….so,again same dialogue,…IF U LOVE SAM 4 TRUE,ILL LEAVE U,….arjun beta how can u say that u love sam,..ur fakeness ll not stand b4 ur wife,…see,she came near u n took ur hand n asking promise 4m u 2 love sam,…promise karo arjun,u want 2 punish her 4 not loving u right,…but v know u cant do it but still watching her silently n sitting without uttering any words untill ur wife said that she ll leave u after this,..this very word raised ur temper n u started 2 fyt with ur wife,….see,ur wife understands u better than any1 in this world,..ur bad ll not win ur good, m confused the confession competition s btw u n ur wife r btw ur good n ur bad,…its k,..the last scene makes me 2 remember the car scene b4 lonovla trip,..the very diff s now u both r not touching each other,…btw u both r more comfort with each other,..if u dinn touch ur wife wen u both r alone,ur wife ll come near u n make u touch her,…hmmmm continue ur nok joks ,…n here m enjoying it except the thot of show gonna end soon,…

    N nandhu,…u r giving the small black dress 4 radz 2 wear in the party,…omg,…i think u also fallen in love with ardhika like us,…so,ur gutter mind thinks 2 play a cupid 4 our babies,…N ur dress looks horrible dear,…n 4got 2 say,b ready 4 heart break nandhu as samrat sir already digged a big hole 2 trap u,…

    I think wenever arjun baba s in love mood,..he ll b soft 2wards radz n ll not do anything like bedroom scene,balcony scene but wen he gets irritated r angry 2wards radz,he ll b more passionate with her like lift scene,…he cant control himself,…So,this party ll end with ardhika confession n nandhu’s truth revealing b4 all,,sad but wat 2 do,…cvs ve time constraints,…so,they cant show ardhika separation n reunion too,..,hate u sp,..go 2 hell,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote,hope u never mind,…ve a nice day friends,…

    • Nakshatra

      Renuuu……superb…what an amazing writing skills yaar?I wish you should be the writer of manmarziyan…u r rocking dear… thank u so much….

  34. happy

    super renu…..u mentioned each and every moment….want to see its repeat telecast to enjoy ur comment with that scene….nice….u have a good talent…..nice dear….thank u so much……

  35. Sherri

    Please save this show,it’s one of the best shows on star plus ..loving the fresh new serial,full of promises,it’s a show for the younger generations ..I’m from South America and I’m loving this show..plz don’t cancel ..

  36. lea

    it’s the 1’st time i’m commentng…………super Renu………u ‘ve a great talent…….i enjoyd the episode without even watching it……………..i’m sooooooo sad tat tis wonderful serial s gonna end……s there no chances 4 its survival??????????

  37. kfar

    @Heya all,

    Yesterday had not been a good day for me. I missed watching the episode, I missed reading ur comments since yeterday evening. I want to remedy that but not before updating the story. I haven’t gotten the time to write yesterday too, which left my fingers itching and night restless as hell.

  38. kfar

    Today too is not really a good day, So, I had come straight here to the comment section to forget the damn melodramatic reality of my life into my writing….

    As it is, I’m going to go real romantic here(real as in very much) So, those who don’t like romances please ignore my update and not read any further.

    Friends, there is a difference between a girl’s pov dan a guy’s. Girls are much more gentle in though(well, mostly) and a guy’s mind is a drain one(no offence whtsoever)

    So, be ready for a few curses, dirty words and things like that. Straight out apology. No offence please 🙂

    Wen I write Rubeil (Ruby n Neil-please don’t scold me for making up the name) is I make fire and ice.

    Wen I write ardhika- I literally want to put a magic snow fall in the words. It’s pure magic I feel.

    This one is for Neil n Ruby. I’m going to write Ardhika moment too but sorry guys I have to go with the flow. It will hamper my thoughts and what comes out will not be from my heart. So, please wait for them.

  39. Akhila

    please starplus don’t end this serial.i love manmarziyan very much.if u really want to end serial then go to sathiya and yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai .these are boring even one by day. please save our manmarziyan serial .

  40. kfar

    So, I should do is just shut up and update….So, here we go.

    Chapter-2 (Fifth Part)

    Neil was pumping up his abdominals, arms, shoulders and leg excercise. His skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. His breath shortened and his chest heaved with the long breaths he was pulling with the forceful exertion, but he had to push his body to a lot more strain, if he had to win the varsity basketball championship this year. He was the captain of ‘Rosemary Grounds’

  41. saji

    Hey frnds,

    @mitty..good to hear dat mmz mgt get an extension…it will a happy n excitng news for d entire mmz fans.

    today apart frm sharing views on ystr epi..i like to say some great talents which i saw in dis space…guys v r nt sure whether mmz get an extensn,,bt hope so…bt guys whether v meet here or nt..pls dnt burry ur writng skills…use ur talents in future life…n,who knws one day ul b one to come out with an extraordinary storyline like mmz in some channel…especilally Renu,,kfar,,anu((sorry if i missed out other names,,))..i say dis cos im,so happy to read ur comments n d way u convince things thru ur words…

    Il badly miss u guys if d show ends..evn though i joined late in,dis space..frnds @anu,,mitty,,Renu,kfar,,happy,,riya,,ira afroz,araadhika,,Annie,,,raashi,,,honey..ireena,,((((again,sorry,if i missed others)))…

  42. kfar

    The basket ball team of the same as the University. A lot was riding on his shoulders and he was not going to let anyone down. Specially his coach. The man was a gentle soul but when it comes to training, he was worse than hitler while drilling.

    Push ups were easy, So he went for it next. His thoughts strayed to a pair of hazel brown eyes, when he pushed up his body from the ground. He shook his head, he wasn’t thinking about her now. He put those innocent eyes in the back of his head, pushed them far deep into a box and closed shut the lid.

    “Hey, man, how’s it looking.” He heard a familiar deep voice.

    Rohan Deside, the centre back of the basket ball team. He was a little inch taller and much more leaner than Neil. He had a pair of piercing green eyes and cynical half smile attached to his face. He was too only wearing gym short and also working hard to get the spot of Neil’s. Captain position. But, Neil, he wasn’t going to let that happen. Not now. Not ever. The guy was a rival personally, but when they both played for the team then he was a loyal man.

    “Seventy five.” Neil replied breathlessly, while still pushing up and down on the ground, his muslces flexed and strained hard.

    “Whoa! Man, that’s a record in push ups. You really are trying hard, huh?”

    Neil ignored the challenge and mocking in Rohan’s voice. He intently ignored the guy altogether.

    He saw from his lying down position the guy give him a sly smile.

    “What?” Neil asked finally, annoyed.

    Rohan shook his head in amusement and went for the mini fridge lying on the smooth marble floor of the gym.

    “Heard that you bagged another hot chick.” He asked not but stated dryly.

    Neil closed his eyes in exasperation. This was the 40th time he was being asked about Lyra. The news of his cheating on Saina spread like a wild fire across the campus. Frankly, Saina was good. He wanted it. She wanted it and they both went for it. Neil had made perfectly clear that it would only be casual between them. He had a good time with her physically, yes, but other than that she had zero inner personality. She had a screechy voice which grated on his nerves. Her coy and saccharine sweetness held a forceful and pretend quality, and he didn’t go for fake attitude.

    He could have broken up with her gently, but, if not interrupted by a fiery hazel eyed minx. He didn’t like melodrama, water works and clingy women. Frankly, he didn’t know what do with a crying woman and Saina was exactly a bitter cry baby. She ticked all boxes of what he didn’t like.

    He was going to kill Ruby for this mess she created. If she didn’t text Saina about him being with Lyra, all this shit would not have happened.

    “Yeah.” He asserted reluctantly.

    Rohan bent forward and got out a Gartorade bottle from the mini fridge. He got up and took a long swig.

    “What was her name again?” He asked, after wiping out his mouth.

    “Lyra.” He replied, still lying on the floor. He stayed mute and evasive clearly indicating he didn’t like to talk about it any further.

    Just then, another member of the team bursted through the gym doors. He was a little round with a funny comic face and thacthed egg head.

    “Shit, the chicks in the ballet class are f**king hot.” He heard Monty mutter.

    “You can only perv, Monty. Neil here has banged half of those already.” Rohan chuckled.

    Neil ignored the sarcasm and remained silent. He got up heaving. Droplets of sweat was trickly down his chiselled chest, forming a thin river it slid down his abs and drenched his shorts. He bent down to retrive a cool water bottle from the mini fridge.

    “I like that chick with short hair and hazel eyes.” Monty murmured.

    Neil’s hand froze over the frozen ice interior of the fridge. He smiled and shook his head.

    Ruby would never go for a guy like Monty. She would laugh hard in his face, he thought wryly.

    But uttered next clenched his hand over the water bottle.

    “Yeah, Frigid b*t*h, that one is.” Rohan snickered, still gulping down the energizing drink.

    Then he slid his green gaze on Neil, who has turned around now, right hand clenched over the water bottle. Interesting, he abserved and went for the kill.

    “She, a friend of yours?” He asked but did not wait for the answer and went on. “Asked her out four times, warned the f**k me four times….” He saw Neil clench his jaw.


    He turned around to Monty, who was blinking at him confused.

    “But, I could bang it. She has a sweet piece of ass that I want to…”

    Neil, who had been counting to ten, told himself to f**k it and flew across the grabbing the bastard neck and pushing him to the voilently.

  43. kfar

    Neil who had been counting to ten, told himself to f**k it, flew across the room, grabbed the bastard’s neck and pushed him to the wall voilently.

    He pushed his face up and growled a warning that could get through the f**ker’s thick head.

    “If you ever touch her or even think about it, swear to god, Rohan, I’m gonna tear you limb to limb, get that dick head.” He whisper threatened, and tightened his hold on the chocking bastard’s neck.

    Whoa!!!! My hand got numb typing dis PART! was It?

    Don’t like it? Telllllll me, I’m gonna tone down completely 🙂

    Til den, water break:)

    ComMeNT plssss, if only possible:)

  44. Renu as always u rocked it yaar…every day i fall for aradhika more n more…m too addicted to mmz al…badly miss this shw….i used think whole day abt this couple they so passionate abt ech other bt they dont notice it…after watching yesterday epi i cant sleep at night thinking nw what will happen hw radz accept her feelings… pls save me god….this is mmz magic n its story… plz sp do favour on us n save our manmarjiyaan…Renu pls if u got time then cherish all the moment of aradhika frm starting….kfar ur story also brilliant.. like to read it…

  45. kfar

    Even while chocking for life, the loser was grinning..

    Rohan smiled slyly, his eyes watered but he needed more to get a rise out of this bastard too. He had used his father’s power to get himself the position of team captain. Whereas, Rohan, who worked hard, went back and forth to hell, to make ends meet to pay for his studies, working as f**king waiter, did not even get a gleam of appreciation from the coach. It cooled his temper to f**k with this rich brat.

  46. Thena

    Hi RENU ur pov…totally agreed yaar..very nice

    oh again…nein! neil! neil!..wat r u man!…outstanding move 2day…

    neil’s convo wid hs mom…no words needed…hs eyes talk evrytin…powerful

    in office,wen he 1st asked opinion 4m arjun, i laughed out loud..arjun ws lik an absent minded skool boy & reacted as if a math teacher askin hm the next step in all of a sudden…thoroughly enjoyed…also luvd the way he gave hs opinion in the usage of pen…clever & mischievous guy…

    in radz & sam scene…wen radz askd sam 2 leave arjun,sam countered radz wid the same…couldnt control laugh as she replied lik a school girl…

    comin 2 our hero arjun..oh! he is restless…totally obsessd wid hs doll radz…wen he went on 2 c hr, hs eyes wer filled wid luv & hw many of u noticed the same ws the case wid radz which she didn intepret still…wen he ws about 2 leave the room ter ws a little jerk in our radz lik “wer r u gng arjun(not arjun sir) wen am here”…i ws in the corner of my seat as if she ws gonna call hm arjun 4 the 1st tim..wat 2 do..the short tim of tis serial making me think tis fast…

    my dolly radz believe me..u ve already started feelin 4 ur arjun sir…congrats 2 u Mr.Arjun Mehra…u ve succeeded in cultivatin feelings 4 u in ur radz…wait a little man..she ll confess hrself…actually she fails 2 figure out hr feelings 4 u cos she thinks she is wid u ly 4 sam…she too is strugglin inside…so giv hr sum tim man…

    bt he is fully devoted 2 hs di…thinks hs life is meant 4 hs di as she had been lukin after hm since childhood… 2dy arjun ws totally ready 2 giv up hs doll radz 4 the sake of hs di..he ws evn lil rude 2 hr in evrythin wsnt the outcum of hatred instead pure luv…nw he is lik”oh my baby luv me r leave me..pls don stand inbtw”… hs mind wants radz 2 leave hm 2 live a life of hr content aftral pure luv lies in luv’s happines know…bt hs heart badly craves 4 hs doll al hs lyf…cos in the last scene wen radz said “if u don promise then i ll not leave u”,i wondered am i the ly 1 who could sense the uncontrollable rays of grin in every vein on arjun’s face though he seemed 2 b grimmed outside…bt he isnt aware of the fact tat if radz luvs hm it ll make the situation evn worse cos he is standin btw the 2…nandu & radz…cant really choose 1…wish arjun shud know the real face of nadu b4 radz realises hr feelings fr hm…

  47. kfar

    “Can’t leave this one alone too, huh?” He said hoarsely, his throat raw, his neck still held tight by Neil. “How many will be?” He sneered mockingly.

    Neil pushed him off, disgusted. He saw the guy the flop down on the floor coughing hard. God, he could have killed him today.

    He walked on fuming to the gym locker. He opened it, took out a pair of track paints and black tshirt.

    He poured the cold water over his hot head. His fingers gripped the locks and pulled at it. He then put head on the locker wall and hit his hand hard on it. The empty locker room vibrated with the force of his hit.

    • Thena

      day by day i can grip it more 2 ur story…luvd it scene by scene…especially tat guys convo about ruby & neil’s possessiveness 2wrds hr…hats off 2 u bud..keep gng…

    • lreena

      Oh!!farha, missed u yesterday. Where were u? ?anyway, just tell me how can u write such a shortest corner of the story? ?u must join with media. Only a writer has such quality.??✒?ur story have got from me⭐?⭐??

  48. kfar

    (Sorry, for the stupid cut out parts. Network here sucks:/)

    Neil still was sliding his hands and pulling at his hair thinking frustatedly about what happened in the gym room.

    Four times? He grounded his teeth thinking. Four times, Rohan asked her out? Four times, and where was he, when this shit happened.

    Neil knew each time if he was aware, then each time he would have ripped the guy’s head into two.

    It’s the way they were talking about her. f**k. His blood simpered. Made his head go crazy with pure sheer anger.

    The thought of anymore of anyone touching her. f**king hell, it made his temper sour. Already crazy head to mad. Clenching his hands in a fist he walked into an aisle of a different corridor of the campus. He didn’t know where he was walking. His feet were taking him somewhere.

    What had made him react, he didn’t know. The girl was making him out of control. He has to put a stop to this insanity. Right away.

    With that his jaw hardened. His resolve strenghtened.

    He took out his iPhone and dialed a number. He need to get her out of his system with something else.

    He put the phone to his right ear. It went into voice mail.

    “Lyra, meet me at 10, tonight, at home, aliright.” He succinted.

    He cut the call and walked on. He look around irritatedly. Where the f**k was he?

    It was a blo*dy maze, the campus, he thought while walking.

    His walked on, crossing a room, he had went a good feet long, he froze then. Irritation vanishing from his deameanor, he walked back the same, taking steps backwards.

    That’s when his world closed in on a pink gliding fairy figure on the floor.

    His eyes, breath, limbs, mind went into a state of trance as his feet took him deeper into the room.

    He walked inside looking at her, really looking at her. The pink fairy, her back was smooth creamy, porcelain, the dress was a ballet costume. Legs pointed in a poise, the girl twriled by clutching tight, the left hand the pole. The dress was short, to the tighs, made perfect to move around freely the limbs.

    The girl twirled around and Neil looked on mesmerised, that’s when his jaw dropped.

    The girl, the pink beautiful, elfian looking fairy looked bizzarely like Ruby. Her face flushed red, covering a pleasing deep hue of pink on the rounded cheeks. Sweet angelic face. Buttoned down nose. Full red luscious lips, dark expressive eyes.

    Sweet god in heaven, the girl was not Ruby looking. It was Ruby.

    His gaze slid to her naked thighs, legs and back. His jaw locked in anger. Almost naked Ruby.

    Heaven help him, that’s why the guys wanted to bang her, staring at her perfect round sweet bottom.

    He almost went and taken her away from the room, his angry stare froze on her face. For the first time in his life, he was looking at a full smile. It shocked him. He never saw her smiling fully. She was always scowling, glaring and snorting. He thought that was cute as hell but this he was looking at was f**king beautiful.

  49. kfar

    @all could use with some comments guys:) so sooorrryyy I’m askin for…hehehe almost begging but I need to know if it’s okay.
    I will update soon, half an hour later coz im being stared at weirdly n my phone wi be takn from me soon.

    N wil see epi n read comments here:)

    • lreena

      Hey,Farha.u don’t need to ask anyone for u have a sstttronggg talent. And we r commenting as well.AND may I know where r u from and what do u do (if u have no problem )
      *don’t delete it*

  50. mitty

    Latest update; show mmz is heading towards a happy ending with proper pairing. …… sorry guys….gonna end on 29th. ..This is the latest mmz update. …

  51. Natasha

    I liked that writters bring friendship which is the main concept of this show back. I liked neil’s pen holding meeting. Hope that everything to get fixed between all.
    For me mmz means a lot. This show is so beautiful that I could not stop myself for commenting for the first time for a show. As I always can’t see the episode so I take help of wriiten updates. Here in this page I found friends like u all. We are bonded with each other through this comment page.
    I am always lonely as I have very few friends. But u all have welcomed me as ur friend. Here I found friends like MITTY,HAPPY,RAASHI,ABI,DEVGA,RENU,FARAH,NITYA,SAJI,IREENA,NAKSATRA,RIYA,THENA and u all.(sorry if any of ur name I haven’t mention as there is so many friends)
    Can u pls contact with any star of mmz to confirm if they have end their shooting?

  52. kfar

    Heya@all- Sorry for the break in, I had to really be somewhere. Yes, coming straight to the comment section.

    As I said before, Intense romance is not for faint heart (really not for faint heart) So, don’t read any further if u dont like such scenes…:)


    As Neil was staring at her smile, Ruby looked serenly unware in her glide and twirling, she was unware of the storm that was brewing in him. In his
    mind. In his heart. All over his body.

    It was playing havoc, the gleaming golden hue of the skin over her neck. It was calling his deepest desire. He tried, hell, he tried hard to control the rising rush of a wave. To tamp it down but she was making it hard for him.

    He tried it. He smelled the lilacs breeze. He took it in. He took it sniffing deeper into his lungs. He closed his eyes

  53. kfar

    He opened his eyes and that’s when all hell broke loose.

    He walked further, a change coming over him that he had no reign to it. So, he let it freeze.

    He went mere inches to the delectable body. Her back was to his front. She was still holding on the pole. Unable to contain, he put his lips on the smooth slide of her neck. Sweet as hell, he groaned.

    He only merely touch her as a whisper that she jumped around with a squeak.

    Her chest was heaving up and down. Her eyes were wild with fear. Her face crimsoning then those eyes flared an ignite.

    Then, her face took over a look of relief

  54. kfar

    “Shit! You scared me.” She breathed out.

    Neil wasn’t looking at her face, he was glaring down at the costume. He thought the back of it was hot as hell but this was pure desire wrapped on a pink candy stick. Teasing minx.

    “What the f**k are you wearing?” He roared at her.

    Ruby jumped up and moved back a little. The confidence which had been a potent quality of her nature left altoghter at the tone he used. Traitors she thought taking a step back slowly. Something was different about him today. He was looking at her, as if she was a piece tasty snack which made gulp audibly. He looked like, he worked out hard in the gym. His black hair was gleaming in different directions, as if he had pulled the locks frustatedly. He smelled of sweat, cologne and something else. Vanilla, yes. He took a step forward and she took a step backwards.

    He looked really angry. At her? What did she do now? She did not have the courage to look at his eyes, so, she settled her gaze someplace at his shoulder.

    “Eyes up.” He snapped.

    Ruby jumped again, her gaze flew to his glaring one’s at his command. Her breath whooshed out looking at him. What has happened? Her mind panicked.

    “I. Asked. What. The. f**k. Are. You. Wearing?” He asked brazenly, enunciating each word in fury.

    “c..c..c..clothes.” She breathed out a word, stuttering.

    That’s when his eyes snapped, and he smiled an unseeing one. His eyes though weren’t smiling.

    “Of all the moments, babe, you chose now to be cheeky with me when I’m this close to losing control.” He murmured, looking down at her from head to toe with blazing hot warmth.

    “Not good, babe.” He completed hotly.

    He then crossed the distance, grabbed her waist and cornered her to the wall.

    He was done talking. He bent down and took a deep breath putting his face in the crook of her neck.

    “God, you smell sweeter than lilacs.” He groaned.

    Ruby’s heart beat stopped, her breath in her throat when he grabbed her waist. His hands tightened and she felt his weight on her. Hot flush rose up into her chest when she felt his groan vibrate on her skin. On her neck. Into her body.

    “Neil…” She breathed.

    His body froze and his hands tightened some more on her waist. But he toned it down.

    “Did you go on a date with him?” He asked.
    He needed to know this. Very much. It mattered.

    Ruby was still breathless but when she heard him, she frowned.

    “Went out with who?” She asked.

    “With Rohan.” He murmured on her skin.

    Ruby’s body went blazing hot to freezing cold. Her mind zoned on the words and the question. So, this was all this is about. A game they were playing. His team mates and he. It was not news, that Neil and his teammates placed bets. Bets on go on dates with most boring and ugly girls in the campus. That they could bag anything and anyone walking in a skirt.

    Now, Ruby was in focus. That’s why the stupid Rohan asked her out. She told him to f**k off. It did not work out with him so Neil here thought he could give it a try.

    He made sure many times to tell her that she was ugly and boyish looking.

    How dare he! Her blood boiled. How dare he to place a bet on her.

    Neil meanwhile felt her hesitate, and his anger went into an overdrive. So, she had gone with that piece of shit and she couldn’t even give a smile at him. He only got a prickly pear, didn’t he. He growled inside.

    “blo*dy hell, Ruby, answer me, did you go out with him.” He glared into her flat looking hazel brown eyes.

    “Get off me.” She whispered.

    Neil slid his assesing on the change of expression. Then he froze.

    “Did he try to touch?” His breath hit her lips.

    “What the hell are you going on about? You know what, I don’t care. Now, get off me, Neil, before I scream blo*dy murder.” She warned, looking straight into his coffee brown eyes.

    His breath hitting on her lips. His chest. His vanilla scent. His nearness. His hands now sliding up her waist was making her body go crazy.

    Neil’s eyes flashed. f**k! She was not answering nor was she declining it. Her lips luscious were quivering. Only a touch and whisper. He wanted to feel her.

    “f**king, did he touch you or not?” He thundered.

    That’s when Ruby lost it too.

    “No, no, no, he did not touch me. It’s you who is touching me, you pig!” She shouted, and struggled hard to get out of his arms.

    That’s when Neil froze, his eyes flamed and his lips fell hard on hers…….

    DaATs IT GUYs NOw:)

    I’m Tired…

    Need a break:)

    I haven’t read any comments sadly:(

    But wil do so read about the episode now:D


  55. kfar

    @ireena -Heyyaaa thanks for liking my story. Yaaaay!!!!

    Hehe, feels good that you gave it stars too 🙂
    Thank you so much. I’mfromsouthindia:) compled grad:)

    Yeah, I can write in short spaces well I’m short hehehe (kidding)

    @Raashi- Nobody has ever praised me and my story soooop much in life. I’m mostly the ignored one in family. Felt actual tears float in my eyes 🙂 Thanks so much dat u love Ruby n Viren too

  56. kfar

    And also were waiting wit anxiousness for my update just madey day :)@raashi

    @Mandy- Yaay thanks:)
    Haha, thanks for finding me cool buddy and loving my story constantly and praising me:)

    @thena – All ur comments drive me create much more interesting plot. Thanks alot for commenting right [email protected] It actually made me write the next sequence wit great energy!

    @tia- Yeah, I’m thinking about it now. Thanks alot u find it best among the other [email protected]…felt really good.

    I’m so sorry for forgetting anyone guys:) thanks to the silent readers too. I hope you all are finding it interesting. You can say me to get off the site if u find me irritating..hehehe i kinda tend to get overboard sometimes with my comments:)

    I found good friends here @ireena @Mandy @thena @raashi @natasha @tia @renu @anu( I find ur assesment and comments amazing, all of you, very much :))

  57. anu

    finally made time to watch todays episode….. ufffuuuuu , no words have spoken till now…

    arjun’s sensible look when he looked at radhika in 1st scene… her heart sensed that her heart’s love has come to know her whereabouts… (hmmmm jumping with joy) radhu your turn made me spell bound darling…. muaahhhh….. 😉 … radhu your heart sensed and your turned,tell your brain to realize feelings for arjun.. come on, hurry up before nandini di makes something fishy..

    coming to arjuns reaction when she turned noticing her love at back, he dont have words to speak but he wanted to say something with his lips, he got stunned for a while..

    my heart is shouting from the moment when he came and saw radhu COME ON RADHU RUN & HUG HIM, everything gets clear to him, no need to say i love you, he can hear it from your heart.. come on, come on.. but didnt happen.. 🙁 ….

    we all know ardhu’s(arjun-radhika) eyes have conveyed apni dil ki baatein… ♥♥♥ ….

    sam-neil : on bed sam calls neil as arjun wake up… she finally got her heart realized ita neil not arjun…

    sam-rad convo : expected a hug but bit disappointed, but convo was good..

    coming again to arjun-radhu : when radhu takes his hand and asks him can you love sam heartfully and truthfully, he said he dont have time to all these talks..

    arjun, your heart has screamed out I LOVE YOU RADHIKA,NOT SAM…. RADHIKA, DONT GO AWAY FROM ME. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU HEARTLYFULLY & TRUTHFULLY.. speak out the truth buddy..

    overall episode was good.. by felt something is missing… i may felt like that as it is getting too draggy for the confession.. i am wrong sorry guys.. but i said my opinion..

  58. kfar

    @all- what happened? Nobody here:(
    I kinda have to go away now so i hv only half an hour to browse…sad sad miss all @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Riya(for playin song)

    @mitty- Yaar, I wss so happy u tellng it’s entended den read now dats It’s not:(

    Dedicating da song: to all.
    Saajna…jude toh tere khwsbse tute hum neendhse ye kaisa tere ishq hai saaajnaa

    tu haathon me toh hai mere hai kyun nahi lakiron mein…..

  59. Hey Farah ur really great I mean tumne itna zyada Lika its FANTABULOUS the bester u write d moster I ll miss u dear !!!
    Tumne apne yehi talent ku wajah se meta dial hi Jeet liya !! Thanx u made my day !!

  60. Hy guys can’t imagine dere r only 5 eps to go I don’t no what to do coz feeling imotional coz I m gonna lose d friends I ve been cmnting n chatting !!!
    Like Farha , thena, Renu ,Ireena , Devga, Natasha, Mitty, Dipika, Tia, Anu , Raashi , n all others I dint mnsion n yaa even though I don’t cmnt or no all of u , ur still my friends dat I gonna lose after a few days so !!!!!!

    Oh smone pls tell me not to be a cry cry baby coz I m very centimental yaar !!what to do ??

  61. hey Mandy i too will miss u dear…found great friends here…we didn’t seen any one of us bt still share great bond..its really overwhelming… i m too crying thnking wht i will do without mmz n u guys..i check my phn to read comments on this page…will badly miss renu,mandy,anu,kfar,ireena,riya,mitty all who cmments here..

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    hey guys anyone create a page in facebook and post the link here… we will stay connected on it… what u say guys??

  63. kfar

    @yaar dont cry…feeling sad too…! N thanx fr prsng me:)

    @Anu and dipika willlllll you toooo 🙁

  64. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    amazing episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..
    luv u both pair neil sam and arjun radhika !!!!!!! other all casts are awesome. ….
    I most like pen scene in which ardhika express their feeling indirectly….. wow neil also act cutely … now neil regain their actual character and behaves as he is only sam’s friend not love … hope sam will soon understand that .
    And also guys may be sam says that she still love arjun cause she want neil become jealous and he give up n confess their love to sam….
    But eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode . don’t know nandani’s next plan…. till now she only blackmailed arjun by her crocodile tears. …aahhh
    Radhu plzzz expose all truth about nandani though the powerful proof. …..
    Anyways countdown would be start yaaarrr…..
    plzzz sp don’t do this we are really like manmarziyan plzzz don’t end show its a humble request don’t breaks audience heart….
    frnds your comments are mindblowing renu , kfar, natasha , ireena, ira afroz, abi, happy, mandy, mitty, thena, dipika, annie, raashi, anu, divya, nakshatra, …….all fan of manmarziyan I really enjoy your comments daily coz I’m silent reader I’m not mail comment daily but read whole comments every day and now its addict me…
    all of thnx to explain n express your feeling with here…after 29 ,I really miss your comments dosto….luv u all n manmarziyan too!

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  66. kfar

    @Ireena- heyyya missed u:(

    Yeah wil come on the today’s page surely…

    @Zaara- Heyaaa thanq u for mentioning meeeeee, wil mis u too….

  67. siddhi

    Plz frds ………..tell sp to end tsm..

    Yrkkh….yhm…..sns……..n al saasbahu serials frm star plus…….
    God knws Y dey r nly behind our manmarzia???????

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    plz plz end da mom n law n daughtr n law based stories. da only thng happen whn i watch them z boiling my blood.. hate them so much for unrealistic twists and scenes. manmarziyan and badtameez dil r da only ones i enjoy aftr nisha aur uske cousins. plz dont end manmarziyan. (dont drag t too much too)

  69. nidhi

    Ya plz don’t end manmarziyan. It’s a different show from the other ones. So plzzzzz don’t end manmarziyan.

  70. maria christodoulou

    Why the producers stop this amazing serial?are they stupid??Hope they ll c hange their decision..I like this serila vr much…There are worse serials why they dont stop them.???They are unbeleivable..

  71. Hey Farha….sorry couldn’t comment earlier…my stupid net wasn’t working:( neways just read the chapters…..needless to say I loved it….I love the bestie,understanding n caring Neil from d show n d casanova Neil of ur story is drastcally different in certain aspects from d show one but I’m loving him…awesome chapters….loved the possessive n angry Neil n loved d tomboy turned girly Ruby too!

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