Manmarziyan 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun recalling the slap and stopping Radhika. The man says he will bring balloons next time. Neil says Sam you are too much, your mood, Arjun, that’s all, you can’t misbehave with anyone if your heart broke, I can bear it, not everyone, I supported you a lot, is she has shame, she should go and apologize to him. The man comes to them. Neil says Sam wants to say something. Sam leaves. Radhika comes to Arjun again and says sorry, I did mistake. He takes clothes from the garments shop and goes to change in trial room. She sees the men staring at her.

She apologizes to Arjun and says I did not know you were doing so to save my life. Arjun asks her to leave. She says she won’t go till he forgives her. Arjun comes out and sees her clothes drenched. He sees the men staring

at her. He pays the bill. Arjun gets angry seeing all the men staring at her and comes out of the store. Dastaan…… ek nayi……..plays……….. He looks at her and sees a dupatta. He takes the dupatta and walks to her.

He covers her with the dupatta and she looks at him. Nafraton me mili tu mujhe is tarah…………..plays……… He gets a dress for her and gives her. He asks her to change.

She goes to change and he waits for her. Neil apologizes to the old man and says Sam is not bad. The man says she will come, true love always comes back, even if its not on lips, eyes does not hide it. He says he can see it. He asks if there is so much love, why does he hide. Neil says its just love in his heart, he does not want to burden his friendship by his love. Sam brings the balloons and smiles. Sam apologizes to the man. Jaldi na karna yara ishq ki rahon pe tum………..plays………….. She gives the balloons to the man. Arjun sees Radhika in the new dress/ a blue gown. She thanks him and smiles.

They have an eyelock. Tejh comes and sees them. He says Sam called, she said she will meet Radhika in Mumbai. He goes to washroom. Arjun asks Radhika to go home, he does not need her, she can’t make him reach Sam and can’t stop him from reaching Sam, she is not standing in his way and he is not going to change his way, go home. She refuses and says the man who has seen her respect, why can’t he see Sam’s pain, she wants to know why he broke Sam’s heart, she knows he is not bad as he shows.

She ends enmity between them and says we are friends from today, and someday you have to tell me the truth, will you? The old man says even his wife was like her. Neil asks Sam will she not believe their love. Sam says their love does not need her belief. She cries and leaves. The man asks Neil to let her go, her tears will bring out her pain and relieve her. Neil looks at her. Aansoun me bighaati……………. Manmarziyan…………..plays………… Neil asks will she understand my love ever. The man says its our nature to love them, its their fate to understand it or not.

Radhika says fine, you will tell me truth some day, I should thank you for today, what you did for me is big thing for me. The man gives Arjun his clothes left in the trial room. Radhika takes the clothes. Khwaishon pe likhi……………plays………. The ring falls and he looks on. She picks the ring and says he forgot something. He recalls Nandini. She says he did not forget anything, he never forgets anything.

He holds her and asks her not to forget that he is bad, he is not her friend, he left her in jungle alone and wanted to know about Sam, so he came back, he is the one whom she has seen with Bonnie, he is the one who broke Sam’s heart. She stops him and asks what he did today. He says what, saved your life? If I did not save you, I would have been blamed to kill you, I would have left you to die, just get lost. He leaves.

Arjun asks Radhika not to follow her. She sees a truck racing towards him and runs to save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ur r8 ireena… Misundrstndings may arise btw sam nd rads… Sam may blame rads fr taking away arjun frm her nd also may thnk tat it ws rads plan to gt she creatd rift btw arjun nd sam… OMG…dn tat scene wud b hrble…

    1. Even I’m thinking the same….n dat will b horrible…Sam will surely misundrstnd rads…n rads finally for every1 sake will go back…n thn Arjun will really miss her..

  2. Wow…That was awesome epi.And yeah today i read a spoiler news that Radhida is going to meet a accident to save Arjun.
    Let’s see what happened?And it’s also confirm that up coming epi will show Arjun inclination towards Radhika.Eagerly waiting for up coming track….

  3. Misunderstanding shldnt rise btwn sam n radika….sam has got really high trust on rad….fingers crossed…no breach n frndshp btwn sam n rads…

  4. What if arjun uses rad to get sam against his feelings?New drama is coming due 2 accident

  5. Thank u soooooo much pravalika ….. For The link ….

  6. OMG ? gonna watch it again and waiting for 1:30 am ??

  7. Omg!!! What a great jodi guys luv u arjun n radhika .

  8. Guys this can also happen tht Sam will doubt rads and more trouble for rads ….

    But I saw one video Wer both Sam and rads talk abt their characters off screen and in tht both said that for each one the Maybelline project is essential to show their ability …..
    ( for rads she came Mumbai for making her own pehchan so she wants to win the project …….. For Sam she wants to show her mom tht she can also achieve so she wants to win the ad )
    So both say may b this fight for the ad may bring rifts between rads and sams friendship …..

  9. guys..uthere will be definitely a rift btw sam and radhika when arjun falls for radhika and for arjun he will not leave radhika at any cost …and after todays episode i have gut feeling of sam is defenitely going to misunderstand radhika..and nesam story has never been progressed in the entire trip..and i definitely dont know how neil is going to tackle far the story only ardhika track ismoving further and enjoyable..and that is the saving part ..

    and please guys do watch this shoe in tv or repeat telecasts as the trps have to increase…

    1. If the time slot changed to some earlier time it will b good for trp’s as it’s too late not able to watch …. 🙁

      1. Yhm was initially telecasted at 11 … though it had good trp…

  10. Love begins from here 4 ardhika.they r awesome.

  11. I think sam will misunderstand radhika..
    And radika will be under pressure of family sam and saral and will go back to rishikesh..:-(

  12. And its just unfair that all those boringly dragging serials have good trp and a fresh and good concept like manmarziyan is neglected

    1. I agree to u amy.. as this is not a so called saas bahu drama people dont like to watch it..

      1. Yeah many of my friends says they don’t like it
        But they are not even giving it a chance…:-(:-(

  13. Actually manmarzian has charmed d youngsters.but senior people like typical serial of family show

    1. Hmm i think they just like to see typical saas bahu adorned in heavy makeup jewellery and saaris……

  14. Peculiar time slot is also an issue.many people sleep at 10.30

  15. surbhi agrawal

    radhika and arjun’s pair is really very nice…. with their pair one more USB of this serial is its songs… every song of it is really very nice …….. concept also is very unique and refreshing.. i must say…

  16. neil is so sweet…..when’ll sam understand neil’s feelings for her????????plz yaar don’t want to see any sort of rift betwn sam & rads due to arjun, love & frndshp r 2 diff things & it shouldn’t b mixed………..just hope arjun’s feelings for rads is true & he isn’t using radhika in taking his revenge………..

    1. Arjuns feelings is true. . His ryes xpress that

  17. I too feel dat sam wl msundrstand rads nd in da meantym arjun wl b caught b/w revenge nd love…howevr sam wud undrstnd rads motive to stay close 2 arjun to prevent sam gettng hurt is possible wen arjun really hurts sam nd repeat the past…nd by dat tym rads wud leave for her destinatn ‘marry saral’…nd arjun wud b mad nd desperate to flee rads away frm her marriage wid him…n for sure he wud let his heart flow for rads…wow wat a story nd wow wat an unique Love….

  18. Rads u look too pretty in the blue gown!!!!!!!!!!

  19. OMG!!!! manmarziyan u rocks yar… love to see arjun’s caring for radhika..

  20. super epi ? love you Ardhika ?

  21. Suberb awesome story line….I became crazy fan of this show…now its one of my fav…??.arjun?? rocksss the show……ena soldrathune theriyala pa….really awesome show….?thank u devga…u made me to see the show…

    1. mention not su ……… itsn my pleasure ……….. as it is a wonderful show no one can miss this ….

  22. Nice episode rad was so good but plzz telecast the serial bit earlier

  23. luv manmarziyan

    M becoming more n more crazier for this show with each passing day. Love u Arjun. Infact love all d four of u : Arjun, Radhika,Neil n Sam. The story,acting and the songs are all amazing. The show is fantastic:-):-*

  24. hi everyone …..pls..pls…somebody tell me ki frm where to download these background songs of manmarziyan

  25. Manmarziyan rocks

  26. Wat an epi .. Now m dyng to see today’s epi.. Luv u Aham nd monica..

  27. arjunnnnnnn…….super man.what an acting!radhika u too….MANMARZIYAN rocks.

  28. Anahit Harutyunyan

    Please can someone send me the music link of mannmarziyon Song Nafraton Me Mil Tu Mujhe Is Tarah…. Radhika And Arjun Song I want that one :).. :)..
    I love this serial.

  29. afshin sayyed

    Awesome..serial, masti,fight,love..all in one….my favorite serial….radhika,I love yr hair….u all rocks…luv u all

  30. .

    Download the song enjoy…..but say thanks to abi…

    1. Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u so much yaar… u & abhi…
      I love this song..I tried to download it everywhere…but couldn’t…Thanx alot…

  31. Wow downloaded it susi thanks 😉

  32. Wow, thank u susi. I was waiting to download this song for long! Thank u so so much!

  33. please don’t cheat scenes from other serials like that fire flies scene from kaisi yeh yaariyan,balloon scene from Beintehaa and now this truck precap also from beintehaa……try to make new scenes and don’t cheat

  34. hey where can i watch the full episode ??

  35. U almost welcome yrr…arjuni,lucky,nakshatra…???????????
    But all credit goes to abi….?

  36. Please change the timeslot. It was showing at 6pm now not showing. Why???

  37. plz update fast amena

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