Manmarziyan 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam getting shocked seeing A in Radhika’s mehendi. Radhika goes. Nandini fills Sam’s ears against Radhika and says she is so sweet that one can get diabetes. She says look at her, she is always after Arjun, she was with Arjun in Lonavla, she takes help from Arjun, she did not let you know her problem. Radhika shows her mehendi to Arjun. Sam looks at them. Nandini says she does not understand Radhika, either she is very lovely or very clever, she can use Arjun, but I know Arjun loves you. Sam goes.

Radhika tells Arjun that she can tell him about the place of A written on Sam’s hand and asks what will he give. He asks what does she want. She asks for Sam’s happiness and smiles. She says Sam loves you a lot, promise me you won’t let Sam’s eyes get tears ever. Arjun

keeps his hand in midair above her hand and moves off, saying if he promises, her mehendi will feel bad. She says there are many ways to promise, and asks waiter for a plate. She signs him to pick it.

She asks him to promise by the jalebi. He says you are forgetting I hate sweets. She says you hate hatred too, you just promise, I will eat jalebi, but this mehendi will feel bad. She asks him to make her eat jalebi and opens her mouth. He looks at her and smiles. Dastaan………….plays……….. Her hair come on her face and he moves it off. Khwaishon pe likhi…………………plays…………The jalebis fall. Radhika brings Arjun and asks Sam to tell Arjun, he is not making me eat jalebis. She insists. He refuses. Sam worries seeing them. Radhika insists a lot. Sam asks Radhika to stop it, why is she after Arjun, why should Arjun make you eat, why don’t you eat yourself. She takes Arjun along and leaves. Piyali hugs Radhika and says Sam is bit tensed, this happens with every girl at marriage’s time, and makes her eat jalebis. Nandini smiles.

Nandini informs Saral that Radhika’s tears started. Saral says see my jalwa in some time. Neil cries and drinks wine. Teri meri dosti………..plays……….. Manya comes to him. Sam too comes and asks why is he sitting here. Neil sees Sam looking gorgeous. Sam says she was finding him, is he listening. He hides the wine glass. She asks what is it, just staring. He says you look so good. She sees the wine, and buttons his shirt. She asks him to come. He asks what happened. She says nothing, come, everyone is waiting. He stops her, and asks is she fine. She gets sad.

She says yes I m fine, I m marrying the one I love, come on. He smiles with tears. Manya looks at Neil crying. Piyali asks Zubin to call Manya and Sam. Nandini sees Radhika and says she has to get Arjun’s jacket ironed, and asks her to help. Radhika says I will iron it and takes it. Arjun’s phone rings and Nandini takes it. She keeps it there and makes Radhika hear about burning the shop. Nandini talks on phone and says I m coming. She goes out and smile. Radhika takes Arjun’s phone and sees the video of her dad’s shop burned and man saying work is done Nandini ji. She drops the phone being shocked.

Nandini comes back and asks why is Arjun’s phone fallen here. She asks Nandini how is she related to her dad’s shop burning, she has seen video in this phone. Nandini asks her to show, its Arjun’s phone. Nandini deleted the video when she picked the phone. Nandini smiles and asks is it not there. Radhika says I have seen it. Nandini says I think you got affected by the shop’s incident, so you are not seeing whats there and seeing whats not there, its good Arjun’s jacket is saved, its all her mind’s illusion, do me a favor, give this jacket and phone to Arjun, everything is fine, trust me.

Nandini talks to Saral and he asks what next now. Nandini says Radhika will not be quiet, lets see, her devotion wins or my planning. He laughs. Radhika recalls the video. Nandini looks on.

Sam asks about Arjun. Arjun asks what is the matter Radhika. She stops Arjun and holds his hand. Sam comes there with Nandini. She says Arjun…. And looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annie

    Ardhika scenes were superb.. loved it.. aah.. arjuns smile.. he is an expression king!! Felt like slapping sam today!! So irritating. .. hate hr now
    nandini was looking awesome…
    have to wait till saturday .. arjun was looking damn hot in that black shirt. Love mmz…

  2. charu

    Im waiting to see wt happens next..what happens between sam n radhika? Will arjun marry sam?keep watching manmarziyan….

  3. nish

    Ridiculous I purposely stopped watching these episodesn now feel like uff more ridiculous just wanna hit that saral n nandini n sam also. Rads reunited u with ur mom with arjun with neil(earlier episodes) with life n u r so in thankful u foolish girl. Sometimes difficult to find sam or manya who is more ridiculous n irritating n cheap minded.
    miffed totally miffed with writer.
    Kya dosti yaarian manmarzian no one is friend of anybody all r in revenge or foolish mode. No manmarzian happening sab happening against wish.
    :~< :+(

  4. nish

    Y tomorrow no mmz episode @annie tomorrow some special episode if tere sher mein????tomorrow Friday manmarzian toh frm mon to sat

  5. Aru

    Ohh!! i’m not getting whats sardini’s plan:(:(:(
    vry bad to c neil crying….
    Hate u sam:@ u r jst a dumbo…dont hve brain at all….sam,u dont deserve neil…bechara thumhari jaisy ladki ke
    liye ethna feel kartha hey!!
    Why is theres no mz tomorrow????

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    Ardhika scene was gud luv it ♡♥♡
    Oh god Neil plz ya dont cry i cant watch it plz plz plz back to old neil plzzzzzz♡
    Sam wats wrong with u i dont talk abt radhu prob bcoz i know u did this way wat abt neil he is crying but u dont know or feel that but how gud he is he feel u r not ok and asking you 🙁
    U stupids nandini and saral u r plan will be break sam marriage wait and watch cheaters :@

  7. happy

    Guys…where is this track going…i dnt understand…worst episode…what a plan nandhini…she has super power…she easily manipulate others…she deserves this…sam …she dnt have brain…arjun will stop this marriage…sam thinks…this is because of rad…then she ll ruin rad life by means good friendship…

  8. aradhika

    Poor radhika why all are getting on her what did she do … and radhu u look good today and saral and nandhini surely ur plans will fail .arjun open ur eyes wide and see the fact of nandhini man and neil why u r worrying u r a gem man that stupid sam should realize of losing u ,not u and I was not in a mood to comment today…but also but I won’t watch tomorrow. ..

  9. Ira Afroz

    Now a days i m losing my interest to watch Manmerziayan.
    But already got it that no wedding bells between Arjun and Sam.just feeling bad that sam and Rads friendship will break up.I guess Arjun will get married to radhika.Finger crossing…

  10. Devga

    a good one coz of ardhika …….
    neil plzzzzz wait for some time ….. dont b broken so sooon……..plz
    nice question ireena ( y dint u die nandini??? )……..

  11. Devga

    manmarziyan is unique and guys unique is unique and dont worry of vamps …….. there r many stones in a path of success for a good person so just v have to tolerate these ……. vampss!!!

  12. This Sam is so irritating idk why she think like that she fully well know that rads will never do anything bad that rads only want she to be happy but this Sam is thinking otherwise if she truly love arjun then she will stop think so negative maybe she don’t have a Brain if she had one then she would stop let those negative thoughts gets in to her head so childish of her she need to act like adult she getting married soon

  13. Annie

    Tmrw there is 1 hr epi of yrkkh… aftr dat at 10.310.30 tsm will b telecasted… so no mmz.. why is this happening??!! Tsm shld get cancelled tmrw.. not mmz coz of tymings…

  14. Ireena

    Wow!!wow!!what a decision taken by SP!!now for all serials changed timing, manmarzian has to be stopped. All disgusting serials will be of 1 hour,2 hours,and manmarzian will stop.manmazian has started since April, we have nt seen any special episodes. Really! !!salute to star plus ⏰⏰??

  15. Aru

    This is disgusting,,10:30 slot is of mnz,hw can they do this injustice..hate u sp,,mnz had been facing negligence of sp frm d begining….but now its too much

  16. rosy

    I dnt undrstnd wats still left in yrkkh aftr running for so long….manmarziyan startd a few weeks ago n nw its being cmpromisd…dats nt fair…if SP thnks only of trp y de launch new shows de shd cntinue wid those shows for a decade n evn more if TRP is da only matter….de shd de jst dump their caption of “RISHTA WAHI SOCH NAYI” if de lyk to cmpromise dat NAYI SOCH…

  17. Mahija

    Why not Manmaz. It should be for one hour tomorrow as I like watching the show here in Tanzania east Africa SP. don’t let us miss another episode tomorrow as Monday is far.

    What will happen to Sam and Radhika

  18. renu

    i dont understand 1 thing tat y sam s behaving like this,….

    radz s the 1 who bonded her with her
    2.Neil,..clear their mu raised due 2 arjun by sam

    how can she 4get everything n believe such craps,…everytime she ll do some mistake n repent 4 it,…neil s there 2 avoid her playing more pranks,…but he too in devadas mood,…she s always caring about her,…even iyali understood tat radz s good by heart,..i dont wanna accuse her but in real life too,…most ppl r like sam ly,…u believe it r not,..

    m deadly confused after 2day’s epi,…

    ardhika mu,…

    sara mu,…

    everything gonna hurt radz more like thunderstorm,….

    please any1 help me 2 come out of tis trauma,…v even not getting proper ardhika scenes nowadays,…if this continues,…a mad fan like me also ll start 2 skip episodes,… CryCryCry

  19. renu

    friends,….i wanna share some views about mmz,..

    In real life too positive ppl ly suffer a lot n v even hide our sorrows b4 our loved ones,…but no1 s ready 2 take our side n comfort us wen needed,…

    N tis story started 4m Hrishikesh n slowly progressed 2wards mumbai n her friendship bonding,….so,it speaks a lot about radz interaction with her friends a lot,…apart 4m her family,she loves sam a lot cox she believes tat sam s the person who helped her 2 live her dreams,…but sam did it unknowingly,…so,radz wanna b a true n best friend 2 her almost,…

    its simple if v love our friend,…v automatically ll help them 2 come out of the pain they r facing 4 a long tym,…radz also made the same thing n she understood sam n her mom’s mu,..

    n she cleared their mu (even some can say it as illogic tat how 1ppt could amend broken relationship,…but its not about ppt, they spoke out their heart loudly n broke their silence which was initiated by radz,who puts a full stop 2 their several year mu)

    next radz admired neil n sam’s friendship,…she even longed 4 such friendship in her life,…n so,she ended neil n sam’s mu over arjun n made neil 2 realize his love 4 sam,…

    third,…here comes arjun,…1 thing should b noted guys,…radz shouldnt ve 2 meet arjun in her life its cox of sam,…(she tooks an indirect oath 2 make sam happy in her life n tats the reason 4 her 2 involve in her true friend’s life,….

    sry 4 out of topic,…even in real life too,…as a true friend i cannot say my friend 2 break up her relation with a guy who seems 2 b bad,…i felt this in my life,…but i prayed god 4 my friend’s well being n every time i reminded her of her parents n make her 2 come out of her fake love,…cox i afraid of being misunderstood by my friend,…but a great applause 2 radz,..she made a bold move 2 open arjun’s other side 2 sam,…n sam s the 1 who broke the relationship with arjun cox she knew radz wont b wrong as she herself noticed bonnie n arjun’s closeness,…

    wen radz knew about sam’s decision in breaking her relationship with arjun,..she decided 2 make her happy by avoiding arjun 2 meet her n cause more troubles 2 her,…

    Even now in 2day’s epi,…she s asking arjun 2 promise 4 sam’s happiness,…i really want a friend like radz,…

    Arjun s the 1 who was attracted by radz n started feeling 4 her but radz being accused 4 everything,…i cant tolerate this thing anymore,…out of frustration,..i typed this post,…sry 4 mistakes any,…

  20. kj

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to add a comment here… I loved all the episodes this week because it broke away from the cliché that ” small town girls have cheap thinking, are dumb, don’t have a so called broadened horizon”. But the fact is even d so called metropolis girls or so to say those societies are equally or so to say even worse than them. Simply thankless, arrogant and having a feeling of inherited supremacy. They don’t even deserve to be called friends. And I am not stereotyping everyone but normally people who comment on someone’s morality are more morally degraded than others….

  21. kj

    Just like Samaria… I mean, girl get a reality check! Just because u are from Mumbai so its okay if u hug neil (u are getting married ) but its not okay if radhika is chilling around with arjun( she isn’t even getting married). U call ur case friendship and radhika a chipku. Hats off. Plus u taking that s*** from a person who has d most disgraced morale. U shud have slapped him on the face. Rather than defending ur friend who almost gave away her life fr u, made up ur relationship with ur mom, ur best frnd, ur to be husband, u just stood there silently. Even worse u gave a thought over what he said. I mean can a creative director of such a big company be such dumb headed? And what was with that nandini comment… Chote shehar ki ladkiyan!!!! I mean lady… More respectful than u.. Not after a married man at least and surely not cheating ur own brother!!! And madam samaira thinks job nhi di pta nhi kaunsa khazaana de diya. And why do people like samaira think ki puri duniya ki ladkiya unke bfs ya husbands ke peeche pdi hai… Over obsessed with herself… As if arjun is some piece of gold. Mera arjun! That stupid girl doesn’t even know ki arjun doesn’t even like her. Living in a dream… Radhika “mere” arjun ke peeche pad gyi hai. Ha! That’s d world in which these over obsessed people live. Apne best friend ka pta nhi.. Apne mai hi magan hai!!! Totally disgusted with Sam… More than that wicked duo of saral and nandini!!!

  22. renu

    kj,…i agree with u,…

    but still i hope sam ll take radz side as she took her side in arjun- bonnie’s pblm,….

    i dont know wat 2 cmt about sam yaar,…

    B4 going deeply in2 sam’s character,….i wanna depict a brief char sketch of sam here,….

    sam s the one who blindly believes any1 easily without giving second thought,…..She lives her life n she s too emotional n she often hurt by her acts alone,…if things not going in her favor,…she ll definitely got hurt easily,….Here CITY r Town apart,…As u said she needs a reality check,…..she always play prank n hurt innocent ppl 2 prove her point,…

    i may state few eg 4 this too,…
    1.she joked radz 4 offering job in mumbai n radz believed her prank n landed in mumbai with her papa n dadaji n piyali,…who hates sam offered job 2 radz n she made radz 2 search sth about underwear,…(i dinn remember exactly) n fooled her in4ont of all,….but she felt bad 4 her act later,…n made radz 2 stay with her wen she s homeless n convinced her parents too 4 continuing her job,… kandala trip,..she again played prank on innocent married couple 2 prove neil her point n she repented 4 her mistake n appologised 2 them
    3.again letting the baloon flew away wen tat man kept tat baloon 4 his late wife,…n wen neil confronted her,…she again bought baloon 4 tat man n made him happy,…

    in all the scenarios,sam ll first do some mistake but as time passes she ll acknowledge it n correct her mistakes by choosing r doing the right things,….

    So,i hope she never doubt radz cox she herself hug neil as a bff,….may b in future epi,..v may find sam doubted sardini alone n not radz,…n she asked neil,..y chasni dinn ask our help,…in this process she may find arjun’s growing feelings 2wards radz too,…n she herself may break tis mrg after finding all the plots palyed by nandini,saral n arjun,….tis ll not let the MMz charm,…

    tis s my prediction n i hope it comes true coz tis show s afterall,…’Dosti yaariyan Manmarziyan’

    Fingers crossed,… i loved tis show cox of diff storyline,..SARA friendship n Ardhika love-hate story(Sweat girl vs bitter boy)

  23. Sia

    Well for one thing…this show doesnt seem to go as people are predicting which is quite interesting…i dont think arjun and sam will get married…something may come up just as the different twists coming up…someone may get killed, that is if one goes to those heights of imagination…didnt imagine that shop getting destroyed did we…but the story is quite fast paced that you dont get to dwell on the background…let me see if i am proven wrong

  24. neha

    Sam..aarghh..such an as*h** u r!!! You r worse thn saral n nandini.. felt lik kicking u…this is ur friendship!! all radhika want is ur happiness nd u insecure lil …why is radhika evn listng to ur shit?? Arjun really shud break ur heart bcos u donno da meaning of lov n frndship.. u don deserve neil.. nd Writers pls wake up Listen to us Gals.. NVM Lov Manmarzian <3 :*

  25. Sia

    Nandini’s plan to show that picture on Arjun’s phone is to create doubts in Radhika so again she would say something to sam which will create more rift between the friends. Nandini is smart one can say!! I dont like her but she is the smartest of the bunch, but even the smartest make mistakes…

  26. aradhika

    I don’t like sam accusing radhika that she is back of her so called fiancee she should no the fact and some one said latter realization of sam is not important but at that time sam should support radhu if it takes her longer time then like previous thete no point of sam realizimg later

  27. mitty

    Guy’s our manmarziyan trp is low 0.7…last week it was 0.8………plz watch it regularly

  28. raashi

    Didn’t feel like commenting after watching this sad episode…cv’s why r u making Sam dumber with each episode? Where is the friendship in d show? I liked Arjun but i didn’t like Rads today..personal opinion…but i thought the jalebi scene was a bit wasn’t needed. Yes we need Ardhika scenes but don’t give us any silly xyz scenes:-(

  29. What the hell is this?? ??

    Nandiniiiii kill u bl**dy *****

    Feeling bad for Neil


    Sam please don’t believe nandini

    Ardhika scenes was awesome ????

  30. mona (ash)

    Ardhika scenes were superb ???

    Feeling bad for Neil???

    Hope sam will understand neil’s love soon

  31. raashi

    Cv’s please sudharofy Neil’s character as well. He’s again back in his crybaby mode…i understand he’s got a pretty face n acts well but the same rona dhona..its getting pathetic now. Dude just go n confess everything to Sam however if she still fails to understand u then move on!

    Manmarziyan is a good show plz don’t spoil it with these kinda cliched, ridiculous n depressing episodes.

  32. raashi

    N cv’s plz sudharofy Neil’s character as well…he’s back in his crybaby mode..ufff.. I understand he’s got a pretty face n acts well n the bgm which plays is really good..but the same rona dhona…its getting pathetic now. Dude just go n confess everything to Sam however if she still doesn’t understand u then move on.

    Cv’s Manmarziyan is a good show…plz don’t spoil it with these kinda cliched, ridiculous n depressing episodes.

  33. renu


    any1 saw 2day’s sbs segment,….

    sam gonna slap radz b4 every1,…

    radz gonna reveal arjun n nandz truth,…she got slap as prize 4m her best friend,…

    cvs broke my heart into million pieces,…

    i dont want a rift btw 2 best friends but my hopes all went wrong,…i hate sam more than sardhini,…

    if any1 ve link of tat segment please post it here,…

    now i want radz 2 slap sam,arjun,saral n nandhini except neil,….

    arjun doesnt deserve radz yaar

  34. aradhika

    If sam is goung to slap radhu I definitely won’t watch the episode today how dare sam is going to do that afterwards u will repent.

  35. aradhika

    Rahu don’t accept any apoogies from anyone they don’t deserve u yaar chup chap afterthis and all will get sought out u concentrate on ur workand ur dreams and this arjun I can’t believe what u were doing while sam slapped radhu u r always protective to radhu na but this time….actually u made all this very bad arjun I didn’t expect this thing from u.. saral and nandhini I hate u people…

  36. renu


    radz gonna bcom 1 man army,…

    her family ll also failed 2 believe her n sam also wont believe

    N arjun s protective over his pyari nandhini di,…ve u watched tat link,….

    i posted u tube link too,..but it doesnt posted,….where monica n kashmira reveals the scene briefly,…

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