Manmarziyan 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dilip saying he knows where is Radhika, he has trust on her and knows her very well. Radhika sits near the ghat. She recalls everyone’s words and gets sad. Dilip comes to her. She says I came to have some fresh air, I did not know when time passed, lets go home, everyone is waiting. He says the home where daughter can’t breath, you should not go there. He asks why did she not agree to Dada ji and run away. She says people run from bounds, I did not think ever that I m bounded. He says come.

He says if you don’t have to marry, then don’t, you can think and take time, but have career in Rishikesh. She says Saral is nice guy, I don’t have problem with marriage, I had a dream, what if it does not get complete. She says her dreams can’t be price of his happiness.

He says Mumbai and its people, they are different from us, I can’t send you alone there, I don’t have courage. She says you always encouraged me, I faced everything by your words, I got a chance to do something else, to make a different identity.

She says life is like flowing water, once chance gets off hands, it does not come back again. She says she will not lose chance to make him happy. She smiles and says Dada ji says there is no tax to see dreams, she will see new dream. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays……………….Dilip thinks. Bony’s presentation is liked. Neil tells Piyali that Sam is coming. Piyali says she can schedule her presentation any other day by her comfort.

Sam comes and says sorry, and starts her presentation. Dilip gets Radhika back home. They all get glad seeing her. Dilip feels sad. Sam says fate looks for a chance, who knows when the chance changes life. Sam says we lose many kids as they don’t wash hands, and ends the ad with Bony’s tagline. Everyone clap for her. Piyali says great idea Sam. Samrat says its award winning idea. The man says its old idea, this tagline is 1983 ad line. Sam is shocked and Bony smiles.

Radhika’s roka ceremony is done, as Saral holds her hand to make her wear the shagun bangle. Radhika thinks everything changes in one moment, life does not give second chance, and its just memories of unaccepted chances. Samaira asks Bony. Bony says I just said to use something like this. Samrat says Sam will never steal line. The man says but this line is not original. Neil says line can be changed, the idea is brilliant. The man says yes, its deep, touching and original.

Piyali asks is it original, the agency reputation is prime important. Samrat sats its 100% original. Piyal says I know, it will be presented to the client. Sam smiles. Piyali asks Neil to find an original and good tagline for this, and announces the creative director for the ad. Sam smiles. She says its Bony. Sam gets stunned. Samrat says Piyali…. She says meeting is over and leaves. Sam gets sad. Neil and Samrat look on.

Radhika thinks maybe its her fate, life is a game of fate and fate looks for a chance. Manmarziyan…………….plays………… Dilip says he wants to say something, before Saral makes Radhika wear the bangles. He says Radhika got a job in Mumbai. Everyone is stunned. Dilip says life is like flowing water, if a chance is lost, then it does not come back. He says I want to give her this chance to do the job and go Mumbai once. Dada ji smiles. Radhika gets glad. Dilip says so that she does not regret on her decision.

Dilip says if they still want to do the Roka, it will be Radhika’s good fate. Saral’s dad asks whats he saying. Dilip says I don’t want her to have incomplete dreams and its burden. Saral’s mum gets angry and Riddhima asks whats dad doing. Saral’s dad says he did not expect this insult him, he should have thought about Riddhima. Radhika’s mum says she will not go anywhere, you sit. Dada ji says Radhika got work in Mumbai.

Saral’s dad says if girl is not here, whom should we do marriage with, good houses are not got easily, send Radhika to Mumbai, Saral does not have less proposals. Dilip bows down. They all leave. Radhika says 6 months and they stop. She says I want to go for just 6 months dad, if he permits then she will… Saral’s dad says world will change, he will not wait for her. They leave. Riddhima gets sad and her husband takes her. Radhika cries.

Dilip asks Radhika to get appointment letter, of her salary and company. Sam says he does not need anyone’s name and leaves. A dog attacks her. A man stops him saying no Bonzo and Sam looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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