Manmarziyan 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika coming in Arjun’s way. Neil and Sam leave, as she had her phone in her bag itself. Arjun pushes Radhika and she runs to him. She says he can’t reach Sam. He holds her against the lift wall and people smile seeing them romancing. The lift stops at every floor and no one disturbs them. Arjun and Radhika have an eyelock. Nafraton me mili………….plays………… Arjun leaves her and goes. She goes after him. Arjun sees Sam and Neil leaving. Radhika comes and sees Arjun going after Sam. She runs to stop him. He says Sam. Radhika slips and makes him fall inside the swimming pool, while she falls on the pool side. He gets angry. She says sorry Sir, give me your hand.

He comes out of the pool and walks to her. She says sorry, by mistake, I did not do intentionally.

She gives him towel and he throws it. He recalls her words. He lifts her and throws her in the pool. She can’t swim. Arjun goes to see Sam. A lady sees Radhika drowning and asks Arjun to see she is sinking. Arjun says let her sink, she is acting. The lady she is really sinking. Arjun turns and sees Radhika. He looks towards Sam and rushes back to Radhika. He brings her out of the pool. He tries to wake her up and pumps out water. He checks her breath and holds her face to give her artificial respiration.

She opens her eyes and pushes him away. He says Radhika you… She slaps him angrily. The people gather there. She feels cold and shivers. Arjun gets angry and leaves. The lady tells Radhika why did she slap him, he has saved her life. Radhika looks on stunned. Neil and Sam are on the way. He says you have love all way. She calls Radhika and does not connect. He says don’t worry. She says Arjun is with her. Neil says they can manage Arjun. The old man says he has arranged something to fill the empty space. Sam calls Tejh and he tells her that they are in her hotel. She asks how does he know. He says Arjun knew this, Radhika’s phone got crushed by Arjun’s car, Radhika is with Arjun. She says tell her I will meet her in Mumbai. The man does shayari. He stops the car and asks them to manage the balloons, he will just come.

Neil asks Sam to come out, Tejh has said Radhika is fine, come on. Neil says one balloon yours and one mine. She stands upset. He tries making her smile. She says she is not in mood. Sam leaves all the balloons in air. The old man sees this. Sam asks Neil to laugh now and scolds him. She asks the man to take the money for the balloons. The man leaves. He goes to a grave and cleans it. He says he wishes her 25th wedding anniversary and apologizes for not getting balloons. Sam and Neil look on. Arjun gets angry knowing Sam has checked out. Radhika comes there. He recalls her slap.

Neil scolds Sam and says no one can bear his misbehavior like him. Radhika apologizes to Arjun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome epi
    love you ArDhika ?

  2. luv manmarziyan

    Omg omg omg super!!
    Loved today’s episode but felt bad for d man apologizing to his dead wife for not bringing d balloons.
    Ardhika scenes were awesome n Aham Sharma u rock! Luv u Arjun:-*

  3. Kyun maangna chahiye radhika ko arjun se maafi . Arjun ne hi to radhika ko pool me feka tha.
    Ye to wahi baat hi gayi pehle jakhm do phir uski dawai karo.huhh

  4. love the lift scene of ardhika and also that thapad jo radhika ne arjun ko diya he deserves that but still dekte hai kaise manapaiyegi chasni pineapple ko

  5. Awesome episode….omg.!!!!.. Wht an episode I luv u arjun nd radhika…pls any one say link to download…manmarziyan… Song

    1. Thank u abi

      1. Thank u so much abi….really…fantastic.I downloaded… Song…

  6. The highlighting dialogue was ..apko Sam tak Jane ke liye mujhe marna hoga…n he says tumhari maut mere hato likhi hai.., N dat eyelock with khwashiooo,

  7. Waiting for 10.30 pm restlessly………..

  8. Could you please change the timings

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