Manmarziyan 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying Sam will slap Radhika will her questions. Dilip talks to Radhika and says Arjun saved you, else we would have not met your eyes. She asks about Dada ji. He says don’t worry, I told Riddhima and her husband to take care of Dada ji, she told about Saral’s actions to her inlaws, they apologized to me. Mala says Saral is Riddhima’s brother in law, he is related to us by her, Arjun helped us. Radhika asks when do we have to return money. Dilip says he did not tell us, but we should return favor soon.

He says many shops burnt, they wanted to file case, they are inquiring about the fire, we have to sell home if they find us the reason for fire incident. Radhika says no, Ankush and I are with you, once we know the truth, everything will be fine. Sam talks

top Nandini on phone and comes to meet Radhika. Saral comes in her way, and he asks him to move. He asks does she know which way is she going. Arjun and Nandini are at Radhika’s home.

Dilip thanks Nandini. Nandini says no, all this is happening because of your daughter, you are also like our family, so I got sarees for you both, wear it in sangeet. Mala thanks them for doing so much. Nandini talks to them sweetly. Saral asks Sam to understand. She asks him to get lost. Saral asks why does Arjun call Arjun when she is in problem, why did she ask money from Arjun, and not you. He says she finds her teary support in Arjun, why so. Sam looks on.

Radhika tells Arjun that she will return his money soon. Nandini says this is Arjun’s duty towards humanity. Radhika says she can’t take money from Sam, as she has done many favors on us, Ankush and I will work and return money. Nandini says Dilip and Mala gave good values to Radhika, we will leave now. Saral tells Sam that Radhika and her family are together, think Radhika trapped me in Rishikesh, and then Arjun, when I was managing her expenses, she said she will marry me, then did acting to trap you. He says she could ask money from you too. Nandini looks on and signs Saral. Saral smiles and says Radhika always cries and shows crocodile tears to Arjun, is she your friend or Arjun’s.

Sam sees Radhika and Arjun coming downstairs, they talk and smile. Saral claps for them, and says Radhika is my fiancée and is looking happy with someone’s fiancé. He says she is trying to trap Arjun. Arjun gets angry and says you get saved every time, this time I won’t leave you. Mala asks Radhika to stop Arjun. Radhika stops Arjun and holds him. Sam looks at them. Saral smiles. Nandini asks Saral to get lost before she calls police. Saral signs her and leaves smiling. Sam looks at Radhika holding Arjun.

Sam is upset. Neil talks to her and asks her not to think. Sam asks why did Radhika not tell me about Saral. He says Radhika can’t do this, she may have any reason, Saral is ruined and ruining other’s lives, he is a loser, leave it. Sam recalls Saral’s words. The sangeet mehendi function starts. Piyali, Manya and others dance. Radhika comes with Mala. Nandini smiles seeing her. She pays the lady to apply mehendi to Radhika just the way she said. Nandini asks Sam to get A written, she will find. She says she will give her lots of life as a gift. Sam says how sweet, and sees Radhika.

Nandini says Radhika looks so pretty, I gifted her this saree, I said Arjun’s fav color is pink, so she chose this saree, I m glad, pink suits her. Sam gets thinking. Radhika dances with Arjun. Sam looks at them. Arjun goes. Radhika goes to hug Sam. She says you look great in red saree. Sam asks Radhika when did pink become her fav color. Radhika says Nandini gifted me this. Nandini asks her to get mehendi done. Arjun looks at Radhika getting the mehendi applied. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays…………..

Nandini checks mehendi and looks for A. Sam laughs and says you found it so soon. Radhika says she did not have anyone;s alphabet, as her engagement broke. Nandini says some alphabets form themselves, show me your mehendi. She asks Sam to see A written in it. Sam looks at Radhika. Radhika smiles.

Nandini fills Sam’s ears against Radhika. Sam scolds Radhika for being after Arjun. Radhika looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Pathanga

    Sam yaar hav faith n ur chasni dnt misunderstand her… Kisi aur voh bhi saral ki baton mein aakar apna bst frnd par shak na karo… Arjun to chasni par fida ho gaya tha… He cudnt take off hs eyes away frm radhu.. And nandini!!! I am jst waiting fr d epi wen arj cums to knw abt nandinis plans…tat wud b realy awesum…

  2. happy

    Dnt want to commend for this worst episode…sry annie…ysterday you told…bt i belived sam’s trust on rad…bt today it easily broke…its not trust…

  3. raashi

    I so didn’t want this to happen between Rads n Sam – the jealousy, insecurity, bitterness n whatever else it is…uff my patience is exhausted by now..seriously want to kill both the jerks..shaitaan ki banai hui jodi.

    Sam plz apne dimaag ko zyaada daudana band karo n just listen to Neil.

    N to top it all Arjun n Rads remain blissfully ignorant of the entire scenario..jago vats!!

    • aadhi

      well said! thats the beauty of arjun and radhika’s character..! 🙂 they remain unaffected..everytime! lol…the other day…when it rained and they were wet..they behaved like it dint rain at all 😛

  4. Ireena

    We thought sam will slap saral. Now even she is trapped. OMG!REALLY, NANDINI HAV A TALENT TO MANIPULATE OTHERS. ?????

  5. aradhika

    Sam u don’t deserve radhu frndship u proved it today neil is better in understanding radhu then u poor innocent radhu actually she has no feelings towards arjun ,instead its reverse asusual 2 jerks I hate them …radhu u look 2 cutee

  6. rosy

    Bt sam needs to get hurt only to undrstnd dat arjun doesnt love her bt radhu….nd in her pain lies arjun’s freedom from his vow to avenge dat vamp nandu…den only arjun cn freely let his heart out to radhu….
    Meanwhile sam wud realise neil’s love….!!!!

  7. Pathanga

    Nd i find neils leading role s nt shwng ts kamaal… I miss neils wndrful scenes… Writers pls focus n neil too.. Ur al neglectng hm… We al want neil back to hs charming persnalty… Agree wid me guyz??

  8. Ireena

    What to say.sam will be shattered in every way.if ardhika goes ahead,even then.even if the marriage goes ahead. Bad luck

  9. Aru

    Ohh!!! Sam got influenced easily….how can she be soo dumb.she really cant understand the dear ones(neil nd chashni).vry bad sam…
    Arjun’s eyes were following radhika..enjoyd it:):):)
    precap made me feel bad!!
    Wen ll chashni and arjun get to know abt sardini’s plot…?

    • She always dumb that why she never understand neil feelings or his love for her this is what kind of friendship is this friendship is about trust and love but how can she listen to all of those nonsense about rads if she was rads friend for true then she would done slap saral or tell him to leave from there that she dont want to hear any bad things about rads that rads is her friend and she know her very well that she can never do any bad things to her

  10. Annie

    Sam akkal se puri ki puri paedal hay!! God gave her brain.. but she never use it… whatrver people show her she see that… during the fight nandini stopped her.. then how could she stop arjun??!! And when rads did that she is foubtng her intrnsions??!! So selfish!!! For rads sam again united with arjun.. for rads she united with her mom. And now she is doubting rads her so called best friend???
    Anyways.. radhika was looking pretty in that saree. . Loved the Ardhika scenes specially arjuns staring. . He ws looking damn hot in both the outfits.. it was a good episode no doubt !! Love mmz :*

  11. devga

    Ufffff Sam sam Sam again another negativity in friendship ….. My god friendship is just trust and trust …… But I hate Sam’s character as a frnd of radhu …. She does not deserve radhu’s friendship ….
    Just think how much radhu did for Sam …. Yuck a great insult for Sam’s so called friendship …. ?

    I wrote this as soon aftr my first comment and this much late …
    Don’t delete it

  12. amy

    Good episode……….

    I always thought from the beginning of this show that sam is shown as a little bit self centered character…. but now i think sam really is self centered……. if radhika was in sam’s place today she would have slapped saral and would have heard nandini’s words through one ear and dumped it from the other…..

    But sam was only thinking about herself…… even neil knows radhika better than sam…..

    Sam’s character is starting to irritate me……. she calls herself best friend of neil and radhika.. but when it comes about them she doesn’t know a single thing about them……

  13. minnu

    Sam…let go Arjun! He doesn’t deserves u.. Look at Neil.. He is the one who badly needs u.. But day by day ..manmarziyan is becoming more and more interesting… Smply luvving it!

  14. Sia

    all are pretty good actors and doing their parts very very well indeed…and radhika somehow she is glowing isnt she?,..probably they dint put makeup before and now they do…but still awesome good show

  15. Sia

    Ya Pathanga really agree with u…really missing the fun scenes..and if anyone has not changed from the beginning it is Neil…he is a consistent charmer whether like jim carey or a devdas…he s too good…and really missing the fun scenes guyz !!

  16. Ritu

    Expected….now sam and radu will become enemy….pls dont do dis…..inspite of dis both of u should set a good example of true frnship…….and radu and arjun luv u.both….u both r awsum…pls arjun tell radu dat u luv her….and radu pls u also realize his luv towards u

  17. Sonya

    How can Nandani ruin’s Arjun life for her agenda. Lovely episode – good story and superb cast.

  18. Shaki

    How can this happen?? Nooo same you have to trust your friend other than a stranger. How can you do this?? Poor chasni :'(

  19. Shaki

    OMG!! this can’t be happening!!! How can saral do this to chasni if he’s really loving her. And Sam?? What are you doing? You have to trust your friend more than this.

  20. vinu

    Don’t turn Sam against radhika.that will be too usual and boring.make friendship stronger than love.

  21. Why sam is believing saral? She knows his truth. Then also she is believing him rather than her friend chasni
    Writes please don’t make sam against chasni please

  22. Shrabani

    Sam u should trust radhu.. Saral ke bato pe tum apne best frnd par trust nehi kar rahi ho. It’s not a friendship. All serials are same, now manmarziyan in the same path. Just boring.

  23. mira

    I am sorry 2 say, but Sam has always been selfish. She didn’t understand Neil’s feelings…now she is believing saral n doubting rads. Unbelievable!!!!
    On top of this arjun is confused. When he ll stop the marriage Sam will blame rads…gosh!!!!
    This is all because of Nandini n saral….hate u both
    Hoping 4 better episodes…..

  24. Mary

    I think sam is just acting infront of nandini and saral to know wy she want to seperate her and rads

  25. anwitha

    nandini…she’s too could any women ruin another one’s life..?? we have to forgive all…. right..???

  26. Afsana

    I think it’s good….gradually sam will realise neil’s love for her….and arjun will be free from the shadi….but just hope radhika n sam always be frnds

  27. riya

    uff…this nandini n saral
    sam I didn’t know that urs and rads friendship is so weak
    and sam is such a fool…..
    she knows that saral is not gud but still she listened to him…disssgusting
    sam pls listen to neil and neil pls save rads and sams friendship….

  28. sowmi

    i think sam will break her marriage with arjun on their wedding day due to these misunderstandings and i wish our ardika will get married… 😉 🙂 🙂

  29. ufff…..foolish nandani, what are u ears sam against radhu.But one thing let me clear to u that sam never think negatively about radhu…cause first radhu her best frnd n second she knows that radhu will never disappoint her. because this is Dosti Yariyaan n manmarziyan
    Plzzzz writers sam shouldn’t giving negatively effect about radhu
    Anyways serial track is going on right path.hope so next episode has more aradhika scene….luv you manmarziyan whole team.
    Neil when u smile looks very cute… 😉 😉 🙂

  30. Rama Sharma

    Is this serial being broadcasted in the UK? If yes at what time. I have not seen it in TV guide at all.

  31. Anu

    Radhu u look so cute in saree…..and arjun’s eyes followed by radhu so cute looking…..OMG sam join idiot group

  32. I luv sam sooo much. U can’t really love ur friend bcos they love u, am sure it hasn’t happnd 2 u else u’ll understand the whole thing about love . Anyways, I luv Neil as much as I luv Sam. Don’t appreciate Radhika a lot bcos she has taken away arjun from Sam claiming 2 understand him more, why did she not allow sam 2 understand arjun herself and nw arjun has fallen 4 her bcos she has shown him luv nd care. How do u expect Sam 2 behave. Very bad radhika.. Allow people 2 fight their nightmares so dat they conquer it themselves and accept it d way it comes

    • riya

      So wat about Neil ….
      Sam knows dat Neil luvs her but she is so selfish..
      And radhika doesn’t luv arjun ,arjun luvs rads….

    • mariya

      u just love its not mean dats was true evryone known arjun lve radhika

      radhila dnt knw arjun have such feelingssss

  33. riya

    Sardini …
    U r not only breaking Sam n rads frndship but also bringing ardhika closer…..

  34. nikki

    Whats wrong with sam? she is doubting her best friend because of whom that idiot saral and irritating Nandini.only once that saral filled her ears and she started doubting chashni.pathetic?

  35. nikki

    Whats wrong with sam? she is doubting her best friend because of whom that idiot saral and irritating Nandini.only once that saral filled her ears and she started doubting chashni.pathetic?.she should have spoken to Radhika but no she has some other plans.lets hope that this misunderstanding will clear out soon.

  36. mariya

    i think sam really don’t desrve radhika frndship whyy she did nt understand radhka positive side she always want evthng in her life

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