Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini telling Arjun that he is in love with Radhika. Sam comes and greets her. Nandini says Arjun is in true love, say whats the cure for this. Sam says there is no cure for love and excuses herself. Nandini asks Arjun to take Radhika’s sign till night, will he be able to do this. Arjun says I will get her sign, and looks at Radhika. Radhika sits thinking. Nandini asks her does she come here to work or dream, atleast she can work at home if not here. Radhika says you can work, if I do everything, you will get bored.

Nandini says so sweet, all this drama will end soon, as Arjun will be kicking you out from home. Radhika says Arjun is not so bad as you want to make him, he has a good person in him, he can’t do this. Nandini laughs and says you got trapped, you came

to save Sam, you are trying to find Arjun and make him Lord, the Arjun whom you love is making your divorce papers ready, and you are dreaming here, you better sit and dream, don’t do work, this suits you better. She goes. Samrat looks on shocked.

Sam asks Neil to come out. Neil asks her to go. She says no one is going anywhere, come out idiot. He asks will you stop me? She says why will I, you will stop on your own. You can’t go without notice, and says many things. He says none of these reasons can stop me. She asks then what reason can stop you. He says I won’t say, you think yourself. He goes. She recalls Samrat’s words.

Samrat talks to Siddharth. Nandini comes to him and greets. He says my place is vacant, please sit. She says I want Piyali’s place, not yours. He says when a place is not vacant, second place should be made. He says he has got all those memories back, of them and birdsong. She moves away from him. He asks does she remember those days. She says I have some work and starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her, asking why is she leaving so soon, when she came to meet him. She leaves. He says what do you think Nandini, just you can play this game, and smiles.

Arjun looks for Radhika. He calls her and does not connect. He comes home and asks Mala did Radhika come home. Mala says yes, she is in her room, she said she is unwell. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks is she fine. Radhika shows the divorce papers. She asks him does he want her to sign on these papers…..

Sam asks Neil will he answer truly if she asks the right question. She asks do you love me. Neil looks at her. Radhika asks Arjun to say. Arjun says this is not divorce paper, not to break this fake relation, we can end this punishment and move on in life. She says I don’t have any way to move on. He asks till when will we keep this drama. She says till you leave Sam.

He holds her and makes her sit. He says its foolishness to expect what can’t happen, till Nandini’s tears don’t stop, I can’t stop following Sam, this marriage can’t stop me, but you can get free by signing on these papers, and live life your way, our game has no place for you, go Radhika. She says she made her place when she married him. He asks her to go away, else her inner lightness will get bad sighted by this darkness. She asks does he want this divorce, or Nandini di?

She says she can’t give him divorce. He asks why. She says for Sam. He asks what, just for Sam, is there no other reason, tell me why are you after me, why don’t you want wish to give me divorce, say it once, maybe I will leave everything and move back, tell me. She says there can’t be any reason between us, I don’t have such status and you don’t have that courage. He angrily leaves.

Sam asks Neil to say does he love her. Neil holds her and sees her well. He asks did she see her face in mirror, that she thinks the world loves her, I wish, but I don’t love you. She asks would you tell me if you did. He says I would have not needed to say, you would have heard my heart voice. She asks then why is he going, her life will be incomplete without him. He says maybe I want to make you realize this.

Sam holds Neil’s hand and says there is something more to this, till you don’t tell me truth, I won’t leave your hand. Neil asks does she have courage to hear the truth, he does not love her, but he thinks she started loving him. Benaam rishta……darmiyaan……plays……….She leaves his hand. He leaves. Radhika thinks of Arjun’s words and recalls the moments.

Radhika comes to Sam and asks does she still love Arjun. They both cry. Sam says I don’t know, but I know that if you did not come between us, I would have not know the truth of my heart.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    hi friends…why neil said he doesnt love her….whats the plan…dont understand…someone explain this pls……

  2. Annie

    Loved the episode.. arjun and neil u nailed it man!! Seriously!!! Arjun to eyes said all the things.. so intense emotions … it was superb.. love u… :* :*

    Neil u were also very good!! Now am will realise her mistake and ur love!!! Looking forwad for a haappppyyyy ending!!!

    Nandini did a great job today!! Arjuns behaviour and expressions were notable ehehe did not see radhika in the office

    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode. . Atlasy two besties will patchup and start afresh from where they started!!!

    All the actors r doing really well!! Hatts off to them!!!!

    I just dont know what will I do after 29h.. I will miss mmz and all of u… but one thing is dure thag I am gonna fo.. that is not gonba watch sp again.. hate u sp

  3. anu

    thanx ameena for the update….
    by the way arjun and neil u were fabulous.. u both wanna hear the voices of your loved ones hearbeat…. ufffuuuuuuu great to see you guys like this…

    arjun we know u wanna live with radhu rather than taking nandini’s revenge… u really wanna do justice to your marriage, ohhhh sorry just for your love,hidden love…. u wanna know feelings of radhu so that u can move on with her in your life… dont worry buddy, u’ll listen it very soon.. arjun u cant hide your love anymore… radhu realize your feelings yaar… lot of love, sorrow ankhoon mein bhari hey yaar…. roona math… ankhe bandh karo aur apni love ko ehsaas dho…. challooooo raadhu make it fast….. bechara arjun is waiting for it, he wanna get out of that stone heart….

    neil its gud u made sam realize her feelings… reverse pshycology… though with a thodisi dilemma…sam remove the membrane that covers your heart.. listen to your heart clearly..dont caompare arjun and neil… thats a complicated one.. just listen to your heart and leave the past… u will have a rockstar in future ahead…SAMRAT ji what a move…. hats off….nandini di comeon you have face much more than this… get ready….

    arjun-radhu u r the highlight for today.. finding about themselves in eachothers hearts… tooo good… realisation makes evrything perfect..

    really feeling sooooooo sad as this is gonna end soon.. just in 6days… nooooo….. :(– 🙁

  4. ☆Twinkle05★

    I am just crying really 6 more epi only oh god how can i live without ardhika and nesam i am really very sad and today epi arjun and radhu words neil and sam words make me cry ;(

  5. awesome episode…unknowning nandini makes realize radhu that she love arjun…nw radhika understand her feelings for arjun…i thnk neil wnts sam realise hr love for him…loved cvs yaar…great…aradhika love u yaaarrrrr….

  6. Manu

    Wonderful episode.. everyone emoted their true feelings.. awesome acting by all four main leads.. Arjun and Neil gonna mis you yaar ..pls come back soon with good channel.. sp go to hell..

  7. ramya

    i think arjun want to hear from chasni bt she wil say her at last episode only bt neil y cnt u say it man plz say it . thn arjun nandhini herself knw tat u lov chasni bt she is nt asking u to go on ur love live ur life tis shows she is a selfish y cnt u understand . chasni ur the bst before expressing urs feelings u want to knw whther still sam is in love wid arjun becoz u r ready to sacrifice i knw u will change thn only u will give ur love to her . i m happy tat v r gng to get sweet pineapple juice bt at the same time i m crying daily becoz of tis ending

  8. happy

    in today epiosde only i found that arjun truly behave himself infront of rad…..his and nandhini scene were worst….ajun searching rad super…..and next scene also fab….rad started feeling for him…bt dont understand that…k…initial stage….anyway next week she confess her love to arjun… before truth reveal,arjun cant come from nandhini….bt he told his point to rad was so sad..i leave everything by your answer…he expect her love……rad answer super” you dont have that courage”…..after i want arjun to confess his love in romantic way…..i love this pair so much…………………………………………….i cant tell this…how i connect with this pair…..from last one week till now all ardhika scenes comes and goes in my mind…i cant control my mind….super pair………………so much love before confess… after confess we cant see their love…its fact…because of worst channel…..29 ll be death day for u…i am sure…..

  9. Natasha

    Thank God at least sam is using her brain. But guys as the days are coming near to mmz I don’t feeling like to comment. So I’m thinking not to comment in these days. But I also don’t like passing my single day without talking 2 u.

    • happy

      i too miss u and all my friends here….pls…..comment natasha…..we love this serial….at the last time…we have to share our thoughts as usual…pls….me also feel bad…..for all commenting…i am waiting till 12.30…pls …

    • mitty

      Yes natasha our dosti yaariyan started along wid da show. ..can’t imagine without mmz nd u guys. …sp broken our hearts …Thanks to mmz for the amazing 4 months nd amazing friends. …gonna miss u all. ..try to remember me at least once in a while. …

  10. Riya

    Today episode really great,how emotional scenes between Arjun and Radhika….. I love it when Arjun tell Radhika why she don’t want to divorce me,……

  11. alley

    Superrrrrrrr episode I love ardhika scenes yaar today sooooo cute arjun and Neil were
    Hope this show cont…..for a long time wanna see more ardhika scenes I’m just crazy abt the serial a lot dunno wat happens next week in manmarziyan only 6 epi left guys hope these epi turn out to be the besttttttttt love u ardhika aaa. Looooooootttt miss manmarziyan a lot……<3 :(…..

  12. Devga

    Hmmm chasni y don’t u tel wat arjun wants to hear …. He is now falling for ur words and u r not on ur track …. And writers I knw it is waste of energy and time scolding u guys as I am fed up of doing tht inspire of no use of it …. And TRULY SAYING I GOT BEST FRNDS HERE COZ OF THIS WONDERFUL BOND OF STORY CAST AND SONG OF MANMARZIYAN AND WORST PART IS OFF AIR OF THIS SHOW IS REALLY VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT AND I AM NOT ABLE C MY FRNDS HERE …..


  13. mitty

    Awesome episode. ..All four acted really well. ..feeling sad coz only 1 more week. …starplus get ready for ur funeral. ..

  14. abi

    I’m completely nd irrecovably in luv with mmz……………..arjun nd neil both express their love to their pretty ladies…..

    but thed didnt tell that i luv u instead of that word, they done everything……

    i really feel bad nd sad for arjun becoz he knows that wat he wants(radhu)but he couldn’t (becoz his didi)……but others…not lik that alays confused…….

    i wish no one can get this situation……

    RENU I ‘M AITING FOR UR COMMENTT PLS….don’t make me wait……


    • mitty

      Enna sollanam puriyilla abi…m totally heartbroken yaar …feel like crying yaar. .first time in my lyf m sooo attached to daily soap…

  15. Ira afroz

    Seriously guys….I just can’t think about that Manmerziayan is going to end.Can’t bear it anymore.

    Just 1 week left….Manmerziayan still so incomplete.I m not satisfied.
    Feeling so thirsty for Manmerziayan.
    God…..such amazing show we r gonna miss forever.

    Love the precap…Finally Sam and Rads reunite.From today’s epi love the Ardhika’s conversation.Now it’s the confession fighting ””who said first I Love You ???Radhika or Arjun”’

    I just hate Sunday….why monday so far.Feeling terribly bad From that from 29th Aug there will be no more waiting for Monday…..

  16. Ireena

    guys, I am goona miss u all guys…..happy renu Natasha nish raashi Riya ira Afroz shaki anu thena kfar mandy mitty Annie jayaru aradhika sonamohan Saji abi honey rads nakshatra devga sukriti….and ur comments. all-time I didn’t reply but really enjoyed ur comments. sry if I forgot anyone. ??????????❤

  17. nish

    Samrat sir u nailed it today.
    hey boys neil n arjun comeon bhav mat khao tell ur feelings first yaar.
    n sam precap for gods sake leave arjun n turn around to see neil is waiting for u on his knees with open arms dear.

  18. saji

    Super episode….will miss ardhika mch…hw to stay,without,dese couple n,der chemistry…

    will miss idiot n,samandar too…

    im so,addicted to dis soap…n feels so depressed on d closure of mmz….

    wat to do guys…never felt so connected to a soap before…d very thought of endng in,six days s incng my heartbeat…so sad..:(

  19. lovely…….
    I don’t have words to express my happiness about this episode. .. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ardhika n nesam is the best pair ♡♡♡♡♡
    luv u soooo much ~ manmarziyan
    Next week nandani n samrat truth reveals in front of all ….hopefully
    kcvs plzzz pair meets soon …cause want more ardhika nesam scene.
    luv u dosto…good ni8 n take care..

  20. raashi

    Hey bhagwan!! Ab jab Sam n Arjun sahi raaste pe aa rhe hain toh ab Neil n Radhika ko drama karna zaroori hai kya?? Ufff as it is d serial is ending so why drag the love realisation n acceptance part now?? R these cvs planning to unite both these couples on d last day??:-\:-\

    Atleast Neil could have accepted hus feelings for Sam but no he again does d same thing. Whenever he’s faced such a situation wid Sam he’s always evaded giving a straight answer n he doesn’t let dat consistency drop even now…are might b u want Sam to realise her feelings for u on her own but den d cvs have turned Sam dumb since ages hence she’s blind to ur emotions…why can’t u help her??

    N as for Rads, I believe she’s herself confused about her own feelings n probably also guilty that she’ll betraying Sam if she falls for Arjun…but then girl u have already fallen for him…otherwise she wouldn’t be feeling so bad n senti on seeing those divorce papers…if Sam’s khushi is all dat she’s thinking about den she would have shown tashan over d divorce thing instead of getting emo…she wouldn’t b in such dilemma in d office…she wouldn’t b thinking about Arjun d way she was doing…so plz accept ur love…give rest to the main Sam ko bachana chahti hoon wala thing ..n all d haisiyat n himmat wala dialogues.

    Btw loved how Nandini became speechless for d first time…dat was good. N cvs plz fast forward d love track a bit..don’t make these couples realise their love on the 29th…make it a day or two earlier.

    N m sorry guys…aaj comment kuch zyaada hi lamba ho gya.

  21. Hiii frndz,,

    I don’t have words to express my happiness about this episode. .. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ardhika n nesam is the best pair ♡♡♡♡♡
    luv u soooo much ~ manmarziyan
    Next week nandani n samrat truth reveals in front of all ….hopefully
    cvs plzzz pair meets soon …cause want more ardhika nesam scene.
    luv u dosto…good ni8 n take care..

  22. Riya

    Khwaahishon pe likh dil ki ye aarziya
    Kese ye manmarziyan….
    Really that’s a heart touching song
    When i listen the song one type of emotional felling’s come to my heart ♥…..

  23. Selfish arjun,he can say his feelings na but no radhs only should be first ..its all bec of arjun that radhika is suffering and now he is saying thats radhu is back of him what arjun … and neil is also doing same thing as arjun …and that precap I hate sam . …She is is saying radhu to leave arjun obviously radhu will leave after hearing the false feelings of sam for arjun….

  24. nish

    First sajda tere pyaar mein then ek hasina thi n now manmarzian hate u star plus just hate u. Miss stpm eht n dym. :@

  25. Savera

    wow, wonderful episode. Radhika what a character. i really love this character who always think first for Sam. she has started loving Arjun but before confessing her feeling toward Arjun she goes to Sam. i think after knowing Sam feeling, she ll go to Arjun. Arjun (Aham Sharma) tells everything through his eyes. his acting is so real that it make me empathise with his pain.
    Today he is ready to leave every revenge if Radhika Confesses her feeling. Finally Niel succeeded in making realise Sam,s true feelings for him. today,s master stroke was played by Samrat when Nandini got disturb by his words n action. First time Nandini ran away, so good.
    i know only 6 episodes r left for us. So enjoy every bit of it. keep posting ur comments.Bye… bye all my manmarziyan friends.

  26. abi

    HEY HAPPY…….

    u r right….arjun expects from radhu….he said…..say radhu at s b\w us say i ll leave everything…..superb….radhu said u dont have that courage……..fabulous….

    comming to neil,,,,,awesome,…..his attitude s awesome…….when he said to sam that “may be i want to make u to realize this….(without neil, sam s incomplete)…..i completly lose my control……..

    • abi

      guys…..watever happend……to share our feeling……our mother tongue s d best one……


      whoever understand reply with ur feelings for mmz……bye gud n8 guys…..

      • happy

        s…ready to reply….” yaarum yaaraium vitutu poga vendam…nandhini mattum pogatum……athu nalla irukum……nasam and ardhika moments mattum than venum next week….antha unmaiya solli ellaraium free pannunga pa….evlo naal….6 naal than iruku…..ellam tension poi nalla enjoy pananum….pls….”…..

      • Rombo sariya soninga abi namma mozhi la sona dhan nammaloda unmaiyana feelings theriyum. …. Naam manmarziyan 1st episode la irundhu praise panikutu irundhen adhu indha starplus ku porukala .. Manmarziyan va mudi periya thappu paniranga ….

        Anegama avanunga moolga poranga nu ninaikuren … Ninga ena ninaikuringa ?

        Hi abi and happy naam romba naal kalichi Inga nam mozhi la pesi iruken …. Rombo nalla iruku thank u abi

  27. Annie

    Guys what will we do next week by this tym.. I am gonna cry surely!! I just cant live without mmz.plz.. may thee 6 days never end!! :'( :'(

  28. Devga

    Ardhika ardhika …. Ooops no chasni and pineapple u have almost turned into a sweet juice just lil more and now u urself want chasni in ur life wow wat a transformation pineapple … Great …..

    But I am confused whether to cry thinking only 1week left or whether to jump in happiness thinking how the sweetness changed the bitter pineapple juice …..

    I would opt to cry as it is more painful tht MANMARZIYAN is going off air … Hmm just fully disappointed with starplus ….. Wenevr I just involve into some show r characters of some shows of starplus at last I find I am unlucky as tht show wil b soon going off air … 🙁

    EHT my god wat a show I was like dyeing if I did not c even one epi …. But the was a sudden abrupt ending ….

    MANMARZIYAN from starting with promo was very much startling to watch it and to my amazement found it too much wow …. The story the cast and the song …. All these 3 things matched the right way for MANMARZIYAN and atlast going of air ….

    Nauc though hated in the starting with the male lead ….. But was fully involved inside it with kabir’s entry and the same happened … OFF air

    Sure to say bye bye to starplus …. They don’t mind viewers online … Wer Thr r numerous trp countings for MANMARZIYAN and just follow same saas bahu viewers … Totally vexed and irritated with the PARTIALITY SHOWN BY STARPLUS …. 🙁

  29. Riya

    Arjun forces Radhika coming closer to him as if she wants to stay him away from Sam.

    Radhika unwillingly agrees but is surprised when Arjun refuses get closer to her without her wish.

    Radhika realizes Arjun is a nice man but Arjun breaks her belief by saying that he is just a bad man.

    Furthermore, Nandini gets insecure seeing Arjun’s inclination towards Radhika and emotionally blackmails him.

    Arjun does not want to divorce Radhika as his heart wants to tell Radhika about how much he loves her.

    Nandini tries create rift between Arjun and Radhika

    On the other hand, Nandini tells Radhika not try to make Arjun good as he is planning to divorce her.

    Radhika realizes that Arjun is good person by heart so she does not want to leave him.

    Radhika decides to confess her feeling to Arjun before he takes any drastic step.

    Who will say I Love You first between Arjun and Radhika?

  30. lreena

    Guys plz express ur feelings which track/episode do u like most in these 4 months.i thought to make a combo off all good episodes.

    • happy

      hi zara…i explain to u…she said ” when our loved one goes away from us,then only we understand their love in our life”….and show is beautiful…..

  31. raashi

    @ Aradhika…in d precap I don’t think Sam is asking Rads to leave Arjun…when she says to Rads that had u not come, I wouldn’t have understood my heart’s feelings…I think she’s talking about Neil…but if she doesn’t mention his name then Rads might misunderstand n interpret dat Sam’s talking about Arjun…just my pov.

  32. lreena

    Awesome star cast,fabulous story line,heart-touching background music.I don’t know any others serial of having such good cast.shravan,aham,monica,Kashmira this 4 cast is mindblowing.Really don’t know what’s lack is there to be stopped!!!!

  33. Neil Neil Neil …. Noooo apple I was dying for u to b on ur same naughty track as before but Wen u r back the writers r shutting down. …… But I want same ardhika and neisam pair again though this type of apt story and cast crew will never b back again I hope to c them again …. Guys specially chasni apple and pineapple come back again ….

  34. kfar

    Whoaaaa! That’s my reaction to today’s epi!

    Confused aren’t you all about why Neil said he did noy love Sam?

    And also Arjun telling Rads dat he doesn’t have a place in his heart for this relationship?

    Come on, The guys of the show had took over today’s epi. See how the scene is reverting from Sam and Neil to Rads and Arjun.

    The two want them to feel love their hearts, understand it, realize completely and get it out in the open. Neil wants Sam to realize her love for him. Instead if he reveals dat he loves her den Sam would have taken time considering his love than realizing her love. He is slowly but steadily making her understand. See them together. Far fretched in future. He is making her falling in love with him instead of her just loving him.

    Arjun is also doing the same. Why do you keep coming closer? Why? Go away.

    He wants to know if sam is only the reason anymore or there is anything else in her heart. Major break through.

    Arjun had already crossed the distance and is standing there waiting for her. She in turn should decide if its really is going to be a realationship between them. It will be upto her. Trust. Cross the distance between them or forever free urself from this fake drama. He is giving her option to get out. Ur light will be dimmed. Don’t come any closer to me, I can be your destruction. Fair warning, but he can’t help getting closer to her.

    He is like the sun, get any closer u’ll burn and ur light will be forever gone into dust and ashes. He’s telling her if she wants to continue den the ride will not be an easy one, with both of their compelling nature. Dey are like star crossed lovers.

    Nandhini, She came riding high and mighty but fell down hard and painful. For the first time I saw her gulp hard, her face contracted in visible fear. Samrat had the upper hand today. He just threw the ice queen down her smug throne and into the dark of uncertainity and fear. Well done!!!

    I kind liked the peach clr going on with Rads and Nandhini. One peach sweet and another peach bitter. Well, chashni tum bitter ko bhi apni chashnime dubake mardalogi…hehe:)

    @ANU u got it right about our heroes getting out love confessions from the ladies instead of confessing themselves.
    Good observation:)

    Well, I kinda think it’s chauvinism with men wanting the woman to confess first. Aren’t u all men too sure of urselves. I think the ego is at the stake dey want to be sure to feel about the girls onesided. It would be not nice feeling I guess.

    Arey yaar, sam ke piche dono hai. Humebhi Neil jaisa guy bestie milta toh wah, life changi hojati. Aur arjun bhi hai. Kyun tum sam ke piche padeho yaar, let her go buddy and tumhari behen ko kisi achi psycologist ko dhikhana. Yaar bohot pehle leke jana tha ab toh puri out hogayi hai mindse. I don’t know if a bad break up happens people move on. Ansu ansu what ansu yaar..utnibhi she is not crying. Arjun, u hav a eyesite problem dos are glycerine tears. I don’t get how he can oversee her smug smirks, devil eye rollings. Bohot mahan ho,…

    Ohkay, is it just me or Arjun gulped hard in fear wen talking to Nandini in the starting scene. He is afraid of signing the papers..poor chap:(

  35. My life story was like Neil story in MMZ……that’s y I started watching that …..but Neil
    got his love…..I am happy about it…..but I can’t lol ?….anyways will miss u MMZ

  36. anu

    just loved the precap…
    wish for sam to reconsider her frndshp vth rads…
    moreover .. arjun my hero.., just confess your heart..waiting for that moment…love u

  37. anu

    last 2 episodes aise hoga…..

    feelings for eachother in their hearts more to do action….

    its night both lying on bed…. arjun & radhu thinking about divorce papers……

    arjun lying on his back with one hand under his head and thinking to ask radhu again to sign on the divorce papers and get her freed.
    he slides his head to see radhu and smiles seeing her(bonding of love hidden) and becomes silent and turns aside..

    radhu being adamant to save sam from nandini’s evil intentions thinks what to do about divorce papers..thoughts are moving like a jet in her mind.. shal i sign? what wud be the next plan of nandini di if i sign? what about sam? what about arjun sir? nandini di is using arjun sir.shall i do this drama to keep both sam and arjun sir safe???shal i ask arjun sir about his decision again? feels restless and turns her head to see arjun and sits up slanting towards him to watch whether he has slept or not…

    arjun too feels restless as he doesnt want to loose radhu for the revenge and suddenly arjun turns to her and both have an EYELOCK <3 <3 😉 …. tears have been in their eyes during eyelock conveying eachother DONT GO AWAY FROM ME…( sorry they are not tears, to be frank they are the symbol of love,expression,sorrow and fear of loosing someone)..

    without talking to each other,arjun also gets up and sits and they annoy eachother realising something is happening in their hearts… (ufffuuuuuu so much of imagination….i am in love with both of them 😉 )..

    after a moment they wish good night and turn to opposite sides and sleeps.. hmmm… jsut slept without talk… do u wanna know why?? bcoz their eyes have shown their love for eachothers and their hearts have spoken out… 😉

    but our buddhus didnt realize and slept..

    its morning, a very little bit of sun light, sizzling breeze sound through the window, a sweet aroma of mud, thodisi water droplets shower of rain… both feeling dizzy and dont wanna wakeup, but radhu who sees the climate as bind-blowing and wanna capture a moment of rainbow comes to their balcony and sees the rainbow..

    arjun wakes up seeing raadhu and goes to her and speaks to his heart "AS THE RAINBOW MAKES ITSELF MOST BEAUTIFUL BY FILLING ITSELF WITH OUTSTANDING 7 COLORS , i wanna make our life beautiful".
    radhu aru listening he murmered and she asked what arjun sir.. he sad the breeze sound making a harmonic music in ears.. he feels feared to talk to radhu about his feelings.. but wished in his heart "RADHU U CAME IN MY LIFE UNEXPECTEDLY, JUST FILL IT WITH THE 7COLOURS (innocence, smile,happiness&sorrow,care, friendship, love and understanding) YOU ARE HAVING AND MAKE OUR RELATION LOOK MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN RAINBOW"..
    i wish this happens soon…

    sam gets up with a dream that shows neil clearly in it.. she goes to office and meets radhu and tells thanq for making me realise my feelings, u r my best dost… sam realises her feelings and goes to express her love. neil accepts and their nok-jhok starts to tease sam for taking soo much time to realise her feelings… finally they both bond up…

    samrat thinks my reverse pyschology should have been worked by now and he hopes evrything fine and feels happy to see nandini has changed..

    arjun finally confesses his love to his radhu, and asks for her decision.. radhu accepts his love and confesses her love to him. he kisses on her forehead and a cute hug tho banti hai boss.. 😉 …happy tears rolls down from their eyes..

    finally our beloved dadaji blesses both the couples and they lived happily ever with dosti between them, yaariyan between the couples and manmarziyan connecting the hearts…… 😉 🙂 ….

    • Annie

      I just loved it!! Hope this happens… the best part if your story was the 7 colors of rainbow part.. innocence smile happiness sorrow care friendship love understanding…. u r a deep thinker.. an innovative one.. thnk u for sharing such a wonderful thought with us… stay well!!

      • anu

        thanq so much annie…. just trying to come out of the pain given by DYM ending…. letting the characters alive in my thoughts even after show shutsdown… :'( .. dont have words to express this feeling about the show wrapup….

  38. @rashi in precap, radhu asks sam that did she love arjun and sam repeats the same to radhu radhu says no and sam try to console her but she yurns her face and cries and she say if he doesn’t loves u then leave him na and why u r coming in between us and go somewhere. And radu cries for her reaction then sam said what u said bir I think radhika will misunderstand for sure..that she still has feelings for arjun

  39. Riya

    Hum Khushbuoo Se

    Saare Gulo Se
    Ab Udd Rahe Hai
    The Dil Ke Andar
    Khwabo Ke Manzar
    Ab Dikh Rahe Hai
    Ab Bandisho Ke
    Saare Hai Bandhan Khul Gaye

    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Manchale Hai Mann Ki Kare
    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Titliyaan Hai Udti Phire

    Uss Aasmaan Pe
    Saare Jahaan Pe
    Faili Hai Baahein
    Chanda Nikalta
    Taaroon Pighalta
    Apni Hai Raahein
    Ab Zindagi Ki
    Raaton Ko Jugnu Mil Gaye

    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Manchale Hai Mann Ki Kare
    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Titliyaan Hai Udti Phire

    Manmarziyon Pe Hum
    Ab Chalte Rehte Hai
    Hum Manchale Sab Hai
    Bas Mann Ki Karte Hai
    Hai Titliyon Se Hum
    Bas Uddte Rehte Hai
    Hum Manchale Sab Hai
    Bas Mann Ki Karte Hai

    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Manchale Hai Mann Ki Kare
    Manmarziyon Pe Ab Hum Chale
    Hum Titliyaan Hai Udti Phire

    Manmarziyon Pe Hum
    Sam & Radhika……….

  40. kfar

    @Ireena Woot! Woot Woot, you just became my best bud here. Floored, honoured. Amazed for telling me dat my story is better than starplus’s serials. I kinda feel smug hehe just kidding. Thank u so much:) Big hug.

    @Mandy Ur my consitent story reader and commentor. My first ever reader. Thanks a lot:) Warm hug.
    Hey sorry, no fb account yaar 🙁 I don’t hav one.

    Means a lot u guys for reading my story.

    @renu, love ur deep understanding of characters and the serial. Makes my day reading ur reviews. Always:)
    Warm hug.

    @Natasha lol and rofl wen u wrote kfat…hehehe just made me realize how it sucks my penname. It’s Farha, actually.

    @thena thanks soo much for liking Neil’s character- warm hug (feels like im saying goodbye already….:( ‘snif..

    @ireena Had I found this site earlier my story would already have been half far done. Seven days yaar is really less time:( I have only been updating since three epis I guess? I don’t know.

    Some major scenes next coming up next in the story…:)

    • lreena

      I didn’t write much just…wanted to express my view.this is what u have written is really praiseworthy. Anyway do u write frequently

  41. Riya

    Nafraton Mein Mili
    Tu Muhje Iss Tarah
    Dil Yeh Sambhal Na Sakha
    Teri Baaton Mein Hai
    Ajab Sa Nasha
    Badli Yeh Manmarziyan

    Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………

    Khwaaishon Pe Likhi
    Dil Ki Yeh Arziyaan
    Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan
    Daastaan Ek Nayi
    Khwaabon Pe Saji
    Bekaid Manmarziyaan


    Daastaan..Ek Nayi…………
    My favourite song ?……….

  42. kfar

    @raashi, Heya! Thanks so much for liking both viren and arjun..well heh mostly arjun, obviously.

    I’m really very very pleased dat u saw my story through the serial characters. Actually visualising it. Just makes me insanely happy.
    Keeps me driven to write more 🙂
    warm hug. Show is ending, and it’s making me too @Mandy said it..don’t mindme here friends, I kinda keep pestering u all with all my hyperbunny comments!

  43. Hooriya

    I know guyz that all of u are feeling sad for manmarziyan bcoz it will end after 6 episodes but enjoy each and every moment till drama end…I m also sad… lekin 1 book may short stories b hoti hn or long b to hm kbi short stories b prhatay hn or us ki happy ending hoti h to hm khush hotay hn so ye b 1 story ki h trhan jis ki 1 happy ending ho gi or hm bht bht khush hon gay

  44. kfar

    @Riya Heya! Hey it kinda rhymed didn’t it:)
    Love da song….really love it n i kinda love mere nisha song too (sorry about talking other serial here)

  45. lreena

    Guys how will we connect after manmarzian??actually to be frank I never wrote in any website before. But manmarzian really made me to do it.we have made a friendship here.though I know none from u personally, I really like to talk to u.but everything has to come to an… will have to

  46. Hi guyz….iits my first comment…i usually don’t comment on any serial…….i just wanna say this is the great story with fabulous actors i am madly in love with this serial……I don’t know which trp they r talking about…lots of people just love this and thousands have requested to not end the serial……but i guess they just want to air only the ewwwww and boring saas bhau serials…..and sometimes i think which new thought about.
    And i just love aradhika and nesam both the couples are toooooooo good… I hope we gotta see them together on some new serial on some other channel.
    They have ended all the NEW THOUGHT serials like NAUC…EK HASINA THi and now manmarziyan…..i hate u SP for this….

  47. kfar

    @aradhika Hey! thanks for saying dat I might be right. Nobody thinks I’m right, at home. My bro calls me dumbo, well most of the time lol..

  48. kfar

    @Ireena would dey really remove this tellypage? after the show ends?

    Msg from Team: Show will be moved to Finished Shows category once it’s ended. Comments automatically get closed after 14 days article is posted.

  49. renu

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,….

    sorry 4 commenting late yaar,i feel better 2day but still have light headache ,…but i think i ll get alryt soon,…n friends,sry 4 making u all wait n i posted my yday’s epi comment on yday wu page,…i read all ur comments n loved all ur comments friends,…kfar’s story too,….

    2day i was bit impressed n loved 2 read riya’s shyari,anu,annie,happy,ireena,devga,kfar, mitty,nakshatra,afroz,aradhika,n every1 ‘s comment about 2day’s epi,..this s the power of manmarziyan,..i hate the thot that this show gonna end by 6 epi,…each n every epi s good n i cant say this s the best epi of mmz,…m feeling that every epi wins the previous episode yaar,..but my gutter mind s saying that i gonna miss my ardhika’s passionate romance after their confession,…i think m imagining too much,….wat can i do, ly imagination left 4 me now yaar,….

    K stopping my bakwaas,…wat an emotional epi yaar,..i loved all the 3 couple incl nandhu- samrat,..(see m in full mood inspite of my headache,hehehe,…),…2day show stealer s both arjun n neil,…equal equal performance 4m both these hotties,…

    Friends, i said in yday’s epi,..arjun came out of his revenge mood completely,..2day he s really pissed off by nandhu’s crap n even dinn get shocked hearing that he s in love with radz 4m nandhu’s mouth as he s busy in drooling over his wife,…nandhu witnessed that her manipulation ll not ve any effect on arjun,….

    Btw,freinds ve u all noticed 1 thing,wen sam entered arjun’s cabin,..both arjun n sam r not affected cox of their respective revenge games,…v know arjun already decided wat he wants in yday epi itself,…so its obvious,he was not affected by sam but 4 the 1st time, i felt sam too least affected by arjun 2day (they even dinn ask y the other dinn attend the dinner party r convey the reason 4 their absence,…)as sam’s mind s fully occupied by her real love neil,…

    next my nandhu darling dont wanna see her defeat,..hence she starts her manipulation therapy 2 radz,…but i wanna ask 1 question 2 nandhu,…nandhu wat u want dear???u want ur brother n his wife 2 soon realize their love n consummate their marriage n wanna make u buvaji,…omg wat an idea madamji,…first u disclosed all ur plans 2 radz b4 arjun’s marriage just 2 make ardhika marry each other,second they wanna move on in their life without crossing each other but u asked ur bro 2 bring back his wife again n continue the marriage full-fledgedly wen arjun wanna divorce radz,… n now u want divorce n revealing the sweat truth tat arjun loves radz 2 arjun n radz loves arjun 2 radz,..A big hug 4m me darling,… cox i knew my chasni ll just dream about her arjun sir n she ll never realize that she has some feeling 4 her arjun sir,..u made it simpler now,….u r really a big cupid 4 my passionate couples,…

    N friends,..i wanna thank cvs that now revenge truth ll b out by samrat,..the main criminal partners r ready 4 the next ploy,…1 thing got cleared that i doubt how arjun easily seduce any girls being bony r sam without any feelings 4m him, i got the answer,..he s nandhu’s bro na ,..afterall he learnt this thing 4m her r8 4m his childhood , cant he execute it yaar,..btw,samrat’s new move really gives me hope that radz ll not deal with nandhu’s truth anymore as she has more 2 deal with her hubby,…


    so,sam searched neil n tries 2 back off 4m his decision of leaving bs by stating silly excuses n neils reply 2 her in bathroom,.use brain 2 find the real reason samy..loved it yaar,…2day i felt some similarities btw both the couples,…i really loved neil 2day,…wen he said ,’ve u saw ur face in mirror, could u think every1 loves u,…n i dinn love u,…’ again wen she asked ‘u ll love me in future’,..neil replied,’i wish there s no need 2 confess,..cant u hear my heart,’ loved it man…neil u r talking about dil ki baat 2 brainless sam,..sry she got brain wen she s with u… sam admits that her life is incomplete without him,…she s stubborn 2 know neil loves her r not,..y u need 2 know neil loves u r not wen u r not in love samy,..y dear,..u said u ll not leave him until u get reply 4m him,…m totally enjoyed the reply 4m neil,…’i dinn love u but i think u r started 2 love me’ leaves sam shocked n neil leaves 4m there 2 make her realize that she loves him,…nice move neil,…if neil confessed his love(actually he confessed his love without saying I luv u)she ll b thinking again 2 take wat decision n ll never try 2 realize her love feelings which is hidden in the mirror image of her friendship glass,….so,tis treatment s necessary 4 sam,,..


    ve u all knew that i always talk about arjun more than my chasni but 2day m gonna talk more about my chasni,,kindly bear with me,…

    Radz,u r day dreaming about ur ajun sir in office,…too bad darling,…n u felt completely shattered hearing the divorce thing 4m nandhini,…so,u went silently 4m office without informing ur hubby 2 scream ur heart in private,…but my devil mehra knew his lady love’s every move,…u cant escape 4m his ceaseless drooling eyes dear,…he found u r missing n even came near ur table 2 check u n he called u but wat u did,…just cut his call,…cox u know he ll come home searching u na,…v all hear u n ur arjun sir’s dil ki baat sweat heart,….

    Friends,..actually as i said yday,arjun decided he wants radz but he never wants her 2 stay with him ly cox of sam as he dinn like his relationship with her been tied ly 4 the sam,….2day i felt arjun as a gentle man again,…even he madly loved her but he never wants radz 2 stay with him without any feelings 4 him 4m her side,…he wants her 2 live happily tats all,.. nothing more than else,…n he panicked tat his darkness ll ruin her light but never wanna leave her who s his ly manmarziya,…i discussed about arjun’s demeanor more than enough in last few epi, m stopping my arjun’s pov here,…

    radz,arjun came all worried 2 check u n u straightaway asked u want me 2 sign these papers sir,..actually arjun dinn ve any thots about it n u made things clear 4 him again,…so arjun expressed everything wat he feels,..he dinn want 2 ruin ur life in this revenge game as he guessed u r not in love with him,…n u r really appalled wen he said.’ u ll move on in ur life by breaking tis fake relation’ u denied the very fact n stated that u ve no ways 2 move on in ur life,….wen arjun questioned u how long u ll continue this,…u replied him till he leaves sam,… (again save sam mission,…here renu got irritated more than arjun )n 2day my arjun wants u 2 move on in ur life n he explained u wat he s thinking,…btw,i wanna appreciate u again that u guessed that this divorce s ly 4 nandhu,…u asked arjun its 4 u r 4 nandhu??? but my arjun ll never answer dear as u dinn answer him na,…(u both r emotionally,romantically synchronized couple r8,,its not a big deal 4 u both)

    u dont give divorce 2 ur arjun sir,..y radhika,..4 sam sir, renu shouting joot joot arjun dont believe her she s cheating herself by save sam mission again,…u r irritating my arjun baba more by taking sam btw u both,…then my arjun despo in knowing wats in ur mind as he knew ur lame excuse of sam as reason,…wats ur answer 4 his question,..I loved these qns 4m arjun,..its like a love arrow 4m arjun 2wards u darling,…

    1.y u married me radhika?
    2.y u r after me always?
    3.y u donnt want 2 give divorce 2 me?
    4.please tell me once,i ll leave everything 4 u,..come on radhika tell me,…

    here renu also shouting literally,..come on radz tell him tat u love him,..but all my shouts vent in vain,… u replied…there s no reason other than sam btw us sir,…oh really,.. i believed u girl,…
    then comes the powerful dialogue of this epi,….’i dinn have that status n dinn have such courage ,….’friends this dialogue speaks a lot about radz confession,…her 1st thing STATUS- she still considered herself s not worth 4 arjun as she s a behenji type middle class girl 4 him n 2nd thing COURAGE – she dinn ve courage 2 move closer 2 sam’s love arjun (she considered arjun as such)as sam’s words in her marriage ll never leave her 2 confess r move on in her life with arjun,….leaving my dejected arjun in vain n anger,…..btw,the last bj music suited 4 both the girl’s situation now,…n radz sleep on couch in hall as she has no courage 2 face her hubby like their SR n8 now,…hmmm she realized she s in love now,.. reminiscing all her lovable memories with her arjun sir,….

    Friends,….last but not least,…by 2day’s epi,….

    1.Arjun realized what he wants – Radhika yday
    2.Neil realized what he wants 2day
    3.Radhika realized wat she wants 2day,…

    but the very key point is in SAM’s hand n she s a speed breaker in all the other 3 lives,..her decision ll make every1 come out of this mess,…but she dinn realize anything,…quite interesting na,…tat’s y i love DYM more than any soap,…it doesnt look like a normal indian daily soap,…

    Please god save this show atleast 4 my sake,…n friends,….sorry 4 long essay,..i cant stop myself 4m writing yaar,…asusual dinn read wat i wrote,..please,bear with my mistakes any,…..

    • mitty

      As usual renu superb…..extra ordinary talent my dear. ….. hats off to u….just loved it……… nd guys trp is not the main reason for closure. .They had some internal issue. …..

    • happy

      renu………super ya…..i am waiting for ur comments till 29th…..u steal all heart……i cant control my mind while reading ur comeent….super……super…..superr……..thank u so much…….

    • ☆Twinkle05★

      Renu u dont know how much i luv u r comment every epi u r really super tallent writer i watch epi 10.30 to 11 and 11.05 read ubdate then i am w8ing for u r comment …………mostly i dont like comment any ubdates but i start comment for manmarziyan after 6 days i will be quit to do this and i will miss manmarziyan and u r comment…………. tnk u so much 🙂

    • anu

      thanq renu…thanq that we impressed you by a bit…hahahhaha 😉 ….. its happens just by the love we had for the show… 🙂

    • Thena

      As usual superb renu… goosebumps while reading….

      Very much liked ur description of nadini…s she s making everythin easy 4 our dollies…

      Thank u so much yaar…keep rockin buddy

    • anu

      sam-neil’s song :
      Aansoon Mein Bhi Galti
      Barishon Mein Jalti
      Mann Ke Raste Na Jaana
      Phir Yuhin Bachtana
      Jaldi Na Karna Yaara
      Ishq Ki Raho Pe Tum
      Behka Di Manmarziyan…. i downloaded these songs (kwahishein pe likhi, aasoon mein bhi galti) almost more than a month back.. feel in love with these tracks… we want the full tracks to be played over the last whole episode in background… 🙁

    • Annie

      Renu.. as usual I lovr ehat ur write.. the way u xplain smal scenes is very nyc.. u have a god gifted talnt dear.. so please use it well! ! Love u loads and will miss u tons!!!

      Coming to ur comment. . I too felt the same thing when Ardhika scenes were going on.. I too shouted and felt lyk.. why rads is not saying the truth??!!! Arjun always steals my heart.. and he did it ystrdy too…
      I find loss of words to express my feelins to u guys.. but what ever I fell renu xplaind it well.. so thank u renu…

  50. Honey

    my dr renu your interpretation of this episode is really superb……. I especially like the words “v all hear
    u n ur arjun sir’s dil ki baat sweat heart,….” then i’m also literally shouting when radz said”4 sam sir” v no my darling radz u tooo fall in lov with yr arjun sir…

  51. anu

    though it is sunday today, not in a mood to enjoy weekend just bcoz of the show going off air… Will be missed much badly all your love and share of the thoughts for this show.. will miss u all…. 🙁 ….
    @renu : u have a fabulous writing skills.. grest job, u’ll bcome a very grt writer. keep going, all the best… miss ur expressions filled writings for the show.. 🙁
    @kfar : your story was awesome buddy, though we read only few part,we were very impressed.. word impressed would be a short one to describe your story… but i can say I’M PRESSED @ HEART to read your love fiction.. 😉 …. great job kfar… miss ur story after 29th 🙁 …
    @mitty : thanq for giving update each and every time about the news of SP’s decision and show shootings… i feel you have a major part in our lives.. giving update is not an easy thing.. miss all ur updates from 29th 🙁 ..
    @annie, aradhika, happy, ireena, riya, manmarziyan fan : i miss all your comments regarding the show and your love for the show..

    finally i miss evryone in this section of comments as there will be no comments written after show going off air.. 🙁 ..though frustrated about SP’s decision to end the show, im feeling good as SP gave DOSTI, YAARIYAN MANMARZIYAN with all you guys… love you loads guys..

    BTW i want to reveal my true identity to you all as the has made me addictted to all you guys.. I’m NITYA , i use ANU as i made it for myself combining my last and first letter and joining U as ITS FOR YOU….

    i know my writing will be long all the time, but hope u wont get irritated.. i wanna thanq evryone from the bottom of my heart for the love and care shown on my comments..

    sorry if i missed anyone, but whole heartedly i can say u all made these for months a heaven and a pleasure to relieve my tensions.. Thanq for bearing me.. Miss you guys.. :'( 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ….

    i didnt check again while writing, so forgive for any mistakes rolled down.. 😉 🙂 .. with love anu(nitya)….

  52. riya

    Words r inadequate to xpress my sorrow about DYM finishing……..
    Didn’t understand the precap …….. Is Sam praising or cursing chasni

  53. kfar

    Heya all 🙂

    [email protected] for that really nice review, I know right Arjun really cares about Rads 😀

    @Anu (Nitya) Nice name:) Awesome Yaar dat u love my story. Makes me really happy..yep going to miss ur comments,reviews 🙁

    So, about the story, I’m gonna contiue from where I left off…It’s like that I’m gonna not be there here for two days. Going out of home and my mobile data is almost killed, so need to recharge but jostling around in the journey would hamper my writing. No updates for 2dayss:( But I’ll try what I can do

    • Thena

      Oh kfar….ll miss u & ur story….

      Bt its k…don strain urself…write if u r free…again saying v r here 2 read…

      Keep going bud…

  54. kfar

    Right now, he took a detour with his expression of scowl and went for the smiling one.

    Oh, ho, ho, so not good, Sam thought while taking a bite of her mayo and cucumber sandwich.

    “Oh, I get it. You’re jealous, you lesbian you. You want Saina, well, she is all yours, though you didn’t have to do all that, as I was already done with her. I’m only sad that your hard work just failed.” He grinned at her expectantly.

    He knew she wasn’t a lesbian and it felt good to make her crazy angry.

    Radhika moved away the hot coffee mug that sat dangerously close to Ruby’s clenched hand.

    Ruby’s eyes narrowed though but her smile did not get wiped out.

    “Why don’t you jump off a cliff, Cliffer. I hope your in the process your sl*tty self will be wiped off too.” She enunciated his nickname much more grandly, which she knew he did not like to be addressed as.

    “Oh, my god, you two, please stop it.” Radhika cried out.

    “And you!” She slapped Neil’s shoulder with the back of her hand. “You have no shame, do you.” She glared at him.

    “Ow, what did I do?” Neil rubbed his shoulder where it stung, though for a tiny girl, Radhika had the strength of a man.

    “What did you do, huh? You don’t have any respect for women. You’re a pig, that’s what you’re. Done with one girl and going for another, I think Saina did right slapping you.” She slapped his arm once again, but with much force this time.

    “Ow! Stop it, Rads, it’s hurting, like seriously.”

    “Wus.” Ruby snorted, and grabbed a french fry.

    Neil’s nostrils flared in anger. He was going to kill Ruby. Like literally grab her neck, twist and snap it.

    Ruby smirked, her left cheek dimple deepened and he stared into her mischief filled eyes.

    “Dream on, baby girl, it’s never going to happen.” She seem to read his murderous expression.

    “It’s enough, Ruby.” Radhika scolded.

    Ruby rolled her eyes in return.

    “Mother hen much.” She mumbled.

    “Enough with rhe sarcasm already, Ruby.” Sam intervened.

    Neil smiled wide, these are my friends, take that, hah I win.

    “She is just mollycoddling him. He is a little boy with attention seeking problem. You need to understand his plight.” She patted his wrist.

    Neil stared at Sam, his stare turned into a scowl a second later.

    Sam in turn grinned, Ruby snorted out a laugh and Radhika too smile and unable contain the bubbling mirth in her throat, she burst out laughing. They were the loudest in the canteen and several others looked at their table with interest……

    Sooo HOW WAs IT?!?

    CAN U guys like give any teli actors name for Ruby’s character?

    WHO WiLL Suit HEr??

    Next chap I promise will be of only ardhika…feel feel from the heart:)

    Til den Keep RoCKING:)

  55. renu u r superb yaar…mindblowing…loves ur comments as much as i love mmz…eagerly waiting for tomorrow…. aaj sunday hai fir b m nt relaxed… cos aaj mmz nhi hai…pata nhi aftr 6 days kya honga mera…6 daya bad mmz n ye comment wali manmarjiyaan b nahi dikhengi…yaar sp cant u see our pain… renu,mitty,riya,happy,kfar,aradhika ,ireena will miss u gys really….love u all n love my chasani n arjun…in 6 days main plz aradhika moments dikhao that help us to cherish aradhika in our heart aft 29 aug…

  56. anu

    Aansoon Mein Bhi Galti
    Barishon Mein Jalti
    Mann Ke Raste Na Jaana
    Phir Yuhin Bachtana
    Jaldi Na Karna Yaara
    Ishq Ki Raho Pe Tum
    Behka Di Manmarziyan

  57. Annie

    Ireena.. as u asked abt my fav epi or track. … its a long list!! 😉

    The very first episode.. rads intro was superb. Specially her innocence .. when she thought sam wanted to commit suicyd when she asked for the rope… its was silly but cute… nxt comes themont when rads gave the taglyn for the ad…. rads her her dadajis equation was also very cute.. I feel connected with rads in this matter coz me and my nanajis eqn is just lyk rads and her dadajis bonding. ..
    When rads entred birdsong.. that day ws my fav one.. then neil and rads ullo flu.. hahaha.. it was really a fun… arjuns entry in the show was cul…but frm the very beginning I did nit lyk arjun and sams closeness. . The best part was rads and sams friendship journey.. that nightsatay in thr ofguce.. sharimg chocolates remynded me of my best friend… after that the lonavla trip.. it was a turning point for both the couples..

    Actually I loved each and every part of the serial in these four months.. dont what what to and what not to mention… Ardhika s sizzling chemistry nesams bonding.. and ofcouse thag sardini.. how can I forget them??!! They were the catalyst.. lol…

    I will really miss this show yaar!!!

    I know my comment wilk be a long one snd u may feel bored while reading it.. so sorry for that.. actually mnz has changed my perception in these gour mnths.. before I used to fyt a lott with my bestie.. thee were many problems in our rltn which we could not tackle easily.. but after watching neil and sams bonding I too felt lyk rads.. and from thrn till today we hardly had a fyt.. so mmz is a lyf saviour for me.. cox I lovr my bestie mire than me.. the songs of mmz is also cul.. khawahison pe likhi is my ringtone and one of my fav song….

    I did not read what I have written. . So if I make any mistake.. please ignore it.. I just thought to speak out my heart today(though I am not good at this)… 😛

  58. kfar

    The gaffawing continued for a while. Radhika saw Sam’s laugh toned down. Her expression became misty and coy. A audible dreamy sigh left her lips.

    Radhika and Ruby exchanged looks. They knew why. It’s the guy sauntering towards their table. His easy gentle smile pulled several dreamy heads towards his way of walking. The girls fanned themselves looking on demurely wanting desparatley his attention.

    He was Arav Rai Rathore, big brother to Neil. He was a senior in college. He belonged to Finance department.

    The hottest guy in college, let’s say the most elegible bachelor. He was very lean. Tall. Six feet. He was all tall, dark and hadsome. Rumor has it that he is to inherit the chain of hotels all across of India from his father. He was going to be the next big CEO.

    If Neil was a brat and Casanova, Arav was calm, cool, collected and a one woman man. Yes, sadly he has a swertheart. She was also very polished and lovely. It’s not like she was the devil. Sana, his girlfriend was a very sweet girl. She never ever would hurt a fly. Also super rich.She suits Arav well.

    That’s what the problem was. He is already taken, but Sam likes him. Like really likes him.

    Arav walked up to his brother. He took the water bottle offered by Ruby.

    “So, how was the presentation?” She asked.

    Arav gulped down the water then wiped out his mouth. He was wearing a gray blazer, white and grey pants. The dress code to seminars. He losened his tie feelkng exhausted.

    “It was good.” He replied then he grinned and slapped Neil’s back.

    “Heard that you got burned by Saina. Real good man.” He grinned more.

    Neil scowled not liking it very much.

    “How did the news travel so fast out of the canteen. It’s just happened minutes ago.” He mumbled annoyed, and stole a french fry from Ruby’s tray.

    Arav smiled.

    “It’s not you it’s your reputation which us really famous.” He drawled.

    “Hey, Arav, you asked me to complete assignment on Research Methadology, right? Here it is.” Sam asked sweetly, and she took out a booklet out of her Fastrack college back.

    Arav looked surprised then pleased. He took the booklet from her streched out hand.

    “Oh, Sam, You’re my man. Thank god, I needed it so much.” He sighed relieved.

    He smiled wide at Sam, who in turn blushed seven shades of crimson.

    Radhika and Ruby stared at the sweet exchange of words. Ruby was going to die of this much sweetness. Radhika in turn thought, Can Sam get any more obvious with her feelings for Arav.

    “How can ever thank you, Sam. You’re my saviour.” Arav praised some more and Sam blushed some.

    Yeah, yeah, get a room you two, Ruby rolled her eyes.

    “Hey, but I thought, you already had completed the assignment, didn’t you?” Neil asked frowning.

    Arav turned his gaze to Neil’s.

    “Oh, yeah that was mine. This one is for Sana.” He explained.

    Holy crap. Crap. Crap. Did he make write the assignment by Sam to give it to his girlfriend? Like seriously?

    Radhika cannot believe the guy. Ruby and her both saw Sam’s face whitened then she flinched as if someone slapped her but she miraculously maintained that sweet smile still. Her expression pained Radhika.

    “Hey, I have to leave, Business Law, Class and guys you’re coming home at 6 right? For movie night?” He looked around at all of them.

    “Don’t tell me you guys forgot?” He declared annoyed a the silence.

    “No, we haven’t. Radhika assured, and smiled.

    Arav smiled back.

    “Good, I’m leaving for class now but meet you guys in the evening.” He said that and left as he came.

    Ruby and Radhika did not want to see Sam’s hurt face. Hence the awkward silence.

    “I..I..I have to leave for class too.” Sam whispered, got up and hurried away before Radhika could speak to her.

    “What happened to her.” Neil wondered out loud.

    Ruby and Radhika settled their gaze at him. He was stuffing his mouth with a large sized cheeseburger. Bits were attched to the corners of his lips.

    Their flat gaze turned disgusted. What’s wrong with her he asks? He asks? He is as clueless as his brother.

    Radhika and Ruby exhanged a look which said ‘Men are hopeless’

    Neil again stole french fry from Ruby’s plate. She caught his his hand in a firm grip and hissed.

    “I’ll rip off your arm if you do that again.” She glared at him.

  59. poulomi

    Hey guys.. I have a new twist. Lets cut to the scene when Arjun asks “tell me Radhika, y did u marry me? Y r u always after me? Why don’t u want to sign the divorce papers? Tell me Radhika.. I shall leave everything then..”

    Instead of Radhika telling “for Sam”, lets imagine this way:

    Radhika says, “I donno sir… I donno why I wanna be with you. I just know I have to be here, with you… ”

    And Arjun takes a breath. A streak of smile appears on his face.
    “Seriously Radhika… You donno huh” he comes closer, his lips almost near hers and his warm breaths make her nervous. “Have you started loving me now” he mocks smilingly. Radhika looks into his eyes. She fights her infatuation and says, ” I donno what love is , Sir. But I…” She shivers clenching her fist, attempting to push him away, and imparts the rest of her words with her tapering lips, “I m worried, for someone…”
    Arjun looks deep into her eyes, trying to figure out if it is his name… Or is I Sam.. He kinda feels that she might be talking about him, but yet he asks, “for Sam?”
    Radhika doesn’t reply. They have an eyelock. Radhika pushes him away and moves to leave. Arjun stops her, “you didn’t answer my question”.

    “Some questions are not to be answered.” Radhika replies, walking towards the door, “you wont understand”

    Arjun hold her wrist and pulls her close towards him. Again they have an eyelock, this time Arjun’s eyes gleamed with a shine of confidence as he understood what her eyes said. “Me… You think about me, don’t you”. Radhikas eyes look down, filled with tears and little shame. Arjun smiles with joy.
    He at once hugs her tight. He has tears in his eyes too.
    “I love you Radhika…” He says with his voice as soft as the morning breeze.

  60. Hey guys !!!
    Hi kfar(farha) as usual ur damn derived by stories so todas chapter ws awsom …

    @renu ur aflaming xpresser !!

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    N all oder guys ur comnts r also very favorabl on mmz !!!!

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    The show has a team of young actors who have a great blast on the show especially when they are not shooting. We all know about the fun they have during their chai breaks. But additionally, the team is also crazy about taking selfies and sharing on their Instagram profiles. Both senior actors and the new comers bond well with each other.

    It is really sad that the show had such an unfortunate end within a short span of time. Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan will go off air by August 29. So before you start missing your favourite show, have a look at their fun Insta pics in the browser below;

  62. Riya

    Star Plus’ telly show Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan has gained immense popularity with its youth centric plot. But the show failed to keep the viewers gripped to their seats over a period of time. Buzz is that the show might go off air by the end of the month. Unlike other telly shows, Manmarziyan is different and has no drama. (ALSO READ: Dosti… Yaariyan…Manmarziyan team bonds over ‘Chai breaks’)

    The show has a team of young actors who have a great blast on the show especially when they are not shooting. We all know about the fun they have during their chai breaks. But additionally, the team is also crazy about taking selfies and sharing on their Instagram profiles. Both senior actors and the new comers bond well with each other.

    It is really sad that the show had such an unfortunate end within a short span of time. Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan will go off air by August 29.

  63. kfar

    Just when she hissed at him and held his hand in afirm grip, Ruby saw a girl walk over to their table. The girl gave a disdainful glance at her and then slid her hand on Neil’s shoulder. Her delicate fingernails moving up and down.

    “Just heard that you broke with, Saina?”

    Neil smiled a rakish one.

    “Yes.”Drawled lazily.

    “Oh, poor you.” The girl cooedandRuby wanted to gag.

    Then the girl leaned and into whispered into his ears.

    “You have my still, right. Call me.” She straihtebed up, smiled and catwalked away.

    Neil leaned his head and kept looking at her swaying hips.
    He shook his head, Smiling himself.He cast his glance around.

    “What?” He asked confused.

    “You really are a pig.” Ruby said disgusted.

    Neil grinned and leaned closer. His face inches away from hers.His smile vanished as he looked at her full, luscious lips.His breath fell on hers.

    “If you thinkI’m a pig then you would’nt hold my hand so closer to your heart.I can hear it beating fast.”He whispered huskily.

  64. kfar

    @poulomi Love it:) awewome!!

    @all the last updated part was hasty and I made loads of mistakes and missed out words…so sorry for dat guys:(

  65. kfar

    Frankly, bizzarely Neil’s heart beat raced too along with hers. He could feel her warmth spreading from his hand, which lay over her heart. The warmth spread to his blood. Heated it. His nostrils flared again but not with anger but pure desire.

    Lilacs. The smell she has. Damn it, he can’t pull away now can he. He need to smell more. That sweet meadowy breeze.

    blo*dy hell, he was becoming poetic. She has a small mole. Right at the corner of her upper lip. How will it feel if he can touch it. She would rip your off before if play such antics, he thought wryly.

    He then slid his heated eyes to hers. Cute as hell. Small buttoned nose and funk on her forehead was cute as hell. Her eyes hazel brown stared at him surprised then widened. God, she was not cute. She was blo*dy adorable. She didn’t need any make up. Not really, he thought. His thumb ran over wrist vein. Feeling it beat. Feeling her. Obsorbing her. Feeling her take over his senses.

    “Sweet God, it’s like watching an R-rated scene.” A highly affected voice of Radhika jumped the two apart.

    The two of them jerked apart far.

    “Is my presence that unforgettable guys, that you two are almost PDAing right before me. Infront of the canteen. In the middle of the day. Does not feel good with my ego guys. Get a room. Jeeeez!” Radhika mumbled.

    Ruby avoided her gaze.

    “You’re out your mind.” She replied still looking away.

    Neil laughed comfortably avoiding her eyes too.

    “You are crazy. With her. me.” He laughed again. “Everyone will think that I’m kissing a boy. I don’t want to tarnish my good reputation.” He explained hastily.

    He still was feeling strange. What just happened. How can he affected by Ruby. The tomboy Ruby. She wasn’t his type. He went beautiful girl not someone like her. She wasn’t even pretty. He told that himself continually.

    Radhika gave both them a look. If Arav was unware of Sam’s affection and Sam doesn’t know yet her intensity of her feelings then these two would win an oscar for avoiding the attraction for each other. Hopless fools.

    Sooo, HoW WaS It?!?

    Don’t LiKe it? Just tell I can tone down the story a little:)

    Comment pls…dos who haven’t yet my story. Pls read from start. U all wil undertsnd it more:)

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    I want STAR PLUS to see all the comments in these pages, atleast they can recognize how many hearts have been eagerly awaiting to see your changed decision and to continue the show..

    starplus wake up and give us this show for few more months.. we wanna see this show with all our beautiful thoughts and love… SP dont break our hearts please…

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    i read all ur comments,…my heart filled with gratitude,..i dunno how i can express my love 4 u all,…here,i dinn mention ur names cox i dont want 2 miss any 1,…i just shared my pov n nothing more than that n m happy that u all enjoyed reading my comment,…

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    i badly want mmz 2 continue my friendship with u all,….miss u guys,…

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    Heya all 😀 It’s Farha here,

    I feel love is in the air. It’s coming out from core of my soul (I’m kinda poetic). I’m breathing it in the breeze.

    So, I’m going to write from my soul the ardhika moment. I hope that in future I get to feel what Radhika felt with Arjun in this sequence( I’m kinda romanctic too).

    So, this is one part I would like to dedicate to everyone who wants to fall in love irrivocably with that certain someone 😀


    “Your reputation is already tarnished, Cliffer.” Ruby bit out.

    Neil felt his blood boil. How many times is she going to call him that, he thought irritably. It’s starting grate on his nerves.
    “You…” He started to say, but his gaze froze Radhika’s face.

    She was looking forlonly over his shoulder. He turned in his seat and looked around at what her gaze stuck and what had made her look so hurt.

    At the same instant his blood simpered. His jaw ticked. He saw from the corner of his eyes Ruby too looked on coldly like he had.

    It was Radhika’s step brother and step sister who came into the canteen. The two moved and sat at the last corner table. Let’s say he disliked very the two. Lots. They treated Radhika as if she was dirt.

    “Look, who has…” Ruby started to say, but Radhika stopped her with a warning.

    “They are my family, Ruby. So, please, no name calling.”

    “Family? Neil enquired annoyed. “That’s not how a family treats family, Radhika. He leaves you all alone in the evening. Alone and afraid of dark. To walk from that lane all the way to your house. And I haven’t seen her giving you any credit. I don’t like it…”Neil fumed.

    Radhika opened her mouth to explain but he cut her out with his hand.

    “Stop backing them. I can’t change my opinion. It’s pointless talking in their favor. Just let me give you ride home in the evening. You always say that Viren takes you, but I know you lie each time.” He tried to convince her.

    “Yes, Rads. I have a bike too, you don’t have to walk all that way.” Ruby said a little hesitantly.

    But, She knew Radhika would’nt take their help. The girl has a backbone of steel. Her self respect of having her own independence was impressive but at times annoying.

    Radhika didn’t like sympathy. She wasn’t an attention garner. She hated it. Her resolve hardened. She titled her chin.

    “You have basketball practice at 5 and my work at the library end at that time. I know you’re applying for international championship. If you miss even a day’s practice, it’s gonna affect your focus. I don’t want that. I’m not that selfish to lead you out of your dream.” Her voice firmed.

    She then turned to Ruby.

    “You have piano and ballet practice in the evening. You have put all your savings for taking those classes. Guys please, I’m not a little girl anymore. I don’t want you all to let go of your careers for me. I can deal with little darkness and a few miles of walking pretty well….So, please let me be.” She snapped, rose from her chair, slid her bag on her shoulders and walked away.

    She already felt guilty for snapping at her dear friends like that, but she hated when people felt sorry for her.

    If only mom and dad were alive. Tears filled in her eyes, thinking about them but she squared her shoulders bravely and walked on.

    Ruby felt really bad that they hurt Radhika. She was a closed clam. She would’nt take anyone’s help. Makes her feel about her parents, of how people thinking as her to an orphan.

    “This is all because of you.” She glared at Neil.
    Neil looked baffled.

    “What did I do?” He asked bewildered.

    “You shouldn’t have said that about her family.”

    Neil’s forehead cleared and he looked a little sheepish.

    “Yes, I shouldn’t have.” He agreed.

    Silence fell upon them, but that’s when Neil proved he was a total idiot.

    “You still have your hand on mine.” He whispered softly, then he smiled boyishly. “Why is it that, huh? All this talk about me being a pig is really turning you on, isn’t it.” He leaned back on his chair smiling.

    Right at that moment, his smile vanished. He was flirting with her. That too quite heavily. He realized that now. And damn, he was enjoying it immensely. He needs to get away from this girl right now. She was a danger he needs to avoid…like forever.

    He looked at her. From head to toe. Her narrow waist in that jeans. Her milky white arms, that slender neck. He wanted to touch her skin. See if it’s actually soft and inviting as it looks….His blood heated to boil…

    That’s when she licked her lips and Neil went flying out of his chair, tripped over, cursed heavily and walked away still muttering inaudible curses…

  77. kfar

    Heya all,
    Please remember the song while reading the sequence, that is wen Arjun ties the strings of Radhika’s choli…that song..I don’t remember right now but is rocking. I went mad and downloaded it and hear it time and again. Sajnaaaaaaa! (from the movie I, me aur main, i think)


    Radhika felt the financial accounting class dead boring. It was very much. She hated debits, credits and balance sheet problems. All other sixty students were listening with acute interest. Radhika only pretended to listen. She drew doodles on the paper. Drew pictures. Decorated her name everywhere on the page. Drew a funny potrait of the Professor. He was dead boring too. He kind of makes everyone present their sleepy. His was voice that gentle. Like a lullaby.

    Abrupty the class went silent when three students got in the class. It was Arjun’s girlfriend who came in first. Radhika’s lazy back straightened. Then another of the ‘it’ crowd. The bullies of the campus. Romi, he was a buff guy, looks quite intimidating. Karan, the bratty one. He had sent Radhika to boy’s toilet telling her that it was principal’s office. She being a fool didn’t look at where she was going. Raj, the racer, he zoomed fast his Porsche Turbo on the streets, terrorising everyone with his speed. Poor people would die of heart attack if they ever sit in his car.

    The entry of the last student made the whispers go crazy. Radhika’s heart stuttered.

  78. kfar

    Deep coffee coloured sweater over a white shirt with beige trousers, complimenting the whole look was the Nike shoes and a silver a gleaming Tommy Hilfiger watch, wearing all this expensive she saw Arjun walk in the class. Looking at his face she sensed a deep connection tug at her heart.

    All the four of them walked inside. Looking at all of them Radhika decided that they could give GQ models a run for their money.

    She knew they were going to sit at the back of the class. Wondering in her mind, she thought after all the days of absence how come they came in today.

    The four of them actually did not sit together but dispursed in directions of the class. That was usual. Arjun would sit near right chair of the window. She wondered again why he didn’t sit with his girlfriend. It was Kind of strange.

    The class again went back into the routine, Radhika again pretended to be interested.

    The three guys and the girl moved into the last row and Radhika waited for Arjun to move to.

    Arjun looked hot as hell. Can the guy get anymore handsome than that. The purple tshirt was looking s*xy on his body.

    Her dreamy thought broke shattering of glass, when Arjun took a detour in his lazy walk.

    With wild beat of heart and rapid blinking of eyes, Radhika saw him walk towards a row. A row in which she was present. She sat there like an owl, staring at him wide eyed. He sauntered well past the filled chairs slowly.

    Closer and closer he came and stood beside to her. Radhika felt herself panic. He did not look up. Her stare was on his shoes.

    Next thing of what he did, her heart went into overdrive. He moved around and slid down on the chair beside to hers. Right beside to hers.

    Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, is the only thing her mind could whisper.

    The unreachable territory of her life, is sitting right beside to her. Within touching range. She could feel him bodily. His movements on the chair. She finally slid her gaze over his hands. They were rough, manly, long fingers. Those were on her waist only days again

  79. hey renu willu not miss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MMz rocks hate everyone who are ending this amazing story
    curse all the people who hate the show
    I will never watch another serial b star plus

  80. kfar

    She remembered the tightening of those fingers on her waist. She blinked and shook her head.

    He did not utter a word just stared up front from his lean back lazy posture on the chair. He actually potrayed a look of a marble statue. Radhika saw that he didn’t note down anything but his classnotes was open. The pen lay lazy over the white uncreased papers.

    Radhika’s heart was beating faster. Why did he change his seat? All the semesters, his place was reserved near the far corner, near to the window.Thinking about it, goosebumps rose over her skin. All of the empty chairs around? Why did he come and sit beside her?

    He wasn’t speaking to her. Though his presence beside to her was making her feel things. A deep essence of cologne hit her senses. She took a deep breath in.

    Radhika leaned back on the chair feeling a secure blanket surround her. A heavy sense of safety hit her senses pulling her body towards beside. It both calmed her and disturbed her to no end. She was feeling weird. She felt herself fall into a protective shield, a shield one absorbs when living blissfully among family. It was that she felt. A multiple beacon of feelings rushed into her every fibre of being. A wave of nostalgia blinked millions of images and memories that shook her up at that moment. Of her mom and dad. She clenched her hand on her thigh, contolling the thought to not throw herself on his chest and cry her heart out. With just sitting beside to her, he made realize how important he was becoming to her. Why did he sit beside to her? Was it just a crazy fluke on her part to actually think otherwise, that he realized her presence suddenly and wanted come to her or was he just unware that she was the girl who kissed him the other day.

    She was thinking lots. Crazy thoughts. Why will he, the super hot guy, notice her, the wallflower. She wasn’t that beautiful and interesting to be get noticed.

    But, he just became more than a ‘a guy she stared at’, he was now something new.

    The warmth of his, she could feel. Did he notice her? At all.

    Radhika’s mind became serene. Peaceful. She did not feel any worries. No anxiousness and pain. About her step siblings rudeness. About her scholarship and tuition. About extra additional work in library. About presentations. About life. She felt a back to support her. That she could not sit stiffly but just lean back. On someone. That all those uneasiness felt draining out of her body.

    The class hour went on. Arjun sat on silently. Radhika went on feeling and absorbing his presence. Finally but very very sadly the bell tringed, telling them that the dismiss of financial accounting has arrived.

    The students rose, the professor left. Everyone was leaning. Very sadly Arjun too was leaving. When he got up something fell from his book.

    Radhika bent down to retrive it. She saw arjun already leaving out of the class. Her eyes went down to the floor. She frowned, it was a piece of a paper. Rectangular cut.

    She lifted it up and squinted. One side had some writing, the other side was blank.

    Radhika sat back down on the chair.

    The writing was written with a blue ball point pen. Neat. Even. Slanted. Cursive.
    She smiled. First time she was seeing this. A boy’s handwriting this good and beautiful.

    But the smile wiped out and she froze while she read the words. Her eyes sliding all over.

    “Break free high,

    Sad not cry,

    Let it dry,

    A teary my,

    Shadow it’s not,

    Fear whisper lot,

    Dark it’s me,

    Night it’s see,

    Follow your might,

    I will guide you to light…..

  81. kfar

    Radhika’s stared at the paper. Her gaze held the last line…’I will be your guiding light’..

    Her eyes and nose stung. Emotions welled deep within her and brimmed up into her eyes. The tears streamed a line and fell over her heated cheeks and her heart warmed whole. She was all alone in the class with his paper crying hard and painful. Her chest constricted.

    He wants her to conquer the dark with courage and with his guiding light. That’s why he was following her at night. He was the guiding light. He was assuring her that she can trust him.

    That’s what this sweet poem said. Radhika wiped the still streaming tears on her cheeks with the back of her hand…..


    HoW iS It GuYs?

    DiD u LiKe it!

    Question: Which character do you like in my story based in the concept of it?

    Please guys, replyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)

    til den love all:)

    • Thena

      Hi farha i like ruby as well…naughty she is…pls try 2 finish it in tis 6 days….gud talent..keep gng

  82. Kfar u and ur story is new to me but the truth is abruptly reading ur story just in this page without continuing from before , I would say u r amazing writer ….. And ur writing skills are superb …

    But this story have u written it from already written one’s or just while typing u r imagining the nxt part of the story ,.?

    Now I am forced to go back and read ur story from beginning .. 🙂 hatsof

    Wat do u do ?

  83. Abi ireena Natasha and Mitty I too missed u all a lot … And sorry for not coming these many days … It was like evryday I strived to comment here with u all but chances were very less ….

    Now I could c great writers like Annie anu renu kfar poulomy riya and many many … Don’t mind if I did not mention any name sorry as thrr r many COMMENTORS here created by MANMARZIYAN or should I say WRITERS ….. U all r such awesome in expressing ur respective views …….

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    Actually FRNDS it is a great truth tht most of the current commentators here (including me ) was never able to express our views like v r doing now … But c the MAGIC OF MANMARZIYAN IT MADE US DO IT ….



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    Abi ireena Natasha and Mitty I too missed u all a lot … And sorry for not coming these many days … It was like evryday I strived to comment here with u all but chances were very less ….

    Now I could c great writers like Annie anu renu kfar poulomy riya and many many … Don’t mind if I did not mention any name sorry as thrr r many COMMENTORS here created by MANMARZIYAN or should I say WRITERS ….. U all r such awesome in expressing ur respective views …….

    This manmarziyan came and made new FRNDS for me and show cased many new talented writers and also made me also to express feelings and views abt this show …..

    Actually FRNDS it is a great truth tht most of the current commentators here (including me ) was never able to express our views like v r doing now … But c the MAGIC OF MANMARZIYAN IT MADE US DO IT ….



    I dedicate manmarziyan song to my FRNDS HERE ( Mitty ireena sonamohan nish Priya varshini sukriti abi Natasha happy ) and ALL MANMARZIYAN FANS , sorry if I dint mention anyone …. Tht is coz I don’t remember so quickly ….. They all r my frnds frm earlier stages of mànmarziyan so I remember their names … Forgive me guys ….

  85. Thena

    hi friends tis is the magic of manmarzian as many who havent commented anywhere b4 were all just pulled here due 2 tis show…

    i was a kinda person who used 2 read every comments out there sitting….

    during early days of tis show,evrydy i visit tis page and used 2 read the comments of specially DEVGA as she was having the pic of kristen stewart(think so)…

    @DEVGA i swear u ve no clue tat i read ur comments evrydy…tat pulled me actually & i remember tat u were the 1st one 2 post here about the death news of APJ…right?but later then unga comments lam romba miss pannen..glad 2 see u again here… not the ly 1 mentionin ur name here as u ve gained lot of fans…but u were the reason for me 2 enter here…wen i 1st saw ur comment i really wished 4 the writers 2 c urs…evn nw i wish 4 the same…all the more if sp happens 2 see all ur comments so far ther r many chances 4 them 2 look over their decisin….anyhw b here r anywer try writin somethin & u ve way 2 go…

    @kfar..nwdys i behav lik a mad..visitin tis page often 2 read ur story…thanx 4 entertainin us…i luv ur story 2 the core of my heart..actually can visualise scenes through ur words…keep going…gud job u r doin

    got impressed by many comments [email protected](nithya).annie,happy,ireena,poulomi,mitty,nakshatra,saji…and many many mmz fans

    guys u cant guess tat i read all ur comments everyday..

    just thought of pourin all emotions here…never heartbroken 4 any show lik tis..hav 2 miss the show wid this page too

    gonna 2 miss u all friends…

  86. anu

    HEY SP, i donno whether our msgs have reached you yet or not…

    but we wanna tell you again we dont want this show to end so soon…we wont agree with you to end the show..
    u air a new show @ its time slot, u encourage saas bahu serials, u wish whatever u wanna do.. but we are here to tell you that we have MANMARZIYAN to watch MANMARZIYAN show..

    u no need to telecast even repeat episodes, but all you have to do is change the daily soap to weekly once..

    U air the SHOW on SUNDAYS for atleast 1-2 hrs…

    u r showing the stupid old episodes of saas-bahu serials evry week on sundays..Rather than telecasting those typical saas-bahu serials U CAN AIR OUR BELOVED “”DOSTI..YAARIYAN..MANMARZIYAN”” show..

    we urge you to give an YES sign atleast to this request… please…

    hoping for best result… 🙂

  87. Riya

    Radhika is confused over her feelings for Arjun as she thinks that her marriage with Arjun just condition.

    Radhika thinks that she will go back from Arjun’s life after seeing he is no more behind Sam.

    Apart from this, Sam is also tensed over her feelings for Neil because she believes him as her best friends but gets restless knowing about he is leaving Birdsong.

    Sam is also stunned when Neil tells her that she has fallen in love with him.

    Sam (Kashmira Irani) salls in love with Neil (Shravan Reddy)

    Sam recalls the moments that she spent with Neil and realizes that her life is incomplete without Neil.

    On the other hand, Sam comes to Radhika’s house and both crying recalling their separation due to Arjun.

    Radhika asks Sam as if she still loves Arjun and Sam tells her that she (Sam) does not know about this but she (Sam) got truth of her heart due to her (Radhika).

    Sam tells Radhika that if she does not come between her and Arjun then she would never find out as how much Neil important in her (Sam) life.

  88. Am gonna really miss this show.This serial should be aired once more in colours.Only this show was keeping me to star plus

  89. Natasha

    Guys how it will if mmz ends like this-
    sam confesses her love to neil & neil accepts her love. On the other hand radhika goes back to hrishikesh conferming that arjun will not harm sam. After radhika’s going back arjun will realise his mistake & will tell all the truth to sam’s whole family. Sam will curse herself knowing the truth. Arjun will tell sam and neil about his love for radhika. Sam will forgive arjun. Samrat sir will disclose the real true about himself and nandini. After knowing the truth arjun will oust nandini out. Then all friends will help arjun reaching to radhika. The whole khannas, neil, teji,zubin,kritika and arjun will go to rishikesh. Sam will ask forgive to radhika and radhika will forgive her. Arjun will confess his love to radhika and will ask permission to dadaji to remarry radhika. Radhika will accept his love and dadaji will permit them to remarry. Then in the same mandap radhika-arjun & sam-neil will marry. Later on arjun will help radhika fullfilling her dream. Sam and neil will run successful birdsong. From than they all will lead their life with their friendship and love.
    What say? Isn’t it a beautiful storyline? Reply me if u like the storyline made by me or not.

  90. kfar

    @ Mandy – Thank u so much for loving my story means a lot 😀
    will u lots after 29th and sadly after the show. Why can’t dey just let the serial stay. it’s painful to see other not so good serials staying wen dis serial music and story rocks 🙁
    I’m still in chapter 2 (4th part) Hey and how did u like last two parts?!?

    @renu -thanks a bunch for liking it. Will miss ur comments too much. Feeling sad already. I feel like my friends are ripping apart from me. 🙁

    @Thena- I love that u love Neil of my story to core. Means a lot that u can actually visualize it. And also loving Ruby 🙂 Thank u my friend, feels amazing and also emotional. Im gonna miss u 🙁 like lots. I was just new here and I felt all your love friends this fast.

    @devga – Oh, I’m sooooo happyyyyyy that u find me an amazing writer. feels awesome, on the top of theworlddd 🙂
    The story and scenes come into flashes in my mind. I have not written it before just sat typed out whatever I felt. I love reading books and thats how I got my calling of writing. My dream to write a book which will be made into a movie one day. I know it’s a huge dream but I’m gonna strive hard for it. It’s kinda hopeless too 🙁
    I’m gonna so much miss u after 29th…:(

    @anu I like ur writing style n thinking. I read all your comments. I think about it. misss uuuuu

    @ireena – Hey! u did not come here since two daysss. What happened budddyyy. I’m gonaa miss u and u are not here why 🙁

    • lreena

      Really I must say u r really a genius .though i didn’t comment, i read ur story in 2 I was little tired, but reading ur story, I m…Really cheerful. ……if u really want to make a script,I think u should connect with media.because I also read many types of story books, I know the difference between good and fabulous .so far the story is worth of watching in’s nt any type of flattering,rather it’s true.

      • lreena

        One more thing,u should continue ur writings.why didn’t come u before?plz post ur story regularly,otherwise it won’t be complete.??BY THE WAY, HAVE U KEPT THE NAME OF UR STORY? ?IF I DON’T, WE MAY TRY. ???

  91. kfar

    Will miss u 🙁 @Natasha- Heyyyyy I like ending u wrote. Hope it happens just the same but I want dragging so the show could stay…

    @thena and devga- thanks for dedicating the Mmzyn songggggg

    @mitty @ Eish @poloumi and @all miss u guys lots. And also if I’m missing anyone so soorrryyyyy. Will miss u too n alll the silent readers of show and also hehehe my story….if u are reading?!?!? but thanls though n will miss all:(

    @Mandy -wht happened? ur not here since two days 🙁

    thanks though for finding the friends chaptr funny. or else i really thought nobody liked it:(

    @thena -I’m trying yaar to finish it but I have a class now. I’m typing from mobile. i hv presntation too til six….after tonights epi im gonna update it. thanks though for reading it.

    • anu

      thanq so much kfar…will miss you and miss ur story a lot…. it would be great if we get connected on any social networking sites( if no one has any problem).. feeling like we r loosing our friendship along with manmarziyan.. 🙂 … but u guys will be in my heart always..

    • Farha I can’t tell u d way I missing u and thena, ireena , anu , Natasha , dipika , riya , poulomi , Mitty n all others dat I dinn mention !!!!

    • Thena

      its k farha..just do it wen u find free time…u ve gud talent…so u can finish it gud..don worry my friend…

  92. wow !!!!!! beautiful future prediction story natasha…
    hope this may be happens …… my point view is that nandani wouldn’t surrender easily coz she wait many years for this revenge. so I think she will plan some dangerous for both sam n radzz like killing plan but may be unfortunately it will happen with arjun rather than radz or sam …than he knows about nandani’s truth also samrat convince about his and her relation….. and finally radhika success to prove that why she doing this marriage and goes back to rshikhes .
    .. further natashas beautiful story going on…..
    —————- 🙂 🙂 🙂 ————————–

  93. thanks for mentioning my name renu….farah yar ur story is amazing …reading since join this page….great job yarr…keep it up….now frm today count down gets started for our manmarjiyaan…our love,friendship,yarriya r going to be end…plz sp don’t do this to us…

  94. kfar

    @subh -Thank u so much yaar for reading my story 🙂

    @depika – Oh, thank u sooooo much deary for reading since first chapyy 🙂
    will miss uuuuu 😀

  95. tia

    hi everyone. hey kfar i suggest you to post your story on the website where one can post their fan fictions for everyone to view.

  96. Hey farha I ws here redin ur story n I must say ur very very very very much cooler Lyk I’m freezing on my sofa !!!

    Farha ur story is better than d some of d saas bahu serial yaar !!!

    N all d characters fit 4 der names Lyk u created !!! Love all characters!!!

  97. mitty

    Heard that lots f pressure from outside india lyk us srilanka uae etc. …might get an extension. ..whoever from outside India keep messaging tweeting nd calls

  98. anu

    hi mitty… love u buddy.. u r giving updates regularly for us.. thanq so much.. give me a hi-5 for decision pending… after seeing your comment my heart jumped with over joy… 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 …. feeling like jumping on bed and dancing & shouting we are in love with you MANMARZIYAN… hoping for the best decision… fingers crossed… 😉 😉

  99. raashi

    @ Farha (kfa) u r such an amazing writer….m so addicted to ur story…m making detours to this site every now n then ( more dan usual) to check whether u have updated ne further or not…u write brilliantly…m compelled to visualise d story with the faces of d serial actors n m sorry dat m pestering u repeatedly for more updates bit its just dat m having a hard time containing my enthusiasm n anxiousness 4 reading d entire story…………………..n as for d characters its hard for me to pick a favourite…m in love with Arjun….m also loving Radhika, Neil, Sam…I like Ruby n Viren too n I would need some more coverage given to Arav to start liking him too!!

  100. @ Mitty thank u for sharing d news..already jumping in joy…hoping the extension thing happens…fingers crossed..:)

    @ Farha…u can upload ur story on Indiaforums…there are loads of Ardhika fanfictions out there…n ur story competes with some of d best out there!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.