Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini telling Arjun that he is in love with Radhika. Sam comes and greets her. Nandini says Arjun is in true love, say whats the cure for this. Sam says there is no cure for love and excuses herself. Nandini asks Arjun to take Radhika’s sign till night, will he be able to do this. Arjun says I will get her sign, and looks at Radhika. Radhika sits thinking. Nandini asks her does she come here to work or dream, atleast she can work at home if not here. Radhika says you can work, if I do everything, you will get bored.

Nandini says so sweet, all this drama will end soon, as Arjun will be kicking you out from home. Radhika says Arjun is not so bad as you want to make him, he has a good person in him, he can’t do this. Nandini laughs and says you got trapped, you came

to save Sam, you are trying to find Arjun and make him Lord, the Arjun whom you love is making your divorce papers ready, and you are dreaming here, you better sit and dream, don’t do work, this suits you better. She goes. Samrat looks on shocked.

Sam asks Neil to come out. Neil asks her to go. She says no one is going anywhere, come out idiot. He asks will you stop me? She says why will I, you will stop on your own. You can’t go without notice, and says many things. He says none of these reasons can stop me. She asks then what reason can stop you. He says I won’t say, you think yourself. He goes. She recalls Samrat’s words.

Samrat talks to Siddharth. Nandini comes to him and greets. He says my place is vacant, please sit. She says I want Piyali’s place, not yours. He says when a place is not vacant, second place should be made. He says he has got all those memories back, of them and birdsong. She moves away from him. He asks does she remember those days. She says I have some work and starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her, asking why is she leaving so soon, when she came to meet him. She leaves. He says what do you think Nandini, just you can play this game, and smiles.

Arjun looks for Radhika. He calls her and does not connect. He comes home and asks Mala did Radhika come home. Mala says yes, she is in her room, she said she is unwell. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks is she fine. Radhika shows the divorce papers. She asks him does he want her to sign on these papers…..

Sam asks Neil will he answer truly if she asks the right question. She asks do you love me. Neil looks at her. Radhika asks Arjun to say. Arjun says this is not divorce paper, not to break this fake relation, we can end this punishment and move on in life. She says I don’t have any way to move on. He asks till when will we keep this drama. She says till you leave Sam.

He holds her and makes her sit. He says its foolishness to expect what can’t happen, till Nandini’s tears don’t stop, I can’t stop following Sam, this marriage can’t stop me, but you can get free by signing on these papers, and live life your way, our game has no place for you, go Radhika. She says she made her place when she married him. He asks her to go away, else her inner lightness will get bad sighted by this darkness. She asks does he want this divorce, or Nandini di?

She says she can’t give him divorce. He asks why. She says for Sam. He asks what, just for Sam, is there no other reason, tell me why are you after me, why don’t you want wish to give me divorce, say it once, maybe I will leave everything and move back, tell me. She says there can’t be any reason between us, I don’t have such status and you don’t have that courage. He angrily leaves.

Sam asks Neil to say does he love her. Neil holds her and sees her well. He asks did she see her face in mirror, that she thinks the world loves her, I wish, but I don’t love you. She asks would you tell me if you did. He says I would have not needed to say, you would have heard my heart voice. She asks then why is he going, her life will be incomplete without him. He says maybe I want to make you realize this.

Sam holds Neil’s hand and says there is something more to this, till you don’t tell me truth, I won’t leave your hand. Neil asks does she have courage to hear the truth, he does not love her, but he thinks she started loving him. Benaam rishta……darmiyaan……plays……….She leaves his hand. He leaves. Radhika thinks of Arjun’s words and recalls the moments.

Radhika comes to Sam and asks does she still love Arjun. They both cry. Sam says I don’t know, but I know that if you did not come between us, I would have not know the truth of my heart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awsomme episode.. ahem’s beautiful expressions wowww…

  2. Renu…as usual mindblowing….

    1. thank u guys,…

  3. Last 1 week is there…Hi mitty! I will miss u all & ur comments & our manmarziyan & AHEM SHARMA….Hope these last episodes of manmarziyan will rock & memorable…

  4. hiiii friends,…

    i read all ur comments,…my heart filled with gratitude,..i dunno how i can express my love 4 u all,…here,i dinn mention ur names cox i dont want 2 miss any 1,…i just shared my pov n nothing more than that n m happy that u all enjoyed reading my comment,…

    thank u guys,…

    @aradhika,…i ll try 2 post ardhika’s journey alone within this week dear,….now m busy with my studies,,cant comment often but i ll read all ur comments here,…

    @mandy,…i dinn ve fb account yaar,..i wanna reply but due 2 my headache,i cant reply dear,…

    @anu,kfar,annie,…poloumi,….loved ur comments n thots,…

    @kfar,…ur story s really interesting ,…please continue n if possible,….please put some no yaar, that i can read 4m where i left,..

    & mitty,theena,vinu,happy,saji,dipika,natasha,honey,jayaru,ireena,saji n all my friends here n even silent readers too,…thanx 4 reading my long comment,…initially i had hesitation 2 share my pov as long essays as i dinn notice the length of my comment but u all encouraged me 2 write n i dinn ve any prior experience in writing,..this s the first time i wrote sth about my heart touching serial,…thanx 4 reading my comment n feeling bad 4 missing u all than mmz now,….my writing ll also come 2 halt after 6 episodes,…

    i badly want mmz 2 continue my friendship with u all,….miss u guys,…

  5. Writers please extend its story line and time period….we all don’t want; that this serial will go off air…u can change its time slot…

  6. Please stop it from going off air….

  7. I ll miss u too dear renu !!!

  8. Heya all 😀 It’s Farha here,

    I feel love is in the air. It’s coming out from core of my soul (I’m kinda poetic). I’m breathing it in the breeze.

    So, I’m going to write from my soul the ardhika moment. I hope that in future I get to feel what Radhika felt with Arjun in this sequence( I’m kinda romanctic too).

    So, this is one part I would like to dedicate to everyone who wants to fall in love irrivocably with that certain someone 😀


    “Your reputation is already tarnished, Cliffer.” Ruby bit out.

    Neil felt his blood boil. How many times is she going to call him that, he thought irritably. It’s starting grate on his nerves.
    “You…” He started to say, but his gaze froze Radhika’s face.

    She was looking forlonly over his shoulder. He turned in his seat and looked around at what her gaze stuck and what had made her look so hurt.

    At the same instant his blood simpered. His jaw ticked. He saw from the corner of his eyes Ruby too looked on coldly like he had.

    It was Radhika’s step brother and step sister who came into the canteen. The two moved and sat at the last corner table. Let’s say he disliked very the two. Lots. They treated Radhika as if she was dirt.

    “Look, who has…” Ruby started to say, but Radhika stopped her with a warning.

    “They are my family, Ruby. So, please, no name calling.”

    “Family? Neil enquired annoyed. “That’s not how a family treats family, Radhika. He leaves you all alone in the evening. Alone and afraid of dark. To walk from that lane all the way to your house. And I haven’t seen her giving you any credit. I don’t like it…”Neil fumed.

    Radhika opened her mouth to explain but he cut her out with his hand.

    “Stop backing them. I can’t change my opinion. It’s pointless talking in their favor. Just let me give you ride home in the evening. You always say that Viren takes you, but I know you lie each time.” He tried to convince her.

    “Yes, Rads. I have a bike too, you don’t have to walk all that way.” Ruby said a little hesitantly.

    But, She knew Radhika would’nt take their help. The girl has a backbone of steel. Her self respect of having her own independence was impressive but at times annoying.

    Radhika didn’t like sympathy. She wasn’t an attention garner. She hated it. Her resolve hardened. She titled her chin.

    “You have basketball practice at 5 and my work at the library end at that time. I know you’re applying for international championship. If you miss even a day’s practice, it’s gonna affect your focus. I don’t want that. I’m not that selfish to lead you out of your dream.” Her voice firmed.

    She then turned to Ruby.

    “You have piano and ballet practice in the evening. You have put all your savings for taking those classes. Guys please, I’m not a little girl anymore. I don’t want you all to let go of your careers for me. I can deal with little darkness and a few miles of walking pretty well….So, please let me be.” She snapped, rose from her chair, slid her bag on her shoulders and walked away.

    She already felt guilty for snapping at her dear friends like that, but she hated when people felt sorry for her.

    If only mom and dad were alive. Tears filled in her eyes, thinking about them but she squared her shoulders bravely and walked on.

    Ruby felt really bad that they hurt Radhika. She was a closed clam. She would’nt take anyone’s help. Makes her feel about her parents, of how people thinking as her to an orphan.

    “This is all because of you.” She glared at Neil.
    Neil looked baffled.

    “What did I do?” He asked bewildered.

    “You shouldn’t have said that about her family.”

    Neil’s forehead cleared and he looked a little sheepish.

    “Yes, I shouldn’t have.” He agreed.

    Silence fell upon them, but that’s when Neil proved he was a total idiot.

    “You still have your hand on mine.” He whispered softly, then he smiled boyishly. “Why is it that, huh? All this talk about me being a pig is really turning you on, isn’t it.” He leaned back on his chair smiling.

    Right at that moment, his smile vanished. He was flirting with her. That too quite heavily. He realized that now. And damn, he was enjoying it immensely. He needs to get away from this girl right now. She was a danger he needs to avoid…like forever.

    He looked at her. From head to toe. Her narrow waist in that jeans. Her milky white arms, that slender neck. He wanted to touch her skin. See if it’s actually soft and inviting as it looks….His blood heated to boil…

    That’s when she licked her lips and Neil went flying out of his chair, tripped over, cursed heavily and walked away still muttering inaudible curses…

  9. Heya all,
    Please remember the song while reading the sequence, that is wen Arjun ties the strings of Radhika’s choli…that song..I don’t remember right now but is rocking. I went mad and downloaded it and hear it time and again. Sajnaaaaaaa! (from the movie I, me aur main, i think)


    Radhika felt the financial accounting class dead boring. It was very much. She hated debits, credits and balance sheet problems. All other sixty students were listening with acute interest. Radhika only pretended to listen. She drew doodles on the paper. Drew pictures. Decorated her name everywhere on the page. Drew a funny potrait of the Professor. He was dead boring too. He kind of makes everyone present their sleepy. His was voice that gentle. Like a lullaby.

    Abrupty the class went silent when three students got in the class. It was Arjun’s girlfriend who came in first. Radhika’s lazy back straightened. Then another of the ‘it’ crowd. The bullies of the campus. Romi, he was a buff guy, looks quite intimidating. Karan, the bratty one. He had sent Radhika to boy’s toilet telling her that it was principal’s office. She being a fool didn’t look at where she was going. Raj, the racer, he zoomed fast his Porsche Turbo on the streets, terrorising everyone with his speed. Poor people would die of heart attack if they ever sit in his car.

    The entry of the last student made the whispers go crazy. Radhika’s heart stuttered.

  10. Deep coffee coloured sweater over a white shirt with beige trousers, complimenting the whole look was the Nike shoes and a silver a gleaming Tommy Hilfiger watch, wearing all this expensive she saw Arjun walk in the class. Looking at his face she sensed a deep connection tug at her heart.

    All the four of them walked inside. Looking at all of them Radhika decided that they could give GQ models a run for their money.

    She knew they were going to sit at the back of the class. Wondering in her mind, she thought after all the days of absence how come they came in today.

    The four of them actually did not sit together but dispursed in directions of the class. That was usual. Arjun would sit near right chair of the window. She wondered again why he didn’t sit with his girlfriend. It was Kind of strange.

    The class again went back into the routine, Radhika again pretended to be interested.

    The three guys and the girl moved into the last row and Radhika waited for Arjun to move to.

    Arjun looked hot as hell. Can the guy get anymore handsome than that. The purple tshirt was looking s*xy on his body.

    Her dreamy thought broke shattering of glass, when Arjun took a detour in his lazy walk.

    With wild beat of heart and rapid blinking of eyes, Radhika saw him walk towards a row. A row in which she was present. She sat there like an owl, staring at him wide eyed. He sauntered well past the filled chairs slowly.

    Closer and closer he came and stood beside to her. Radhika felt herself panic. He did not look up. Her stare was on his shoes.

    Next thing of what he did, her heart went into overdrive. He moved around and slid down on the chair beside to hers. Right beside to hers.

    Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, is the only thing her mind could whisper.

    The unreachable territory of her life, is sitting right beside to her. Within touching range. She could feel him bodily. His movements on the chair. She finally slid her gaze over his hands. They were rough, manly, long fingers. Those were on her waist only days again

  11. hey renu willu not miss me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MMz rocks hate everyone who are ending this amazing story
    curse all the people who hate the show
    I will never watch another serial b star plus

  12. She remembered the tightening of those fingers on her waist. She blinked and shook her head.

    He did not utter a word just stared up front from his lean back lazy posture on the chair. He actually potrayed a look of a marble statue. Radhika saw that he didn’t note down anything but his classnotes was open. The pen lay lazy over the white uncreased papers.

    Radhika’s heart was beating faster. Why did he change his seat? All the semesters, his place was reserved near the far corner, near to the window.Thinking about it, goosebumps rose over her skin. All of the empty chairs around? Why did he come and sit beside her?

    He wasn’t speaking to her. Though his presence beside to her was making her feel things. A deep essence of cologne hit her senses. She took a deep breath in.

    Radhika leaned back on the chair feeling a secure blanket surround her. A heavy sense of safety hit her senses pulling her body towards beside. It both calmed her and disturbed her to no end. She was feeling weird. She felt herself fall into a protective shield, a shield one absorbs when living blissfully among family. It was that she felt. A multiple beacon of feelings rushed into her every fibre of being. A wave of nostalgia blinked millions of images and memories that shook her up at that moment. Of her mom and dad. She clenched her hand on her thigh, contolling the thought to not throw herself on his chest and cry her heart out. With just sitting beside to her, he made realize how important he was becoming to her. Why did he sit beside to her? Was it just a crazy fluke on her part to actually think otherwise, that he realized her presence suddenly and wanted come to her or was he just unware that she was the girl who kissed him the other day.

    She was thinking lots. Crazy thoughts. Why will he, the super hot guy, notice her, the wallflower. She wasn’t that beautiful and interesting to be get noticed.

    But, he just became more than a ‘a guy she stared at’, he was now something new.

    The warmth of his, she could feel. Did he notice her? At all.

    Radhika’s mind became serene. Peaceful. She did not feel any worries. No anxiousness and pain. About her step siblings rudeness. About her scholarship and tuition. About extra additional work in library. About presentations. About life. She felt a back to support her. That she could not sit stiffly but just lean back. On someone. That all those uneasiness felt draining out of her body.

    The class hour went on. Arjun sat on silently. Radhika went on feeling and absorbing his presence. Finally but very very sadly the bell tringed, telling them that the dismiss of financial accounting has arrived.

    The students rose, the professor left. Everyone was leaning. Very sadly Arjun too was leaving. When he got up something fell from his book.

    Radhika bent down to retrive it. She saw arjun already leaving out of the class. Her eyes went down to the floor. She frowned, it was a piece of a paper. Rectangular cut.

    She lifted it up and squinted. One side had some writing, the other side was blank.

    Radhika sat back down on the chair.

    The writing was written with a blue ball point pen. Neat. Even. Slanted. Cursive.
    She smiled. First time she was seeing this. A boy’s handwriting this good and beautiful.

    But the smile wiped out and she froze while she read the words. Her eyes sliding all over.

    “Break free high,

    Sad not cry,

    Let it dry,

    A teary my,

    Shadow it’s not,

    Fear whisper lot,

    Dark it’s me,

    Night it’s see,

    Follow your might,

    I will guide you to light…..

  13. Radhika’s stared at the paper. Her gaze held the last line…’I will be your guiding light’..

    Her eyes and nose stung. Emotions welled deep within her and brimmed up into her eyes. The tears streamed a line and fell over her heated cheeks and her heart warmed whole. She was all alone in the class with his paper crying hard and painful. Her chest constricted.

    He wants her to conquer the dark with courage and with his guiding light. That’s why he was following her at night. He was the guiding light. He was assuring her that she can trust him.

    That’s what this sweet poem said. Radhika wiped the still streaming tears on her cheeks with the back of her hand…..


    HoW iS It GuYs?

    DiD u LiKe it!

    Question: Which character do you like in my story based in the concept of it?

    Please guys, replyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)

    til den love all:)

    1. Hi farha i like ruby as well…naughty she is…pls try 2 finish it in tis 6 days….gud talent..keep gng

  14. Kfar u and ur story is new to me but the truth is abruptly reading ur story just in this page without continuing from before , I would say u r amazing writer ….. And ur writing skills are superb …

    But this story have u written it from already written one’s or just while typing u r imagining the nxt part of the story ,.?

    Now I am forced to go back and read ur story from beginning .. 🙂 hatsof

    Wat do u do ?

  15. Kfar, yout story is mesmerising. Very gripping. Loving it! My fav is radhika

  16. Only 6 epi’s left now

  17. guys i saw a post on Manmarzian – star plus page in facebook… they asked would you like to tell something to directors or actors??

    iam uploading the link…plzz check it and leave your comment…

  18. Abi ireena Natasha and Mitty I too missed u all a lot … And sorry for not coming these many days … It was like evryday I strived to comment here with u all but chances were very less ….

    Now I could c great writers like Annie anu renu kfar poulomy riya and many many … Don’t mind if I did not mention any name sorry as thrr r many COMMENTORS here created by MANMARZIYAN or should I say WRITERS ….. U all r such awesome in expressing ur respective views …….

    This manmarziyan came and made new FRNDS for me and show cased many new talented writers and also made me also to express feelings and views abt this show …..

    Actually FRNDS it is a great truth tht most of the current commentators here (including me ) was never able to express our views like v r doing now … But c the MAGIC OF MANMARZIYAN IT MADE US DO IT ….



    I dedicate manmarziyan song to my FRNDS HERE ( Mitty ireena sonamohan nish Priya varshini sukriti abi Natasha happy ) and ALL MANMARZIYAN FANS , sorry if I dint mention anyone …. Tht is coz I don’t remember so quickly ….. They all r my frnds frm earlier stages of mànmarziyan so I remember their names … Forgive me guys …

    1. Devga thank u so much for this lovely comment specially dedicating a nice song for us. But I am sad thinking that after 29august we will never able to keep us in touch.

    2. We all will miss one another devga the way, will I plz tell ur real name (if u don’t have any problem ).i wanted to know it.

  19. Abi ireena Natasha and Mitty I too missed u all a lot … And sorry for not coming these many days … It was like evryday I strived to comment here with u all but chances were very less ….

    Now I could c great writers like Annie anu renu kfar poulomy riya and many many … Don’t mind if I did not mention any name sorry as thrr r many COMMENTORS here created by MANMARZIYAN or should I say WRITERS ….. U all r such awesome in expressing ur respective views …….

    This manmarziyan came and made new FRNDS for me and show cased many new talented writers and also made me also to express feelings and views abt this show …..

    Actually FRNDS it is a great truth tht most of the current commentators here (including me ) was never able to express our views like v r doing now … But c the MAGIC OF MANMARZIYAN IT MADE US DO IT ….



    I dedicate manmarziyan song to my FRNDS HERE ( Mitty ireena sonamohan nish Priya varshini sukriti abi Natasha happy ) and ALL MANMARZIYAN FANS , sorry if I dint mention anyone …. Tht is coz I don’t remember so quickly ….. They all r my frnds frm earlier stages of mànmarziyan so I remember their names … Forgive me guys ….

  20. Super episode pls dont stop thisssssssssss

  21. l love manmarziyan song u guys are tooooooooo good

  22. hi friends tis is the magic of manmarzian as many who havent commented anywhere b4 were all just pulled here due 2 tis show…

    i was a kinda person who used 2 read every comments out there sitting….

    during early days of tis show,evrydy i visit tis page and used 2 read the comments of specially DEVGA as she was having the pic of kristen stewart(think so)…

    @DEVGA i swear u ve no clue tat i read ur comments evrydy…tat pulled me actually & i remember tat u were the 1st one 2 post here about the death news of APJ…right?but later then unga comments lam romba miss pannen..glad 2 see u again here… not the ly 1 mentionin ur name here as u ve gained lot of fans…but u were the reason for me 2 enter here…wen i 1st saw ur comment i really wished 4 the writers 2 c urs…evn nw i wish 4 the same…all the more if sp happens 2 see all ur comments so far ther r many chances 4 them 2 look over their decisin….anyhw b here r anywer try writin somethin & u ve way 2 go…

    @kfar..nwdys i behav lik a mad..visitin tis page often 2 read ur story…thanx 4 entertainin us…i luv ur story 2 the core of my heart..actually can visualise scenes through ur words…keep going…gud job u r doin

    got impressed by many comments [email protected](nithya).annie,happy,ireena,poulomi,mitty,nakshatra,saji…and many many mmz fans

    guys u cant guess tat i read all ur comments everyday..

    just thought of pourin all emotions here…never heartbroken 4 any show lik tis..hav 2 miss the show wid this page too

    gonna 2 miss u all friends…

    1. thanq so much thena.. we all are connected just bcoz of the love we have for the show..

  23. HEY SP, i donno whether our msgs have reached you yet or not…

    but we wanna tell you again we dont want this show to end so soon…we wont agree with you to end the show..
    u air a new show @ its time slot, u encourage saas bahu serials, u wish whatever u wanna do.. but we are here to tell you that we have MANMARZIYAN to watch MANMARZIYAN show..

    u no need to telecast even repeat episodes, but all you have to do is change the daily soap to weekly once..

    U air the SHOW on SUNDAYS for atleast 1-2 hrs…

    u r showing the stupid old episodes of saas-bahu serials evry week on sundays..Rather than telecasting those typical saas-bahu serials U CAN AIR OUR BELOVED “”DOSTI..YAARIYAN..MANMARZIYAN”” show..

    we urge you to give an YES sign atleast to this request… please…

    hoping for best result… 🙂

  24. Radhika is confused over her feelings for Arjun as she thinks that her marriage with Arjun just condition.

    Radhika thinks that she will go back from Arjun’s life after seeing he is no more behind Sam.

    Apart from this, Sam is also tensed over her feelings for Neil because she believes him as her best friends but gets restless knowing about he is leaving Birdsong.

    Sam is also stunned when Neil tells her that she has fallen in love with him.

    Sam (Kashmira Irani) salls in love with Neil (Shravan Reddy)

    Sam recalls the moments that she spent with Neil and realizes that her life is incomplete without Neil.

    On the other hand, Sam comes to Radhika’s house and both crying recalling their separation due to Arjun.

    Radhika asks Sam as if she still loves Arjun and Sam tells her that she (Sam) does not know about this but she (Sam) got truth of her heart due to her (Radhika).

    Sam tells Radhika that if she does not come between her and Arjun then she would never find out as how much Neil important in her (Sam) life.

  25. Am gonna really miss this show.This serial should be aired once more in colours.Only this show was keeping me to star plus

  26. Guys how it will if mmz ends like this-
    sam confesses her love to neil & neil accepts her love. On the other hand radhika goes back to hrishikesh conferming that arjun will not harm sam. After radhika’s going back arjun will realise his mistake & will tell all the truth to sam’s whole family. Sam will curse herself knowing the truth. Arjun will tell sam and neil about his love for radhika. Sam will forgive arjun. Samrat sir will disclose the real true about himself and nandini. After knowing the truth arjun will oust nandini out. Then all friends will help arjun reaching to radhika. The whole khannas, neil, teji,zubin,kritika and arjun will go to rishikesh. Sam will ask forgive to radhika and radhika will forgive her. Arjun will confess his love to radhika and will ask permission to dadaji to remarry radhika. Radhika will accept his love and dadaji will permit them to remarry. Then in the same mandap radhika-arjun & sam-neil will marry. Later on arjun will help radhika fullfilling her dream. Sam and neil will run successful birdsong. From than they all will lead their life with their friendship and love.
    What say? Isn’t it a beautiful storyline? Reply me if u like the storyline made by me or not.

    1. Its too good!!! I would have loved this ending!!!

  27. @ Mandy – Thank u so much for loving my story means a lot 😀
    will u lots after 29th and sadly after the show. Why can’t dey just let the serial stay. it’s painful to see other not so good serials staying wen dis serial music and story rocks 🙁
    I’m still in chapter 2 (4th part) Hey and how did u like last two parts?!?

    @renu -thanks a bunch for liking it. Will miss ur comments too much. Feeling sad already. I feel like my friends are ripping apart from me. 🙁

    @Thena- I love that u love Neil of my story to core. Means a lot that u can actually visualize it. And also loving Ruby 🙂 Thank u my friend, feels amazing and also emotional. Im gonna miss u 🙁 like lots. I was just new here and I felt all your love friends this fast.

    @devga – Oh, I’m sooooo happyyyyyy that u find me an amazing writer. feels awesome, on the top of theworlddd 🙂
    The story and scenes come into flashes in my mind. I have not written it before just sat typed out whatever I felt. I love reading books and thats how I got my calling of writing. My dream to write a book which will be made into a movie one day. I know it’s a huge dream but I’m gonna strive hard for it. It’s kinda hopeless too 🙁
    I’m gonna so much miss u after 29th…:(

    @anu I like ur writing style n thinking. I read all your comments. I think about it. misss uuuuu

    @ireena – Hey! u did not come here since two daysss. What happened budddyyy. I’m gonaa miss u and u are not here why 🙁

    1. Really I must say u r really a genius .though i didn’t comment, i read ur story in 2 I was little tired, but reading ur story, I m…Really cheerful. ……if u really want to make a script,I think u should connect with media.because I also read many types of story books, I know the difference between good and fabulous .so far the story is worth of watching in’s nt any type of flattering,rather it’s true.

      1. One more thing,u should continue ur writings.why didn’t come u before?plz post ur story regularly,otherwise it won’t be complete.??BY THE WAY, HAVE U KEPT THE NAME OF UR STORY? ?IF I DON’T, WE MAY TRY. ???

  28. Will miss u 🙁 @Natasha- Heyyyyy I like ending u wrote. Hope it happens just the same but I want dragging so the show could stay…

    @thena and devga- thanks for dedicating the Mmzyn songggggg

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