Manmarziyan 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika regarding Arjun as a Lord’s avatar and smiling. Khwaishon pe likhi………plays………….. Nandini sees Saral and asks what is he doing here. Saral says he will tell everyone that she has ruined him, and gets angry. Radhika walks in with Arjun and Mala. Piyali asks Radhika to meet Sam. Sam asks where was she, why is she dresses as a bride and hugs her. Saral talks to Nandini and says if he gets ruined, he will not leave her. He argues with her. Sam gets to know entire story and cries. She thanks Arjun and says Radhika said right, you are really a Lord, you have taken everyone’s problems on your head. Arjun gets stunned. She hugs him. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and looks at her. Dastaan…………..plays…………

Neil asks Radhika not to cry, and

jokes that she has seen the Lord today. Manya makes Arjun sit for the haldi. Saral says Arjun became a Lord, he has paid money in the hospital, and called Dilip and Ankush to Mumbai, I did not understand your and Arjun’s game., my life got ruined, see my jalwa now. She stops him and says she can make him marry Radhika even now. He says now I won’t marry her, its about my respect now.

Radhika happily applies haldi to Sam. Zubin asks them not to bore, and what for they practiced dance. He asks them to come. Nandini tells Saral that I called you my brother, I will return your respect, trust me, everything will be fine. Sam and Radhika dance on the song Gopiyon ke sang ……. Radha teri chunri…………. Arjun looks at Radhika. Neil dnaces with Sam and Radhika. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and her trust on him. Arjun walks out. Saral says he won’t come in Nandini’s acting.

She asks him to go and tell everyone, then he will get many slaps and he can’t think of coming to Mumbai. She says I know you are smart and will do whats right. Arjun comes to her and does not see Saral. He says Nandu and looks on. Saral leaves. Arjun asks will this marriage end our pains, and is this marriage necessary for our aim. She gets shocked and asks what happened. He asks will their pain end by giving someone pain. She says pain never ends, and just we have to get habitual, did you forget my pain, I never forced you, this was your decision.

Nandini says this is not a fairy tale life and shows the bad side of the life, naming Samrat as the devil and Arjun has to tackle him. She says maybe you can’t see angel Samaira’s tears, its fine if my life ends like this. Sam comes there and asks what happened, why are you both so shocked, come. He says Nandu was saying a story of two devils, and someone an angel’s tears are needed to kill a devil. He smiles seeing Nandini. Sam laughs and asks them to come. Radhika and Mala come home. Dilip and Ankush are at the gate. Radhika hugs them.

Saral sits drinking. He gets angry on the bartender. Nandini comes and stops him, asking him not to spend right anger on wrong place, as it ends the anger strength. She says use your mind. Saral says my mind isn’t working, I heard you and lost Radhika, her family is insulting me. Nandini says much happened because of Radhika, Arjun has raised question on me for the first time, but Radhika will be answering everything. Saral asks whats her plan. She says not mine, ours, we will do it together as a team. He holds her hand and she smiles.

Nandini says this question will slap Radhika. Sam will slap her….. Saral fills Sam’s ears and asks why does Radhika find support in Arjun, when you are her friend. Sam looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Chaya

    God dis nandini.. Wat kind f ldy c iz.. And arjun pls listn 2 ur hrt nly.. Btw HPPY B’DAY Aham in advnc

  2. minnu

    Manmarziyan is goin 2 b 1 of da best serials! just luvvin it.. <3 <3 <3
    Aham is simply rocking and radhika… She is lookin simply gorgeous is her saree.. Sam is one of the sweetest frns that I've ever seen.. Feeling very bad for Neil whereas manya is becoming more and more irritating day by day.. I think she should join the villain gang along with nandini and saral..

  3. happy

    Guys…saral ll get slap from sam on tmr episode…i ll be happy….oh god….mastermind people….worst idea…how much nandhini know about sam and rad…

  4. mira

    Saral is such a stupid… Sam knows about him so y will she believe him…..

    Slowly arjun is realising the things…
    Sam and rads u both were awesome. Niel too was gud …
    Mmzyn rocks…..*_*

  5. happy

    1st part too good….arjun staring rad…superrrrr….i dnt want to c saral and nandhini…go somewhere….i hate that people…

    • Devga

      U r right and for me manmarziyan is second best ….. My first place will always b for eht …. I miss eht most

      Manmarziyan is rocking….

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    Arjun jii i like u r coufused face reaction vry gud finally u think abt right and wrong u will go to right way with radhu i am sure MANMARZIYAN ROCKSSSS♡♥♡♥
    saral vry gud u said u wont marry radhu keep it up dont change u r mind ok 😛

  7. Annie

    Loved Ardhika today.. as usual and hated sardini like anything..
    I think in upcoming episides samrat will face some accident as a result of which may be the marriage will get postponed..
    Rads was looking awesome in that saree.. just loved arjuns eyes.. I am badly and madly in crush with arjun
    mmz rocks 🙂

  8. riya

    Nandini and saral are tooooo selfish yaar…..
    It was all saradinis plan n when it didn’t w.ork they r blaming rads.. Wat was her fault in this… dissssgusting…

  9. raashi

    Today’s episode dedicated to the two jerks..all planning & plotting going on..uff..
    However was liking the dance by the trio & Arjun’s expressions n his dilemma until that so called sister of his brainwashed him again.
    Didn’t like the precap..Sam plz don’t listen to the idiot …just slap him.

    Guys its Aham’s b’day tomorrow…Happy B’day in advance!

  10. happy

    Ysterday ly ankush out of danger…bt today he is in mumbai…what a sudden change…arjun comes towards nandhini bt he stopped at door…because he wnt see saral…super…nandhini knows where is saral in this time…both looking as good pair….made for each other…

    • Annie

      .yeah.. they should get married. . It will b a good pair of jerks.. and they will live happily ever after

  11. Annie

    For the first tym I appreciated saral when he said that he will disclose nandini s truth.. but after that.. I just felt lyk punching him… such a jerk and cheapo..

  12. Ramya

    Aham :-* u r so swt i lik u yaar tis stry is rckng and nandhini’s plan gng to bring ardhika 🙂

  13. Annie

    sam easily gets influenced by others. . Just hope this tym sardini s pln to make sam against rads fail…!!!

    • happy

      No annie…i dnt thing like that….she has trust on rad more than arjun…she ll slap saral for his lines…i want this ly…

      • Annie

        Yeah.. sam may not believe initially but there will b a doubt … which may break their frndship.. lets hope for the best

    • happy

      Ya…may be this ll happen in future…bt i dnt want sam like that….i like sam and rad friendship…i dnt want to see breaking of their relation by arjun…he must do what his heart says…he is like a child…easily manipulated by his sis words…he should stop this marriage…

  14. happy

    Dance super …rad,sam,neil…rocking…..i hate sam hugs arjun scene…i want ardhika moments…

  15. Aru

    Starting was vry gud though felt bad for neil…..arjun,u dont need to talk! Ur eyes expreses evrything:):)
    saral and nandini ,stupid people….nandini ko REVENGE word se alava kuch bi nahi aatha…aur us saral inki bathome nach raha hi…sam wont believe saral,but a doubt may arise in d corner f heart…
    Luv u ardhika……

  16. Aru

    Starting was vry gud though felt bad for neil…..arjun,u dont need to talk! Ur eyes expreses evrything:):)
    saral and nandini ,stupid people….nandini ko REVENGE word se alava kuch bi nahi aatha…aur us saral inki bathome nach raha hi…sam wont believe saral,but a doubt may arise in d corner f heart..

  17. Nakshatra

    It will be nice when arjun realises his feelings for radhika…not confused feelings..he should be sure of his love for radhika…$$$

  18. mitty

    Nice episode. ….saral nd nandini they r really talented actors. …They acts really well….

  19. Diya

    Nice episode radhu was looking gorgeous in saree.anyway arjun is sacrificing his love for such a lady who doesn’t mind about his happiness

  20. Feeling really very nyc when I watch the show. 🙂 🙂
    Episode was excellent as every day…but now arjun slowly slowly moving towards her radhu. :-*
    Nandani n donkey stupid idiot saral I hate both of u…..
    Anyways Manmarziyan is always rockss luv u aradhika …cvs keep it up
    good ni8 guys…1 more thing “Wish you many many happy returns of the day Aham Sharma….(in advance) :-):-):-):-)

  21. angel

    Nyc episode..Lubbb uuu ardhikaaa……feeling bad for Neil…..Sam y can’t u see Neils lov for u….This saral is irritating….

  22. nish

    A very happy birthday to aham sharma god bless and u become a successful bollywood hero one day.

    “Samander ko bander bana de” awesome sense of humour neil
    bakwas part of nandini n saral.

    as usual sam will do the blunder by not trusting rads ufff this foolishness of sam.

    Guessing part now onwards ankush will fall for manya n lov her like neil lovs sam.

  23. Devga

    MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY ? AHAM SHARMA AKA KARN ( mahabarat )AKA ARJUN ( manmarziyan )????????
    hope v get pics online … of manmarziyan team celebrating aham’s b’day …..

  24. susi...

    Happy birthday aham sharma……
    ????????????????????????????????luv u …..???awesome show manmarziyan…….
    Eargerly waiting fr today episode……
    I think saral will get tight slap from Sam….

  25. mira

    Many many many many more happiest returns of the day aham *_*
    Vaise… Guys wat iz mnmrzn trp rating????

  26. Aru

    Manu more Happy returns of the day(g)(^)(g)….may u get all the success in your life…have a successfll year ahead….i lov ur roles both as karn and arjun….your expressions (especially ur eyes) are awesome:*

  27. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Aham Sharma……☺luv u….?live long…….?stay blessed………..?……..mwah?
    ???????????????????????…….Hapie bdae……….????????????????????????????????

  28. Kya baat hai….
    Happy birthday AHEM …..

    Lekin wats happening… Yaha par arjun z realizing his feelings fr radhu ….
    But she’s very busy in dancing in his marriage……..!this hopes bad….

    • susi...

      Ya pls…its my request tooooo
      Retelecast at 4.30 also…..
      Manmarziyan is really good show…..

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