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Manmarziyan 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun laughing and saying well done seeing Radhika drink wine. Neil asks Sam why did she cancel dinner with Arjun. Sam says you say. He says you realized you truly love me. She says superb. He says your eyes show you love me, your mind is not ready, its fine, but someone will be there who will want Neil, the day I get that mad one, I will leave you. She asks why, what did I do. He says you don’t need to do anything, its enough that you are there, the day I get my Pagli… She says wah.. He says wah for idiot, why no wah to Pagli. She says fine, whatever.

He says you have to leave when I get my Pagli, she won’t understand our relation. She says we will explain. He says no one will understand. She says then no Pagli, why to go that way then… He says I have to go,

I feel lonely, I want to marry. She says I m there, wait till 30. He says no more waiting, tell me if you will marry me now, Sam love you, not that one, but I can try for sure and see you by that sight too, tell me…. She looks at him.

Radhika says the grapes juice is great, it really gives courage. Arjun asks her to call him Arjun, not Sir. She says A…Sir. He says Arjun….and asks her to drink more for more courage. She drinks more and says Ar…. They laugh. He recalls Nandini’s words and asks will she call him Sir after tonight, he would like to hear Arjun from her.

Sam says you know…. Neil says I can’t be with you, you cheated me, you broke my heart. She says you are such a big drama king. He says I m seriously saying Sam, I m leaving birdsong. She reacts shocked. He says I can’t do this anymore. She asks what? He says I decided, I just had to tell you. She asks what was the need for this then… and leaves.

Arjun and Radhika are on the way. She sings Jab tak hai jaan mai nachungi… He says I think grapes juice gave you good courage. She asks what courage. He says to do whats going to happen tonight, so are you ready? She looks at him. They come home. He looks at the divorce papers. Radhika comes still being in drink effect. He asks so, are you ready to become my wife, or to leave me? She says Sir please… He says no Sir, choice is yours, either come close to me or leave me and go. She says I can’t let you go to Sam. He says then come to me Radhika. She walks to him. He says more closer. Khwaishon pe likhi…………… plays……….

Arjun holds her closer and hugs her. He gets intimate to her and asks her to sleep. She holds his hand and says you can’t go, I…. He stops her from saying, and says when heart stops from doing something, it should not be done, and whats that man who has to force. She gets up and says you are not just a man, but a really good man. He says no Radhika, I m not a good man. She asks him to see himself by her sight, he will change his opinion about himself. He looks at the divorce papers and says who knows, it maybe needed some day, sleep now. He keeps the pillows between them and says good night.

Sam wakes up and sees Neil making the sandwiches. The alarm rings and she really wakes up. Samrat moves the curtain and asks her what happened, did she get bad dream. She says don’t know, dream breaks before completing. He says incomplete dream does not give happiness. She asks where to get happiness. He asks what happened. She says Neil is leaving birdsong, he said he can’t do this more, I don’t understand. He says he means he can’t bear to see you getting mad in someone else’s love, he can’t be with you now as he loves you. She says no.

He says your sight can just see friendship, not his love, but he is unable to bear the love hidden in his friendship. She says Neil is my bets friend. He says that’s the blessed part of it, best friends are good life partners, Neil loves you, move the curtain off his friendship and see. She looks at the window and recalls her dream.

Radhika serves food to Mala. Mala asks her to go office. Nandini asks Radhika about Arjun. Radhika says he went to office, I m going too, will you come office today also? Nandini says I won’t need to come anywhere soon, did Arjun give you any papers? Radhika says no, he met some good person yesterday, maybe he forgot. Nandini thinks why did Arjun not give papers to Radhika.

Nandini gets tiffin for Arjun and says no one worries for him more than her. He says he is not hungry. She says it means you are in true love with Sam. He says I don’t have time for this matter. She asks really, did you get divorce papers signed, what were you doing, that you did not get time to take sign, I understand everything, you are in love with Radhika. Arjun looks at Radhika.

Radhika tells Nandini that she is making Arjun bad which he is not. Nandini smiles and says Arjun is making divorce papers ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey kfar! Just went through all the chapters in d story and i absolutely loved the updates…plz continue…its awesome…will b anxiously waiting for more.

    I like Viren but I love Arjun n moreover I can’t separate Aham from Arjun…i was visualizing him n Monica while reading ur story…

    N damn I’m gonna miss this show badly especially Aham Sharma…n I’m gonna miss u all…coming to this site…reading all the comments..getting to know everyone’s feelings n povs…these things had become a part of my daily schedule n m desperately gonna miss all of it:(

  2. Guy’s latest update; ;;mmz team already finished shooting. ..

  3. Heya all,

    The second chapter of ‘Drawn Together’ will be of introducing, Sam, Neil and two other characters.

    I had lot of fun writing the chapter. I was literally grinning before going for it. Let’s say my mom’s expression at my pointless smiling was ‘my daughter had finally gone crazy’. I get the look real often, but wen I’m in the vicinity of my dad, I just maintain a poker face. If he sees me constantly typing on the phone or tablet let’s say dats the end of my freedom. HehehexD

    Well about Neil’s character in the story, he ain’t that innocent. Sam’s character is pretty much cynical and sarcastic just as she is in the show. There is one more character, you’ll love her too.

    Alright then, shutting up and updating my story. So, here we go….


    “Where is Neil?” Radhika asked, while she settled down on the canteen chair.

    The usual hangout of a certain set of friends among the humongous hive of students moving to and fro. Their said reserved corner table in the cafeteria.

    Ruby, who was eating french fries not so much as elegantly, decided to provide the answer.

    Ruby was slim and fair, a little inch taller than Sam, brown hair shortened to as upto the ears, features too undistinguished for a girl, chance is to mistake her as a fourteen year old boy at first glance, a tomboy to the core. Her disposition resembles as sweet as Sam’s but a tad much more sarcastic and open mouthed than the former one.

    “He is probably making out with the blinky eyed Lyra in one of the closets of the campus.” Her voice rather sweet.

    The words though said flatly and blandly, considered that did not fail to be less affective of their meaning.

    Radhika was having a big gulp of water to quench her thirst, after an hour of gruelling seminar session on a dried out of Managerial Economics, she really felt the need to recover the body salts, though the long gulp sadly did not go down her throat but spewed out of her mouth.

    “Went into the wrong pipe.” Her tone turned sandpapery, and eyes turned watery.

    “Lyra? But he went out Saina, of finance department for about a week, right?” Sam frowned, while sipping on her espresso coffee.

    Ruby smirked.

    “Do you think he would go out with a girl more than a week? And, Sam, he wouldn’t ‘go out’ as you put it so nicely. He would be going in or on….”

    Before she could go on more, Radhika cut in annoyed.

    “For god’s sake, Ruby, filter your mouth, will you.” She said, while wiping her mouth with a paper towel.

    “Why filter the words, when it’s actually is the truth.” Ruby replied sagely.

    Sam smiled widened over the espresso cup.

    “True words.” assented, and sided as always with Ruby.

    “Neil is not like that.” Radhika mumbled. “He wouldn’t cheat on Saina, I mean, he seemed happy with her.” She loyally defended their mutual friend.

    Well, though the said friend went out with Artie, the before week, and Lana a week before than that, with Monique a month ago and so…Oh, yeah, hmm, he was kind of a mansl*t. Radhika brushed off that thought as it came.

    “Oh, hah, trust me, he is getting way more happy right now.” Ruby tilted her head towards Radhika’s shoulder.

    Sam clicked her tongue in a mock gloomy undertone.

    “Sadly, though for Saina, he is not getting happy with her.”

    The said friend, Neil Rai Rathore, had his arms around another brunette girl, hugging her rather passionately, as if promising her the world, which was the dream of the girl and which was only a week of enjoyment for the guy.

    The three friends of his turned to the scene with thorough interest.

    “See it get more interesting than that.” Ruby intervened smugly, she leaned back in her chair.

    Radhika turned to her and stared.

    “What did you do? She asked her suspiciously.

    “Just wait and watch.” She twirled her iphone on the round table.

    “Uh, oh…” Sam’s lips froze on the ‘oh’ and Radhika turned to the direction on her surprised gaze.

    They saw a fuming Saina walk towards where Neil and the girl stood tightly held.

    Radhika tried to get up but stopped mid way.

    “Sit down, Rads, don’t spoil the fun.” Ruby hissed. The hazel brown eyes behind the funk flashed.


    “Sit down.” Ruby scowled.

    With the tone used as that Radhika sat back down on the chair meekly.

    They again turned to the unfolding scene.

    Saina marched to the embraced couple, she ripped them apart and slapped Neil right on the cheek. The three gasped and so did all the others present in the canteen. The usually loud Cafe went serenly silent. Saina glared at them both for a good minute, then she spun around and walked away. The silence remained until her clicking heels went out of the canteen. The silence continued to remain for a minute, after that the usual hustle and bustle started, the moment forgotten.

    The three girls got out of the trance when the girl too hurried away.

    “Alright, the loser is on his way here. Act as if you don’t know the guy.” Ruby muttered low.

    The three friends whipped their heads in three different directions, acting thoroughly nonchalant but failing miserably in doing so.

    Neil sauntered to the table, sighed and sat down on the chair opposite to that of Ruby’s. He leaned and sagged back.

    He observed the three for a while and then his knowing gaze fell on Ruby.

    His eyes zeroed in on her face and his jaw set angrily.

    “You witch…” He hissed, as his eyes flashed…

    WHOA!…BiG Part.

    Took It’s SweeT to Type:)

    So, there it is.

    How do you LiKE the character:)

    I’m off for a water break.

    Till den:)

    1. Hey kfar I loved today’s 2nd chapter n I ll be waiting for d upcoming chapters so pls write them quickly !!!!

    2. Luv to see diff neel ya…keep gng

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends,….

    sorry 4 not posting my pov 4 this wonderful epi,…i had headache yday,,i cant watch the epi,…now ly i watched it,…my heart overwhelmed with joy yaar,..i dunno how i can share everything with u all,…

    omg omg omg,….wat an episode yaar,…mindblowing episode,…directions,dialogues,scenes everything perfect ,…cvs hats off 2 u yaar,…i dinn feel anything rushed in yday’s epi,..just a perfect ride in choosing their life in both the couples,….wat a move yaar,…i dinn expect such a good epi friends,…m literally crying how can i live without mmz,…cvs surprised me with their wonderful plot,…thanks cvs 4 this epi,…


    Neil, u impressed me 2day,..u made a right choice in taking chances in ur life yaar,.i loved their pagli n idiot dialogues, has more double meaning 4m neil side..i loved how he straightaway revealed everything 2 sam including his leaving bs too,…he cleared the fact that he can see sam in other sense too,..he confessed everything n left sam 2 make choice now,…brilliant atempt yaar,..if sam dinn love him then he can move on in his life,…n he ll not get hurt in future as we seen b4,…so,neil did a good job yday,…he make 1 thing clear if sam unable 2 see him in love sense then there s no hope 4 him 2 stay with her n watching her craziness over some other person b4 him,…a big applause 2 Neil(n shravan too,..he nailed it 2day)

    Next comes SAM- SAMRAT,..loved the father daughter relationship yaar,..samrat gave a right piece of advice n made clear that neil fallen in love with sam,..he understood his daughter more than piyali,..really a good father,…Yday,neil said everything without mentioning that he loves her madly,..n 2 day morning samrat filled that part by revealing the same 2 samy,…now its time 4 sam 2 choose her life,…neil bcomes crystal clear in his decision,..his life moves on after sam’s decision whether its being +ve r -ve,…he ready 2 face it wholeheartedly,…a big salute 2 u man,…


    i dunno what 2 write about this couple,,…v never seen such a sync couple in any shows even in some romantic novels,…omg ,i dunno how 2 explain all my thots which flooding in my mind after watching this episode,…Really thank u cvs 4 selecting aham n monica 4 arjun n radhika’s character,..these 2 actors lived in the character,…i felt myself as a part of this serial after watching this episode,….

    wow,…i already discussed so much about arjun character right,..but cvs made everything clear wat he s up2,…wat an epi man,..u both rocked it,…

    So,arjun made his mind clear that he gonna make a big decision in his life after radz decision,…in yday’s epi ,…i said that arjun is in his last step in breaking his revenge wall right,..a small correction,…he is now standing on the wall,..there s 2 paths b4 him,..1 ll destroy his life n other ll give his life a chance 2 live with all happiness,…now he has 2 decide 2 choose the correct path in his life,..once decision made,he cant back off,..

    he dinn want 2 hurt radz in this game n he want herself 2 move away 4m him 4ever as she deserves a better life,…Hence he put a challenge over her,…Friends,i want 2 clear 1 thing,…many confused that arjun wanna consummate his marriage by his challenge,..sry,even i think the same,…wat can i do,..a small manufacturing defect in my mind,…please forgive me arjun 4 misunderstanding u man,…k coming 2 the topic,…actually arjun said choose me r leave me,…’come near me radhika r leave me’this s the dialogue he said everytime 2 radhika,.,..

    cox as v guessed,till now he dinn find any feelings 4 him 4m radhika,…so,he guessed that radhika cant see him in husband sense n that’s the reason he insisted her 2 call him arjun,..the things which shocked arjun s first she agreed 4 their first date,second she drank wine after his insisting 2 build courage over her nervousness n third she agreed 2 b his wife,….he never expect this 4m radhika,…

    arjun never want any1 2 come btw them n he asked repeatedly r u ready,..answer s simple 4m radhika,..if s,then she has 2 come 2 him n if no,she has 2 leave him,…this s 4m radhika side acc 2 arjun,..k wat impact ll it make on arjun,..huge impact yaar,..this very answer 4m her ll decide his entire life 2 choose the path which i mentioned b4,…her s ll make him 2 destroy the revenge path in his life n her no ll make him 2 destroy his love in his life,…wow,a big salute 2 the cvs who wrote this plot,…i really enjoyed it,..

    then u all may question me,y arjun gets intimate with her if he ve no interest in consummating his marriage,..answer his very simple,…wen radz started 2 come near him,…i mean his ly desire in his life is coming near him n how he ll let her go,..he couldnt help himself 2 control his feelings,..but even wen radz s ready 4 the consummation,…he stared her 4 a second,…if he did anything it ll affect radz respect n so he came 2 sense n left her,…

    Actually who got 1000v shock me r arjun,…wen radz stopped him 4m moving,…this 1 thing cleared me that radz is in love with arjun which she dinn realize yet,..i said she s affected n not fallen in love,…but this 1 thing made clear that she has fallen in love with him,…

    i wanna give a big applause again 2 arjun 4 closing her mouth 4m confessing sth,…but she gonna say that she s ready 4 that as she loves him so much,..which she might have said it in diff way,..u can ask me y arjun stopped her as he knew her mind thots (cox they both r sync couple tat’s y i said i cant imagine without them in my life)he dont want her 2 regret 4 sth which ll put her respect in stake cox of him,…n loved the gentle men dialogues 4m arjun after that which make radhika 2 completely fall 4 him,…

    after her dialogue ,’sir if u see urself 4m my eyes,u can change ur opinion’,…arjun put that divorce paper under pillow,,he decided wat he want in his life n his last dialogue,..”i ve 2 do it after sometime radhika(i dinn remember it exactly)sth,….but it sounds deep basement 4 their love life,…so,yday they both realized their love feelings 4 each other,…how many of u liked pillow parting 4m arjun,…these both r balanced couple yaar ve equal feelings 4m each other,,balanced,…i like this scene n their first candlight dinner after their marriage,..these 2 scenes have more intense feelings btw them,..they both can understand wat other s up2 n wat other can feel,…n never hide anything btw them watever bitter truth may b, its nanndhini’s truth r sam’s murder plan 4m radhika’s side n his revenge plan r his loyalty 2wards nandhini 4m arjun’s side,…

    K,some may even doubt,how radhika decided 2 give herself 2 arjun, it sacrifice r love,…its purely love friends,..she s all along nervous b4 arjun as she cant face arjun with her inner feelings,..she even started taunting sam that arjun dinn love her wat gave her courage 2 stand b4 sam as she s ready 2 face any humiliation 4m her,…wat makes her 2 b overconfident on arjun 2 choose her over sam in his cabin,…y she asked him 2 avoid dinner with sam n she s his wife,..y she started keeping faith in their relationship,…after all,y she confessed arjun tat she cant see him going 2 sam instead she can say ,’i cant see u ruining sam sir r blah blah,…’ y she allowed him 2 consummate their marriage,…cox her inner instincts says her 2 believe arjun n she s ready 2 do watever arjun asked her 2 do so,…y she s nervous wen she s with arjun,..y its not a hatred 4m her as arjun tries 2 go 2 sam cox she knew he doesnt love sam but at the same time sam loves him that makes her restless n nervous b4 him, i said b4 her inner instinct tells her 2 believe arjun tat’s the reason she drank that wine in a single gulp 2 build courage in her,…

    btw,arjun enjoys everything,he constantly remind her about their physical consummation just cox he loved teasing n playing prank with his wife,..he knew that ll affect her ,.. he cant wipe his smiling face on seeing her cute antics n his constant wooing glances at her,…

    Now nandhini understood that arjun went 4m her grip,,she changed her target 2wards radz n made her believe that arjun never loves her which ll make her 2 sign the divorce paper,…but nandhu darling,arjun ve 2 sign the divorce paper first,…k i ve no prediction n i decided 2 not watch any olv r read any spoilers 4 the upcoming week ,…this s the last week of mmz n i gonna enjoy all the epi with full craziness,…hope it survives as i told b4 this story has huge potential 2 run 4 a bit long than wrapping up 4 four n half months,..

    Friends,…i dunno wat 2 say,yday i enjoyed each n every bit yaar n no flaws in direction,dialogues,editing n even no rush up in storyline,…its just a romantic n path deciding factor 4 the 2 couples,…

    asusual dinn read wat i wrote,..hope u never mind,…

    1. Nice renu

      Thnks yaar

    2. Ws not aware of ur health yaar…

      Sry for kept insisting u…tak care ya

    3. arjun asks radz 2 cum close r leave hm…bt he s damn sure tat she ll not leave hm as she s very stubborn in save sam mission(in ur language) tat he knows vry wel yaar…

    4. woooooooooow,u did agreat job renu.keep it up friend.get well son.

  5. Hey kfar I loved it like wh*******t !!!!
    N d characters r wallah !!!!

  6. Hey kfar if u don’t mind can u tell me ur FB address !! Coz I want to send a request !!!!

  7. Hi Renu !!! I no dat now it’s common abt ur talent of writing dis story so HATS OFF TO U RENU MY DEAR FRIEND !!!!!!
    N yah thanx for sharing ur thoughts n I hope u ll share upcoming thouts of urs !!!!

  8. Renu ohhh wow how brilliantly describe u yaar…amazing…loved it…yes i too nw realise radhu never hesitate for shwing her adhikar as wife on arjun…god m really crazy for ths couple…

  9. Renu huge applause for u….

    guys manmarziyan is awesome but your comments are Sooo sweet…..thnx you all people who is connected with manmarziyan and gave such a fantastic opinions n thoughts
    I really miss this page after 29…..:-( 🙁
    hate u hate u hate u…. sp
    l want to cry loudly. ……..

  11. I keep reading all comnents. But never wrote in this page before. This is the only serial I watch in TV. Very said it is going to end so soon. All the 4 lead characters are unique in personalities. More than the serial, I wake up in midnight to read comments. Early morning I look at the mobile to read new comments. I dont miss relishing the story from kfar, comments from renu. I don’t think any other serial can evoke this kind of thought provoking responses. Going to miss all of this. I wonder how star plus can be so dumb

  12. Renu thank u for ur explanation ..

  13. Thanks Renu for ur comments.I was dying to read ur POV.Get well soon???

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