Manmarziyan 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samaira talking to Neil. He says he came to have coffee. He says Bony is great, she cracked the ad. She asks did he like such line. He says yes, I feel I should give my position to her, she has talent. Bonu says she got one more brilliant idea. He says you don’t need anyone’s help. Bony says yes, I got habitual. She shows the drawing. He asks whats this and sees Sam. He smiles and praises it. Bony says I will explain, and tells him. Sam does not like the tagline. Neil says its good. Riddhima tells about Radhika and Saral’s marriage.

Dilip says she wanted to pursue career. Her mum hugs Radhika and says she will be very happy. Dilip asks Radhika does she have anything to say. She says what will she say, lets go and call them. They leave. Radhika asks Riddhima what

did he do, when did she says she will marry, she will not.

Sam says Bony’s idea is bad. Neil says but its idea, its good, you are not doing, so leave it. She says till you don’t get good idea, you will not be happy. He says we have to find happiness, like partying with you. Sam says end result is the truth of life, and his idea is hidden in this, and shows her perfect drawing. Neil smiles. She beats him and says you were trapping me. He says yes. She smiles. He says start working.

She says no. She says please and holds her feet. He takes her. Radhika asks why did Riddhima lie. She says I know dad will understand. Riddhima stops her and says if dad knows about Mumbai, he will get angry. She says she can’t forget her dreams, she wants to see a new world. Riddhima says there is nothing new, job does not support, husband and family supports. Radhika says I got a chance, you have happiness in husband and family, but my happiness is in something else, I know dad will understand.

Riddhima asks about dad’s happiness. Radhika stops. Sam makes a sketch. Neil sees Bony’s sketch and says your idea will not work. Bony says ofcourse. He likes Sam’s work and asks where is she going. She says I m done helping you. He stops her and says he does not want her help, Piyali is her boss, not mum. She says she did this for him. He says I don’t want favors. He sits on her car and she makes him fall. She leaves. He says prove you are not a loser and face your mum. She comes back and says she will prove it to him.

Riddhima says Saral likes Radhika and its good proposal. Radhika explains her dreams. Riddhima says this proposal should not be lost. Her mum shows the dress to her. Dada ji signs the song. Radhika looks on. Everyone come there. Dilip asks whats going on. Dada ji says he is trying to make his dreams come true. He asks Radhika not to get between, he is not afraid of Dilip now. Dada ji says Radhika does not wish to marry and work in Mumbai. Dilip asks is this true. Dada ji asks her to say else she will not get any chance. She say she got job in Mumbai. Dilip says I m asking Radhika how did this Mumbai thing come.

Radhika gets tensed and says she applied for job and they called her for job. He says I told you my views about Mumbai, did anything got missed by her. She says I know. He asks how did she take this step. Dada ji says she has dreamt and we should support. Dilip says this can ruin her life and taunts Dada ji. He asks him to go from here. He says Riddhima’s inlaws are coming in morning, get good sleep and break the dreams. Radhika cries. Manmarziyan…………plays………….

Bony says the presentation will have fireworks and taunts Sam. Ankush asks Dada ji where is Radhika and does not get her anywhere. He tells Dilip and he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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