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Manmarziyan 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun saying he knows where is Sam its problem with messaging, the person does not know who did the message. She looks at him. Arjun pours water on her head and asks her to chill. He says you can’t do anything, I will be with Sam in next 5mins. Radhika asks Tejh for phone. Arjun stops him and says if anyone gives phone to her, the result will be same as her phone. He starts driving. Sam and Neil have a walk and talk. They see the couple arguing. The lady cries and her husband tries to explain her. Sam realizes what she did. She goes to them and tells the lady that either love or doubt should be in heart. She asks what she wants to keep.

She apologizes to the man and says she had bet with her friend that she can make them fight, she won the bet but their tears have made

her lose. She asks the lady to trust her husband. She says I m really sorry. The man asks what sorry, you did this to win bet. His wife says its my mistake, I should have trusted you, sorry. Sam smiles and comes to Neil. Neil says love is nonsense and went to say sorry after love. Sam says I want to run from love, I don’t want to make world run from love.

Someone comes and says Samaira Khanna. Sam and Neil come back in the hotel and Arjun is at reception asking for Sam. He asks the room number. Radhika says don’t say the number to him. Arjun asks what is she doing. Arjun tells the lady that this girl is mad. Radhika says Samaira does not wish to meet her, maybe he is thief or goon. Arjun says see now she will say I broke her phone, and asks Radhika to call Sam. She says you broke my phone. He asks her to call Sam by this phone and he hears the number. Radhika goes to stop him.

Sam and Neil talk to some old man and in cafeteria. Arjun buys some flowers. Radhika asks you think Sam will be happy with these flowers. He says I think I can get happiness if you disappear, can you give me some happiness? Radhika sees Sam and Neil. The man says some shayari. Neil says love comes on right time. The man says every time is right for love. Radhika stops Arjun. Sam says its time for us to see location now and asks him to wait, they will get their bags. Radhika makes Arjun busy in her talk and Arjun sees Sam and Neil.

Arjun gives the flowers in Radhika’s hand and rushes after Sam. Radhika keeps the keeps and follows him. Sam and Neil go by lift and Arjun runs by the stairs. Neil tries opening the room’s door and Sam tries. They get inside the room. Arjun gets the staircase door locked. Sam turns and looks at it. Sam goes back to room. Arjun goes downstairs and sees Radhika in his way. He angrily looks at her. Sam and Neil pack their bags. Neil says Sam gave good line to that girl, either love or doubt….. Sam recalls Arjun and gets sad. Arjun pushes Radhika and she gets hurt.

Radhika stops him and asks him not to hurt Sam’s heart, accept it that you don’t love her, why are you hurting her. He says I see my happiness in other’s tears. She says tears are not mirror, nothing is seen in it, it has just broken heart’s pain, tears can’t give you happiness, some people say white moon has dark spot, but my Dada ji says moon just looks white, it hides his darkness by his goodness, if moon can become white, you can try too. Arjun smiles and gives her flowers. She says I m saying don’t be after Sam. He takes back the flower and gives her a hammer. He breaks a vase and asks what did she do. She says I did not do this. The manager says its costly, what did you do, come with me. Arjun leaves. Sam and Neil leave the room and she says her phone…. Neil smiles. Radhika says 20000rs? I did not break this, we get such vase in 200rs in Rishikesh. Arjun says ask her why she broke it, and take money from her. He goes in the lift. The man asks why did she break it.

She recalls Neil and the Ullu Flu trick. She starts acting weird and says she broke the vase, I have Ullu Flu. She says its bad disease and hands shakes in it like this, and also head also shakes. He says fine, are you okay. She says sometimes sleeping in walk and acts to sleep. He says I did not hear about this before. She sneezes and says I did not hear too, when it happened to me, I came to know, it spreads soon, you have seen that man leaving, it was because of this and your money… He says let it be, I will manage. He lets her go and she thanks him. Neil and Sam go back to get the phone. Arjun comes to the floor and rings the bell.

Arjun misses to meet Sam. Neil and Sam go by stairs. Arjun runs to find her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. got beaten by 1 min.

  1. And 2 more things arjun neh rads ko ankh mara aur rads usseh pehle song gaya too cute

  2. wonderful epi but not in a good mood to express the epi ………
    i came to say bye to varshu priya ka sonamohan ireena sukriti ………………. bye frndsss

    1. manmarziyan rockssss with chasni and neil’s performances ……. and the new ad for manmarziyan is on sp ….. its sooo cute ad ……

      1. What is the ad devga??

  3. Nwadays i cud c tat arjun started smiling a lot !!! A very first step to fall fr chasni…

  4. Ya sanyog me 2nd u 3rd…

  5. I luv rads idea f gtng escapd… So funny….

  6. Pls devu dnt go na…

  7. not munch good

  8. Oh god! Why rad is doing this if she stop someone she can make things good going no .its no use to stop Arjun,his eyes are tied by revenge…

  9. promo…?? or in today’s episode

    1. what..?

      1. wrong place wrong cmnt

  10. Wat??

  11. Three cheers fr mz team..

  12. I can’t understand…if sam meet arjun means wat ll happen….y they drag like this way….
    I don’t know….anyway….something ll happen…believe that’ll be nice….nd again luv u arjun…ur styles r awesome :*

  13. Manmarziyan rocksss… 🙂

  14. As always

  15. Thrilling episode!!!
    The only thing I didn’t like is that Arjuna pushed rads,how rude
    Rads,u r the best .the ullu flu n the song which she sang was awesome
    Hats of 2 manmarziyan!!!

  16. Radhu&arjun please start your lovestory.sam&neil looks very quit. Anik ath valare ishtamayi

    1. Hey… r u malayali????

  17. New ad of manmarziyan is cute…..
    One thing is clear from it that arjun-radhika and neil-sam love stories will start soon………

  18. Manmarziya….Rocks….!….Arjun & Radhika pls start ur love story soon…despreatly waiting for u r lov storu..i like u both…u both just luk awsm wid each other

  19. Hated it when arjun pushed radhika..!!!
    Radhika is so sweet and innocent.. really liked the vase breaking scene .. owl flue.. and arjuns wink 🙂
    After lonavla trip smile has come on arjuns face.. which is really good.
    waiting for Ardhikas love story to come in the track…

  20. Purvi Panchal

    I hope soon ArDhika love story starts soon….

  21. All tell precap is cute but what is the precap

  22. Manmarziyan rocksssss….

    1. Kabir tu mujhe chod kar yaha a gya 😥 😛

  23. I lv tis epi

  24. rads n arjun will look soo good together n sam n neil look so cute 🙂

  25. Manmarziyan ….ROCKS!

  26. guys a wonderful news abt manmarziyan…… mainly the last few lines………. arjun’s inclination towards radhu…..

    Arjun’s anger to descend by Radhika’s constant attempts in Manmarzian

    Arjun pushes Radhika when she comes in his way to stop him from meeting Sam. Arjun runs to meet Sam and it’s a seconds away miss moment between them. Fate does not let Arjun meet Sam and he ends up being stuck with Radhika again. Sam and Neil leave the hotel and go for location hunting. Neil sees Sam’s believe in love still intact and her anger towards love because of Arjun. Sam asks Neil not to try again to rekindle her approach towards love as she is happy with just friendship in her life.

    Arjun gets his annoyance out on Radhika, whereas she gets relieved knowing Sam has left. Radhika insists on making Arjun end his plannings. She asks Arjun not to run after Sam and understand the signs from the Lord, who is stopping him from meeting Sam. Arjun recalls Nandini and his revenge undone .

    “” He feels connected with Radhika’s innocence as she reminds him of precious relations. The next track will be showing Arjun’s inclination towards Radhika, though he limits himself to take revenge from Sam. Sam-Neil and Arjun-Radhika will be finding love between them in upcoming track. Will Arjun confide about his past with Radhika? Keep reading. “”

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