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Manmarziyan 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat coming to Sam. He asks whom is she going to meet. She says Arjun. He gives her a doll, and she smiles. He says he won’t stop her and explains her. She says I want to explain Radhika, she ruined my life. He says maybe she saved you from ruining, I just know my daughter won’t be happy by ruining anyone. She says I m not finding happiness, it all ended with Arjun and Radhika’s marriage, the Sam you are finding ended in that marriage fire, there is nothing left now. He says in shayari….don’t know when will your heart door have another new knock, the house/heart is vacant, someone will come.

Nandini shows the divorce papers to Arjun and asks him to take Radhika’s sign on it, before any problem. She asks him to kick Radhika out. He says I m tired of dreaming

this revenge thing. I can’t do this. She cries and says we will go back to London, I don’t want revenge, I will die in the same fire of revenge, I don’t have complaints with you what if your promise did not get fulfilled and you lost, I have habit to cry, I felt if this happens, that habit will go, its fine. She emotionally blackmails him. He says I can’t see you sad, this will end soon, Sam still loves me, I will take your revenge soon. She smiles and hands over the papers to him, saying sign is very imp.

Neil plays the guitar. Sam calls him and he does not take the call. Arjun gets ready for dinner. Radhika looks on. Arjun asks am I looking so good that you are eating nails. She says you said I m like tomboy, bahenji type, why this husband and wife condition. He sits next to her and says you walk like guys, you are still bahenji and not win modeling contest ever, but you married me and have to come close, you have to keep wife’s duty, else I will go.

Sam is on the way and calls up Neil. He does not take her car. Arjun is on the way too. He asks someone to come to some restaurant. Arun sits sad amidst all the decorations. He gets stunned seeing Sam there. Arjun smiles seeing someone. Sam asks Neil did he get this place for dinner. Arjun greets Mrs. Mehra and Radhika is shown. He sits on the other table and serves wine. Radhika dresses in trendy gown. He says cheers and drinks the wine. Neil says feeling is imp for dinner, not place, you will never understand it Sam. He asks her to say what to present and claps. The lights come and she smiles, saying impressive.

She gives him flowers and asks about wine. He says no need, I have to save your respect, its time we become friends without wine. Teri meri dosti…….plays………… He compliments her looks and she smiles.

Radhika asks why are we sitting like this. Arjun says as your eyes don’t wish to see me, do I look so bad. She says no. He asks did she see him, then meet his eyes. She says I can’t do this what you are asking for. He asks what did I ask, if you are afraid to say, how will you do. She says I won’t. He says you don’t act to be my wife then. She says I m not acting, I m your wife. He says then do your wife’s duty. She says its not our marriage that type one. He says come on, just do it else leave me and go. She says I can’t go. He holds her hand and makes her sit on his lap, asking her to come close. He says not so soon, wait for some time. He looks at her and she gets tensed.

Sam says its amazing what you are doing Neil. Neil says I told you will have fun if you stay with me. She says I wish someone else did this. Neil massages her feet and she relaxes. He touches her foot sole and she gets moved. He asks her to come for dinner. She looks at him. He says I wish someone else gave me these looks, I m looking new right Sam? She nods. Arjun asks Radhika to see in his eyes and asks her to have this. She asks wine? He says no, French grapes juice, are you afraid, its best way to make fear away, try it. She takes a sip and reacts to its taste. He laughs and says well done.

Radhika asks Arjun to see him by her eyes, he will change his opinion about himself. Arjun and Radhika get intimate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg…renu is it true…frm wher did u get d news…its heart brkng ..rads leaves Arjun..

    wat abt truth…

    in six days wat all things r gonna happen…confusing…

  2. ireena,mandy aradhika,saji,….

    please check the above posted u tube on location video link,…

    i saw a wu comment of this video n hrishikesh pic in instagram of monica,…

    but m clueless,…wat gonna happen,…as cvs may fail my predictions,…

    please any1 post the wu of that video,…i cant see cox of poor net connection,….

    1. I have watched that video. In that,sam and rad sitting together crying. Sam is asking rad if arjun loves her.rad nods no. sam asks her then why she doesn’t leave him.rad asks her if she still loves arjun.Sam replies she doesn’t know. But without rads coming between them,she would never know her heart’s want.

      1. Then it was seen that rad was crying continuously. Sam wanted to console her.But eventually doesn’t.
        After that a short interview of Monica was that Monica told sam-rads coldness will melt SLOWLY IN SHOW.

  3. friends, u called sp 2day,…

    they said they r forwarding the request 2 the creative team,…first time they r listening 2 us i think so,…

    1. Don’t believe 2 weeks before they told me the same dialogue renu

    2. Hey renu if u read/watch swaragini den pls cum on that cmnting site !!!

  4. Renu,I didn’t know Hindi at first.but while watching manmazian, I have learnt it .hope I didn’t miss anything.

  5. @ireena,…thanx 4 the wu dear,…

    @mitty,…v ll try watever v can do n hope 4 the best dear,…ly 1 week left,….

    @mandy,…no dear,…i dinn read/watch swaragni,….mmz s the 1 which hooked me 2 watch crazily,…but after mmz,…i gonna miss all as m not interested 2 watch another daily soap dear,….

    1. Don’t say thanx,dear.because if I get one thanx ,u should get ten times more .

      1. agree,…hereafter no sorry n no thanx btw us,…gentle women agreement,…pakka,…

    2. It’s ok dear !!!

  6. Another thing, Monica didn’t mention anything about the ending of manmarzian, but she was nt looking cheerful as before.May be some miracles can happen.?????????

    1. n s dear,….i saw another bedroom scenes olv yday,..where monika looked bit annoyed,….hope some miracle happens

  7. Renu can u send dat link…abt d scene which u tld nw..rads annoyed state or something like dat..

    1. saji,…radz nahi monica,…dear,..

      i dinn ve link but i saw reporters asked about the upcoming story,…monica replied still they dinn realize their love n it takes time 2 realize n she avoided them says i ve 2 go now,…i felt monica looks bit annoyed dear,…

      1. Hey renu r u on FB !!

  8. 135 comments so far 2dy…omg

    Renu me 2 gonna mis u al..
    bt dunno sme hope lies in me

    I havnt cmmntd fr ny serial lik tis..tis s my strong bond knw…Oh God save me..its hurting

  9. Ok thanks Renu …

  10. I loveeeeeeee this show ……missing this show terribly 🙁 wonderful show
    And thanku poulomi for this wonderful synopsis of this wonderful show I wish DYM part 2 will come soon

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