Manmarziyan 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat coming to Sam. He asks whom is she going to meet. She says Arjun. He gives her a doll, and she smiles. He says he won’t stop her and explains her. She says I want to explain Radhika, she ruined my life. He says maybe she saved you from ruining, I just know my daughter won’t be happy by ruining anyone. She says I m not finding happiness, it all ended with Arjun and Radhika’s marriage, the Sam you are finding ended in that marriage fire, there is nothing left now. He says in shayari….don’t know when will your heart door have another new knock, the house/heart is vacant, someone will come.

Nandini shows the divorce papers to Arjun and asks him to take Radhika’s sign on it, before any problem. She asks him to kick Radhika out. He says I m tired of dreaming

this revenge thing. I can’t do this. She cries and says we will go back to London, I don’t want revenge, I will die in the same fire of revenge, I don’t have complaints with you what if your promise did not get fulfilled and you lost, I have habit to cry, I felt if this happens, that habit will go, its fine. She emotionally blackmails him. He says I can’t see you sad, this will end soon, Sam still loves me, I will take your revenge soon. She smiles and hands over the papers to him, saying sign is very imp.

Neil plays the guitar. Sam calls him and he does not take the call. Arjun gets ready for dinner. Radhika looks on. Arjun asks am I looking so good that you are eating nails. She says you said I m like tomboy, bahenji type, why this husband and wife condition. He sits next to her and says you walk like guys, you are still bahenji and not win modeling contest ever, but you married me and have to come close, you have to keep wife’s duty, else I will go.

Sam is on the way and calls up Neil. He does not take her car. Arjun is on the way too. He asks someone to come to some restaurant. Arun sits sad amidst all the decorations. He gets stunned seeing Sam there. Arjun smiles seeing someone. Sam asks Neil did he get this place for dinner. Arjun greets Mrs. Mehra and Radhika is shown. He sits on the other table and serves wine. Radhika dresses in trendy gown. He says cheers and drinks the wine. Neil says feeling is imp for dinner, not place, you will never understand it Sam. He asks her to say what to present and claps. The lights come and she smiles, saying impressive.

She gives him flowers and asks about wine. He says no need, I have to save your respect, its time we become friends without wine. Teri meri dosti…….plays………… He compliments her looks and she smiles.

Radhika asks why are we sitting like this. Arjun says as your eyes don’t wish to see me, do I look so bad. She says no. He asks did she see him, then meet his eyes. She says I can’t do this what you are asking for. He asks what did I ask, if you are afraid to say, how will you do. She says I won’t. He says you don’t act to be my wife then. She says I m not acting, I m your wife. He says then do your wife’s duty. She says its not our marriage that type one. He says come on, just do it else leave me and go. She says I can’t go. He holds her hand and makes her sit on his lap, asking her to come close. He says not so soon, wait for some time. He looks at her and she gets tensed.

Sam says its amazing what you are doing Neil. Neil says I told you will have fun if you stay with me. She says I wish someone else did this. Neil massages her feet and she relaxes. He touches her foot sole and she gets moved. He asks her to come for dinner. She looks at him. He says I wish someone else gave me these looks, I m looking new right Sam? She nods. Arjun asks Radhika to see in his eyes and asks her to have this. She asks wine? He says no, French grapes juice, are you afraid, its best way to make fear away, try it. She takes a sip and reacts to its taste. He laughs and says well done.

Radhika asks Arjun to see him by her eyes, he will change his opinion about himself. Arjun and Radhika get intimate.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annie

    Loved today’s episode!! Just cant wait to see tomorrow. .. rads wss lokn super hot!! Loved all the moments.. the first scene of Ardhika was really cute..
    Atleat sp should show mmz for 1 hr in these last 8 days. .
    Love mmz…

  2. omg wht gonna happen tomorrow… waiting for it…radhikas outfit was nt that much attractive…neil rocked it man…convinced sam….love aradhika moment…arjun refuses to take badala bt that witch nandini did drama..hate nandu…renu plz post your pov.

  3. happy

    i dont like arjun today….y he doing this…poor rad….he torturing her….what ll she do…i have one doubt….how ll he make love in her heart….by doing physical touch…..i hate this point of view…precap made me feeling so bad….how this scene come within short period of point….without love in one heart…she likes her as good person…she tellling his wife often for saving her friend by remembering him as he married….bt he takes over advantage…..i hate this…..they ruined his character….if u not give proper ending dont make any serial….you must give ur ending with some good message……after all i dont this track…

  4. abi

    longtime….i m back to share my feelings…….
    i cant eplain it words…….neil luv u so much,,,,,,,today i luv nesam sceans compare ith ardhika…………….thir scean also nice only…….

    actually this arjun at he wants…….rads luv or somthing else……..

    “i m waiting for ur comments frrnds……”come on make it fast…

    • mitty

      Abi where were u??? Enge poch ? Back to comments I liked today’s episode …pre cap also awesome nyway 8 more days feeling sad. Renu waiting for yr explanation. …today I spoke to that crap channel sp idiots they said 29th they gonna axe the show mmz. change. ..they gonna airing another mental show sumit. ..

    • happy

      hi abi….hw r u…..i hope u dont fine by ending of this our fav show….neil scenes amazing…..superb actor….i dont like ardhika scene…sry…i iove this pair….bt cant see these scenes without making logic….sry friend….i am feeling bad after nxt week i miss all my friends….miss u all….

  5. I didn’t like arjun forcing radhu to have drink its obivous that after drinking no one will behave as a normal person here also arjun fails too make radhu realize about his love nd I didn’t understand todays arjun and nandini ..1st time its was strange between them ..I mean always arjun was falling for nandini words but today he was convincing nan …today I really like nesam scence but I hope sam will not come again to her initial mode but compare to nesam I like ardhikha scenes bec still I feel like nesam r just frnds but in ardhikha we can see as like the couple and that made to attract us for them…like poles repel each other unlike poles attract eachother…

  6. Manu

    Neilll♥♥♥.. you r rocking man.. your smile kills me.. other than him nothing special today..very normal episode.. looking fwd for tomoro’s episode..

  7. Superb chemistry between ardhika and Neilsam lived it waiting for next episode. Soo good.
    what a cunning woman nandhini take
    n revenge on spoiling his brother life

  8. nish

    What baaaaaaaa my face opened I couldn’t n can’t see further episodes as my mids are starting from Saturday but man I really missed today n tomorrow too I ll miss. What actually what I can’t believe my eyes. What I read in precap okie rafs was drunk but arjun tune bhi pee li thi kya. Don’t say u did so to make her feel guilty for sam n sign divorce paper plzz don say it was ur plan arjun u can’t just take her respect like this for ur stupid sisters stupid revenge. Plzz I hope arjun was also drunk n didn’t do this deliberately plzzz. I trust u arjun ure an angel n not devil. Fingers crossed he was also drunk god. Baki toh too fast baki mmz. All other serials like yhm dragging n showing after 1.5 yr eisa kuch hua bhi tha. N star plus go to hell with ur sas bahu serial n one more sas bahu catfight added sumit smbhal legha go to hell sp+

  9. kfar

    Kitni bhi bhardo tum nafraton ki ladaiyan,
    Kaise nikalogi tum teen dil ki yaariyan,
    Samajhke tum apne di ki manmarziyan…

    First scene killed it for me. Sam’s confusion was not over going to Neil but for the date with Arjun says it all. She knows that she will obviously go for Neil. Because Neil comes first. We can see friendship is focussed here. Rads sacrifices everything for Sam. Neil admonishes Sam and supports rads. Sam, when threatened to forever losing friendship with Neil wouldn’t take a rash decision. Love is second priority. Because friendship is important. Makes the three characters of serial outstanding. Arjun , I still don’t get. He is much more leaning towards Rads now. Well, this is one complex character still not revealing his true motives. Either good or bad, I’m clueless. He is torned between love, sister duty and sense of doing good or…I don’t know.
    Well the poem went dramatic, I know. Directed at obviously the evil witchy witch Nandini.;)

    Okay, so next scene, must say my jaw dropped, eyes went wide. The back..ahem…I didn’t know it Rad’s. Seriously man, I was that clueless.

    The fourth scene- Mind melt- Arjun touching Rad’s back…ahem ahem. My mind evoparated the plot of my story.

    The next- Arjun pulling Rads on his ahem..ahem..cough..lap. My mind blanked out. Whoa whoa and whoa;)

    The next- The heighlight one- hands off goes to MR. NEIL. Yes, the guy killed for me next. Literally

  10. Ira afroz

    Guys……missed today’s episode
    .Damn it!!!!!

    Just miss a amazing episode…
    Ireena…share ur opinions guys.Which part u guys like most???

    And yeah….in precap what kind of intimate moments ardhika having ???????

    • happy

      hi ira….in today episode….nesam scenes amazing….super acting….felt like didnt like ardhika that much….so much fast….

    • mitty

      Today’s episode was good. ..but I also dint lyk Arjun radhika much. is gonna end rite so they’re in a hurry .Neil was too good nd Sam was luking pretty

    • lreena

      To be frank,I like samiel part than any other else,ira.I don’t like the way arjun is forcing rad.he isnt committing his love,rather behaving odd.don’t know how will it finish❔❓❕❗⁉

      • Ira afroz

        I got ur point.But dear! They have to drag it fast as Manmerziayan has left 1 week to end.And about Arjun get force to Radhika.I guess he so desperate…ha ha ha ha.

        All lady’s in this show made his life to complicated.
        Nandini -she pushed him to take revenge.
        Sam – Want to come back his life.
        Radhika – she is want him to back from all revenge stuff.Act lyk as wife but don’t allow him to her closeness even didn say she has feeling for him.

    • lreena

      Really it is.hardly 8 more. Don’t know sp will put another mega episode to divert manmarzian. But when will secret disclosure??nandini,rad,samrat,sam reactions?friendships, love.I don’t get a clue even

  11. Janaki

    Loved Neil more than anyone else in todays epi….poor guy had selfless love towards Sam and hope She realizes this sooner.

    Arjun was damn hot and green did not suit Radhika at all. She was looking beautiful though. We all dint like what Arjun was doin today but let me remind all Arjun knows deep down in his heart that he has unconditional love for Radhika and same is the case with Radhika. He understood that Radhika loves him hence he started asking her to “look into my eyes” “call me arjun” etc..,although his ulterior motive was to “bhagao Radhika” his inner feelings always crops up

    • Ira afroz


      i also read it that SPOILER News…it sounds damn romantic.Ardhika went to a party.Arjun takes Rads in his arms and take her near his car and say i want to say something Radhika.He comes closer to her.Radhika get nervous and say to Arjun to leave her.But Arjun holds her tightly.
      Go to tell her i love……then his phone get ringing.

    • happy

      annie pls read that clearly…when he confess his love,his phone ll ring…..again his revenge thing ll come…..

      • Annie

        I read it… but they will surely overcome it as the show is gonna end … so they cant drag .. they will hve to cnfess their love to each other

    • lreena

      I also want to download all episodes of manmarzian. But hotstar is nt available in my country.then how can I download it???plz.guys tell me.

  12. I think arjun wanted to do all this because this type of torture activities radiaka left arjUN he known radhika did not allow him to reach Sam so he selected this type of way

  13. rosy

    Arjun is literally provoking rads to consummate da marriage…wen he shd b sad dat his presence doesnt affect rad’s heart he is forcng her to get intimate….!!!.
    How ridiculous n sarcastic he is…wat arjun is thnkng to break rad lyk dis ???? there wl b no difference b/w him nd a blackmailer….

    It wud hav been good enuf to show him dat he hav dis feelngs of love for rads knwn to himself n jst avoidng it to avenge nandu…

    Howevr arjun is stl nt sure dat he actually love rads,,,or not !!!!
    He is riding on both da boats at da same tym nd he wl hav to fall….
    Waitng for tmrw…it wl b great to watch arjun nd rads romance bt then also im nt lykng da concept….

  14. charu episide was nice..Im waiting fr tmrws episode..nicwe n interestin to watch this serial..oh god plss let tmrw cme soonn..waiting to watch aradhika romance. .

  15. saji

    Todays epi was,ok..

    bt i felt something was missng in todays ardhika moments…dat cuteness in der love..wen compared to der other moments in,prev episodes..

    i felt a rush in every scene…dnt knw its my point of view..

    lets c tomorrows episode.

  16. mamatha

    love ardhika moments and monica looks very hot and beutiful on that outfit …show more and more ardhika scenes

  17. mamatha

    love ardhika moments and monica looks very hot and beutiful on that outfit …show more and more ardhika scenes ….

  18. saji

    Todays epi was ok..

    today i felt something missng in ardhika scene…d cuteness in,der love …wen compared to der other scenes in,prev episodes..

    i felt a rush in every scene…its my pov…dnt knw whether its correct.

    waitng for tomorrows episode…

  19. Riya

    Really Arjun and Radhika love story like Arnav and khushi love story
    am like ipkknd always but 2 nd time I always like this show……

  20. kfar

    Next part- Neil touching Sam’s spread out feet.

    The scene killed it all over.

    It’s not just Neil’s touch.

    it, but Neil’s Mischieviois/Shy/Smug/hot/s*xy/innocent smile directed at Sam’s reaction to his touch. His confidence increased ten fold judging by her reaction. It’s like him thinking…

    “Hmm, So, you are not totally unaffected by me as I thought so.”

    The reaction to that confidence of Neil’s lead Sam to look at him so intensely and affectedly, and also romantically.

    Seems like my hyperactiveness is commiting typos, so, so sorry for that.

    See how I’m going crazy over today’s episode. If Neil’s ‘whoa where did you come from Mr. Dazzling half smile’ did to me, then what if Arjun does the same….it’s going to be heart fail killer one.

    Today’s episode was deciding one. I’m really sorry for whoever missed it.

    Crying bucket full of tears, I’m going to miss tomorrow’s ‘Holy moly and a plate full of glaucomoli, ‘oh my god, I going to die episode’. Because, sadly I have to attend this wedding:(

    Please u all, don’t miss tmrws epi:D

    it’s going to be Fan….wait for it…tasssssssticallllll:)

    till den, adios mi amigas:X
    KEEP Rocking u guys, lv all:D

    • Ira afroz

      But last i was saw it was .90.
      I don’t understand this TRP rating.
      How can this kind of amazing and conceptual show get such poor rated TRP????

    • lreena

      It’s really sorry mitty.why it happens?all serials are improving. Why it only happens to our manmazian?even repeat telecasting get much trp.???

    • Annie

      All new concepts get sporeciations.. I think its just s conspiracy to put an early end to manmarziyan. . If this happend with yhm or yrkh. Then starplus would show thei repeats all the tym just to increase the trp but in this cade thry have not taken that initiative too.. I dont know ehag people get in watching those craps ??,!! All bogus and illogical concepts. At least we can connect with the charecters ogfmmz.. who the hell feel that her life us lyk akshara or that dumb gopi bahu..
      I am sorry if anyone is hurt by my comments but I hsve no other option than saying all these.. really starplus just go to hell!!! And 1 more thing this new show will never get good trps..

  21. abi

    oh yeah happy nd mitty….daily n8 …..fter read ur comments then only i go to sleep

    i ll miss u guys……but i want a wounderfull nd acceptable conclusion to our fav show……
    eventhough it s a short period……we cant forget dis show…..becoz we really enjoyed here……..i dont knnow HOW TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS IN WORDS,,,,,,BUT I REALLY MIISS U GUYS…….:-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  22. haya

    As we know arjun loves radhika…
    Radhika also have the feeling that he is a good man and she want to keep this marriage also…. She knows that its nandini who is creating hatred…. She also have a feeling that he cares for her and he have some feelings for her… She identified it when he took her away from Sam when she insulted her.she asks him about the same in the last episode…. In real every marriage is not after developing love… The first is that we need a good person then the love starts with the care trust and all… Here radhika knew that he is a good person,he cares for her too…and from the start itself it is not shown that she need a marriage after love…. She was going to marry saral whom she doesn’t love but was ready only because her family want so… She also knew that he respects her too…

    For arjun he want to part away from radhika only because of that stupid revenge… He sometimes even forget about the revenge when he is with radhika… He know that he can’t get a divorce from her other than this way….
    Humiliate her and torture her….

    But the wine will do its job….

    The most important reason is that they don’t have enough time to show all this in detail…. If they are given more time the story will be different….

  23. kfar

    Thank you Renu for loving and commenting on my story:)
    Happy that u liked it:D

    Trp’s went low again? heck! not good:/

    I don’t why the 8pm show get’s to stay while this show get’s a back burner. Sorry, about whoever the fans are of that show. Don’t find the lead character funny at all.

    They did the same thing iss pyaar ko kya naam doon show(1), because of trp ratings and lead actor leaving the show.

    I felt sad that they ended it and I feel sad that now they are ending this one too.

  24. Riya

    If you use android phone then download the app from playstore and watch all the show online
    Only star branches channel show you can watch.

  25. Rads

    First f al…sam was lookin gorgeous tdy…..samneil part was too romantic than aradika(juz fr dis epi)….i dn think so arjun s doin al dese to get radika sign on divorce paper…. I guess he s doin al dese to make her speak out her heart dat she lyks him…..n i guess dis date plan was executd by d guys…hw cme sam n radz knw d venue f dinner? Neil wld hav told radz abt arjun dinner venue and i guess arjun msgd sam abt Neil dinner venue……i guess those two guys wld hav planned togeter to bring the ladies to deir senses n propose dem….i guess dis tym arjun wld hav actd n front f nandini to soothe her…..n i saw an ol video…arjun n radz won’t consanmuate deir marriage….as usual arjun cldnt get closer fr lng tym wid radz…he s still nt over his sis revenge plan completely….hope fr d best….

  26. deepa

    Both aradhica and nesam scenes are very nice……both couples are very hot…….waiting eagerly for 2mrw episodes…….am dieing to watch it……renu wru……waiting for ur explanation…..

  27. renu

    hiii friends,…

    2day the show stealer s Mr.DEVIL MEHRA,…yday i taunted him so much 4 his deeds by small miss understanding created by cvs,…if they showed some decency in first scene of yday’s epi,..many ll not felt arjun’s character has been butchered,…i felt direction s lagging some where in yday’s epi n in 2day’s epi,…but i loved 2day’s epi very much including nandhu – arjun convo,…my heart feeling like crying as show gonna end by 6 epi as trp s low again n sp ll not back off their revenge over youth show even my devil arjun mehra gonna back off 4m his revenge,…

    its k now coming 2 2day’s epi,…happy,mitty,..n all,…i felt u all r stick on2 the very 1st scene of yday’s epi r8,..i also felt bad but its due 2 poor direction,..

    B4 going 2 2day’s epi,…i wanna clear arjun’s actual thinking 4m his POV,…arjun may flirt with any girl but ll never take advantage,…i dunno u ve seen sam n arjun’s sarry draping scene n colorscene of ardhika in earlier episodes,…there too sam allowed him 2 do so,..but arjun went 2 almost kiss her but without any feeling proximity 4m his side as he portrayed a winny look of trapping sam in his net 4 his revenge,..nothing more than else,..but i felt after falling madly with radz he shouldnt do this r atleast he might feel guilty 4 his act,..tat was missing yday n 2day i got it,…but y the cvs r not showing arjun’s inner monologue,…(tas y i said poor editing n direction cox of SP,…)so that can many ppl may understand wat s arjun up 2,…it makes many 2 feel arjun as confused person,…but answer 4 ur question s a big yes,…..He s facing a big emotional turmoil at present as he felt ashamed 4 his deeds,..cvs explained his state wen arjun hears divorce offer 4m his dear sis,..he was broken all along,…he even cried b4 nandhu n asked wat v gain 4m this revenge,..this s not his fear of losing radz but also he dinn like wat he doing with sam,..his expression 2 nandhu b4 saying tat sam still loves me clears my missunderstanding,…poor boy now he s at the edge of breaking his revenge wall built by his nandhu,…n nandhu forcing him 2 break it sooner by her emotional blackmail,…he again succumbs 2 his sister’s plot but he uses words cleverly that he promised her tat he ll end this game soon but never said tat he ll divorce radz as per her wish, a big smile on my face after watching this scene as revenge drama gonna end soon,..but wat 2 do serial also gonna end,…..Friends do u noticed tat first arjun tries 2 make nandhu 2 leave this all revenge games,…..a GOOD BEGINNING 4 GOOD END,…

    k stopping my arjun’s philosophy,…now coming 2 episode,…i loved nesam scenes n ardhika scenes sooooo much,…i dunno how i gonna express all my thots,….

    & another Revenge drama gonna end 4m sam’s side,…i loved samrat’s piece of advice but y cant he reveal his deeds 2 every1 n put a full stop 2 all these games as he s the main key 4 these 2 revenge games,…m not going deeper in2 this,..n wanna mention 1 thing,..samrat’s last dialogue makes sam 2 feel 4 neil,….n i think samrat s not at all being at fault as nandhini s the whole cause 4 their affair,…he may b a genuine person as he dont want sam 2 reach arjun,…its k now no point of discussing it here,..

    1.NESAM,…(cox i wanna write an essay about my babies later)

    Actually friends,..dinner party s 4 sam n arjun but these 2 r searching 4 their partners n even dinn inform the other about their absence,..they totally 4get their revenge sagas b4 their love,…its quite interesting,…

    oh my gosh,…sam saved neil name as neil in her phone,..last time i saw it as idiot,…hmmm this girl started feeling neil’s love,….2day her longing looks at neil s a very first step in their love life journey but cvs gonna rush it,..loved neil’s look n his new avatar n also his surprise,..m quite impressed man,…i really loved how neil make sam feel sth new by caressing her feet,..i liked sam’s change of expression n her looks n also the way neil turned the plate by asking her 2 not look him like this as some1 ve 2 look at him like this,….nice neil,..

    These arjun n sam r quite loving their partners n behave normally wen they r with their loved ones but easily back out 4m their love by getting manipulated by nandhini in case of arjun n arjun in case of sam,…


    Arjun knew that he gonna divorce radz as per her sis wish n he himseelf ll b running in2 the darkness 4ever after this move,…so,he wanna spend some lovable moments with radz 2 cherish those lovable memories in his pouch secretly,…this man s so lost in his love n his loyalty 4 his sister,..he offered that husband wife game challenge 2 radz 2 check her as how far she going 4 her sam,…this guy tried all the way 2 get the feelings 4 him 4m his wife,…
    1.he physically seduced her many times 2 get a reaxn 4m her
    2.then he tries 2 make her feel jealous over sam
    3.he openly asked her 4 SR 2 get a reply 4m her,…

    but still now he dinn get any +ve replies 4m radz side,..but he guessed after their hug,that radz also affected by his proximity n so he repeats it again n again 2 make her confess her feelings 2wards him,..he dinn like radz connected with him ly cox of sam,…..wat 2 say about htis guy yaar,…he himself want his ladylove away 4m him as she deserves better life acc 2 him but at the same time he never lose any chance 2 b close with her n despo in knowing her feeling,…wat u gonna do arjun after knowing her feelings u gonna divorce her n ll fulfill ur sis wish n u ll die slowly with these memories,….but v know u can 4got ur revenge but u cant imagine ur life without radz,….

    & friends,…Arjun s true himself ly b4 Radz right 4m their first encounter,…even b4 falling in love with her,..he never played anything r lied b4 radz ,…as he feels free wenever he s with radz alone,…i remembered his balcony dialogue in lonovla trip,..tat’s the very reason i want radz 2 not leave arjun now,..he ll b shattered if radz left him,…even yday,wen she asked about his dinner date with sam,he said s i waited 4 years 2 reach sam radhika,…he put a fake mask over him b4 every1 except radz,…b4 radz he can b true himself tats the reason radz trying 2 bring his goodness which s hidden deep inside by the darkness over shaded as revenge outside,….

    2day he s in full mood 2 tease his lady love as its the last day of his life 2 enjoy every moments with her,…r8 4m the dressing scene,..loved naughty arjun,…’u r bitting ur nails as i look so handsome,…’omg,his dialogue about behaenji affected my radz,…i loved her expression wen she asked ‘u ly said,m a behenji n looks like a guy,..then y r u keeping this hubby wifey game cahllenge’ arjun liked this radhika n his reply 4 her question s purely deep 4m his heart as he s so much in love man,..’u dinn looks like a guy but u walks like a guy,..(mr.mehra,..u watched her every move,..hmmm v know u stared at her many times n its wonder if u miss any small thing of her,..)n behenji,…u r not going 2 win a modeling contest,…this shows how u love ur wife man then y r u hiding ur love man,..then provokes her by saying,’if u not allow me,then i ve 2 go 2 my girl friend’ nice try mehra n friends,….radz felt jealous instead of her save sam mission here,..

    Then how many of u loved his husky voice over phone n guessed he s speaking with radz,…i found it well b4 by his big smile n he s deliberately imagining many things with radz,…i loved wen he said come fast n his expression,…n wen he entered the venue,he had a big smile seeing his wife waiting 4 him,….N i loved wen he called radz as Mrs.Mehra,….

    Then his continuous teasing radz ,…wat m looking so horrible tat u cant see me,…n wen radz replied no no sir,…n then radz telling him tat she cant give wat he asking 4,…he pretends tat he dunno wat it s n asked her 2 say it,….n teased her with tat ‘it’,…u cant even say it in ur mouth then how can u do it,…omg u r killing radz by ur words man,…she already feeling nervous n u r igniting fire in it,..wen she said i cant leave,..he has big winning smile over his face,…(i wanna say ahem did this perfectly)i wonder how mr.mehra’s hands r away 4m radz ,…then he proved my point by caressing her back n fired radz with her nervousness,…the way he made her sit on his lap,…he s loving each n every moment but my radz s fuming in tension n she parts herself 4m him n obeyed his order as a cute wife,….

    Friends,…cvs always show alternatively,…LAst time nesam were drunk n this time ardhika were drunk n nesam being alcohol free,…

    2day naughty arjun leaves no way 2 tease his wife,..btw he s more interested in his champagne than tension radz,..he want radz 2 b free with him as its the last chance 4 him n so he asked her 2 drink 2 come out of her fear,..the way he said wine as france grape k juice sth na,..m laughing literally here n radz knew tat s alcohol but she drink that as she herself cant control her fear,…the way she drank it in 1 gulp n the expression over her face after drinking s highly commendable,…(loved monica’s expression),…

    2morrow ll b a promissing epi where arjun ll try 2 find out radz feeling 4 him as she drunk,..she ll not hide her feelings na n precap looks like radz gonna fall 4 him wen he backs off 4m consummation n arjun gonna put a endcard 2 his revenge game as he cant get sign 4m radz in divorce paper,…n eagerly waiting 4 this episode,…

    Friends,…as my wish s arjun 2 regret 4 his mis deeds b4 revealing nandhu’s truth as radhika’s goodness ll change him as her words have high impact on him,….her confident in believing goodness in him ll change arjun completely,…

    now show s going in a right track,..but again TRP s 0.7,..but online trp increased as mmz is in 5th position,…but they ll not consider online trp,….so,sp ll not back off 4m their decision 2 end this story,..m feeling bad n again hope this show survives as it has huge potential in it,…fingers crossed

    asusual dinn read wat i wrote,..sry 4 mistakes any,…

    • shaki

      Wow nice!!! Thanks renu :D. Your review is fabulous. I am gonna watch the episode today ( in our country its telecasting one day later)

      • happy

        sry renu….in my point of u…arjun doing over….he torturing her….without love in one side…he doesnt do physical touch forcebily….

  28. Nakshatra

    Going to miss this show very badly..hope ahem will come back with extraordinary show…but not on star plus..

  29. mitty

    Thanks renu for the beautiful explanation. …..nd once again I hate crap mental brainless heartless channel star plus for axing my favourite show. ….

  30. vinu

    I liked ardhika and nesam scene very much. But I felt radhika’s outfit may be in some dark bright color instead of this green.and I’m gonna miss this show badly.but I can see old eposodes in hotstar.bcoz I lost my hope and already set my mind for missing it.I’m gonna miss ur comments too.especially renus explanation. Sema renu.I think u have capacity to attract people through ur writing.bye friends.I don’t think I’ll be commenting again in this blog.

  31. vinu

    I liked ardhika and nesam scene very much. But I felt radhika’s outfit may be in some dark bright color instead of this green.and I’m gonna miss this show badly.but I can see old eposodes in hotstar.bcoz I lost my hope and already set my mind for missing it.I’m gonna miss ur comments too.especially renus explanation. Sema renu.I think u have capacity to attract people through ur writing.bye friends.I don’t think I’ll be commenting again in this blog.bye!!!

  32. wooooooooooow,i really like RADZ dress.i like this drama.plz dont end this drama.RENU U did a great job yaar.i really love ur explanations.

  33. shaki

    I really want to download episodes with English subtitles as I can’t understand Hindi. I want to keep this sweet love story with me forever!!!! I just hope some one could publish this story as a book. I’m sure it will be a number one selling Indian book!!

    • lreena

      I wanted to download hotstar from play store. But I find there hotstar is only available in ur country. It’s only available in india

  34. Thena

    oh neel! tis man is too much…fr the past 1 week he has been stealing the show….

    and cmng to RENU..u r amzng yaar..urs s like a rmntc novel..its like 2 in 1 know…reading as wl as wtchng…u ve no clue hw much u excite gonna mis my mmz soon..tis vry thot s kllng thanks fr ur amzng cmmnts yaar….keep rckng…

  35. saji

    Huge applause to Renu…well done…explanatn is awesome…

    will miss mmz n dese discussions…mmz connected a lot of people thru dis space…whom v never knew or met before…great…

    will miss everything badly…

  36. kfar

    Heya! Good morning everyone:)

    So, I’m gonna start the story where I left off yesterday. If anyone doesn’t like intense love stories then please don’t read any further. Again, here we go my lovelies…


    Radhika didn’t make sense and she was embarrassing herself and the guy but her body and mind reacted to the incident badly. It was out of her control.

    With blurring tears, she looked up to see who the guy was. She blinked several times. Tears flowed out of her eyes and travelled down her cheeks clearing her vision. Her sobs turned to hiccups. Deep brown sizzling eyes clashed with her blue ones. She sucked in a breath. Her already scrambled mind was turning witless. Her eyes maybe were acting up through the shock of her breakdown or she had gone truly crazy, also due to the shock, because, her rescuer was none other than Arjun Mehra. The guy whom she stared at always. The guy was her silent prince. The prince, the unreachable territory in her life. She was clutching his sweatshirt so tight, as if her life depended on it. She was so terribly shocked that she could do nothing but stare at him wide eyed. Oh, crap, She had sobbed and drenched rivulets on his chest as if a five year old kid.

    Reality seem to set in. God, he would think she was a freak or more worse a mad case. Her body stiffened by the minute, hiccups attacked her throat crimsoning her cheeks. His intense stare all over her face. She couldn’t read him. She really wasn’t in the state. Still, she could see he didn’t have any expression over his face. His lips were tightly held. His cheek bones were as chiselled. His eyebrows sharp. His eyes impassive. If she could compare his now looking at his face this close then a marble cut sculptor would have a better expression than the one he was gracing her with. Warmth was spreading through her body from all over from her waist and it was because his incredibly large hands held her waist tight, her front was totally without an inch of gap was plastered to his body. Radhika stood at an average height of 5’5 and he was good five inch taller than her, thoroughly dwarfing her tiny body with his tall and broad shouldered muscles.

    He was so manly. His hold on her waist tightened. Her face was upturned to his. He had bent and now he was only mere inches from her. Her chest heaved up and down on his, rubbing against his warmth. Her body shivered in a different kind of response. His eyes slid all over her face again. She felt her face heat up. Her eyes strayed to his lips which were really close to his. They were soft. His breath was falling on her lips. She reached up on her tip toes and put her lips on his. A delicate touch, just a whisper, but it sent shock waves into her body from the tingles started on her lips. His lips were firm and soft. He didn’t respond. Radhika didn’t know what she was doing. It was like as if she was in a trance. She again pressed her lips to the corners. The only response she got was from him was tightening of his hands on her waist other than that he stood stock still.

    In the next minute, her body froze in extreme fight.

    “Arjun? Are you still here?” His girlfriend, Sonam Rathore’s enquiring voice broke the fog of heat from her mind.

    Her eyes widened. Crap. What had she done? She jerked her head back and was out of his arms in seconds. Crap. Crap. Crapity crap. She just threw herself on Arjun Mehra. The Arjun Mehra. The most popular guy in college. What wad she thinking? Strike that, She wasn’t thinking at all. His eyes narrowed at the steps she took distancing herself from him. Oh, god, he wasn’t going to tell on her, was he? He seemed angry or annoyed based on his drawn up eyebrows. His lips thinned out. Yep, she managed to anger the passive guy. His fierce expression said so. His eyes slid to hers next. The brown orbs blazed into her

  37. abi


    In daily update,i m waiting for ur comment yaar…i didnt tell u b4 bt ur comment has uniqueness ya…..really its really amazing nd no words to appreciate you……if the writter see ur comment, they should feel proud abt their show nd a true fan like u……..we also fan for this show……………………………but,………………….

    we never wrote any essay on comments…..yar….sseriously u r neverr replaced by anyone ……….

    i really enjoyed ur every comment abt daily episode than this written update…..promise……………

    in early episode where were u renu …now i feel….missed ur comment for those early episode ………..luv ur comments renu ……KEEP IT UP……..BYE

    • renu

      thanx 4 ur love dear,….

      i dinn find this site in earlier episodes dear,….n missed u all earlier,….n i want 2 continue now,but irony s show s ending,….

      i cant connect with any other daily soap easily,…so,may b this s the last serial 4 me,…

      i still hope that some miracle save this serial,….

  38. kfar

    His brown orbs blazed into her her light hazel ones swirling her into an oceanic storm. Not agsin. She had stopped dead when his gaze hit hers. She wasn’t going to make a fool of herself again. His eyes locked with hers told hers told het something, they seem to propel her body back to his.

    “Arjun?” This time the voice grew louder and closer.

    Radhika jumped back. She wasn’t even aware when she had closed the distance and came ibto touching range to his body again. Damn, was he a magnet or what?

    She spun around before he could spell the magic of his eyes again. She ran so fast as if the very devil was at her back.

    She hurried towards the library and saw that it was locked. Damn, the woman really left. If Arjun had not opened the door to the store room she might as well have been locked in it till morning. Her bag was on the bench outside of the library. At least, Mrs. Rosa put her bag outside.

    Radhika swung the straps of her college bag on her shoulders and meandered her way out of the campus. What was Arjun doing near the store room? thst too this late. The frown marring her forehead cleared. Oh, yes the gym. It was beside the store room. He had been working out. With his girlfriend, she thought wryly.

    What made het kiss him, geez. He didn’t kiss back, the guy as well be a marble statue. Her first kiss haf been one sided. Crap, how humiliating, but she was thankful to him. If she had been locked in all night, what would have happened. She shivered. It was dark outside and freezing. Walking again. She knew Viren wouldn’t come to take her home. He never came. She lied to het step parents that he did. Every time.

    Thankfully, the college wasn’t as that far. It was a mile distance. Yeah, she could walk that much. The street lights helped but they were still dim. She reached the rich lane half an hour later. It was brightly lit. The light obviously coming from the rows of beautiful and large houses. The end house was Arjun’s and the lane starting next to his house was terribly dark. Radhika stopped dead and gulped…..

    THat’S ThAT FoR NoW….:)

    Next PaRt..wen I hv TiME:D

    HoPE, LoVE, CoMMenT on my story:)

    TiLL den, KeeP RocKING..
    Lv AlL:)

  39. Riya

    Khwaahisho pe likh dil ki ye aarziya
    kese yah manmarziya..
    Nafraton men mila tu mujhe ese tarah
    dil ye sambhal na seka……..

  40. Natasha

    After 29August I will miss u guys. Mitty, happy,abi,renu,nakshatra,afroz,ireena,annie,shaki I will miss u. I don’t know whether we will again to comment to each other. Hope u all stay happy & blessed. Coming to mmz, I don’t know if it could give us a good ending. But hoping for a good & memorable ending.

  41. raashi

    In order to wrap up d show by 29 th aug these idiotic cvs are butchering Arjun’s character:-( sp, I hate u…everything happening coz of them…grrr…but I loved the actors..

  42. poulomi

    Hey guys… I am not a regular commentator in this website but I do read all your comments and just like you people I am a big fan of this series. I have done all crazy things to watch this show. Its sad its gonna end so soon (I anticipated some sizzling romance between Aradhika) but at least this show will not be infinite. All I understand as of now (after researching about the show) is that Star plus has messed up enough times with the original content (Nandini di was not a part of the show. The revenge drama was to be solely on Arjun and he was supposed to be avenging Nandini’s suicide), they had interfered with the creators original plot and made it into a SaaS bahu khichdi. The legendary creator Siddharth Kr. Tewary found it nauseating and its their pls to pull of the show rather than spoiling the essence any further.

    I donno the entire real story but here’s what I feel about the show. Since its gonna get off air, a small recap of all what happened throughout.

    There’s a charming and ambitious girl Radhika who is a typical girl next door. Although coming from a decent traditional Misra family, she has dreams to become something. She doesn’t want to be like any other girl whose ultimate goal is to get married. She wants to see the world and live a life of independence.

    A girl named Samaira Khanna comes to her shop. She is a flamboyant independent lady with a charismatic personality. A successful copywriter, she comes to ask for a 6m rope for her shoot. Radhika mistakes her to commiting suicide. They waste their time quarreling and things sort out.

    Radhika falls for her fearlessness and meets her again, luckily saving Samaira at a time of crisis. Her line saves the shoot and Samaira offers her to join Bird Song. Radhika dreams of her new life…

    Samaira is a lonely girl who looks happy outside, but internally she is shattered. Her past and present are all into darkness. She hates herself for causing an accident, hence being a cause of her brothers demise. She has tough relations with her mother who is also her boss. Samaira craves to prove herself but fails everytime, hence running away for an escape, aloof somewhere. Her only solace is her ‘idiot’, her chuddy buddy Neil. Neil knows her tragedy. Secretly he loves her.

    Radhika comes to Mumbai after great struggle. She almost got married to Saral, nearly saving herself only to engagement. Saral is the brother of her Jiju, also her neighborer and a psycho lover. He is one dehati fellow.

    Radhika sets her foot to the office, only to find Samaira joking. A great drama happens and people accuse each other for their miseries. Ultimately Piyali Khanna allows Radhika to work in Bird Song.

    Samaira is humiliated and plans to take revenge. Her relation with her mother also makes her tough and rebellious hence leaving the office several times abruptly. Here she bumps into a mysterious man, Arjun. He seems to beat a dog, but eventually turns to be saving the dog.

    Arjun is enigmatic. He holds a mystique making any girl fall for his intense looks. Samaira for the first time forgets all her troubles. His words, his thoughts make her melt and that’s it, the next day she wakes up as a new girl, confident enough to face her mother.

    She comes to office, this time taking no shit from her mother, infact shutting her up. She also troubles our Chashni at times. But Radhika is ready to fly. She cares not what troubles come her way. Neil worries for Samaira and Chashni both. But everything turns to be alright.

    Soon the mystery man Arjun appears again, this time as their new boss. He is under Piyali and claims to join bird song for Samrat Khanna, Samairas father, who in the field of Ad-marketing has been a big time legend. His first presentation is however a surprise, he had used Samairas pics. Neil and Sam find it fishy and try to keep a distance from her. Radhika manages to enter the conference, a little late though due the office bullies. That’s first encounter of Arjun and Radhika : Arjun in the mid his mission and a bubbly girl out of nowhere spoils his work.

    Radhika and Arjun always encounter in awkward situations, when Arjun always scolds her or scorns her off. Radhika eventually despises her. Piyali throws a party for Arjuns entry. Radhika worries if she comes late home she may be thrown out by her auntie.

    In the party Arjun succeeds to impress Sam. Radhika rushes to go home soon but is misguided by the office bullies. She is eventually thrown out of the house, wandering on the street and wondering where to go. Samaira has a fight with her mother, as a result of which she too leaves her house. Co incidentally both decide to stay in the office.

    Radhika and samaira sleep together, radhika waking all night. Morning she fells asleep, hence missing her talk with her family. The damage had been done, her parents had come to know of her situation and her mother demands her to come back. Neil gets angry on Sam for creating all this rucus, like provoking people to bully Chashni and being indifferent to her troubles. Sam feels ashamed and takes her to her new house, a gift from Arjun of course.

    Arjun had basically planned all this. The new house where they both are about to stay, is actually her sister Nandini’s home. Nandini had seen a bad time there, betrayed by her lover. Arjun has plans to avenge her sister, for that lover who screwed her sister was none other than Samrat Khanna, Sam’s father.

    Arjun has no feelings for Sam. He is just apt on seducing her and breaking her heart, just to make Samrat feel the hurt. His plans and plots are often countered by Radhika who unknowingly solves all the problems. She helped Sam and her mother revive their broken relationship. She saved bird song by winning a promising deal from Maybelline which was thought ‘to be stolen’ by their rivals. Arjun found her as a hurdle, truing to kick her out of his way. But the trust she had gained from Sam and Neil eventually saved her.

    Arjun had no way left to deal with her. He had to wash his hands off of Bonnie, her spy in Bird song because of Radhika. Radhika found Arjun to be fishy, asking Sam to be alert of him. Even Sam trusted her and broke up with Arjun.

    Arjun saw Radhika as a big hurdle in his path. Sam secretly left for loonawla, Radhika informed the heartbroken Neil about her. Neil soon reached Sam and both went together.

    Arjun found about the loonawla trip. He too left for it. But as always Radhika came in her way. She purposely too the whole team in his car, hence messing with his job. Khadoos Arjun was irritated the whole way. This is when we saw the funny and cuter side of Arjun. He started blowing jokes like ‘Dekha, Shanti kitni achhi lagti hai’.

    Radhika hated Arjun as he once left them on the road. But then she saw his other side. One small act is enough to make out someone’s character. Arjun noticed a tiny blood droplet on Radhika’s face and he screamed worried. Radhika at once understood, he isn’t that bad.

    Arjun did many things to keep her away, threatening her, leaving her alone in the jungle. But then he couldn’t sleep. In the rainy night he drove back from the hotel to the spot where he left her. Looking for her and holding the collar of a guy who brought her home. He found her safe, but he was scared to death. He picked her out, taking her in his arms.

    They had several arguments, they fought like children. Even a policeman thought they are married couple. They argued for the room. Arjun told her to sleep in the lobby, mocking ‘mai jitna bura dikhta Hu, utna Hu nahi. Usse zyada bura Hu.’ Radhika however makes it to the room. They fight for a blanket and in the meantime get stuck in the balcony. Radhika’s constant bakwas brings life to Arjun. He laughs for the first time, mesmerising Radhika.

    The next morning unknowingly the are shown sleeping close to each other. Arjun wakes first, he sees the golden sunshine falling on her face. He finds her beautiful. Radhika wakes and her bachho wala bakwas starts again.

    Arjun finds out about Sam. Sam is heartbroken and lost faith in love. Neil does so many things just to show her that he loves her but Sam doesn’t understand. Neil even woke the whole night for Sam to show her fireflies, trying to show her light in darkness. But Sam doesn’t pay heed to his feelings, she sees her as a friend. Neil secretly waits for her.

    Arjun finds out Sam is in khandala. He tries to head to Khandala, even Radhika follows him finding his sudden plan as a ploy to reach Sam. She blocks his way, Arjun falls in swimming pool. Agitated, he throws her too into the pool and starts going towards Sam. But radhika drowns as she doesn’t know how to swim. A lady tells him and looks for help. Arjun realises and runs to save her life.

    He brings her out. He tries to give her mouth to mouth, Radhika wakes and slaps him taking his act the other way. Angry Arjun leaves to a dress store. Radhika realises what mistake she had done and runs towards the dress shop. Wet she was, all the people gawked at her. Arjun noticed the embarrassing situation. He couldn’t leave her alone. The good person inside him couldn’t let him go and he covered her with a dupatta, bought her a new dress and asked her to change, glaring at the creepy fellows in the store.

    Radhika started seeing the good person in him. She told she will stand by him. Suddenly Arjun reminds his revenge and he storms off telling her to go away. He gets a call from Sam who us now ‘healed’ by Neil. Arjun is busy talking to Sam for a lunch date while he doesn’t see a car coming to hit him. Radhika jumps to save him. A startled Arjun with his world upside down sees a fainted blood drenched Radhika lying on the road.

    He runs to take her to hospital. All the way through he worries, tries to keep her awake. He even sheds tears while trying to save her. We see love in his eyes, mixed with guilt and worry for a girl who has nothing to do with him.

    Arjun even prays for her. Radhika is saved. Here comes Nandini. She manipulates Arjun always, turning him into introvert.

    Saral and Radhikas mother come to Mumbai knowing of her injury. Sam gets convinced of Arjuns character. But radhika sees Nandini and again finds it fishy.

    Nadini is the real evil who craves for revenge. She provokes Arjun time to time. She is Arjuns rakhi sister who had virtually adopted (and brainwashed) the orphan Arjun against Samrat Khanna. She plots and plans against samaira and the whole bird song. However, with the entry of Saral, Arjun finds himself a little attracted towards Radhika, coz of his insecurity as well as Sarals rude behaviour towards innocent Radhika.

    Time changes, Arjun succeeds convincing everyone of their ‘Nice’ family. Even Radhika falls for the ploy. But saral starts bullying Radhika as he starts being insecure of Arjun (co incidentally Arjun will always come from the room where later Radhika comes out of). Things change and Nandini sees Radhika as a hurdle as she notices a change in Arjuns behaviour. She shakes hand with Saral and tries to plunge her out of Mumbai.

    She burns their shop in Rishikesh. Saral blackmails Radhika to marry him. Arjun saves her, completely unaware of the involvement of his sister. He trusts his sister.

    All these catalysts finally bring Arjun and Radhika close to each other. Nandini tries to provoke Sam against Radhika and succeeds in that. But thanks to her ploy, Radhika comes to know that Nadini is not a favorable person. She finds her real motive.

    Situations make her marry Arjun just to save Sam from devastation. Now Arjun and Radhika are stuck together. Arjun seems to enjoy his life, as he has his darling Radhika with him. Radhika knows Arjun is a good man and is okay to carry on with the marriage coz for her love is not important, but friendship is. And she is already friends with Arjun. Sam has Neils comfort, only she has to start seeing him in a different light.

    What I feel about the upcoming plot is that Arjun already knows about the vicious Nandini and is actually counterplotting her strategies. He is using her tactics to make everything okay. With the ‘champane’ he will bring out the love hidden in Radhikas heart and make way for themselves for happy love life ahead. On the same time he provokes Neil to come close to Sam who can have a trustworthy and loving life partner forever.

    I wish this show ends on a very loving note. I love it soooooo much….

      • renu

        awesome pouloumi,…

        a short summary of manmarziya,….nice update dear,….

        it reminds me some beautiful episodes,…thank u very much dear,…..

  43. kfar

    Heya, me again,

    So, thank you @thena, @renu, @Mandy for liking my story ‘Drawn Together’. Well, I have kind of decided to put the title like that. For now, I may change it later. Thank u again for overseeing my typos. I hate those but I keep making mistakes while typing.

    @rashi @Natasha, yeah they really are hurrying up the show and destroying slow and sweet moments:(

    Hate that the show is ending. Feel sad.

  44. kfar

    @poulomi Really loved ur review, and thank u for the info about why the serial is ending. I aslo thought Nandini will be dead, that the revenge would have got more leverage to the track if her death was to be a suicide.

    Yes, Arjun might be playing a hidden one. He is like the joker in the cards. We don’t know what he might be pulling next but lets say we have got an inch of idea about it. Coz, he is playing everyone here. He is not honest because as you said he might become the actual true character.

  45. Ira afroz

    Good Afternoon….All Manmerziayan fan.

    Today’s SPOILER NEWS…

    Arjun pranks with Radhika romantically.As we watched yesterday episode Arjun force Radhika to accept him as husband and get intimate with her.

    Well….It’s just a prank!!!!!!!! Arjun was enjoying to make nervous Radhika.He was kidding with her nothing else.

    Guys….u just read the Spoiler news in Serial guys just LOVE it to read it.

    Arjun Never cross his line…He is soooooo into love with Radhika.
    Just read it…….

  46. Kanwal

    I Love this serial and the brilliant actors , I think people just want to go on with stupid stories and no reasonable content!!! Best of luck for future to all the starcast of Manmarzian

  47. kfar

    Hey! it’s me again, to pester you all:)

    Have you ever had chocolate ice cream dipped in tea? Well I did have it and I loved it. Yeah, I’m disgusting like that. What can I say, wen it’s me going crazy over food den it’s me goin for crazy combos xD

    Well, about the story. I hope that you’re all liking it guys so far?!?

  48. renu

    hiii friends,….

    i dunno how 2 express my love 4 u all friends,….


    thanx 4 ur appreciation dear,….i have a habit of sharing everything,….n i just shared my pov n my thots nothing else,….but m quite impressed tat u all liked my crap comment,…

    thank u very much 4 ur love friends,….mmz connects me with u all,…i feel bad its gonna end abruptly,….the very thot which scared me s m gonna miss mmz n u all,….

    hope some miracle happens 2 save tis show n a strong place 2 continue our friendship here

  49. renu


    upcoming twist,…

    olv again,…

    sam confronts radz 2 leave arjun as arjun dinn love her

    n radz too feel tat arjun dinn love her but after witnessing arjun’s goodness,she felt that arjun ll do nothing wrong 2 sam n so,she decided 2 leave arjun 4ever,…

    still truth not revealed,….omg some heart braking epi r awaiting 4 us,….

    • renu

      ve u seen those on location video of sam-radz,…

      i dunno radz leave arjun r not but she decided sth like that,…

      i read it in twitter,…poor net connection,…so,i cant see the video,…

      btw,…monica posted some hrishikesh pics in instagram,…may b the crew going 2 hrishikesh,…i dunno dear,…

  50. Ireena

    Really,renu??I also expressed it before.but frm where have u got d news?Now,arjun,either express ur feeling or lose rad.really good 2 see

    • renu

      ireena, arjun cannot make excuse of radz 2 nandhu,…poor man,….

      if the show survives,…i ll enjoy this upcoming twist with popcorns in my hand,…but now feeling bad as it gonna end by 6 days,…

  51. saji

    Omg…renu is it true…frm wher did u get d news…its heart brkng ..rads leaves Arjun..

    wat abt truth…

    in six days wat all things r gonna happen…confusing…

  52. renu

    ireena,mandy aradhika,saji,….

    please check the above posted u tube on location video link,…

    i saw a wu comment of this video n hrishikesh pic in instagram of monica,…

    but m clueless,…wat gonna happen,…as cvs may fail my predictions,…

    please any1 post the wu of that video,…i cant see cox of poor net connection,….

    • lreena

      I have watched that video. In that,sam and rad sitting together crying. Sam is asking rad if arjun loves her.rad nods no. sam asks her then why she doesn’t leave him.rad asks her if she still loves arjun.Sam replies she doesn’t know. But without rads coming between them,she would never know her heart’s want.

      • lreena

        Then it was seen that rad was crying continuously. Sam wanted to console her.But eventually doesn’t.
        After that a short interview of Monica was that Monica told sam-rads coldness will melt SLOWLY IN SHOW.

  53. renu

    friends, u called sp 2day,…

    they said they r forwarding the request 2 the creative team,…first time they r listening 2 us i think so,…

  54. lreena

    Renu,I didn’t know Hindi at first.but while watching manmazian, I have learnt it .hope I didn’t miss anything.

  55. renu

    @ireena,…thanx 4 the wu dear,…

    @mitty,…v ll try watever v can do n hope 4 the best dear,…ly 1 week left,….

    @mandy,…no dear,…i dinn read/watch swaragni,….mmz s the 1 which hooked me 2 watch crazily,…but after mmz,…i gonna miss all as m not interested 2 watch another daily soap dear,….

  56. lreena

    Another thing, Monica didn’t mention anything about the ending of manmarzian, but she was nt looking cheerful as before.May be some miracles can happen.?????????

    • renu

      n s dear,….i saw another bedroom scenes olv yday,..where monika looked bit annoyed,….hope some miracle happens

    • renu

      saji,…radz nahi monica,…dear,..

      i dinn ve link but i saw reporters asked about the upcoming story,…monica replied still they dinn realize their love n it takes time 2 realize n she avoided them says i ve 2 go now,…i felt monica looks bit annoyed dear,…

  57. Thena

    135 comments so far 2dy…omg

    Renu me 2 gonna mis u al..
    bt dunno sme hope lies in me

    I havnt cmmntd fr ny serial lik tis..tis s my strong bond knw…Oh God save me..its hurting

  58. harshi

    I loveeeeeeee this show ……missing this show terribly 🙁 wonderful show
    And thanku poulomi for this wonderful synopsis of this wonderful show I wish DYM part 2 will come soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.