Manmarziyan 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samaira asking Piyali will she help her. Piyali says its fine, you realized your mistake. Sam says it was our mistake. Piyali says ours? It was your mistake, its okay now. Sam asks do you thinks its about shoot. Piyali says yes. Sam says I was talking as this promotion is important, I should get this position. Piyali says if you deserve it. Sam argues and Piyali says if Radhika was not there, the shoot would have gone wrong. Sam says she just gave one line. Piyali asks her to think what would have happened if she did not gave that line.

Radhika calls her and Sam takes the call. She says everyone is praising your contribution, come Mumbai, meet my mom, my boss, she wants to give you award for creativity. Radhika says job? Sam says its for sure now, come soon else Birdsong

can be failure without her. Sam says she will go and rest now and acts rude to Piyali. Radhika smiles. Hum khushbuon se…………….plays…………….

Saral calls her and can’t connect. She runs to her shop to meet Dada ji. She tells him that she got the job. He says great. Saral comes to Riddhima and tells her about his marriage. She asks whose. He says Dada ji says lets shut shop and go home, Dilip will agree. She says if he refuses. He says your going cancel. He says he will manage it. He says he is joking and shuts the shop.

Riddhima says she will talk, but did he ask Radhika. He says whats there to talk, you know I can’t hide anything, we are one. Dada ji says with whom to start and she says Riddhima. Riddhima asks Saral to go, and she will convince dad. Saral thanks her. Radhika says she understands me, she will convince dad. Dada ji says I will drop you to Mumbai. She says you will like ad world. Neil does yoga and Bony removes her shirt. The staff gets stunned. Bony handsover the shirt to Neil and he keeps it. He says we are making campaign and everyone is contributing their things, and the elder lady scolds him.

He sees Sam angry and goes to her. Sam checks her mail and deletes all mail. She does not check Radhika’s mail. Neil talks to Sam. Piyali come sand talks about presentation. Neil asks Sam to stop this drama and work if she wants to become creative director. She says no, I want to rest, why should I work being boss’ daughter.

Dada ji asks Radhika to have food and then go to Riddhima, they can talk about Mumbai. They see her mum dancing, and Radhika too dances with her on the song London Thumakda. Riddhima comes and asks whats going on. Radhika says she was coming to talk to her. Riddhima says she got the news, she left home, not family. Riddhima says I will talk to dad today. Radhika says you are best, I knew it you will hear my heart.

Neil talks to Bony and she tells some ideas. He sees Sam upset. Radhika tells Riddhima that Dada ji told to tell you. Riddhima says you got free with him. Radhika asks will she talk to dad and smiles, saying she can’t wait now, things have got ahead now. Riddhima says what do you mean. Their mum comes and they hide the matter. Riddhima asks Radhika till where did it go. Radhika says now we have to convince dad. Riddhima says when did you know. Radhika says today morning. Riddhima asks did she not get shame doing this. Radhika asks she is doing this to get more name.

Riddhima says what if you get baby before marriage. Radhika says I want to go Mumbai. They get puzzled knowing what they were thinking. Riddhima asks what will she do in Mumbai. Radhika says I want to try before marriage. Riddhima asks why, do I look unhappy. Radhika says no, you found happiness in marriage, but I want to see the world and know what I m do, and I need your support in this.

Riddhima says how can I support you. Radhika says help me once, how can I know my capabilities, talk to dad. Dilip comes and asks what do you want to ask. Riddhima says she wants to talk about Radhika and Saral’s marriage. Radhika is shocked.

Radhika asks Riddhima why did she lie to dad, her happiness is not in marriage. Neil asks Sam not to ruin and prove she can become creative director, and Piyali is not her mum, not boss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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