Manmarziyan 2 states Part 2


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The train reached mumbai , dadar terminous and radhika came out and wanted to about the collage. She was not able to speak out becaise of language problem.

Tha tha ; stuff somethingnin ur mouth and speak then that will be hindi.
Radhika ; tha tha u r too much.
Tha tha ; just try. She stuffed something and was about to ask to some one. At that time he found a tall man , handsome and dashing (searching words for explaining his charms). She waved her hand and asked something which he was not able to understand. She gulped the eatables in her mouth and said ” need to go to mumbai institute of technology and can u pls say me which bus should i hopp on ?? He said i am also going there if u dont mind can u wait for 5 minutes i’ll drop u there ?? Radhika first denied and tha tha nodded so she said ok . He came back and had some stuffs and he asked her to hopp in the car.

She took the back seat and he started from there. He saw her from.the rear mirror. He was able to sense some mischiefness in her eyes. Suddenly she got a call and she jerked . Some how inbetween her lugage she took the phone and made a disgusting face and she attended the call and said in a computerised voice” neengal thodarbu kollum vadikayalar epozhudhum thodarbu ellaikku veliye ullar thayavu saidhu pinnar azhaikavum”
Meaning – the subscriber u r trying to speak to is always out of coverage area pls try after some time.

She laughed big and clapped her hands and said chapter close   They came to the destination and she took her bags and started from there saying thanks to him. He parked his car and heard a ringing sound . He checked his mobile and was the sound was not from his mobile and he turned and saw another mobile in the car , it was hers but who is she ?? I know she is here . The display named semi mental saral. He smiled and attended the call and from that side.
Saral ; dear i miss u soo much. At that time sam and neil joined and he put the phone in the speaker.
Saral ; u no what my heart is standing behind u as u left me. Sam searched something behind arjun and said i dont find anything. Neil was also laughing but they were controlling their sound. Saral continued his blaber and sam for a sake replied him so that he will continue his call.   At that time radhika came to that place and found arjun with neil and sam laughing their heart out and she also found that her phone was with him. Before she could snatch it from him arjun said shush…shush….. and kept his fingers on the lips and sam continued again saral spoke something this time radhika also.was not able to control and said ” i will speak to u afterwards ” and cut the call.

All the 3 were laughing like hell. Keeping their hands on each others shoulder for the balance and laughing. Neil lost his balance and slipped down . Radhika too blasted seeing this.
Arjun ; who is this idiot??
Radhika ; mental , will always keep his tongue out like a dog and follows me. Sam sat down and was laughing and wiping her tears but cant control her laugh and coughing inbetween. Radhika ; just like u and was laughing. The other 3 stopped and nesam saw arjun and again started to laugh . But arjun was not able to but was smiling seeing her. Radhika ; ok (was speaking with tha tha).   After 5 minutes of continuous laugh nesam got up .
Sam ; who are u never seen in this campus before ??
Radhika ; first year. New joinee.
Neil ; which department ??
Radhika ; computer science.
Neil ; ooh arjun ur department. And haa whats ur name ??
Radhika ; radhika radhika sundar.
Arjun ; sundar???? Where do u come from ?? Radhika ; chennai . At that time a peon came and said u have got the accomodation in the hostle. U need to finish certain formalities and asked her to come. She nodded .
Sam ; we’ll meet some time .
Radhika ; sure bye.

Arjun who was lost his sense was waving his hand . Neil ; arjun she left half an hour back now come we r already late. Already i have very low attendance . Pls i want to write my exams at least this sem. Sam and neil pushed arjun from there.    

There was an ice breaking ceremony for the freshers and arjun who totally forgot about radhika was organising the ceremony . Sam came and was helping arjun as she was also in the student council commitee. All the freshers were asked to come and all were requested to come in their traditional dress and arjun went to change . Nesam entered the room in a punjabi dress and they made a perfect pair. Arjun came in a kurta and patiyala bottom. He entered and the focus light was on him.

Some one was standing near him. She is closing her eyes because of the light. She closed her face with her hand and arjun was not able to see her properly. She was wearing glass bangles , pearl set for her neck and ears. A mixed of oragne and red colour silk cotton saree. She slipped as there was a stairs and arjun held her hand they slowly walked through the auditorium and the bgm was tere sath sath eisa from Ajab si from om shanthi om and slowly she removed her hand and saw arjun . The same mischief girl . Aakon mei theri ajab si ajab si……. Radhika was lost in arjun and arjun forgot to breath while looking at radhika.   Tha tha was in the moon settings which was made for the ceremony. And he was wearing a rugered pant and a shirt and he was having guitar in his hand and was tuning certain songs and he saw his grand daughter with her dulhan (he thought that). Neil took arjun to the back side of the stage and shook him . Arjun just said looking into neil’s eyes ” she looks beautiful ”

Chenaiiiiiiiiii chennai express.   

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  1. Awesome story, waiting for the next chapter. 🙂

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  7. Sv I loved it………Rads is so naughty………..i liked her dialogue of out f coverage area……..and saral’s num saved as semi mental saral……….ardhika meeting ws superb !!!!!!!!
    …….the stairs scene ws awesome ………….but ur last part confused me………..who ws singing wearing rugged pants and shirt ?????? rads dadaji ???? what is meant by dulhan????
    ……the last part where niel shaking arju and arjun replying that she looks beautiful is my fav dialogue in this epi………..plzz update sooon…………

    1. Aastha im happy that you loved it . I will now clear your doubt . Tha tha is a ghost so he is sitting in the moon and singing some songs and he is wearing the the rugged pant and shirt because it was ice breaking ceremony for the freshers and he is also a freshers so he is also joining the ceremony. Dulhan means bride .

      I hope i answered your doubts if not pls do tell me so that i will clarify that.

      Thank you dear for the comment love you stay blessed

      1. hey sv, thank you 4 replying to me…..can u tell me mre abt u ????????????????? In which state do u live in?????? in wich class r u studying..??????……

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