Manmarziyan 2 states Part 1

Hiee all im soo happy to see the response of my new ff. Im soo sry couldnt reply u all seperately . Pls do comment and say ur views.

Enjoy the ride….

Some one is revolving the temple vigourously. Was praying . But sounded too much for others.The prayer was ” I want to pass my exam especially maths. Pls help me if i pass then i’ll break 108 coconut . Pls lord ganesha help me.”

Another ; stupid u are revolving around hanuman but praying for ganesha thats not fair.
1st one ; shut up i know that.
Other lady ; who are u to say me shut up. 1st one ; sry aunty i did not day u shut up but said to my grand father.
Lady ; dont lie to me no one is here except u and me. At that time she felt some one is pulling her hair. She slowly tunrd to see but no one was there. Again when she was about to speak she felt some one was pulling her hair. She started from there and thr girl laughed
Girl – tha tha (dadaji’s tamil version) u rocked u saved me from her she is seriously big . If she would have slapped all my 32 teeth would have gone.
Tha tha ; radhi u r rite but im really happy if i taunt some one . Gives me immense pleasure. Radhika and tha tha are close buddies.

Tha tha is a ghost and does anything for gis grand daughter’s smile as she is a cutie pie for him and he does not have daughter so she is the main person for him. He is visible only to her so she will always land in trouble when she speaks with him as other s think that she is a bit mad. But to contrary she is a short tempered. Tha tha would help her if she lands in trouble and it would be like a ghost movie. She will wave her hand and he would break the things nearby and there would be a ghostly laugh. All will run because of the scare. Radhika gets call from her father. To radhika’s mother’s disappoinment she.passed her exams and so has to mumbai. She thanked the god and said to tha tha. He was also soo happy.
Tha tha – so we are going to mumbai and find ur dulhan
. Radhika – haa ??
Tha tha – im sry ur lover. Radhika started to dream. He was riding the horse amd was wearing a white shirt and (imagine any fairy tale prince who is ur fav) gets down from the horse. Slightly the scene changes. The horse is transformed into a bike and the prince face is now seen . Yup our arjun. He is pushing the bike . Coz bike repair. Back sam is pushing and they are enterimg the collage (i guess this would be the worst hero introduction ever.)
Neil ; cant u guys come in car . This dappa bike and cant u replace this one ??
Sam ; no no this is the best bike ever. Arju we will repair this. Arjun ; mmm see i wanna break it into pieces , but sam said this is the first bike i learnt how to ride so u should have it. Neil say na yaar. Ask her to understand i cant say no when she says anything. Neil ; sammy ….. Sam ; neil im hungry pls afterwards and blinked her eyes.

Both neil and arjun smiled at her and the 3 went canteen and having their happy time . At that time principal came.
Sam ; oh my god . Hitler !! what is that doing here. (hitler is the name of the principal as he thinks himself as hitler and has a small mustach that was not even of hitlers type a round glass more of a zooming glass type and i dont know how do they have a bioscope eyes and find the student. Sam , arjun and neil hid themselves below the table and they saw him . He searched here and there and signed someone to come. There came the english teacher. They ordered 1 juice with 2 straws and they were . Both sat opposite and were drinking . Arjun and sam captured the picture of them and neil (has a habit of drawing funny cartoons whixh are famous). He drew them and came out to be too damn funny. Arjun immediately uploaded it in facebook and started to get likes for that . Neil has got his official page for his drawing but maintained by arjun.

Radhika reaches home happily and sees 2 sad eyes. Yup saral ( here saral is the son of mala’s brother and he is a pakka comedy piece and one side lover who loves radhika but she is least cared abt his love) Saral ; do u need to go there ?? Radhika ; (who knew that he will be the one who will make mala accept made a fake cry) saral pls u have to help me. Ma will not allow me u should only do something i will always be with u and kept her head on his shoulder and cried. In the life history of saral radhika spoke to saral . He was super happy, raised her chin and said dont worry darling i will take care. He went in and after some time he came out and made thumps up she pulled his cheeks and said u r the best and she winled her eyes to her tha tha .

Tha tha did the packing and dilip silently gave the ticket to radhika and asked her to go immediatwly before that loose saral comes.and talks to her. She takes the blessings and starts from there to mumbai through train. Radhika sees a newly married couple having mast time. She thought oh prince one day i will have mast time with u . Sam and neil is having fun time and arjun who was sitting alone silently havimg smile in his face thought one day i will also be happy like them. Oh princess where r u ??

Chennai iiiiiiiiiiiii chennai express .

How is it ?? Did u all liked it . Pls comment ur views . Love u all and sry for a small update.

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  1. Wowww awesome yaar

    1. Thanks hayathi

  2. Awesome episode. 🙂

    1. Thank you Brin

  3. Awesome. Make their friendship the comic one.

    1. Bhabya Thank you I’ll make that

  4. Omg…it’s a super fanatic,blasting,rocking,awesome start….i don’t know anymore words now…what a banging chapter my twin…i was right then …u can write college masti so well….thanks a ton for updating it before sat….congo…be soon…plzzzzz update very soon….loads of love ❤…tc?

    1. Rosie my dear twin love you darling. I’ll try my level best to update soon

      1. Will dadaji create any comic situation between ardhika…it will be awesome then…

      2. I never thought that dear but thats a crazy idea . He he he i can imagine how will he make them go crazy.

  5. One Loling sequence only!! Hero intro ??… I like dadaji in ghostly attire.. Both of them dreaming of each other!! Too good!! Here we go … Mumbai!! Chennai express!! Lol ya… Too good… Post soon

    Love you ??

    1. Shree thank you so much. I’ll make it more funny. but they are not dreaming about the other but wanted a love. Lets see how are they going to meet and how is it going

  6. o god…i love hero’s introduction the most….

    1. Maandey thank you

  7. superb sv……….u r amazing dude………..i loved every part……..not to mention heroic entry of arjun…………. rads- dadaji dialogues too………saral- rads talking scee was also good…………..
    n the final dialogues of ardhika as wen they wud meet the 1 meant for them……….

    1. aastha im really happy to see your comment. Love you dear

  8. Sv this was awesome…too good…waiting for the next one 🙂

    1. Thank u di . Will update the next part soon di love u di.

  9. Soooo……gud………pls…update the nxt part asap….pls…..pls

    1. Thank u natasha. I’ll try to update the next part soon. Thank u dear

  10. Omg omg omg it awesome yaar really good……..:-)

    1. Shreya thank u dear

  11. Hi sv it’s amazing and sv u know tamil??

    1. Swetha thank u dear. I know some some tamil and with the help of my friends and also with the help of google . And pls do help me when i go wrong in tamil. Will u ??

  12. wow awesome yaar……….update next one……

    1. Subha thank u , will update the next part soon. Love u .

  13. Like it….what the hell…… this…?…I REALLY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY LOVE IT…. Plz update soon I can’t wait for long and my request to you is plz give regularly update….and plz never leave this ff incomplete… Complete to the end …because there are many ff I have read but no one is best like this… And there are many other ff which were started but after few update got lost…and never come back… This makes me loose hope…I hope u r not like those ppl who leaves in mid path….. And I want to tell everyone that though whether no one comment your ff but still love your ff those are silent reader they always read your ff many times…. And I am one of them… For sake pls give regular updates…. Love u ?….. And stay blessed with good wishes

    1. Oh my god sam. I am now searching for words to express my gratitude towards u . I mean like thank u soo soo.much dear. I am also a reader and i will not leave it in between as i know how much that causes a missing inside .
      I’ll try my.level best to update it regularly but in may i wont be able to coz exams so after that regular updates. Thats pakka promise from my side. Dear dont loose hope always smile and stay blessed and always encourage others coz those words are the boost for us .

  14. of course dear i will help u because am a tamil girl

    1. Thank u soo much swetha

  15. awesome

    1. Thanks aashna

  16. Awesome…very very interesting…update next part soon dear …

    1. Susi thank u . will update the next part soon.

  17. spr and cmdy bro

    1. Thanks heena

  18. O my goodness sv…it’s really superbbbb.n sweeeeeet like honeyyyyyy. …dadaji’s ghost so funny…..rads dreaming of her prince n her prince arjun came in broken bike….hehehe…so hilaaaaaaarious. ….both ardhika longing for their lovers n wishing for mast time…..great yaar. ..soooooooo lovelyyyyyy narration n dialogues very awesoooooome. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Roma Roma Roma . my dear darling. I’m soo happy to see ur comment. Will update the next part soon . stay blessed and bear hugs and always take care.

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