Manmarziyan 2 states chap 9


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Nesam after the fight went to the date but Neil made sure that he sees no one other than Sam as he dont want to get another bite as the wound has just started to heel. Karthik was speaking with Jessie with some other name by calling himself Sachin (Ek diwana tha ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Sheetal was planning to attach radhika with the help of her brother ronnie a one side lover of Sam and also has an eye on Radhika as he thought he was a charming personality but he was looking like an electrocuted crow (imagine the person and if sheetal was his sister then ??? I dont need to say any further). Ardhika and Nesam became close friends.


Radhika knew warden would not send her out as she has used the permitted times of using out pass. Radhika was sitting biting her nails thinking what to do. She spitted the nail over the face of tha tha.
Tha tha ; Stop doing that you are spitting on me.
Radhika (frustrated ) ; Tam โ€“ Veliya poga edhavadhu vazhiya sollu tha tha
Eng โ€“ Say some was to get out of here tha tha.
Tha tha ; Call Arjun and ask him to come here.
Radhika ; How to get out of here ??
Tha tha ; project work ??
Radhika ; No project work .
Tha tha ; What if you fall sick ????
Radhika ; All of a sudden how to fall sick ??
Tha tha ; Call arjun and do as I say
Radhika called arjun and said her idea to take him out. He too said yes. Nandhini who saw this sang โ€œ tune mari enrty yaar dhil ma bhaji gandi yaar tang tang tangโ€ . Arjun saw this and blushed and said โ€œ Very funny nandhu and ran away before she would pull his legs more .

He reached the hostle and was playing with his friends. At that time the whole hostle was shaken by the vomit sound of Radhika. She was just acting but tha tha made such an sound who so ever near their ears would just tear. Arjun was really scared for the sound but he knew her she was a drama queen.
Radhika with full exhausted way slowly crawling holding the building wall (such a kind of an act) wardenwho saw this paniced. She lifted her and held her hand . Radhika was seriously acting and she just dragged herself down.

Warden ; Guys this girl is not well can anyone take her to the hospital. No one replied she called Arjun. Arjun’s replica danced heavily but as if he has not seen radhika before he came front and stood like a LKG kid.
Warden ; Take her to the hospital.
Radhika ; Hiyaaaa. Warden looked at her and she at once kept her head down holding her stomach and murmured Hiyoooo. Arjun was just pressing his lips but eyes were watering because of controlling his laugh. Take her also and asked another girl . The other girl was planning to go out with her boy friend . She too obliged.
Radhika acted as if she fainted . Arjun was now serious and held her before falling and picked her up but she purposefully did not held his shoulders(natural acting)
Once they came out she slightly opened one eye and saw Arjun who was looking straight.
She slowly wispered ; Tam- Romba nallavanada neeyu enna paakave matengara, manga
Eng โ€“ Are you seriously this good, not even looking at me ?? mango.
Arjun ; Close your eyes Chennai warden is still coming . She saw a big figures shadow. Radhika slowly picked her hand and made a ring and kept her head over his chest and closed her eyes. All of a sudden in the hot summer rain came . It was not the shower of god but by the gardener. He was watering the plants but that added some effect with the pair. Arjun was smiling the way she acted.

Once he reached the car he placed slowly and she was closing her eyes tight and her friend sat next to her. Arjun started the car and drove till they turned to the next street.
Arjun ; Radhika wake up. She jumped and shouted โ€œEscapeโ€ Her friend was not able to understand what is just happening.
Radhika ; Hey your bf is waiting . Go and have fun i’m alright and before you reach hostle give me a call i’ll come ok. She nodded and waved her hand and went with her bf.
Radhika ; Arjun why car ??
Arjun ; Why car means then how can I take you out from there ??
Radhika ; Ooh ok ok.
Arjun ; We’ll go to my house after there i’ll take my bike and we are going out ??
Radhika ; Houseahh ?? What if any one comes to know about us ??
Arjun (Top speed dance, but outside good boy) ; What ??
Radhika (bit her tongue) ; What if anyone comes to know that we have made a fake way to come out ?? What will your father say ??
Arjun ; My father is on a date with sam. Radhika blinked he saw that and pulled her chubby cheeks and said โ€œ hey Chennai express my father I meant was neil. My father and their parents passed away years back but my mom is taking care of us and donโ€™t worry she knows about us โ€œ
Radhika ; What does she know ??
Arjun ; About us ??
Radhika ; What do you mean by about us ??
Arjun ; Well what did you meant when you said about us the same meaning only Iโ€™m also meaning too. That ha who was sitting back was totally scratching his head for the conversation they were making. It was like a movie without subtitles.
Tha tha ; Tam โ€“ Hey ippo nee enna solla vara ??
Eng โ€“ Hey what are you meaning now ?? Radhika giggled at his ghostly hair which was like Eifel tower.
Radhika ; Tam โ€“ Avan enna solla vandhano adheye dhan naanum solla vandhen.
Eng โ€“ Whatever he was meaning was the same thing meant by me. THa tha made a disguisting face and pointed his index finger towards himself.
Tha tha ; Tam-Inimey nee kepiya ?kepiya?? kepiya??
Eng โ€“ Will you ask her here after ? here after ?? Here after ??? Radhika was laughing at her tha thaโ€™s reaction and Arjun just saw her from the rear mirror and was laughing at her. BGM same guru movie song.

He took her to gate way of india and she was posing and arjun was the tour guide for radhika and after that they went to the ferry ride he took her to a small hotel and they were arguing with golgappa and pani puri for more than 1 hour . Radhika said that was pani puri but Arjun argued it was golgappa and the supplier who was watching the plucked his hair and shouted due to high frustration because of the chaos they made. He tore his shirt and shouted like hell to make them normal. Ardhika held their hand and ran away and laughed and gave a hifi for making a normal to an abnormal one.

Lastly to a movie . She was shouting for a tamil movie but he was arguing for a hindi movie finally they landed in angry birds movie. Both were laughing like hell in the theatre and were like kg kids while watching the movie and her friend called to come she saw Arjun and gave a sad look like a KG kid lost its pencil.

He asked her to go and to make certain arrangements and come back as that was a special day. He drove her back to hostel and she made all the arrangement by keeping a bed as she knew if tha tha was not under her surveillance he will surely create any problem for the whole collage. She came after making all the necessary arrangements and she slowly tip toed and jumped the compound wall and ran towards Arjun and he immediately took the bike and they went to a private farm house.

He drove to a private farm house which was owned by Nandhu as that day was samโ€™s birthday and all the mehraโ€™s and khannaโ€™s were present there. Arjun after reaching to the farm house took her to the change room and gave a package and asked her to change. She came out and Arjun was lost in her beauty. She was wearing a full sized princess frock and with a simple necklace which was in the pack and a cute stone studded earring and a glass shoe . Exactly she was like cindrella . She was searching for Arjun and she saw someone of her dream , the one she was thinking for years. Now that black image has got a face. Yes her prince her Arjun. He was wearing a prince attire and she was just looking at him and forgot to breath.

Arjun saw her and asked her hand and they were walking inside the venue and nandhu who saw this signed Neil and sam. Both were so happy and babu was also equally happy to see radhika. All the eyes were on them only. Sam joined Arjun from other side and he was having Sam in right and radhika in the left and saw Neil . HE too smiled and made thumps up. Arjun was now double happy.

All were asked to come as they were waiting for sam to cut the cake. Sam was about to cut the cake and she gestered Arjun to join and he saw neil and radhika and they were standing together and nodded their head. Arjun and sam were cutting the cake and they fed each other. Then Sam fed the cake to Neil and Radhika and Arjun too gave first to Neil and when he came to radhika they were just staring at each other. Then Arjun fed her and nandhu wrapped her hand over radhika and said welcome to the gang of rowdies. Radhika was just staring at her .
Nandhini ; Iโ€™m nandhu. Radhika now blushed. She just hugged and at that time Arjun took the stage and said โ€œ Today is the best day of my life. I got the best birthday gift everโ€
Nandhini ; Sing a song Arjun and say your heart. Arjun nodded and took his guitar and a head mike for dancing and started to sing.

Radhika was sure that he will sing a hindi song but to her surprise she heard a tamil songs tune. Her face glowed and he started to sing .(my humble request to all my friends please here this song . it is a treat to your ears and nice visualization too.) it was nenjil nenjil from engeyum kadal which means in my in my heart the love has just came for you Radhika was super happy ran towards him and took the stage to sing and dance with Arjun and Neil pulled Sam and all the 4 were dancing but Ardhika were singing and dancing. The whole crowd were cheering and tha tha who was watching this was extremely happy. Finally Ardhika and Nesam hugged each other.

Dilip calls radhika โ€ฆ.. Arjun faintsโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Radhikaโ€™s plan against sheetal and Ronnieโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.

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