Manmarziyan 2 states chap 8

Hlooo all its me Sv again with the next part of our jolly ride. Sorry guys was held up with work so that i was not able to update on monday. Thank you all my lovely friends for the lovely comments. im really lucky to have you all. Pls do comment your views as they are my energy boosters and thanks to my silent readers too hope i have them and they are happy with the track. Love you all.

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Part 8

Neil and his new girl friend were talk of the collage. Sam was totally frustrated with neil and his new companion and when she went to the canteen she saw neil kissing the new girl(she saw from the back and guessed that they were kissing , reason for this declaration would be understood in this update) . Thats it she lost her patience and went straight to neil. Neil in a relaxed state was sitting and stretched his body and kept his hand wrapping the girl.

Sam ; neil this is not fair.
Neil ; what is not fair ??
Sam ; this. I am ur girl friend how can u ……. Before she could complete.
Neil ; ex girl friend.
Sam ; when did i became ex to u.
Neil ; when i saw these beautiful eyes.
Sam ; this ?? And threw the water on neils face in the glass on the table and left the canteen banging the glass. Both jerked by her bang.

Arjun and radhika who saw this from distance rushed to neil and neil was sneezing as the water entered into his nose. Arjun gave tissue coz neil sneeze would be heard the whole of mumbai.
Girl ; radhika day by day sam is getting furious. Heard from neil that she bit him . What if she comes to know about this drama.
Radhika ; karthik if u do what i say . I will do what i promised. Karthik gulped. So now u can guess who the girl is . Yes it’s our helpless karthik helping radhika.

Once again flash back. Dont look up, look into the screen πŸ˜‰

Radhika came out of the hostel and Arjun and Neil were waiting for her . She came out and saw them. She asked them to ride to a specified place. It was Karthik’s house and he greeted them with a smile. Neil and Arjun were not able to understand but radhika went inside.
Arjun ; Why are we here ?? i mean you said there is some one who is going to help us for this mission.
Radhika ; He is the only one who is going to help us Asian paints.
Arjun ; Asian paints …. why do you always call me asian paints ??
Radhika ; You drank the paint that day so…. before she could speak further she went to neil and gave a roll of paper. Neil was not able to understand what was that .
Neil ; What is it ??
Radhika ; Thinks required for us. He opened the roll and the roll was longer enough which was taller than neil and he saw all the items which were required for makeup and she also mentioned the rate, which gave him heart attack and he fainted seeing that amount. The remaining 3 laughed.
Arjun ; What did you say to karthik so that he is voluntarily helping us .
Radhika ; 3 magical words would always work Asian paints. Arjun thought 3 magical words β€œI love you”. His eyes widened and shouted on the top of the voice.
Arjun ; 3 magical words means i love you va ???
Radhika ; Ada chi loosu . Cant you understand me even after these many days. I said to him β€œJessie phone number” 3 magical words for him and smiled like a kid which won first prize . He was really happy and gave a side hug.

Arjun slowly went to Neil’s ears and said β€œSammy” Neil jerked and shouted ; Where ?? where sam i did not do anything it was Arjun and radhika who made the plan im sorry dear. Radhika was on her full anger she was doing for him and he is blaming her and Arjun. She took a bowl of water and poured it on them. He came back to sense and said β€œI wont leave that sam , now what should i do radhika??”

All the 3 raised their eyebrows and saw him . He was not able to understand the reaction of them. Karthik went in and came out with 3 pillow and gave 2 to Ardhika. All the 3 shouted at the same time attaaaaaaaaacckkkkkkkkkk and started to beat Neil with the pillows and after the fight all the 4 was like chicken with feathers.

Neil brought the whole cosmetic items. The preparation started and after she did the foundation for karthik. karthik started to feel that his jaws were tightened. He was speaking like a robot . He was not able to open the mouth fully as the makeup was heavy. She gave him some dresses and he tried and finally karthik was able to look like a girl in salwar. Next was hair dressing. Totally 50 hair pins were on Karthik’s head to make the vig stand , even though it was tied strong in the behind to make it strong. For every hair pin she inserted he would make a funny noise of because of the pain of clutching the hair.

Flash back ends..

Sam was not able to sit inside the class because of Neil and she got the permission from the lecturer and came out. She saw Neil’s new girlfriend (karthik) walking towards the auditorium. Sam wanted to kick that girl , so she from behind kept her hand on the hair and pulled her. But to her surprise the hair came out with her hand. Sam screamed and she saw it was a man not a woman.

Sam ; Who are you??
Neil (with a smile in his face behind Sam) ; My new girl friend and giggled.
Sam understood it was his drama and went to him and started to hit Neil and he held her hands, i love you sammy. Sam blushed , they were about to kiss and when their lips were only had an inch gap both closed their eyes and they kissed. Neil and Sam opened the eyes and saw a hand in between . It was Radhika with one hand in between their lips and another hand closing Arjun’s eyes. Arjun took the hand over his eyes.

Arjun ; Why did you close my eyes??
Radhika ; You are a small boy Arjun i dont want you to get spoiled.
Arjun ; May i know who is younger and who is elder ??
Radhika ; Shush dont talk when great people like me is talking.

Neil and sam were keeping their mouth in the kissing position and watching what was happening. Neil gestured why ??
Radhika ; As i said i made you 2 together now i want a help from u if you guys help me in that i will leave you 2 to enjoy.
Sam ; What do you want chasni ??
Radhika ; Enna(what) chatniya i dont want chatni i want a phone number. All the other 4 laughed .
Arjun ; Chasni means sweet girl .
Radhika ; Ooh thanks you .
Sam ; Whose phone number ??
Karthik ; Jessie your friend.
Sam with a change in the tone ; Why are you asking it ??
Radhika gulping and bring strength with herself ; Because Karthik loves jessie .
Sam ; i dont think so she would fall for him.

Karthik held his heart . Suddenly all stopped , the birds in the sky were freezed , the waves in the sea were freezed the trees which were dancing freezed and the class freezed everything freezed even Nesam and ardhika freezed . Karthik was lifeless.

Sam ; But if you make her smile she will surely love you karthik. Karthik’s face glowed and some people with a band of music instruments were playing behind him.After few thunder sound the whole world came back to the normal position. Birds continued to fly , Waves came out of the sea and the trees again were dancing and the boring class continued.

Sam ; Here take the phone number and gave the number to Karthik. He hugged Neil tight and Arjun and when he came to Radhika Arjun came from between and said not required now go…… speak to her . Karthik nodded and thanked them and went out running. Nesam saw each other and blushed .Ardhika were smiling at them. Neil gestured Arjun to go . Arjun nodded his head by asking what ??? Again Neil did the same and Arjun nodded what with a disguised way. Radhika held Arjun’s hand and dragged him from there and Neil signed a relief. Sam came to him and hugged him from the side and said β€œ She is really be suitable for Arjun”
Neil ; Do you think so ??
Sam ; I know so i know she is the perfect one for Arjun. Neil said β€œ you are the perfect one for me” they giggled and they bunked the collage and went out.

Arjun was so happy and said held Radhika’s palms and said β€œ if it isn’t was you i donno how to bring them normal . Thank you radhika” Radhika nodded and smiled at him.
Arjun ; i should do something to you please ask anything .
Radhika ; Nothing required now go i will ask you when i want. But Arjun was continuously asking her for something.
Radhika ; Ok then take me out this sunday and show me the entire Mumbai is that ok for you ?? Arjun was super happy β€œ Anything for you ……..”
Radhika ; Neil !! and saw him with a mischief smile. They burst out after few seconds of silence.
Arjun ; Wait for me chennai express i will pick you up on Sunday. She noddded and they went to their classes as the bell rang .

Chennaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……. chennai express……

Thats it guys did you all like it ?? Hope i ave made it funny if not im sry . Pls do comment your views . Love you all stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses tooo……

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  1. Karthik’s part was veryyyyyy funny??????? i loved todays ep. Plz try to post nxt soon??

    1. Sree my darling thank u dear. Sure dear I’ll make a regular update. Love u dear.

  2. A smile automatically comes to my face when I read ur updates. Loved the update very funny as usual. Stay blessed and post soon

    1. Gianna im really happy for your comment dear. Thank u dear. Surely will update regularly promise. I love u soo soo much.

  3. amazing episode ………………………..

    1. Thanks priya.

  4. Karthik part my goodness was really funny……I loved those lines when Sam told Jessie won’t like him………Rads keeping hands in btwn nesam lips and closing Arjun’s eyes was equally funny…….I loved every word of it……you are also a chasni…….shall I call u like that????

    1. Aastha i would be honoured if u call me chashni. Love u dear and thank u so much for the comment. Bear my hugs and kisses . Muhhahhh

  5. Oh my god sv I was laughing like hell karthik … and arjun’s reaction at 3 magical words …was awesome …oh my god iam crying too because of stomach pain …wig in Sam’s hand. …and when they about to kiss radhika’s hand . Arjun is still a kid …amazing update dear pls update soon:-) πŸ™‚

    1. Sammy my love thank u soo much . Love u dear. Sure love will update soon. Bear hugs.

  6. Neil girlfriend is Kartik that was very funny but at least Sam and Neil are together. SV you nail it, well done. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey brin thank u . Im happy that u liked it. Thanks once again.

  7. again again agian darling u made my day??? really am bit sad wen i woke up coz today s last in ma off ? am gonna miss all my train frnds bus frnds n off frnds? but i read ur ff am. all happy. now?? thank u darling ??? love u? karthik s really comic ? nesam kiss moment??? its superbbbbbbbbbbb??

    1. Awww suga ur such a darling. Dont worry dear of missing ur friends . We all are here to cheer u up dear. Love u dear. Stay blessed.

  8. Lol….one of my fab ff…lol…finally they reconciled…Kartik…omg…lol bechara jaessie ke liye kya karna padta usko….m laughing mad when rad put her hand in between Sam n Neil mouth n another on Arjun eye…omg….Arjun child….lol…i can’t write more as m laughing hard now…thanks for making laugh??

    1. Happy to make your tummy hurt lol. Elder twin im happy dear.Thanks ???? Rosie ??? Not fair im gonna see you and hug you tight and hard . Dont say that again lol . Luv you. Muhhaaaaa

  9. Oh my god darling u mkde of wat ?????? Im just clutching my tummy laughing like hell……karthik is neil’s gf goddd& kiss part was so gud……3 magical wrd wowww super dr sv luv u bear teddy hug fr u lot’s of luv fr u ……….muuhhhhhaaaa. …….. πŸ™‚

    1. gayathri you are such a darling . Thank you soo much . Im happy that you are happy. Love you dear. Bear my hugs too and thanks for the kiss.

  10. Sv I kept laughing during the whole update…my God…Neil is so scared of Sam…Karthik makeup part amazing and very funny…then NeSam Kiss…hilarious …you are too good with a comedy….keep it going love you πŸ™‚ stay blessed πŸ™‚

    1. gauri didi im really happy now thank u soo much. neil is really scared of sam . di i will make more funnier the next part. love u di.

  11. Oh gud one sv. I loved it.

    1. Thanks rg. love u

  12. Oh…My God..Sv dear… Bear hugs .. I laughed like anything reading Karthik’s part.. ????everything freezed??? then music.. Arjuuuuu… ???all cute… 3 magical.words n his.thought..??loved the kiss scene.. Rads s all.naughty… ???Thanks.for such a entertaining update.. I was all upset due to prsnl issues..Nw totally laughing like maniac..?? Eager to enjoy again..!!!

    1. jessie the purpose of my ff is attained. I just wanted my friends shpuld enjoy and have fun through this ff. Today that purpose is attained. love u soo much . dont stress urself everything will be set right. bear hugs. sure dear will make it all funny .

  13. hi frd…..its amazing….laughing continuously…..tears flowing from my eyes…..super update…..i liked rad very much…..thanks thanks…..

    1. Hiee happy , i’m happy for your comment. Always stay happy dear . Love you so much

  14. forgot to mention……i liked tamil lang in this update…..nw its so close to me……thanks once again…..

    1. Oh my god happy , im really feeling blessed by your words thank you so much dear. Stay blessed and bear my hugs too

  15. Karthik’s part was really funny yaar.. πŸ˜€ NeSam are in the kissing position itself when Ardhika were talking to them..LOL.. πŸ™‚
    Stay blessed and lots of love.. πŸ™‚

    1. Sweetie my darling thanks dear. Lots of love to u and bear my hugs too.

  16. awesome episode…………….interesting….eagerly waiting next

    1. thanks subha bear hugs

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    1. hey jerly thank u . ur wish will come true soon but in a jolly and comedy way.

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    1. ritu thanks dear. love u

  19. Superbbbb… usual amazing chellam….n very funny too…..waiting for next one….write soon…love u lot…tc….

    1. Susi thank you so much. Will update the next part soon dear. Love you

  20. O my sweeeeeetuuuu sv….muaaaaahhhhhh, in your other ff you made me cry but now I’m laughing like helll…you’re such an artist….brilliant narration n awesoooooome dialogues. ..lovely plot n mind blowing sense of humor. …loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ….karthik neil’s gf..ha ha haaaa…neil sesama n ardhika very very cuteeee…I’m very excited for ardhika’s date…keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    1. Ooh roma my spl you made my day. Thank you soo much. You have such a good heart for appreciating others work even a small work. Dear i love you soo much . Always stay like that and stay blessed . Love u dear and bear my teddy hugs and kisses too muhhhhaaaaaa

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