Manmarziyan 2 states chap 7

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Radhika called arjun. His face glowed when he saw her calling. But nandhini snatched the mobile phone from him and attended the call and turn on the speaker.

Radhika ; Asian paints we need to talk . Nandhini was not able to understand the reason of the name asian paints.
Arjun ; Ya go on.
Radhika ; Can you come to my hostel with neil now ??
Arjun (imagine that his imaginary replica is standing seperately from him and that imaginary arjun is dancing listening to her words but just to maintaine the good boy image he said) ; but now this late time ??
Radhika ; It is something importanrt about neil and sam can you pls come ??
Arjun saw nandhini . She nodded him to go and his imaginary replica now was dancing upside down.
Arjun ; Wait for maximum half an hour i’ll come.
Radhika ; Dont come near front gate come near back gate and call me i’ll come out and he too agreed and they held the call.
Arjun ; Nandhu where is neil . She pointed his room and Arjun rushed to Neil’s room. Nandhini just giggled the way Arjun rushed. Arjun enterd the room and saw Neil who was sleeping in the couch with head in the floor and the body half way hanging and the leg on the top part of the couch. Arjun kicked neil on the place where sam bit him. He shouted loudly. (see the biting power of Sam). With tears in his eyes neil woke up .
Neil (in crying voice) ; Dont you get any other place to kick. Why kicking at the same place . Arjun was helpless but laughed. Neil punched Arjun and Arjun held the hand as hero holding the heroine hands .
Arjun ; Radhika called us to come now to the hostel and released the hands.
Neil ; But why , rubbing his wound.
Arjun ; Donno, wanna speak something about you and Sam. I guess she might have another idea . Neil looked up and remembered how sam slapped him. He waved his head as if he is getting slap now.
Arjun (slwoly in a husky voice) ; Flash backahh ??? . Neil nodded .
Arjun ;(shouted) Go get ready you idiot. They both were about to start , Nandhini gave her car key to Arjun and they drove off to the hostel.

Arjun was humming some songs . His humming’s bgm was a bad timing and very irritating snoring of Neil . They reached the destination and Arjun gave a call to Radhika but she did not show out and they were sitting inside the car with all the window glasses closed. At that time Neil dreamed of his date with Sam and in reality with Arjun with his eyes closed. First he kept his hand over Arjun’s thigh . Arjun threw his hand . Again Neil did that .
Arjun ; Psst Neeeiiillllll .
Neil (still in dream) ; Your voice is so sweet dear.
Arjun ; Aaahhh and jerked and saw neil with a confused look.
Neil ; Ooh my love dont giggle that way I cannot control myself.
Arjun ; Neil stop this bakwas and was looking through the window to see whether radhika came or not.
Neil ; I want to kiss you in your rosy lips which are taking my life. Saying so he removed his seat belt and slowly gained over Arjun . Arjun who was watching through the window turned his head and saw Neil very close to him . Arjun started to sweat bad as he was able to sense the intention of Neil . But neil was continuously gaining over Arjun with his eyes closed
Arjun ; Neilllll nneeeeeiiilllllllll……… He was trying to remove the seat belt . But because of his urgency the seat belt got struck in the lock .He shook Neil but Neil was keeping his mouth the way of kissing and came near Arjun. Some how he removed himself from the seat belt and opened the door ,came out immediately and closed the door. Neil kissed the window glass. Arjun thought for a second what if I was kissed by him. Again the cloud popped up and the scene was running. He felt disguised and had a sense of vomiting.

Arjun was desperately waiting for radhika and standing by showing his back to the car.Neil came back to sense and he came out through the driver seat and slowly kept the hand over Arjun’s shoulder. Arjun jerked and shouted “Aaaaahh Neil stay away from me Im not sam im Arjun and more over im not a girl im a boy so stay away from me ”.

Neil (more confused) ; Man are you dreaming . I know you that you are a boy why are you screaming that you are a man , whom were you saying ?? Arjun realised that Neil really woke up and kept his hand over his chest and took a deep breath and said “ Nothing”
Neil ; Did she come . Arjun nodded negative.
Arjun ; Wait here I will come. Saying so he enterd the hostel campus when the security was not aware off.

In between Radhika was making preparations to get out by making tha tha to sleep in her bed and wrapped him with a bed sheet so that it will be like some one sleeping and she could go and see arjun .She managed to come out and saw only Neil was standing .
Radhika ; Neil where is asian paints ??
Neil ; What ?? I mean who ???
Radhika ; I mean your friend Arjun ??
Neil ; He went inside to see you . Radhika’s eyes were widened and she thought what if Arjun comes to know about tha tha . She rushed inside the hostel by asking Neil to wait. She jumped the hostel compound wall and ran to her maximum level speed.

Arjun found Radhika’s room and he saw her sleeping peacefully. He smiled and and he was slowly rubbing the head part.
Arjun(with a husky voice) ; Radhika ……. there was a small shake
Arjun (again) ; Radhikaa radhikkaaaaa….and he removed the blanket . No one was there. He squeesed his eyes and put the blanket on and again removed it. When it was on it was like , it was on some one but when he took the blancket nothing was there. Now he was started to become scared.

Arjun ; Raa raa raaaddhhiikkkaaa……. Tha tha laughed ghostly but he made sure that only Arjun could here the voice. Arjun screamed on his top of his voice. Aaaaaaaaa and dashed with the next bed and a girl who was sleeping woke up and screamed as she saw a black and tall image. He saw her and again shouted and ran out. Radhika heared the sound and thought – Tam ; Sethen ,
Eng ; Im dead .

She ran towards her room and saw Arjun running without looking back and all the way shouting. Tha tha came out all laughing.
Radhika ; Tam -Enna panna ??
Eng – What did you do ??
Tha tha ; Nothing he took the blacket and found no one thats why running and continued his laugh.
Radhika ; Tam – Ada Poyaaa
Eng – Go man .

Arjun was on his top speed and he came out but he saw a black image of some one. He tried to stop but as he came fast he was not able to stop it immediately. He rolled over the black image and that image kissed him. He saw him and shouted again. It was none other than Neil . Neil too shouted. Before they could speak Radhika came dashing and fell over them.
Radhika ; Tam – Arivu ketta naaye ippadiyada kathuva ??
Eng – Senseless idiototic dog is this the way to shout.Arjun was shivering .

Neil ; Why did you shout that big, thought that you got caught thats y came and saw you as if some furious dog is chasing you but then only came to know that the dog was radhika. Neil giggled and radhika was not able to help but too laughed. Suddenly warden’s room light was on and she came out to know the reason of the scream.
Warden ; Kon hai ?? Kon hai iss samai mai kel kelrahihai ??

Radhika closed arjun’s mouth , Arjun closed Neil’s mouth and Neil closed Radhika’s mouth.
Radhika (Removed Neil’s hand) ; What did she say ?? Arjun murmered .
Radhika ; I cannot understand Arjun open your mouth you idiot, Neil’s eyes popped out . Arjun all frustrated took her hand from his mouth and said ; how can you understand when you close my mouth. She said who is playing at this time.
Radhika ; Was not playing till now but lets play.
Radhika thought for a second and asked Neil to shut down the main. Arjun was shivering and holding radhika’s hands tightly because of the shock. Radhika was laughing hardly inside and she took him to the side of the corridor.
Radhika (with I donno anything kind of face) ; Arjun she used to scare us the way you got scared today. So can you help me to scare her after that I will say why I called you. He stood like a super man and said I will save the world. Radhika just said “Tha tha…..”

As the current was off the warden took a candle in her hand and started to walk. At that time some image ran her back . She turned to that side .She saw no one. She was sweating and gulping . She slowly turned her head and found a face keeping its mouth all open. She ran behind by backward running and she dashed on someone . She slowly turned and saw a man with full white face and was laughing ghostly. Warden fainted because of the shock and the man took the warden to her room. He placed her in the bed and saw his face in the mirror and screamed . Radhika closed his mouth and gave a towel to clean his face . Arjun did that and she saw the warden . Radhika was so happy and hugged Arjun. He too hugged her and suddenly there was a song played as a bgm from the movie guru (aishwarya rai and abhishek bachan dance song).

They came out and neil was standing near the car.
Neil ; why did you call us this time pls say it atleast now.
Radhika ; Sammm….. mmmmm sam is not angry with you. She was just acting. Neil’s thought just went back and he was thinking how many stricks he got from Sam. Neil was so angry .
Neil ; This is not fair and he hitted strongly with his hands over his wounds and jumped because of pain. Holding his leg he said “Im not gonna spare her”.
Arjun ; Calm down brother.
Radhika ; Exactly we should make her say sorry for what she did .
Arjun ; But how ???
Radhika ; arjun and neil always a girl would be more possesive than a boy . So if sam should come behind u make her more possessive. Arjun raised neil’s face and examined for 2 minutes and said very difficult. Neil smirked and hitted arjun’s hand.

Radhika ; grow up guys. Neil u need to find a girl who would act for you as a girlfriend.
Neil ; there are many people who follows me but i dont want to make them heart broken. Arjun and radhika laughed and the sound was like sound made when a cloth is torn.
Neil ; ok ok i donno any girl other than sam nandhu and u .
Radhika ; who is nandhu ??
Neil ; my mom. Sry our mom.
Radhika ; k then i will act like ur girl friend. Before neil could even think
Arjun ; shut up radhika u r not any others girl friend.
Radhika ; loosu this is just an act. Arjun nodded no. Neil made a pout face. Radhika was not able to go against Arjun’s words. She thought .
Radhika ; wait i know 1 who would do anything for a word. We have 2 days to execute our plan and can you guys come and get me a gate pass for me to take me out.
Arjun (nodded ); Anything for you, Neil stamped Arjun’s feet.
Arjun ; Ouch anything for you Neil. I wanted to say that. Radhika giggled at them . They left and Arjun made sure that neil is in back seat as he does not want kiss that too lip lock from Neil.

Radhika Arjun and neil made ready of everything and she felt really happy to spend time with arjun and neil too as she saw Arjun’s care to Neil.


Neil enters the collage with a brand new bike with his new girl friend and arjun came with sam. Sam was planning to talk to neil that day but when she saw him with a new girl she was way more furious and her eyes turned red . She was tightening her fist. Arjun was enjoying this and he saw radhika far away and he made thumps up and she replied with a smile.

Arjun ; Something is burning . Sam saw him with full anger.
Arun ; I can smell it sam . She too inhaled and smelled something which was burning. She banged her foot and left Arjun. Radhika rushed to him and asked what happened ?? Arjun winked his eyes. She jumped and hugged him in happiness and kissed his cheeks Arjun’s replica left him and started to dance crazily. Radhika said without breaking the hug she said “ my prediction never go wrong and I will never loose which is mine” Arjun was just hugging her back and felt happy as if he got Oscar awards. They came to sense by the collage bell and they broke the hug and went to their classes but Sheetal was watching them with furious eyes.
Sheetal ; I wont leave you. You will see the real me and left for the class
Tha tha who was standing near sheetal said ; I wont leave you sheetal when it comes to my little bird and he too left the class to accompany radhika.

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