Manmarziyan 2 states chap 6

Hloo all Im Sv back with my next part of our 2 states. Thank you all for the comments . Read this and pls do comment your views and thank you all my friends and even silent readers hope i have them. See i made a small change . Whenever Radhika speaks tamil i have mentioned as Tam and translation as eng. If you find that pls skip the tam part if you dont know . Hope that works.If you find it difficult pls do say me i will find another way…

Enjoy the ride……..

Chap 6

Plan A
4 days over since neil and sam where in a fight. Neil entered the campus in a half devdas way dog was only missing. Hairs all messed up. 4 days beard with a bottle in his hand with 95% juice and 5% drink coz even if he smells alcohol he will blabber. Radhika’s first move was to show neil in a pity state so that sam may feel pity on neil.

Mmmmm but sam was not that easy to get convinced. Radhika and Arjun were slightly peeping out of a pillar from the distance to see what was happening. Neil was all drunk and was begging to sam kneeling down.
Arjun ; saaley has not even asked me 1 sry even it was his mistake . Radhika twisted her neck and saw arjun up and said “really ??” arjun nodded.

Neil ; sam im sry dear , you know how my heart speaks only ur name, how my life is filled with only u and he was going on . Here radhika was just reciting the dialogues which neil was saying.
Arjun ; how do u know that ??
Radhika ; did u forget, those are the lines which i wrote and more over those are the dialogues which were used by me in the school drama so i know all the words. While they were speaking sam shouted . Both Arjun and Radhika again peeped towards them.

Sam ; neil i thought u have changed. U r soo not changed. Argh…. and left him with a slap. Radhika and arjun was about to hide themselves from sam and at that time radhika dashed herself with arjun and punched him hard and said cant u stand by having some distance. Even there should be 10 meters gape between 2 vehicles but u are not even giving 10 cms gape?? Before she could speak arjun closed her mouth with his hand and they hid themselves.

After sam left the place they came out and saw neil all upset holding his cheeks.
Arjun ; what happened brother ??
Neil ; she found out that i was reciting .
Arjun ; how ??
Neil ; i forgot some words while she was turning i took the paper to just to have a glance. She saw that and slapped me.
Ardhika banged their head and radhika was on top anger.
Arjun ; are u going for a recitation competition. Cant u say on ur own neil…….
Radhika ; tam – unga rendu perayum vechukutu oru kola kuda panna mudiyadhu.
Eng – keeping u 2 with me i cant even execute my murder plan.
Arjun ; folded his hands and said no tamil please.
Radhika giggled and neil who was already got bite from sam now slap was in high anger and shouted could u guys romance later.
Ardhika ; unanimously what ???

Arjun ; pls say me what is the problem with u and sam ??
Neil ; i’ll say and looked the sky.
Radhika ; flash backah ?? Neil nodded. Why all are either looking at the sky or some kind of mosquito coil will be circling around the face cant u guys have new trend in flash back ?? Neil gulped and said ok look down and he looked down the ground . Arjun and radhika too saw there and tha tha too accompanied them.

Flash back……

It was pitch dark. Arjun popped inside the screen and said ” don’t bluff u guys went on a date that too in the morning.

Neil ; did u go or i go ??
Arjun ; you
Neil ; pls let me to speak. Arjun nodded

Again flash back……

Neil ; where did i leave ??
Radhika ; aah it was pitch black.
Neil ; aah thank u

It was pitch black myself and sam where driving to a club to have a dance and spend some time. We entered the dance floor. We were dancing happily at that time someone spilt drink on sam she went to the wash room to clean it. At that time 2 girls came near me and asked me to dance.
Tha tha ; 2 girls ahh….. Radhika gave an angry glare.

Fb Cont………

I took both of their hands and at the time i twisted them and was dancing having them by holding them side by side. One girl said she likes me and asked me did i have any girl friend ??
Arjun ; what did u said ?? With raising his eye brows
Neil ; i said no . Radhika nodded and now understood the anger of sam.
Arjun ; did sam hear that ??
Neil ; she was standing behind me and was in full anger. She hit me with whatever she had in her hand. At last she bit me in here and pointed the place . Radhika and arjun saw each other and burst out in laugh. Tha tha too joined them.

Neil ; im a love failure and made pout face.
At that time saral called. Radhika closed her eyes seeing the screen. Arjun gestered what ??
Radhika ; crack calling . Tha tha understood and said i will fly and go and kick him and come back . Ok ??
Radhika ; no tha tha then all may come to know that u r existing. Arjun was a bit scared of sudden change in radhika’s behaviour as she is talking to vaccum.
Ajun ; raa raadhika whom are u talking too.
Radhika ; Whom did i talk ??
Arjun ; no….. U…….. There …..
Radhika ; dont dream Asian paints. Neil whom did i speak ??
Neil ; u were just talking with us. Radhiak made a sign of relief.

Again saral called. Radhika was in grave anger. She gave the phone to neil and asked him to shout all the bad words he knew. As already neil was in top irritation he shouted all the bad words he knew . (Words censored…. Dont ask me). Radhika and arjun with tha tha closed their eyes nose mouth and ears as they cant hear those words. After some time neil gave the phone back to radhika . The phone was dead. (See the intense of his words).
Radhika and arjun’s ear drum were torn by those words .
Radhika ; why blood ?? Arjun gestered nothing
Radhika ; aah same blood.

Saral was crying and said what did i say i did not even speak anything but she…….. Aaaaaaa and started to cry again.


Radhika was cleaning her ears at that time Tha tha came to radhika and said sam is teasing him . She forgave neil but she is just acting.
Radhika ; ooho ok now i know how to make her fall for neil .
Tha tha ; what ??
Radhika ; its show time and gave a wicked smile tha tha understood and he too smiled.

Thats it guys for today . Hope you all enjoyed it . Pls do comment your views. Love you all stay blessed and bear hugs and kisses too. Muhhaaaaaa

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  1. ❀?Natasha?❀

    ???????..Rofl….i’m rolling on the floor….laughing heavily……and my mom is giving me weird looks……..kk…..innaiku epi romba comedy aah irundhudhu……..neil lines sollura part……..sam neil aah adikura part……antha fb intro……..fb……neil scolding saral……y blood same blood part…………everything was sooooo funny 2day………it is a grt work sv…..

    1. Natasha thank you dear. I hope you got escaped from your mom. lol i just wanna make this a crazy story trying my level best . hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks brin. will update soon TC

  3. Gud one sv. Funny too. Saral crying . That was for d best.

    1. Thank you so much Rg

  4. sv darling u made my day? dis s first time in mg life am all smiling n rolling on my bed like crazy girl??? feeling awesome after reading ur ff ???? love u soooooooo much?? pls do upload ur ff all morn time ?? love u??

    1. Suga u made my day with your comment. I m soo happy that you are so hapy. Love you so much dear. I’ll try my level best to give a regular update. Stay blessed dear

  5. My twin m rolling on like mad…laughing like hell…other than suspense n thrill ,comedy is my fab genre…m loving it more n more…u know this the best quality if u make anybody laugh…i salute u for this quality…m too much I love with this series…keep it up dear…???

    1. Rosie im in moon with the comment. Im really happy by your words, the day i see you i will pick u up and hug you tight and never let u go. Love you my dear elder twin sissy

  6. Very funny …especially arjun and Neil…:-) πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much sammy. Love you stay blessed

  7. Hahaha u write comedy really well am laughing like crazy right now. The flashback omg an ROFL. Keep going Sv am loving this ride. Stay blessed

    1. Gianna thank u soo much dear. Im really happy that u loved it. Picture abhi baakhi hai mere dost πŸ™‚

  8. Superb episode dear.. πŸ™‚ I’m ROFL now.. Hahaha.. πŸ˜€ A dog was only missing for Neil’s devdas getup.. too funny.. πŸ˜€ Saral crying..Hehe..Super.. πŸ™‚
    Stay blessed and keep writing.. Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Sweetie thank u so much . Im trying to make it funnier thats it . Love u too dear

  9. Sv…this was hell funny…I was laughing throughout the update…cld imagine Neil’s state…Saral crying LOL…amazing girl… keep it going waiting for the next part update soon and also let me live πŸ™‚ tons of love πŸ™‚

    1. Gauri di thank u so much . U happy then im happy too. Di gonna update let me live tonight and this one max day after tomorrow. Love u di

  10. Sv!! Ada ponne!! Semma di!! … You should have made radz like as “unga rendu peta vachikitu oru aaniyum pudunga mudiyadu” ??…. Oru kola pana mudiyadu ??… lol.. Why kola?! Tevaiye illa …. Like old movies… Flashback na look up the ceiling ot somewhere up ??…. New tesnd semma.. Loom down… Thatha is cool …. Saral is such a baby… Crying…. wow I think I need a filter… I can sense what he would have told .. Ooh lala… Radz plan…

    Post soon … love you??

    1. Shree ur comment made me laugh so much. Actually that was from a movie dialogue thats y used that but never thought what u said. That was even more hilarious. Love u soo much missed u dear.

  11. Lol..what an epi sv.really superb and funny..flashback telling was a dhamakka..pls update asap

    1. Ammu thank u soo much. Love u too and next part day after tomorrow morning pakka. Love u soo much.

  12. wow…….Sv…. very nice episode….loved it…. sooooo funnyyyyyyyy …..ha ha…. πŸ™‚ one more thing… I also know a little Tamil…. I’m from Kerela …..

    1. Jerly thank you soo much dear. Love u.

  13. awesome episode…… interesting…….comedy super.eagerly waiting next

    1. Subha thank u next one on day after tomorrow. Take care.

  14. Sv darling im laughing like mad u made saral cry dt was wonderful part & neil u made him devdas y ds kolaveri ? especially tamil dialogue super machi enaku intha epi romaba pitichi-irundadhu……Flash back chance illa pooo……..luv u a lot a bear hug fr u muuhhhaaa…… πŸ™‚

    1. Yaar he always hurted our radhika . I was not able to do anything . So made him cry .lol. Im happy that you loved it. Love you too bear my teddy hugs and im showing my cheeks to receive your lovely kiss

  15. Awesome as always. Post nxt soon πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you sree next part day after tomo morning

  16. Awesome, wowwww sv it’s superbbbbb n hilaaaaaaarious. …so sweeeeeet n lovely comedy pack….neil n his flashback….hehehe…ardhika’s intruption n Sam’s anger…..soooooooo lovelyyyyyy. …Tha Tha so cute….neil’s curses bad words to saral….lol…rolf….poor saral….loved it to the core. …Sam fake anger, teasing neil…lol…now what’s rads plan n Tha Tha too joined…I’m curious….keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Roma thank you dear. Well radhika has a plan to mke sam to beg for neil and tha tha is always her side and next part day after tomo morning. Love you soo much dear.

  17. sv darling i. really. cant help. dis out coz am read dis more than ten times ✌?? loved each part dat much?? darling u update it as ur wish darling? but all update try to upload in mrg times coz of ur ff our day ll start with big smile ??love u??

    1. Suga im in cloud nine. I never knew that you loved it soo much. Your wish is my command next one is day after tomo morning dear. Pakka promise . Stay blessed

  18. superp episode

    1. Thank you priya

  19. Sorry to all my friends. Held up in some office work . Now only got some time thats why late reply. Love you all and bear hugs and kisses too

  20. Oh my sv chellam …..enough da icant control my laughing…I had stomach ache ….u r such a darling….mindblowing update…summa adichu dhool kelapita….Neil dev dass avatar…u portray dog only missing lol…loved it ….n tha tha dialogue 2 girls ahh…radhu angry look superb….fb super o super…poor saral…Neil bad words.saral crying.. …radhu why blood same blood too funny….all dialouge r amazing dear…still I can’t control my laughing…keep it up dear…. Iam happy for diz episode…n waiting for next one….lots of loves n hugs for u…tc…muaaahhhh…stay blessed…

    1. Susi im jumping after reading your comment. Sry for the stomach ache but i was trying my level best to make only happy as all are stressed up and i want to make some happy moments so that you all can be happy thats it . Its just my way to help u guys. Love you susi . Bear my hugs and kisses too .Muhaaaaahhh

      1. Sv dear…really u did good job…pls make more fun in next episode ….iam become big fan of 2 states ff….really amazing story…pls go on dear…love u…

      2. Susi ur wish is my command sure I’ll make more funnier. I’ll try my level best to write more funny. Love u dear always support us as they give us a boost.

  21. Ha Ha it was really funny……..every sentence is coated with the element of laughter……….OMG……it was that funny……….esp Saral scene……….I’m stopping ri8 nw or my mom will confirm her suspicions and immediately book a cell for me in mental hospital……….love u………….TC……

    1. Aastha darling im rolling over the floor and laughing while reading ur comment. God I am really happy that u loved it. Love u too and take care.

  22. fabulous…still trying to control my laughter..

    1. Thank you soo much ritu

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