Manmarziyan 2 states chap 5


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Neil enterd the house all scrambled . Nandhini ended the call and cleared the call history and rushed to the entrance with arjun and babu . Neil came dragging one leg as it was hurt. Arjun was having tears because of controlling the laugh and Nandhini punched him and arjun was about to come near Neil.
Neil ; Stop , you are so not coming near me. I never expected a king kong in Sam. I saw that only today and he shivered . Aaahh nandhu she is not a girl. An animal with a girls skin.
Arjun not able to control the laugh rolled over the floor and laughing holding his stomach , controlled and again saw neil and again laughed. Nandhu slightly kicked Arjun and took Neil inside the house. Every step he was making some funny sound because of the hurt and pain. Arjun closed the gate and he too entered the house to tease him.


Radhika wanted to meet arjun why he sang the song. But that was just a reason she should know who was the lady he was speaking at that time. She was just wanted to know who that was desperately. But she has her own ego which is restricting her to talk.

Arjun enters the campus with sam but sam was a kind of lost . Reason even arjun dont know . The information which he knows is there is a problem between sam and neil for which he got biting from her. Either sam or neil spoke about that. But what so ever happens arjun takes the side of sam as he surely know that his brother would be done something stupidly.

But even sam did not speak about neil to arjun. He was a bit worried. Finally she broke the silence .
Sam ; where is that idiot ??
Arjun ; in home not well, said that he got dog bite but the bite seems to be from a furious dog as the level of the teeth inside his skin was too much. So went to the doc for vaccination and taking rest . Dont worry babu bhaiyya is there to take care of him.
Sam was just boiling in anger . She thought how could that stupid call me dog . But she cannot say that out. At that time Radhika came and waved her hand.
Arjun ; Hieee raaaa……. But radhika just crossed him and went to Karthik friend of Radhika . He is also tamil guy but born and bought up in Mumbai .
Radhika ; Hiee karthik…..
Sam ; Arjun ur head is glowing because of the bulb u have got and giggled. She just left for the class. Arjun made a pout face but saw radhika happily talking with Karthik . He too laughed and thought of his stupidity and hitted his head with his hand and left to the class.

The break bell rang and radhika who was discussing something with karthik wanted to talk to Arjun. She was in the canteen at that time she saw something which made her anger to rose. At that time a troublesome came and stood near Arjun.

She was wearing a micro mini skirt and very short tops and she was making herself close with Arjun and arjun was struggling to make himself free. He wished Neil was there as he would have saved him from her.

She ; Hieee Arjun with many twist and turns in her talk and body.
Arjun ; Hhhhh Hiee sheetal and was twisting like an earthworm. All were just witnessing and some where banging their head because of the scene.

When she was about to gain Arjun Radhika rushed and stood between them and gave an angry glare to Arjun. He gestured “ she only came”
Radhika ; Iru da un kita aparama pesikaren (Saaley wait I will talk to u later).
She turned and went to sheetal with an silent yet violent voice with pointing her figure against sheetal said ; Stay away from him else you will regret later and held Arjun’s hand and took him from that place. Sheetal was in high anger as she was the girl behind whom all the boys of the collage are standing in the queue just wanted 1 chance to fall in her eyesight. But…. Today all gone her arjun is also going behind a normal looking girl… she was in high anger and planning to take the revenge for that and left the place by banging the floor by her foot.

The whole collage was frowned to see this scene . In the history of the Mumbai institute of technology Sheetal was warned and Arjun was going behind a normal looking girl. This gave heart attack , mind failure and depression to many girls and also the professors of the collage.

Radhika (with the male voice with the help of tha tha ) ; Avalayum unnaum sethu vechu paathen Nee setha da mavane . (if I ever get a chance to see you and her together you are dead mister)
Arjun : Haa pls stop speaking in tamil and pls don’t scare me with this hard voice Chennai express.
Radhika ; What Chennai expressah ???? I said if I ever see you near her or she near u u are dead get it ?? and she was I her top anger mode.
Arjun nodded and was scared because of the voice she was having at that time.

Radhika ; I just wanted to talk to u about 1 think . You know Jessie ?? Sam’s best friend my friend karthik is in love with her. (Sam and Jessie are both best friends. If it was not neil and if she was a male sam would have fallen for Jessie).
Arjun ; but 1 year difference ??
Radhika ; just 1 year pls asian paints pls…………
Arjun was not able to say no to her.
Arjun ; what will I get in return ??
Radhika ; What u want from me I mean what help should I do ??
Arjun(smiled for the reply from his Chennai express) ; Neil and Sam are fighting . I donno what to do.
Radhika(thought for few seconds and ) ; Right vidu (leave) I will take care of that but what about Jessie ??
Arjun ; will try to give intro of Jessie to Karhik but ask him not to talk to her too much as she is a bit reserved type and if anything goes wrong Sam will just kill me .
Radhika ; Ok but now do what as I say . This may be a bit difficult in the beginning but it will surely work. And who was the girl u were talking??
Arjun ; Sheetal .
Radhika ; No not her who was the one whom u were singing yesterday night ?
Arjun looked up raised his eyebrows and a cloud popped up and he visualized what happened. Everything was just running. Radhika was just looking at him and the direction where he is seeing. She was not able to understand what was he looking at. She was a little bit shorter to him so she was jumping the direction where he was seeing and found nothing.
Arjun’s thought ; Nandhu thanks for calling her and for this trouble. Radhika was not able to wait any more. She just hitted his head and he came back to normal sense
Radhika ; Dream worldah ???
Arjun ; She is my……(thought of testing her , more over teasing her)
She is my dear darling , love , care , why even my life. She is my everything.
Radhika did not react much and just said ok leave.

Arjun’s head was now glowing with 1000 volts bulb. He was not able to understand her. Arjun thought ; She saved him from sheetal but when i say about some girl she is not reacting. God please make me understand her .
Radhika ; Asian paints look I am going to do something for which you have to be by my side.
Arjun ; Always your side dear …..and blushed.
RAdhika ; Edhu (what ) ?????? and silently smiled for his words . but outside fake anger.
Radhika said something in Arjun’s ears . He screams what????????

What is the plan of the genius Radhika ???

Chennaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chennai express…………………

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  1. Awesome dr ..tamil dialogues were so funny ..adi dool 😛

    1. thank you harani . im so happy that u liked it 🙂

  2. Sv its superb !!!!!!!!!!!! loved Rads jealousy……………..arjun’s pout face…….everything…….y did neil and sam fi8 ????????? rads dialogues to sheetal where nyc….I was laughing seeing her reaction…..arjun’s shame face was really nyc……I enjoyed that scene vry mch…..that was very funny……………….what is rads plan ???????……… u……….teddy hug…TC….

    1. aastha u always mke me happy with ur comment dear . U will know why sam is furious on neil soon. Rads is gonna have a crazy idea. Will let u know in the upcoming updates

  3. nice one SV ,………lz update next part soon

    1. jerly thanks will update soon

  4. It nice one Sv..good going…waiting for nxt..

    1. thank you dipika . Will update the next part soon.

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  7. Hey… Pls dnt ryt Tamil in btw…. Cuz f dat, nt getting a flow in reading….
    Ur superb dr…. Waiting for NXT updt 🙂

    1. sry liya for that but as she is a tamil girl im using tamil. I will make sure that the flow is not broken. Anyways thanks for the comment

  8. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Theri baby????…….epi supppeerrraaah irundhudhu……..SV neengalum tamilah????????

    1. Thank you baby. Yup i know tamil . Love u natasha. Bear hugs and kisses from me darling

  9. My twin ….fantastic…rads jealously…lol…is she liking Arjun???bechara he was afraid of rad anger…lol…neil what happened to him…sam doggie…omg….rads in between Tamil talk…u nailed it…maintenance of comedy genre…m loving it….??

    1. My elder twin sister. Rads is not sure of what she is feeling for Arjun but will let you know in the future update. Neil is so sad as he saw the other side of Sam. Love u too as u said no thank you no sry , im not gonna say thanks to u but i am always happy to see your comment. Love u lots and bear my lovely hugs dear and trillion kisses too muhhaaaaa

      1. My Colgate smile appeared now…ur reply made me to do that ???

      2. Eeeee i know that and so im having that smile too.

  10. Sv this was fantastic…. twist and turn of that girl…seriously I imagined that….them Radhika dragging Arjun…Neil beaten by Sam….LOL…popping of the cloud…great going darling I was similing through out while reading your update…keep it going…million hugs….thousand kisses….and a sky full of blessings for you 🙂

    1. di di love u soo soo much. im really happy that my di is happy. It is because of your blessings im writing di. and di how is your health ?? u fine hope so pls take rest and medicines di lol turning to be a doc now. love u soo soo much di and im really cleaning my cheeks to receive your kisses. Love u so much di . take care and bear my hugs

      1. I am just lying on the bed and eating khichidi which I hate to the core….will take 2 days off from office 🙂

      2. Super !! take rest di and enjoy those 2 days by just eating and sleeping (my fav works in the world Lol) and forget about the office, Hifi di even i hate khichidi.

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    1. Thank you susi . i know tamil some some. I hope you enjoyed the update. Love u too dear take care and bear my hugs.

  14. It’s absolutely wonderful dear.. 🙂
    Sam-dog.. LOL..
    How can you think of such nicknames to everyone.. Radhika ko Chennai Express.. Arjun ko Asian Paints.. Haha.. 😀
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    Stay blessed dear 🙂

    1. Thank u so much sweetie . Happy that u enjoyed the update. Love u dear. Take care

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  18. Thank you soo much roma. It is just a start peepare ur stomach for the comedy journey . I will update soon. Stay blessed and healthy and happy. Love u too. Bear hugs and kisses. Muuhhhaaa

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