Manmarziyan 2 states chap 4


Hlooo all im Sv back with the 2 states. I wanna know how you guys feeling about this update . Pls comment as they mean a lot to me . Love you all . Some places i will make some tamil dialogues for radhika coz she is from chennai and i have also written the translation in the bracket. pls do spare me for that..

Enjoy the ride………

2 states chap 4

Arjun entered the house and was hopping towards his room . On the way one servant who was working in the mehra house for more than 20 years found arjun happy the real jolly type after many years. His name was babu bhaiyya. Arjun saw him working since childhood. Babu was the care taker of arjun from childhood. A trusted person of mehras and he was the family to him and Arjun will always call him bhaiyya and he means it and respects him as babu has no family .

Babu gave him the milk glass and Arjun took that and drank that in one shot as he used to do in child hood. Babu confirmed that there is something good thing happened . He did not react to arjun but after Arjun entered his room in the first floor babu rushed to his mothers room .
Babu ; Maa ji there is something which you need to check with Arjun.
Nandhini ; What is it babu ??
Babu ; Maa ji you take your guitar and go I’ll make the arrangements in the terrace and he will say us what is it .

Nandhini was soo excited , “ What guitar then surely there is something” Babu your sure ???
Babu ; Maa ji im taking care of him since he came to the house I know very well. You go I’ll take my instrument too he is in good mood .

Nandhini took her her guitar and rushed to Arjun’s room. He was in wash room and thought of calling Nandhini when he came out he jerked and saw her all ready.
Arjun ; 100 years I wanted to call you nandhu and you are here.

Arjun calls his mom as Nandhu , it was because of Neil. Neil’s family and Arjuns family are family friends more of a family. One day Neil’s parents left him in an accident and so Arjun’s father it was nandhini who took care of him. Arjun felt that calling mom made Neil feel for his mother so Arjun started to call her Nandhu and even Neil started to call her the same way. For nandhini Arjun and Neil are same. Those were her 2 eyes. She took care of them as her heart and it was because of Arjun and Neil she became friendly with the khannas.

Before both could speak babu peeped inside the room and said “ all ready”
Arjun ; Babu bhaiyya you are the best and gave a hifi to him.


There was a big blanked one corner there was a chair, it did not had legs it was on the floor and nandhini took that seat and Arjun was sitting in the wall and looking at the sky and the starts…
Nandhini and Babu gave a look to each other and
Nandhini ; what is her name ???
Arjun ; Chennai express. Wait what did you just ask ??
Nandhini ; Chennai expressah ???
Arjun ; forgot her name nandhu that’s why kept this name she is from Chennai and talkative so Chennai express is the name beautiful?? and made a toothpaste smile.
Nandhini ; mmmm cant remember girl friend’s name coming and speaking . Hey arjun is she soo beautiful ???
Arjun nodded; Not girlfriend don’t imagine yourself but not that beautiful as you dear .
Nandhini ; Change the dialogue even Neil said the same .why are you brothers are soo copy cat and made the face.
Arjun ; Hloo madam don’t think too much not like neil and sam but ……
Nandhini ; aaaahh then what is the name should I call then . I can see your face full of red. Oye is she really cute ????

Arjun ; nandhu here see and showed a pic of her and him in the dance.
Nandhini ; when did this happen and you danced. Babu pls call the ambulance I guess im gonna get heart attack . God my son is seeing someone and he danced god please make my soul to rest in peace and held her and acted as if she is getting pain. Arjun who was keeping a pout face laughed at her acting.
Babu ;Maalik (Arjun face was angered he never liked if Babu calls him maalik) sry Arjun sing a song na I want to hear your song it has been soo long time..
Arjun nodded and he saw Nandhu to put the start tune for ek ladki ko dheka tho aisa laga from 1942 love story .But he did not know that she called Radhika .


Radhika ; Tha tha go brush your teeth…
Tha tha ; which world does a ghost brushes its teeth and look at my teeth they are white.
Radhika (making a face) ; do you what is the colour of your teeth its blue. Poiye (go and ) brush. That’s it puriyudha (understood) ??? He went to brush his teeth.

Radhika got call from arjun.
Radhika ; why is this Asian paints callig me that too this time ?? She attended the call but before she could speak she heard someone asking to sing it was a female voice asking him to sing and he started to sing the song.

(I wanted all the friends to hear this song ek ladaki ko dheka tho aisa laga sung by sanam puri , they made a beautiful song not ruining the original one)
ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…

when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…

jaise khilata gulaab
like a blooming rose;

jaise shaayar ka khvaab
like a poet’s dream;

jaise ujali kiran
like a glowing ray of light;

jaise ban mein hiran
like a deer in the forest;

jaise chaandani raat
like a moonlit night;

jaise narami baat
like a soft word;

jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya
like a candle burning in the temple.

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa lagaa…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…

He remembered her seeing first time … and the ice breaking ceremony …….

jaise subah kaa ruup
like the beauty of the morning;

jaise saradi ki dhuup
like winter sunshine;

jaise vinaa ki taan
like a note from the lute;

jaise rangon ki jaan
like the essence of all color;

jaise balakhaayein bel
like a twisting vine;

jaise laharon ka khel
like the play of waves;

jaise khushbuu liye aaye thandi havaa
like a cool scented wind.

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…

And today the way she came near him . Her big beautiful eyes long hair her look her talk the dance

jaise naachataa mor
like a dancing feather;

jaise resham ki dor
like a silken thread;

jaise pariyon ka raag
like a fairy melody;

jaise sandal ki aag
like the fire of sandalwood;

jaise solah singaar
like the sixteen (traditional) ornaments of beauty;

jaise ras ki phuhaar
like a refreshing mist;

jaise aahistaa aahistaa badhta nasha
like a slowly growing feeling of intoxication.

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…

the way they were standing corner of the door. He can still smell her fragrance . He got goose bumps. Radhika who was hearing the song slept and she found some happiness . Tha tha noticed this and said “ Radhu ma he is the one”

Neil entered the house as over cooked noodles, crawling and his shirt was torn hair was messy and even some leaves were stuck in .
Nandhini and Arjun saw each other and said unanimously “ SAM” and winked their eyes seeing each other and controlled their laugh……

Chennaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chennai express…..

Thats it guys for the day. How was it was it nice ???? Pls do say ur views…….

Credit to: Sv

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