Manmarziyan 2 states chap 3


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It was a fine sunday. Radhika was cleaning her room and washed her cloths. At that time arjun was practising basket ball with other players. Nesam was not there they were on a romantic date in the name of special class as usual arjun used helped them even today as he used to do them. After washing her cloths she went to a drawing room and started to draw her prince. At that time she saw her tha tha was just staring at something not even blinking his eyes. Radhika slowly went to him and said ” enna paakara ?? (what are u looking at ?? ) ”
Tha tha ; nothing look at them . She turned and saw many girls practising with short dresses. Radhika jaw dropped . She ” u now go and till i saw u should not come. And pls behave for ur age. “. In between radhika was speaking with tha tha some one entered the room and she heard a vomit noise from the drawing room. She first ignored but the sound was really terrible so rushed to the room and found arjun having the glass and making a vomiting noise.
Radhika (keeping her hand in her head) ; did u drink that. Arjun nodded yes.
Radhika (on top of her voice) ; ayayoo idhu paintu thani . Arjun was not able to understand. She said its paint water.
Arjun ; is it not coke ??
Radhika ; all brown water is not drinks. I cleaned the brush paint and the water turned this colour. Donโ€™t you not use those round things in your face by the name of eyes. Before he could react his stomach reacted. He rushed to the washroom. More than half an hour later he came out. He came out like a Johnson and Johnson bandied which was removed state. Continuously without break nonstop it went. He kept his pant over his shoulder and slowly with the help of the wall walked and tied a towel and came out slowly not bad than crawling
Arjun ; what did i do to u to kill me ??
Radhika ; if u r stupid enough i cannot help u. He was about to say something but because of non stop excitement he left her. His legs were struggling to walk. Radhika helped him by keeping his hand over her shoulder and she held his hip and slowly made him to come out. He entered the collage as arnold but now as jim carry. ( im meaning the size of him) .
She took him to her room and made him sit. She took her medicine box and asked him to take the medicine.
Arjun ; i dont take self medicine.
Radhika ; i know what to give u . So stop acting smart and before the second turn , take these tablets.
Arjun hesitated. Radhika came near and signed tha tha to hold the hand and she made him take those tablets. Arjun gulped and tha tha hitted his head. Arjun holding his head turned here and there but could not find anyone. She asked him to take rest and she left the room.
He took deep rest . He woke up after some time He turned and saw a plate which had some food and his mobile. He took and saw it was around 4 pm. He examined her room by just staring at some pics. Those had cute Noddy , Oswald , kipper and many other cartoon characterโ€™s pictures. He smiled at those pics. He searched for radhika and came out of the room. Some how without anyone’s notice he came to the play ground and found some hostelers were enjoying the time. They were playing dumsharab and arjun to joined them.
All were acting and at last it was time for arjun . He asked his classmate nikil to accompany him. They tried hard but radhika’s team were not able to find the movie name. At last he stood behind and took a piece of stick and stricked that stick and made like he was stabing nikil who was in the front. Radhika saw this and said ” why katappa killed bahubali ??” her eyes sparkiled and she shouted baaaahuuuuubbaaaaaaliiiiiiiiii…… like katappa did in that movie and all shouted yeah…..

Arjun was just staring at her. Tha tha noticed and hitted his head again. Arjun held his head and turned to punch the one who hitted him but could find no one. Arjun took his friends to start the practise as there is an inter collage sports meet next week. Radhika and only few girls were there . They took a corner of the ground and they were tuning some songs. Which were hindi and she was just clapping and sitting and her friends asked her to join . Radhika is a great fan of a.r.rahman and prabhu deva so she had many of this comba which was a power pack dance songs. She took her mob and started to play the songs which were thara local songs a pakka dance songs. First was mukkala mukabla laila oh laila(I hope all remember that last music and the dance) and she danced . The boys who were there started to cheer her up and they too joined her. She started to dance those crazy steps and arjun who seriously hated dance started to move his legs and some how he too joined others . She pulled him and she taught him some steps and they were having a masti time. The warden came some girl shouted Buldog bhaghooโ€ฆโ€ฆ Radhika was not able to understand first the she saw the warden. All ran to their room. Radhika took arjun’s hand and pulled him to her room. Her roommate went out to her native place. Arjun was just staring at her but she was breathing heavily by hiding herself behind the door and standing very close to arjun. Suddenly arjun’s mobile rang. She closed her eyes and he at once disconnected the call.
Radhika ; wont u have some other good ringtone ??
Arjun ; whats ur problem i like that. Radhika closed his mouth and said ” its girls hostel. Pls konjam neram amaidhiya iru .
Arjun was like haa ?? She hitted her head and said i said pls be silent for some time . I beg u pls . She switched off the room light and the warden was coming for rounds. Radhika who was scared dugged her head over arjun’s chest and held him tight and closed her eyes. He was stunned for the behavior of radhika. Slowly unknowingly his hands lifted and gently surrounded her. She felt a kind of a secure feeling after her father. She was hugging him now and he was also hugging her back. Warden went but they were still hugging and standing there like models giving pose. Tha tha who was waiting for long came near radhika and slightly poked radhika’s eyes and said ” she left a week back but u r still hugging haa ?? ” she gave why this kolavery look .

They stepped back and radhika asked him to start from the room before anyone could see them together. Arjun managed and he silently tiptoed to the parking area and took his car and drove to the back gate where girls hostel was situated. He thought that she was waiting for him and he did not know why he thought that. To his surprise and wish she was waiting near the window and waved her hand. He too reciprocated it by waving bye. Arjun drove off with a smile through the way to his house. She was hearing some songs but felt some happiness with those moments with Arjun.

Arjun reached home but before entering the house messaged her . She too reciprocated with a smily and said good night sweet dreams you eye less idiot. Arjun who should actually be angry was laughing for that reply from her and en

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