Manmarziyan 2 states chap 29

Hiee all im Sv back here with the masti ride of 2 states… guys one thing…we as a writer are just writing the ff just for ur encouragement and that encouragement is through ur comments… it is just few seconds of u guys comments which makes us feel high…im just asking a small comment from my silent readers… can u do this to me ?? love u all…

Enjoy the ride…

All started for the treasure hunt… but they never knew they have a secret admirer society… yes ronny and his friends over listened the conversation made by the executive committee… nothing much ardhika nesam and karssie (karthik and jessie)… so ronny and his team by name abishek, pradeep and one more his name is Logu (full name logesh but called Logu).

They are the gang who were listening to the speech of the executive committee meeting… Ronny wanted to have a close watch of what are they doing and for that he made Abishek to keep the watch on them and he also instructed not to say about this to anyone…

After few days…..

Ronny ; did u find what are they upto ??

Abhishek ; Yes i came to know about their operation X…

Pradeep ; who is sick and why is operation X (within his giggles) cant they find what treatment is going through ??

Ronny looks to Pradeep and slaps….

Ronny ; so what are they upto ??

Abishek ; i wont say that to u..

Ronny ; why ??

Abishek ; because u asked me not to say so i will not say that to u..

Ronny bangs his head hard… as the world finest idiots were joined hands and he never knew he was the finest…

Ronny ; i will kill u i was the one who asked u to keep the secret and now i am asking u so u can say it…

Abhishek ; so i can say this u will not say me not to maintain…

Ronny ; i will not ask to maintain the secret so pls say me…

Abhishek says what is the secret is…. (they were confidential and so i dont know what they are speaking….)

The D day….

All were ready for the treasure hunt…

All came to Arjun’s house and from there they are taking 3 bikes to the destination…

Sam ; dont forget to take the compass…

Neil ; why are u asking about compass are we gonna do some geometry ??

All freezes and looks at him… (BGM dannn dannnn dannnn)

What ? All asked unanimously….

Neil ; ya are we going to do some geometry….

Jessie bangs the knife which she had… and said ; aint i said u should never open ur mouth ?? Neil nods… SO why did u do that ?? Neil gupls…

Jessie ; guys will u ever feel once neil is dead ??

Arjun ; nope…

Radhika ; Never…

Sam ; i will cry for few days and move on…

Neil ; what the ?? what did i say ??

Jessie ; thats it u r finished mr Neil malhotra… saying so she takes the knife and runs behind him and he took a run and the others finished the final packing…

Sam ; Karthik call them we have to start…

Karthik ; sorry sam i have only one life and i already made a sacrifice of loving her and not another sacrifice of loosing my life….

Both Neil and Jessie came in and Babu bhaiyya was like torn poster as they made him as the football and played well..

Babu bhaiyya ; Arjun pls take these 2 out of the house now else i will not live my life…

Karthik pulls Jessie by her elbow and Neil starts with sam and Ardhika were also ready..

Arjun, Sam and Karthik were driving the bike and few yards back there was an dabba tinkering car which followed the 6…

After few hours of drive all were taking some rest and there was a suspicious wall and slowly Radhika was walking and touches the wall and she screams…..

Arjun as a hero goes in a slow motion with spreading his hand wide while taking every step… Neil walks over him and looks at him from the back and gives a thu look and touches the wall and he too disappear….

Sam pushes Arjun and pulls jessie with her and tha tha also passes through the wall and all fall and land over the other world… It was a parallel world of the present world but it was the past world means they have traveled to the past…

All were wearing saree and dhothi and they were typical ancient attire…

Neil who looks at radhika shouts and she at once closes his mouth as she was looking like a woman with her ancient attire…

Neil ; radhika u look like a girl…

Radhika ; and u look like a boy neil…

Neil ; and why did u spin yourself with 16 yards of(he was making round in his hand) u know this cloth.

Radhika ; argh neil look at urself for god sake… he turns and looks at his self and screams…

A big beard a turban and he was looking like an ancient person…

Neil ; what is this ?? (in a panicking voice).

Arjun ; that is supposed to be a beard… And then all looks at each other and finds that they were all having big beard and all were wearing ancient attire and also the girls were wearing all jewelry and they were looking like girls… well that was the point…

Radhika ; tha tha ?? tha tha ??

Tha tha ; i am here radhika…. saying so he comes out and they almost fainted…. he was like a hulk man… he was young handsome and the sight will make the heart to skip the beat….

Radhika ; tha tha ??

Tha tha ; yes radhika….. it is me……. Arneil karthik fainted… they were looking early 30ies and he was young 20ies

Doctor…. doctor…. a voice came… they all look at the out and found a woman calling some one…

Arjun comes there and she speaks to him,

Lady ; good morning professor…

Arjun ; haa?? professorah ??

Lady ; yes sir u r our professor… sir i want doctor….

Arjun ; doctor ??

Lady ; yes sir doctor… just then neil comes with the others…

Lady ; pranam doctor….

radhika and tha tha jerks…

Arjun ; what happened ??

Radhika ; paati arjun…

Arjun ; yaar she looks young dont call her paati…

Radhika ; dai loosu she is our paati… he at once jerks and looks at the woman yes she was paati… all turn their face to see thatha and he was looking at her with mouth wide open and tongue out like a stray dog and saliva was flowing like an open dam…

Others ; eeeeeeuuuuu with a disgusting face….

Tha tha ; hey baby (winks) so what do i need to do ?? (again winks…)

Arjun (husks) ; why is he winking ??

Radhika (husks back) ; he is correcting paati arjun…

Neil ; still same lady cant he find someone better ??

Dang…… there was a sound….

tha tha banged saral with a biiiiiiggggg plate and the sound was echoing the whole city…

Paati ; ooh my hulk pls dont hit the doctor….

Ardhika ; Doctor ??

Nesam ; Doctor ??

Kareesie ; Doctor ??

Neil ; oohh yes i am the doctor…come on miss i will make sure that the patient is fixed…

Paati ; fixed ??

NEil ; a bbb bbbb cured cured…

Paati ; ooh cured ok pls come sir pranam professor.. pranam pandit ji…looking at karthik and pranam handsome hulk and he winks and kisses her in the air and seductively speaks ; bye angel…. she waves her hand and leaves there and tha tha was waving keeping his hand up and all the time winking and kissing on the air…

Radhika had enough… she pulls him by his elbow and shouts…

Radhika ; tam – uun manasula enna nenachutu irukka periya azahganna ?? yov nee kezhavanya mela pona kezavan inga vandhum mavaley unnoda manmada leelai vidalala ??

Eng – what are u thinking of urself a big handsome hulk ?? listen u are an oldie gone oldie. Even after this u r not stopping ur manmada leela (manmadan the god of love leela is his plays) right…

Tha tha ; ooh stop speaking like an old lady let me enjoy with my love…. saying so he jerks radhika and goes behind paati in the crowd…

Radhika shouts in frustration…

Precap – all comes to know who is the patient and then treatment time masti…..

Thats it for today…. how is it ?? was it funny enough ?? can u pls share me ur views pls…. love u all stay blessed and always smile…


  1. Amore


    |Registered Member

    Yar it was damn funny… Logkesh??? what a name… Neil is actually shown as an IDIOT… I’LL CRY FOR FEW DAYS AND MOVE ON!!!! LITERALLY??? And what a love… tha tha chose same woman oops… girl even there after heaven… and SARAL??? how did he reach there?
    You comedy Queen ur post hurts my butt because of continuous jump.. ouch!*
    keep it up

    • S.v



      oh my gosh amore… thank u so much dear… logesh… lol he he he tha tha has no other choice else we know paati what is she of… lol saral…. shushh baba dont break the secret… ooh sorry for the hurt… but im happy that u r happy…. love u so much bear hugs… thank u so much

      • Amore


        |Registered Member

        By the way Vidhya… ek swaal hai… ye jo cover pic hai… usme sabko sleeping beauty kyu banaya hai??? aur usme v neil IDIOT lag raha hai… as we say ODD ONES OUT πŸ˜‰

        HEHEHE don’t mind huh… hugs to u…

      • S.v



        no minding baba i want a comedy pic of those 4… trying to get it… once i get that i will change it… and as he is the idiot so i took this… he he he so next part with diff dp okies ?? love u and tight hugs as well and yes he is odd one out he is always killing us with his perfect mismatch of timing right… he he he

  2. arti viswanathan

    Outstanding episode, i loved all the scenes sv dear…. Will be waiting for next episode dear….. U are also a awesome writter like jessie, meen, sangee, shree, gauri and many more…..

    • S.v



      arti…. thank u so much …. pakka baba will update all regularly as i promised… oh gosh they are so much big when compared to me… love u so much my dear… bear my hugs to u… love u

  3. Meen


    |Registered Member

    Omg sv…..this was hilarious ….I was laughing like a mad girl…..tha tha……hehehe……Neil u r an idiot. Loved it Darling……amazing…..muuuuuha…. Love u

    • S.v



      meennn…….. im jumping listening that i were laughing big…. neil is such an idiot u will see how he is treating lol thank u so much and where is rehuma yaar…. im paavam what happened to nesam and why are they separate ?? ardhika as well lovely ff missing it plsssss update soon and ur mafia is my next target to read… sorry did not read them will read it soon as promised… love u so much …. muhhhaaaa

    • S.v



      thank u so much niku…. operation x is yet to go …. thank u so much sweety… love u sooo much dear,,,, muhhhaa bear hugs,,,,

  4. S.v



    excuse me who so ever is typing in my name ?? pls stop this…. friends the reply is not from me i just now opened Tu and found the replies… this is not me… pls dont do this plsss

  5. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Baby…super one….You love to hand me a knife…Hahah….one more group…and his doubt abt operation!! Lol…and parallel world…!! Thatha young…paati too….!! Kali muthi pochu Arjun…kavala padadha….Neil doctor …Arjun professor…!! Adhu avangaluke….patient yaaru…namma evergreen makku staru..saral garu…!! Lol… enge sellum avan paathai….baby matum arivale!! Am eager…now bring it soon…..Treasure X…X naale enaku maths than nyabagam varudhu..!! Ippo pudhaiyal iruka…ilaya….!thatha vera…..even now he choses the same one….mass dialogue…hahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚adhu thanda trooooooo laaaaauuuu..!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Neil ku puriyala pavam…sam1 says …she will cry for 10 days and move on…rofl max…Neil…mulichuko….!! Arjun ku kavalaiye illayam….we know that…unaku radz irunda podhumm…..loved it….waiting for next one…TC

    • S.v



      baby baby babyoooo yeah…. lol puttu puttu vechutiye maaaa aama enakku onna oru gala kanakka kaatanumnu aasa senguten… unakku yaar melayavadhu gaandu irundha sollu baby vechu sengudalam… lol… avlo appatamava theriyudhu vara poradhu saralnu ?? avan dhan aana inga avan rangey vera ?? paaru paaru avana enna panna porangannu… he he he tha thaukku vera vazhi illa llatna sethuruvaru peya irundhalum sangu nichayam…. lol he he he thank u so much baby… idhukagavey kaathirundhen baby… muhhhhaaaa love u sooo sooo much muhhhhaaaa love u so much

  6. Shree


    |Registered Member

    Operation X.. yen maa? I end up remembering math and algebra.. unaanku math avalu pudikimo? apdi naa adha in kudiye vachiko.. torture pannada enna.. lol secret admirer society!! Karssie!! semma ya… lol Logu.. hahahahaha.. I’m not telling you because you asked me not to tell.. lol.. makku pasangula… wow the worlds finest of finest idiots.. neil ahh kuda serkalame.. nala irukum.. ella idiot um ore side la.. let him be a spy.. ISI madri.. lol.. appoyavudu hell be of some use.. un confidential matter aah neeye in kuda vachiko..

    Illa neilvanam.. avan ivalo periya makku nu teriyavela.. my lord ulagata kapatunga.. ellariyum indha kiruku madayan tarundu kapatunga.. compass.. are we going to do geometry? lol.. Jessie lol.. she always has knife.. Jess aah violent aah katradu dhaan unnaku vella.. chaaa.. ippo he will go of to mute mode.. lol.. Arjun will never feel.. aama when he has Radhika why see others.. Radhika no.. Sam will cry n move on.. idu semma.. semma bomb.. big blow.. shockla mayangaleya? lolololol… Karthik paavum ya.. ella Karthikum ore madriya? Mine n yours.. lol.. Babu anna paavum…

    Sooper.. they started.. and “Idiot Gang” is following them.. wow secret wall.. world of past.. thatha too.. hehe… arneil lol.. big beard.. Neil ku shock.. handsome thatha!! yey!! naa thatha oda ore date book panidren!! lol.. I will samalichify paati.. naa romba cute la.. adhunala paati will not have problem.. lol.. fainted.. thatha avalo handsome aah?! 20s!! appo date confirm!! hehe… oh wow.. paati is so much azhagu that Arjun could not identify.. thatha jollu ooting.. lol.. ada chaa ya.. parimalam ippo forever evergreen pati aah ayiduvanga… lol.. hehe.. thatha trying to correct paati.. appo ennaku chace illiya? aiyo.. Saral lol… my hulk!! hehe.. ennadu? ennaku heart attack vandrum pola iruke? anda saniyan aah? anda kiruku madayan Inga enna pandran? but entertainment aah irukum.. solirukanume.. naan popcorn ready aah vichirupene.. korichikite padichirupene.. Arjun professor.. Karthik pandit.. hehe.. lol Neil.. fix.. cure.. paati romba over ya.. kannu adichikite manaskaram potukutu.. thatha sutam.. flat leyum mega flat.. tarai oda tarai aah otikitaaru.. lol Radhika.. let him live di.. pavum manushan avaru vandu avar techniques use panni pondatiya pudu valila correct pannalam nu pakuraru.. unnku yen inda kolaveri? manmade leelai.. anda kalathu Krishnar namba thatha.. aww.. uta naa nejama ve flat aayiduven pola iruke.. lol.. control Shree control.. lol… thatha paati pinnadi oditaru.. teenage spirit.. aawww.. hehe.. ore oru kelvi.. treasure kedakuma illa kedakada? kedacha.. edachu irukuma ulla? lol.. seri.. I’ll wait

    Sari podhum nu nenakiren.. naa idhe madri eppodume kiruku tanama type panni unna torture pannikite uruke.. but I can’t stop myself.. sorry.. I as always laughing loud.. office eh mulikidu.. en annanunga moraikiranga.. utta enn aippove asylum la tooki potutu vandruvanga.. Dev is like “vaaya mudu Diya.. vera velaiye illiya unnaku?” .. Abhi is like “Dev ivala asylum la admit panidalama? Appa amma va manba samalichikalam… they will be happy with our decision”.. Inga nedakura koota pare.. ennaku azhugai aah varudu.. oru manishi siricha kuda porukadu ivangaluku..

    Next one seekrama di.. naa poren ippo.. illana sirichikite irupe.. bye.. love you loads

    • S.v



      shree ponney ?? enna idhu ?? nee enna update vida perusa poturukka ?? aathadi…. ennoda update unnoda comment oda synopsis maadhiri irukku… dev anna and abhi anna pls ponney paavam ava innum muzhusa mental aagala avalukku naanga irukkom…. lol thank u so much ponney… aama neil saavu jessie kaila dhan lol… paya vaaya moodna paravalla… pesiye konna kadupu varadha lol ?? adhan kadupaita…. sam lol and Arjun yup avanukku radhika irundha podhadha ??

      Tha thakku vera option illa ponney paati vechu seivanga lol…. he he he unakkum theriyum enakkum theriyum paati epdinnu… ippo vera maadhiri romance panna poraru paapom tha tha enna trick vechurukarunnu…

      enakku unnoda comment romba puudihurukku thank u so much asylumla vida poranganna sollu oru gangah vandhudalam enakku therunju naama ellarumey orey case dhan so dont worry be happy… love u so much ponney unnoda updates kaga vazhi mela vizhi vechu kaathutu irukken love u

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