Manmarziyan 2 states chap 27


Hiee all . Im sooo soooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy i was really messed up here so could not even think of writing and i was breaking my head for a week to finish this part but totaly messed up. Sorry soooo sorry here is the next chapter i serioslu donno what i have written or this is funny enough but do spare me this update next update will make as much funny as possible. Love u all…..wifie a small surprise to u and i never knew saral has so many fan followers im proud of my self lol so here u go all……..

Enjoy the ride…….

Precap – mayura competition fest Arjun singing and radhika kissing arjun fainting tool box atrocity….

The next competition was pair dancing. Arjun made a beautiful way to escape from the competition was pair dancing with different category romance, rock and classic and other dances. Nesam were in romance competition and ardhika rock and jessie and karthik were in sudden music that is the song will be changed and they should dance. Jessie was well versed in that and karthik learnt quick from her else we know what will happen.

The competition started with Romance round and all were like in fuuuullllll romantic mood because of the songs and nesam were called to the stage. Neil one corner and Sam the other corner of the stage and took their positions. The song started……..which song………. wait even i am thinking ………..haaa found out jiya from gunday (Arjith song voice rocks music awesome and think of nesam) Both were dancing as if 2 heavenly people were dancing and paati saw that and looked straight to tha tha. He face palmed, rolled his eyes and gave a hand and they were floating and dancing.

Tha tha was having a disguised face as he was planning to dance with a model ghost but super chance missed. Paati was pulled here and there by him and at that time she made her hand a big frying pan and banged his head. Tha tha held his head and saw her and gave a eeeeee smile (tooth paste ad smile) and they danced.
Vibhav was dancing holding a dhupatta of a girl standing in front of him and in too much curiosity he pulled the shawl from the girl and she gave a look and snatched the shawl from him but his hands were scratching and he badly wanted to dance. He held spanner who was like a 25 litre cane. He was to the hip of vibhav and they danced in the corner.

The whole gallery applauded for the dance. Then after sometime Jessie and karthik was called. The songs got changed and they were dancing like super awesome. Jessie saw karthik and for the first time felt proud as they were rocking the stage. The final song was breakup song from ae dhil ha mushkil both broke the stage with their jumps and they ended like rab de banadhi jodi logo. Then they came ardhika. The whole auditorium was silent as this was the hero’s performance and also it is his first dance competition. Radhika saw him and gave a thumps up and they were standing at each corners of the stage. The music started slowly the music came and the lyrics started opaa gangam style………….. disssssssss thats it the whole auditorum was shaken by the shouting of the song and they were dancing the same steps of the song and suddenly the next song came which was crazy frog tune that was a tharu maru performance and final touch was pete rap from kadhalan movie.

Only the tunes they made a thara local performance. Both were like who is best in kuthu song dance both danced mercilessly and the stage if had mouth would have said ; hmmm(sarcastic smile) ; what did i do to u should have some basic manners to jump not like this and u guys think u are feather weight no u are like elephant weight. Finally the dance was completed and the whole auditorium was shaken by the claps. Arjun saw radhika with a smile and she too smiled at him back and he was again about to faint.

Tha tha ; tam – ivanukku idhey velaya pochu
Eng – he is doing it same argh and was frustrated to the core and gave a look to radhika which said i won’t carry him. Arjun for the first time did not faint and they came out of the stage and they were congratulated for their dance performance and total MIT was standing for the final announcement for the dance competition winners.

Next competition was food competition. Why are u looking at me ?? of couse MIT won the cup. No special announcement for the ever winning people. The competition was who eats more. They had pani puris and the person who eats more is the winner. Jessie who was happy coz of the dance was hopping and dancing and at that time she heard vibhav and the tools box speaking for the food festival that they will mix something spicy in the food so that Arjun and neil will get affected in the competition but they never knew that it was jessie and Sam who are participating in the competition.

She was breathing heavily and went straight to her group and informed the same to her friends. Karthick and Radhika made a plan and asked Sam and Jessie to get ready for the competition. The competition started and the friends were eating as if they are eating after ages and there was a wildness in the munching. Both Karthik and Neil gulped and Radhika was staring with mouth wide open and Arjun was sweating bad with this side of his friends.

Slowly radhika came near Neil and karthik and said ; tam – ivalunga enna ennamo 10 nall patni kedandha madhiri muzhunguranlunga ?? Ivangalukku sapadu podavey neenga sambathikanum pola irukkey ??
Eng – why are they eating as if they have not seen food for 10 days and gulping all the food at once. U guys should earn atleast for their food i guess ??

Both gulped and saw Radhika and she was looking at them with the same scary face. Sam and Jessie in a go finished around 35 pani puries in one minute. They came out and taped their hand as if they packed few loads of sand and then neil and karthik saw them with a sweating face . Next was vibhav with screw driver. Radhika came from behind and mixed some powder in the water and they started to take it. She came to her gang rubbing her head and made thumps up.

Arjun ; what did u do ??
Radhika ; tam – bedhi mathra kalandhuten savatum.
Eng – stomach cleaning tab i mixed let them die. All the others were like haaa ?? what did u say ?? She said what she did and gave a smile.

All the others mouth was wide open. The bell banged and soon vibhav and screw driver started to hold their stomach as that made a sound as if train is crossing a big river bridge. Spanner who was a cashew nut took 3 puris without other’s notice and he had the same feeling. All were rushed to the washroom and lived there happily ever after………….


Saral was biting his nails and spitting it out. His mother slapped his head. Saral held that and saw his mother.
Meena ; tam – enna ??
Eng – what? ? Saral shrugs his shoulder. Meena – your long distant cousin has come for trip tonsee us for 2 days she is from U.S. so please take bath and come out with a neat dress. Saral nods like a buffalo.

He comes out with a dark pinkkkkkkkkkkk (that pink) t-shirt with collars up and blue jeans but was looking ok not bad way. He went to the mirror and while combing the hair he said tam – saral indha olgathula oon azahgu yaarukumey illa da
Eng – saral no one has a charms like u in the world and combs the hair and comes out.

The mirror after he left was ; thu…… ivan ulaga azhagan illa ullur kezhavan ivan local range kuda illa international rangukku bulidup.
Eng – thu……. he is not Mr world he is mr old man of the town. Not even local range but gives build up like international range.

He comes down and she was speaking with saral’s mom spinning the coolers in her hand and laughing angelic .

Saral’s pov ; tam – aaha enna oru koral adadaaa nalna (50 paise) silraya apdiye sedharadicha maadhiri oru koral
Eng – wow what a voice it is like few 50 paise coins were dropped on the floor.

His other mirage ; tam – yosikardhula kuda oru 5 ruba coin 10 ruba coin varadhey 50 paisa thu……
Eng – Even when u think wont u think 5 rs coin or 10 rs coin even in that 50 paise coin thu…..

He came out of the mental discussion and shook his head as if water poured goat and took his glass and stepped down and by mistake made a big step by leaving one step and was landing safely like a karate master with legs wide open and face will all the 9 reactions. The girl took her coolers from her face and made her eye brows up and he was like with fake proud face ha ha ha he was smiling.

There was a tearing sound he gave a confused look and so was the girl. He moves his leg a bit a darrrrrrrrrr . Both of them blinking again when he was making himself straight daaaaarrrrrrrrr then he bends down big darrrrrrrrrrrrrr the girl found out and starts to laugh like hard. It was saral’s super pant which was making this angelic noise of darrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Saral ; Sarry he he he tight pantah so only……… and smiled sheepyly she was laughing like maniac by tears in her eyes. For every move there was a darrrrrrr sound. At that time he went upstairs and after good five minutes he came out with a loose size pant and shirt which was over flowing over his body by covering his hands and legs. Just then his mother meena came and banged her head. The girl was laughing again and said ; aunty who is this buffoon ??
Meena ; He is my son Saral……… sammy
Saral ; tam – enna me ??
Eng – what me ??
Meena ; tam – sammy da mada sambrani
Eng – sammy u brain less idiot.

Sammy ; what so this is the person u spoke about right ?? Meena nodded her head slightly . Sammy was in hell angry and saw him. He slipped because of the too much pant cloth. He banged the stares and she was in a murderous rage for showing this buffoon to fix him for her marriage. She was having doubt so she came down from her home town to see who is that so called Saral and when she saw him he was a perfect buffoon infront of her eyes. But nothing is known to Saral

Sammy ; how dare you ??
Saral (in fear by gulping) ; how dare me ??
Sammy ; How dare u idiot ??
Saral ; how dare me idiot ?? akka pls say me what is the problem akka ….
Sammy ; what akka ??
Saral ; u akka and was crawling with his elbow and going behind and dashed a flower vase and that fell over his face and his head was bearing the flower and the vase piece was hanging over his pinokkio nose. Sammy who saw that was laughing inside but she just bends down to him and holds his collar and says ; dare not show ur face infront of me and also dont ever day dream that i will marry u and leaves his collar and leaves from there and she stops when he calls. (please read the words as they spell to get spell bound by saral’s english knowledge)

Saral ; sister one nimit. U dont mistake i no love u plsssss ok. Sammy was looking at him with a confused face.
Saral ; ok u donno british englissss ok i will say in the englisss u know.
Saral ; u see sister u may can have love over me adha naan thappu sollavarla(im not saying that it is wrong), but for me i love only my radhika see is my aal my butifulh angel see is so plhease dond misttage me sister me no love u me love only radhika. Sammy who was all the time in burning was erupted with the last words. She took the vase which was there and banged his head thank god the vase was in copper so it did not break but dont worry saral hmm even his head is being banged by a big rock he will be not affected….

Tam – eena sadarna manushanukku dhan kal adicha manda odayum avan saral avana thotta kallu dhan odayum……
Eng – because normal man when he is hit by stone head will break he is saral if the stone hits stone will break but he will be unaffected.

Sammy left him by a super dose of banging him and sat in the car. She got a call from radhika.
Radhika ; what happened ??
Sammy ; all done dear. He is as u said a semi mental. Both laughed.
Sammy ; so he is ur so called would be right.
Radhika ; chi chi no no no not at all he is. So what s the plan for today ??
Sammy ; hmm nothing need to go back home for tomorrow. So will catch the flight now and straight home.
Radhika ; oki thanks bye sammy and haa come soon ok. Sammy nods and cuts the call and sleeps for some time.

Few days later………..

All were busy with their work and classes as usual was going and home work assignment was going and at that time Karthik came and called the other 5. All came with tha tha .
Neil ; wow so many books , is there any book fair sam ?? Sam was literraly crying for the impossibly idiotic nature of Neil.
Radhika ; this is our college library neil ……..
Neil ; ooh do we have a library ?? Sam fainted……..Arjun just went near him and circled his hand and closed his mouth tight and husked ; one more word u are so dead so shut up ok ?? Neil nodded and arjun released his hand. Neil was about to open his mouth but again arjun saw him and Neil at once made his finger on his lips but was speaking with his finger on his lips.
Radhika ; Ok karthik why u called us here ??
Karthik ; wait let jessie too come.

Tha tha ; tam -ava epo varradhu evan eppo solradhu ada pongaya…….
Eng – when will she gonna come and when will he gonna say . arey go yaar. Just then Jessie came with lolly pop in her mouth and stick out and she asked in a sign language why he called her. Karthik nodded and opened the book and made it visible for all the 5 people . All the face was glowling………………. what is that ???

Precap – mission X to find what is that and the masti in their mission…………

Thats it guys waiting for ur comments. Love u all bear hugs and my apologies as well sorry and thank u …….. love u all……

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, love the Saral part it was very funny, S.v you nail it. ?

    1. S.v

      thank u so much brin will update soon love u so much

  2. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode sv dear….. Will be
    Waiting for next episode…

    1. S.v

      sure arti will update regularly thank u so much love u

  3. Sammy

    From the beginning of the chappy ..
    Expectations :- Ardhika romantic dance
    Reality :- Ardhika gangam style ?????
    Me and Saral ….sister?????his pant darrrrrrr???rofl .. i banged a vase on head … ????aiyoo …..i am patting my shoulder now ….
    Me and Radhika ….”Radhika he is a mental case ….” lol ????????Mirror mocking at Saral …superb …..
    At last .neil …our college had a library. .duh??????????????
    So cute my Neil…
    Oh god i will die of laughing ???thanks hubby for the surprise ???i loved it ???

    1. Jessie

      Yaaar sammy….hw r u??? Missing u girl…vanished inside uni??? Hi toh bolne ke1 liye aa ja…I was waiting for u and u came with a bang to bang saral’s head…lol…you scared him….!!! Pleasant surprise !!! Love u loads….TC dear…..

    2. If no one …I will definitely kill u ladooo….for not showing Ur face even once…katti…bye…m angry..huh

    3. God…twin… Sabhar ka phal hai ye…lol…arjun did not faint…miracle… And Neil toh idiot hi rahega…he didn’t even know college has a library… Lol…my god…Sam kya me bhi faint ho jati…lol…saral ka English… Wow…hehehe… Broken… Awwwww….Sammy banged him…m in a mood to bang Sammy… Hayeee…aaj kitna kuch hua…dance,masti,fun everything… Mission x …u tell

      1. S.v

        he he he twin this is my self which i said to neil im soo happy to make my twin laugh he he he u know how much i was banging my head and u were the one who used to say do it do it for that wanna hug u and kiss u love u so much

    4. S.v

      sammy my wifie im soo happy for ur comment u expected ardhika romantic lol i wanted them for a pakka local kuthu song his pant darrrrrr he he he yup im so happy now muhhhaaaa love u so much dear and thank u so much love u

  4. Jessie

    “Mere soye soye armaanon ko wake up kar liya””” baby…u know my craziness for this song…and now am singing it non stop…heeed. I danced for .my fav number…wow.!! Thatha and pari tooo along with Neil…un alumbuku1 alave illa thatha…vayasanalum un lollukum jollukum kuraive illa…ghost model pick up idea!!!! Ardhika thara local…!!! Apidi podu..!! Idhu dhanda dance!! Gannam style.!!! Aaaahaaaaaa..!!!!! Pinita po..!! Am still imagining Arjun to swirl his hand like that…Avanuku nejathula aada theriyuma…yaaruku theriyum…!!! Enaku ethira sathi..adhuvum saapadu potila..nalla vela..yaru senja puniyamo …I heard… cousin bro says that dialogue..ur hubby should earn extras for ur food…am a foodie u know…hehhe…!!!! Loved Rads dialogue…!!!

    Saral..vaada…unna vachu evalo seiya mudiyumo avalo senjuta en baby…. I took a break reading he missed a big step…can’t laugh aloud u know…my family already starred me bad as I controlled laughter reading mirror scene…they thought am blushing.!! Oh god!! My bro did ask who am I chatting with….hehehheh all credits to Sv… ippovadhu kulichye…loved Sammy part….Super..!!! Coz of her saral took bath…and what..pant darrr!! Heeheh then loose size…ada loosu!! His dialogue to Sammy.. should beat him more…love am le love..akka..akka..!! ???? dei nee kazhigan da…sirippu kazhaigan..
    ..heheheh….50 Paise dialogue..hahaha…super…

    1. Jessie

      Oh god..big reply…but still i want more to say….hahah..sammy dialogue 2…yep…he is so….good that Arjun dint faint on stage…and library..rofl…do we have library…book fair…hahah.. and wats in that book….mission starts…!!! ?Am ready…!! Ena pananum sollu baby…senjidalam.!!! Love u loads…laughter express was superb…..TC…stay happy darling….

    2. S.v

      aathadi evlo periya comment naan enna sollradhu baby onnu mattum sollalam i am forever in debt for ur love dear. enakku enna pandradhuney theiryala i love u so much . wanna hug u so much tight. love u so much

  5. Starz

    S.v di…it’s just crazyyy….loved it… saral’s part was.funny…fantastic post….love you di and take care

    1. S.v

      thank u so much starz love u so much

  6. Sangee

    S.v Wat a bang yar I was laughing like a maniac … Saral unnaku nigar Intha ulagathu la Yarume illa. Onnu tight illa loosu both saral and his costume and Ardika dance thara local ??? adra adra arjun…. Pavam stage den eating competition.. Poor boys our girls dream is not only to get married to you but also eat Wat ever they want without gaining weight ???? yes we shud appreciate saral for his English lol you know one thing today I was thinking to msg you abt 2 states but for my surprise I got the update iam impressed ??? take care love you ?? want next one soon

    1. S.v

      sangee awww thank u so muchyup avanukku avaney nigar he he he thank u so much dear love u so much muhhaaaaaa paathiya naanga correctahna timela varuvomla ha ha ha

  7. Meen

    My god sv this one was too good…..I was laughing really bad……& saral’s part was damn good girl…..loads of huggs & kisses to u…muuuha

    1. S.v

      meen my dear where were u and where is my rehuma ?? happy that u laughed and thanks a ton dear lots of love to u too muhhaaaa

  8. mindblowing da………

    1. S.v

      thank u

  9. Aadia

    Sisssyy…. What was that ??Still you doubt is it funny enough?? Trust is.I was thinking how versatile your writing is. Is this the same girl who write mother’s love??But you know something, Iam mad on you!??how dare you to do this with my Saral baby??You better have killed him..?O????am??i
    Iam laughing my heart out here …yeah that’s right, why 50 paise?? Angelic voice darrrr!!!!Iam reading it again and again..
    Sammy akka!!poor girl…me no love you??That was Saralian English..only for him..An it’s our lack of knowledge that we can’t understand it( now don’t give that look to me..I told you earlier, that I really like this fool Saral.surely an entertaining peice)
    Poor stage..I was just imagining their kuthu dance..mad people.. Then Pani Puri..Neil and well ..these girls will eat you guys if you can’t get tumblers of food for them..And Vaibhav andscrew driver..happily ever after.. Had they married the washroom??
    Neil..he is unbelievable.. Book fair!!that was soo humorous sissy…I loved this part..New mission ..all set ..just waiting to read it….

    1. S.v

      ok sorry i wont ask but u donno i was banging my head for this update but im now in happy mode coz u were laughing hard and i said na i never knew u love this version of saral lol. he he he u made a super abstract of the update thank u so much love u dear.

  10. Vanshika

    OMG that was late update bt yr u rocked it what did u eat b4 ryting this update hopefully I think u ate a dozen of comics n then wrote this hw u manage to do this…Saral part was funny enough

    You must change the title to mmz 2 states full too comedy.. Nyc job.. ?????????

    1. S.v

      Vanshi thank u so much dear he he he u loved this much lol and the dp rocks I love draupathi very much. Love u so so much take care

  11. Vanshika

    Thanks..??? Um no thnx allowed.. Have you checked latest episode of Radha Krishna ff? It’s titled as Radha kaise na jale (though its comedy is full too beaten by ur ff)…

    1. S.v

      No dear will read all the lending of radha krishna today really then I will surely read it. LOvely

  12. Vanshika

    Even I luv pooja Sharma as Draupadi that’s y I set her as dp.. She’s so cute..

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      Yup I love her she was damn cute in draupathi she is the best that

  13. Vanshika

    Mission Xxxx…!!; Plz revea soon.

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    Omg…SV my sweeetheart sissyyyy.’s really superbbbb n mind blowing hilaaaaaaarious. …u said u wrote it very heartlessly…but believe me. ..I was rolfing. ..lmaoing….my goodness. can you think so humorously. …it’s superbbbbb piece of art…a precious treasure….it’s really forget all my sorrows after reading this amazingly awesoooooome refreshing story…..the dance compitition was really awesome. …n break up song too good…ardhika dancing on Gangam style song was toooo goooood. ….I laughed so badly when I first watched it ….n always get same reaction when my kids do that dance in front of me….lol…rolf….tha tha n paati…dancing funyyyyy….then food compitition. …and saral n Sammy hilarious scene was mind blowing. …n library scene was the peak….neil was truly…I can’t stop laughing. ….I’ve no enough words my dear to praise your amazingly awesoooooome talent. ….keep it up honeyyy… you loads honeyyy. ..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😀 😀 😀

    1. S.v

      Awwww my spl friend u r an amazing person. I am so honoured to receive these words so ur kids like gangam song here it i too love thst song cant understand even a single word yet tgat pepy song makes me dance. U left no stone to make me feel so spl. Love u tons my sweet heart and love u soo much dear wanna tight. Bear hugs and kisses too. ????????

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