Manmarziyan 2 states chap 23 & 24


Hiee all so sorry for make you wait for so many days. As a punishment i have written 2 updates of this jolly ride. Hope you guys will enjoy it. Pls dont forget to comment your views as they mean a lot to me Thank you so much for your lovely words. Silent readers if you find time pls drop your valuable comments. Wifie sorry for make you wait jaan here is your fav hope you enjoy it jessie waiting for your views too and also shree ponne say me your views too and other friends whom i made wait for the update and sorry if i had missed someone. Sorry sorry 10 million times sorry . Hope you will forgive me . Love you lods,

Enjoy the ride….

Chap 23
Arjun wanted to spend some time with Radhika but tha tha was always with radhika. So he thought of an idea and called patti for help. She came to him as he was her fav grand son.
Parimala patti ; Hey arjun whats up ?? Arjun saw her and jerked himself, she was coming with a titanic hat (remember rose’s entry with a big hat ) and a frock which was lavender colour and with a bag.
Arjun ; dadi ??
Patti ; sorry baba call me pari.
Arjun ; what is that pari ??

Patti ; its short form of parimal.
Arjun ; then parimal ??
Patti ; medium form.
Tha tha ; she is in full form. Arjun who saw tha that was able to see his back because of head spinning. Tha tha was looking typically like jack and patti like rose. Arjun slapped his head for the impossible ghost grandparents.

Tha tha ; baby can we and gave his hand she too nodded when she did that her hat dashed over tha tha and he lost his balance and patti in the nick of time held him and they had an eye lock behind there were few fairies with the bgm of titanic. Arjun ran from there and banged his head over the wall because of their impossible nature just then he felt a hand over his shoulders. He turns and looks at Radhika and she was neatly dressed and gives him a romantic smile.

Arjun ; Radhika ??
Radhika tam – pattiya epdiyo pesi samalichu tha thavoda datennu kutitu poga solirken.
Eng – i have asked patti to take tha tha out for a date . Arjun’s face was glows .

Radhika ; now start lets go somewhere i want to spend some time with you and neil and sam has also gone out.
Arjun ; u and i in this beautiful world. They starts to enjoy some time together and at that time radhika who saw the sky was laughing like hell.
Arjun ; enna ?? (what ??)
Radhika ; tam – anga paaru
Eng – look there and she pointed the sky. Patti was standing in the edge of a boat and tha tha was standing behind her and they were standing in titanic pose holding each others hand and flying in the sky.

Nesam went to the dance floor and they started to dance and fate played a very good role there . His ex lover came with her new boy friend. Sam knew this as neil was scared of sam’s furious behaviour so he explained his ex lover was not seriously love but was like mary of premam. (hope you guys saw the movie premam if not then i’ll say it is a school time love where all the boys will be following her as she the area model and was always accompanied by a sister and her best friend. Hero once saw her smiling at him then thought it was love but then he came to know that she smiled and wanted a help so that she can speak with her lover not the hero. Same was neil he followed her and she did not consider him as a person as he was one of the 100 who were buzzing like a bee)

Both the pair came across each other and sam was enjoying the time with neil but neil as if a super hero gave an angry glare to the girl. She took a glass and said she will hit him. Neil jerked and danced and came out by holding sam’s hand and hopping and coming out.
Sam ; what happened now neil why are we out ??
Neil ; lets go some where i dont want to be here.

Sam ; kuoon ??
Neil ; kuoon ki i dont like the name of the club. She saw the name of the club and nothing was there.
Sam ; There is no name for the club neil.
Neil ; see they did not even have a name for their club i did not like the position of the club.
Sam ; what does that to do with you ??
Neil ; as per the vasthu it is wrong. The opening of the gate should not be there but there pointing at a park.
Sam ; what happened to you neil ?? with a literal crying face.
Neil ; nothing pls come lets go from here and held her hand and went from there. Just then ardhika came to the same venue and saw nesam was about to start.
Radhika ; dai nelam nillu. (hey nelam stop) nelam in tamil means blue.
Sam ; hey guys what are you doing here ??

Arjun ; shall we ask the same question and wrapped his hands over radhika’s shoulder.
Sam ; god you put your hands over her where is tha tha.
Radhika ; well he is in a date with patti they needed some privacy so left them and winked her eyes. Nesam nodded.
Radhika ; so come in where are you guys leaving.
Sam ; as per vasthu the buiding was build wrong itseems so he is starting from here and banged his head. Arjun raised his eye brows and asked what without speaking but through sign to neil.
Neil ; fine fine i will say that dheeksha is here.
Radhika ; deekshava who is this new character ??
Arjun ; neil’s ex crush ?
Radhika ; ennadhu ?? (what ??) Neil nodded and made a pout face.
Sam ; so this is the reason for your sudden astrology enlightenment right ?? He nodded .
Radhika ; come on neil when radhika here why fear lets see what can they do come and pulled him so he too entered the party hall again and that time he saw deeksha was dancing with her boy friend. He was like Johnny bravo and she was like olive from poppey.

Radhika ; where is she ?? Neil pointed the direction of her dancing.
Radhika ; it is like a skeleton is dancing with only flesh dancing separately and she took a glass from the waiter and that contained drink. She took that and then mixed tomato sause and then with that viniger water not much but some and then she took some chocolate milk shake and mixed that and radhika entered the dance floor and winked the johny bravo and gave the glass and gave a flying kiss and came out of the floor.

He drank like a love struck dog and after the first gulp his face turned and spitted the other content straight over the face of deeksha. Radhika at once pulled the hand of neil and neil held sam and sam held arjun and they started from there as the johny bravo found radhika dancing her victory.
All the four went to the other place and enjoyed the night so happily and came back to their house as the next day was their sports day.

Chap 24

Home …………

Mala called radhika. Radhika who was laughing found her mom was calling and she jerked and the phine slipped and somehow after 4 5 slips she caught the phone and attended the call.
Mala ; radhika………… kanna…….. how are you ??
Radhia’s pov ; tam – aaha sutham matnen da inniku kandippa andha loosu saralta pesa solvangaley enna panna pora radhika ??

Eng – aaha super now i got caught , today she will seriously mae me to speak with that mental saral what are you going to do radhika ??
Radhika (with a fake smile) ; he he he amma how are u im fine but seriously miss you ma and make a cry but to the surprise her eyes were seriously dry like dessert but her voice whas like she was crying like chirapunji. All the others kept their mouths open.
Mala ; mee too (same as daughter same as mother). Even saral mama also misses you. Now radhika’s face changed then she made a big cry aaaaaaaaaaaa
Mala ; here dear speak to your mama.

Radhika thought for a second then she gave the phone to babu bhaiyya and asked his to speak all the known and unknown bad words.
Saral ; (with fake smile and laugh) ; oohhh hey dont praise me ooh god radhika pls dont aahhh that s my pleasure. He was giving correct counter for what babu bhaiyya said then the action started back grund music was a fast violin beat as all are pure green words. Saral gave back the phone to mala and stepped out of the house and
Saral ; tam – thitran aana enna solli thitrannu dhan theriyala
Eng – he is scolding but donno what is he scolding.


ITM college ground.

Radhika was busy practicing and suddenly there was a commotion. All were looking at a tree and from there there was a sound.
Radhika ; tam – evan da avan ipdi alaradhu ??
Eng – who is this shouting like this ?? And there was the big body builder manik was stuck in between the branches. There was a shooting of a movie and in that there was a big fan and due to the wind power he was blown away in the tree.
Radhika who saw that was laughing and took a click of that and updated that in the whatsapp grp of gang of rowdies. Tha tha who came there was rolling over the ground and laughing.

Radhika ; tam – namma oorlalam setha animala moonjuyadhana matuvom veetla inga enna uyiroda oru onaya matirkanga ??
Eng – in our house we will hang only dead animals face but here a alive chameleon is being struck ??
Jazz ; how are you going to survive in the hurdles match manik if you cant even survive in this blow.

Radhika ; what survive ?? can you pls explain. Jazz fainted and fell down as it was a history for his life that a girl who spoke to him, no one in the female gender speaks to him, let that be a 2 year old kid or 80 year old lady why that much not even a female animals will see him he was so good looking as his charms make them run.
Bunty (who did not know the reason for radhika’s question spoke to her) ; he is alergic to wind. But that will be useful when he runs for the hurdles game as there was only 3 hurdle kept when we use the vacum cleaner with the blower mode we can make him jump over the hurdle. Radhika understood and nodded and smiled devilish way.
Radhika ; therika vidalama ?? (shall we rock the floor ??)
Match ground.

Arjun was the one who will always win the long jump and also his charms was seriously making the girls to go mad with his sports dress as he was a handsome hulk. He never considered anyone but he was only looking at radhika who was eating snacks and smiling at him. Arjun bend down and after the clap he ran and the girls heart beat skipped. All the girls shouted arjun…. arjun…….arjun…… arjun…… and he jumped and landed and all the girls clapped at him. One cashew nut went to him and said ; arjun what about a dinner with me today ??

Arjun ; sure but my wife will also come with me is that ok for you ??
Girl ; wife when did you marry ?
Radhika ; the day he proposed me and hugged him and gave a warning look to her as it was only radhika who was always with arjun.

Female 100 meters.
Jessie was a sister of usai bolt and within seconds she ran and won the match.

Then came female 200 meters.
Radhika was in the crease with the other woman. Tha tha possessed her.
Radhika’s soul ; tam – tha tha sodapina setha nee…
Eng – tha tha if you fail you’re dead.
He gulped as he knew what she meant she will call parimala and then rip of tha tha’s soul. So he nodded then the clap came he ran fast as fast as he could .
Tha tha’s mind voice ; Tam – ada pavingala peiya vechu ipdi runnig race vakareengaley nalla irukku da unga partnership.
Eng – Oh my guys you guys are keeping running race for ghosts. Super partnership man.

Radhika was about to reach at that time ITM student was near her. Radhika shouted tha tha fast he did not run fast.
Radhika shouted ; tha tha patti has come. From where on universe he got the power his eyes became red the nervous were visible and he clutched the hands and his feet was on fire and ran like a speed jet train and finished the race first. All shouted and praised radhika.

Final and the highlighting sport 3 hurdles between Arjun and body bulider manik. His friends were ready with the vaccum cleaner . Radhika winked arjun and he gave a smile to her. The match started with the clap sound and arjun started to run and so was manik but suddenly he felt someone was pulling him back he ran and he was dragged back. The vaccum cleaner set up was made without any one’s vision.

The commentator ; what is the iron man of ITM is doing arjun is proceeding further but manik is ging back. What is he doing. Manik who was running standing in the same place lost his balance and he was dragged and he dashed to the vaccum cleaner. Then he noticed that the suction switch was on.
Manik ; why did you on the suction ??
Bunty ; i did not do it , manik saw jazz.
Jazz ; no. No., no, no no no no no manik i did not do that .
I did that ……
Manik ; who ??

Me of course and found no one. Slightly there was a smoke which was covering them . Then patti came out with the full makeup. All the 3 shouted and fainted when the saw her. She smiled and saw tha tha and he too fainted
Moral – make up not good for health. Whose health ?? others of course.

Precap – inter college cultural fest and yet another a masti .

Thats it guys ho was it ?? was it funny enough ?? or need more fun part ?? Pls do comment your views. Love you all always stat blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile…..

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  1. Brin

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    1. S.v

      Thank you brin.

  2. Jessie

    Sv dearrr… am rolling.. Frock.. hat..pari 4 parimala.. I was like adi aathi..covered my mouth with hands.. N Rose.. Jack .. boat.. Pose.. ???? ada paavigala.. unga1 alumba thaanga mudiyalae.. vaasthu sari saral n babu bhaiya.. super jodi.. ivanku thitradhu purinja mattum thirundhiruvana..!! Thitranu therijunchudule adhu podhum..!!
    Munthirikottai.. lol… Arjun is reserved!! Yay.. I won!!!? payapulla suction mode ennum sathile sikittaaane!! Hahaha.. dint expect vaccum cleaner..!! They want 2 know y he ran behind.. naan solren.. tats drunken monkey style.??? wont he run if he can.. paatiyin thiruvilayadal.. super moral.. pari.. jack sethutan!!! Lol…

    I liked d car wash oops face wash idea on deeksha.. lol.. saral mama kulichana illaya.. loved reading double dhamaka.. u like my comment tat much??am happy… waiting 4 nxt update…this is one All Time Comedy story.. ! TC n loads of love

    1. Sweetie

      Jessie sweeetheart!! You are sisso of Ussain Bolt,dekho..How lucky you are.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Jessie

        Yep.Manasa di…SV made me one fastest runner in d lucky..

      2. S.v

        If you happy then me too happy

    2. S.v

      Jessie thank you so much, adi aathiya he he he avanga alapara sathyama thangama mudiyala enna panna mudiyum oatti avalum penn dhaney avalukkum acham madam naanam aparam enna aah payuirpu idheylam irukadha ?? Lol.
      Arjun reserved illana radhika kondruva, mano bala pudichurndhudha suction mode sathi saidhadhu. He he he dragon monkey style. Ha ha ha sema dialogue. Konjam yosichu paartha semaya irukku sirichu sirichu vayiru valikudhu.

      Andha combo was from my friends. andha loosunga green tea, lemon tea, chocolate milkshake aparam sause. idha kuduchutu volcanic eruption madhiri vandhi. He he he he . pinna i love you read it adhanala dhana aasa pattu keten. Love you so much.

      1. Jessie

        Paatiku acham ..madam..okay.. peikuma..!!! Raghava Lawrence kooda peiya ivalo creative a use pannadhu ini titanic parthale idhu than nyabagam varum..

      2. S.v

        Woo ragava laurence yappa muni onnonum ovoru type but all are y fav too and thanks for these big words baby haa aparam only nee vaa poo no neenga vanga okva ??

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      Thank you so much my wifie. Laugh till u feel exhausted and oh god im full of love with my wife’s love and kisses awww now im full of love from you. Johny bravo is my fav cartoon. Dear waiting for your ff dear pls…………… Love you so much my wifie.

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      didi thank you di if you are happy then i will also be happy di. I will write more di pakka. Love you di and pls can you update mmz donno why but wanna read it so desperate

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    u make me laigh a lot reee
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    1. S.v

      How is your hand. Vayiru valicha thappila baby. vaccum cleanerla oru dhadava enoda dress matiducha adha idhula vechu use panniten. mano bala with vaccum cleaner. he he he indha kosu tholla thanga mudiyala marundhadichu kollungada. Love you my dear.

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      Enjoy by laughing hope you are happy after reading this update. Love you tonds meri jaan love you lods

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    Making others laugh is the most difficult task we ever you are really a superwoman my sissy..hats off to you…

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much aadia you make me feel soo blessed to have a gr8 friend like you. Im honoured by you dear. I have no words to say how gratitude to you, I love premam and my fav is malar . Its all because of all of your continuous encouragement i am writing something if this is making you happy then i will seriously write more. Love you so much

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      Ada ammadi amma enna idhi ivlo periya comment ?? Nandri my ponne romba nandri . I am scarce of words dear to thank u. Coz nee kru mini updateah pannita adhukkey unakku thanks sollanum. Love u ponney and update your ff. Wanna read more about it. Love u soo much.

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