Manmarziyan 2 states chap 22


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They had their classes and the best part was paper distribution. When the papers were distributed neil and sam were like wow even stories were awarded marks. The professor who distributes the paper was not able to trust that nesam has scored these mich marks. And in one paper neil found out that he was awarded extra 5 marks by calculating the papers.
Neil ; sammy look 5 marks extra . Guess our teacher should learn maths. Both giggles.
Sam ; 5 marks why ??
Neil ; 5 marks extra for good handwriting. Apsara extra dark extra marks for good handwriting. She slapped her head.
Sam ; good handwriting do u know the meaning of good handwriting idiot ?? Ur handwriting is even more worst than a doctor’s handwriting.
Neil ; then urs is even more worst than my handwriting. And its like india rivers map. They were arguing and the professor who was taking class was able to hear their sound and when he turned he saw them pulling each others hair.
Professor ; neil and sam what are u doing ??
Neil ; sir she is scolding.
Sam ; sir he is saying that u r dressing sense is seriously stinking and both were taking this as an opportunity to scold him.
Finally the professor who was fed up shouted ; get out.
Nesam unanimously ; thank u sir and ran away out and gave hifi to each other. At that time there was an announcement that there is a inter sports meet and all the sports athelete were asked to come to the ground. Arjun was the committe member and also radhika was called out by arjun. Tha tha too came out. And the selection for the sports meet started. Many were selected and as we all know radhika nesam too joined and karthik was in javelin through and jessie and sam was in relay and radhika was in hurdles. But it was tha tha who was liftimg her whenever she wanted to jump. Neil was splinter and arjun was known for his long jump. More than 30 students were selected and also there was volley ball and other sports too but first athletic sports started and for which practice too started as the cup would always be taken either by mumbai institute of technology (MIT) or by indian technology mumbai (ITM). It was like in alternative year the cups will be banged by either mit or itm . But after arjun came to the college he made sure that the cup was retained by them and after nesam the cup was sure for them as the students were so much in sports. So u can guess if mit gets the cup then it is their hatrick victory but itm is planning big to make sure that the cup is banged by them . But they never knew that tha tha is in the team to save his grand children. So u can guess the next villain. Yup the student leader of itm and his name is D.K.MANIK Dev kumar manik (hope u knew his name…… if not then let me make u remember him. The one who spoke in damaal movie from goa flying club here is the link of D.K.Manik take a look he was more skinny than him But this manik was even more skinny than the movie actor.

And for tamil version kalakalappu at masala cafe remember the words of samthanam ; indha oru ruba udhupathi marudhamuthu. (One rupee agarbarthi,marudhamuthu) Yes manobala but this manik was even more light than manobala.,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNF2Q8-2bQBnDR1fjFQZbJCiR_7aiA&ust=1472054012487033

Manik’s main problem was wind. If it is blown as wind then no problem but when it is blown a bit harder then manik will be seen between the bushes of some trees. He was that much strong and he is surrounded by few side kicks who are fit for nothing but makes the feeling like manik was a biggest person and will give too much buildup for the kite.

MIT was vigorously practising but the main practice was for tha tha.
His pov ; tam – indha vayasana kaalathula enna een da ooda vidreenga ??
Eng – in this old age why are u making run ??
Radhika ; tam – tha tha konjam kooda porupey illa seekarama oodu .
Eng – u dont have any responsibility run fast.
Tha tha ; tam – idhukku mela oduney sundar sethruvan.
Eng – if i run more then sundar will die.
Radhika ; tam – pei sagadhu poi odu tha tha
Eng – ghosts won’t die now go tha tha and pushed him. He was practising until his ghostly figure turned into pencil form.
Arjun ; enough of today and this is it guys tomo is the sports meet and i want this as a hatrick victory for our college. Let us rock it guys and all shouted yah….. tha tha was aaaaaaa with his exhausted voice and the mit started for the sports meet.
Sports meet day….

All the college students reached the venus and so the MIT students. All were practicing and at that time, manik came and gave a warning look to Arjun. Arjun saw him back.
Radhika ; Tam – Arjun yaaru indha otada kuchi ??
Eng – Who is this cobweb duster ??
Arjun ; He is the student president of ITM .
Radhika ; Ooh adhu (that one and pointed the other people who were surrounding Manik.)
Neil ; The other is called(pointing at the spikes head which was standing in attention) is bunty, then that one (whose hair was bleeched but that was like some sambar was poured over his head a kind of orange and brown mixed) is called jazz
Radhika ; Jazz ?? with a questioning face
Sam ; his original name is jaggu he changed as jazz.
Radhika ; tam – avan vendhavan , ivan vegadhavan innoruthan ara vekadu.
Neil ; For heaven sake speak in English.
Tha tha ; she meant one is full boiled one is half boiled and the other is not cooked (raw). Nesam and Arjun looked at the 3 people and laughed as that tag line was perfectly matching them.

Precap – games and lots of fun.

Thats it guys ….. How was it ?? sorry for a small update i wanted to write fast thats y a small update and pls do spare me for this next one pakka big one. Love you all and pls dont forget you comment your views. Love you all and always smile and stay blessed and stay strong….

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much brin .

  2. Laughing continuously throughout full update….whenever I read this ff smile come automatically on my face….I loved rads dialogue….. thank you soooooooooo soooooooooo much….

    1. S.v

      See thats the main purpose of the ff dear only comedy to make you smile Hope i have made you smile with my update. Thank you so much and love you lods.

  3. Gauri

    SV this was funny 🙂 Tha tha practicing 5 extra marks for good handwriting….OMG that made me laugh…..I was in a bad mood as I lost my phone ….you update helped me pep up thanks a ton sweety 🙂 stay blessed

    1. S.v

      didi thank you and dont worry di pls…….. always smile di and love you lods di ….

  4. Sammy

    haha hubby dear nesam part reminded me of my 7th standard days by teacher’s mistake i also got many marks and handwriting mine is like Neil worse than doctor ..too god dear ..i was laughing all the time ..this was really awesome

    1. S.v

      hifi my dear wife you know what we are made for each other seriously my handwriting a unique even after sometime after i write i cannot read it such a outstanding font . Thank you and yes laugh till your tummy pains. Love you so much my cute wifie

  5. Rossy

    Omg…twin..boiled,half boiled, a naming & what a thinking??nesam fake fighting awesome..bechara principal ka dimag ulta hogaya….but…but…why so short??next time big update..promise…okay…

    1. S.v

      Lol twin did you like the names ?? then i will love it so much. I made a confession in the beginning that it will short as i want to make it a bit fast . He he he jyadha mokha asi milenga nahi so when ever finding opportunities we should use it the way nesam used. Lol love you tons dear next one pakka big one.

  6. Nesam were so cute in this one. LOL extra marks for good handwriting xD. Seriously your story is a stress buster:) Come up with a longer chapter next time please:) Tkcr and lots of love and hugs:)

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much nupur for your words. Sure next part lengthy pakka love you lods

  7. Jessie

    Manobala… kanaadi pota kaarasevu!! Santhanam dialogue in santhosh subramaniam movie..adhan gyabagam varudhu.. super sirippa control panna mudiyala..wind than problem a..nejamava.. hhaah?? ivan vendhavan.. vegadhavan…super dialogue..sundar sethuruvan1.!!!oh god….tha tha…nee innum saagalaiya. Hahahh
    Extra 5 marks.. lol .. yaar andha deivam..!! Innuma neengalelam irukenga..I remember my answer sheet.. u made me 2 laugh like anything… naan manobalaku support panalama.. lol.. will be waiting for Arjun vs agarbathi..!! Sv.. they can’t win any cup so give tea cup set as participant…loads of love.. TC

    1. S.v

      he he he sathyama mudiyala maa…… nalla siri baby kaathu kaathu kaathukku naan engada poven remember the dialogue ?? Tha tha im paavam normal ghost from india he he he naan sathyama sirichutu irukken , onnu theriyuma i will wait for you een na naan idha paduchutu semaya sirippen i should thank you for this. Atleast namakku kedaikadhadhu nesamukavadhu kedaikatumennu dhan. good laugh , manobalavukka support pannalamey no problem aana enakku theriyum avana kazhuvi uthadhana kekareenga ?? you mean to say onakku oru vengala kinni kuda kedaikadhu. Ma podumma ennala mudiyala sirichu sirichu romba valikudhu stomach. Thank you so much for making me laugh as always with your comment , love you dear so much

      1. Jessie

        Ah..Nejamava.. glad tat my comment makes u happy.. but honestly.. the credit goes 2 u.. naan unga epi padikum bothe sirichitu than irupen..adhuvum thatha vandha ..sema than.. yes.. kaluvi ootha than..correct .. vengala kinni dialogue..situation dialogue !! Hahah manobala ne fix aayiten.. d.k.manik.. ivana vachu senjurunga.!! Lol virtual tamil memes podatha kurai than.. love u dear..TC..

      2. S.v

        cha try panna pa aana varala . Atrocity level romba jasthi aagiduchu enna panna paravalla namba ipdi dialogue vechu senjudalam. super baby fix manobala remember the dialogue i came from london mba mba rofl. venam naan arambichenna sathyama nirutha maten. Love you and always come with these funny comments i love it. Love you tons jessie

  8. Sweetie

    Finally my stress buster.. 😀 Extra marks for good handwriting,lol,I didn’t get extra marks for good handwriting.. 🙁 My handwriting is good to an extent but phir bhi..Hehe.. 😉 Raw,half boiled and full boiled eggs,lol..Too good.. 🙂 Waiting for next Jaan..Take care and love you loads.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      jaan you are so exceptional yaar you like maths and good handwriting super dear well you might not have used apsara pencils they said apsara extra dark extra marks for that handwriting which is written in that pencil. Lol love you lods and thank you so much dear.

  9. Lakshmi05

    Sv ..superb dear.. Nesam fight n extra marks for good handwriting Neil’s handwriting is worst than doctors…those names so nice….luv u…tc..

    1. S.v

      thank you so much lakshmi im really happy that you enjoyed it. Love u so much

  10. ??????? am laughing so hard now that tummy hurts. And dk manik hahahahah. Thank u for making me laugh so much

  11. S.v

    thank you so much gianna well i made a queen of mystery to laugh yes made it love you lods

  12. Hey sv dear sucha wonderfull episode I always w8 fir 2 states u knw tis is the only ff I read by laughing holding stomach dear and I mean there Is lot of humor in ua ff deary
    Tysm for such a wonderfull ff I am eagerly w8ing for hamari adhuri kahani
    Till then bubye luv u

    1. S.v

      Nitu thank u soo much dear. Aww im really blessed for those words dear. Stay blessdd and dont forget to laugh . Today max lml will be posted then hak is there started that one also. Love u

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    Stomach aching Akka !! U are awesome sorry for the late comments my net enga vidu Amazon katla iruku ninakran mmz page matu load aga matingudhu ….:( 🙁 superb Epi Akka… Pona vati kapathina endha vati sema dose renduthu kitayum one request nee update pana munadi oru hint koduthina I will ecape ka plz…. Hak update panala la ela na adhuku thitu vanganam….love you loadzzzz Akka…. Enga unakku fanz club vakla avlo dha …avanga kita mobile irundha they will also comment but illa ….muuahh….

    1. S.v

      Nenachen un kiterndhu comment varadha podhey nenachen net nalla senjuruchunnu. Thank u jara. And inimey naan intimate panniren so that u can escape from the thittu. He he he fan club een ma ?? But thank u avanga kitayum thank u sonnenu sollu. Love u and them too

      1. Jara

        Thanks Akka thank you soo much love you loadz….

      2. S.v

        Love u too

  14. Awesome, hilarious. ..lovely episode. …SV my sweeetheart it’s really superb. ..laughed my heart out…God bless you my sweetheart. ..keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much roma. U alwaya make me feel special. Love u lods. Bear hugs.

  15. Jnana

    Super….. Extra marks for super episode….. I laughed like hell….. It was awesome as always….. Each and every dialogue of radhika in your ff is sooooo sooooo good….. Okay I’m not getting words…. Tc….

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      Thank u jnana . U enjoyed ?? Then um really happy . Love u tons stay blessed and dont forget to smile ☺☺

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    Sv dis was ………………………. Fill d blank wid all d beautiful words u get coz I really don’t want to stress my mind finding words to describe ur dis update as how much I try I would not get words to describe ur flawless writing…. 🙂 🙂 loved d epi…waiting for soon…love 🙂

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