Manmarziyan 2 states chap 21


Hieee all im sv back. Ok sry sry sry 10 lakh times sorry but pls spare me as the data got deleted thats why this late. So pls do forgive me this one pls…….. pls…… pls do comment your views as they really mean a lot to me. Happy raksha bandhan. Love you all…..

Enjoy the ride….

Tha tha ; what ??
Nandhini ; haa dad i used to sign my report card and dilip and my class friends report card when we get low marks.
Tha tha ; oohoo thats why that lady shouted me and said why r signing the report card.
Nandhini ; social service to serve the needy.
Neil ; what a family sir ji and all laughed at that comment. Arjun was about to wrap radhika but tha tha came in between and said ; not now u still have time for this. Radhika pressed her lips and arjun made a pout face.
Neil ; chashni come and he takes her. Tha tha left radhika with neil .
Arjun ; what is this ?? U r allowing him not me??
Tha tha ; b coz he is her brother and u r her future hubby. Wait till she finishes her studies then she is all urs.
Arjun ; dadaji we love each other.
Tha tha ; im saying this only for ur benefit. Coz i know her she will make u run with her craziness. Arjun was not happy with the words of tha tha as he too knew that she is a bit screw lose case.
Sam ; arjun come i have to buy few stuffs . Neil is busy with his books .

He nodded and left with sam but he was thinking as how to make tha tha to leave radhika for sometime as he wants to spend some time with her but how ?? Just then a bulb glowed on the top of his head with a ting sound. His face glowed because of the bulb brightness. Nandhini who was going from kitchen saw too much brightness in the place where arjun was standing with a smile.

Nandhini ; arjun can u switch the light off its too bright. He looked up and saw the bulb which was glowing too much and he removed from the popped up cloud.
Nandhini ; its perfect now. Arjun ur a biggest tubelight so pls no bulb is required honey left with a smile. Arjun nodded first and after few seconds came to know what nandhini meant and gave a glare.

Sam ; tube light im waiting for more than 5 mins outside and ur standing like a toy which was in a freeze mode after the key was totally turned to normal. Nandhini laughed big.
Arjun ; am i tube light ?? and gave an angry glare.
Radhika (top of her voice) ; tube light…….. arjun was breathing heavily and with max anger.
Radhika ; loosu neil. And they were quarreling. Sam pulled arjun and they went out to buy many things and raneil was also calling and asking them to buy even the stationery they want for collage. Finally arjun and sam came with half of the shops and all the 4 packed their bags for the next day collage and she also spoke to dilip and all the 4 were ready to go to bed. Radhika who was talking to her dad came with tears in her eyes and busting in laughter.

Sam ; oye whats the news ??
Radhika ; saral and laughed again.
Sam ; Did saral go mad ?? Radhika nodded no.
Neil ; did ur dad say yes to him ?? Arjun jerked and gave an angry glare to him and he showed his 32. She nodded no and then tha tha also came with inside laughing .
Radhika ; tam – pathiya ??
Eng – did u see ?? He nodded and both were rolling on the floor and laughing.
Arjun ; radhika enni aachu ?? What happened ??
Radhika ; that is enna not enni.
Arjun ; Tamil pandit sorry but say us also na. She nods and starts.


Saral was looking at a picture and was continuously proposing her. Of course radhika.
Saral ; radhika my tupse piyar kiya.(he was trying to say mein tumse pyar kartha hoon which means I love you but that too in totally wrong)
Meena (saral’s mother with oxygen mask in a robotic voice as she was wearing the mask reason will be known below) ; Tam -that is tum da keena payale.
Eng – that is tum u idiot .
He woke up and came near his mother she fainted. Reason was ………
He was like a devdas beard face skeleton body and to the fact he has made up his mind not to take bath till he lears full hindi. Side effect no mosquito repellent was required for the whole area that much scent. That is the reason for the saral’s mother’s fainting.
He had made a decision of learing hindi and proposing radhika in hindi…….
All busted and radhika continued ; he has got a award for serviceto the society for keeping the area out of mosquito. All laughed till their tummy pained and all went to bed as the next day was their collage starting.


Arjun woke up sam too woke up as they will go for a morning jog but the other 2 where neil was the reincarnation of kumbakarnan and she was his cousin sister. Slowly arjun went inside to the room and found her sleeping the king size bed in the way of her hands full stretched both sides of the bed and the pillow and bedspread was covering the balance part. Arjun shook her and she was in no mood of opening her eyes. He shook her hard and she turned herself by slapping him over his neck. He held and saw her but she was sleeping. He slowly patted her shoulders.
Arjun ; radhika……
Radhika ; hmmm in a slower voice.
Arjun ; radhika in a bit louder voice……
Radhika ; hmmmm in a louder voice the way he sounded.
Arjun started to play drums over her shoulders to make her open her eyes but to the contrary she was enjoying that.
Radhika ; tam – apdiye thatti oru kadha sollu da
Eng – pat me like that and say me a story yaar.
Arjun ; tam – aah oorla arjun nu oru kenayan irundhanam
Eng – aah in the town there was an idiot by name arjun. Radhika giggled in the sleep.
Radhika ; ooh comedy storyah ??
Arjun ; tam – aama oorey sirikkudhu.
Eng – yup the whole town in laughing and was making parotta on her shoulders and he finally made her to wake up.

Sam was trying her level best to make him to wake up but no use he was keeping his mouth open and was sleeping. She thought of one thing and went out and came back in few minutes with some pop corns and saw him. He was in the same way sleeping. She slowly dropped one pop corn over his mouth but due to the over air from his mouth that bounced and fell out. Then she slowly dropped the next popcorn inside his mouth and he in the next second spitted that out and saw her.

He was literally a zombie. He saw her and gave a pleading and crying look and was about to fall over the bed. But she held his hand and pulled him to herself and he hugged her. She felt so happy when she was hugged by him but then she found no reaction from neil and found out that neil was sleeping over her shoulders. She was hell angry and slowly pulled him back and he was sitting keeping his eyes closed but scratching his head and yawning.

Sam screamed over neil’s ears and he shouted mummy and jerked and opened his eyes. But was still in sleep mode.
Neil (squeezing his eyes) ; hey who are u man ??? She slaps him.
Neil ; hey how are u man ?? and gave his hand to her for the hand shake. She pulled him to make him sit.
Sam ; get up soon neil its already late and i dont want to be late to the class on the first day. He nodded and held his chin why is my cheeks are paining ??
Sam ; donno might be u got tooth ache. He nodded and started for the college. She smiled and she too started for the college. All the 4 had their breakfast and nandhini wished them good luck and they started to the collage.

All the four were in the same car and tha tha was coming floating in the air and they reached the college. The car came inside the campus and the dimple king and king of cute smile neil came out of the car and the girls skipped their heart beat and then the beauty queen and the smiling beauty, also the Neil’s love lady sam. The girls were disappointed as he held her by her waist and saw her with full of love. A girl fainted as the way he looked at her.

Then the masti queen radhika stepped out. She was so cute with her curti. All the boys who were not even blinking their eyes as to lose the vision of her and sam, then the handsome hulk masti king just stepped out. He kept his leg out few girls head turned and then his hand came out holding the car door the other few turned and saw him. Then he himself stepped out. Thats it girls went all mad and then he held radhika’s hand and twisted her and slowly kissed her cheeks. Fwww first kiss by arjun that too real. There was a crack sound heard not one but many all that was the heart breaking of the students. Ardhika and nesam giggled and karthik came with jessie with his bike and Jessie hugged radhika and Sam and karthik gave a warm hug to arjun and neil and smiled at radhika and gave his hand. She nodded her head and smiled at arnesam and waved her hand and karthik saw jessie and she blushed and all were about to talk but just then the class bell screamed. All closed their eyes and the all the students started for the class.

Precap – inter collage sports meet and masti.

Thats it for today guys. sorry again for the late update. Was it funny enough ?? Pls do comment me your views. Love you all always smile and always stay blessed and stay strong. Happy raksha bandhan to all.

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much brin.

  2. awesum update sv
    i luv ur update reee iyt makes me laugh a lot
    w8ing for hamari adhuri kahani plz post it soon nah

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Nita and HAK i have stared and will update that tomo dear. Thank you so much and love you so much.

  3. Sammy

    haha …saral my god funny ..arjun tubelight ..neil reincarnation of kumbhkaran so funny .. iam reading this now …too good hubby awesome …thatha..don’t know what Arjun will do ..pls update next soon

    1. S.v

      Wifie thank you so much dear. You will see more in the next update love you lods.

  4. Jara

    Akka thanks for updating late. . from day before yesterday this site was not loading for me…. En sis ellarum enna, en net ah kaluvi kaluvi oothnaga nenga matu update panitanga, na aal gali…. Thanks Akka for saving me…. And about Epi awesomeeee…..sema sirupu… Saral….lol….athoda avan Amma Hindi pesadhu hilarious nane nalla pesuvan you loadzzzz Akka muuuuah….

    1. S.v

      Jara escapeah ?? Super i never knew i have so many people who likes 2 states . Elarukkum thank you sollu. Yup her hindi is much more better than sara. Love you

  5. Jessie

    Sv….am laughing like mad.. arjun asking enni…n Nandu sees the place 2 be bright coz of bulb hahaha?? mission wake up than highli8..Neil sleeps not imagined Sam throwing popcorn..who are u man.. ada rama.. paiyan kum ponnukum vidyasam theriyalaiya..good she slapped…
    Arjun n Rads story fav.. where kamal n devyani does mom in oxygen mask ?? ippadi oruthana oorukaga1 thiyagam pannadhuku ungaluku thiyagi award kudukanum.. no bath.. yuck..throw him out 2 garbage.. award vera..ivan hindi padichu.. apram kulichu propose panradhukulla radz paati aayiduva.. swach bharat mathiri1 swach saral launch pannanum.. semaiya sirrichuten.. hugs.. n loads of love.. TC..

    1. S.v

      Jessie onnu sollata when ever i read your comment i will laugh like hell. You are really funny when you comment here especially in 2 states so i’ll always wait for your comments eagerly. Swatch saral project, you mak me laugh with your comment pls do comment as funny as you did today . Love you lods

      1. Jessie

        Really.. glad tat my words make u happy.. the real credit goes 2 ur update..swach saral was 1st thing I got reading tat mosquito repellant

      2. S.v

        Im having teaes when i read the comment of urs love you so much for those words

  6. Rossy

    Do u really ask if its funny or not???? r u kidding me twin…u r awesome in the sense of comedy…no one can beat u in such comedy sense..soooo u r best in tu for comedy…i am rolling thinking about saral..bechara Arjun finally give his kiss to rads…tha tha stopped him…Arjun n tube light…awwww…want more n more…but it ended…

    1. S.v

      You know what i would always be scared as the update shuld be funny enough to make you smile but now im happy did something to make you smile. Twin you always scare me but love me with your words. Love you lods twin, will update soon. Promise

  7. Shree

    Ponne!! Enna di nee? Seriousa kekuren.. Yammadi.. Ammo…

    Saral.. Hahahahaha.. social service ku award.. thoo.. oru tumse sola varadu.. nayi.. his mummy fainted.. poor aunty.. yuck no bath?! Devdas aah? Idhu suit agaleye.. Nandini lol.. signature.. Thatha shocked… Social service.. Neil comment semma..enni for enna.. Tamil pandit… Lol…. stationeries.. lol waking up… Idhu semma.. Sam slap.. tooth ache.. ardhika lol.. kenayan.. oore sirikidu… Idhu sooper .

    Awww.. public display of love.. heart brake crack sound… Pavam.. Thatha in the air..

    Sooper episode di ponne.. I’m as always laughing.. cheeks red and paining.. tummy romba valikidu…. Paruvala..

    Post soon ponne.. Love you ??

    1. S.v

      Shree sema formla irukka well he is doing some social service la adhukku award kodukanumla adhan. Thank you so much shree love you so much

  8. Sweetie

    Finally my stress buster is here,Jaan!!You know I’m going through some rough phase now..I really don’t know how but you post 2states whenever I’m in rough phase..Thank you so much Jaan,I laughed my heart out..Arjun-tubelight;Neil-kumbhakaran and Radhika his cousin..OH my my!!! I’m out of breath now..And Saral is mosquito repellent..Hahaha..That one is too good.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Loads of love and take care.. πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      See thats your jaan . Mein tumareliya tumari fav lekar aya hoon im really happy that you were laughing. Dear always have a sweet smile on your face everything will fall in place. Love you so much

      1. Sweetie

        Sure Jaan,will have smile on my face.. πŸ™‚

      2. S.v

        Love u so much

  9. Gauri

    Seriously SV this is a stress buster…..Saral OMG ….I felt I will fall of the chair….Arjun tube light ….and Neil sleeping on Sam’s shoulder fantastic girl loved it πŸ™‚ keep writing love you

    1. S.v

      Di made it today you said stress buster, well di its all the encouragement i get writing it di. Love you so much di. Muhhaaa……..

  10. Adu.nupur

    This was just toooo funny. M still laughing my heads off xD
    Do come up with such hilarious chapters more. Can’t wait to read them:)
    Lots of love and hugs for u:)

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton nupur do read this . It is a craziness overloaded ff just to make you smile. Love you lods

  11. Lakshmi05

    SV dear… superb update ..Saral…nooo from where did he got this brilliant idea..don’t know about mosquitoes but he’ll definitely kill people around him with his madness…..n about his family members i pity them…neil kumbakaran n arjun tubelight their entrance in clg that was superb…luv…

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much lakshmi super dp yaar and dear will update the next part soon. Love you

  12. How do u manage to keep the comedy intact and make us laugh with ur every update, that I may not know but what I know is I love it. Love the way u describe these funny scenes, Saral keeping mosquitoes away with his smell ??? waking up Raneil ??? and tube light joke was hilarious. Loved it n love u more ???

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much gianna for your lovely words. Well as i promised it as a happy ff im trying my level best to make it comedy. Im really happy that you are happy. Love you so much

  13. _Ritu

    Sv wasn’t was too too too funny…u r amazing dear…Kapil Sharma… πŸ™‚ Arjun tube light.. And Neil kumbhkarn..? Sv dear now I want ur brain …I wanna check what inside. …keep going lyk this as always…waiting for HAK and LML as πŸ™‚

    1. S.v

      Thamks a ton ritu. U nevef forget to make me smile wide and desr my brain. Lol I’ll give u and u will seriously get fed up as nothing os inside that coz I know it proof my marksheet. Lol love u so much

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    SV…. my darling it was hilaaaaaaarious. ..laughing like helll…all the events soooo funny…nandini fake signing…smart….arjun tube light….lol….n neil sleepy head….hehehe…Tha Tha very cute…the first day of college n the entry of all fours’ was mind blowing. ..I could watch it….so funnyyyy n marvellous episode. …keep it up honeyyy. …so sorry for late comment. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug πŸ™‚ β™‘β™‘β™‘

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      roma no sry at all and i would always wait for your comments. You are my spl friend. Thank you so much roma. Love you lods.

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