Manmarziyan 2 states chap 17

Hello all sorry for the delay update but i am so much happy for all of the support you guys have shown for me . thank you all for that and please do comment your views as they are my energy boosters. Love you all for that. Hey my wifie my dear sammy this one is for you as i’m presenting you this as a surprise gift dear. Love you and always smile and always stay blessed dear.

Enjoy the ride….

Saral’s uncle (this person was saral’s mamaji that is saral’s mothers brother) came to pick him and he was searching for saral . But saral was only there and his uncle was not able to sense it as the attire of saral was like that….

His hair all messed up with leaves and straws. Shirt front was there but back was all torn and his inner banian was all visible even that was torn by the beatings from the people. Saral was sitting keeping his hand to support his head because all his body parts were removed and repaired by the people. His uncle came and saw saral and thought he was a homeless begger and was shouting saral’s name. Saral was scratching his uncle’s pant. He waves his hand and he was calling his name out again saral called him and his uncle hit his head to shut up. As saral was already in top angry for the beating was now in super angry for the humiliation he shouted.
Saral ; tam – dai arivu ketta mama naandhan da saral.
eng – u senseless mamaji im only saral salley.

His uncle saw him and was like inside happy outside pity.
Uncle ; tam – dai saralu enna da achu.
eng – hey saral what happend to u ??
Saral ; tam – adha een mama kekara naan batukku chumma dhan irundhen aana oru ponnu naan avala idichutennu enna ellarumma serndhu enna aduchutannunga mama.
Eng – I did not do anything mamaji but a girl said that I banged her and all the people around me started to beat me and he cried his heart. His mama who made a pity face in front of him when he was standing back laughed his heart out but was not audible thanking for the people for the treat given by them.

Radhika and others who were witnessed and they too participated in the beating process was happy . Arjun was happy that he has hitted his rival person but he never know that he was not even to his expectation.

Saral enters the house and a dog which was tied in the house started to bark at him looking at his outfit that too all torn. He jerked and ran behind his uncle. Uncle made a Tyre puncher sound in his mouth and just for saral he asked the dog to be quite.

Dog’s thought ; Oye who are you coming inside my house. Look at you and your dress thu… even my master will look more neat than you even though he looks bad. Hey don’t dare show me your face to me idiot.

He enters and his aunty who was came and saw him and was just like mala a drama queen. Aunty and uncle had 1 daughter Uncle’s name was Murthy and Aunty Madhu and the girl’s name was lavanya. She was really beautiful but a bit shy and she comes and sees saral and thoughts a scrambled man inside their house that too sitting in the sofa.

Lavanya ; Stupid idiot how dare you come inside the house that too sit inside the sofa and hits him with a book which she had with her and he who was really tired with the station now was got hitting that too heavy book. Finally he held her hand and they saw each other and she was just looking at him. He was just looking at her back. She blushed (poor at her fate), he smiled and she found that he missed his tooth because of the treat which he had in the station.

Let them be like that now …..

They came out of the station and were shouting on top of the voice while driving and all were just shouting and Neil hugged tha tha and said ; dadaji super awesome dadaji super.
Tha tha ; it’s all my part time job my boy for me it is only my grand children’s happiness and pulled his cheeks.

Ardhika celebrating their happiness about saral with Nesam , tha tha and nandhini and babu bhaiyya. Arjun who was shouting remembering the scene was shouting on the top of the voice.

Arjun (hugging radhika) ; Hey saral she is my radhika always my always……….
Radhika blushed at his possessiveness and she kissed his cheeks for the shout. Arjun jumped and shouted again and said “ Radhika………… and was dancing with holding the hands of radhika and Nandhini and nesam were holding their hands and were rejoiced their happiness and arjun and Neil were explaining the face of Saral during the beating.

Saral was sitting and dreaming about how will he propose to radhika …..

Flash back……
Screen changes to not black and white but east man color….

80s type

Saral wearing a bell bottom pant and big collar shirt sees radhika with a chudidar which was like a tight tops and Patiala pants and also her hair made as a bun and she was walking with the umbrella. He comes with the bullet and she blinks her eyes and smiles and he pulls her to him and was about to hug her and at that time a dog comes and shouts at him. Saral looks at the dog and then the dog barks and then he jerks and the comes to normal then he sees the dog which was seriously barking and gave a comedy look and goes with its heads up and Saral was not able to understand as why it is really furious towards him. Lavanya who saw that giggles and looks at him in a pitiful face.

Ardhika and Nesam finally came to their room as they were really worn out with the enjoyment of the saral’s condition. All were just going to sleep and Arjun pulled Radhika but Nesam were going in front and Arjun just locked Radhika and Radhika was just looking at him with her hands over her waist.

Arjun ; Ohh god Chennai express I just want to say this that……..
Tha tha ; Guys…………. Arjun rolled his eyes.
Arjun ; dadaji I can’t even talk to her as you can enter even if the door is locked and made a pout face. Radhika laughed her heart out and saw tha tha and winked her eyes. S Tha tha too nodded his head and goes smiling and she looks at him and goes close to him and locks him he was looking at her and finally she gains over him and he closes his eyes . She looks at him and smiles and slowly she kisses his cheeks and he frowned as this was his first kiss from radhika but to a disappointment it was in his cheeks. He was happy but made a pout face . She looks at him as a hero and he blushes as a heroine.

Thats it for today guys, how was it ?? was it funny enough ?? pls say me your views i have no idea what i have written was in full hurry so please do spare me for that. Love you all and always smile and always stay strong and stay blessed.

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  1. Sammy

    You just write it for me …that’s lovely …aww mera cute hubby ..mera shona babu …muaah ..muaah …and the update was ..mind blowing …lol saral and his uncle …when smiled ..with his teeths gone …lavanya she was blushing from saral ..poor girl will faint if she saw arjun …80s romance superb. Hehe …Rosie di your twin did a fab job ….love u Sv ..and thank u soooooooo much for making my bday special …love u a lot dear ..and guyz don’t set your eyes on my hubby ..warning from a possessive wife …ROFL …thank u

    1. S.v

      Sammy my wifie thank you and happy birthday hope your day went all rocking and woo what a possessive wife i had no one would dared to keep their eyes on me as i have my wife to protect me . Love you and happy birthday ones again dear. Love you

  2. Jara

    Well punishment for saral!! Still laughing !! Dis is too awesome!! Oru naay kuda madhikala avana ROFL!!

    1. S.v

      he he he sema line oru naay kuda madhikala never thought that line jara , thanks for make me laugh .

  3. Superb update Sv…Saral’s condition.. : D ..m still holding my stomach…Tha tha is amazing…Aradhika moments fabulous… dear even if u wrote this one in a hurry it is fabulous..80s set up..nice idea…these days I m checking everybody’s brain …now m coming to u too.. 🙂 waiting for nxt. plz plz plz post soon…love

    1. S.v

      Ritu sorry dear for make you wait but i will write it and update it soon and i want to make a regular update of all my ff thats why a delay dear but regularly i will update it. Love you lods ritu

  4. Mindblowing 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank you emz fasa

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank you brin

  6. Shree

    Ada paavingla!! Paavum.. Oru naayi kuda madikala avana.. I pity him only today.. ONLY TODAY… Aeive ketta mama itseams.. Lol.. Yaru identify panuva if in that state.. Ramaaaa… Mama itself laughed… Lol.. Girl blushing .. Seriously?! His dream lol… Bullet a bullet… Moonjiku idu Vera kekudu… Celebration lol… Arjun is so happy!! Hahaaha Thatha between ardhika.. lol

    Ada ponne as always laughing laughing laughing.. vayiru valika sirichiktruken… Thank you for the morning dose.. ??

    Post soon…. Love you ??

    1. S.v

      You pity on saral lol you have so nice heart dear. He he he paavam yaa konjam let him have some build up at least in his dreams adhan bullet. Laugh ……. laugh and always laugh……. Love you my ponne

  7. Could totally imagine Saral in that condition and that made me laugh like anything, LOL even the dog thinks Saral looks terrible that was the bomb. Amazing update

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton gianna and always smile and be always be happy

  8. Rg2015

    Yes sv it’s very funny

    1. S.v

      Thank u rg

  9. Rg2015

    I loved it.

    1. S.v

      Thank u 🙂

  10. Omg…twin …awwww I pity on saral…bechara…i liked the dog n his expressions…lol…n Arjun after saral goes how much excited he is ,I can understand from his shout Only…lol…he got two kisses n not satisfied…m laughing badly seriously..80’s set up…awwwww…ab bas bhi karo…bache ko rulaogi kya…lol…

    1. S.v

      Rosie my twin sissy u always make me enjoy your with ur words. Loved it to the core dear. Let ur tummy hurt with the laugh. Love u lods dear.

  11. Jessie

    Sv….am madly laughing wit tears in mrng.. thanks fr morning treat.. arivu keta mama lol… dog’s pov s d best.. though my master looks bad, he looks neat..hahaha Naai kuttyku oru paeru vaikonume?? I think it has imp role in disturbing him.. so I will respect it.. lol.. lavanya blushes.. n he lost one tooth.. rofl…
    Thatha has no rules.. comes btwn ardhika.. Arjun paavam than.. FB than sema.. that umberlla n bullet haha bullet pandi vadivel mathiri indha saral…Arjun blushes like Heroine..! Curious 4 ur nxt update…appo saralkum lavanyakum kalyanama.!!??? Take care.. love u loads…

    1. S.v

      Jessie my dear friend omg what arw those words a total analysis of the update. He he he u respect thaf dog even me and haa there will be a big twist in saral’s marriage but dont worry it is not now it will be in the mad end a pakka damaka is waiting for u on that update I promise that . Love u lods

  12. Sweetie

    Haayeee humari pyaari personal Kapil Sharma,kya tha yeh,I was laughing like hell yaar..Saral’s condition made me laugh harder;shirt torn,leaves in his hair..????I can totally imagine that..The cherry on the top for the cake was Dog’s POV..Even the dog doesn’t want Saral in his master’s house..LOL..???And the Saral’s proposal in 80’s style..Oh God!!! I’m laughing and laughing yaar..Radhika with umbrella and Saral in bell bottom pants..I was laughing like hell while typing this comment too..It’s becoming hard for me to type..?And the final scene Arjun blushing like heroine..Lovely yaar..I wait for this FF like anything,it’s like stress buster to me..Love you jaan..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Laugh till ur tummy ask u to stop and u get tears in ur eyes. All I wanted was only that jaan and im thanks for the name of kapil sharma dear. Sorry for the delay update and im happy that you are happy. Love u jaan

  13. Too funny and I want big episode pls make it

    1. S.v

      Thank you soo much maya and ya next kne pakka big one .

  14. …thannaka mudiyala srithu srithu kannirvanthu vitadhu……….eppaium polo kalaikita…thanks for updating….eagerly waiting next one.please update

    1. S.v

      Subha thank u for those lovely words dear. I eill update it once I finish it. Thank u so much.

  15. SV I am still rolling on the floor….poor made me smile today …Dog’s PoV… only u can write something so funny amazing my cutie pie stayblessed 🙂 love u

    1. S.v

      Didi how are u ?? How is the function going didi how r u didi ?? All fine there didi ?? Missed u a lot didi pls come soon didi wanma read ur ffs di……. love u di soo much and thank u soo much di.

  16. Sree

    Saral is like Vadivellu in this ff?????
    Even his simple talks r funny(cuz u make it so?) ???
    It was very funny..?
    But short but its ok as u r busy.
    Love u dear??

    1. S.v

      he he he vadivelu lol loved the name dear.Thank you and pakka next one big update so pls spare me . Love you too…….

  17. Wowwww SV it’s mind blowing. …hilarious. sorry for late comment. .the episode was awesoooooome. …saral beaten like pulp…hehehe..his condition like homeless begger….hahaha….wowwww hilarious. ….lava nya poor baby…80s romance lol..good one….ardhika romantic moments wowwww soooooooo cuteeeee. ….tha tha was super cute…keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton roma you are always my sol friend. Love you lods.

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