Manmarziyan 2 states chap 16


Hiee all thanks a ton for those lovely words. Sorry for the late update. I’m a bit sick , fever and so here is the small update and next part i’ll update it on saturday max. Love you all …

Enjoy the ride….

Chennai .

Mala ; saral please make radhika to say yes to u as i cannot find a good groom like u son and saral was blushing. Dilip who sees this scene hits his head as why his wife’s taste has gone this bad. Saral took the blessings from her and she blessed him.
Mala ; all the best.
Dilip ; thu…
Mala ; what did say ??
Dilip ; nothing mala just said thu see and he bit his nail and spitted it out. Mala saw this and nodded . But dilip was burning as his daughter’s life is gonna be with this semi mental ??
Best tag line which suits the situation was korangu kaila poo maalai means a beautiful flower garland in the hands of a monkey.

He does not know, when his wife had a good taste of choosing him as a husband(his own imagination which could not be commented by us)……. why does she choosing saral for radhika ??
Dilip prays ; oh god i’ll break 108 coconuts please make sure that this nut is not marrying my daughter else i’ll break your head with those coconuts. The god who was busy with other work jerked with this threatening prayer and said ; am i here doing any matrimonial services ?? Your daughter has found a guy who looks like ang raj karna so dont worry my boy.

Saral ; mama im going to mumbai .
Dilip who was in high anger was now burning for the word mama.
Dilip’s thought ; tam – poo poo apdiye poi engayavadhu poidu.
eng – go go….. Go some where
He gave a fake smiling face and went to his room and texted radhika about saral’s start to mumbai.

Radhika was sleeping found the message and she banged her head in the pillow. Nandhini came with the coffee and found radhika was banging the head.
Nandhini ; What is the matter radhu ?? and sat on the bed.
Radhika hugged nandhini and kept her head on the lap and wrapped her hand over her waist and made a pout face.
Nandhini was caressing her head.
Radhika with a pout face ; Tam – Andha Saral varan oorukku.
Eng – That saral is coming.

Nandhini ; Tam – Ennikku ??
Eng – When ??
Radhika ; Tam – Nalaikku .
Eng – Tomorrow.

Nandhini ; Don’t worry I will not leave when it comes to my son’s life and also for you, baby. Ok now get up and freshen up and come. She too peaked on Nandhini’s cheeks and she ran to the washroom . Arjun and Neil who saw that ran to Nandhini and hugged her and they all fell on the bed and were laughing at the childish behaviour.

Sam came and Radhika and others were just having their breakfast. Sam ran to Arjun and took the food which he was having in his hand. Arjun made a face and Nandhini was about to start for the office.

Radhika ; Nandhu can I cook today ?? Babu bhaiya was scared as his job may be ruined but he did not know that from that day his job would be made permanent. Sam said “ Ya I’ll help chashni for that” Nandhini nodded her head and started for the day and Arjun and Neil gulped as they were the victim of the cooking crime which is gonna happen next.

Radhika and Sam came with the apron and started to cook and within few minutes the kitchen became a foot ball ground . All were on the floor and Sam and Radhika were trying something new and the name of the food dish sorry even I am unable to spell it as it is a new variety only Radhika and Sam knew it. At last after 2 hours of war they came out of the kitchen and were looking like a person who has just now experienced high level of air as their hairs were all messed up. Then Babu bhaiyaa peeped and found the condition of the kitchen and said “ in my 25 years of cooking experience I have never seen a kitchen this much messed up I’m really feeling sorry for Neil and Arjun and he goes with tears of pain as he has to clean the mess.

Neil and Arjun in between ordered Pizzas as they wanted to live and they had their lunch. When the girls found that the boys were having pizzas they ran and grabbed them as the girls were not that much strong enough to eat the food which they made and the odd one out was babu bhaiyya but he said he was fasting so he will not eat today.

That day went like that but they never knew the villain is half way from Chennai

Next day….

Saral steps out his leg on Dadar platform from the train and gave a winning smile look and suddenly he got hit with a big suitcase which was carried by the porter. Saral was holding his head and rubbing it as the suitcase was big and hard.

Porter ; in hindi standing like a big solider who was won the war. Nonsense coming to take the life , move aside you idiot. Saral was not able to understand what the man was shouting.

Saral called his relatives in whose house he is going to stay. There was 5 people who were looking at him peeping from distance but only 4 was visible. Yup our gang of rowdies.
Radhika ; Look that is Saral and pointed out at him. Saral was wearing a dark green pant with a designed shirt (his fashion to impress Radhika).
Arjun and Nesam saw him and he was trying to flirt with a girl with his so called beautiful looks but in return he was answered with a slap. All the 4 closes their eyes as the sound was even more than the train’s horn.
Girl ; Be careful dafar.

Neil ; Yeh ??? (him ??) Radhika makes a pout face and nods. Arjun and Nesam saw each other and unanimously ; Chiiiii and banges their head.
Sam ; He is a kind of a flirty type right .
Radhika ; Yes.
Arjun ; I will……. and was about to go and punch him but Radhika holds his hand and she blinks her eyes. He too does that back and were just looking at each other BGM guru song. Nesam saw each other and said “Eye lock …….”and shakes them. In between Saral takes his phone and calls radhika. She cuts the call and immediately she gets a message.
“ Mama reached Mumbai chellam. I will come and abduct you like a prince charming for his love lady.” Arjun who read the message was in hell angry and was breathing heavily. He saw tha tha and said “ what so ever happens dadaji I want him to run away now”

Tha tha makes thumps up and goes from there and there was huge crowd as the passengers were all coming to the entrance and also the suburban train passengers were also coming.
Tha tha found Saral who was slowly keeping his step as the crowd was huge. Saral was standing behind the girl from whom he got slapping. Tha tha pinched the girl, she turned and saw him and he gave his so called attractive smile, she gave an angry glare and turned back. He looked doubtful as why is she looking like that , Again tha tha pinched her but this time a bit hard. She turned and saw him.

He winked and smiled and said “ Hey baby” That’s it she slapped him hard and the whole crowd asked for the reason and the girl said “ He pinched me…..”
Saral ;I did not do it.
A guy ; Saaley don’t leave these kind of people.
Saral saw the whole crowd raising their hands to beat him
Saral ; Tam – Ayyayoo ooru onnu kooditanga pa……….
Eng – Omg the whole city has joined hands…………

Arjun Nesam too entered the crowd and they took this as a golden opportunity to beat him and after some time when all removed from that place he was like a torn movie poster with his shirt torn because of the beatings. At that time he heard the announcement Welcome to Mumbai have a nice day.

Thats it guys was it funny . Donno what i have written hope is was funny enough . Love you all, Muhhaaa…….

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  1. Shree

    Eyyy ponne!! My tummy is hurting.. ivalo sirika vapa nu teriyavella… I loved the second like.. thu. Kurangu kaila poo maalai.. semma… cooking!! Sad of babu… pizza!! Hahahahaha… Saral’s message… chellam itseams.. mama!! Lol… I loved the thing where the suitcase hit him and the scolding… pinch pinch pinch… loved Thatha!! Aama ponnu ta tagararu panna.. aduvaum Mumbai ponnu kitta.. orru koodam pina vedikaiya paakum ??… hahahahaha kilinji ponna poster (so torn) .. I feel so sad (sarcasm)…

    Ponne God bless you.. so much laughing.. Yammadi… tears are flowing out.. thank you so much. Muuuaaahhh to you ??

    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. S.v

      thanks a ton shree . un siripil ennai marandhen , trying some tamil lol. U loved saral’s condition ha ha ha ha i too loved that scene . Love you lods and come here when ever you have time. Love you lods dear.

  2. Sree

    How r u now???? Take ur meds and get well soooooooooooon?
    And as usal the ep was awesome and funny.
    I loved ang rag karna????
    Everything was very funny????
    U just get well soon. Post nxt when u r perfectly fine?
    Love u dear???.
    Take care and good rest?

    1. S.v

      I’m fina a bit dear but still this cold is really not leaving me as it is really affectionate to me dear. Thanks a ton sweet heart. Love you lods and always smile.

  3. Wow.. I loved it.. When are you updating the next one ?? Plz update soon

    1. S.v

      Well next part max saturday but to be honest did not even start a letter dear. Once i complete next second it would be uploaded. Thank you mini.

  4. …..amazing episode…….as usual ur rocking……dilip comment(saral), thatha fun train ,saral sms dialogue super…. u r ff is mind relaxation medicine……really love it..eagerly waiting next one….pls update soon.thanks for

    1. S.v

      Subha thanks a ton dear. I’m really in moon for your words and i just wanted it as a stress buster, i hope it had done its work. Love you lods.

      1. nee tamil la?

      2. S.v

        Ya i know

  5. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton brin and btw where is your ff wanna know what is Teji upto

  6. Funny enough….yenna vilayaduringala?….it was hillarious….loved it akka muahhhh….ennakku ippa next Epi seeekiram vennum….plsss…until then have my bear hugs???

    1. S.v

      Thank you my lil sis . Naan fine but cold and head ache thats there but ya fine now. Next epi on Sat oki Thanks for the hugs and you have mine too. Love you

  7. Dev

    Haha….he needed d torn poster look……n take care of ur health buddy

    1. S.v

      Ha ha ha thanks buddy . Yup that was a required one. Lol

  8. Jessie

    Dilip’s mind voice 4 saral was nice.. thatha vin settai arambam ayiduchu… curious 4 nxt update.. n why u gt fever suddenly..danced in rain like Rads?? eat well n get well sooooon… take care dear..

    1. S.v

      No yaar actually i was sneezing for 2 days and then that turned out to be a fever for me . He he he very strong im u know that ?? Lol Well thank you and yes tha tha has just started , Main picture will be seen soon. Love you lods.

  9. Sammy

    Oh God sv ..marry me yaar for this update ..oh god save me I will die of laughing me in fever you got great ideas …get well soon dear …haha god’s reply angraj karn ..was awesome idea bring mahabharat ..hehe ardhika eye lock …so funny man …and saral ..really it was damn funny ..bechara pit gaya u dear 🙂 .

    1. S.v

      Omg i am gonna marry Sammy soon . All are invited. Lol. Well i love ang raj karn and he suited well and he is my fav character. Love you lods dear.

  10. Ang Raj karan!! Nice ?

    1. S.v

      Thank you amirtha

  11. SV I am rolling on the floor…this was so funny ….I could imagine Saral getting slapped awesome yaar….and the cooking part… even I wldnt try there food 🙂 awesome my cutie pie waiting for the next one 🙂 a big hug for you 🙂

    1. S.v

      He he he didi that was from my personal experience done by my friend. She said she had prepared something so we all took a spoon but she had another tiffen box which was made by her mom.We never knew she had planned something big for us and she took the revenge in the name of cooking aaaaaaa I dont want to say more as i still remember the taste. Love you lods didi

  12. Sorry dear for late…my health is completely a troll…i read everything but couldn’t laugh much as I wish coz of my severe headache…ayiiiin..m saddy for that…I wanted to tell many things but should stop here n going to sleep ….ohk…c ya

    1. S.v

      Hifi you know thats why we are twins as one gets affected the other gets automatically affected but ya take care dear and come back once you are ok with your health

  13. Sv dear awesome..Saral got a great punishment..m still laughing imaging his condition…Dilip prasing himself for being Mala’s…Angraj Karn I admire that role of Aham a lot in the show and u used it..good job…waiting for soon u..and take care of ur health dear…get well soon…

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton ritu but yes saral did too much na let him get it. And even i love karn character of Aham sharma , thanks a ton ritu once alright i will come to pester you with my ff . Lol Love you lods

  14. Sweetie

    Jaan..How’s your health now??Take care yaar..About the episode as usual I laughed till my jaw and tummy started aching..Thanks for this update yaar..Was in a really mood today,this episode lifted up all the sorrows..Love you loads..?

    1. S.v

      Jaan im a bit ok now and thanks a ton jaan and i want you to smile always and this is the only mission of this 2 states stupidity to the core. I’m really happy that you are happy and i donno how to thank you dear. Love you lods and bear my hugs.

  15. Take care ur health and get well soon sema update ipadi smile panna vaika
    sv yala mattum than mudiyum thank u so much

    1. S.v

      Maya ayoo these are big words dear. and thank you so much . I’m happy that you smiled . Love you tons maya

  16. Too funny what a welcome Saral got, too good S.v loved so much and get well soon

    1. S.v

      He he he even i loved the way he was welcomed. Yaar let him get more. Lol Love you

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    I like ur ff thats why I was wondering now I got it and yeah gws 🙂 and

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton fatarajo.

  18. Aasthu

    very funny man…………..I would like to present u the award for writing the most humorous plot and easing our hearts…………………..lub u……………..the guy who gets u will be lucky…………..

    1. S.v

      aasthu oh my god thanks a ton dear and also for the award dear and i thanks for those lovely words.

  19. Finally I reached here…hilarious episode. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton roma. Come soon u have to come even long way . Love u lods.

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