Manmarziyan 2 states chap 15


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Radhika invited all to arjun’s room. Arjun was sweating badly as what would be the reation of all when they come to know about dadaji he was biting his nail and spitting it out. Tha tha was so angry as radhika would do that. Tha tha stood and banged arjun’s head.
Tha tha ; tam – enna ??
eng – what ??
Arjun ; im scared dadaji what will happen if they come to know about you and what will nandhu would say wjen she comes to know about u ??
Tha tha ; she would be happy when she comes to know about me as i know her.
Arjun ; u dont know her dadaji. Tha tha gave a smile.
Tha tha ; tam – poruthrindhu paar mahaney.
eng – wait and watch son.

Radhika came and signalled that all are coming. Arjun composed himself and nesam nandhini and babu bhaiyya came inside the room.

Neil ; chashni said there is something important to speak , what is that ?? Arjun just nodded.
Sam ; dont nod like an elephant arjun what is the matter. Arjun made a face and saw radhika. She gulped and nodded.
Radhika ; see these many days i did not say you one thing that…….
Neil ; u dont love arjun ?? Arjun jerked and immediately nodded no fastly. Sam hit him with her elbow and neil said “well good decision.” arjun pounced on neil and said “shut up else i will……. Kiss in ur lips the way u tried to kiss me on the night we were waiting for radhika. Neil closed his mouth and said ” i dont wanted to get molested by a male that too u” rasam banged their head and radhika pulled arjun from neil.
Radhika ; stop it guys . Now let me speak. All nodded. I have a grand father.
Neil ; pssst all have grand father yaar. Arjun banged his head.
Nandhini ; pls radhika speak out what u want to speak as i dont want to see these boys molesting each other. Baba just nodded.

Radhika ; fine my grand father is dead.
Neil ; even my grand father is dead. Arjun was in hell anger as he was really scared as what will all think for hiding this for these days and neil was making him to go on his nerves today.
Arjun ; one word more i’ll kill u .
Neil ; nandhu he is threating. Nanadhini seperated them.
Nanadhini ; yaar radhika what is the matter about your grand father.
Radhika ; well he was dead but he is still here with me i mean with us . All were confused finally radhika blruted out he is a ghost.There was a sudden bang sound. All turned and found a person fallen down. None other than babu bhaiyya . Neil and sam were laughing nandhini was not able to understand
Radhika ; tha tha …….

All the window doors started to pat hard a ghostly wind was blowing. Nesam were hugging and are scared.
Radhika ; tam – moonjiya kaata een evlo effectu ??
Eng – why these much effect to show your face ??
Tha tha made a face and finally he revealed himself. Nesam were shouting on their top of their voice. Babu bhaiyya who came to concious with the sound saw tha tha and again fainted . Nandhini was standing like a stone. Ardhika gulped and tha tha was emotional.

Arjun ; nandhu what happened ?? Why are u like that ?? She slapped him. He was mum and was holding his cheeks gave what did i do look and radhika laughed but made sure that no one noticed, she ran to tha tha and when she spoke all are shocked.
Nandhini ; tam – appa neengala ??
Eng – dad is that u ?? Ardhika were stun
Arjun ; appava ???? And he fainted as he thought radhika would be his

Radhika was so haapy that she has a full right on Arjun now as nandhini was her athai(bua), Nandhini saw her father after so many years. She was speaking to him and Nesam were now a bit ok and they too stepped a bit and they got confident as he is not a scaring ghost but as friendly ghost. Nesam introduced themselves and Neil asked ; Is that you dadaji who scared me in the theater ?? Tha tha nodded and neil made a pout face. Sam pulled his cheeks and said ïts ok Neil”

Radhika was shaking Arjun hard and when he saw he saw a work stuck in her face “Sister” Arjun made a superb acting like he has lost his love.
Arjun ; Sorry behan ji ……

Radhika ;Tam – Behan jiya ??? Dai enna da achu unakku ??
Eng – Sister ?? Yaar what happened to you ???
Arjun ; What ever it is my mom and your mom are sisters how can we be together ?? That is wrong and we have to be brother and sister radhika behan.
Radhika ; Tam – Velakenna…… adhu ennoda appavoda appa appo you and me are atha payan mama ponnu . Idhuku mela oru dhadava enna behannu sonna naaney unna konnuduven.
Eng – Caster oil …… that is my dad’s dad . So you and me are bua son and mama daughter . Here after if you call me behan then i will myself kill you. Arjun was really happy as his love is gonna be true and now they are also related to each other.

Nandhini ; Tam – Nee sundar oda daughterah ??
Eng – Are you daughter of Sundar ?? Radhika nodded .
Radhika ; I have never seen you before or in my family pictures even tha tha has not said anything then how come you know tha tha…..

Tha tha ; Tam – Adhu oru periya kadha….
Eng – That is a big story…..

Radhiak ; Tam – Surukkama sollu…
Eng – Say it in short……
Neil ; And also with subtitles or in English. All laughed

The screen turns black as this is the story of Tha tha and his love story connetcted with Nandhini’s story.


A young man with a big mustache and bell bottom pant and punk hair style with a cooling glass and was driving a cycle. BGM old music of your regional language and the trees are going behind and he is singing and riding the cycle. The young man is our tha tha. Yes our tha tha, his name was sundar. He was a PUC of that village and so he is in that attire. He was going to see his lover. Her name was Nila means moon , she completed her BSC in those days.

Tha tha started…………….
We were in neighbor village people. We were in love when we were studying in school.
Radhika – Ooh school days loveah ok ok.. continue. He continued. Her marriage was fixed with some other graduated guy, but she sent a letter to me to take her away. We ran from the marriage hall but the found us.

Neil ; you should have ran fast dadaji.
Tha tha ; Your granny was like old grinder how can u think that she can run fast.
Radhika ; Kashtam dhan (difficult only). He nodded and continued.

But we said that we will also become big in our life and she became the village school head mistress and I became the owner of a rice mill and our parents accepted us when Nandhini was born to us after Dilip. Then one day when we were going for a picnic in a small boat, due to the heavy weight my wife nila fell inside the water . I tried hard but she was not able to be pulled up, finally she passed away. Then we were finding alliance for Nandhini but when she completed her studies she came back with a guy whom she married. I was happy for her but as usual your father said no to her and as usual there was a big scene created and finally because of over acting Nandini left the house and even I wanted to join her but he acted so much so that to make him normal I was made to stay then your mother came and she acted even more than Dilip and he found that his mistake of acting. Then I left the world, I mean for others then as you all know what happened.

Radhika was listening and she was thinking something. Tha tha saw her and asked what ??
Radhika ; Tam – Idhu ennamo suryavamsamum , titanicum mix pana madhiriye irukkey ?? Unmaya sollu nejamave idhu dhan nadandhudha ??
Eng – Its seems to be a mixture of suryavamsam and Titanic movie stories. Say me the truth is that really what happened ??
Tha tha’s mind voice ; Tam – Iva padam paathadhu namakku prechanaya irukkey…
Eng – She watching movies giving me headache.
Tha tha ; This is what has happened trust me radhika. She nodded with doubt. Nandhini was happy to see her father back and she was speaking to him, at that time, Radhika got a call. She sees the phone it was semi mental saral. She makes a disgusting face and jumps in a sitting position. Arjun sees the name and closes his eyes. Neil gestures what she shows the phone .
Neil ; sammy your y boy friend.

Sam ; aah y boyfriendah ???
Neil ; see if ex boy friend means the boy friend who was before the current one then y bot friend means the one which is after the current. Sam was about to bite him. Neil’s thought popped up and he remembered the scene he bit him. He gulped and say her. Her face was turning big she was breathing heavily like mask movie and when she was about to open her mouth to bite him neil shouted ; i was kidding sammy. Sam saw him and he was sweating badly.
Sam ; one word more katham. Got that ?? He nodded and found a shelter behind radhika . In between the call got cut. Radhika took a deep breath that bad time was over but he again called her.

Nandhini attended the call and the phone was kept in the speaker .
Saral ; chellam I am your saral speaking.

Radhika (full frustration) ; Hmmm what ??
Saral ; Nothing chellam I wanted to say that I am coming to see my chellam in Mumbai .
Radhika(to herself) ; Tam – Mavane vandha ne avlo dhan.
Eng – If you come then that’s it for you.
Saral ; What chellam no reply. Radhika was really irritated for him using chellam for every line. Chellam means lal, ank my dear like that in tamil and he was speaking like that to her like an earth worm twisting.
Saral ; I’ll meet you there chellam and keeps the call.
Radhika sees everyone and everyone’s face is zoomed as what is gonna happen next ????

Precap – He he he still thinking……

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