Manmarziyan 2 states chap 14

Hiee all first of all 1000 times sorry. I said i will update it on Tuesday but im going crazy and so some how found time and wrote it. My special thanks to all my friends and my sorry to sammy, jessie (sorry for not mentioning others names) and others who are waiting for this update. I donno what i have written . Pls do spare me and gauri di this is for you too as my small birthday gift pls take it from your younger sister. Love you all and pls do comment your views as they are my energy boosters.

Enjoy the ride….

Exam preparation was on full swing. Night and day all the four were studying and would sleep in between the books. All were totally drenched inside the books at times they never know which book they were studying and for Neil he has 3 arrears and Sam 4 arrears. So extra burden. They had maths as a common subject with English and language.
Sam ; Can you just say me the title of the story of Shakespeare , the abstract of his play.
Neil (without looking at any one) ; Who is he ?? Radhika was almost fainted as she explained the story of the plot just the day before and now Neil is asking Who is he ?? Arjun who was drinking water spitted and coughed. Nandhini’s eyes popped up and babu bhaiyya fainted and Sam was banging her head with the book.
Sam (blinking) ; Neil name ??
Neil ; Yaa neil is my name. Ardhika were hitting their head with the book in their hand.
Radhika ; Tam – Oon pera evan da ketan ??
Eng – Who asked your name ?? Arjun giggled. Radhika saw that and her jaw dropped.

Radhika ; Tam – Ippo nee edhu siricha ??
Eng – Why did you laugh now ??
Arjun ; Kuch nahi just samaj gaya .(nothing just understood). Radhika smiled and nodded.
Tha tha ; Hmm both hindi and tamil together . I donno what is gonna happen for both the languages and went away keeping his hand over his head and went away nodding nothing can be done.
Neil and Sam were busy studying and Arjun was just staring at Radhika. Radhika saw him who was continuously staring at her.
Radhika ; Tam ; Een moonjila edavadhu ezhudhi otirukka enna ??
Eng – Is there anything written on my face ??
Arjun ; Ithni kubsoorat ladki kabi bhi meine dheka nahi (I have never seen any girl this beautiful). Radhika knew he is happy and she was also happy to hear those sweet words but as the exam was day after that day she gave an angry glare.
Radhika ; Tam – Ada thu padi
Eng – Stupid just read.

Arjun made a pout face and said “ Unromantic girlfriend”
Radhika ; Hmm this will not come for exams (the same dialogue comes whenever I try to speak to my mom during the exams days about something, Do you all too have this dialogue experience ?? Pls do share it.) Study asian paint and they started to read the portions.
Maths (my request to all who are reading this which is your toughest chapter in maths ?? For me trigonometry as I still donno how I cleared my exams as they are my head spinners. )

Nandhini was helping the 4 in maths but none were able to understand anything all formulae and all would just bang their head but nandhini had her major maths so she started them to teach well. She was teaching well but they were not able to understand. Happens .
A day before exam Radhika shifted back to hostle but missed her asian paints and he too missed his Chennai express.

D day exam……..

The worst part for any students life exams the most worst part is seating arrangements. Front seat or seat next to the invigilator seat is more than enough for any student to die. And whenever we forget something at that time the invigilator will stand next to us and see our paper. Why is that always when I forget my teacher is standing next to me ??? When I write for pages no one will notice ?? Why ?? why me ???
Arjun as he was final year he was made sit with first year . Fortunately or unfortunately he was made sit with Radhika. In between both Tha tha came and sat. Both at once turned the other side.
Tha tha ; This is exam hall not park so please write.
Arjun ; Love letter ??
Tha tha ; Moongi(face) and banged his head and the invigilator started to distribute the question papers and they asked them to write the roll no of the student and asked not to write anything in the question paper. All students mind voice was “ Hmmm(sarcastic smile) we don’t know what to write in the answer paper , how can we write in question paper ??
Slowly the bell rang and all started to write the exams and slowly all the activities started . Neil was in one room and sam was in the same room but she was in the back side and Neil was near the door and Jessie was before Neil and sam and Karthik was in the same room of Nesam. Neil removed a big long tape . Sam who saw that from the behind could not understand that first as she was struggling to write saw Neil writing so fastly.

Sam was sweeting bad as Neil was writing . If we don’t know it is not the problem but if our friend is writing when we don’t know then that is a serious problem. And the bad part was either or question . 15 marks exactly from the same chapter we would have omitted and it would come in the same question. Why is this happening ???
Rohan was before Sam and asked her one doubt . Sam who was in top anger first did not respond but he was continuously pestering her , so she saw when the invigilator was not there
Sam ; (husky and irritated voice) ; Whhaaattttt ????????
Rohan ; Hindi -Yeh melody ithni chocolaty kyoon hai ???
Tam- Melody ee ivlo chocolatyaah irukku ???
Eng – Why melody is soo chocolaty ???

Sam who was in high anger was now in Himalaya mountain level of anger. Her face was like a pressure cooker which may explode any minute and she started to speak all bad words which she knew and they were audible to his ears he closed his ears but they were audibleand after some time when he turned his eyes were showering blood tears.
Sam ; Don’t you dare to ask doubt to anyone here after got it ?? He nodded and turned his face and cried and wrote his exams. Sam was breathing heavily and slowly from the side she got a paper sent by Neil to her. She saw him and he gestured her to copy and write it fast. She did that and finally she too completed.
Nesam were like that and they had afternoon exams because of arrears and so arjun will also stay in the collage (name sake as we all know his purpose of his stay). Ardhika were sitting and were continuously talking he would speak in hindi and she would speak in tamil and both will laugh and for their escort tha tha was also accompanied but he took radhika’s mobile and plugged in the head set and was hearing some songs as they were much better than these 2’s nonsense speech. Nesam came like a half dead people as they were really exhausted and Neil straight away came and kept his head over radhika and Sam took sat on Arjun and she leaned over him.

Both saw the others and smiled and Radhika was pressing Neil’s fingers and Arjun was gently ruffling Sam’s hair and they were like that for some time. The next exam was also done well by the 6 and ardhika were seated next to each other tha tha started to write Arjun’s exams as Arjun was helping radhika and they were making in such a way that no one notices that. Arjun will just keep his hand over the pen and tha tha should write the exams and he will always stare at radhika and she will blush and write.
Tha tha(mind voice) ; Tam – Sethum exam ezhudikitu irukken. Apave ozhunga padichirundha ippa indha nelama varuma ?? enna da unakku vandha sodhana ??
Eng – Even after im dead I’m writing my exams . If I had studied well would have I faced this situation ??? What is this happening for me ???
Radhika Tam – oon mind voiceah naan catch panniten.
Eng – I found your mind voice. Tha tha gulped and continued to write the exams and last exam tha tha started to write both of their exams and they were just staring at each other.
Tha tha ; Tam – Orey moonjiya elvo dhadava paathalum adhey dhan . idhuku een mani kanaka paakaranga ??
Eng – Same face how many times they see they will see only the same face. Why are they staring at each other for hours ??
Arjun – It is pyar aap samjayenga nahi (this is love you wont know that).
Tha tha ; Mmm hmmm I am a Romeo those days.
Radhika ; When was romeo this old ??
Tha tha ; my marriage with your patti (grand mom) was also love marriage actually eloped and he giggled. Radhika jaw dropped and eyes popped up.
Radhika ; Tha tha you never said that before ??
Tha tha ; Hmm shall I say the story or shall I write ??
Radhika ; Sorry, sorry write , write….
Tha tha ; Summa dhana irukka (you are not doing any work right) pls write your exam na I am not able to write 2 exams at a time.
Radhika ; Tha tha you are super star tha tha . Tha tha gave one look she gulped and noded and took the pen and paper to start to write.
At last their exams were over and Radhika wanted to hear the story of her grandparent’s marriage and she again went back to Arneil’s house as she missed nandhini more than Arjun as they became good friends. RAdhika has decided to speak about tha tha to Nesam and Nandhini and tha tha too accepted it .

Precap – Tha tha’s truth revelation to Nesam, Tha tha’s marriage and saral the great steps in Mumbai……

Thats it for today guys. I might be irregular in my updates but i promise i wont leave uptill i complete and let me live i dont want to make any promise and break that. I’ll update that soon . Did you all like the update pls comment your views . Love you all. Bear hugs and kisses too. Muhhaaaaaaa………

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  1. Sree

    I missed u sooooo much. ?
    Loved this ep. It was very fnny????????.
    Todays tam dialogue were awesome?????
    Precap is also amazing? Waiting for nxt but post when possible?
    How r u????
    Love u dear???

    1. S.v

      Sree i missed you to darling. Well thank you and sure dear will update soon dear. Love you lods.

  2. LOL… (name sake as we all know his purpose of his stay)
    OF COURSE WE KNOW THE REASON…24/7… very nice one S.v.
    Waiting for next one

    1. S.v

      Shruti thank you s much. He he he u got the reason super . sure will update you soon dear.

  3. Sv dear it was totally a masterpiece.m still trying my stomach..who is funniest part..and exams the word itself is more danger than any world war…their exam part was hilarious..hope our exams were also like that..then I would love to give 1000 such exams…just a wow episode..loved every part.. and maths even I find trigonometry irritating…this chapter has a habit of poking nose in every other chapter. seriously want to meet the mathematicians who gave us death sentence by writing this chapter…anyways waiting for nxt..plz post soon. love

    1. S.v

      Ritu thank you so much dear. he he he i would also love to give exams the way ardhika did but hmm never happens. Lol. Love you lods dear and i have many who are just like me he he he love you ritu so much.

  4. SV sis….how realistic is this part !though i dont comment regularly i read all your my situation is apt to comment..exams.. Really each and everything you said about it is right..yesterday too i faced it..and i almost die when my friend standsup for additional sheets..poor could he know Shakespeare?iam an Eng.literature student. Once my mam asked the spelling of Shakspeare and a few of my classmates got imposition.Tha tha’s marriage? And in maths I hated the applications of differentiation and integration..really i have to beat my another enemy psychology -nxt exam..after exams i will comment regular..sorry for disturbing this much..

    1. S.v

      More than enough if we are just writing half of the booklet and some one asks extra sheet . Should see the face of the other students. You know how they are asking for extra sheets when it will not be required. I even tried to write by leaving 1 line for every sentence even then i am unable to complete my booklet. Thanks a ton adia and all the best for your exams do well and make others go crazy by you asking extra sheet. Love you dear. No sorry at all dear.

  5. Wooooow!!! U r jus rocking!!! Guess I am the first comment!!! Now to your questions!!! Yea the situation happened happens and it keeps happening with me as I am preparing for competitive exams!!! Hi-fi for me too, trig was difficult.. Tan..cos..phew..every tym I read I feel blessed for knowing Tamil..Ll try to comment in all ff’s ..u r amazing love u loadz..stay blessed n keep rocking

    1. S.v

      Tan cos sin and what is the name of the inverse of those i forgot super me. Thats so sweet of you for your comment jara thank you so much.

  6. JoAn

    Tha tha(mind voice) ; Tam – Sethum exam ezhudikitu irukken. Apave ozhunga padichirundha ippa indha nelama varuma ?? enna da unakku vandha sodhana ??
    Eng – Even after im dead I’m writing my exams . If I had studied well would have I faced this situation ??? What is this happening for me ???he he he he kya bath hei wooowwww ????

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton joan . I ‘m so happy that you enjoyed it.

  7. Its superb…awesome n fascinating dear twin …n m laughing like hell…u r so talented in this…m loving it..n the things u asked m completely contradictory…m avg student yet I love mathematics n I love to sit beside invigilator or in front bench…m so much afraid of our exam they pestered so much I v to think that giving my paper or their paper…m so scared that I always wish sit infront…lol….??

    1. S.v

      Rossy when did you change your spelling ?? was just kidding . U love maths thats why you are a genius person. Hey im saying this seriously twin not a joke trust me . For me when my juniors write i used to see the way they write and think i have never thought or wrote this big how come they are writing these many . Lol. Now i understand the reason for you to sit in front. But front bench will be before the board and when we see then that would be only board yaar. which i hate the most lol . Love you lods elder twin.

  8. Dev

    Buddy….missed u…..n as usual funny epi buddy…..spcially tha tha n ardika……
    Hey aana onnu….ni namba problmthe rombu corcta ezhuthinne…..yemma…antha invigilatore kolanum pole irukum ath matumma yaarach rombu pgs ezhuthina roomikku velile avanku saav tha…..
    Love u lots…hugs…muahh???

    1. S.v

      sorry buddy bit thank you he he he hifi dev . and the orst part would be discussing the answers . for me it will never be close to what answer they say but i donno how i cleared my exams he he he love you too buddy .

  9. Suga

    Svvvvvv dearrr 😀 😀 😀 😀 couter for each scene darling its really amazing 😀 😀 😀 tha tha awesome 😀 😀 😀 u really a stress buster darling 😀 😀 loved it from core 😀 😀 love u sv 😀 lods of love n kisses 😀 😀 😀

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton suga and i feel a bit proud when you say me that this was a stress buster. More to come dear. Happy laughing love you lods

  10. Brin

    Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank ou so much brin . Will update soon

  11. Arjun only staring …iam will die of laughing and our cute tha tha completing the exam …the funniest thing was that Neil had given his paper to Sam so that she can copy …poor girl she will surely get little marks and Sv a big thank you for updating this …I am in love with it …waiting for saral …now a days karan ( who played Saral in mmz ) is in splitsvilla …I was laughing hard seeing him on the show 🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      sammy thank you so much dear and sorry for make you wait Arjun was staring yaar trust me . Lol .See sam would be benefited as she was copying . Uknow when we copy our speed of writing increases. What saral in show ?? i hope you might have remembered all the updates of all the ffs of manmarziyan when you see him on tv . Love you lods sammy .

  12. Sweetie

    Sv jaan..Mind blowing episode..I was laughing like hell yaar..Okay you wanted to know about maths history right? So here it goes,I’m just like Nandini in Maths(hope you got that).?And trigonometry is my favorite..?All my friends used to carry the compass box and write their exam, whereas I used to go to exam hall with a single pen in hand,write the exam and come back..Irony is I used to get more marks compared to my friends..?[Back drop story is we have this choice to answer trigonometry question or geometry question in the last 15 mark question.To be on the safe side I used to answer trigonometry question,but my friends used to answer geometry question.Now my teacher,he is a very strict one,haa..He used to check every angle using his own compass box,?when he got one angle wrong tho bass one mark cut. Mera tho koi nahin poochega,because I don’t have any geometrical shapes on my paper..LOL..??]
    Now that’s my history in Maths..Anyways nice one jaan..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

    1. S.v

      thank you soo much jaan . You are a maths studentah ???? I fainted. Jaan u are seriously intelligent yaar. aaha superb , u know the main problem would be the questions which are damn sure that they will not come will come on the paper. i will cry like Mr.Bean. Mummy,…………. . Ur maths history makes me feel proud that even i have some people who knew maths. Love you lods

  13. Jessie

    Woohoo Sv sorry btwn friends..I won’t thanks der..coz I wannna thank u for writing awesome stories… Exams..I love Eggs n jams but my exams is my dialogue for exams.. as though a punch dialogue I wud say every time …hehehe.. I write it all exam moments are flashing…impact of ur story.. I thought he made bits..Ardhika n thatha were awesome..thatha wrote exams.. how lucky this arjun is… invigilator… seriously I do wonder will they ever catch d one who is copying.. coz when I pass papers 2 frnds they wud never notice but when am placed with someone who doesnt have same paper they wud watch like eagles..I liked d part where all writes roll no inQues paper1..hahaha ur mind voice was brilliant.Maths itself is a a tough one… once my maths teacher said “u have to love d subject if u wanna know it” I was bit weak on maths alone..and I asked “how to love” the class gasped thn I realized my stupidity n continued as how to this one never fades from my.mind..she just smiled.. gosh..u made 2 remember all my fab memories.. hugs..loved this chappy.. this is somewhat close 2 real life since everyone wud Hv faced one or other incident on reality..

    Thatha d romeo boy… ah..naughty that’s pola… I laughed for Nesam n awww enjoyed Arjun d Choco lover boy..?????Radis always saravedi patasu..wat will nandu do after to know sure Neil wud feel bad for late intro coz his exam wud be over na..will be waiting 4 next updates.. take care n Loads of love.
    The update is all super.

    1. S.v

      Jessie all ur words are true u know i have also faced all those situations Hope all have some or the other kind of exam experience. and the eggs and jams are better than exmas waa super punch dialogue jessie. Pls wait dear i will update soon i promise you .Love you soomuch

  14. Jessie

    Typo.. my punch dialogue!! I love eggs n jams but NOT my exams..!! ???so possessive abt my stupid dialogue lol

    1. S.v

      i understood jessie and oye thats a super dialogue not stupid dialgue.

  15. Geeth

    Hi sv iam new to this ff… This episode was superb let’s c Wat will happen wen others come to know about tha tha… I can’t access episode 1 and 2 can you post the link for me

    1. S.v

      geeth thank you soo much . is the link for the character sketch , chap 1, Chap 2 Pls read it and say me your views

      1. Geeth

        Thanks you sooooooooooooooooo much sv

      2. S.v

        Ur welcome

  16. Rg2015

    Very funny sv. Gud one

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton Rg

  17. Sv darling missed u so much…… hw r u ? I like ds epi completely especially tamil dialogue I luv it dr………. lots of love and hugs ……. 🙂 muuhhhhhaaaa

    1. S.v

      gayathri my hands are open to bear your hugs i missed you too sooo much dear. I’m fine dear how are you ??? Love you tons dear.

  18. Lakshmi05

    Amazing update dear…Really everything is superb in today’s episode…waiting for next update… Luv u…tc…

    1. S.v

      Lakshmi thank u so much. Will update soon dear.

  19. You r amazing SV and this update is as amazing as u r. Loved it very much, u reminded me of my school time.

    1. S.v

      Thank u gianna. These are taken from my exam experience too. Hope all have some kind of happy experience in exam time

  20. mindblowing episode……wow tamil words…..thank u….really its interesting .eagerly waiting next one……tc

    1. S.v

      Thank u subha for those words

  21. Superb swthrt…..m just spellbound after seeing your creativity….. you are a magician I m serious about this…..overall you lifted my mood up because I was a pissed off since morn…….well however long you write I will always remain greedy for more and more……m not saying this update z short m just greedy abt this masterpiece….. I m waiting for hak….be soon… more thing your update made me recollect all my school memories…. The pin drop silence in the exam hall….I still hate it because I love the places where they talk endlessly…. m talkative and use to get punished in the school for this habit of mine…..chalo update soon….hak too….love you loads…..muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton my lil darling. Hifi to u too as i too dont like silent places as i will sleep let that be exam hall or my class room. I too love to talk more but after sometime the other person will go mad . He he he love u lods dear

  22. SV you reminded me of my hostel life group studies 🙂 exams amazing yaar you are just too good your apologies accepted for being late this was 🙂 each and every part was so good and realistic amazing girl you rocked it 🙂 stay blessed love u

    1. S.v

      Thank u didi . Did u like my gift di ?? Im really happy di and how was ur birthday celebration di ? All good ??love u lods di .

      1. yup I loved it thanks sweety

      2. S.v

        Im happy.

  23. Sv my sweeeeeetheart it’s superbbbbb n awesoooooome. ..very lovely n beautiful episode…I wish I had Tha Tha with me tooo then I won’t get into any problems n he could write my exam toooo…lol….I just love this story very very muchhhhhh. makes me feel very light n enlighten me always. ..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡

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