Manmarziyan 2 states chap 13


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Jessie was rushing inside the hospital. Sam asked her to come as Karthik was in the hospital . Radhika and Neil wrapped his whole body with the dressing material . Totally his body was wrapped and he was like a mummy.
Flash back…..
Radhika said that Jessie came to know that Karthik was sachin and asked the others for help.
Sam ; Do whatever guys but my name should not be there as i dont want to breakup with her.
Neil ; Break up , Sam break up is used for lovers not for friends.
Radhika – Tam ; Ippa idhu romba mukiyam ??
Eng – Is it really important now ?? All blinked. Arjun went inside his room and came back and gave a book to her.
Arjun ; Here read 30 days to learn Hindi . I dont know what you will do i want you to speak hindi as i dont know tamil.
Radhika ; Apdiya (really) , wait she took her bag and gave a book to Arjun . Indha (have it) 30 days tamil . I want you to speak tamil with me as in my family no one knows hindi so odd one out needhan(you only) so read it. Tha tha was banging his head on the wall by seeing those 2 idiots (ardhika).
Next day morning Karthik rushed to Arjun’s house. He was looking like a kind of a begger who did not had his food for more than a month. Radhika first saw him and thought that it was someone and she screamed and ran away. Sam who saw that went to Karthik and found him like a typical homeless.
Sam ; Hey Karthik is that u ?? He nodded.
Sam ; What happened ??
Karthik ; Love failure and made a pout face. At that time Radhika came with a big stick to hit him She came like a old movie heros who will shout from miles before they beat.
Radhika ; Dddaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii………………….. And she was coming and Karthik who saw that started to run.
Radhika ; Tam – Dai ne enga ponalum unna vida maten da………
Eng – Where you go i will not leave u……………….
Karthik ; Ayoo radhika its me Karthik. Radhika’s eyes popped out and she saw him and burst out in laugh.
Radhika ; Karthik aah ?? and she again laughed. Karthik made a sad face.
Karthik ; Dont tease me. Radhika was not able to control her laugh.
Neil ; Who are u ??
Sam ; Karthik. Neil examined like a xerox machine and he too smiled at Karthik. Sam hits him with her elbow. Arjun came out and saw the chaos. He shouted Ccchhhuuuupppp……… Suddenly there was a slience like a tough subject exam hall. All were just blinking.
Radhika ; Paint Karthik came. What to do now ??
Arjun ; he is going to die ?? Nesam Radhika , tha tha and Karthik’s face was all like “Aah ?? freeze” all had their mouth opened . Arjun thought “now what did i say wrongly ??”
Nesam ; What ??
Arjun ; For name sake. Sam call jessie and say that he tired to hurt himself and if Jessie really loves him then she will come.
Karthik ; What if she did not come ??
Arjun ; Find a new girl . Karthik was crying like a LKG kid. Mummy i want only her. All banged their head with their hand.
Neil ; Ok ok dont cry my baby which chocolate do you like to have ??
Karthik ; Alpenliebe .
All chorus ; Thuu……. he now cried by hitting his hand over the ground and was dancing sitting on the floor and sound was so horrible.
Radhiak ; Arjun pls do something to stop his noise.
Arjun took some cloth and stuffed it in his mouth . Karthik was blinking and saw Arjun really close to him.
Arjun (slowly by threatingly) ; Shut up. Karthik nodded fastly. He discussed with the others and all got ready with the plan.
Neil and Radhika started their work by holding karthik in his collar and dragged him from there .Sam who has an hospital owned by khanna’s used it for their drama but made sure that no patient was disturbed by them. She made Arjun dress like a doctor and he was made wear a beard which was like cotton white. He was supposed to act like a doctor who was around 60 years. A big glass which had a power of 3 . Arjun was not able to see anything as he did not had power. Some how with some balance he came out.
Radhika and Neil wrapped Karthik like a mummy leaving only his nose to breath and 2 to 3 times in his mouth so that he will not speak.
Flash back end….
When sam entered the room she saw a bundle covered with the dressing cloth.
Sam ; Where is Karthik ??
Radhika ; Here and showed the bundle.
Sam ; I said it was a cut in his wrist.
Neil ; Who asked you to say all those things . Cant you say something big like a truck drived in him and his face is unrecognisable some thing like that.
Sam ; i said something else that he got cut in his wrist.
Neil ; Say that was a big cut including wrist. Sam was not able to speak anything further for that stupid counter which Neil made. Arjun dashed over sam and was standing with his hand over air.
Radhika ; Arjun what happened??
Arjun ; Sam gave me a specs to wear. I cannot see anything. Neil came near Arjun and removed the specs and kept it in his nose.
Neil ; see now you look like dumbledore (harrypotter head master). Arjun winked his eyes and somehow finally he started to see .
Sam who went out in between came running and slipped and Neil ran and caught her. They were standing like that and Karthik was now frustrated by seeing that and he woke up with that bundle of wrapping and bends and showed his face between Nesam. Both saw him so close and screamed.
Neil ; Sam why did you ran coming ??
Sam ; Jessie came . Radhika and Arjun pulled him and made him lay on the bed . There was a bang sound. All saw Karthik got hit .
Sam saw Jessie coming and was jumping standing there and she said start. Jessie came in and she found a big sound made by Radhika and Neil.
Radhika (clearing her nose) ; Ayaayoooo i have only one friend he is also going to die and she cried.aaaaaa
Neil ; Karthik you helped me to give a love letter to my back up girlfriend now to whom will i give the reply letter to her. Sam was now furious but Neil winked her that, that was just a drama as he knew her teeth power.
Jessie was worried. She came near karthik.
Radhika(full mood of acting); Stay away from him. You were the reason for my friend today. Karthik was scratching radhika but she held his hand and continued her drama with the help of Neil and slowly Arjun came inside the room. A man with a big specs but was looking young in his physic came inside.
Arjun (a kind of shaking voice) ; He is in his death bed . See cant even find his face. So if you want to speak anything speak because as per my prediction he will not be there for more than 5 minutes.
Jessie was now shocked and started to cry. Radhika winked the others and all smiled but radhika cried hard and punched karthik’s chest (natural acting).
Jessie ; Sachin….. karthik i love you . He woke up and at once Neil and Radhika jumped on him and made him lay on the bed.
Jessie ; I was angry on you but why did you do this karthik and she bend her head over the bed and she cried. Radhika , Nesam were dancing and when Jessie took her head all started the drama.
Arjun ; Dear will you not doubt him again ??
Jessie ; I will always love him and i will not doubt him. Arjun took a deep breath.
Arjun ; I’ll try my last time and went to him and did something which god only knows.
After 5 days of this drama finally Karthik was released from the bandage .
Karthik ; The first person i want to see when i wake up is only my Jessie. (nesam ardhika gave a look to each other and planned to pay for Karthik but not now). Jessie was blushing and stood before him in attention. Slowly Arjun asked Karthik to open his eyes and when he opened Jessie jumped and kissed Karthik’s cheeks. All clapped and Karthik did a thumps up to them and they left leaving the love birds.
Then only everyone realised the danger has come. Exams…………..

Precap – Exam preparation and exam hall galatta.

Thats it guys for today. Was it lengthy enough ?? Did you all like it ?? and was it funny enough ?? Pls do comment your views. Love you all stay blessed and always smile.

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  1. Funny enough svvvvvvvv 😀 😀 😀 😀 u r super hero of ours 😀 specially made for us 😀 rads counter ohhhh goooddddddd 😀 😀 😀 karthik like small kid….. Beetermass light dhan veanuma????? 😀 😀 😀 both should learn Tamil n Hindi in 30 days 😀 😀 finally plan worked 😀 😀 I imagined rads drama aiyoooooo part its really funny 😀 😀 😀 loved it from core 😀 😀 😀 love uuuuuuu 😀

    1. S.v

      Suga thank you and oh my gosh i’m a hero never thought that . Bettermass lightey dhan venuma ?? Lol super yaar never thought that i would have used it . Lol. Imagine and laugh. All i want is your smile. Love you

  2. Hahahahahah such a funny update, that hospital scene was hilarious, Karthik dressed like a mummy lol am just laughing hard here ppl will think am crazy. Stay blessed my dear, love u ????

    1. S.v

      Gianna i’m happy that you are happy. Thank you darling. Bear hugs and love you lods

  3. superb duper awesome yaar ……….. i was laughing like hell ……………… pls do update soon ……………… love you loads for this hilarious episode

    1. S.v

      Priya thank you. Not yet started . Will update once i complete dear. Love you

  4. Brin

    It was very funny and awesome, you nail it SV well done. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton brin and update your rectification soon.

  5. Dev

    Comedy epi sv……thaanga mudiyile…..

    1. S.v

      Thank you dev. Bear it buddy.

  6. JoAn


    1. S.v

      Gotcha . U r gr8 well thank you

  7. Sree

    This was also funny as always?????
    Flashback was veryyy nice??????
    Waiting for nxt.???

    1. S.v

      sree where were u ?? Missed you dear. Well thank you and i will update soon pakka

      1. Sree

        I missed u tooo. ??

      2. Sree

        my school has reopen and its making me very busy??.i missed u too??

      3. S.v

        k dear study well and when ever you find time come here as studies are important too. Love you and take care and always smile

  8. Omg!! Singaravelan scene by radhika!!! Amazing!!! Oops I forgot.. I am a silent reader and it’s such a delight to read !! Dat too radhikas dialogues in Tamil !! Am loving dis!!! Thank God I know tamil!!!

    1. S.v

      Jara thank you soo soo much and pls do continue your support dear.

  9. Sammy

    Yaar thank you so much sv …u make my day ..really enjoyed so much …karthik ..Jessie so good …arjun pagal banda radhika Neil and Sam gandhiji ke teen bandar ..hehe too funny

    1. S.v

      Sammy thumari kushi hai meri kushi. Nesam and radhika gandhiji ka teen bandar. That was a good tag for them. Thank you and Love you pyari . Will update soon sammy pakka.

  10. Aweeee…pooor Kartik…saral came??? Neil was fantastic…Arjun I’ll give him my glasses…lol …twin this is epic…totally funny…I’m always into this…hats off to ur comedy scenes talent…i would like to read every authors story….lots of love ?

    1. S.v

      Rosie saral is yet to come. He is the most wanted one for the gang of rowdies. I’m always happy the way you appreciate me. Sure even i wanna read all the authors comedy track and your too. Love you twin. Saral entry will be a masti . Lods of hugs and kisses.

  11. Sweetie

    Sv jaan..It’s too funny..Girl!!My tummy is hurting badly with all the laughing yaar..Thank God!!There’s no one around,or else they would have stamped me as a ‘Gone girl.’ 😀
    Karthik dressed as Mummy..Hahaha..Arjun as Dumbledore[Dumbledore is my fav character in Harry Potter series].. 😀 OMG!!Radhika is such a drama queen..Kya natural acting karti hai yaar..Meri iklothi friend and all..Hahhaha..Neil is no less than Radhika,he wants to give the reply letter to his backup GF.. 😀 😀 Flashback scene is super amazing..Radhika coming as old cinema hero..LOL.. 😀 😀

    Mummy I want next chappie soon with lots of alpenlibe chociesss.. 😀 😀 Waiting for the next yaar…Stay blessed and keep smiling dear.. 🙂 Lots of love.. 😀

    1. S.v

      Jaan oh my gosh i’m sweetie’s jaan yippiee thanks for calling me jaan and thanks for the comment. Sorry for hurting your tummy . Sweetie hifi even i love harry potter. Next part soon darling . I promise you . But yet to start. Once completed next second i will upload it . Love you sweetie . Can i also call you jaan ??

      1. Sweetie

        Of course you can call me ‘Jaan’ dear.. 🙂 Hifi for the harry potter..I’m crazy about Potter movies and now I’m gonna start to read the books which will be a new experience altogether.. 😀 BTW who’s your fav character??By the end of the story Severus Snape became my favorite[only after Harry,Ron,Hermoine and Dumbledore].. 😀
        No sorry for hurting my tummy,it’s for my good right,so no sorry,ok??
        Yayyy!!!Next part will be soon.. 🙂 Love you too jaan.. 😀 Stay blessed.. 🙂

      2. Sweetie

        I forgot to say your profile pic is so nice..That’s one of my fav scenes of MMZ where our couple’s love story has actually started.. 😀 😀 😀

      3. S.v

        Some one of my kind yippieee Harry potter carze. For me it is always ron and when the howlet comes in the second part and his facial expression and when his spell backfires him and he always say thats blo*dy disguisting and other than him was fred and george freaky brothers when they scare umbrige in order of phoenix and that W superb and Hagrid is also my fav other than harry ron hermoine and Dumbledor. Snape i dont like him but ya after the last part i like him. Hey thanks for liking my dp too . Love you lods sweetie.

      4. S.v

        And dobby too. Now u started me . Im gone. Love u jaan

      5. Sweetie

        OMG!!That’s my fav scene too but my all time fav scene was Ron playing chess in ‘Sorcerer’s stone’ part.. 😀 I just love that scene..Fred and George both are hellion brothers anyone can get..Hahaha.. 😀 In that scene Umbridge’s face was worth watching..Hehe.. 😀
        When Hagrid enters Harry’s uncle secret hide out in the first part,I was like “Woah!!It’s bloddy amazing..” I too wanted to go to such island.. 😉 😀
        Oh!!How can I even forget Sirius Black..Such a caring and handsome Godfather anyone can get.. 😉
        Dobby is my most favorite one in the entire series.. 😀 Snap and he’s gone.. 🙂 Aww!!How I love him..It was a heart wrenching to see when he’s dead..OMG!! I was unable to control my tears then.. 🙁
        Chamber of Secrets is my fav part.. 😀 I like the last segment where phoenix’s tears heals Harry’s wounds..Lovely one.. 🙂 I’ve gone crazy after mystic creatures after this part,seriously..Phoenix,unicorn,centaur and many more.. 😀
        God!!Now even I’ve started..I’m gone too.. 😀 Love you too jaan.. 🙂

      6. S.v

        Sirius black and lupin were the best and even i love chamber of secrets hifi. Do you remember when Ron says when harry and ron heads to dark forest when he says” why spiders ?? why not follow the butterflies?? ” that would be hilarious and his face when he sees many spiders and he will ask can i shout now ?? to harry wow i still remember them and laugh and also after they come from the dark forest he will say if ever hagrid comes out of azkaban i’ll kill him. Loved it.

  12. sv dr jst scenes was rads counteract…loved it to the core…hospital scenes were mindblowing…jst amazing dr..waiting for nxt…plz post

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton Ritu . Hope you had some good time while reading this update . Love you. Sure will post soon.

  13. SV this was so funny…I am still laughing the mummy scene and then learn hindi/tamil in 30 days,….Radhika is such a drama :’) seriously you are too good with comedies … amazing cutie pie keep it going waiting for your other update as well 🙂 😀 😀 😀 stay blessed 🙂 love you 🙂

    1. S.v

      Didi thank you did well HAK i posted yesterday and LML today evening di. Di missed you . I guess too much work for you in office. Love you di soo soo much bear my hugs di.

      1. I am dying these days working almost for 12 hrs 🙁

      2. S.v

        Di…… Oh my gosh . How will u rest di ?? Take care di. Eat well also di .

  14. mind blowing episode…………

    1. S.v

      Thanks subha

  15. Jessie

    OMG!!!!! Am u able 2 control my laughter… Aiyo… Ena ma comedyle ippadi kalakureengalema… Arjun’s specs m beard ?? they dressed him as mummy lol n Neil’s counter.. I was like Ahhhhhhh… u made arju as dumbeldore Rofl Rofl..alpenliebe is my fav.. I dint expect karthik will say tat in such a situation… so realistic.. kalakkal comedy treat thandhadhurku Nanri..Nanri.. sema enjoyment ma…

    1. S.v

      Jessie i’m dancing the same way your penguin is dancing. Your welcome dear and thank you too. Even alpenliebe is my fav too missing the old one. Enjoy thats what i want dear. Love you and always smile.

  16. hey s.v nan epovum silent readera than erupen………awesome sa irundhichina comment pannuvan ……anna serious a guys neenga ellorum sema writter pa…………….athuvum innaiku fansff super ro super idhu singravelan comedy scene than remember pannichu..ennaku athanda chemisrty lab scene and ethum romba pudhichurku…nee great writer pa..undha fan ayithan pa so nice pa..

    1. S.v

      sundari thanks a ton. Hope you were enjoyed the update and it all you guys support i’m trying to do something a comical way but will try more hilarious the next part . pls do support all . Love you dear.

  17. Shree

    Ada kadavule!! Ada ponne .. enna di ma panna?! I totally agree with Suga!! Bettermass light venuma? Lol.. singaravellan!! Omg!! You watch a lot of movies don’t you?! All Goundamani Senthil comedies… Let both of them learn Tamil and Hindi for each other’s benefit… No Thatha drama today… Me sad.. Alpenlibe?! Rammaaaaa Karthik has bad taste…. Crying like Baby… Lol di.. Yammadi… Arjun’s look and all the drama… I remember that one.. All of them in a line crying and scaring the shit out if her… Arjun’s look… Too good.. Jessie di freak out and she confessed… Love the precap.. Exam tensionnd tricks in hall… Omg too much comedy!! Overloaded… Naa inno sirichiktruken… Romba siripa varudu.. Tangamuliye… Control panna mudiliye… Inno konjam sirichikatuma?

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    Love you ??

    1. S.v

      Shree kalakita yaa nee. All comedy movies both hindi and tamil soo all upto date and most important animated movies. I love them disney pictures. Tha tha has a special role to play during the time of exams thats why rest now . Lol . Alpenlibe nalla dhan irukkum. U laugh till your eyes are wet and nerayave siri. I swear i love you . Bear my hugs and kisses . Muhhaaaaaa

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      Thank u mini surely will update soon dear.

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      Thanks a lot mini . Surely will update the next part soon.

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